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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a new poll released interesting findings involving toilet water. mornings on two continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on two. >> mornings on two, thursday,
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june 25th. talk about weather and traffic. is it going to get hot? . >> very apparently. >> is that what steve told you >> not as hot at my house. i like to live closer to the water. . >> i'm pretty far from the water. it will be cooler downstairs. upstairs gets too warm. >> clear skies. if there's any fog, there's very little. won't last too long. it's mild for some. mid-6 0s inland. a pretty picture here, though. even in the city, it's going to be in the 7 0s today. we don't have an off-shore breeze really that strong. there will be 7 0s and 80s along the bay. the coast looks great today. it will be nice, though, for some and really hot others. 50s and 6 0s on the temps. it's already collapsing. that breeze, the delta breeze. on our way a. hint of an off- shore breeze at oakland.
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high clouds, monsoon moisture look like they're on their way taking us into the weekend. today will be the hottest day. there are going to be temperatures that will be very warm, with 90s, 100, 60s, 7 0s, 8 0s by the water. all rightie, sal. i hope it's quiet at 5:01. >> it is. nice and quiet. good morning to you. take a look at what we have at the bay area commute. going to start with trying to get into san francisco. so far so good. today day-time giants game, and that means more people are going to be coming on the bridge during the middle of the day, 12:451st pitch. move along, and take a look at the san mateo bridge. that traffic looks good. over to the peninsula. if you're driving in hayward, 80 southbound off to a good start. the livermor, commute looks good, from livermor, to dublin over to castro valley. at 5:02, back to the desk. >> firefighters on the scene of a brush fire. the wind-swept fire started yesterday afternoon in contra loma regional park, and threatened nearby
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homes. now, that fire burned 533 acres. it is fully contained, though,. that happened late last night. fire crews are there this morning, though, to make sure the fire does not flare up. people whose homes backed liked up to that park had to evacuate for several hours. no word yet on what caused the fire. but coming up at 5:30, ktvu fox two reporter alex savage will have more, a live report from the neighborhood. starting monday, outdoer burning will be banned in three bay area counties because of the fire threat. cal fire will suspend all permits for outdoor residential burning. the ban includes burning branches and leaves. cal fire is also asking homeowners to clear dead dying shrubs, and tree trim limbs to reduce the fire risk. people in bay point are nervous this morning. sheriff's deputies reveal that two recent drive-by killings near highway 4, they were gang-related, and they were connected. the first shooting happened saturday afternoon. the most recent one, though,
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occurred late tuesday night. in that incident tuesday night, a man and woman were shot at. they were driving near willow pass road, the on ramp to westbound highway 140. they were able to drive to a hospital, but 19-year-old patricia ochoa later died from her injuries a. 26-year-old man is listed in stable condition. >> i drive up and down the freeway every day. my mom and dad live out here. born and raised here. and it's scary. >> investigators have connected that shooting to the one on saturday afternoon near bailey road. twenty-year-old tomas mendez of pittsburgh was killed in his car. investigators say all three victims in the two shootings, they were targeted. the sheriff's office says the general public should not be concerned about driving on highway 4. meantime another deadly shooting that happened close to highway 4 in the same area, it does not appear to be connected. the contra costa sheriff's department says the 64-year-old man was shot at a gun range in concord
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just off highway 4. paramedics rushed to the united sportsman's gun club after getting reports a man had been shot. the still unidentified man died there at the scene. the sheriff's department says the shooting appears to have been an accident. it's been almost 14 years since bart closed all the bath rooms at bart station. some bath rooms have reopened. and now bart is considering reopening the rest. ktvu's fox two tara more yard say in san francisco. bart is going to do more than unlock the doors. tara? >> reporter: these new bath rooms, they would have a lot more open design, and they would be designed basically to discourage drug use, vandalism, and other suspicious behavior. behind me you can see these are what they currently look like. under the new plan, they would be semi opaque doors with gaps at the top and bottom. the toilet -- the sink would be outside of the toilet, monitored by surveillance. it's a plan that's going to be
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discussed ant tonight's board meeting in oakland. the test-run bath rooms would be here and at the 19th street station in oakland. as you may recall, bart closed all of its bath rooms after 9/11 for security reasons. most of them have reopened except for the ones that the ten underground stations. some people say it's been a long time, but children and people with disabilities have nowhere to relieve themselves. bart says it does receive a lot of complaints from passengers about the closed rest rooms, and they blame the feces and urine sometimes found in stations. this idea does not without a price price tag. find out how much it is going to cost coming up in the next hour. live from the bart station, i'm tara more yard to. 5:06. san jose police asking for-to identify two men caught on camera in a daring robbery. police say one of the men ran
