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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this is ktvu mornings on two. >> good morning: thanks for waking up with us, thursday, june 25th. i'm pam cook. >> with oar wide awake. >> are by now. been up quite a few hours. >> check your weather and traffic. steve paul son says got ready. >> if you're by the coast, it'll be nice. if you're inland, it's going to be hot. there will be a 40-degree spread. >> leave the windows open >> there's not much fog. there's a teeny bit out. there doesn't have much of a chance today. now, by tomorrow, i think it does. today will be the day for the hottest day. a little bit of patchy fog in distance. when it's that shallow, thats
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it you there's warm air aloft. we have a cap. some of the lows never got below 06 this morning. won't take long to start warming up. 60s for some low, even a few mid-. san jose sitting at 60 degrees. and the north bay, which usually dips into a few 0s, i've seen nothing but 50s here. >> i knew what you -- >> west, southwest at 8. that's it. travis, anything less than 10 this time of year. a sure sign there are very warm temps on the way. hot conditions out to the valley. maybe record highs out by fresno. a lot of high clouds look like -- they're set to move in here, but not until saturday. sun today. it will be nice for some, warm to hot for others. nice at the coast, but not that warm. 6 0s, 70s. you don't have to go far to find 80s, 90s, and 100s. all rightie, sal. slow traffic. anything going on? turn your mic on. turn your mic on.
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, you know,. how about now. >> my mic is dead. it was dead any way. we have a backup mic. can you hear me? . >> i can. go for it. >> go out and take a look at -- things happen. and you can say that another way, too. go out and take a look at the commute on westbound 580 as you drive from livermor, to dublin. the traffic is moving along okay. it's getting a little more crowded, though, and if you're driving out to the caster valley area, it is not all that bad. also talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic continues to move along relatively well. there are no major problems. take a look at the santa clara valley. the road sensors not showing a lot. this is a late starting commute. hopefully it'll just take the day off. for now off to a good start in the santa clara valley. at 6:02, let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. we are following a very disturbing case of
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animal cruelty. it happened in walnut creek a. woman says someone took her dog, tide and bound its legs, and left it to die in a canal. ktvu fox two's brian moore is in our newsroom now. we talked to that heart-broken woman. >> reporter: we did, dave. this is such a sad story somebody could do this. according to the woman, this happened on monday, and now she's asking why this would happen to such a beloved pet. now, the dog was a 14-year-old australian shepherd named gino, pictured here. marlin digenzo showed us pictures. she tells us ktvu, on monday, the body of gino was found with its legs tide together with shoe lace. she says gino never strayed away from the home, but the family couldn't find the dog on monday, and it wasn't until early tuesday when a worker with the contra costa county water district called the family after he found the dog eels body in the canal. >> i was heartbroken that anyone could do this to
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this it wasless, wonderful, gentle dog. this isn't a dog that would run up at you and attack this was a dog that when he saw you, he smiled. this was an old, frail and. >> she says her dog was older, as you heard her, had a tough time hearing, seeing, and never barked or bothered anybody. meantime, animal services is asking the public to help figure out what happened. marlin says she is planning on meeting with animal services to decide what to do next. and that meeting's scheduled to take place later today. dave, back to. >> thank you. time 6:04. meantime, fire fighters in ant i don't care, they are still at the scene of a brush fire. it was a wind-swept fire. started yesterday afternoon in contra loma regional, and several nearby homes were threatened. the fire burned 533 acres. it was fully contained late
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last night, but the fire crews are out there this morning, just making sure there are no flare-up else. now, people whose homes back up right to the park, they had to evacuate for several hours. still no word yet on how the fire started. coming up for you at 6:30, ktvu's alex savage is there. he'll give us a live report from that neighborhood. we are closely following developments at the circuit court this morning, because just about an hour from now, the justices will begin handing down some rulings. we could learn the out come of two closely watched cases. the circuit court never reveals ahead of time which decisions it will release on a given day. the two big cases everyone is waiting to hear about, same-sex marriage and obama care. we're going to have a live report right outside the circuit court. that's coming up at 6:30. well back here now, people in bay point are nervous now. sheriff's deputies reveal the two recent drive-by killings near highway 4, they were gang-related, and they were kdkaed.
