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tv   KTVU News at 4PM  FOX  June 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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target uber as the nation's mayor gets an inside look at the company. the warriors president talks about the championship win and his role in this weekend's gay pride parade. we have all that coming up on the 4. good afternoon. >> uber is no stranger to controversy. in many cities the ride sharinger vis is a cheaper option -- sharing service is a cheaper option. >> today a group of the nation's mayors got to go inside uber. >> tom life for us this afternoon just outside uber head quarters in san francisco. >> the protest continues because there is no room other there to be anywhere because of it's proximity to the streets. there are all kinds of police
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over there. you see from the video this was loud protest. there were cars circling the entire building, the entire block for at least an hour till the police finally cleared things away. on top of that, we had a situation where people on the sidewalk were blocking the sidewalk and it was getting for be pretty ugly and then of course nobody knew when the mayors were going to arrive. they arrived about an hour at 3:00. when they arrive they had were greeted with boos and cheers. all of this because uber -- the people here in san francisco who have been impacted the most, the cab drivers have lost so much of their business. that's the situation and what these people that are protesting want the mayors to know that uber is bad for their city.
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on the other hand many of the people love uber and they like them a lot because it's cheaper. taxi drivers are voters so voters have to be careful. on the other hand uber drivers are also voters. it's a great big hassle over a reality that the cab business is changing and what's really happening is that this thing is far from settled because of all of the regulatory issues involved. >> i just know there is one mayor out there that said uber is exploiting it's workers. let's talk about the mayor out of the state of wisconsin. >> he actually is back in wisconsin. i spoke to him on the phone. he said he feels this is a company that cherry picks. it only want's the higher end people that know how to use smart phones that have money that can post a credit card. they don't really want to serve all the communities and they don't like the fact they don't
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serve the disabled. they said they violate the ada. he also said how people with service dogs aren't welcomed. it's important to know how this mayor for sometime was a cab driver. on the other hand consumers have embraced this service and its worked out well for them. a lot of drivers say they like being drivers a lot of drivers say they don't like being drivers because they don't make as much money as they thought they would. this is just unfolding drama. they are trying to embarrass uber in front of the mayor and the united states. >> are all those protests affective? there is more tonight that darryl hamilton was the victim of an apparent murder of suicide. police in the houston suburb of pearland said he was found shot to death yesterday in his home
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along with his girlfriend monica jordan who died of a self-inflicted gunshot. the giants issued a statement expressing the team's sympathy to hamilton's family. he managed to get up inside the operator's box of 90 foot crane. this was in san jose last night. he was up there for 14 hours before police coaxed him down. that was around 10:00 this morning. he has been identified at a 79-year-old man: he will be booked on a -- 39-year-old man. he will be booked on a suspicion of trespassing. they did issue several other key rulings. the high courts struck dune los angeles ordinance that let -- down a los angeles ordinance. will now need a twoornt get the information. the court upheld a ruling
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against the inventor of spiderman toy who wanted to continue collecting royalties after his patent expired. the toy became the basis for marvel inter -- enterprises toy. they have had the power to seize raisins since 1949 in order to stabilize price for growers. the court said that was unconstitutional. anticipation is growing for the high court's ruling on same-sex marriage. the supreme court is expected to decide that by the end of this month. another big decision we are waiting for concerned parts of the affordable care act. the outcome could affect health
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insurance of millions of americans. [ indiscernible ] they run insurance exchange. plaintiff argue it's illegal. authorities in upstate new york have found evidence of those two prison escapees inside a hunt cabin there. dna of one of the escapees was found there. convicted murders escaped from the prison more than two weeks ago now. hundreds of officers have been searching the region for some sign of them. warriors fans are soaking it all in. i'm still soaking it in. in three minutes team president comes in the studio to talk about the championship and his
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upcoming role in sunday's gay parade. i will have a look at the current conditions and talk about a pretty big warmup coming our way coming up. checking the drive home this afternoon, here's a live look at i-80 along east shore freeway. you can see traffic is heading east towards the top of your screen. lots of company out there. westbound traffic heading towards the bottom.
