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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. shots fired into a car in bay point late last night. we'll telle learning about the victims in this case and the investigation that's been launched by the contra costa county sheriff's office. we're live at a medical center after avenue chainman was hit by a hit and run. the confederate flag controversy, the issue is being taken up in other states. mornings on 2 continues. . good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. good sleeping weather these past few nights. >> it's dark. >> it's hard right now.
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>> did you have a skunk near your house. >> i had one on the way in, it blasted my car. i tried to avoid it. >> yours sounds a little more. >> it stays in the car a little while. >> or if it gets on your dog, it happened to us one. the siberian husky got sprayed with a skunk and that cleared out the party real fast. tomato juice, that turned him pink. yesterday, it was hardly any, a system moving into the north is inhassing onshore breeze a little bit. a lot of 50s here here, we have a decent breeze for concord up to 24 miles per hour. a low cloud deck in place. the tropical clouds look like they'll pay a visit and a cooldown in the sierra low
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clouds, zunian breezy and cooler for most. 80s and 90s around the town and 50s and 60s from the bay. rams gate is the winery across sonoma. >> rams gate used to be roche. i remember being caught in that traffic once from -- when it was called sears point. i was up at roche, what's going on 100,000 people are trying to go home right now. thanks to the salsa, the salsa dude. >> thank you salsa dude, very good knowledge. let's look at the commute there on 80 westbound. we're off to a good start. traffic continues to move along. there's no need for you to run out of the house like a crazy person.
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this is the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic continues to move along well. we were talking about sears point. it's an old sign at the sonoma race way. a word to the rise, it's going to be a very quiet, if you can avoid highway 121 at 13 # if you go to sonoma county that would be the best route for you. let's go back to the desk. we develop for developing news since the second time on saturday, there appears to be a shooting between two cars on highway 4 at bay point. the latest happened last night on san marco boulevard. saturday's shooting happened on the highway on bailey road. we're at the scene of the shooting at bay point alex savage what do we know. >> reporter: someone shot at a
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car near highway 4 and san marco boulevard. what's unclear is whether the shots were fired from another car or what the circumstances were. the shooting as we know was reported just before midnight from the sheriff's office and investigators from contra costa county. after the shooting, he was driven to the medical center in cop cord where doctors were treating one gunshot victim. you can see it roped off with crime scene tape. some of the windows were shattered and there appeared to be quite a few bullet holes in the side as well. this is the second shooting in the past week. sheriff's deputies are continuing to search for whoever shot and killed a man while he was driving on highway 4 and driving on saturday afternoon. the victim is 20-year-old
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menendez of pittsburg. people are looking for who they believe is responsible. we hope to get more information from the contra costa county sheriff's office later this morning. >> thank you. we'll check in for an update in a little bit. 5:04 is the time. today people will be able to pay respects for the pastor, his coffin will lie in state in the courthouse. clementa pinckney was a state senator who was one of nine people killed in a bible study at the emanuel ame church. his coffin will be at the church for the viewing and president obama will deliver a eulogy to his funeral. in reaction to the church shooting, they voted to remove the confederate flag in the capitol grounds. >> bring it down now.
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bring it down now. >> well, calls for the flag to come down followed the discovery of the gunman posing with the confederate flag. the issue has spread well beyond south carolina. they call the symbol offensive and is pushing it to be removed from the state flag and virginia's governor has called for it to be removed from specialty license plates. a 23-year-old man was injured in venetia does not think he will survive. we're joined live at walnut creek, and the family says he's fighting for his life tara. >> they say he's on life support after being hit at 2:00. police want your help in tracking down the the picture.