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the first shooting happened saturday afternoon while the most recent one happened late tuesday. in that tuesday night shooting, shots were fired at a man and woman as they drove near the willow pass road ramp to westbound highway 4. now, the couple was able to drive to a hospital, but 19-year-old patricia ochoa later died from her wounds. a-year-old man is listed in stable condition. >> i drive up and down the freeway every day. my mom and dad live out here. i was born and raised here, and it's scary. >> now investigators have connected that shooting to one on saturday afternoon on highway 4 near bailey road. twenty-year-old thomas mendez of pittsburgh was killed in his car. investigators say all three victims of the two shootings, they were targeted. the sheriff's department says the general public shouldn't be concerned about driving on highway 4. san jose police are asking for help to identify two men caught on camera in a daring robbery. take a look. police say one of the men ran
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up to two women inside a parking garage at south second street, and grabbed their purses. one of the women fell to the ground. the second woman was there standing by. they -- both of the men then ran off. the attack happened at 1:30 in the morning on sunday, june 14th. anyone who recognizes the men is asked to call san jose police. bart is considering a plan to reopen the public rest rooms at its underground bart station. they have been closed almost 14 years since the september 11th terrorist attacks, and ktvu fox two reporter tara moriarty at the pal street station in san francisco where bart could test the idea that would include redesigning the rest rooms. >> reporter: yeah. these new rest rooms would have a much more open design. the toilets would still be behind closed doors, but sink would be outside and monitored by surveillance. these from the bath rooms. the new doors would be semi opaque and have gaps at
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the top and bottom. the do sine came about in order to discourage things like drug use, vandalism, and other suspicious behavior. the test-run rest rooms would be located here at the pal street station and 19th street station in uptown oakland. you may recall bart closed all of its bath rooms after 9/11 because of potential terrorist threats. most of those rest rooms have reopened except for the ones at the ten ends ground stations. most passengers we talked to say they approve of the idea. >> i believe it's a good idea to have the rest rooms back open. you don't know how many folks that come through here from all around the world who need to use the restroom in an emergency, and they don't have time to make it to the mall or go to the gap building, which is over here. . wherever they need to go, either they have to pay or get up there to the third floor. >> reporter: bart says it received a lot of complaints about the stench of urine and fe chris at entrances. passengers blaming the problem on the closed
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restroom. now this idea doesn't come without a price tag. it would cost about a million dollars each year to clean, monitor, and repair those rest rooms. and the plan is going to be discussed at tonight's board meeting at 5:00 in oakland. live from san francisco, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> we'll follow that meeting. thank you, tara. 6:09 is the time. bart has confirmed plans to shut down service during two weekends later this summer. bart says it won't run trains between we could oakland and the embarcadero stations between saturday, august 1st. now, during the closure, crews will repair a section of track near the trans bay 2. bart will run buses between downtown oakland and downtown san francisco during that time. time now 6:09 here on mornings on two, and a watchdog agency is accusing whole foods markets of overcharging customers by overstateing the weight of prepackaged item else. now, the city's department of consumer affairs claims it tested 80 different
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kinds of prepackaged products, and every one was mislabeled. the overcharges reportedly range from 08 cents for a package of pecan panco to almost $15 for dock nut shrimp. now, whole foods denies the allegations. they say it will refund any items that were incorrectly weighed or priced. it's 6:10, and an about face for the city of berkeley. in 28 minutes, we're beginning tell you about the reason officials are now joining a criminal investigation into last week's deadly balcony collapse. >> shame on ya. you shouldn't be doing that. >>
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last night, bible study was held once again inside emannuel am, church exactly one week since that shooting rampage. reverend pickney's funeral, it will be tomorrow, and president obama will deliver the eulogy. meantime the boston marathon bomber apologized to his victims as he was sentenced to death, saying, "i'm sorry for the lives i've taken." he said he listened to each one of them how the bombing deeply hurt and affected them. as the judge handed down the death sentence, he told tsarnaev he would only be
