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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: a car filled with bullet holes after a shooting here in baypoint, close to highway 4. we'll tell what you investigators just told us about this case -- coming up. welcome to "mornings on 2." we're live in morgan hill. temperatures are expected to hit 90 degrees. firefighters are on high alert. a lot of dry brush in this
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picture. coming up, janine de la vega will have more on why people who live in the area are getting especially nervous right around this time of the year. it's wednesday, june 24th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we have a lot fogging on the coast. not so much on the marin or sonoma coast. there's more out to snowe. the breeze inland for some is really cranking up. 25, gusts to 30. concord, baypoint. you can see some of that low cloud deck. is disappearing -- yesterday is disappearing. 40s, 50s and 60s. 18 gusts to 23. 18 gusts to 25. west-southwest, west-southwest, those were much stronger than yesterday. west at livermore, west at
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hayward. sfo had a west of 10. yesterday there was narrowly a breeze. it will still be warm to hot. by friday, saturday, a lot of this monsoon moisture looks like it's poised to move in. sunny, breezy. cooler for most. there's always a few areas that don't cool off this time of year unless they have a big- time fog bank. 80s, 90s. 60s and 70s. sal, waldo tunnel? golden gate still a -- still a problem. that golden gate is still an issue. we'll talk about that and also talk about other things around the commute. but we'll start there. southbound 101, that crash is blocking the two right lanes at spencer. has packed up traffic out of -- backed up traffic out of mill valley. this usually doesn't happen. it's usually a decent commute. two right lanes are taken away because of this crash heading to the golden gate bridge.
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we also are looking at other parts of the bay. kind of moved the maps to the south bay because i noticed that northbound 101 traffic is going to be busy approaching the airport exit. let's go to live pictures. i want to show you the traffic here at the toll plaza is backed you as you get up to highway 17. i'm gonna go out of order a little bit. but i want to show you we do have slow traffic on 280 northbound. i think that was northbound 280 from about 101 to about 17. the contra costa county sheriff's office announced that an overnight shooting has turned into a homicide investigation. it's the second deadly shooting since saturday on or near highway 4 out in baypoint. we have a map here that shows both shootings. the latest happened last night at san marco boulevard and highway 4. saturday's shooting on the highway near bailey road. alex savidge is live with what you've just learned. >> reporter: the sheriff's
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office confirming this now is a homicide case but they are not offering any more details about the victims here. we know that someone fired into a car late last night here near highway 4 close to the freeway. next to san marco boulevard. what's unclear is if the shots were fired from another car or what the situation was exactly. this happened just before midnight last night. investigators from contra costa county sheriff's office were called in here to begin gathering evidence at the scene. they did so for several hours. now, after shows shots were fired here near the freeway, a car that was involved in the shooting was driven over to john muir medical center in concord and that's where doctors treated that gunshot victim, at least one gunshot victim that we know of. that white compact car was roped off with crime scene tape in the parking lot of the hospital. you can see some of the windows were shattered and the car appeared to have a number of bullet holes in it. this was the second shooting in this area in the past week. sheriff's deputies are ent
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coulding to search for the person who shot and killed a man as he was driving along highway 4 near bailey road on saturday afternoon. the victim in that case has been identified as 20-year-old tomas mendez. the search ongoing there. the search continues for the shooter involved in this case last night. we do know at least one person was killed out here in this shooting. back to you. >> alex savidge live in baypoint. thank you. 33-year-old woman is suing both the albany and walnut creek police departments after an albany police officer allegedly e-mailed a topless photo of her to a walnut creek dispatcher. the woman was notified last year that officer peter o'conner used work e-mail to send the photo to the dispatcher. the photo was taken ten years ago. the dispatcher was fired. it's not clear if the officer paid discipline. the woman is seeking $25,000 in damages. we're now ten days away
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from the 4th of july. temperatures are rising around the bay area. that means the fire danger is rising, too. firefighters really worried about all of that dry brush and drought. janine de la vega joining us live now in morgan hill this morning. tell us about some of the warnings in place, janine. >> reporter: yeah, dave. a firefighter -- firefighters are keeping their eyes open for anything that may spark up. i'm holding in my hand -- look how brittle this stuff is. temperatures here, they are expected to be in the mid-80s. if you look at how dry vegetation is, this is what firefighters are concerned about. yesterday in the north bay a dozen holes were threatennenned by a fire in fairfield -- homes were threatened by a fire in fair field. in martinez, there was another grass fire that moved quickly. it was stopped by fire crews. firefighters be a law enforcement in the south bay
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have their own concerns. we spoke to a resident who lives in the foothills of morgan hill about the upcoming holiday. >> doesn't take much to light a fire up in the foothills. they are very dry. >> we're actually down in the valley, but if the fire spreads to the foothills, it will probably hit our house. gill royal is the own -- gilroy is the only area that allows fireworks. it's kind of scary out there. >> reporter: santa clara county is cracking down. the board of supervisors just passed an ordinance holding property owners responsible by fining emif they are caught with illegal fireworks. in san jose, they are working on new rules that would give city officials the authority to issue citations if caught with illegal fireworks. we've been in a drought for the past four years. putting out a fire that could have been prevented is a huge waste of water. so officials are doing what they can to spread the aware
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necessary. back to you. >> thank you. well, the record-breaking drought is now the number one issue for people in the bay area. there is a new poll by the bay area county showing 48% of the people surveyed mentioned the water supply is one of their tom three concerns. 43% had said the cost of living, 37% said housing costs. the top five, traffic and crime. about three quarters of those pulled about sea water to salenation efforts. french's president is to speak with president obama about allegations that the u.s.
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spied. the documents don't reveal any secrets. they are holding emergency meeting today. the u.s. am was der has been reportedly summoned to the french foreign ministry to explain the allegations. the u.s. government denies them. well, today, people in south carolina, they will be paying respects to the pastor killed in that church shooting rampage in charleston, south carolina. his coffin will lie in state in the south carolina state house. the rever reverend clementa pinckney, tomorrow his coffin will be at his church for a public viewing. on friday, president obama will deliver the eulogy at his funeral. it will be held at a charleston sports arena. well, in a reaction to the church shooting, lawmakers in south carolina voted to
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consider to remove the confederate flag. >> bring it down now! bring it down now! >> the calls for the flag to come down call for the discovery of the photos of the accused gunman in the shooting posing with the confederate flags. now, lindsey graham says the state stands to lose if the flag is not removed. >> for south carolina's future, our economic future and our ability to move forward as a state in a productive fashion, i think we have to cross this threshold of removing the flag. >> this issue has spread beyond south carolina. in mississippi, they call the symbol offensive. he's pushing to have it removed from the state flag. virginia's governor has ordered the flag removed from specialty license plates. the autopsy report has been released in the freddie gray case. coming up at 7:30, the injury he suffered while in baltimore police custody that likely lead to his death. coming up next, look at
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this. an amazing catch. >> yeah! >> how this affected the game as well. >> sal could do that. >> yeah,. >> he took it away from a dodger which ads extra points in this part of the world. [laughter] marin bound traffic you will see slowing getting into san rafael. we'll tell you more about the commute in marin which has a problem -- coming up. well, there's nothing foul about our weather unless you don't like hot temperatures. there will be some but it will be cooler for others. we'll explain why.
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7:13. welcome back to "mornings on 2." today, the u.s. senate is expected to approve the controversial fastrack authority to negotiate trade agreements. that could be a win for president obama.
