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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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on the state house grounds. the actions planned today by political and religious leaders. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> brand new day we're ready. good morning i'm dave clark. how do you want people to dress? >> it's a little cool this morning. a lot more fog yesterday. we're seeing far less today. temperatures bumping up a little bit. it was over cast yesterday. today there is plenty of breaks in the low clouds. expect for about santa cruz yesterday. most of the coast is dealing with fog. that is not the case today. again the spectacular show for mother nature. solar winds and cosmic rays. giving a spectacular show for the northern lights. even into virginia and cape cod, massachusetts, and i've had reports of oklahoma having had some which is very rare. but also this one from south whales.
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thanks to michael for sending me that picture. lots of sunshine today, a little warmer. monsoon moisture. 40s, 50s on the temps. 49 half-moon bay. a little bit of a breeze but not nearly as much. this along with that high building in means warmer temps on the way. some low clouds but far less than yesterday. sunny and nice. a little warmer inland. 60s and 70s and 80s and a few 90s. anything new pop up? >> we are getting more slow traffic, steve. good morning to you. good morning everyone. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will starlet there. because it is crowded now for sure. it's backed up to the made. and the metering lights are on about 20 minutes before you make it on to the bridge. and then it looks okay. normal commute into san francisco not too bad here in milpitas. westbound 237 as you drive over to highway 101. we've also been looking at the east bay here and traffic is slow on the altamont pass. not bad in livermore. there was a car fire. the fire department son the way. could see slow traffic in that
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area. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. developing news in sonoma. police and deputies are in facing a suspicious death at the southern edge of the city. alex savidge is the at scene now. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: the information quite limited this morning. but we do know violent crimes detectives with the sheriffs office are investigating the circumstances surrounding this death. the victim was found inside this home behind us here which is on pueblo avenue just off of napa road on the south side of sonoma. the home still has crime scene tape around it. this morning more evidence to gather inside apparently. the victim discovered just before midnight when fire crews were called out here and there apparently were several other people inside this home at the time that 911 calls were made. now sonoma police work to secure the scene along with city know ma'am county sheriffs deputies as well. investigators are characterizing this as a
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suspicious death although they won't say exactly what has led them to that conclusion. we have been told no one is currently in custody with this investigation. i talked this morning with a spokesperson with the sonoma county sheriffs office. that is all the information she has at this point. if we have anything more, we will certainly do so. back to you, pam. >> thank you alex for that update. we'll check back in with you. funerals will be held in dublin, ireland today for four of the students that died in that balcony collapse in berkeley. a total of six students were killed when the fourth floor balcony they were standing on collapsed at the library gardens. seven other students are still in the hospital. investigators are now trying to determine if dry rot caused the balcony to collapse. oakland police now have a new lead in an unsolved homicide case they have tried to solve for almost a year. they received new information about the family of a teenage victim that made a renewed call
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for help. ktvu fox 2 tara moriarty is at oakland police headquarters now. what did the detectives find? >> reporter: this is a brand new sketch of the suspect as well as a description of the suspect's vehicle. a huge break for detectives and it came after a renewed call for help in solving cold cases last week. >> sheas a she's a human being. a very sweet human being. >> reporter: after this plea from the mother of iana dominguez detectives say they received new evidence about her killer. this is a look at the composite sketch oakland police say he is one of the men involved in her shooting deaths last july 10th. police say he was the driver of a black ford escape suv seen driving away from a wendy's restaurant on international boulevard about 8:45 that night. it appears to be a 2013 model. police are hoping someone will recognize it or the suspect.