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remembered for the we had done. president obama has had his fair share of heckl,rs. yesterday he shut one down. >> oh, no no, no. no, no, no. -- you're my house. >> the heckl,r started yelling, "no more deportations" at the president. president obama stopped his speech to try to calm the person down. an immigrant lgbt activist group says the heckler is an undocumented immigrant who is a trance gender. she wanted to bring attention to the plight of lgbt immigrants. because she kept yelling, she was kicked out. time is 6:15. . happening today, t mobile will unveil the newest installment of its carrier
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package. today is number ten. they're calling it uncarrier and. some of the past conversations gave consumers a simple calling plan, and they didn't have to sign a two-year contract. another uncarrier version included incentives for businesses to switch their plan to t mobile. no word yet on today's incentive, but industry analysts say t mobile's marketing has pulled in customers. it also forced customers, like verizon and at&t to pay attention. message service to anyone with a phone number. the social media giant says it will allow users to sign up for its messenger app even without a facebook account. the company has been adding new feels, including video calls, business functions. , of course, facebook is still encouraging people to sign up for the whole facebook experience. time is 6:16. get you out the door. sal you ready to take care of the folks. >> don't have a lot going.
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beginning to get a little more crowded. i do want to mention the traffic is going to be business, i think, throughout the day, getting in and out of san francisco. there's a baseball game there. 12:451st pitch. the giants and the padres. and look at the spiders. spiders up. 617 came up, building a web on our bay bridge toll plaza camera. backed up all the way to the maze. metering lights are on. got work to do. got work to do: keeps the guys in the control room kind of busy, too. . go out and take a look at the commute on 237, see traffic is moderately heavy here. if you're driving into the south bay, for the most part, we're doing well. a little slow traffic here and there on 101. not that bad. i'm a little surprised it isn't worse. it seems later that it is. it's only 617, but that sun comes up early, steve, and it goes to bed late. there's pam in the background.
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>> it's light out until 9, 9:15. but it's summer. we just had the longest day of the year, so it makes sense. so do hot temperatures. that's what many are going to have. not all, though,. there's a little fog on santa cruz, san mateo coast. temperatures on the coast, sun won't be that warm yet. inland it will be warm to shot. good morning, steve. good morning william. valeo 57 degrees. yesterday was okay at 84. but it fees like it may be hotter today. and chad, views over balbo park in san francisco. warm and clear already. happy thursday. it will be a beautiful day in the city unless you don't like it over 6. i think there will be mid-70s. a little fog out toward monta ray, santa cruz, some sneaking its way up to san mateo coast. it is shallow, but a little there. 60s on the temps for some: 50s
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for some. napa airport at 51, half-moon bay at 54. not much of a breeze. in fact, it's slightly offshore for some. the delta breeze has collapsed. so 45 up in truckie, 50s and 7 0s already: could be some record highs. fresno looking for 106 today. a little bit of fog there again. that's the only fly in the incidentment. your best bet looks to be marin county or bedega bay. there's a little fog. there some monsoon moisture looks like it's poised to move up to us by the weekend. it will be nice at the coast. take your pick. those 06s and 7 0s. stimson beach looks beautiful today. warm it up pretty fast. snow ma 95. 100, 103 up to clearlake, 100 up to vacaville. 90s to 100, oakly, livermore, berkeley at 80, 90 in downtown san jose, probably about 94 east san
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jose, 90s to 100 santa clara valley. 60s, 7 0s on the coast. it's nice, not an off-shore breeze. okay, but not hot. 80s, 90s on the peninsula. looks like tomorrow we start to see the fog come back. it will cool down. a big drop with high clouds on the weekend. >> most of us have to get through today. you have to shut those windows if you kept them open, because -- >> not much cooling. >> not much. >> it won't take long to warm up the house. time now 6:, 20 still ahead a new development in the oakland police investigation of those dangerous side shows. in 17 minutes, what we found out about a badly injured oakland police officer who was there at the scene and how he ended up with glass in her face. >> but first, an incredible experience for the ambitious hiker in all of us. i know you and i probably wouldn't scale el capitan. but after the break, we're