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passing that bill would increase the president's chances of a 12-nation pacific rim trade agreement that includes japan, malaysia, mexico and canada. lawmakers plan to vote on three other trade-related bills. one would extend a job retraining program for workers whose jobs go overseas. what are commonly called booth babes, they are out of a job. a few notable conferences throughout our state have banned exhibitors from using attractive models. there is a move to hire people who know something about the industry they are promoting. now, it looks like a government data breach was much worse than feared. millions of people, not just federal employees may have had
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had their data compromised. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: good morning. the head of the office of personnel management is going to testify here on capitol hill today trying to explain how it was that they missed it, how so much data ended up in the hands of hackers and this could get ugly. at the moment, the government can only estimate the millions of people, maybe 18 million maybe more who may had their information stolen. it warehouses data not just on government employees but in many instances people they know as well. even people who simply applied for jobs. even the president's chief spokesman said he was affected. perhaps adding to the fration, the head of the -- frustration, the head of the office of personnel management told senators yesterday that no one in the government is to blame. >> i don't believe anyone is
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responsible. i believe we're working as hard as we can to protect the data of our employees. >> it's stunning that opm ignored year after year dire warnings from the inspector general. >> reporter: while government officials will say privately that china is almost certainly behind the attack, at the white house, there are concerns about upsetting china, a crucial trade partner and a country that could play an important role in nuclear talks with iran, a position driven home by china's vice premier who delivered a blunt warning. >> translator: confrontation with a negative gain in which both sides will pay heavy prices and the world will suffer, too. >> reporter: and as far as the hack itself goes, we've heard so many different numbers in recent weeks after this thing was first disclosed. initially it seem like 4 million. now they are talking 18.
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one estimate has a number as high as 30 million people who may have had their data compromised. >> thank you. 7:16. wrigley field in chicago, a baseball fan made an amazing catch while at the same time holding his baby. now, the cubs were playing the dodgers when this foul ball went down the first base line, adrian gonzalez reached for it but instead the cabs' fan caught it with his right hand while holding his 7-month-old son, when was still drinking from a bottle. >> i'm just trying to protect him. i see the ball coming up and just kind of fell in my hands. hopefully adrian is not too upset. >> well, umps ruled fan interference. however, hartley was not kicked out of his seat. his wife was nervous. and she saw her husband catch a foul ball while holding their
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baby. adrian gonzalez, the first baseman was not impressed. he said he would have been more impressed if the baby had caught the ball. >> well, come on. baby is only 7 months old. doesn't know what happened. >> >> no idea. >> i look at that and say i bet sal castanedo can do that. if. what do you think? >> you can't be afraid of the ball. you get hurt when you are afraid of it. you just kind of -- just kind of walked up to it and -- >> he's the man. >> he's the man. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is going to be busy in some areas. still, it's been kind of a rough day on some of the bridges. 15, 20-minute delay. no major problems on the bridge. but approaching the golden gate bridge we had a couple of problems and had slow traffic on the san mateo and on the dumbarton bridges. let's take a look now at some of these commutes here on 880
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northbound, it's not too bad as you drive through. as a matter of fact, traffic on northbound 880 continues to be good all the way to downtown oakland. i want to mention marin county because southbound 101, we had the crash southbound 101 near spencer. traffic backed up out of mill valley. we talked about the richmond bridge and on 80 between hercules and richmond. you do have some slowing there. on this wednesday, here's the forecast with steve. >> we do have a little bit more in the way of low clouds. it's favoring about san francisco south. not much on the marin or sonoma coast. a little bit more over the bay. yesterday, disappeared rapidly. it's not a huge fog basic but there's more today than yesterday. it's kind of the breeze. breeze has picked up for many locations. have reports around moraga. concord has been howling around buchanan airport. baypoint and to the delta. getting gusts to 25, 30 miles an hour. some of that fog favoring areas
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of south of san francisco. the system to the north is what's causing it. it's just enhancing the onshore breeze. also there is a lot going on as we head toward the end of the week and into the weekend. but the breeze has pickedup for most. you get gusts 22, 25 out of travis. that's a good sign of this time of year. the system to the north will give us a cooldown. tomorrow we'll turn it around and warm it up. a few 60s to the east. a lot of 50s in between. had a couple of up floorer 40s -- upper 40s. concord, 18 gusts to 25, almost 30 last hour. west-southwest at napa, west- southwest at oakland. yesterday hardly any breeze. fog hoof moon -- half moon bay. all signs point toward some of this coming around the high and
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a low off california. it will funnel all of this in here. won't be probably until late friday into saturday. you can see it right there. a lot of high clouds coming in. i doubt there's any rain with this. maybe over the sierra. sacramento valley but you can see the high clouds continue to stream into sunday and maybe into monday as well. keep an eye on that and see if it does develop. right now i think it's clouds. cooler for most. there will be a lot of sun, though. temperatures if you don't have any fog influence, they will be hot. 90s to00100s -- 90s to 100s. 60s on the coast. too much fog. low 8s os on -- 80s on the
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peninsula. again, a pattern we don't usually see in june, more likely late july or august. do. >> do you like the hot weather? >> i grew up in livermore. i -- around -- around 80 is my perfect spot. >> 82? >> 82. would you believe some more trouble for the new bay bridge? coming up in 20 minutes, the problem discovered on more rods raising new questions about the safety of the bridge. he's back. next, how you can soon relive that epic day when batkid saved san francisco from the forces of evil.
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7:24. welcome back to "mornings on 2." and now there is a deal to protect those florists at the san francisco flower mart. a real estate company plans to build a technology office complex at the flower mart site which is near the hall of justice in san francisco. now, although the florists were promised a spot in the basement of the new building, they were worrying about what would happen to them during the construction of the new complex. well, former city supervisor aaron peskin has negotiated a deal with the developers for affordable, long-term leases and also a relocation plan during the construction. a south bay driving school has shut down. the stanford driving school sent out letters saying it was
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closed. hundreds of students paid as much as $375 for lessons. now, those students are looking for new teachers. the office and website are shut down. parents are worried they won't get their money back. >> so there was no recourse, no way to contact anyone. no explain aches -- explanation of what happened. >> i was definitely angry. i was looking forward to having free time and do it. >> other driving schools are trying to help the stanford driving school students. some are offering discounts but the schools are nearly completely booked through next month. well, the batkid he's making a comeback in the movies. today is the san francisco premiere of the documentary batkid begins. it will be at the sun dance theater. the city came together to grant the wish of miles scott to become a superhero for a day. mayor lee, greg suhr and several act ons who were part
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of this are all expected to be at the premiere tonight. miles is in remission from the cancer he had. we're still not sure if he will actually be at the premiere party. how many times have you bought something at the grocery store but you never go around to eating it and it goes about? how many hundreds of dollars each household wastes on uneaten food and why it's not only your wallet impacted. >> we're live at john muir medical center where a young, aspiring security guard and singer is now fighting for his life after a hit and run in benicia. ♪ >> we'll tell you what the family is saying about his condition and what police want you to know that could help solve this crime. san francisco, northbound 101 looks pretty good approaching the 80 split as you head up to the area. it looks like south 101 is a little slow. we'll check out this commute
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and more -- straight ahead. well, it does look a little cooler for some, especially those favoring areas around coast and bay. inland it will be warm to hot. a breeze has picked up. we'll have more on your wednesday forecast.
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♪ good morning.