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lewy torres was rushed to the medical center. the accident happened on military east in benicia, the vehicle never stopped and continued westbound on military east. benicia police have not been able to find the car, it's described as an older honda, gray or silver missing the left rear hub cap. we're hoping to speak with the family and we'll, of course, give you an update on his condition as soon as we know. live from walnut creek i'm tara moriarty, back to you. time is 5:07. two convicted workers smuggled the tools they broke out inside of frozen hamburger meat. joyce mitchell was arrested for
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helping them escape from a correctional facility in new york earlier this month. mitchell smuggled a hacksaw, blades and chisels in the weeks before they broke out. those items are recovered by authorities near the canadian border 20 miles west of the prison. those inmates still have not been found. cal fire has responded to 1100 wildfires as could the state. because of our drought, fire crews say the conditions this year are the worst on record. the fire danger is only going to get worse. firefighters in fairfield mopping up this morning after a 15-acre brushfire that came dangerously close to homes. additional crews were brought in to fight that fire. people living along a nearby hillside could not believe how fast that fire spread. >> i was getting ready to dial into a meeting, i work from home, smelled smoke and looked
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in the backyard and i saw it barrelling down networks the end only a fence was damaged. investigators say that fire was started by a contractor clearing brush. the mower hit some rocks and sparked a fire. strong erratic winds and conditions are stoking the flames there. it's burned close to 17,000 acres. no homes or cabins have been found. but, the mountain town remains on stand by for evacuations. they've closed sections of highway 4 and 89 and it's 20 miles west of the novato border. there's a special election to fill the special seat. there's a race for the district 4 council seat and manh nguyen
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is in the forefront. the final vote count is expected friday night. last april there were ten candidates in the election. no one got the 50% to win. the eventual winner will fill the seat for councilman chou who filled the seat. caltran said tiny cracks were found in the rods that connect the tower to the base. 407 of the rods passed seismic tests but many of the bases were filled with salted water. there was enough evidence of cracks filled with rods, there are cracks on all of them. the chief engineer brian marone
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says he'll do whatever he needs to replace the rods. it depends on an analysis on a group of experts. they expect to have definitive tests by september. >> it's 10 minutes after 5:00, it is official, there was severe dry rot supporting the balcony that collapsed in berkeley last week. the changes one official wants to make to the city's building code. emergency meetings in france this morning, weak documents, u.s. officials spied on french presidents. the east bay commute not bad. this is highway 4 and you can see so far it looks good on the way to concord. not much fog yesterday, temperatures warmed up, it will be cooler for some. we'll show you those coming up.
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. it is 5:14, there will be an issue of race relations that can become the focus of hillary clinton's campaign. she made a stop at an african- american church in missouri, she reflected on last week's tragic shootings in south carolina. she called the killings a blow to the soul and an act of racist terrorism. >> despite our best efforts and our highest hopes, america's
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long struggle with race is far from finished. >> she supports calls to remove the confederate flag from the state capitol grounds saying it shouldn't fly there or anywhere. >> top security officials in france are holding emergency meetings today with new allegations that u.s. intelligence spied on french presidents. the security aim sy spied on the current president and the two presidents before him. the documents don't reveal any secrets, but they include french officials conversations about the global financial cries us as well as french german relations, the u.s. is denying the allegation. >> the cyber theft of personnel data of workers may be worse than the previous worse case scenario. more testimony is expected on capitol hill today on the data breach. the government is still assessing the fallout from the
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first breach in april of more than 4 million files. a second breach involved security clearance application that is detail military and police records, alcohol and drug use and other sensitive information. >> health insurance companies, background investigation, contractors, and government entities so it would not surprise me to see more. >> government officials say privately that china is almost certainly behind the attack, and an intelligence source says hackers gained access to the database using information from a contractor called key point that was from last september. a lot of people are waiting for this gmail has an undo send button. they can set a time of 5 to 30 seconds. you can click the undo send if you need to make a change.
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you can enable it by clicking on the gearwheel at the top of the page and clicking on settings. >> it seems like a good idea. >> i didn't mean -- no, get that back. >> shooting off e-mail to the wrong person or something, a co- worker instead of the boss. >> after hearing horror stories from other people, you have to be very careful. >> very careful. good morning, everybody. if you're heading out to 237. highway 237, anchor road, it's nice and light this morning. express lane access is modified. you might notice new striping on the express lane between this road onramp and san jose. about 3,000 feet of the solid white stripe will be replaced by dash striping, that means you can get in and out of that
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lane. you can use that exit now. it's something new, we'll see how it affects the commute. vta was kind enough to alert me to the change in a tweet. you can look for the changes starting today. let's look at 880 north and southbound. you can see traffic is moving nicely in oakland. we want to talk about highway 37, it's still looking good out of salerno county. we're also looking at the east bay commute. 580 looks good from livermore to castro valley. and let's go to steve in the weather center. our viewers are smart and they know stuff. we threw out some questions and they got back to us right away. >> usually they are there and i would agree with that. it's cooler on the bay maybe not well enough inland.