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all right you may have seen them on facebook and twitter, your friends and coworkers complaining about it. well that's just the taste of it. look at this, she says, please run more trains. you uh are making life so hard for us. vanessa says new train out of garage become disabled. happy monday that is just the change of the reaction out there. they were challenged to ride it for 20 days. coming up in our four by four we are going to talk to the group that issued that challenge to discuss what was learned.
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curry at the parade here in oakland. the warriors championship is still so very sweet. >> joining us now onset is the warriors president. >> i think i'm still waking up every morning pitching myself. >> i'm curious, you came in 2011 to the warriors. at that point what was it that got golden state not only to the finals but got the trophy? >> i like everybody else has followed the nba my whole life. i thought if you get it to the right owner ship, there is no reason this franchise should about stand toe to toe with knew franchise in sports. look at where we live. a look at the companies that are changing the world here. i always felt that there was every ingredient, most importantly the fans supported this absolutely crazy fan
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support this team has always enjoyed. all the ingredients were here. >> speak of that fan support let's take us back to friday about a half million people were expected now. we have learned they think at least a million issued up. we are looking a @ images here. a sea of blue and gold out there. after 40 years of waiting it seemed like the fans were more than ready to celebrate and welcome home the team. >> just the way you described it there i got a little chill. riding in that parade looking out at the thousand and thousands of smiles, i never seen such a joyous celebration in my life. eve fan smiling, every fan decked out in the warriors blue and gold. then that beautiful scene i think the country got to see oakland they have never seen it before. i have had calls from all over the country. i think it was a great day for the franchise and for oakland. >> you talked about being in
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that organization. there the difference between that one for you and the one we just had here? >> just the size of the stage. in those days there's very limited distribution on television. we were the third or fourth in the united states. today over a hundred country around the world watch the time -- the finals. the stage has gotten so much bigger. i think it's just -- you can't even imagine the difference. >> from one parade to the next, this weekend you gearing up for the big san francisco gay pride parade. you uh are going to be the grand marshall. when you were first asked to be awe part -- apart but to be the grand marshall, how did you
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feel? >> i'm a guy that has always tried to stay in the background. certainly an honor. we have marched a as company in the pride parade but not at the front of the parade. >> what to you think about the silence of home sexuality in men's sports? >> well are still behind. sports is still behind. especially men's professional sports. that was part of the reason that i chose to do what i did at the time that i did it. it was the right time for me. i don't think anyone would have believed it. sports is getting there. we have a couple of active athletes come out. rogers in the mls. kohl ins in the nba. it's -- collins in the nba.
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it's becoming a safer place. that's what sports is. whether it was talking about the color barrier gender equality, sports has be a place where people who continue know each other can come together and have a con very sags about the -- conversation in the important things in life. >> they say they look for a time that an athlete comes out and it's no a big headline. >> i think we are getting there we are not there yet. if my story had come out today instead of 2011 i don't think it would have been front page in the new york times. i don't think there's a better gauge of progress there. >> all right thank you. congratulations on the world championship and have a fantastic parade this coming weekend. >> appreciate it. the washington sfier is burning near the sierra town --
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fire is burning near the sierra town. the fire started saturday night and so far it has burned 9.50 acres. at least -- 9,500 acres. right now both highways closed in that area. no word yet on when those roads might reopen. here in the bay area cooler day out. there that is about to change. let's give you a live look outside. the fog is starting to make its way across the golden gate bridge. >> now to our metrologist. it sounds like enjoy it now because changes are coming. >> yes. how about nearing 100 by thursday? we are going to get a big heat up as we move into the second part of the business week. today was a lot like yesterday. the first full day of summer and a summer like pat nern place for the bay area. cool at the coast. mild around the bay. a warm day inland. it was actually quite nice in
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most areas. san francisco upper 60s. low 70s for san jose. mostly sunny skies. away from the coastline we had the clouds hugging. you can see still here. no clearing there. we had a little bit of clearing here over the north bay. we will squeeze in a little bit closer you see those love low clouds beginning to move into the -- those low clouds given to move into the bay. we will continue with mostly cloudy skies. a look at the weather element responsible for the cool down we have the trough that remains over to pacific northwest. it will eventually move on. we will be warming it up again. mostly the second ha of of the week and it will be primarily for our inland communities.