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7:30. uptown funk. what a gorgeous day it will be. this spot will be hotter in the coming days according to our meteorologist to steve paulson. enjoy this mild weather while you can. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> if you don't believe it, just watch. i'm dave clark. let's talk more about weather and traffic. steve paulson is right over there. >> by the weekend i think we're dealing with a lot of high clouds from the south. today there is a little bit more fog on the san mateo/santa cruz coast, over the bay and in san francisco. not so much on the marin sonoma coast. more of a breeze. many locations had a breeze that. was not the case. san francisco which hit 68 yesterday. i went 65 today. 54 to start. what's average this time of year? 67. oakland, by the airport upper 60s downtown. went warmer than that, low to mid-70s at 74. overall, 50s for many at this hour. but a couple of upper 40s now
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replaced with 50s. cassie jean in el granada on the san mateo coast by half moon bay, fog, fog, fog, fog. [ applause ] >> i take it there's fog out there. thank you, cassie jean. 18 gusts to 23. 23 gusts concord out of the south. that was not the case yesterday. that's a sign of a slightly cooler pattern. that's the cloud we're keeping an eye on for the weekend. low clouds, sunny, and breezy. cooler for most. a lot of sun. 80s, 90s through the interiors. marin county, sal? yeah, it's bad up there. one of the things we talked about, steve, is southbound 101 because of that crash at spencer. we can go to the maps first. i will tell you that southbound 101 is still very, very slow coming down to spencer. one lane taken away by the crash involving an overturned vehicle and another car. the traffic is not doing well.
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southbound 101 is backed up all the way back past marin county. it's backed up to goodman's lumber. you are a marin county person, you know goodman's right there near the arco station. that's where the backup begins heading down and heading down to the golden gate bridge. this is unusually slow traffic. you will have to add extra time to do this commute. let me just move the maps over here. san francisco, i promised you a look. northbound 101 slow to about cesar chavez. 680 southbound between pleasant hill and walnut creek, kind of slow. i want to show you the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up for about a 15-minute delay. and in the south bay, we have a look at traffic that's moving along okay. westbound 580, these are cell phone cameras they kind of freeze. but there's westbound 580 coming over the westbound bridge, westbound castro valley. this is 237 westbound.
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some new dashed lanes here between zanker and north first. if you use the express lane looking for new markings and new possibilities for the lane. police in benicia want your help. they are searching for a hit and run driver who left a young man, louie torres, fighting for his life. tara moriarty is live at john muir medical center in walnut creek with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. very difficult and stressful time for the family of louie torres. they were told that he may not survive the night. we're getting to get an update on his condition. all of this has police try to track down the person responsible for this violent hit and run. ♪ we've come a long way from where we began ♪ >> reporter: this is video of torres posted of himself singing on social media. according to the 23-year-old's took page, he's an yas spiring
7:35 am
singer, fitness buff and a security -- aspiring singer, fitness buff and a security guard. he was hit by a car on sunday morning around 2:00. he suffered head trauma and other injuries from the crash and was rushed here to john muir medical center. the accident happened on military east in benicia as torres was headed northbound at east fifth street. the vehicle never stopped and continued westbound on military east. benicia police have not been able to locate the car involved in the hit and run. it's described as an older model honda or nissan sedan, gray or silver, missing the left rear hubcap. if anyone has any information that could help solve this crime, you can urged to contact benicia police. live from walnut creek, i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> all right. we'll talk to you later. meantime, in the wake of last tuesday's deadly balcony collapse in berkeley, the berkeley city council may approve some tough new building
7:36 am
regulations as soon as next month. inspectors identified severe dry rot in the wooden beams that supported that balcony. the balcony collapsed, six people were killed. however, the city's planning collector stopped short of blaming the collapse on dry rot. in fact, the director says inspectors may never know for sure. >> what we'll do is make a set of recommendations that will hopefully deal with any form of moist moisture. >> there may be a requirement for these balconies to be built with similar materials. they will require inspections of all outdoor balconies in the first six months of when they pass the regulations and then they would need to be rened every five years in the future. president obama is meeting with the families of former u.s. hostages as he announces a
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new policy. many families of hostages such as the parents of ja james foamily -- of james foley complained they were threatened with prs cougs by the u.s. government as they announced ransom payments. now, president obama will introduce a policy that they will no locker have to worry about being prosecuted if they pay a ransom. the sentencing hear something just getting underway in boston for dzhokhar tsarnaev, the boston marathon bomber. a federal judge will formally sentence him to death for the bombing in 2013 that killed three people and wounded 260 others. survivors began speaking in court about the pain and loss they suffered. about 30 people will either speak or submit written victim impact statements. dozen will have the chance to speak -- dzhokhar tsarnaev will
7:38 am
have the chance to speak. it's not known if he will do it. a sudden stop by a police van likely caused the spine injury to freddie gray. the autopsy says his death was a homicide. it said he was sharkled but not belted in. his death one week later set off protests over police brutality. six baltimore police officers have pleaded not guilty to charges in gray's death. how many times have you parents told your kids eat up all of the food on your plate? well, there is a new study out today that says we should do that because wasted food is hurting the environment. brian flores joining us live in san francisco. so what's the reaction to the study. >> reporter: good morning. that phrase is mentioned in my household every minute it seems like every time there's lunchtime, breakfast time.
7:39 am
good morning. live in front of marina, ma -- marina market. the study says people need to be aware of what they eat and how much they eat so it doesn't turn into waste. this study conducted by tns global and released by the american chemistry council states on average, americans waste about $640 worth of food every year. the study surveyed 1,000 adults and found 73% threw out leftovers. 53% food out food once a week. now, a similar study by the u.s. government last year found that amount closer to $900 a year for household and wasted food but people we spoke with this morning say they are not surprised. >> food is expensive. if you are spending hundred, 200 a week on groceries and you are throwing out a quarter of
7:40 am
that, that add up. you are hitting $1,000 a year at that rate. >> i mean, it's surprising but the numbers are surprising. but even in our household, this was myself -- just with myself and my husband, it happens. we're cleaning out the fridge and we're like gosh. >> >> reporter: the survey points to several factors about wasted food, including not packaging leftovers properly, buying too much food to preparing too much food. now the epa in another study last year says wasted food is the most prevalent items in landfills and contributes to grass emissions. it sid there was concern about the amount of energy wasted. in terms of this study, 79% say they are bothered by the fact there is a lot of food being wasted but only 15% say they were bothered by the impact on the environment. gasia, you know exactly that phrase that i'm talking about
7:41 am
earlier where you try to tell your kids eat your food and the food goes straight in the trash can. >> you will sit there until you finish. it but we both have little children. and the modern thing is let them serve themselves to see what their tumny can hold. >> reporter: we're trying different things right now. we're wasting a lot of food. guilty as charged with this study. >> and mom and dad eat it. [laughter] >> thank you. all of those pictures who take pictures and post them on instagram may notice something different. would you rather have a root canal or ask for a raise? it looks like they would do just about anything to avoid having to ask for it. good morning. we're looking at the south bay commute. right now we're looking at a commute that's not too bad.
7:42 am
it's a little bit slow. but it does clear up after highway 17. we'll tell you more about this -- coming up. well, one day we warm up. next day we cool down. yesterday was a warmup. but there is a little bit more fog and a breeze. we'll take a look at those wednesday temps and also toward the weekend.
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new questions about the safety of the rods on the new span of the bay bridge. caltrans says tiny new cracks were found in some of the rods that connect the bridge's tower to the base. almost 407 of the rods passed the test but the bases are immersed in salty water. caltrans says there's enough evidence of cracks on a few rods for them to believe there are cracks from all of them.