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up to two women inside a parking garage on south second street, and grabbed their purses. during the struggle, one of the women fell to the ground. the second man just stood by, and then they both ran off. the attack happened about 1:40 in the morning. it was sunday, june 14th. anyone who recognizes these men is asked to call san jose police. our time 5:70. the drought in california has a lot of people changing their minds about using recycled water. georgia mean de la vega joining us live. you're in san jose, telling the support for recycled water is growing, huh. >> reporter: a new poll out by the bay area council asked people if they would be willing to drink recycled water. now, it's often referred to as from the toilet to carport, and 58% of people support that. it's something san jose mayor sam locardo and other local leaders pushing. they even drank recycled water a couple months ago
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to illustrate it's safe to drink. . right now recycled water is just used in san jose and other cities for irrigating golf courses, landscaping, industrial work. another interesting finding from this pool is 63% of people said they should build more dams and reservoirs. one idea that was not popular, though, paying a $5 drought fee on top of their water bill. now, only 36% of people polled were in favor of that. we're going to be talking to people as the morning goes on, as they wake up to find out their thoughts on -- what they think -- especially about this idea about recycled water. >> it will be interesting to hear. thank you. time now 5:0. a bay area nonprofit group called america scores, they're teaming one schools to give kids a safe place to play. now, asphalt playgrounds in six san francisco schools are being trance formed into soccer fields.
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supporters say it literally levels the playing field for inner-city kids, and teaches them teamwork and fair play. educators also say those are the skills that could be used their entire lives. one parent has already seen a change in her daughter. >> this has made her want to come to school every day, get up and say, "mom, i'm ready to go." i say, "whys that." she says, "because i want to play on my turf, on my magic carpet." . >> how about that. the soccer programs promote learning in a safe environment. the kids, this is interesting, write and recruit poetry before every soccer game. america scores plans to build 18 soccer fields for low-income families around the city. 5:09. anticipation is building ahead of today's decision from the circuit court. coming up at 5:30, we're going to have a live report on the two big rulings we are keeping an eye on: same-sex marriage and
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obamacare. >> plus -- >> no, no, no no. hey. >> president obama was not amused. we'll show you how he shut down a heckler at a white house event. >> good morning. we're looking at a commute here where traffic is doing very well if you're driving in san francisco. we'll tell you a little more about this straight ahead. >> if you're a foreigner and you're visiting, it's going to be hot today. female announcer: don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! sa $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. plus, pay no interest for 36 months
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yesterday, representative pinkney's casket was carried into the south carolina capital rotunda. hundreds of people waited in line to see him and pay their respects. pinkney was also a state senator in south carolina. last night, bible study was held once again inside the church, emanu,l ame church exactly one week since that mass shooting. reverend pinkney's funeral will be held tomorrow. president obama will deliver the eulogy. the boston marathon bomber apologized to victims as he was sentenced to death. dzhokhar tsarnaev addressed survivors and families of victims, saying, quote, "i'm sorry for the lives i've taken." he said he listened to each one of them as they took
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the stand to describe how the bombing had affected them. as the judge handed down the sentence, he told tsarnaev he would only be remembered for the evil he had down. three people were killed. more than 260 people were severely injured in the bombing two years ago. time is 5:13. contra costa county officials investigating a horrible case of animal cruelty in walnut creek. the body of a dog was discovered. his legs were tide together for a shoe lace. he was found in the walnut creek canal on monday. the dog, later identified as a 14-year-old australian shepherd named gino. gino's owner said, when she found out the dog escaped the house, she never imagined what would come next. >> i was heartbroken anyone could do this to this defenseless, wonderful, gentle dog. this isn't is a dog that would run up and you and
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attack. this was a dog that when he saw you, he smiled. this was an old frail animal. >> what a story. she says she has no idea who would want to hurt her dog. . officials are asking, if you have any information, help them find out what happened. ships asked to slow down for whales. while migrate through the area this time of year. scientists are asking ships to reduce their speed to about 15nauts or 11 miles per hour. the restrictions are particularly intended to protect the endangered blue humpback and fin whales, check be killed or seriously injured if they're hit by a ship. the migration season typically lasts through november. time is 5:15. well president obama has dealt with hecklers before. yesterday at the white house, he really shut one down. >> no, no, no. no, no, no no.