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still allowing some of that cool air to move through. not as strong as it was yesterday. as a result temperatures came up in areas like fairfield concord, you can see could by 3 degrees. napa still a little cooler than where we were 24 hour ago. around the bay 2-3 degrees cooler than yesterday. a very similar day as how we saw today. tomorrow minor warmup. a big warmup coming wednesday into thursday. thursday is likely to be the hottest day. temperatures as we get into the overnight hours 53 in oakland. 53 for san mateo. 56 this for san jose. afternoon highs low 80s in the forecast for san rafael. 85 for napa tomorrow. 75 for richmond. go inland, it's a warm day even getting intoer 80s low -- upper
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80s low 90s. 76 redwood city. upper 60s in san francisco. that's pretty day in san francisco. 68 expected tomorrow afternoon. your extended forecast, temperatures slowly climbing tuesday and wednesday and then thursday is going to be a hot day inland. won't be surprised when some areas hit the century mark. >> that's the summer i'm looking for. >> we have a few days to get ready for it. >> yeah, gear it's coming. the real estate market is red hot but is it overpriced? >> that's the big question. we will hear from one sale alone that can change that game for an entire neighborhood. it's california's largest fresh water lake. the people are being told to stay away.
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the natural phenomenon that could make you sick.
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if you have noticed skyrocketing home prices you are not alone. a firm recently found home prices across the u.s. are overpriced by about 4%. the group also crunched the numbers to determine the top ten over value markets in the nation. six of those top ten are right near in california. >> three of them are right here
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in the bay area. sacramento oakland and then san francisco ranked number 9. >> today in money monday's we are taking a closer look at a factor that can impact the entire market. >> they are partners in jackson. >> thank you both for joining us. let's start with how one house to k be a game changer. >> i would like tell you about a condo that just sold in san francisco. was a one bedroom just right about 1,000 square feet, it sold for $1 million 1,000 dollars. >> matt what is going on here? talk to us about what's
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happening in san francisco. >> what's remark able about it, neighborhoods all over the city are seeing records being shattered. >> can you put your finger on it. >> yeah, so we actually just had a listing on 15th street was a condo, the report that you guys led in we are actually really interesting. it only talks about single family homes. what's really popular here in san francisco is a condo. it sold for $2.63 million. it's more than $500,000 more than the most expensive condo in the neighborhood. >> it was just a jaw dropping sale. >> i just can imagine sellers are enjoying this. when it comes to the whole
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impact of the housing market, what does this do for a housing market? >> so, there's pressure in both sides because sellers usually their market is fuelled by move up buyers. people sell, they buy a house they live there for a little while, then they get married have a kid or two and need bigger house. those people have nowhere to go, they are not listing and selling. we are having a lot of people leaving the city. the prices have gone up so much that unhe's you make a whole bunch of money -- unless you make a whole bunch of money, unfortunately a lot of people are leaving the city. >> matt i want to bring you in again. i have had this conversation at home with my wife. we bought a home in the north bay three years ago. i'm sitting here thinking should we sell it? we could make a lot more money than what we bought it for. what do you tell people? i keep telling my wife this market is other priced, don't do
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it. do you think it's overpriced like it was back in 2006? >> i honestly don't. when i looked at the fundamentals of supply and demand i don't see any change in the imuate future. i think the fact that prices are where they are at speaks to a political failure of our political leaders to build enough housing for the people that to live in san francisco. i don't see anything changing anytime soon. >> all right thank you both for joining us. >> transit advocates want the people who make decisions about it to experience it for themselves. they issued a challenge. ride it everyday. we will see who did and who did not accept that challenge. taylor swift is take on apple. the threat she issued as the couple makes changes to it's music streaming service coming up in our what's hot segment.
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checking in on what our reporters are working on for 5:00. we just spoke to an oakland member about the deal. he said he wants all three teams to stay in oakland. rob is in san francisco tonight where a mural has been vandalized once again. this time, it was caught on camera. they are tweeting updates and will join us live starting at 5:00.