7:45 am
the chief engineer says he will do whatever is necessary to fix the problem, including replacing all of the rods. it depends on the results of a deeper analysis by a group of experts that report is expected by september. 7:44. in san jose, they are still counting the votes from the special election to fill a city council seat. 80% of the votes have been counted in the race for the district 4 council seat and candidate man nguyen is leading tim oroscoe by more than 13%. that's a smaller lead than last night. district 4 represents north san jose. final vote is expected by friday night. last april, there were ten candidates in the election. none of them received the 50% of the vote needed to to win. the two candidates received the most votes. the eventual winner will fill the seat vacated by chu. most people think they
7:46 am
should be making more money but when it comes for asking for a raise, that's when things get uncomfortable. pam cook has a survey with pretty surprising results. >> it's not surprising that people are afraid to ask for a raise. a new survey shows there are several areas where people feel optimistic about their job. >> the majority of people say they are feeling upbeat about the current job market. new job prospects or the stability of their current job. however, the survey also finds that while many people think that they deserve a raise. many are very uncomfortable asking for one. in fact, 32% of the full-time workers surveyed say they would rather clean their house than ask for a prize. 13% would look for a new job. 7% said a root canal is more appealing than asking for more
7:47 am
money. 6% say they would rather be audited by the irs. >> i think you have to think about when you look at your total reward in terms of why urcareer, you know, you probably in this market, if you -- the right type of background and skillset you can probably find another job that would pay you a little more money, but is that necessarily what you are looking for? so again, bebe informed, coming to the table educated and thinking about what you are really looking for. i think that guides the discussion better. >> analysts say self-confidence is the foundation of a successful career. your professional growth and earning potential depend on not just how good you are on your job but your ability to negotiate. next hour, some advice from the staffing firm on how you can better prepare yourself to ask for the raise. >> it's so hard to do but this
7:48 am
is how you put food on the table. i have to psyche myself up and give myself a pep talk. it's hard. >> not as hard as the irs. i don't believe that one. >> right. right. >> we'll be watching next hour. >> it. 7:47. let's get you moving so you can make some money. sal is watchth roads -- watching the roads. how does it look? >> we have a problem. it just came in. there is a person reported underneath a b.a.r.t. train at the west dublin station. this is the last station on the blue line here. i'm gonna circle it. this is the -- the train was going east out to dublin/pleasanton but that means they can't turn around and go back. this entire dublin/pleasanton into san francisco line will be affected. we're trying to get more information from b.a.r.t. but they are expecting major delays. they are describing this as
7:49 am
major activity on this b.a.r.t. line. again, at the west dublin/pleasanton station there is a person reported under the train. the train was headed east to the end of the line when it somehow ended up on top of a person. so i'm just testing you what b.a.r.t. told me. if you take b.a.r.t., if you use the dublin line, there will be delays. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is not too bad. backed up for the normal delay here. i do want to mention that traffic on 280 in san jose and 101 in san jose getting slower as you drive through. i would like to show you something from hayward to fremont. we have a lot of slow traffic. southbound 880 as you drive to fremont. a lot of slow traffic. it's not a light commute at all. san mateo and dumbarton bridge have significant delays weekend. 7:49. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you. we do have more in the way of lower clouds.
7:50 am
it's favoring areas about san francisco south. not so much on the marin and sonoma coast. it will be hot for some inland. but there's a breeze that's pick pedz up that was not in place yesterday. baypoint, breezy out to fairfield. west at oakland. water temps are between 50, 56. bodega bay still 50. half moon bay dropped to 54. 40s up in the mountains. they had 30s this morning. 60s, 70s in the valley. 50s, 60s up and down the coast. you can see the low doud -- low cloud deck kind of helped pick up the sea breeze. the monsoon moisture is streaming the four corners. it looks like some of that wants to pay a visit to us -- us late friday over the weekend.
7:51 am
that will give us a higher humidity factor. it will cool temperatures down. we'll reverse the fog and the breeze. you can see some of the high clouds for the weekend. there's saturday morning. we keep the cloud cover in. i think any rain stays in the valley or thunderstorms up in the sierra. not for us. but i will ease into that by friday. the moisture continues to stream up. low clouds for some. not for everybody. sunny,es breezy. a little cooler for most. but some areas clearlake, ukiah, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s even out to vacaville. solano, contra costa county staying warm to hot. if you are near the bay, 60s, 70s. inland, some areas should come down 3, 5 degrees. still santa clara valley in the 90s. 60s and 70s on the coast. sunny north but not very warm. 70s and 80s on the peninsula. warm to hot tomorrow, especially inland. then starting off with a little cooler on friday. people in south carolina
7:52 am
gather to pay their respects to the state senator gunned down in a church last week. what people at the church plan to do tonight despite the tragic event. a northern california woman attacked by a bear. how the incident involved her dog and the confusion afterwards that put her in harm's way.
7:53 am
7:54 am
we are just four days away from the pride parade in san
7:55 am
francisco. hundred of thousands of people are expected to be there to celebrate the lgbt community. golden gate warriors president and c.o.o. will be the celebrity grand marshal for the parade. he's a native of seattle and says he's been with his partner for five years. >> we live in san francisco part time. he has two kids and his kids are in sacramento. so we commute back and forth between san francisco and sacramento. it's been a great addition to my life. >> now, he says professional sports has not played a leadership role in the evolution of gay rights. this year's live achievement grand marshal is a transsexual woman who had a sex change after being dishonorably discharged from the army for being gay. she's lived with h.i.v. for 28 years and percent forms as a -- performs as a drag queen to benefit charities. we'll live stream the parade.
7:56 am
our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. online or on our news app. a woman in butte county is recovering. but her dog is fighting for her life after being attacked by a bear. now, the woman was bitten and scratched monday night after she let her dog go out into the backyard. she says she heard barking and heard the dog being attacked by what she shout was a ra cab. she ran outside to help. it turn out to be a medium sized bear. she got away from the bear. ran back inside. the b.a.r.t. ran off. the state fish and wildlife authorities have set up a bear trap in her backyard. >> the bear will be put town in the interest of public safety. we don't want to kill bears that are not responsible for the attack if we can avoid that. >> wildlife officials say attacks on humans like it's rare. but the woman's 9-year-old golden retriever is in pretty bad shape. the vet is trying to help it
7:57 am
get better. are you considering cutting cable but don't want to miss out on your favorite shows? the subscription that will save you mo in. >> reporter: and this morning contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating a homicide that happened last night in baypoint after a car filled with bullet holes showed up at a hospital. as we look at highway 24 westbound, the traffic there looks good. the b.a.r.t. system is okay here but there is a major delay on another b.a.r.t. line. we'll tell with you that straight ahead. different pattern today. yesterday, the fog disappeared pretty fast. temperatures warmed up. slight cooldown today but there's signs of warmer weather. i will update the wednesday forecast.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
this morning, contra costa county sheriff's sheriffs are piecing together a homicide. we'll tell you how a car killed with bullet holes wound up at a hospital. >> do you think you deserve a pay raise but you are too scared to ask? you are not alone. it's a story we've been talking about all morning and later what the experts say you have to do to get the money you deserve. welcome back to "mornings on 2." we are following breaking news coming in at this hour. >> major delays on b.a.r.t. out of the east bay. someone is reported to be under a train. let's go straight to sal castanedo. >> this receipt now, we have the -- right now, we have the
8:01 am
dublin station closed along the b.a.r.t. tracks because of a person reported underneath a train. it happened about a half-hour ago. they were thinking about shutting service down between west dublin and castro valley. they are restoring the service. they will close the west dublin station but trains are going around. they are single tracking around this problem between dublin, pleasanton and castro valley. this is affecting the dublin pleasanton out to the airport line. if you are taking that line you will have your trains delayed. this could mean delays for other trains because the whole system is interecket can -- interconnected. we've noticed the traipse are going to be delayed swiferly coming out of dublin pleasanton. this is happening and we'll astay on top of it back to you at the desk. we're going to do the traffic. good. there's oings this to -- there's other things to talk about. there is a report of a new
8:02 am
accident on 880 northbound at 66th. well, for some, there is a little bit more fog even if you have the fog on the coast, you can see some sun. but north of about -- stinson beach, it looks pretty good. south of that they are dealing with a lot of low clouds and fog. inland, sunny. some fog over the bay. that looks like it's beginning to peel back. a breeze has picked up. much more of a breeze than we had yesterday. low clouds along with the addition of a cooler breeze. 60s at this hour. brentwood, 68. it will still be hot there. but a lot of as. it will be cooler coast and
8:03 am
bay. west 16, south at 16. west napa, west oakland, hayward, livermore. some of that low cloud gaverring the coast. it's the tropical clouds, monsoon moisture that we'll keep can an eye on for the weekend. low clouds, sunny, breezy, cooler for most. a little bit. there will be 80s, 90s for some which have no break from the fog. that will only favor areas closer to the water. back to gasia and dave now. i think. is that right? i hope. >> that's correct. >> okay. >> thank you, steve. we have developing news we're following in contra costa county this morning. the sheriff's office has declared that an overnight shooting that happened in baypoint is now a homicide investigation. alex savidge live along highway 4. you've been on the story all morning. it appears to be the second time since saturday someone driving a car in that area was shot and killed. >> reporter: yeah, dave.
