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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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what it looks like from our camera near highway 4. a lot of smoke. cal fire is sending two air tankers, a helicopter, and firefighters to the scene. it is called the loma fire, it started around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. this is a map of where the fire is burning. do we have that map? we can tell you it is on the south side of antioch and there are homes in the area and some of the homes are being threatened, although the fire is still a good distance away. again, that fire is spreading. our chief meteorologist bill martin right now. this is just the beginning of a serious fire season. >> yeah. we had that conversation yesterday. [ talking at the same time ] >> talked about it last night, couple warm days here, 4 year drought and fires will start springing up and we are seeing some. some in southern california, now antioch. here the deal. first thing you notice is there
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is wind out there. not what you expect for this time of night. the winds in the antioch area are gusting to 15, 18. that is nothing for this time of day and year. the winds are not thad horrible. a look -- are not that horrible. a look here. antioch area, low 90s. right? dealing perhaps with humidities up above where you expect. high fire danger. winds gusting in fairfield 18. that is one of the heavier locations. concord, 13. sandwich in between here talking 15 miles per hour winds. gusts. you can see winds in the bay area as well. let's go back to the live camera shot. smoke. there is not a lot of blow off from that fire. the smoke is getting blown towards the east to the north.
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as it goes up it is going the other way. the winds are reasonable for firefighters in the area. the thing is, we talked about it last night, heck, a four year drought, fuel moisture is low, and this is the kind -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you can see how dry it is. >> oh, my gosh, yeah, yeah. it is -- it is not a nasty fire condition day but you get something like this, which is what we will experience this year. >> temperatures are -- [ talking at the same time ] >> we could be look at this moving forward. >> as we get towards tomorrow this area, that could be 104 degrees out there. not 93 degrees. >> again, this is in the park, started on homestead trail. there are some homes you can see them there in the picture, criss tina r is on the -- cristina rendon is on the phone, on the way to the fire. >> reporter: we can see this smoke growing by the minute. when we first spotted it we were in bay point.
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we followed it here. i can see the hills thereat on fire. there is a definite -- large portion that is on fire. we can also see air support over head. we see two planes that come to help out and drop water on the fire. it is growing fast. we are in a neighborhood right now, i believe the streets are silverado drive. this is a residential area in antioch. and the homes are too far from where the fire is burning. [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: we do know they did evacuate the park area there. they said they wanted to get the people out, all the cars out. this is a fast spreading fire. we were talking to firefighters on twitter, they were keeping us updated saying it was 100 acres and growing, it was
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burning near the contraloma regional park. all i can tell you is we are driving to the fire, trying to get as close as we can and it is spreading quickly. two planes are trying to attack this thing. hopefully they get it contained and it can burn itself out. from a half hour ago when we heard about it it was 5 acres and now it is 100 acres. it is picking up even though the winds are not that bad. everything is so dry out here. the drought, hot out here today. temperatures are hot. no surprise it is going quick. >> it you tell, is there any wind out there? i am trying to get a sense how far you would estimate you are, it didn't look like anybody was packing up and driving away. >> reporter: no. we are fairly close -- how far
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would you say we are from the fire? >> we are about a mile, i think, from where the fire is. there are people in this area that have come out of their homes, looking up from their yards and looking at the smoke spread. it is not that windy. it is not that windy but you can see the smoke lingering into the wind. but it is more so of the people that are outside looking -- you know, the fire is spreading fast. even though it is not that windy. people are just concerned. as soon as we get information on whether or not the areas are being evacuated we will let you know. >> you gather information, we will come back to you. a recap, a wildfire, a grass fire burning right now in the contra loma regional park area of antioch. we are hearing 100 acres, maybe
