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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. we learned new information about two shootings near highway 4 antioch the first happened saturday. the most recent last night. claudine wong is in the newsroom and joins us with with the latest. >> today, the sheriff's office announced the two shootings are gang relate and they believe they are -- related and they believe they are linked. the most recent happened on highway 4 and women low pass road in baypoint. a 26-year-old man and a 19-year- old woman were in a white car when someone fired multiple shots at them. one of them was able to drive the car to john muir hospital in concord. the woman died at the hospital.
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but the man survived. investigators now believe that shooting is linked to the deadly shooting saturday afternoon. that claimed the life of 20- year-old toms mendez of pittsburg. he was shot and killed while drive ing along highway 4 near bailey road. >> what concerns me most our local gang members have no fear and no worry about going out and doing this type of thing. i want to make sure the citizens are safe when they are driving up and down the roadway. >> what we're waiting for is any kind of information on suspect descriptions. as far as we know no arrests have been made. but this latest information and this connection between these two incidents are indications that police are starting to put together the pieces about what happened. >> reporter: certainly important developments, claudine, thank you. u.s. park police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found on ocean beach early this morning. the jogger made the discovery about 6:00 a.m. on the beach right across from
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the beach chalet restaurant. the body was that of an asian woman in her mid-40s. the medical examiner is trying to determine exactly what happened. the baby is being treated at -- a. a baby is being treated at a hospital for a dog bite. the dog bit the 8-month-old boy on the head or face. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. the dog is a mastiff mix. it's quarantined for ten days. the investigation is being investigated by the police department's vicious and dangerous department. firefighters are making some progress on a wildfire bumping south of lake tahoe. today calfire says the washington fire is 5% contained. it's burned more than 16,500 acres since it started with a lightning strike. helicopters are using water from the carson river to attack
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the fire. meanwhile, people who live in the town of markleeville are getting ready to go the second they get a knock on the door. >> push comes to shove, everything we can get in that toyota prius, fl is all we'll take. >> we hope it ends soon and all of ure friend and neighbors will come back into town and we'll be back in business. >> crews say one advantage they have is that the winds seem to be dying down which could ease the spread of the fire. here in the bay area temperatures are heating up inland and with 4th of july ten days away here, in addition to the dry conditions, the potential for fire is high. janine de la vega tells us how firefighters are preparing. [ sirens ] >> reporter: calls at this station are way above afternoon this year. look around. the yellow hills, brittle brush and bone-dry conditions are evident. it's dry brush that firefighters are worried about. it doesn't take much for it to ignite which is why calfire is
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beefing up its staffing. >> fuels are extreme -- hills are extremely dry. it will be extremely hot we're very concerned and will work with our government cooperators, hit had hard and fast. >> reporter: yesterday, further north, 15 acres burned after a fire was sparked by a lawnmower in fairfield. crews are work to put out another grass fire in martinez. we're entering the summer with already four years of the drought which makes some people who live near the foothills in morgan hill nervous about illegal fireworks. >> if just seems to be a part of the way out here. everyone likes to shoot off the fireworks. it's a little bit scary. it doesn't take much to light a fire in the foothills right here. they are very dry. >> reporter: firefighters and law enforcement are hosting a community event tomorrow to talk about fireworks safety. santa clara county just passed an ordinance holding property owners responsible by fining them if they are caught with
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illegal fireworks. some are glad about the crackdown. >> >> if the winds come up, that will make it more dangerous. usually it starts this weekend coming up about a week before. >> reporter: putting out a fire that could have been prevented it a huge waste of water. officials are hoping their cautionary words have an impact. in morgan hill, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. our meteorologist mark tamayo has a look at high temperatures are. >> tomorrow will be the big story with temperatures, the hottest locations topping 100. today we're talking about 90s for this afternoon. that's away from the coastline out toward san francisco, thankfully we have that pretty good sea breeze kicking in capping the temperatures but inland a completely different story. take a look at the current numbers. 62 in san francisco, but here we go with the warm numbers. nothing too extreme yet out to the livermore and concord area. fairfield, 79 degrees and santa rosa in the upper 70s as well. as we expand the view across
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the state. you see the real heat right now, it is 99 degrees in redding. right now for the 12:00 hour, 104 in palm springs. but those temperatures inland, especially the redding temperature. they will be approaching 110 as we head into thursday. for tomorrow, we are trending up toward tomorrow. tomorrow that will be the peak with temperatures inland, at least here in the bay area, right around 100 to 102 degrees. pretty dry out there around 15% relative humidity. thankfully we're not seeing the strong offshore winds. typically if we see those, we have a high fire danger warning around that will not be the case. it's so dry. the temperatures climbing, that will be a concern for today but especially as we head into the thursday forecast. we see a few more changes for the weekend. a suspected serial tag was in court trying to get felony charges reduced to
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misdemeanors. that's 18-year-old andrew yarborough and his dad leaving court. they didn't comment. at one point, he cried during the hearing. the department of public works said he caused $50,000 in damage to public and private damage. he faces 10 felony counts and 25 misdemeanors. he's to return to court next month. the dublin b.a.r.t. station reopened after being closed due to a death on the tracks. it shut down around 7:15. there was a report of a person under a train. b.a.r.t. since trains were were single tracking without stopping. there were major delays. investigators are trying to determine how the person ended up on the tracks. a man fell to his death. it happened around 9:45.