8:04 am
good morning to you. we know it's a homicide case, the sheriff's office isn't offering up any details about the victim or victims that may have been involved here. what we do know is that investigators say that someone opened fire into a car late last night here near highway 4 and san marco boulevard. the shots were fired before midnight. it's unclear if they were fired from another car. the sheriff's office was called in to gather evidence. the car that was involved in the shooting or one of the cars was driven to john muir medical center in concord a few miles away. that's where doctors treated at least one gunshot victim. that white compact car was roped 0 of with crime scene tape in the hospital boll. some windows were shattered. this was the second shooting in this area in the past week. sheriff deputies continue to search for whoever shot and
8:05 am
killed a man as he was driving along highway 4 near bailey road on saturday afternoon. the location of that shooting just about a mile or so east of where we are this morning. the victim in that case has been identified -- as 20-year- old thomas mendez of pittsburg. authorities are not offering up information about the shooting. all they are saying it's a homicide investigation. we don't know how many victims may have been involved or if there's a description on the shooter or the getaway car. >> new developments from alex we'll take to you later. well, there are new developments to a story we've been on since 4:00 this morning. the prime minister of france says the french president is expected to speak with president obama in the next couple of hours about new allegations the nsa spied on french presidents. according to newly leaked documents by wikileaks. the national security agency spied on current the french president and of two presidents
8:06 am
before him. the documents don't reveal secrets but they reveal conversations about the worldwide financial crisis and french and germanyen relations -- german relations. they are holding emergency meetings. the u.s. ambassador reportedly has been summoned to the ministry to explain these allegations. united states by the way denies the ail baing -- allegations. the santa clara water district said customers cut their water use by 35%. they consider that good but there's still concern. >> we're still 18% for the year 2015 which is below the target of 30%. we still have aways to go the number one concern is the ground levels. >> the district think the big drop was because -- thinks the big drop was was because of limits on water -- was because of limits on water.
8:07 am
a record breaking drought, 48% of respondents considered water supply as one of the top three concerns. 43% mentioned cost of living and housing 37%. traffic and crime were included 7% raising water rates. 4th of july and fireworks go hand in hand. fire officials are warning us all about the risk. janine de la vega joining us live now. you are in morgan hill. you just talked to a chief from calfire. how are they getting ready? >> reporter: they are gearing up because, i mean, look at how dry this stuff is. very brittle. temperatures today here in morgan hill will be in the mid- 80s. tomorrow it could get up to 95 here. they are most likely gonna call in additional staff to be
8:08 am
prepared if a fire sparks up. just just yesterday, calfire and fire agencies from around the north bay responded to a grass file that spread to 50 acres. it was sparked by someone mowing dry vegetation. in martinez another grass fire kept crews busy as they kept it away from nearby homes. we're entering a hot summerrent and firefighters know they have to be prepared for anything. >> being a fire response agency, we have to expect everything and be ready for everything. what we've done is staff up all of the engines kind of predict where the hot spots will be and we'll bring up extra staffing and position them in strategic areas. >> firefighters and law enforcement in the south bay are hosting a community event tomorrow to talk about the dry conditions and fire work safety. slave county just passed and ordinance holding property owners responsible by infooing them if they are caught with
8:09 am
illegal fireworks. residents are glad about the crackdown. >> i'm concerned. i mean, i hope they do crack down a little bit on it. i hear that's what they are gonna do and the neighbors are supposed to call. >> and with these hot temperatures, there's a potential for park rangers to decide to shut down certain parks such as alum rock park where fire danger can be high. that has not happened yet but it's something to be aware of. dave? >> janine de la vega, thank you. 8:09. we just got an update about that wildfire burning south of lake tahoe. it's only 5% contained. this fire has burned more than 16,000 acres in alpine county. strong, very erratic winds and the drought, it's just pushing the flames. lightning strikes on friday triggered everything. elf several campgrounds -- several campgrounds near markleeville have been evacuated. this fire has closed parts of highway 4 and 89.
8:10 am
following last week's balcony collapse, berkeley appears to be moving closer to some new safety codes. coming up in 20 minutes, the new rules that berkeley could adopt as soon as next month. but first taking down the confederate flag. after the break, the state that made a desistive move this -- decisive move this morning and the reason behind it. the west dublin pleasanton station is a person recall -- there's a person reported under the tracks. that section is closed. looks like the train is stopped. plenty of emergency mel personnel on the scene -- medical personnel on the scene. a little cooldown for some. we'll talk about the temperatures today and could be veryth aive weather next -- very active weather next three to five days. more on that up m. ♪ ♪
8:11 am
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8:13 am
welcome back. the governor the of alabama gave the order to take down the confederate flag from the grounds of the state capitol. according to newsweek about an hour ago, two alabama state employees quietly took down that flag. he says the state has major issues to deal with and the flag could become a distraction. he said it was the right thing to do. people in south carolina
8:14 am
will have a chance to pay respects to the church pastor killed in the shooting rampage in south carolina. his coffin will lie in state in the south carolina statehouse. clementa pinckney who was also a state senator was among nine people killed last night at the emanuel am -- last week at the emanuel ame church. on friday, president obama will deliver the eulogy at his funeral. it will be held at a sports arena in charleston. tonight, the emanuel ame church will open bible study. it's been one week since nine people were gunned down during bible study. this is the dash-cam video we want to show you. the police actually arresting the man accused of the killings. you can see police on camera. some of them even high-fived each other after the arrest. 21-year-old dylann roof later confessed to police saying that he did it. he's right now being held in south carolina without bail.