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more. a couple air tankers are on the scene, helicopter support. people trying to fight this fire. so far no homes have been evacuated but there are some homes that could be threatened. we will continue to follow this. in other news, days after a man was shot and killed on highway 4 there has been another deadly shooting in the area. a 19-year-old woman was killed last night around 10:00 p.m. at san marco boulevard near the on ramp to highway 4. saturday's shooting happened on the freeway in the middle of the afternoon. a 26-year-old man was killed in that shooting. the contra costa county sheriff's office believes there was a relationship between the suspects and the victim. we are told the shootings could be gang related and authorities say the community is not in danger. >> the officer is concerned about the safety of the community and that is why we are putting all available
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resources we have to finding those responsible. >> investigators have not released any suspect descriptions and no arrests have been made. new federal lawsuits filed in san francisco against asiana airlines. 8 new complaints and boeing were filed last week on behalf of passengers whose were on board when the plane crashed in 2013. the lawsuit accused the companies of negligence. they allege the boeing wasn't fit to supply. the statute of limitations is two years. more evidence that the huge anchor bolts that hold the bay bridge tower has been exposed to salt water that could lead it corrosion and weakening. ktvu's tom vacar has been
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following the construction and he looked into what this means for the bridge's future. >> reporter: it is estimated 100 of the 400 bolts have been exposed to salt water. hydrogen from the salt water could weaken them. a panel is studying the problem and expects to announce findings in september. in the mean time -- >> this is not an immediate issue. there is no doubt this bridge is way over designed. this bridge is way over designed compared to the existing structure that was there. >> i want to reaffirm this bridge is safe, operating safely. it will operate very well during a large earthquake. >> the bridge is perfectly safe to use. and it is not an issue of the bridge standing up to a very, very large earthquake. the bridge will do that. it will not collapse. >> cracks have been discovered
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by powerful microscopes that concerns independent engineers. >> the fact that these rods have cracks in them, if they go, the bridge can fall down. >> we have not seen corrosion on the rods. but over the long term, many decades that is something we want to protect against. >> reporter: the panel will decide what, if anything, needs to be done. >> we have time to figure out the best path forward. that path forward could be a maintenance plan, a testing plan, it could include a retro fit plan. >> reporter: a test of the rods up to their maximum forces produced a 99% plus proof of their strength. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. in south carolina hundreds of people lined up today in 90- degree heat it pay their respects to one of the 9 people killed in the charleston church massacre. the body of senator clementa
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pinckney arrived at the south carolina state house. senator clementa pinckney is the first african american to lie in state at the state house since reconstruction. president obama will deliver the eulogy on friday. vice president joe biden, michelle obama, speaker of the house john boehner are scheduled to attend. the casket was carried past the confederate flag today. this as the leaders of more states are calling for the removal of the emblem from grounds. both of mississippi's senators called for its removal and alabama governor issued an order all confederate flags be taken down. in california a right to die bill is stalled in the legislator. at this time there is not enough support to pass the bill in the committee so the vote has been postponed till july 7.
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the effort gained traction after brittany maynard moved to oregon to end her life. she had been suffering from brain cancer and moved to oregon to take advantage of the right to die law. earlier this month it passed the senate. governor jerry brown signed the budget using some of the state's surplus to pay for relief for the poor. it passed a $115.4 billion budget last week. governor jerry brown said today the budget is balanced, on time and pays down our debt. they still have decisions to make on how to pay for highways and medi-cal. highlightinizeclude the first earned income tax credit for the working poor. an increase in spending for child care and health coverage and no tuition increases.
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the state plans to adopt an amnesty program for residents who can't afford to pay off court fines and penalties that resulted in 4.8 million driver's license suspensions since 2006. the boston marathon bomber addresses victims in the courtroom and apologizes. but survivors had mixed reactions. >> google is giving everyone a look at one of the most intensive climbs in the world. el capitan in yosemite. >> remember bat kid? the premier of the new "batkid begins," we will take you -- there is bat man. live to the red carpet later. >> tracking the heat. hot tomorrow. also tracking the developing story, the fire by antioch. we will have the specifics right after the break.