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welcome to the four everyone >> thank you for joining us today. today in the four by four crowded trains and delays. they are common. you have heard the stories of riders watching them pass by without picking up passengers. they say something needs to be done. they have been trying to improve the system for decades at the beginning of the month they issued a challenge. they asked the mayor and board of supervisors to ride muni everyday for 22 days. the idea is to give those who can make change xiens the experience -- experience the
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system. >> it seems like everyone took part in the challenge. we see some took a lot of rides and some didn't really. the super visor at last check 100 rides. campos 50 rides. mar 19 rides. kim 18 rides. then we start to get down to the lower levels including the mayor at last check said he had two rides on muni. they each had one ride. at this point it looks like that scott leads the way with 102 rides. with more on the challenge now. >> thank you. we would like to say hello. thank you for joining us.
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>> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about this. today is day 22. in your opinion how did it go? >> i think it went great. we should be clear there are no winners and losers in this. this is about getting the super visors and the mayor the get on board and to tweet and to have this be kind of win/win where they get the extra expose and you are experience on muni and we get to know that our super visors and our mayor are working hard to make sure the voters get what they deserve. >> people at home being able to see their leaders out there riding muni and experiencing what they experience each day. what about change? what's the next step? will this start something new in. >> we have started lots of new and great things. first of all i have to plug, we are going to have a party and unveil some of the new things going on on the 24th.
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that's at mr. smith's. we do have four super visors that have pledged to come on board. we will have lots of prizes to give out. not all of the super visors decided to come on board in the beginning but they have all participated in some way shape or form. >> they say this is going to take years. how long will it take to see change? >> i have had that experience. i know how it feels. i can -- i can point you to two things. we have really made a difference in funding for the first time in 40 years we actually have a bond that was passed last year which was offered by our mayor lee. $500 million that is making sure it gets it's infrasfruk sure
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taken care of. -- infrastructure taken care of. [ indiscernible ] it has a red carpet lane. that's one way you get the thing that matters most to riders. that's rely ability. >> your message may be to riders out there change is coming. >> absolutely. we are working hard. we have created a community. we have a community of riders who are working together and make sure they are continuing to be a community. that's our job. we are the watchdogs and we are the people for the riders of san francisco. >> as you imagine a lot of people talk about this on facebook and twitter. i should say complain about it and their experiences. we are are going to put up what one of our facebook friends wrote. she said nobody had to, they were just challenges. if they were to do it they would
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get the daily feel so many go through. you uh are saying they didn't have to take the challenge but they did. they had to experience some of what people like her feel everyday. >> yeah, i have to give some credit. some of the people that road to least, grew up in san francisco. they know muni. we have >> to -- we have to give some credit and say we are working hard to make a better muni. >> we are look forward to see the progress and what's coming next. what can people at home do? >> you can go to our website and you can take our survey, a quick question how would you improve muni? we would love for you do this. it gets put up on our site and it's a great way for you to join in the muni challenge. >> we have a link for that on
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our website thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. all right thank you. one of the biggest pop stars facing off with one of the largest tech companies in the world. the threat taylor swift made against apple and how the company responded coming up in what's hot another nice day around the bay area. i am tracking a summer time heat up. we will have a look at your current conditions and what you can expect tomorrow. look now at your commute home. this is i-680 there. you can see traffic starting to fill in northbound. things are getting slow there. we will be right back. stay with us.