8:15 am
a sudden stop by a police van likely caused the severe spine injury that killed a baltimore man in police custody. the baltimore sun obtained the up a report that ruled gray's death was a homicide. it says he was shackleled but not belt -- shark -- shackled but not belted in. six baltimore police officers have pleaded not guilty to charges in gray's death. 8:15. let's go to sal. breaking news involving b.a.r.t. and a lot of things happening in our morning commute. >> that's right. we do have the breaking news. and i want to let you know that the b.a.r.t. station and west dublin station is closed. we have our skyfox overhead. noticed a lot of activity there. that station is not available for you if you are trying to get on the b.a.r.t. system. you can go to the station and to the castro valley station. but we can see a train is
8:16 am
stopped there. b.a.r.t. has said there was a person reported underneath one of these trains. it was reported as a medical -- major medical emergency and they are still there. i also saw a lot of medics and firefighters are still there at the station. i do want to mention -- put it on the map here, the west dublin station is closed. so this station here is not available. but the other -- the other trains are going. in fact, they are doing their normal run, so the delays may not be as severe as you thought. but if you take the dublin line, be aware there will be delays with this. northbound 17 at the katz restaurant, there is a crash there. traffic is slow coming down from the santa cruz mountains. you might notice that traffic here is not that great on 85, 280 and 101 getting into the west valley. let's go to live pictures of traffic here. bay bridge toll plaza is moderate. getting into san francisco. a lot more slow traffic on the
8:17 am
golden gate bridge. people were stuck in a big backup coming out of mill valley because of an earlier accident near spencer. all of that traffic is headed down to the going bridge. you no tell -- golden gate bridge. you will notice it's heavier. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. more in the way of low clouds and fog here. it's on the marin headlands. more than we had yesterday. that combined with a little breeze. i think it will be cooler coast and bay for some inland. jerry albricket is having a tough morning here. 50 and very calm east of willits. tomorrow starts the kate wolf concert. it will be hot. it will be hot today for many if you don't have any help from the fog bank. for those who don't it will be in the 90s. for those who do it will be in the 60s and 70s. a lot of as in between -- 50s in between.
8:18 am
tommy jarvis, 54 at stinson beach. winless but sunny with fog on the ridge here at stinson beach. that's about the cutoff, really is around stinson beach. oakland west, napa west. west at hayward. sfo had a westerly component. there is more of a breeze today. it's not crazy. 50s, 60s, 70s. it's hot. i want to mention seattle is already 68. they've had ten days where the high temperature has been 80 degrees or higher so far in june. that ties a record going back to 1961, 1970. if everything pans out for the forecast, they will end up with 17. talk about smashing a record. so it's really warm up in the pacific northwest. there's some of that low cloud deck and also the high clouds for the monsoon moisture coming into arizona. northern mexico, looks like some of that is on tap to visit us by the weekend. tomorrow we'll get a warmup and then a combination of low
8:19 am
clouds and high clouds. i don't think we'll get any rain out of this. i will ease into that and fine tune it on saturday. they will in the sierra. but there is a lot of moisture rotating around the building high that's on its way here. that won't be for a couple of days. low clouds, sun. there is a lot of sun here. a little cooler for most. not for all. 60s, 70s. coast and bay. 8 ox 90s -- 80s, 90s. low to mid-90s. 60s, 70s by alameda, oakland and berkeley. 80s for many to near 90 degrees. santa clara valley, but 60s on the coast. too much fog. low 8s os -- 80s on the peninsula. here come the low and high clouds stilling right into the weekend. here's gasia now. in today's tech headlines for all of us using instagram we can use a new function to hem improve searches -- help improve searches. there is an app with a new
8:20 am
explorer page. it has tabs to search specific places and categories. instagram's 7.0 is available in the apple itunes and google play app stores. gmail has an undo send button. users can set a time delay anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds before sending an e- mail. after clicking send, you will then have that much time to click the undo send button if you need to make any changes or to rescind it completely. you can enable the undo send feature by kicking on the gearwheel icon and click on settings. google is adding support to google play music. executives hope to use it to give people a taste of the san fernando service an convince them to -- a taste of the service and convince them to subscribe. they can create play list and browse a labor of 30 million songs.
8:21 am
the three support is available on android and apple devices later this week. and starting next month you can get a digital sub description to show time for just $11. but if you buy a $9 subscription to the premium service, you can add show time for just $9 a month. there's also a 30-day free time if you want to check it out. the move really underlines hulu's ambiggs for the web service. these are your tech headlines bamming bamming -- back to you. coming up in 20 minutes, a new report on the hundreds of dollars you lose every year because of foods you buy but you don't eat it. why the head of a bay area tech company is expected to get a lot of attention today when she faces a very important audience.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
checking stocks. the dow jones is down about almost 60 points. s&p and nasdaq changed very slightly. both slightly down as well. the u.s. economy shrank less than expected during the first three months of this year. the gross domestic product contracted just 2/10 of a percent during january, february and march. they say economic production appears to be rebounding since the start of april.
8:25 am
yahoo's! ceo marissa mayer plans to address investors at the company shareholder meet be. this shock jumped 25% last year. last month, yahoo's! stuck plunged over concerns about hurdles to the company's plan to spinoff the alibaba stake into a separate company. in a letter, yahoo! says it's driving toward a dramatic business transformation. focused on digital advertising. netflix' stock owners are about to get a lot more shares in the company. they approved a 7 for 1 stock split. shareholders will get six additional shares for for everyone they hold on july 2nd. >> the movement has been expected after stock prices soared. we've been watching all morning they topped 700. we are checking the stock right now. let me pull it up for you. shares close to 700.
8:26 am
shares are at 689 right now. the company's value itself does not change. more testimony expected today on capitol hill about a major government data breach. now we hear the private information of 18 million people may have been hacked. yesterday witnesses testified the government is still adding up the fallout from the first breach in april of more than 4 million files. a second data breach involves security clearance applications. >> health insurance companies, back ground information, contractors, and government entities. it would not surprise me to see here. >> now, an intelligence source says the hackers got into a database using credentials stolen from a private contractor in december. your time is 8:26. most american workers say asking the boss to give them more money can be very stressful. coming up, we'll tell you the surprising things some people would rather do than ask for a
8:27 am
raise. >> reporter: we're live at john muir medical center where an aspiring singer is now fighting for his life after a hit and run in benicia. we just spoke to police. we'll tell you what they say the victim was doing before the crash and how authorities need your help. skyfox looking at an empty west dublin station. there is a person underneath a intra. been there for a bit. rescue crews are there. we'll tell you moor coming up. a little change today. still warm to hot. but cooler for some. big changes may be brewing for later in the week and into the weekend. more on that.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
>> reporter: one person is underneath a b.a.r.t. train at the dublin station that's causing major delays for b.a.r.t. riders. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. this is big. let's go straight to sal with the breaking news. >> all right. this train hit a person or -- or the person is under-- i want to be careful. i'm gonna tell you exactly what bart told me. there is a person underneath a b.a.r.t. train. we'll thinking make the person was hit by the b.a.r.t. train but that person is underneath that train you see there at the west dublin station. now, that station is closed. trains are still moving through. but there are big delays on the dublin line. the blue line getting into and out of san francisco. i don't see a lot of activity
8:31 am
anymore. i did see firefighters in the parking lot. we're sitting there and trying to get an update from b.a.r.t. one of the people from people who tweet say there are big delays at the other platforms. some people are driving to castro valley. this is the west dublin station. that's the second to the last station here which is this one. people are here. there is a big commotion of people here. these two stations are taking a lot of wear. if you take bart b.a.r.t., give yourself extra time especially along this line. let's talk about some other commute issues. northbound 17. i will get back to that in a sec. b.a.r.t -- when people don't take bart, we see more people at the bay bridge toll plaza. and that's exactly what's happening. we're seeing a big crowd here. we're looking at northbound 17. if you drive from the santa cruz mountains and you are coming down the hill, you can see a lot of slow traffic in los gatos. 85, 280 and 101 are very slow. this commute into the valley has not been great.