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hey, listen. you're in my house. >> that heckler in the crowd started yelling, "no more deportations at the president when the president was making remarks at the white house in honor of national pride month. the president stopped his speech. he tried to calm the person down. an immigrant lgbt activist group says that heckler is an undocumented immigrant who is trance gender, and she wanted to bring attention to the plight of lgbt immigrants, but because she kept yelling, the president had that person removed. 5:16 is the time now. let's check in with sal of traffic. >> light. it may not stay this way for much longer. but right now, we're doing okay. start off with highway 24 westbound. looks pretty good as you drive from walnut creek to oakland. your drive time isn't much. when you get over there it's nice and light. bay bridge tom plaza still hasn't filled in. usually about 5:30 is when we
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start seeing a crowd. right now a very good drive into san francisco. and we're looking at the east bay. we continue to see the traffic on 880 looks good as you drive south through hayward to fr,mont, and 580 in good shape westbound. steve in the weather center. >> thank you. all right, everybody. we have pretty calm conditions. not much of a breeze at all. in fact, even cordelia out to travis, no breeze to less than 10. we have rio vista again here. is that -- the wind machines? is that right? i do believe so. i tell you, a few high clouds already beginning to sneak in. won't matter today, though. very little fog. it's not going to matter. even if there's some, it's going to disappear. 60s for many, 50 for others. half-moon bay cool at 51, 60 at san jose. less than 10 at travis. it's gone for about 24 to 18 to 12. that means there's no delta breeze.
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50 to 56, and the water temps holding steady. fresno may hit 106 today. that would be a record high. so if you're heading out to fresno, it will be very hot around the inland areas today. 46 in truckie already. fog is out to sea. it will be here probably tonight, tomorrow. more likely tomorrow. and a lot of the monsoon moisture, tropical clouds look like they're going to work their way up here by the weekend, and will go from very hot today to a big cool trend by saturday. today's the day. sun warm to hot. 90s to 100. 70s. looks good. 7 0s by the beaches. it will be very warm to hot for many. 90s, 100s. all you do is go over those coastal hills or anywhere not near the water, you'll find toasty readings. downtown san jose -- east san jose probably about 94, 95. 70s, 6 0s on the coast. 77 in the city, 80s, 90s on the peninsula. redwood city in there: fog will come creeping back a little on friday. then a big cooldown,
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combination of low and high clouds saturday and sunday. >> all right, steve. you know pam doesn't have air- conditioning. >> no i do not. but i do live closer to the water. what's nice it's been so foggy and cool along the beach. a nice opportunity. >> very nice to sneak over. >> to sneak over to the combs. time just about 5:19. a wish granted for a young boy with terminal cancer. >> you're going to find out the vip treatment he received just before last night's giants game. >> and a day in the life. where kids are getting a hands- on lesson on what firefighters have to do to save lives.
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. >> rossville firefighters going to donate their time to teach the children. when the camp ends on sad saturday, the kid are going to leave with their cpr certificate. i got one for you.