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since then, his parents decided to make the most of their time together. last night, family took in a giants game. the team gave charlie the vip treatment. he got to meet players, like star shortstop brandon crawford, got an autograph from outfielder justin maxwell. >> he doesn't have control. . out here he has control. he gets to be an eight-year- old, gets to play. that's beauty of all of it. >> we kind of think it's something that grown-ups get and old people get, but they're our babies you know, eight-year-olds boys. >> charlie is the oldest of four children. he has a tumor the size of a
6:25 am
silver dollar below his left ear. time is 6:24. picked a pretty good game to go to the giants game. the giants played the padres. they didn't need much scoring. got a lot of 1 swing of the bat by buster pose say. buster right there. it's a grand slam: the 3rd in it. buster's 2nd grand slam in 5 games. yes, he did. he kept back the pitching of brian sogoval. the giants play the padres again at at&t park at 12:45. the oakland as were swinging hard yesterday, against the texas rangers. lowry hit a pitch over center field. a grand slam in the 1st inning. it was followed by a josh a bigly 2-run homer in the 2nd. now, the a's scored 8 runs in the first 2 innings, and they ended up winning 8-2.
6:26 am
the a's rangers will be back on the field again this morning in texas. 1st pitch is actually at 11:00 this morning. >> awesome. have you ever wanted to climb yosemite's el capitan, but never had the skill or probably the guts? don't worry. goggle maps lets you climb the mount virtually. go to goggle street view now, and see what it is like to climb on the nose and the portion of the don wall. three climbers scaled the mountain to capture the imagery for goggle, bring it to all of us, who would otherwise never see that angle. >> i'll go if you go. >> i'll do it virtually. i'm going to do it after the show, because that looks very, very cool to experience that. i would never actually do that. >> wow. >> sweaty hands. time now 6:26. anticipation's rally building ahead of today's big court ruling by the u.s. circuit court. coming up at 6:30, we'll get a live report on the two big rulings we're watching and waiting on for
6:27 am
same-sex marriage and obamacare. >> plus quite a close call for people living in this ant i don't care neighborhood yesterday. the large fast-moving brush fire burned dangerously close to a lot of homes. we'll tell you what it took to get these flames under control and the work that's been going on overnight. >> we are looking at the san mateo bridge. that looks okay. getting a little more crowded. doesn't look too bad getting over to 101. >> warm and hot for many today. when the sun goes down, it will be warm tonight.
6:28 am
female announcer: time is running out to get the hottest deal on a new mattress. sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon! right now at sleep train save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and serta icomfort.
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big savings and interest-free financing? these deals aren't just hot, they're explosive! sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . the court expected to issue
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its much anticipated ruling on same-sex marriage either this morning, tomorrow morning, or monday morning. the high court never announces ahead of time which ruling it's going to release. so we're all watching, and we're waiting. they're going to start releasing rulings this morning in just about 30 minutes from now. >> right after we check our weather and traffic for you, we'll get a live report from right outside the u.s. circuit courts. so stay where you are. >> big week. good morning. thank you for joining us for mornings on two, thursday, june 25th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 6:30, and, yeah, we were talking, because i interrupted you. we were talking about spiders. we both had a lot of spiders inside the house this time of year. >> too hot. >> they're coming on in. >> they need some water, need some shade. >> i should put something outside. >> there you go. >> it's already pretty warm for some. there's a little bit of fog on the san mateo santa
6:31 am
cruz coast. i don't think it's going to matter except for right there by the coast. sentence, marin county coastline, snow ma look really good. it's going to be warm quick here. catherine grand, 62 degrees, and not a leaf moving in concord. very still, near 100 there. yesterday had a really robust breeze. that's not the case today. 66 already, clear and calm, expecting a hot day today. 104. i would agree with that. i think i went 103, but 10 is close enough. except for that little fog on the san mateo coast, already in the 6 0s. i expect next hour to see these ramp up pretty fast. there's not a breeze. there's hardly any fog. when you get less than 10 an hour, that's sure sign. very hot in the valley as well. maybe some record highs. much of the west coast all the way up to seattle, it's really warm. for us, temperatures they'll be in the 90s to 100s inland. a lot of cloud cover looks like it's on its way for