8:32 am
back to the desk. we'll talk about the weather here, a little cooldown for some. it will be sunny to mostly sunny. some of that fog is bushing off. it made it over the bay and a little bit inland. kind of favoring areas south. there's a -- the breeze has picked up. slightly cooler. inland temps. we'll be warm to hot. 80s and 90s. coast and bay should come down. 3 to a. there's more of a decent breeze for some and it's a westerly or a southerly breeze. been kind of breezy to windy out toward baypoint and concord. some of that low cloud deck looks like it's beginning to peel off a little bit. there are signs that a lot of this monsoon moisture might pay a visit by the weekend. we'll fine tune that as we get closer. some low clouds. there's lots of sun. a little cooler for most. for some 80s, 90s. for others, 60s and 70s. it looks like a warmup. benicia police are looking for the driver of a car involved in a hit-and-run crash
8:33 am
that left a young bay area man in critical condition. tara moriarty is live at john muir medical center in walnut creek. you just learned more about exactly what happened from benicia police. >> reporter: that's right. we just got off the phone with them and they said that the victim was walking with two of his friends struck we a car that didn't stop. there were -- struck by a car that didn't stop. there were skid marks that might indicate that the driver knew they were about to hit someone. now louie torres is fighting for his life. ♪ i hear a train coming ♪ >> reporter: this is video torres posted of himself singing on social media. according to the 23-year-old's facebook page of the he's an aspiring singer, fitness buff. he was hit by a car sunday around 2:00 in the morning.
8:34 am
>> they left the bottom of the fifth bar which is on the southwest corner of that intersection. and they were walking northbound in the crosswalk crossing military east. >> reporter: torres suffered head trauma and other injuries from the crash and was rushed here to john muir. benicia police grabbed a picture from surveillance foot acof the they are looking for a gray or silver nissanail altima -- nissan altima. if you have notice the car with damage to the front, you are urged to contact benicia police. back to you. >> thank you. 8:34. in the wake of last week's deadly balcony collapse, the berkeley city council may approve tough, new building regulations asert yil as next month. inspectors said there was severe dry rot in the wooden beams that held up the balcony which collapsed and six people were killed.
8:35 am
however, the city's planning director stopped short of blaming the collapse on the dry rot. in fact, the director says inspectors may never know for sure. the new rules if it happens will require all outdoor balconies and decks to be built from either naturally water resistant wood, pressure treated wood, corrosion resentant steel or -- resistant steel or similar materials. the city of berkeley would require inspections of all outdoor balconies in the first six months after passing these new regulations. then they would have to be reinspected every five years in the future. all of the outpouring of support for the families of the six victims keeps growing. donations have passed $220,000 on a gofundme account. that money is for the immediate needs of the family for those who died as well as for the
8:36 am
seven people who died. one of the irish students hurt has been released from the hospital now and is returning to ireland. the san jose city council approved a one-year pilot program to allow uber and lyft to pick up passengers at the airport. as we showed you here live yesterday, many taxi drivers don't like the idea. they will need to go through fingerprinting, pack ground checks, vehicle inspections and they will have toy fees. lyft says some of the city's requirements, especially fingerprinting are too restrictive. the company's director says no major airport forces drivers to get fingerprinted. in san jose they are still counting the votes from the special election to fill a city council seat. 80% of the vote has been counted for district 4 seat. nguyen is leading orose zoe by 13%. that's a smaller lead than last night. district 4 represents north san jose. the final vote is expected by
8:37 am
friday night. last april there were ten candidates in the election. but no one received the 50% of the vote needed to win. nguyen and oroscoe received the most votes in that direction putting them them in the runoff. the winner will fill the seat vacated by chu who was elected to the state assembly last november. the u.s. senate is expected to approve controversial fast track authority to negotiate trade agreements. passage of the bill would increase the president's chances of a 12-nation pacific rim trade agreement, that includes japan, malaysia, mexico and canada. lawmakers plan to vote on three other trade related bills. one of those would extend a job retraining program for workers whose jobs go overseas. happening today, president obama is meeting with the families of former u.s. hostages as he announces a new policy about dealing with hostage situations. many families of hostages such as the parents of james foley had complained that they were
8:38 am
threatened with prosecution by the u.s. government as they considered making ransom paint -- payments. president obama will announce a new policy that the families of hostages no longer have to worry about being prosecuted if they decide to pay a ransom. the president will also announce that a new government unit has been created specifically focused on coordinating the government response to hostage situations. 8:38. well, a new school with a mission of attracting more minority students to the world of technology will open next week in berkeley. now, the goal of the tell question graph academy is to close the racial gap in the high-tech industry. the co-founder, brown, is a software engineer. he's hoping to have 100 latino and african-american students when those classes start. now, that's more students than many major silicon valley companies actually have in their work force. >> i think to myself if there
8:39 am
are enough people like me out in the world doing these high- technology jobs like should i even be at the high-tech jobs? >> haven't had access to whether -- whether it be hardware with computers or even role models in the industry. >> these classes are intense. the students will be working 11 hours a day, six days a week for 12 weeks. that's almost 800 hours. they are expected to create their own app by the time they wrap up the course. the instructors hope they will be able to get a job very quickly. if you think you deserve a raise but the thought of asking for one makes you cringe, you certainly are not alone. pam cook is here with the results of a new study. some advice how to get over the fear of asking for more. >> yes. it's not easy asking for a raise. but there are some things that you can do to maybe maybe ease your fears and prepare to you ask your poss for new money. a new survey shows most people
8:40 am
think they deserve a raise but only about half of the people in the study say they will actually ask for one this year. in fact, they say there are a lot of other things that they would much rather do and they might surprise you. 32% of the full-time workers surveyed say they would rather clean the house than talk to their bosses about a raise. 13% say that they would rather just look for a new job. 7% actually say a root canal is more appealing than asking for money. 6% say believe it or not, they would rather be audited by the irs. now, analysts athe staffing firm -- at the staffing firm say there are things to arm yourself with the power to have that tough meeting. >> education and being informed about the market. not whether or not you believe you deserve a raise. we see 90% of people believe they do but what's your real market value and what you are doing for this organization as a return on investment. >> she also says confidence is the foundation of a successful
8:41 am
career. your professional growth and earning potential depend on not how good you are at your job but also on your willingness and ability to negotiate with current and perspective employers. so who is most likely to ask for a raise? you want to take a guess? probably the older worker because -- >> you [laughter] with age comes confidence and certainly. when you are 22, i didn't ask for anyone. >> i would have thought that but the most likely person, male, 18 to 34 years of age. >> that's what i was thinking. >> with less than ten years' experience and here on the western part of the united states. >> interesting. tech workers. >> probably. >> i would have thought older worker, more confidence. >> thank you, pam. 8:41. the queen of england being told pack up your things and go. we're talking about hidden
8:42 am
dangers at buckingham palace that may be forcing the queen to move out. and do you waste food? you with are the not -- you are not the only one. coming up how much east household is wasting and how it's affecting the environment. we're looking at the commute on b.a.r.t. it morning it's taken a hit because of a medical emergency at this station west dublin/pleasanton we'll tell you what's going on here. we'll talk about the temps today and see what's in store for form. tomorrow. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight
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most of us grew up being told to finish what's on our plate. it turns out more households wastes hundreds of dollars every year on food that goes in the trash. brian flores is live and there's also an environmental impact as well the. >> reporter: there is. good morning. a lot of us have heard that phrase several times. basically, what it study is saying don't waste food. we're live here in front of marina market where there's produce out for people to choose from. as more people become more health conscious and aware of what they are heat eat -- eating, the study suggests they also need to be aware of how
8:46 am
much food they buy so it doesn't turn into waste. the study states on average americans waste about $640 worth of food every year. the study surveyed 1,000 adults also found that 73% threw away left overs once a month. 53% throw away food once a week and 51% throw away foot just bought and never used. a similar study found an amount close to $900 a year last year. but people we spoke with this morning not surprised by the study. >> food's expensive. if you are spending 100, 200 a week on groceries and throwing out a quarter of that. that adds up. >> the numbers are surprising but even in our household, myself and my husband, it happens.