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>> you know what i've seen that vehicle. i've seen that vehicle over here. or you know what that picture looks a lot like so and so. that information is worth its weight in gold. >> reporter: the fbi is helping fund the campaign to allow oakland -- and websites to spread the word about cold cases. there is a crime stopper reward being offered in this case $10,000. if you have any information, you are urged to contact oakland police. live in oakland i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> thank you. we'll talk to you later. the mayor of charleston south carolina attending a rally today at the state capitol calling on lawmakers to take down the confederate flag from the grounds of the state house. south carolina's governor agrees. >> today we are here in a moment of unity in our state without ill will to say it's
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time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. >> now the 21-year-old accused shooter in this case in the shooting rampage there posed for the confederate flag and that prompted the renewed effort to remove what many call a symbol of white supremacy. the confederate battle flag flew over the capitol for 39 years before there was a compromise in the year 2,000 that moved it to a war memorial on the capitol grounds. >> this is not simply about flags or traditions. this is about a national crisis around the problem of race and racism ongoing in america. >> now this issue goes far beyond south carolina. the republican house speak never mississippi says the confederate beanery that state's flag needs to be removed. also walmart is now removing any items from its store shelves in its website featuring the confederate flag. walmart says its goal is not to offend anyone with the products
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it sells. president obama used the n- word during a pod cast to make the case that the u.s. has not overcome its history of racism. >> racism we are not cured of and it's not just a matter of it not being polite to say [bleep] in public. that is not a matter of whether racism exists or not. >> president obama noted that race has existed in the past several decades but the legacy of slavery is still casting a long shadow. president obama will fly top south carolina on saturday. a wild fire still burning out of control near lake tahoe and firefighters are focused on saving a nearby town. the washington fire has already burned more than 13,000 acres southeast of the community of marklyville. some of the towns roads are
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closed. the fire pushed by strong winds and threatening five homes and 15 historic cabins. an alert has gone out to mark la vail in case evacuations are ordered. >> crews are going to have to take more time traveling the areas and finding what water sources that they might have been dependent on previous years are still available. >> firefighters say they have already responded to about 1100 wild fires this year. that is nearly double the number they see in a normal year. time is 6:08. you know rent prices are going up but it's not just here in the bay area. coming up at 6:30 we'll tell you the city with the biggest
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rent increases and this may surprise you. >> but next severe storms hitting the midwest. the cleanup happening in michigan and in illinois and the area that is at risk today. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be okay on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze. we'll tell you a little bit more coming up. >> a much bigger fog bank yesterday. there was lots of brights and holes in it. will it warm up? not so much today but later this week.
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time now is 6:11. suv slam into a pizza parlor in fairfield. this happened around 11:30 yesterday morning at new york pizza express right there on north texas avenue. the 51-year-old driver lost control, hit four vehicles before crashing into this pizza parlor. went straight through. one of the drivers was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the crash also sheered off a gasoline. some of the businesses had to be evacuated before pg&e could come out and cap off that gas line. a 14-year-old boy from antioch is safe thanks to quick thinking and he was quite brave. police say he called 911 yesterday morning. a man was trying to break into
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his home on hamlin drive. he grabbed a knife and then led his two younger siblings and dog into a bedroom and locked the door until the authorities arrived. police found the suspect later identified as 39-year-old terrell freeman on the porch outside the home and they arrested him. the children were not hurt. cleanup and recovery are under way after strong storms caused extensive damage. at least one tornado touched down in michigan yesterday. the hardest hit area is around the town of portland michigan where the tornado destroyed homes, uprooted trees, and knocked downpourlines. fortunately no reports of any serious injuries. >> it only lasted a few seconds. it didn't last that long. >> iowa was also slammed with strong winds and large hail yesterday. meteorologists say parts of the ohio valley and northeast are
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next in line for severe storms today. pam will like this. the plans are moving ahead for a commuter lane and bike lane for the richmond san rafael bridge. it would convert the shoulder into an extra lane during the evening commute to ease traffic. now the shoulder will also be converted in the westbound direction into a pathway for bicyclists and for pedestrians. construction could start as early as next summer. it should be finished by the summer of 2017. meantime the lanes leading to and from the golden gate bridge they are open again. the crews installed over head signs on highways 1 and 101 preparing for the opening of the new doyle drive. now another round of closures is set is for between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the full shut down of highway 101 will take place from july 9th to july 13th.