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the san francisco giants made a dream come true last night for a little boy with cancer. >> can. charlie degrange diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a year ago. since then his parents decided they're going to make the most of their time together. last night they took charlie to a giants game. they gave him the vip treatment. he met players like randy crawford, and got an autograph from justin maxwell. >> out here he has control. he gets to be the eight-year-old . . >> eight-year-old boys. horrible. >> charlie is the oldest of four children in the
5:24 am
family. he has a tumor the size of a silver dollar just below his left ear. >> they did pick a good game to go to. the giants played san diego padres. they didn't need much scoring. they got a lot on one swing of the bat from buster pose say. he hit a grand slam in the 3rd inning. this was buster's 2nd in 5 games. backed the strong pitching of brian vogel after 6 shut-out innings. the giants made the padres 6-0. . 12:45. and the oakland as came out swinging as well in their game yesterday with the texas rangeers. brett lorre hit a pitch over the center field for a grand slam in the 1st inning. it was followed by josh segley's 2-run homer in the 2nd. they won 8-2. the as and ranklers be back on the field again this morning in texas. 1st pitch, just about 11:00 a.m.. time 5:246789 you ever
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think about climbing yosemite's el capitan. goggle maps will let you climb that mountain virtually: go to goggle street view and see what it's like to climb on the nose at a portion of the don wall. the three climbers scaled the mountain to capture the imagery of it for goggle and bring it to those of us who would otherwise never get a chance to see that sharp sight. still ahead, a new development in oakland in the investigation of a side show. what we're finding out about a badly injured oakland police officer who was there at the scene, and how she ended up with glass in her face. >> this morning, crews are keeping a close eye on a large brush fire that break out in this ant i don't care neighborhood late in the afternoon yesterday. we'll tell you about some of the real anxious moments for people who live in this area. >> good morning. looking at the east bay commute, and right now traffic is moving along well on
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the east shore freeway, but it's getting more crowded. a drive time for this coming up. >> getting light out, and it's already warm for some, and it's going to be hot, hot, hot for many today. ♪ ♪
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time now is almost 5:30. >> the control room is on a roll. . >> a lot -- >> good. >> if you have suggestions, go right ahead. >> love it. >> i need a country suggestion for hot. i do. >> to cover all genres. going to be hot. i know some of you don't like the heat. others love it. nelson long in the control room. loves the heat. loves it. we just look at it, and we just say, "move to lake havasu." going to be warm for many. nice by the coast. don't have a strong off-shore breeze. 60s, 70s. it will be sunny. inland, though, 80s. you won't have to go far to find 90s or 100s.
5:30 am
seeing 60s for many. did not cool off last night. no breeze in cordelia. and fairfield is less than 10. that's usually just a -- it will be sunny to warm to hot quick. tropical clouds look like they're on their way for the weekend. sun, warm to hot. going to be 70s near the water'sening. so, hundreds. there will be hundreds inland south. so there you go. no shirt, no shoes, no problem. connie chesney. >> thank you. >> yeah. i'm just kind of looking. see if i can find something. >> i need something with hot in it. >> our twitter following, our social media following, very smart. >> i agree. >> good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. there are no major problems out there. we're going to start off in the east bay, and take a look at some of these commutes. already getting a little. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well
5:31 am
coming up into san francisco. no problems here. there's a little bit of a backup already, though, as you drive-through. also, the morning commute at the san mateo bridge, that's nice. no problems here. heading out to the high-rise, the traffic continues to look very good as you drive- through. and here we go with traffic along 580. already a little bit of slow traffic in livermore. looks good to dublin, though, and from there to caster valley. go back to the desk. the u.s. circuit court could drop some major bomb shells today. decisions are expected on two really big cases, one that could legalize same-sex marriage all across america, and another one could mean the end of obama care. reporter doug uzader joining us live. you're just outside the u.s. circuit court. good morning, doug. >> good morning. going to be kind of a crazy place today. there are about a half dozen cases that are still outstanding as we get down to the end of the court's term, but two in particular are
5:32 am
commanding the lion's share of attention. >> two big cases with just days to go. as early as today, the circuit court could rule on the constitutionality of gay marriage and the future of obama care. this could be the day that so many have been waiting for. >> for circuit court watchers like us, this really is kind of world series and super bowl rolled all into one. >> reporter: we already saw huge crowds when the court heard arguments in oakenf,ld v hodges. more and more states have chosen to allow same-sex unions, but this could set a national precedent. >> the nation has been moving in the direction of marriage equality, and many expect that the circuit court will follow suit. >> reporter: and then there's obamacare. king vburwell, as the court calls the case, and four words that are either something of a typo, an oversight, or something
5:33 am