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suspected boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev apologized to his victims today. the apology came before the judge sentenced him to death for the boston marathon bombings that killed three people and wounded 260 others. he said: i am sorry for the lives i have taken, for the damage that i have done. the irreparable damage. i am a muslim. my religion is islam. he addressed the victims saying i pray for your relief and healing. outside the courtroom survivors had mixed reactions to his apology. >> i regret having ever wanted to hear him speak because what he said showed no remorse. no regret and no empathy for
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what he has done to our lives. >> i was happy he made the statement. i forgave him. i come fooa place of -- to a place of peace. >> under federal law an appeal is automaticane death penalty case. that cross could take years -- process could take years. deadly accident today after a man fell to his death. around 9:45 a.m. this morning. he was working on second street. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the number one issue on the minds of people in the bay area is the drought. in a new poll, 48% of people polled mentioned the supply of water as one of their top concerns. 43% said cost of living. 37% mentioned the cost of housing. traffic and crime rounding out
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the top 10 issues. and 3/4 expand desallization efforts and 7% favor raising water rates to conserve water. . excitement tonight in san francisco for "batkid begins." a documentary about a 5-year- old boy miles scott. a cancer survivor from northern california whose wish to be bat man for the day was granted. ktvu's christien kafton is live where the red carpet has been rolled out. >> reporter: yeah. we got our way inside. premiers bring out the stars. look at the star we have. bat man himself in san francisco. crews prepping for tonight's event. "batkid begins" opens tonight in san francisco. the documentary follows the storty of miles scott. -- story of miles scott.
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this afternoon i sat down with the director of the film and asked her why his wish resonated with so many people in the bay area and around the world. [ music ] >> it was amazing. i think it had a very -- you know, when there is a giants parade, a warriors parade, people want to rally around something. this was an opportunity. it was a good opportunity come together. >> reporter: yeah. the bay area did come together. it brought together tens of thousands. volunteers who helped make it happen to the people lining the streets. one of the key players was the chief who got involved early on and he said he knew it would be a big deal when he got a phone call, it came from australia. he says the bay area wanted to help bat kid but in doing so they wound up helping themselves also.
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>> there wasn't a person that didn't feel better about everything in the world, including san francisco being the place we get to live and work, i mean, again, a day you wish you could have more of. >> reporter: the movie opens here tonight, opens on friday for the general public. if it does well it will be open for wide release. we are expecting the vips to start showing up at 6:00 p.m. tonight. unfortunately miles, bat kid will not be here. he will be home with his family. his father is a farmer and they got rain and farmers need rain so he is up there doing work at the farm. >> he will miss the premier -- >> taking care of business -- >> reporter: he has seen the movie before. he seen the film. which is great.
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he said it was great watching it -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: cool. >> it was an amazing, uplifting thing for the city. so all the best. thank you. now back to developing news from antioch. what all of us were worried about given the drought and the summer and the hot weather and the dry conditions. a neighborhood in antioch. you can see the smoke in the background. you can see the fire burning as well. looks like the wind picked up a little bit. at last estimate 100 acres had burned. let's bring in cristina rendon now. where exactly are you and -- and how close -- sometimes it is difficult to tell from the camera because it is zoomed in, how far away are the flames? >> reporter: we are a mile away from the flames in this area. corner of glendale circle and silverado drive and this is an area that is called -- i think
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the mera vista neighborhood. people will be evacuated very soon here. and those people will be coming to this park, that is called mera vista hills. there is air support out here trying to get a handle on the flames. we counted three. you can see it right there. coming down. on this fire. we counted three airplanes. but 5 in total should be working this. two more should be on the way. this is an area that has a lot of residential homes, if you look down that way, that is glendale circle. homes go further back towards contra loma regional park. that is probably why officials are trying to get everybody out of the area and down to the park here in the neighborhood.
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again, the park is called contra loma regional park. that is what we are hearing from sources. you said it looks like the wind is picking up, you are right. the fire is fast moving. last check it was 100 acres. it is growing by the minute. and everyone is trying to get a handle on it. the airplane there, the helicopter, that is cal fire. cal fire had their crews come up from morgan hill to fight the fire. more help is on the way. not only from cal fire but east bay regional park. right there. a fire truck shown up at the end of glendale circle. everything is unfolding as we speak and the fire is fast moving. you can see a lot of people outside of their homes, looking up at the smoke, at the flames. no one on the street has been told to evacuate but that is what we are hearing. everyone needs to get out, find safe ground.