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alta vista or altamont. >> i read my mountain -- i rode my mountain bike not from far from there and it's very nice. all right. we have a little bit more fog right there, yesterday, like that it was gone. today it's increasing a little bit. this is the system to the north. that's it. that's what's helping. 50s for he everybody, 53 in the city, 50s on the coast. half moon bay it was 48. i know el grenade was -- grenada was. west sow west 21, and here it's gusting to 24. a facebook was sent, a steady south breeze in pleasant hill. you can see why. west 9 at oakland, west,
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northwest at livermore and west at sfo. temperatures at 56. half moon bay came down one degree. truckee, 60s and 70s, it looks like a little more in the way of fog, slightly cooler. we'll focus our attention and look to be the south as a lot of monsoon moisture gets caught up in the coast and that will funnel in a lot of high clouds, that won't be until friday or saturday. saturday morning this could trigger shower activity for us, i would think to the valley and sierra, nevada. there will be a lot of lie clouds taking us into the weekend. it will cool us down and it will send the humidity factor up high. temperatures go from 90s to the 80s with the cloud cover. it's a little cooler for most, cloudy and breezy. it takes a little fog to cool it down. 80s for some, upper 80s to near
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90s, 95 vacaville, 84 livermore, 70 for alameda, 80 for san jose, 90 morgan hill. 60s coast and 65 in the city and 70s to 80s from south san francisco to the peninsula. the high clouds come pouring in and we're clouded up for the week. >> it's comfortable now, but later today -- >> i think it will be all right today, tomorrow we get a quick warmup. >> it's windy where alex is also. >> pittsburg, antioch where is he? >> highway 4. >> that's a wind tunnel. >> it's windy out there, yes. 5:21, minority have less than 12% of the jobs in silicon valley. one of those workers is launching a program to help change that. a san francisco based shuttle is offering a new service. how children can offer a ride
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and a security in place to keep them safe.
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on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . welcome back to mornings on 2, a crazy story, a berkeley man went a little crazy during a flight from role to chicago on saturday -- rome to chicago. he got out of his seat while the seatbelt light was light
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was on. he asked for crackers and he brand grabbed bags answer made an emergency landing where he was arrested. someone was able to get to know actor and animal advocate dick van pat ton has died at the age of 86. >> there's a point where responsible parenthood begins and insanity begins. >> remember the tv show 8 is enough. he started his career at the age of 7 when he appeared on broadway. he appeared on a lot of shows, love boat and streets of san francisco and hot in cleveland. he died from complications of diabetes. he leaves behind his wife and sons. he was 86 years old.
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>> an on light sight is introducing a new service. the site is called shuddle, kids can arrange their own rides with their parents approval. once the request is made, parents will be prompted to approve or decline the ride. they'll receive the driver information including photo and car information. ceo founder and nick alan said the first thing they wanted was safety. >> it starts with our drives. these are nannies, teachers and baby sitters in their own community. they go through extensive levels of background checks, national and local screenings. >> they're given passwords to make sure they're getting into the right car. they can track the ride using gps, it's designed for young teenagers who need a ride when
5:27 am
the parents are not available to provide one. this is the bat kid who is making a comeback in the movies. bat kid begins, that's a documentary. they came together to grant the wish of little miles scott to become a superhero for a day. it was a great day, mayor ed lee, the police chief and a lot of acit is and a lot of people took part in transforming san francisco into gotham city. miles is in remission from cancer and we don't know if he'll be at the premier party. uber and lyft drivers will be at the san francisco airport. the requirements they have to meet one of the ride share companies say it's unfair. we're live in morgan hill, one of the regions that is supposed to get hot this week.
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we'll tell you what authorities are saying about fire danger.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it's already the middle of the week. it's wednesday june 24th, i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook, 5:30 is the time. we're talking about the wind out at highway 4 area. >> bay point can get windy sometimes. concord has a good breeze and pleasant hill. there's a little more of a
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breeze than we had yesterday. inland temperatures will be in the 80s and 90s. yesterday the fog, there wasn't much and what was there disappeared fast. we do have some increasing on the coast and bay. that will mean a slight cool did you know system up to the north dragging across is helping to enhance that low cloud deck a little bit. there's not a huge film maker. a lot of 50s here, a couple of low 60s, they'll be warm to hot. this is at beautiful cannant no, west at oakland, a westerly direction, sfo and hayward. it will be a cooler pattern, and then we'll focus our attention, a lot of high clouds coming up from the southeast. that will start on friday into the weekend. we'll have more of that coming up in ten minutes. here's sal with an update on your traffic at 5:31. >> all right. steve, i mean to start that again. traffic is doing well. in many areas we're going to
5:32 am
start with the east shore freeway. to drive to this it's taking 19 minutes. it's not bad, the traffic hasn't begun to get busy yet. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have not got switched yet. you're going to see the lights slow down. the east bay, we're seeing traffic on the altamont pass, westbound on 580 as you drive in on highway 205, the rest looks good into dublin and it's getting crowded to be sure. if you're driving let's say to fairfield, from fairfield to vallejo on 80, it's off to a good start. it's 532, let's go back to the desk. a man was a victim to a hit and run crash in benicia, he's being treated at john view medical center. tara moriarty is out there with the latest on what's happening.