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that is when workers will demolish the temporary connectors and transfer traffic to the new permanent road. the special olympics torch will be heading through berkeley about 10:00 a.m.. members of the berkeley and uc berkeley police departments will take the flame of hope and run the torch north along san pablo avenue. the torch is making its way across northern california all this week. >> ready. all right. let's go. >> yesterday we showed ktvu john sasaki in the morning. he kicked off the first leg of the ten mile torch run through san francisco along with san francisco police officers and recruits and a number of athletes were among the runners. the annual fundraiser allows special olympians to compete in their favorite sports for free all year round. >> mostly running now and bowling. >> what does it mean to you to compete? >> it's a challenge and it
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keeps you fit. and it's a good thing to do. a healthy thing to do. >> yesterday's torch run raised about $15,000. the summer games by the way starts friday night at uc davis. >> i love this. i love this. and again we were praising john sasaki on the air. he's done a lot for 20 years. are felled down buildings. a lot of good stuff. sal is all over your morning commute. you're watching your friends on highway 24. >> yes we are. good morning to you. it's just a little bit lighter. i'm beginning to notice some summer vacations maybe for whatever reason we're seeing people not going with as much volume. this is highway 24 it looks good in lafayette as you drive up to the caldecott tunnel it does get a little slow on the other side but we've had a decent commute as you drive on highway 24 i think you will notice it's a little better than it is.
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a lot of people still showing up here and at least for now it's pretty crowded here coming up through the maze as you get on to the bridge. about a 20 minute drive time. we also notice traffic on the nimitz freeway has been slightly better but you will see slow traffic here both before and after 92 but after that it looks good as you drive down to fremont. at 6:17 let's go to steve. all right sal, thank you, sir. we have a pretty shot over the bay. not as much fog. there was a lot more yesterday we will get sunshine there and dial us up. low clouds will burn off sooner. lows on the cool side. half-moon bay has dipped to 48- 49 degrees. you can see that low cloud deck but there is plenty of breaks. yesterday we had an extensive fog on the coast. monsoon moisture. thunderstorms coming up from northern new mexico. usually arrive around july into august. it's very early for it will be happening. a lot of the cloud cover upper
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40s for some. 49, 48 half-moon bay. 50s for everyone else. napa airport right at 50. west, southwest 15. yesterday was about 25 gusts to 30. nine o'clock, 50 bodega bay. 54 san francisco. 32 up in truckee. 50s or 60s through the interior and lots of 50s on the coast. the system that went through chicago yesterday was a big one. i mean there was a lot of severe weather damage from chicago, illinois all the way up to michigan. that is the system right there that went through. they are okay today but the system continues to march to the northeast and from maine it looks like heading into boston, philadelphia, and new york it does not look as severe. for us we are looking far little bit of patchy fog but the key is what is coming upstream here or downstream if you will in this case. high pressure is building and that is all the moisture coming up. there is a little low in the mix. and that will go parallel to
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the coast. as it does it will latch on. the low here, the high there will funnel that moisture in. probably won't be until thursday or friday. look whatten has? we cloud it up by friday afternoon into the weekend. we'll carry that right into friday night and saturday and a possibility of thundershowers. probably high based. don't need that but it looks like sacramento valley and up into the sierra nevada and maybe for us it could be it could be close. if you are heading to the mountains, i would keep an eye to the sky. some low clouds. sunny and nice. 60 ann 70s and 80s to 90s. find 90s or upper 10:s and mid 80s for some. 60s and 70s for others. 90s for gilroy. upper 70s san jose or low 80s for some and 60s on the coast. getting warm to hot wednesday and really a quick warmup thursday unless high clouds
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come in. it looks like they do arrive friday be but humid on the weekend. >> pam is going to go swimming. >> go for it pam. >> okay. sounds good. the beach might feel good i guess by the time it's humid. it's a revelation that could close the door on pete rose's return to baseball. the new evidence that what it may say about what he did when he was still playing. >> also can you believe they arrested diddy. sean diddy combs has been arrested. we'll tell you about allegations of assault on the campus of ucla.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 6:23. according to multiple reports, james horner oscar winning film composer died in a plane crash. the 61-year-old was an accomplished composer and an avid pilot. he won two academy awards for composing music for the movie titanic and scored a number of block buster films. several hollywood celebrities have taken to twitter to