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it is fast approaching the back portion of the homes. hopefully the winds stays where it doesn't threaten the homes but they are being evacuated. if you know anyone in this areas, in antioch, glean dale circle, silverado drive, they might want to get to safe ground and go to the park here. >> real quick, earlier you said they were considering evacuations now they are evacuating people? >> reporter: right. earlier we didn't know if they were evacuated anyone or not. we were told it was in the contra loma regional park. and then as we got closer, we realized this is close to homes. they are at the edge of the contra loma regional park. we started hearing from law enforcement officials and from sources within the community that yes, they need to get people out. and we are told they are being sent to mirra vista hills in
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antioch. now that we see how close it is, it makes sense they are getting people out. >> we can see people talking and they look like they are gathering stuff. we see the air tankers, the helicopters, the air support, we saw that one fire truck that pulled up in the neighborhood there. on the hill, can you see firefighters at all? ground crews up there closer to the names? >> reporter: no. i can't. i cannot see any ground crews at all. only air support. right now it seems that crew is trying to get their way in but they have long way to get there. right now it is just air support. crews are on their way. >> our chief meteorologist now, bill, what do you see? >> i see conditions that could be worse. it is blowing out there, 15, 16 miles per hour. do you know what the winds were last night? 35 miles per hour. this is a light wind situation for antioch.
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it is unusually cool too. temperatures in the low 90s. humidity 20%. what do i think? dodging a bullet. that is open space. it is brush. i guarantee you the firefighters have a perimeter built around this thing. when you look at the terrain, that is doable. [ talking at the same time ] >> it looks to me -- fire burns up hill. that fire is already burning back on itself. this is what i can see. i can't see the other side. the fire was on the west side of the homes then the smoke -- notice how they are not all smoky, the fire appears to be going the other way. again, it is dangerous. a fire. it is scary. the neighborhood needs to be aware. we have seen -- remember that
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vacaville fire, the winds blowing 35 -- that is when -- that is a firestorm. this is doable situation for firefighters. i think based on the air support we saw, the fire trucks, guarantee you they got it surrounded. they are probably letting it burn back on itself. >> i know you say they are 15 miles per hour winds but it is having an impact. how likely is it the winds could shift and push the flames towards the homes? >> they create their own weather. in this case the fire wants to burn uphill. if it is burning hot enough the air rises and creates a thermal low and high pressure air flows into it. you get winds coming at all angles. there is no one direction but the prevailing wind is northwest, which would appear to be driving it away from the homes. i don't have all the specifics
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on where they are located. my thought is, this looks doable to me. >> we want to let viewers know, this is a fire in antioch. broke out a short time ago. in the mera vista hills neighborhood. near glendale circle and silverado drive. cristina rendon could see a couple fire trucks on the scene to help with the neighborhood. the flames we can see some over the hill and look like moving closer and closer to the homes. people are getting ready to evacuate the neighborhood. >> the thing -- as -- as the day goes on, closer to the evening here, the winds accelerate. the winds we have now, 15 miles per hour winds, that is nothing. next two hours the winds would be blowing 35 miles per hour -- [ talking at the same time ]
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>> the observation in that area, the official observation is showing gusts to 15. >> cal fire sent out air tankers and bulldozer, helicopters helicopters and ground crews working together to protect the homes. >> looking at the picture again, if this neighborhood was -- of course they need to be careful but you would see a more intense fire -- firefighter presence on this street. >> this is what we worried about. we will continue a follow this story. a fire burning out of control right now in antioch. near the mera vista hills area. evacuations underway. you can see a lot of firefighters, helicopters, planes on the scene here working to battle the fire. more after this break. also ahead, climbing one of the
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toughest rock walls in the world, hagiology is letting anyone with a computer -- how google is letting anyone with a computer experience el capitan and a tagger accused of leaving his mark all over san francisco faces a judge today. what brought the teen to tears and also a housing development in san francisco. the people who developers are targeting for these new apartments.