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singer song writer taylor swift is taking on apple over it's music streaming service. it looks like apple is
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listening. over the weekend she took apple to test for deciding not to pay artist for their music streamed during a three month free trial period for it's new streaming service. she even threatened to keep her new album off the service. soon after she announced that, last night well apple tweeted that they would reverse course and pay royalties to musicians during that trial period. the families affected by wednesday's church shooting in south carolina have received a girlfriend from the panthers a gift from the owner of the panthers. he donated $10,000 to each of the families killed. he also donated $10,000 to where the church where the shootings
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happened. the official trailer is out for robin williams final on screen performance. he took his own life last year in his home. the movie here is called boulevard. a very powerful film about sexuality. he plays a banker who was in a marriage of convenience. one night he decides to drive along a street and he picks up a male hustler. he pay for companionship is but not sex and the story goes from. there the movie premiered at the film festival. the movie is expected to hit theaters on july 10. >> so many of robin williams fans will be waiting to see that. >> yeah, i knowly be in line to see that. let's talk weather. very pleasant out there to time. changes are on the way. >> it is here. we are going to feel it later in the week. we are going to feel it in a big
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way. along the coast not so much. for our inland cities, really going to see it warm as we get into the second part of your business week. for tonight the low clouds will return along coast around the bay and grow take a look that the shot into san francisco you see the low clouds there right on the backside. along that west stretch of ocean beach, never really cleared this afternoon. we have some clearing over the north coast. in and around half-moon bay it was gray day. a warmer day in store. the warmup tomorrow is going to be a minor one. it's when we get into thursday, more so on thursday and into friday some of the hotter days. here's a look at the system that continues. it continues to bring us the on shore breeze. it is not as strong as it was yesterday. 83 in fairfield. 84 in concord. around the bay we have
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temperatures sitting at 64. 74 redwood city. 77 santa rosa. some of us actually a tad cooler than where we were 24 hours ago. as we get into tuesday and wednesday temperatures will going build. thursday into friday will be the two warmer days. we will see temperatures drop off a little bit in the first part of the weekend. temperatures tomorrow morning getting out the door, similar to what we had this morning. 54 in oakland. 56 in san jose. looking at low 50 for livermore. afternoon highs still nice. 83 for kent field. 69 for alameda. oakland 72. 91 for livermore. 90s returning for some of us.
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80 for san jose. along the peninsula tomorrow, 76 redwood city. 68 expected for san francisco. notice coast not a big warmup going on. there low 60 with partly to mostly cloudy skies remaining in the forecast. temperatures continuing to warm for midweek wednesday. as we get into thursday, 99 degrees is what we are looking for for our inland communities. somebody is going to hit 100 degrees. unfortunately it doesn't last. as we get into the weekend some models want to bring in some monsoonal moisture to the bay area. we still have a few days but will be tracking that. >> in arizona that monsooning moisture was sight to see. >> thanks. it's not just an obnoxious smell, it's a warning sign about the health of a lake. you have to plug your nose to walk up close to them. >> the natural psych sell that
4:44 pm
is in full bloom -- cycle that is in full bloom. >> the political fall out is growing after that mass shooting in charleston south carolina. the reverse one law maker is making.
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it happens every year about this time when clear lake isn't so clear and people who live nearby say it's simply stinks. it's all because of a natural cycle in a lake that has unique ecosystem. this year dead fish are popg up. -- popping up. things seem a bit worse than normal. we went out to clear lake. >> you may already know that
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clear lake is california's largest natural fresh water lake. tahoe is bigger but half is in nevada. i took a flight over recently and from the air it looks ininviting. >> how does it smell? >> gross. >> nasty. you have to plug your nose to walk up close to them. >> it gets good during winter and springtime. >> it kind of smells like fisherman's work >> we are coming into that season. it's something that happens every year. >> the lake county public work's director said the algae bloom is nothing inusal. when summer temperature -- unusual. when summer temperatures reach the 100s the shallow warm water explodes with plant life. >> the area that is impacted is
4:48 pm
relatively low. >> if you going to get out there, go to the middle of the lake and enjoy the water. it's beautiful. >> all you have to do is get out in the middle of the lake to get away from it. >> scott's wife took us on a tour. the middle of the lake was clear. on the southeast side, near shore, we found large areas covered with algae. one reason this year's algae may be worse than previous years is the heavy rain that fell last december. >> got nose massive rainstorms that really did -- those massive rainstorms that did some huge run off to into the lake bringing in maybe more newt yents. >> back in 2008 there was a large die off of carp. samples have been taken to
4:49 pm
determine what is causing the fish too die this year. locals say visitors to the lake may not realize it's not that unusual. >> i think they just don't understand the cycle. we live on a natural lake, it cycles. it's just a very natural process. >> still warning signs have been posted telling visitors to steer clear of this bacteria bloom. >> it's disgusting. i quantity -- it's unhealthy. especially if i take my animals down there. >> when humans look at this, they go i'm going to stay out of. there when dogs look at it they want to go sxeet drink it. >> that could be -- eat and drink it >> that could be dangerous. they are letting visitors know it is natural >> when people come to the look, they look at it and go look at the ecosystem and the life in it. this is part of a natural lake.