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the man was doing some work on 2nd street near martha street when he fell off the boom truck. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. officers say it appears to be an industrial accident and will be referred to cal/osha. the family of a young man hurt in a hit and run in benicia does not think he will survive. they say the 23-year-old is now fighting for his life at john muir medical center. ♪ it's been a long time ♪ >> we're showing you is a video louie torres posted on facebook. according to his page, he's an inspiring singer, fitness buff and security guard. he was walking with his friends whend he was hit by a car sunday at -- when he was hit by a car sunday at 2:00. >> they had just left the bottom of the fifth bar on the southwest corner of that
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intersection. they were walking northbound in the crosswalk crossing military east. >> torres suffered head trauma and other injuries. benicia police were able to pull a photo from surveillance footage. they are looking for a gray or silver nissan until or something similar missing the left rear hub cab. wick leaks isky leaks -- wikileaks is stirring up more trouble. a new release from wikileaks. >> reporter: another potentially damaging wikileaks for the u.s. documents posted online and in a french newspaper are said to show the national security agency spied on three french presidents and other officials. currently, the president of france among those on the list. >> translator: not only the phones of the presidents, their mobile phones, the air fleet but the headquarters of the government transmissions switch
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boards. >> reporter: they are taking swift action. the president calling on officials to discuss the alleged spying. france summoning jane heartly to the foreign ministry and sending its intelligence coordinator to america. >> translator: between allied countries, spying is unacceptable. >> reporter: washington downplaying. the spokesman releasing a statement saying we're not targeting and will not target the communications of the president. in deed as we've said briefly, we do not conduct any foreign intelligence surveillance activities unless there is a specific and validated national security purpose. the statement does not comment on the reported surveillance of former presidents. of this isn't the first -- this isn't the first time the nsa has been accused of spying on an ally. documents rewheelsed by a former contractor -- released
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by a former contractor show spying on in gel law -- angela merkel. president obama announced a new policy regarding the hostage policy. the biggest change is that families of hostages no longer have worry -- have to worry about being prosecuted if they pay a ransom. many families of hostages such as the parents of james foley who was killed by islamic state kidnappers were onhand for today's announcement. this morning a federal judge formle mally sentenced dzhokhar tsarnaev to death for the bombing that killed three people and wounded more than 260 others in 2013. for the first time, he apologized to the victims and survivors saying, i'm sorry for the lives that i've taken. >> the suffering i've caused and the damage that i've done. earlier a number of survivors spoke out in court about the pain and loss they suffered
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because this is a death penalty case, an appeal is automatic. new questions about the safety of the rods on the new span of the bay bridge. the discovery that leads some engineers to believe there may be a major problem regarding cracked rods. and wasted food is becoming a growing problem. how much most adults admit to wasting and the impact it's having on the environment.
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kids are expensive. so i'm always looking to get more for my money. there are new questions about the safety of the rods on the bay bridge. tine nip cracks were found in some of the rods that connect the bridge's tower to the base. about 407 of the rods passed seismic tests but the bases of many are immersed in salty water. caltrans says there's enough ed
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-- there's enough evidence with a few coks on some to believe there's cracks on all of them. the cheeve engineer will do whatever is necessary to replace the problems. it depends on the problems off of an analysis. police are asking for your in finding a hit-and-run driver. it happened at the kaiser center parking lot. the man was driving a dark ford four explorer that struck and injured an 89-year-old walking in the crosswalk. the driver got out of the suv, checked on the victim and went inside the hospital. a few minutes later, he returned to the vehicle and took off. ride share services such as lyft and uber have been approved to pick up passengers
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at san jose's airport for a pilot program. the san jose city council approved the plan yesterday. under the proposal ride share drivers must pay airport fees as well as go through fingerprinting, background checks and vehicle inspections. some taxi drivers don't like the idea, saying it will hurt their thk. a new school focused on attracting minority students opened in berkeley. software ecnear and school co founder albray hopes to have 100 latino and african-american students when classes starts. he said that's more students that many silicon valley companies have in their work forbess. >> i think if there's not people like me doing these high- technology jobs should i even be at the high-technology jobs? >> whether it be hardware with computers, or even role models