6:32 am
saturday. sun, a little bit of patchy fog. it'll be nice at the coast. 90s to 100, 60s, 70s, and 80s by the water. all rightie, sal. what do you have for >> right now we do have traffic that's getting a little slower in some areas. take a look at what we have. this is a look at the east shore freeway and from the carcinas bridge to the mac arthur maze, 22 minutes. still not too bad. definitely a little more than we had a while ago. when you get to the bay bridge, you are be waiting there just a bit. s you drive out to the macarthur maze, no major problems. the bay bridge commute, once you get on to the span looks pretty good. i want to mention the 680 southbound between the ven,tia bridge and walnut creek, that still looks good. westbound 24, moderate toward the tunnel. 6:32, let's go to the desk. >> thank you, sal. the circuit court could drop major bombshells today. decisions are expected soon on two big cases. one could legalize same-sex
6:33 am
marriage across the country. another could spell the end of obamacare. reporter doug luzader outside the courthouse. good morning. it's going to be a busy spot doug. >> reporter: it is. we don't know what's going to happen today. part of the mystery of the court. we obviously don't know how these decisions are going to come down. we don't even know for sure if they're gouge be released today, be the court's term ends next week, so very soon they have to release decisions on about a half dozen cases, two of which are being very closely watched. the two big cases with just days to go. as early as today, the circuit court the circuit court could rule on the constitutionality of gay marriage and the future of obama care. this could be the day so many have been waiting for. >> for circuit court watchers like us, this really is kind of world series, super bowl all rolled into one. >> reporter: we already saw huge crowds when the court heard arguments in
6:34 am
ob,rgofeld v. more and more states have chosen to allow same-sex unions, but% set a national precedent. >> the nation has been moving in the direction of marriage equality, and many expect that the circuit court will follow suit. >> reporter: and then there's obamacare. king vburwell, as the court calls the case, and four words that are either something of a typo, oversight, or something intentional that could unravel the wall. the affordable care act says lower-income americans could qualify for health insurance subsidy only through health exchanges that are, quote, "established by the state." the complication is 34 states did not establish exchanges, and if they're left out, the entire system could collapse. >> this is one of those classic instance where is you have some people saying, "look at the text of the law." you have others talking about the policy consequences that would follow. >> reporter: now, just to give
6:35 am
you a little flavor what it's like outside the circuit court, you see a lot of running shoes out here, because some people jog here to get the decisions once they're released. and we're talking about the physical paper, and then come sprinting out the courthouse, actually deliver them to the media. so we should know, indeed, -- what time is it now? twenty-five minutes or so. whether these decisions are going to come down today. >> that's funny you showed us the dresses and the running shoes. they literally have to run down all those stairs when they get that decision. we're glad you're out there. like you said, about 25 minutes from now. we're going to be following this, checking in with you for that. thank you, doug. and again, closely monitoring the action this morning at the circuit court. we're going to bring you the ruling as soon as they are handed down. whatever they decide on today. coming up at 7:00, we also have a law professor in the studio to help us black down everything that comes in. dave? time is 6:35. back here in the bay area, a
6:36 am
brush fire in east contra costa county fanned by really strong winds. it's fully contained now. the quickly moving fire shook up a lot of people, and also prompted evacuations. ktvu fox two's alex savage joining us live. you're in ant i don't care. the fire is contain, but it's still not out, sit? . >> . >> reporter: they're keeping an eye on a few hot spots. they have it fully controlled. been a long night for firefighters to say the least. they've been out here throughout the night keep an eye on the hillsides just beyond where we are. you can see they're charred. you can see, time to time, smoke rising from certain areas. we have seen fire crews up on those hills, keeping an eye on those hot spots to make sure nothing flares up. as we come over here to the left-hand side in this neighborhood, you can see how close the flames came to some of these homes. that is not far away from the backyards of these homes. the good news, though, this morning, this fire is officially 100% contained, but obviously a lot of anxious moments for people who