5:33 am
good morning tara. >> this is a gut-wrenching time for the family. louis it. orres may not make it through the night. he is a 23-year-old, and he was hit by a car on sunday morning. he suffered head trauma and other injuries from the crash and was rushed here to john muir, it happened on million try east in benicia, and he was heading towards the intersection of east fifth street. the vehicle never stopped. benicia police have not been able to locate the car involved in a hit and run. it's described as an older model nissan sedan. it is missing a hub cap and is silver. we hope to get more information about his condition. the time is 5:33, we're
5:34 am
finding more about an incident where retch monday police officer says he was forced to shoot a police dog. it happened yesterday morning behind the police station. authorities say that officer shot the dog after the dog bit him on the hand. that officer is expected to be okay. now, officials say the dog is now recovering at an emergency vet hospital, it will likely be retired from service. >> the k-9 was inside a secured vehicle when the handler left him there. we're trying to figure out what transpired between that time and the officer was confronted by the k-9. >> the k-9 trainer, the locks on the vehicles, sometimes that fail, and that may have contributed to what happened. the fourth of july ten days away, the temperatures are expected to heat up by then. we have more from morgan hill
5:35 am
about how the wildfires may break out. >> we're here and any open land is at risk. that was the case yesterday when a fire sparked up in fairfield. some homes were threatened by that fire. a mower struck a rock and ignited a fire. there was another grass fire that moved quickly, but it was stopped by fire crews. firefighters and law enforcement are concerned, they're hosting a community event and they're talking about dry conditions and the problems that fireworks can do. they'll be fined if they're caught with illegal fireworks. the city of san jose is working on new rules who are giving
5:36 am
people who are not police or firefighters if they're caught with illegal fireworks. we have four years of drought and using water to put out fires that could have been prevented, is a problem. today will be the sentence of the boston bomber who will be sentenced to death. three people were killed in the blast, close to the finish line of the race. more than 260 people were wounded. it's not clear if 21-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev will speak. he'll have the opportunity this morning. after last tuesday's deadly balcony collapse, they may approve to new building regulations as early as next month. they inspected dry rot in the beams that supported that balcony. it collapsed and six people were killed.
5:37 am
the planning director stopped short of blaming the collapse on dry rot. the inspectors may never know for sure. >> we'll make a set of recommendation that is will deal with any form of moisture infiltration to close assemblies in the future. all outdoor balconies to be filled with water resistant wood, pressure treated wood, corrosion resistant steel and similar materials. they will require balconies in the first six months after they pass the new regulations and they'll need to be reinspected every five years in the future. the outpouring of support for the families of those six victims keeps growing. a go-fund-me account has raised more than $22,000. that money is for the immediate needs of the families of those who died as well as for the seven people who were hurt. one of the students who was
5:38 am
hurt sean fahee is out of the hospital and returning to ireland. and other bay area cities are reviewing their protocols. san francisco requires routine deck and balcony inspections, the only city in california. there are some homes that go unexamined. last january they gathered to take a deck. the deck collapsed causing people to plummet 30 feet on to the concrete below. >> the railing gave way, i heard a crunching sound, i turned to my left, and my friends were spilling over the ends of the rail there. >> no one died but some are dealing with injuries from that incident. inspectors blamed the collapse on dry rot and ordered repairs. inspections in san francisco must be done by professionals there's a quick and simple way to tell. you poke the pen in the area of
5:39 am
the wood. if it sticks in the wood, the area is decaying. the san jose city council approved a one-year pilot program to allow uber and lyft picking up people at the airport. the cab drivers don't like this. it's going to hurt their income they say. they have to go through fingerprinting, background checks and vehicle inspections and they have to pay fees. some of the city's requirements especially the fingerprinting say it's too restrictive. no other major airport forces their drivers to get fingerprints. 5:39 and the debate over the confederate flag is continuing. coming up at 6:00, business in california still displaying the flag and the owner says he won't take it down junior high school the molest of mogul sean diddy combs what he says about the assault of the ucla
5:40 am
football coach. we're looking at at commute on the bridges that's been good. manteo bring is not a bad commute heading to the high rise. inland will be sunny, we'll see if it will continue to warm up after we back off tuesday's temperatures for some.