intention that will that could unravel the law. the affordable care act says lower-income americans can qualify for health insurance subsidy only through health exchanges that are, quote, "established by the state." the complication is that 34 states did not establish exchanges, and if they're left out, the entire system could collapse. >> this is one of those classic instance where is you have some people saying, "look at the text of the law." you have others talking about the politics that would follow. >> reporter: we should find out in about 09 minutes, whether one, both, or none of these decisions will come down today. if they don't come today, we're looking at tomorrow or maybe into as late as monday as the court's term ends at the end of the month. >> all right. todd in washington. talk to you later. thank you. back here in the bay area, a brush fire in east contra costa county fanned by strong winds fully contained this morning. that quick-moving fire rattled
5:34 am
nervous and prompted evacuations. fox two reporter alex savage is out in ant i don't care this morning where the fire may not be contained. still a lot of concerns as we enter a very hot day, alex. >> reporter: absolutely. going to be a warm one in ant i don't care. already quite warm. this morning, firefighters, they've been out in this area throughout the night to keep an eye on this fire, make sure it does not flare up. as we push in here, you can see this charred hillside just beyond the neighborhood where we're stationed this morning. we have seen smoke rising from a few spots on that hillside. we'ves a seen fire enjoins stationed in this area as well to keep an eye on things. this fire officially is 100% contained; but for awhile last night, things were not looking good. the fire crept dangerously close to some homes in this about i don't care
5:35 am
neighborhood. there were a number of people who had to be evacuated along grimsby drive, because their homes back right up to the contra loma regional park, where the fire was burning through all that dry brush. some worried neighbors, well, they packed up their cars, getting ready to go. others, they stuck around and grabbed garden hoses instead. but in the end, it was those hard-working cal fire crews who controlled has to flames. >> i was transferred. the whole hill was on fire. >> so i tried to alert everybody in the neighborhood that was on this side of the hill. >> reporter: in the end, no homes were lost out here, which is really incredible, given the dry conditions that firefighters were up against. and while there's a sense of relief in this neighborhood, this morning, fire crews, of course, across the state, they are bracing for a very busy fire season. just last week, cal fire is saying that it battled 275 separate fires all across california. so they are bracing for more of those firesiot to come. but this fire, 100% contained
5:36 am
this morning, pam, and they're still investigating what started it. >> all right. that's good news, at least that it's contained. check back in you to get more information about how it started. 5:35 is the time. that fire in ant i don't care is one of a number of wildfires burke in california, one of the largest. the 17,000 acre fire that is still burning out of control near the nevada border. that wildfire started on friday. it's only 10% contained. sections of highway 4 and 89 remain closed this morning. no buildings have been damaged so far, but the fire is moving closer to some cabins. several nearby campgrounds had to be evacuated. the mountain time of marcleyville is on stand by. nine hundred firefighters have been brought in to battle that fire sparked by lightning no northern california, that wildfire 45% contained, but look at that. that fire started yesterday afternoon. more than a thousands people
5:37 am
were forced to evacuate from their homes in the section of the i-5 freeway was shut down. all evacuation orders were lifted last night. one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. a military fighter jet crashed last night during a training mission near the mexican border. the pilot was flying the f-16 with the arizona national guard, and he was the only person on board. as of right now, we don't know his fate, but that crash sparked a brush fire in the area. well looks as though people in the bay area are getting over the yuck factor when it comes to recycled water. ktvu fox two's georgia mean de la vega joins us from san jose with results of auto new survey. >> reporter: some people choose to drink filters water, like the one i have in this bottle, some drink straight from the tap. what about drinking toilet
5:38 am
water. one thousands people were surveyed, and 58% say they support drinking recycled water. right now it's used in cities for irrigating golf courses and crashes. orange county has a recycled county for drinking. something san francisco mayor ricardo supports. he and others drank water months ago because he's pushing to get a system in place here. we asked someone about how it would be drinking recycled water. >> that's a tough barrier to cross. i'm willing to give it a shot. >> we just have to do things like that. >> reporter: the poll found 63% of people want the states to build more dams and reservoirs. they did not support paying a $5 water fee on top of
5:39 am
their bill. we're going to catch up to some people to get their take on some of these questions. pretty interesting. 5:38 is the time. the grass could be getting greener in one part of the east bay because of a new pipeline project. speaking of recycled water, the east bay municipal water district is installing three and a half miles of purple pipe. 0: it will carry recycled water to landscaping customers. that includes the bishop ranch business park, a golf course and san ramon -- parks >> this is what recycled water is meant for, meant to help preserve drinking water during the drought. >> the entire project will cost $5 and a half million. a state grant is covering half of that, and east bay mud is paying for the rest. the utility say -- it will
5:40 am
400,000 gallons of drinking water, which is enough to keep water running in 1,600 homes for an entire year. >> wow. >> and the purple pipe is just kind of cool. >> well i guess it's zing wished. time is 5:40. bart will shut down trans bay service for two weekends this month. coming up at 6:00, when those closures are going to happen, and what bart will do to get people back and forth across the bay. >> and next an about face from the city of berkeley. the reason officials are joining a criminal investigation into last week's deadly balcony collapse. >> looking at the east bay commute, this is highway 4, and you can see highway 4 still looks pretty good on the way to concord. >> if you don't like anything over 75 degrees today, it may be just a little too hot.