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injured in a hit and run over the weekend says he is fighting for his life. [ singing ] >> this is a video posted on facebook. the 23-year-old is a singer who worked as a security guard at kaiser hospital. he was walking with friends last sunday when he was hit by a car at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. >> they just left the bottom of the fifth bar on the southwest corner of the intersection and they were walking north bound in the crosswalk, crossing east. >> he tougherred head trauma -- suffered head trauma and other injuries. here is surveillance video. investigators are looking for a gray or silver nissan ultima or
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something similar, 2000 model which could be missing the left rear hub cap. evidence of a lack of government high tech security. the company found stolen log ins and passwords for 47 government agencies. posted on the internet and available to hackers. the company says this includes the department of defense, justice, treasury, energy and the cia and 12 agencies don't require anything more than passwords to access their networks. new developments in a case on teacher tenure. 9 students filed briefs in a case against the state claiming teacher job protection violates their right to equal and quality education. the teachers association appealed. the students argue poor and minority students are lease
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likely to be taught by them. if you ever wanted to climb el capitan, wellic google has you covered. -- well, google has you covered. google maps lets you climb the mountain. you can see what it like to climb. three climbers captured the imagery for google and bring it to those who would never see the sight. >> unbelievable. continuing coverage on the fire burning in antioch. also guilt free green grass. the new product to get recycled water to fields in the east bay. and later afford giving -- ford giving new meaning to ride sharing, the new program that rents out cars to strangers. >> separated by nothing more than a window. the encounter between a cat and a mountain lion.
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ed. >> 400,000 gallons of water a day. that is how much water will be saved thanks to a new recycled water pipeline. ktvu's allie rasmus is live to explain where the water is going. >> reporter: we are at a park called piccadilly square. you can see the grass looks
5:38 pm
brown. i can show you a close up look at it. looks like the grass is dead. the city had to stop watering the grass because of the drought but the goal is to used recycled water to keep fields like this green, guilt free. >> reporter: workers lower a 200-pound valve into the ground. they are building a pipeline and when the work is done -- >> we will be able to bring recycled water to customers that are using drinking water for irrigation. >> reporter: this pipe will carry recycled water to 40 customers. >> this is what recycled water is really meant for. meant to help preserve drinking water during the drought. >> reporter: recycled water is treated waste water. safe for landscaping but not for drink. >> it would be pumped to the
5:39 pm
bay if we don't use it. >> the park is one of the places that will tap into the recycled water pipeline. >> i would rathter go to the quality -- rather it go to the quality of life here. . >> the cost of the project, $5.5 million. half the money comes from a grant. customers are apprehensive. >> the common person who doesn't enjoy the nice greens, why should they pay for it? >> reporter: there is a benefit for all rate payers. the recycled water used to irrigate landscapes will save drinkable water, enough to sustain 1600 homes for a year. >> reporter: we want to mention a couple other recycled water construction projects. they are building three miles of pipeline west of highway 68
5:40 pm
at 680 in -- 680 in dublin and in emery emeryville. bottom line, in a drought, these recycled water projects are a big priority. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. back to you. >> need to come up with ways to save water. thank you. leaky hydrant hads been repair -- has been repaired. it was wasting 700 gallons of water a day. the city says the public works department repaired it yesterday. they plan to work faster in the future to repair leaks like this one. for the first time the woman who survived a terrifying attack is talking about what happened. she was working at her job in a food plant in oklahoma when her co-worker nearly beheaded her. another woman was killed.