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5:42 am
. time is 5:42, new this morning, the ucla coaching staff wants the charges dropped against the music mogul sean diddy combs. he became upset when the coach came down hard on his son. he claims it was self-defense. he issued a statement saying that he's confident once the
5:43 am
true facts are revealed he'll be dismissed. he's due back in court next month. there's more attraction to the foreign students to technology. they're trying to close the racial gap in the high tech industry. brown is a solvent software engineer. he's hoping to have 100 latino and african-american students since it fan. that's more than they have right now in their work forces. >> i think to myself, man, if there's not people like me in the world doing these high technology jobs, should i be at those high technology jobs. >> people of color have not had access to whether it be hardware with computers, or even role models in the industry. now, these classes are pretty i object tense, the students will be working 11 hours a day, six days a week for 12 weeks.
5:44 am
that's almost 800 hours. they're expected to create their own app by the time they complete that course. and the instructors hope they'll find high tech jobs real quick. the san francisco giants hope to get back into the win column after they had a performance. another winner was the first pitch for last night's game. the san diego pat raise, the giants jumped to a 2-run league. he struck out a career high. it's two short of the franchise record. the padres tied the game into the inning. san diego scored again in the 11th to win 3-2. the oakland a's, josh baggily and they are keeping it ahead of the texas rangers. they won the series 8-6. they play again in texas tonight at 5. this is oakland's third win
5:45 am
in a row. before he threw out the first pitch he was talking basketball with dozens of kids in oakland. 60 kids from college track, they took part in the business and basketball clinic. it's called bound for better. they were able to ask him questions. he talked about his journey to the nba. >> i told them how life threw me a curve ball. i wanted to be a doctor, and i played basketball. i took basket and i'm with the nba and a champion and it took hard work and did it the right way. >> college preparedness, while educating students about potential careers in the medical field as they relate to sports. good stuff. >> that is nice. >> yeah. 5:45 is the time let's get to sal, is it getting crowded
5:46 am
out there, sal? >> yes, in some areas pam and dave you can see southbound traffic already. the traffic at the toll plaza is stop and go. those metering lights have been turned on. they've been locked up on the macarthur maze. no problems on the bridge getting into san francisco. if belook at the interstate 880, it's been okay were no major issues. i want to let you the traffic on 205 and 580 getting in from the livermore from tracy is crowded heading out there. 580 westbound near grand, it's not expected to cause a delay. at 5:46, let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you. we have a lot more in the way of clouds, there were plenty of breaks that disappeared pretty quick. a good little push over oakland here and also i'm beginning to make a surge up and done the
5:47 am
coast. it's helped along by systems of the north. this won't impact anyone far enough inland. they'll cool down a little bit. there's a slightly stronger breeze today. cooler coast and bay, the breeze has picked up. it will be shun any and warm to hot. if you're away from the fog influence, cooler if you are. 50s on most of the temperatures here, alamo53, santa rosa and napa. mid-50s on mountain view and gusts to 24 to the south. west and oakland at 9, had gusts at 16. half moon bay and everywhere else is holding steady. we're looking for a sign for a warmer pattern but so far holding steady, 50s up and down the coast, you can seat fog
5:48 am
enhancing, it's not really making a strong surge inland. what's making a surge is the monsoon moisture. that's low coming up the coast, the high is building and that will bring in the high cloud deck on friday. if not friday evening into saturday morning. that could give us a little bit of rain, i would think more to the value will you and up to the sierra novato. look how this goes into the weekend, things will start to change here. tomorrow we'll get a quick warmup. this will be some inland. we'll watch for the high clouds moving in. today if you're inland, 80s, 90s, temperatures for sun should come down, a few degrees on a couple of these temperatures. look for the 80s, 90s and 60s on the coast, 70s to 80s on the peninsula as well. tomorrow looks warm to hot and it will be screaming to the south and it will take us to the weekend. >> and lightning, we were
5:49 am
talking about -- >> up in the sierra, yeah. >> that may be sparked by lightning. >> yes, there's opinion a lot of smoke issues on the east side of the sierra. >> we could get more of that this weekend? >> that's correct. >> keep an eye on, that thank you. 5:48, facebook has mustled wal-mart out of the top 10 on the s&p 500. it moved ahead. facebook was valued at $248 billion, and shares haveries end 34% in the past year. wal-mart stands at $234 billion. we talked about them losing in sales. a newer ceo came in last year to try to change that. do you get nervous when you ask your boss for a raise? there's a new study about that coming up at 6:15, what people would rather do rather than asking their boss for more money. and networks see this, the
5:50 am
romantic mission by a national guard soldier, how he surprises his girlfriend with an airport marriage proposal.