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in the industry. >> classes are pretty intense. students will be working 11 hours a day, six days a week for 12 weeks. that's almost 800 hours. they are expected to create their own app by the time they finish the course. instructs hope they will be able to find high-tech jobs quickly. >> there is a deal to protect floor rifts. a real estate company plans to build a complex near the hall of justice. although the florists were promised a spot in the basement of the new building, they worried about what would happen to them during the construction of the new complex. former city supervisor besskin has negotiated a deal with affordable long-term leases for florists and a relocation plan during construction. certainly you've heard finish what'sen on your -- what's on your plate. a new study says people should. the waste is not only hurting your pock book, it's affecting the environment. a new study released by the american chemistry council says
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an original american waste about $640 worth of food every year. out of 1,000 adult, 73% true away left overs once a month. 53% threw away food once a week. 51% threw away food they didn't touch. >> food's expensive. if you are spending hundred, 200 a week on groceries and you are throwing out a quarter of that, that adds up. you are hitting $1,000 a year at that rate. >> the study coincides with others says it damages the landfill. those who surveyed, 50% knew there was an impact on the environment. mark tamayo is in the weather center. we're praising for a heatup. >> we're trending in the
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direction. get ready for tomorrow. we'll have a few triple digits across parts of the bay area. here is our live camera. mostly sunny skies over a good portion region. a left over patch of fog that will melt away in the short term over the next few hours. as it does, temperatures inland will be warming up dramatically. take a look as you can see the fog pattern a few patches near parts of the san mateo county coastline. a lot of sunshine for san francisco over oakland, san rafael and out toward parts of the east bay and the east bay for the inland neighborhoods already showing you some lower 80s out toward concord, livermore. those two spots will approach the 90-degree mark. san francisco's 62. we have the microclimates out there. sore in the upper 70s -- soesh -- santa rosa in the 70s. high pressure offshore strengthens with the sinking area. it's like a bike pump. and you touch the bottom of the pump, it's warm because you are applying high pressure.
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that's what's happening with the atmosphere beginning today. but really for tomorrow. this is the thursday forecast. the coast we'll have some clearing skies. temperatures in the 60s to maybe 70 degrees. it will be warm to hot around the bay and in the inland neighborhoods will be around 100 to possibly 102 degrees. now, a few changes are developing by the weekend. it will be cooler but some moisture also moving in from the south. looks like we lost some of the high clouds. on sunday, some high clouds moving in. there is a slight chance of a shower here in the bay area. we'll have to keep an eye on thunderstorms but definitely more clouds and some humid conditions as we head into your bay area weekend for saturday and into sunday. for today, we are gonna warm up the numbers, still showing you some mid- to upper 90s out toward clearlake, upper 90s there. vallejo in the upper 70s. vacaville, 95 degrees. you will see a few 90s on the maps out toward antioch, brentwood and livermore. pleasanton, 89. oakland, 76. we do have options with the
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microclimate starting to resurface. sunnyvale checks in at 80. san francisco downtown mid-60s. beaches not warming untoo much mainly in the -- up too much mainly in the low 60s. temperatures are warming you up tomorrow. thursday will be the hottest day of the week. temperatures 100 degrees well inland. beaches right around 70. into the weekend, we'll cool things off and also add a few extra clouds for saturday and sunday. it will feel tropical out there. muggy. there is a slight chance of a shower for saturday. maybe saturday night. that would be change. we're talking about triple digits for tomorrow and possibly a shower to saturday night. we'll keep an eye on that. >> this late in the year, is there any hope for major rain? >> no, not at all. any rainfall we get, the bigger concern will be lightning strikes. >> because of the fires. >> because of the fires. that will be -- if we get any showers at all, it won't be much. we could have dozens of lightning strikes.
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>> okay. thank you. the sonoma marin county fair kicks off in penitentiary. the fair began in 1936 it draws about 60,000 people a year. the biggest attractions ugly dog contest is this friday night. and tonight's performance is tower of power. tomorrow night you can catch the beach boys. newly acquired hardware on display in san francisco today. give you a good, up yoes lock at the -- upclose look at the golden state warriors' trophy. h
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you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better. u.s. and global stocks repeated. taking a look at the dow, it's down by almost a percent. nasdaq and s&p down as well. the golden state warriors' trophy is on display this san francisco in san francisco. the shiny trophy is at the moscone center. as you may know, it's the second one in the warriors collection. they haven't announced a public trophy tour scheduled. patkid pack in san francisco, this time on the big screen. the documentary premiers at the
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kabuke theater. the city came together to grant miles scott's wish to be a superhero. several actors are expected to be at the premiere. miles he's now in remission from cancer. it remains to be seen if he plans to attend tonight's premiere party. after a setback, fire crews are starting to gain ground against a wildfire threatening the town of markleeville. coming up the latest 0 on that battle against the washington fire and a look at the challenges facing firefighters as we head into a dangerous fire season. that's coming up today on fox 2 at 4:00 with ktvu's mike mibach and keba arnold. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. always here for you at we hope you follow us on twitter and like us on facebook.
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