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express their condolences. we have new -- hamilton was shot and killed in his texas home over the weekend in a murder-suicide. the body of his 44-year-old girlfriend monica jordan was also found in that home and apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. police she had previous arson charges back in 2008 in connection to a fire when she thought her then husband was cheating on her. the two are leaving behind a 14- month-old child. now the san francisco giants issued a statement expressing the team's sympathy to hamilton's family. that statement says if hamilton was an important part of the giants during his playing time from 1997 to 1998 and the giants extepid their deepest sympathies to his family and friends. police arrested sean diddy combs. it happened on the campus of
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ucla where his son is a part of the football team. no one was seriously injured but combs was released from jail on bail last night. the women's u.s. soccer team is on a roll. the u.s. team faced their toughest rivals columbia yesterday but they were able to survive a 2-0 win. u.s. will now play china. you can watch the quarter final match right here on ktvu this friday. our coverage twins at noon. you can also find complete coverage of the women's world cup on our channel 2 website at you can see profiles of the 23 players on the u.s. team and also see a schedule of the games. just click on the women's world cup it's right there in the middle of the home page. recently released apple watch already getting upgrades. the device came out three months ago but apple is working on improvements for the
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wearable hardware. there are reports the next generation of apple watch will feature a front facing camera for face time video calls and better wi-fi features. current apple watch relies on the iphone for key features like incoming calls and messages. time is 6:25. the u.s. supreme court expected to issue the ruling on same sex marriage as early as thursday. coming up in 28 minutes the confusion that may follow if the high court says individual states can refuse to issue marriage licenses. >> need to be picked up at the airport and don't want to use a cab, we're live at the san jose airport where city leaders are set to decide whether to allow ride sharing companies like uber operate here. we'll tell you why there is a big pus about all of -- fuss about all of this. >> we have a look at the mccarthur maze. not bad. i will give you a drive time coming up. >> the weather doesn't look bad
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we have a pretty shot here. temperatures staying about the same or warming up. take a look at that and also to the weekend.
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welcome back brand new day i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. it's almost 6:30. we have humidity on the way. >> it looks like the end of the week you two. friday and saturday. >> what about today? >> sunny. it looks pretty good. there was a lot more clouds yesterday. i know san jose was cloudy at this time yesterday and now most locations say sunny or mostly sunny. we are seeing a decrease in that fog bank. that means temperatures -- tea is that transition day. slight warmup but really not too much. tomorrow we will start to warm
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up. fog was up and down most of the coast expect for santa cruz proper yesterday. we'll focus our attention now on what they call the monsoon moisture very early. it can show up in june. it's usually july or august. and maybe some thunderstorms over the sierra. today though sunny, 40s to 50s to start. we'll end up 60s to 90s. there is an okay breeze but nothing compared to what it was yesterday. look for a lot more sunshine on the coast. that is the extra we're keeping an eye on. a low here. high building there. it will warm up before the clouds come in. that will be on tomorrow and especially on thursday. some low clouds sunny. it will be nice for some, maybe too hot for others. 80s and 90s. 60s and 70s. usual slow traffic but is there any new twists that i don't know about? >> nothing right now. by the way, i'm a fan of when you say sunny and nice. i get that it's nice. >> it's nice. >> not too hot. you know. i've known you for a long time.
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yes indeed sir. thank you. let's take a look at the commute. the commute is quiet but i wouldn't call it nice in some areas. we have a back it will bay bridge toll plaza. you will see traffic will be backed up for a 15-20 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. the whole trip across the bridge is taking a little less than a half an hour if you are counting the time on the actual span and if you drive it every day you are thinking that is normal. also moving along and taking a look at interstate 880 northbound and southbound. traffic moving well in both directions. a little bit farther south i put white arrows on the hayward commute. you know by now we have more slow traffic in the area and you can see it was not a lot. there is a little bit of slow traffic on 580 on the altamont pass but that is is about all. now let's go back to the desk. we are still following a developing story coming in from sonoma county.