5:41 pm
she managed to survive. she hasn't spokeb publicly till -- spokep publicly till now. >> got ahold of my face and finger and wouldn't stop. i am screaming for help. >> a man is facing first degree murder and other charges. keepa a -- keba arnold spoke about the emotional interview. >> reporter: we are joined by the host, you have an interview with the woman who came within a millimeter of death, tracy johnson. how is she doing? how is she coping? it is been less than a year? >> it is incredible to hear her story. despite many requests she hasn't wanted to tell the story publicly and now she breaks her silence. when she sat down on the set with me it was this incredible moment, as soon as we put her
5:42 pm
attacker's picture on the screen and she saw him she was a wreck. you can understand why. we took it down immediately. forget it. she doesn't need to see that. she can't look at this picture to this day. she feels that woman might still be alive if it wasn't for that altercation. >> reporter: quite the story there. thank you. again, see the interview tonight on the fox news channel. back now to developing news from antioch. a grass fire is burning and has burned 100 acres by now. burning on the hill. not far from these homes. this is the glendale circle and silverado drive area. near mira vista hills. you can see some of the flames, the winds in the area probably 15-20 miles per hour. but at last word it looks like
5:43 pm
the fire, the flames may be burning away from those homes which would be good news here. you can see all those people out there, anytime you are in the neighborhood of a fire, this is what we worry about in a drought, anytime you are near a fire it is concerning. all these people keeping an eye on which direction this fire is burning. bill, you have new information -- [ talking at the same time ] >> just a visual. if you can take my graphic. take a peak here. i can show you what we have. live pictures from the scene. you see the smoke from the san francisco camera. we have temperature 95 out there. winds northwest. 10 miles per hour. there is gusts to 15. it creates its own deal. i want to show you where the fire is. it is in this area here. on this ilside. what we have. this is a ridge line.
5:44 pm
the winds are blowing this way. basically. winds blowing this way. clearly it is blowing away from the homes. what we are seeing, we are seeing the fire burning up to the ridge line and stopping. this area in here has burned. there is a lot of areas burned. it is not very populated. that is open space. those homes look it be in good shape. >> when fires burn up to the ridge line what happens, will the fire back up and die out -- [ talking at the same time ] >> yeah. especially the fire burning up the ridge. you can see that ridge line there. burning up but the smoke is blowing this way but the fire can't burn down the bridge. it wants to follow the oxygen. to get to the homes it has to
5:45 pm
go down hill and against the winds. >> cristina rendon now. i imagine you talked with the people there -- you talked to the people, we have seen them on the sidewalk watching this, how worried are they? >> reporter: very concerned. no one has told them evacuations are mandatory. we said we heard people may be getting evacuated to mira vista park, next to the homes. right now we are told that is just a volunteer evacuation -- similarity evacuation -- voluntary evacuation. no mandatory evacuations yet. people are concerned. they are looking, wondering whether or not they should pack up and leave. i would say the safe bet is to do that but it is not mandatory. if that changes we will let people know.
5:46 pm
we did see -- [no audio] >> can you hear us? we lost you for a second. apparently -- >> reporter: we did see a firefighter crew go up there into the park, the area where the fire is burning. they have started the attack on the ground as well as in the air. we saw the retardant being dropped. it appears the priority here is to stop the fire from spreading towards the homes. and make sure the homes and people are safe. >> you have been out there for 45 minutes or so, can you describe any difference with the flames, with the fire, with the direction, the smoke, it looks like it is getting better. >> reporter: it is getting better. the smoke is still blowing in the same direction. if we can pan to the right. towards had hills. i want to show you infire
5:47 pm
spread further back -- the fire spread firth back, pittsburg direction. the fire spread back that way towards the park. away from homes. but there are still homes close to the area. the flames have died down from our view of the park. we have no idea what is on the other side if the fire is spreading into contra loma regional park. >> as we watch your pictures, firefighters are letting a lot of this burn itself out. we saw a aerial map, what is out there, what is burning, nothing but dry brush in the way of the fire. this is going back. on a scale of 1-10, it is a fire, it is scary. not a good thing but in this
5:48 pm
area it could be out of control. winds are 15 miles per hour now -- [ talking at the same time ] >> they will pick up tonight. these guys -- that air support is massive. they had the tanker in there, water drops. >> working the ridge. going back and forth to protect the homes. >> i look at terrain, when we see a fire situation, when you see terrain, they will get a handle. there are fire roads, they will knock it down. everyone is worried because fires are scary. in terms of a 1-10, it is a fire but not something -- like that vacaville deal. >> we caught a break in the sense of the winds are pushing the fire away from the homes. there are a lot of homes in this area. you get a sense of -- it is windy out there but maybe 15 miles per hour or so? >> see if they will take that
5:49 pm
map. this helps -- [ talking at the same time ] >> burning in the mira vista hills area of antioch. >> here is the map. the winds are blowing this way. the fire is in here. right? you have a reservoir here. the conditions for the fire, firefighters, i am sure if you talk to them, yeah, we got it dialed. >> we are going to keep watching this, monitor the situation in antioch. we will have more at sick p.m. still -- 6:00 p.m. still ahead the program to give jobs to at risk kids and keep them on the right track, their stories to turn things around and the future they want for themselves. and a kitchen with just as many layers.