8:47 am
it's the weekend, we're kind of cleaning out the fridge and we're like gosh. >> reporter: well, the sump vary points to several factor -- survey points to several farther oos, not packaging leftovers properly to buying too much food. ful. the epa study said this creates greatly to greenhouse emissions. there's concern for the amount of energy wasted to produce and package the food distributed as well. now, in terms of this study, as we take it back out here live, 79% are botherg -- bothered by the fact there is a lot of food being wasted. 15% were bothered by the effect to the environment. >> i know there's been a push for people to -- does the
8:48 am
expiration best if consumed by or sell buy? >> for me, it's okay. for mom it's all right. >> reporter: and that study touched upon that, about the confusion between best buy and -- you know, best when used by, but yeah, i mean, what it boils down to americans are wasting food. when you go to the grocery store, be aware of how much you are buying, especially the perishable food. >> you are showing us $2 av-- avocados. >> right. let's check in with sal. you've been busy this morning. you and the chopper. what are you watching. >> reporter: we're watching the b.a.r.t. delays. major bart delays because of a medical emergency. it was reported someone was underneath a train. we're still looking at that. you can still see the train is there. they have closed that station. single tracking through that
8:49 am
station from pleasanton to castro valley. the best bet would be for you to somehow get yourself over to the castro valley station and make your commute a little bit easier. i want to show you that westbound -- i want to show you the b.a.r.t. system on the map. the west dublin station is this one here but the rest of the other stations are still open. but you will see some delays. let's move along and take a look at the south bay, a lot of slow traffic here. also a lot of slow traffic here in the east bay on southbound 880. bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic that's backed up for a little bit as you come into san francisco. now, let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. looks like a nice sunny day. some fog favoring the kest. have more today than yesterday. it does look a little cooler. most locations warmed up. if you don't get any fog influence or westerly breeze, it will probably be as warm -- as hot as it was yesterday. 90s far enough away from the coast. but maybe a few degrees down for the few that came up into the upperle os. this is from kathy.
8:50 am
she's known as the napa valley chick. very cool. fog is gone from napa. should be a gorgeous day. i would agree. i would agree, kathy. it looks like a beautiful day in the napa valley and the rest of the bay area. if you love the fog, head to the san mateo coast. there's plenty there. but that seems to be about it. it's starting to break up pretty quick here. 70 in brentwood. 60s, 70s. they will be in the mid-90s. other areas in the 60s. a stronger breeze. it was rather strong for concord, baypoint, out to fairfield. looks like it's coming down a little bit had gusts to 25, 30 for a brief bit. the tropical clouds, the monsoon moisture is continuing to stream up from mexico into arizona. there are hints some of that may pay us a visit. a little cooler for most. not for all of the but 80s and 90s -- not for all. but 80s and 90s. there will be toasty temperatures far enough inland.
8:51 am
90s to near 100. a low will approach. i think we go much cooler. partly sunny as we go into the weekend. >> all right. >> thank you. >> you bet. is the queen being kick uted out of her own -- kicked out of her own house to allow for asbestos removal, replacing aging boilers and some require mr. wiring -- rewiring. some of the 775 rooms have not been refurbished by years now. the project is expected to cost a quarter billion dollars. >> wow. 8:51. brazil revealed the official mascot for the 2016 summer olympics. ♪ i'm not playing. i want you to meet ginga. made his first appearance in rio yesterday. ginga will also accompany all of the athletes to the games
8:52 am
this july in toronto. brazil is sending 600 athletes to the event. it's the biggest brazilian team ever sent to an sphwrbl event. >> ginga is cute. but this you have to see. the man who made this amazing catch made it look so easy. we'll share video you have to see. an amazing catch by a baseball fan who is also holding a baby. the huge reaction on social media from the dodgers.
8:53 am
8:54 am
bat kid is making a premiere at the movies at the sun dance theater. that's the way the city came together to grant little miles scott's wish to be a superhero for the day. mayor ed lee, greg suhr and several actors took part in the transformation and they are expected to be at tonight's premiere. miles is now in remission from
8:55 am
cancer. we don't know yet if he plans to attend the premiere party. here is a story. last night in chicago's wrigley field, a fan made an amazing catch of a foul ball while holding his baby. you gotta see it. the cubs were playing the dodgers when a foul ball wag hit near first base. gonzalez reached for it. but keith hartley caught it with his right hand and holding his baby in his left hand. the baby was still drinking out of his bottle. >> i'm just trying to protect him and i see the ball coming up and just kind of fell in my hand. hopefully atreeian is not -- adrian is not too upset. >> the umps ruled fan interference. the cubs hitter was out. but mr. hartley was not kicked out of the name. his wife was nervous watching him catch the ball while holding the baby.
8:56 am
the dodgers said, hey, thanks for the third out, man. adrian gonzalez said he would have been more impressed if the baby had actually caught that ball. >> me, too. >> i get that parental instinct. >> that's why the guy took control. he sees the ball. he's in control. >> let's hope you don't have to do that. good morning we're still -- this is a picture sent to us by a viewer of the emergency activity at the dublin station. it appears as if they've taken someone away. we're not sure if that's the person reportedly under the train. that station is closed. go to the castro station instead. let's go to other things here. i want to talk about the been toll plaza, that's backed up for about a 15, 20-minute
8:57 am
delay. no major problems. we're always afraid that more people will drive when b.a.r.t. is down. shouldn't affect the south bay commute. we have a lot of late starts here on 280, 85, 101 and even 17 northbound. there was an earlier accident near the katz restaurant. that's causing a lot of slow traffic. >> you've been busy. >> i have been. >> this has been a busy day. >> twitter has been just all of these pictures coming in from the great lakes. this was at nationals park in washington, d.c. look at the skies over there. there have been big-time thunderstorms. things have been lit up at night. spectacular photos. looks warm to hot. inland tomorrow, very hot and then i think a lot of clouds and cooler weather by the weekend. >> all right, thank you. well, that's our report for this morning. we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. ktvu news returns at noon. you can always get the latest local headlines by going to the mobile app and check us out at have a great day.
8:58 am
thanks for joining us.
8:59 am
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no! >> storm chasers spot a defenseless animal in a fierce hail storm. so watch what they do. see the heroes' bold move to save a baby antelope. >> holy cow! in the video, you see a drone hitting a plane. >> that was a wing strike. >> now get the real story behind the viral hit. >> how is he doing? >> scene in a food court that is -- >> very strange. >> what's going on in that sink that cost diners their appetite?


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