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detective there is investigating a suspicious death. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge you have been out there in sonoma since early this morning. so what is going on? what happened? >> reporter: well, dave, good morning to you. we just talked with the sheriff spokesperson. she told me there is no one in custody in connection with this suspicious death and she also says investigators are not looking for anybody. the body still inside this home behind us here it's on pueblo avenue just off of napa road. we just saw violent crimes detectives go inside the home a short time ago to continue gathering evidence. they are not offering any information about the victim in this case. whether it's a man or woman or the approximate age. the body was discovered just before midnight when fire crews were called out here. there apparently were a number of other people inside the home at the time those 911 calls were made. and investigators are characterizing this only as a suspicious death. they are not saying what led
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them to that conclusion and again the information we just learned is that according to a spokesperson for the sonoma county sheriffs office what they are saying now is that they have nobody in custody in connection with this death and they are also not looking for anybody in connection with this death. but an investigation still active here at this home. dave. >> so there is still a whole lot we just don't know and we will check back with you a little bit later on. thank you. time is 6:33. deputies in pittsburgh searching for the person responsible for a deadly shooting that happened on highway 4 and we are learning more about the victim. tomas mendez was killed on saturday. he crashed after someone fired shots at the car he was driving. he was a cook at the popular katy's corner restaurant. his friends say he was trying to provide a better life for his two-year-old daughter, his step dour, and girlfriend. >> it has been devastating.
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for all of our employees and family members. because we've all known tomas for 16 years he was three or four years old. >> he was really funny and really charming and always flirting. but in a funny way. and we all loved him a lot. >> his coworkers and friends they set up a go fund me page to raise money for mendez's family and also to help pay for his funeral. ride sharing companies could start picking up passengers at another bay area airport after a crucial vote today. ktvu fox 2 reporter janine de la vega is in san jose at the airport and city leaders i guess report the service would be very popular with travelers. >> yeah they have been. taxi drivers they are really butting heads about this. the airport is recommending the city allow companies like uber to pick up travelers here because they want to stay current with the trends.
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the san jose city council will vote whether top permit uber, lift, and other ride sharing companies to pick up passengers at the airport. right now they are only allowed to do drop offs but the airport says it wants to be a leader in the industry and make services convenient for travelers. these type of companies have grown in popularity and seen as a cheaper alternative to taxis. last year sfo permitted uber and other companies. we asked passengers what they think. >> i would use it. i think more choices are always better. i mean it's sometimes difficult to get a cab. >> drivers would need go through fingerprinting, vehicle infections and fees. the proposal has caused a big upset. they are concerned they will go out of business because of the competition. they do face stricter regulations and do pay higher
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fees to operate. coming up at 7:00, we talk to an uber driver and you will hear what he has to say is about all of this. pam. >> all right that will be interesting. we'll check back in with you for that. new this morning one person was seriously hurt in vallejo in an early morning garage fire. ktvu fox 2 brian flores is joining us live at the scene. what is going on? >> reporter: good morning to you. that person taken to a nearby hospital. he did suffer second and third degree burns but behind me is what is left of this early morning fire. this is what is left of the garage area. the front of the home damage to several items inside the garage that were taken out by firefighters as well as by a car. but as we go to the video from earlier the fire started just before 12:30 this morning and from what we understand from firefighters the flames got so intense that fire crews had to cut holes on the roof using
6:37 am
chain saws. the preliminary information on the investigation at this point according to firefighters is that this was some type of welding accident. we are hearing the man inside the garage was welding a gas tank on to the car. that is when the fire got started. sources say the man again did have second and third degree burns to his torso. he also lives at the home with his wife and a cat. both of them were able to get out of the home safely. we understand they are doing okay. but as we take you back out here live the fire reached two alarms, came dangerously close to another home here in vallejo. but luckily no other homes were damaged. as you can see lots of damage to this home. again in the 400 block. guys back to you. >> all right brian flores, thank you. we'll talk to you later. time is 6:37. home rental prices nationwide they are up more than 4% according to zillow but the biggest price hikes believe it or not are not here in the bay area. they are high but not here.