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"the chronicle" reports the position changed. it changed -- injured seven others. time is now 5:43. now that second person has been arrested in connection with that new york prison escape, and that person is out on bail now. jean palmer paid the $25,000 bail. he bailed himself out other night. now, he's accused of helping the two inmates escape by slipping tools to them inof frozen meat. but his lawyer is saying his client never knew those tools were inside. . now the search goes on for those two escaped inmates, david sweat and richard matt. it's focused on a wide area about 75 square miles of up state new york. police believe the man may have a shotgun or some other weapons from a hunting cabin, which makes him even more dangerous. if summer, a female prison worker arrested earlier
5:44 am
this month on charges she passed along tools to the men to help them break out of that maximum security facility. oakland police say they are working on new strategies to crack down on side shows. this comes after an officer was injured and a freelance photographer shot at. . >> this is youtube video showing a side show at mac arthur boulevard early saturday morning. oakland police say, when officers responded, someone threw a bottle, and that hit a female officer in the face. she had to undergo emergency surgery, and received more than 100 stitches in her face. that same night, a free-lance photographer was shooting video of another side show when multiple shots were fired in his direction. >> i don't know. it's been going on a long time. you see it stopping? i don't see it stopping. >> oakland police say it will increase staffing on the weekends and will get some
5:45 am
help from the sheriff's department and chp. police are also asking for any other pictures or video that show the officer getting injured. they say anyone that comes forward can remain anonymous. happening today, work crews in hawaii, they're going to clear the road leading to the construction site where a huge new telescope. now, hundreds of protesters yesterday blocked that road. state officials say the demonstrators also rolled large woulders on to the road. the construction crews turned away from the work site, saying they were concerned about their safety. eleven people were arrested out there. the protesters say the 18-story telescope on mount acaia will desecrate land considered secret by many native hawaiians. the university of california is one of the many international partners working to build that telescope. 5:46 is the time. i think we should send somebody out there to cover -- >> hawaii? . >> yeah. i would volunteer to go:.
5:46 am
>> how long -- >> i think it would take a good week. >> sure. >> need a backup, i'll go. hawaii. any excuse. good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along nicely if you are driving along the roads. but we're already getting a little slowing in some places. this is highway 24. looks okay from walnut creek to oakland. if you see traffic on the other side of the hill, looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. there's always a crowd. those metering lights are on. there's a day-time baseball game today. the giants host the pad race, 12:451st pitch. if you're driving in the east bay now, all the freeways looking pretty good. you see a lot of ingredient that means traffic is at the speed limit on 880, 238, 580, and 680. at 5:47, let's go to steve in the weather center. >> starting off with generally clear skies. kind of hazy out there. thank goodness it isn't humid. we have the three agents: hazy, hot, and humid.
5:47 am
hazy and hot today, but not humid. it will be by the weekend. a lot of high clouds coming up from the desert southwest. start off with hardly any fog. won't take long to warm up. there's not much of a breeze at all in the usual locations they show a breeze. that's not the case today. 80 patchy fog does not have much of a chance today. already 60ss for many. never rally cooled off last night. half-moon bay did make it to 50. san jose's in there. mid-0s for napa, and also up to santa row is a. lake county was 99 yesterday, and i expect at least 104 today. the house never really cooled down last night. it's still 63 outside. i'll buy that. 103, something like that. that makes sense. a little hint of an off-shore at the oakland airport. there's not much of one. that's been coming down all morning. 7 0s record highs possible. up to reading where they'll be about 111, fresno 106. if you have travel plans there, it's going to be
5:48 am
hot. . you can see warm weather to the specific northwest. a few of us had a bunch of 80- degree days in june. record-setting. for us, the cloud cover looks like it's on its way. not until probably late friday or early saturday. sun today, and nice to warm to hot. it will be nice at the coast. looks great over. there 60s and 7 0s. but inland temps, it won't take listening to reach the 90s to 100s. we'll have a big difference in these temps from 71 in stimson beach to 10 this '3clear lake, 103 vacaville. upper 9 0s to 100s for many in the east bay, 70s and 80s from alameda to berkeley and oakland. 90s to 100s morgan hill and gill roy. santa cruz, a beautiful 80 degrees. 6 0s, 70s on the east co. 8 0s, 9 0s on the peninsula. redwood city at 90 degrees. fog will be creeping back on friday. then here come the higher clouds, and a big cooldown on tap for saturday. we'll go down 20 degrees for
5:49 am
some. >> today's the day. that heat success in our national air-conditioning. >> yes it does. >> the water is cold enough it won't take long. >> that's why we like it here. >> thank you. 5:49 is the time a. vip crowd on hand in san francisco for the premier of the movie about the bay area's favorite little superhero. a lamb boar ginney convoy, even giants mascot lucille showed up at the party at the kabuki theater last night. they were all there to see "batkid begin," the document tarry about cancer survivor miles scott who wished to become bat man for a day. we did not see him there. he is in remission. not feel well. but the head of the make a wish foundation said he did enjoy the film about his special day. >> he has. he saw it on a friday night, woke up saturday morning. that's the first thing he said: "i want to see it again." . >> we're told the filmmaker is nateing her percentage of the movie to the bat kid foundation,
5:50 am
which helps fund several charities in the city. >> love. still ahead, is a popular grocery store chain ripping people off in the check- out counter in the bay area? coming up in 19 minutes, the store that's accused of overcharging, and how the store is responding. >> up next, nascar back in show that. it's likely your chance to see jeff gore don race in the bay area, your last chance. how the valeo native is feeling about this weekend in toyota's save our 350.