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life's our old family recipe, and a kitchen
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with just as many layers. all right. more now on developing news in contra costa county. a grass fire burning right now. started a short time ago. ktvu's cristina rendon is in the mira vista hills nearby near glendale circle and silverado drive. you have -- neighborhood near glendale circle and silverado drive. >> reporter: we are joined by a homeowner here. dave, you said you came over here on your way home from work, wanted to check on your parents. have you been told a evacuate? >> no. nobody said anything. we just heard bits and pieces
5:53 pm
but no, nothing. >> reporter: you are familiar with the contra loma regional park. we are close. how far would you say homes go? >> very close. i mean, our hill right here, on the other side is where the fire break is right in the back of us. the houses are very close. >> reporter: what have you seen in terms of the air support? we have seen the firefighters come in. do you think they are doing a good job? [ inaudible question ] >> absolutely. the tankers are doing their job and then you have the helicopters dropping the water. yeah. doing a fantastic job. we saw fire on the hill, now it is just smoke. >> reporter: hopefully they get a handle on this soon. we have seib several cars driving by -- seen several cars driving by. andatory evacuations are not --
5:54 pm
mandatory evacuations are not going on now. coming up next at 6:00 p.m. he is not healthy enough to be vaccinated so he is hoping to make it mandatory for everyone else. how a six-year-old boy is pushing support for a vaccine bill. >> he left his marks all over san francisco, he is accused of that, we talk to those who spoke up in court today.
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a new program in san jose giving at risk teens chance to succeed. taking them off the streets and putting them in blocksch ktvu's azenith smith is in -- jobs. ktvu's azenith smith is live. >> reporter: summer time is when young people getidal and that could lead -- getidal and that could lead --. >> reporter: he lived on the streets half his life. homeless. his father is locked up. he thought he would end up the right way. >> someone told me you will be in the streets till you are really in the streets, laying
5:58 pm
down in a curb. you know, i realized i don't want that. >> he is trying to land job. employers can't look past his tattooing. no one is giving him a chance till now. >> this program will help me. >> reporter: he is one of 800 teens part of a youth summer employment program. a $2 million investment from the city. >> we look at burglary arrest data in south san jose over six months and 106 arrests, a majority were juveniles. that told me we have a problem. the gangs are getting to the kids before we are. >> reporter: most are from gang hot spots. he has been arrested four times since year. >> i have been in and out of institutions for a while. it is just like i want to stay out. live my life. >> reporter: this program gives job and career training. it comes as the city has seen
5:59 pm
two gang related homicides this year. >> that is nothing to be proud about. >> reporter: he hopes to get his mom a car, a permanent home and he wants to give his family something to smile about. >> tired of my mom's stress. >> reporter: first day on the job is july 6. and some of these folks will land permanent jobs. live in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> we start with a brush fire in antioch. these are live pictures from the mira vista lessees area in antioch. -- hills area in antioch. judging the smoke, looks like firefighters are making a lot of project. the fire is in the contra loma
6:00 pm
regional park. cal fire says it burned 100 acres. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank so merville. >> and i am julie haener. >> another live look at the fire. as it continues to grow, growing quickly over the past couple hours. it is burning south of highway 4 in antioch. ktvu's cristina rendon is in the mira vista mills neighborhood where the flames moved close to homes this afternoon. >> reporter: if you look you can see a firefighter at the top of the hill. the end of glendale circle and silverado drive. we told you earlier contra costa county firefighters were arriving and they made a lot of progress. they are going over a fence there into contra loma regional park. as you mentioned, the fire is getting better. that is what we are seeing. people are still outside of their homes, looking up, it looks better than it did an hour ago when we


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