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people living in san jose and san francisco you have seen your rents jump more than 10% in the last year but renters in jackson, mississippi believe it or not they are paying 23% more than they did last year. portland, maine ranks number two on the list. rents going up 17%. rents are actually down slightly in chicago, milwaukee, and new orleans. but the bay area rents still the highest in the nation. the average topping $3,000 a month. there has been a significant drop in the homeless population in silicon valley according to a new report. it's a new census report. it finds the number of people living out on the streets fell 15% in san jose since the last census count two years ago. santa clara county saw a similar decline 14%. now officials say the new emphasis on finding housing for the homeless it is having an impact but still more than 6500 people in the south bay are
6:39 am
living out in the streets. frustration continues to build in the south bay over drastic staff changes at one elementary school. citizens and parents held a teacher appreciation rally yesterday to say goodbye to their teachers. we found one teacher packing up the last of her belongings. cupertino union school district decided to replace all of them because tensions between the administrators and teachers and many families say they had no idea there was a problem among the staff. >> i didn't see any tension. maybe that is a good thing that we didn't see it but as parents we're concerned we didn't. we need to know. we need to be informed. >> we have looked for a long time at the situation there and it wasn't getting any better. we did a number of interventions and it was time to make a drastic move. >> 25 teachers and 158 other staff members are all effected. parents plan to hold a meetings at the school tomorrow to come up with a plan to prevent such
6:40 am
a drastic staff change in the future. our time is 6:39. the growing controversy this morning over the confederate flag after the charleston south carolina shooting rampage. coming up at 7:00, the major retailers now following the example of walmart of refusing to sell it. >> good morning. we are looking at the san mateo bridge. let's take a look at that now. it's not too bad. believe it or not i'm beginning to see a pattern here that you might just like. >> and if you like less fog you might like today's forecast. it looks like a lot more sunshine but what about warmer temps? staying the same or bumping up?
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there is new evidence that pete rose bet on major league games. rose was banned for life. he admitted in 2004 that he bet on games. rose would participate in this years all star game celebration but a baseball connective handling the review for reinstatement says if the report is true, this would close the door on rose's return to baseball. >> yikes. time is 6:43.
6:44 am
the nba's mvp he is back on the cover of sports illustrated. we're talking about steph curry. that is your buddy, pam. he's on the warriors commemorative championship series. it says splash down. after a 40 year wait, the title returns to the bay. this also includes a round by rounds look at the nba playoffs and a look back at the warriors last championship team in 1975. last night steph curry's teammate maristson barnes here he made an appearance at macy's in san francisco. he met fans that waited in a long line to meet, get an autograph from him, get a hug to and talked to all of them. >> we always have the best fans in the nba. these guys come out and support and during the parade there was so many people you weren't able to get to talk to people and shake hands. we have the opportunity for the next two hours to do so. >> are you going to wear that shirt or frame it? >> wear it lightly.
6:45 am
only when i know it's not going to get food or something on it. >> harrison barnes will also be signing autographs tonight at the sports authority in san mateo and he will be add lefties in burlingame tomorrow night. now green will be signing autographs tonight. >> they are not just good they are nice guys. >> they are good people. >> we can't get enough of them. 6:45 is the time. let's check in with a look at what is coming up. >> i like what you said about wearing the shirt lightly. [ laughter ] >> i know. >> don't want to ruin it. keep it nice. coming up when i join you in the next hour a low cost airline is being blamed on cutting corners at the expense of passenger safety. how allegiant air is responding. and you have to see this video of what could be the most brazen prison smuggling case
6:46 am
this is. new questions after someone is caught on live tv hoisting a package up and over the wall of a maximum security prison while that prison was on lock down during the search for the two escaped inmates in new york. we'll have these stories for you coming up. >> that is amazing. hey sal everybody behaving for you on the roads? >> i would say so. and you know what guys, i have noticed finally dave and pam a little bit of summer vacation action. >> that is true. >> not as many people go to summer school as you know. some people take vacations. we're coming up on the fourth of july. traffic here at the maze is a little bit lighter. we have to wait at the teleplay
6:47 am
v to get on the bridge for 15- 20 minutes. it is still slow out of vallejo. you can see it's yellow which means the delays are not as severe. southbound 880. definitely still a morning commute. it's just a little bit better and as time goes on as we get closer to the fourth i think you will see a lot of people get out of town. they will go to vegas. they will go to new york. they are going to go somewhere. >> if they go to vegas, it will be pretty hot. >> yes, i know. >> sal, you have a nice shiny tie on. >> thank you. is it okay for tv? >> absolutely. we will get to our weather in a second. it does look like it will be sunny for almost everybody. we have a lot more low clouds but first matt sullivan. steve, i like your tie.