5:51 am
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full-time is 5:53. a very unique san francisco construction project is getting a lot of attention. it's the city's first apartment building specifically designed from low- income lgbt senior citizens. now, the building is near market and laguna streets. open house, a nonprofit social service agency, they helped to create this project. they say that lgbt senior citizens are often single, and often they don't have the same level of family
5:54 am
support other senior citizens may have. >> the gay and lesbian community is the equivalent of a persecuted ethnic community. it would be nice to be around your own people, especially in your later years of life. >> very critical we create a space that is safer and more supportive and understanding of the unique conditions they face accessing those services. >> forty units will be ready for move-in next summer seventy-nine more are scheduled for completion in three years. legally housing can't be set aside for any specific group, but lgbt soon your citizens will be encouraged to apply. tonight, the warriors hope to take the first step in repeating as championships. the will hold the 2015 draft having the best record in the league, though, the warriors will take last in the round. that's the 30th pick overall. there are reports the warriors are looking to move up by trading that pick and
5:55 am
power board david lee. now, the team might be looking at adding a rebounder or a shooting guard. draft experts have mentioned sanford guard anthony brown as a possibility. the minnesota timber wolves have the number-one pick, by the way, followed by the los angeles lakeers. but take a look at this. the warriors don't need to look far for a new player. this is steph curry's wife, aisha. she hit the 3-pointer just like steph. no problem, no problem. she posted this video on instagram. she wrote, nine month pregnant. can still knock them down." . some fans got a look at the trophy yesterday. it was on display at the musconi center. . time now 5:56.
5:56 am
56. it may be your last chance to see him in the bay area. he's a native of valeo. he announced earlier this year he's retiring from full-time racing. jeff gore don has had a very impressive record in sonoma. seventeen top ten finishes and 22 starts and 5 wins. he says, along with the race fans issues he'll have a lot of family members and friends cheering him on. >> it's going to be an emotional day and weekend for me, because as i get -- go through it, i know i'm going to be thinking more about, this is the last time i'll be racing here. >> yeah. earlier this week, jeff gore don and his family took a little stroll down memory lane. he went back to his old middle school in valeo. any way, raceing in snow begins tomorrow. >> that's great. coming up in our 6:00 hour, relief for bart riders. fourteen years in the making,
5:57 am
after the break, the changes the agency is considering for a lot of its stations. >> plus daring robbery. this one caught on camera right here. the surveillance video that police want you to see to help them catch the culprits. >> we're looking at the south bay commute, and northbound 101. that looks pretty good still heading up to 880. tell you more about that straight ahead. >> if you're by the coast, it'll be nice. you're inland, it will be hot. show you how hot.
5:58 am
5:59 am
this is ktvu mornings on two. >> good morning: thanks for waking up with us, thursday, june 25th. i'm pam cook. >> with oar wide awake.
6:00 am
>> are by now. been up quite a few hours. >> check your weather and traffic. steve paul son says got ready. >> if you're by the coast, it'll be nice. if you're inland, it's going to be hot. there will be a 40-degree spread. >> leave the windows open >> there's not much fog. there's a teeny bit out. there doesn't have much of a chance today. now, by tomorrow, i think it does. today will be the day for the hottest day. a little bit of patchy fog in distance. when it's


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