4:50 pm
>> all right ken joins us now. my first question would be if i go out there and don't have a boat i just sit on the shore i can't even get in. >> well you should check ahead on which beaches are open. because some have warning signs posted to keep you out because it's so bad. but there are other beaches -- the thing to know when you go up there is in the afternoon you can almost set your watch. at 2:00 the winds kick in from the west and start pushing that algae. chances are the north and west ends of lake would be clearer than the other side of the lake. >> it seems that i can officials don't even want to use a fix. it's capitalizing on algae basically. they want people to come out and enjoy what it is. >> what is it is now. >> well i mean back in the 40s and 50s they actually used that on the lake. we would never do anything like
4:51 pm
that now. it's so environmentally damaging. what they are trying to do is -- they want to illustrate this is a natural lake. it is oldest lake in california. this is what nature does. the water stays cold done tat lower levels. this lake is so shallow the entire lake gets warm. when you have the heat coming in with the sun light that's when all of this plant life explodes. it's just nature. >> all right ken wane thank you for that report. >> the confederate flag over the state capitol in south carolina, the politically charged debate is it going more heated in charleston. the reversal today by the state governor. now with a look at the storys we are working on for 5:00. >> thank you. we are learning more about a man
4:52 pm
that was shot and killed in the middle of the day on highway 4. we husband a cook at katy's corner and katy's creek. he had a young daughter. what are are coworkers saying about him and the last picture taken hours before his death we are learning about a fire hydrant that has been leak fog a year now. what we have learned about a dispute that is keeping that from being repaired. those stories and more coming up next at 5:00 o'clock we are also talking about muni today. vowers have view -- viewers have been weighing in telling us about their experiences. today is the last day of the challenge.
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the playing fall out continues today following the mass shooting -- political fall out continues today following the mass shooting. now she want's the flag brought down. she joined the growing chorus of politicians calling for the flag to come down saying sit a symbol of white supremepreme si
4:56 pm
>> we are saying it's time take the flag down. >> she said they don't deal with the flag issue before it goes into summer recess. she will call them back for a summer session. there is support of the flag. >> a very big story there nationally. >> thank you mike. tonight at 5:00 we begin with heart break new details about the young man gunned downright in the middle of the day on highway 4. >> police are still searching for the gunman and friends of the victim tell us tomas mendez had big plans for his future. >> tonight we learn he was a cook at a restaurant in the east bay where his father was head chef for years. coworkers there were like family members. >> they tell us mendez had big
4:57 pm
dreams and a baby daughter he loved. >> well right now investigators are still following up on leads. they very mitch band to -- much want to talk to anyone who may have been driving here saturday afternoon between 2:45 and 3:00 who may have seen something out of the ordinary. >> this it was last picture taken of tomas mendez before he was killed. the investigation into the shooting made a mess of traffic on eastbound highway 4 saturday afternoon. investigators say witnesses reported shots being fired from one car at another just before 3:00. this green dodge crashed into the center divide. the driver 20-year-old mendez from pittsburg was killed. he was a cook at the popular katy's corner and katy's creek in san ramon where he worked
4:58 pm
with his father who was the head chef >> it has been devastating for all our employees and family members. with have all known tomas for 16 years. >> he was just really fun i just and really charming and always flirting. but in a funny way and we all loved him a lot. >> his cousin insisted on standing in his place today. he was working to provide a better life for his 2-year-old daughter, stepdaughter and his long time girlfriend >> he's always talked about having big dreams. it's really sad. >> coworkers and friends are raising money to help his family taking a collection and setting up a go fund moe account online
4:59 pm
me -- gofundme account online. >> they are still looking for the suspect's vehicle. >> so what do they think happened here. was this maybe road rage? oh case of mistaken identity or was he being targeted for some reason? >> they say at this point they don't know for sure. nothing point in either direction. >> bottom line a little 2-year-old has to grow up without her dad now. it happened again for the third time in less than a week a mural depicted gay latinos was vandalized in the mission district. this time police may have some evidence to help them catch those responsible. >> well this marks the third time now that this mural depicting lgbt themes has been vandalized and this time police
5:00 pm
have surveillance video. >> many people stopping by this mural in san francisco mission's district say they have sad and disgusted to see it vandalized with spray paint once again. >> just really makes he mad people put their heart into it. >> the mural coincides with san francisco's up coming gay pride celebration.


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