6:48 am
he says i like it a little bit better than sal's but i didn't want to put that in there. double windsor knot. yes. >> that is the double windsor? >> that is the double windsor. >> everyone has their own opinions. i also have a double windsor in case you care, matt sullivan. >> that sounds a little hostile. [ laughter ] >> very nice, sal. thank you, matt. matt was just playing around. we do have mostly clear skies with some fog there. usually you set your watch to the monsoon season and you're like wait a minute it's still june. not july but it's already there. there are signs that some will work their way up there. 50s on most of the temps. now 50 santa rosa. west, southwest 15. sal not much of a breeze. far cry from yesterday. 50 at bodega bay.
6:49 am
still on the mild to cool side. 54 ukiah. the system that went through illinois i will tell you what it was a beast of a system. it does not look to be as severe. a lot of cloud and lightning. high pressure is building in from the southwest where it has been blazing hot. a low was coming up along the coast. 90s for areas this time of year
6:50 am
60 ann 70s and 80s. and same for other areas napa. 88 pittsburgh. 92 antioch. brentwood 85 and 70 in berkeley. 70 san bruno. 80 wood side. 64 in pacifica. it looks like a warmup. thunderstorms over the sacramento valley and sierra look likely. they've not quite a shock when they found autothey had another passenger on the hang glider. take a look. pam 245 is ridiculous. he is hanging on to that. the pilot looks pretty calm as
6:51 am
he glances over it. i don't think the cat knew they were going up in the air. i think my dog would have slid right off. >> okay that is amazing. still ahead you fashionistas beware. a woman in australia ended up in a hospital. coming up in 20 minutes why she says her skinny jeans are to blame. >> also next three musicians stabbed in sacramento. the evidence police say led them to charges suspect with a hate crime.
6:52 am
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time is 6:54. welcome back to mornings on 2. new york law enforcement officers may be closing in now on the two escaped killers who broke out of prison. now they have confirmed that the two convicted killers were in a remote hunting cabin in northern new york about 30 miles away from that prison. the dna of david sweat and richard matt was found on items inside that cabin. they escaped back on june 16th with the help of a prison employee. a triple stabbing in sacramento now under investigation as a hate crime. a group of musicians was walking home sunday night in
6:55 am
the midtown area when they say a man called them a gay slur, made fun of their skinny jeans and chased them with a 12-inch knife. officials say the man stabbed three of the band members. detectives later arrested timothy brown. after reading several social media posts connected to them and hearing from the victims the authorities decided they tacked on a hate crime charge. do you remember the man on the crane yesterday? san jose police arrested him for trespassing after he spent 14 hours on top of that crane. 39-year-old allen climbed nine stories and into the crane's glass panel basket. he climbed down about 10:00 yesterday morning. that is after an officer promised him a burrito. he told the mercury news he doesn't have a home.
6:56 am
he moved from one friends couch to the other. the u.s. supreme court is is due to release its decision on same sex marriage within days if the court rules that individual states can refuse to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, a lot of people are predicting will be a lot of confusion. the question will be what happens to the 36 states where same sex marriage is now legal. in the 16 states where same sex marriage is legal because of state court rulings, state legislation or statewide referendums well nothing would change. however in the remaining 20 states including california where legalization came through federal court rulings, that is not so clear. some of the experts say county clerks could legally start to deny licenses to same sex couples but it's considered unlikely that, that would happen here in california.
6:57 am
the court still has several big issues to rule on during this session. one is on the affordable health care act also called obama care. it could eliminate subsidies for more than 6 million people in 34 states. there is also a challenge to the president's environmental rules requiring power plants to cut toxic emissions. another ruling deals with the drugs that are used in oklahoma for lethal injections. oakland city leaders have the report on a coliseum city floyd kepheart turned the report in by sunday's deadline. however ktvu went to oakland city hall yesterday and none of those we talked to have looked at the report.
6:58 am
>> she says the raiders toles city they have 6-8 weeks to make some decision. we're still following that over night garage fire in vallejo that seriously injured one person. up next we will take you there and the project that may have sparked those flames. >> and big changes are coming to the richmond san rafael bridge. the new additions that could make it easier for cars and allow cyclists and people to walk across the bridge.
6:59 am
7:00 am
as good morning. we're live in vallejo where a man working on his car suffers serious burns, also damage to his home. coming up the latest on this investigation. showdown over san jose's airport. the change in rules being considered today that could mean a big victory for uber and other ride-sharing companies. good morning. it's tuesday, june 23rd. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i know who you are. [laughter] >> good


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