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. this is cleanup along the east coast. big storms hit. severe slammed the area from virginia to maine. it was so strong it flipped this car over in a new jersey parking loft. the win and the rain knocked down power lines. hundreds of thousands of homes were in the dark. wind gusts topped 70 miles per hour near my hometown of philadelphia. new england patriots we're quarterback tom brady has made his case in the "deflategate" scandal. >> they made a compelling case,
5:53 am
they say. brady spent ten hours at the appeal hearing seeking a reduction in the four game suspension. the san mateo native has insisted he's innocent. there's no timetable on when the commissioner will make a decision. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to be at the gay pride parade. they're going to celebrate the lbgt community. rick weltz will be the grand marshal, he's been a native of seattle and he's been with his partner five years. >> we live in san francisco part-time and he has two kids, his kids are in sacramento and we commute back and forth from san francisco and sacramento, and it's been a great addition to my life. this year, he's a
5:54 am
transsexual woman, who underwent a sex change after being dishonorably discharged for being gay. she's lived with hiv for 28 years. ktvu will live stream sun's parade. you can watch it from wherever you are. you can watch it on our news app or on channel 10 online. and a romantic admission, that's the sergeant from stockton. he's been stationed in iowa which is where he met his girlfriend ali two years ago. they were met by family and friends and the sergeant proposed after the two walked through a flag line. >> i was very surprised. i can't describe how i feel. shaky. >> that makes two of us. >> happy. >> the sergeant said he hatched the plan at the suggestion of
5:55 am
his mother and with help from the uso. time now 5:55, nascar pulls into the bay area this weekend for the toyota save mart 350. ktvu john took a spin around the race way yesterday, he was driven by that driver, 17-year-old james bike ford of napa. he rode in a toyota camry, no the a race car, but the speed was breathtaking. >> you ever to be able to go out and run or be, you know have enough stamina to go these many lapse. we probably burn ten pounds each race. >> john and james went 115 miles per hour on the straight ways, the drivers of nascar they can reach speeds approaching 200 miles per hour. victor's cousin is related to
5:56 am
jeff gordon who will retire after a full-time nascar driver after this season. the sonoma-marin fair starts today. it draws 60,000 every year. one of the contests is the world's you go least dog contest. and there's a new exhibit, a wildlife safari. you can hold a giant python or a largetant la, tarantula, and there will be music and bands. >> i'll skip the python. >> okay. the time is 5:56, more trouble, it's coming up in our 6:00 hour. the new problem raising its safety. >> today the white house will
5:57 am
release a new executive order on hostages. how families can step in if their loved ones are being held by terrorist groups. >> it's hard to see but there are lanes blocked here, 580, with a car on the center divide, we'll let you know what this is doing on the commute on interstate 580. >> another day of wide variety of temperatures, cooler in coast land and at the pay, we'll look at what's in store for the weekend. it's warmer inland.
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. this morning the contra costa county sheriff office is investigating a shooting close to highway 4. we'll tell you what we know about the victims driven to a nearby hospital and a car riddled with bullets. today the body of pastor clementa pinckney will be lying in state. and a debate over the flying of the confederate flag continues. thanks for joining us here on mornings on 2, it's wednesday june 24th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark.
6:00 am
let's check weather and traffic. >> there's a breeze at concord airport which is not far from bay point. it's a south wind. it's picking up. and so is the fog bank. there's a lot more than yesterday. it will be cooler today, there are subtle signs. this fog days period fast, but today it's not the case. it will be cooler for most. greta up in lake c


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