6:37 am
live here. . this fire quickly grew to about 500 acres yesterday afternoon with helicopters and air tankers being called in to make drops. flames crept dangerously close to quite a few homes, and a number of people were evacuated along grumsby drive, because their places backed right up to the contra loma regional park. this fire was burning through dry brush. now, some neighbors worried and, of course, packed up their cars. otherwise, they stayed put. we saw some folks grabbing garden hoses, trying to do what they could to spray down their houses as the flames came closer. things very intense for quite awhile, but people were impressed with just how quickly those cal fire crews gave the upper hand. >> the guy with the helicopter with the bag of water, i mean, he was going back and forth from -- over the hill. so he was getting full of water and coming back real fast. >> reporter: and in the end,
6:38 am
the good news is no homes were lost out here. really incredible, given the fact we are dealing with such dry conditions here in the middle of this drought and the fact it was such a warm day yesterday, and you also had the winds to contend with as well. obviously, a real sense of relief in this neighborhood. crews know they are not out of thed woo. shaping up to be a very busy fire season. and in fact, cal fire sent out a report. essentially what they said is, just in the last week, they had crews battling 275 separate fires across california, dave. so they are going to have their hands full this fire season. this particular fire still under investigation in terms of the cost. >> all right. alex savage. we'll talk to you later. thank you. time is now 6:38. starting monday, three bay area counties will ban outdoor burning because of the fire danger. cal fire suspending all permits for outdoor residential burning in alameda,
6:39 am
contra costa, and santa clara counties. that includes burning branches and leaves, wants homeowners to clear away dead or diagnose shrubs, also trim tree limbs to reduce that fire danger. well the fire in ant i don't care, alex was just telling you about is one of several burning around california. one of the biggest is a 17,000- acre fire still burning out of control. it's near the nevada border. that wildfire started last friday. it's only 10% contained. parts of highway 4 and 89 remain closed this morning. no buildings have been damaged so far. but the flames are moving closer to cabins now. several nearby campgrounds have already been evacuated while the mountain town of marclayville, it's on standby. 990 firefighters have been brought to the area to battle the flames, which was tryingered by lightning. now, in northern california california, a big wildfire northwest of l.a. is 45% contained. look at these pictures. now, this started yesterday
6:40 am
afternoon. it has burned 350 acres. more than a thousands people had to evacuate, and a part of the i-5 freeway was shut down. but all the evacuation orders, they were lifted last night. one firefighter had to be treated for minor injuries. oakland police say they are working on new strings to crack down on side shows, and this comes after a police officer is injured in a freelance photographer shot at. . >> this youtube video shows a side car early saturday morning. oakland police say, when officers responded, someone threw a bottle, hitting a female officer in the place. she had to undergo emergency surgery, and received more than 100 stitches in her face. that same night a freelance photographer was shooting video of another side show when multiple shots were fired in his direction. >> i don't know.
6:41 am
it's been going on a long time. you it stopping? i don't see it stop. >> oakland police say it will increase staffing on the weekends and get help from the sheriff's department and chp. police are also asking for any other pictures or video that show the officer getting injured. they say anyone who comes forward can remain anonymous. time is 6:41. the city of berkeley now joining a criminal investigation into last week's deadly balcony collapse, where six people were killed and seven others were hurt. now earlier, berkeley city officials announced their investigation was over and that investigators were not looking into whether crimes have been committed. however, the cold front the is reporting berkeley's position changed. the allegheny county da's office said it would investigate the balcony collapse where those six people died, and seven others were hurt. it's 6:41. we are learning more about those deadly shootings near highway 4 over the past west. coming up at 7:00, the
6:42 am
connection between the two, and what police are saying about public safety. >> would you drink recycled toilet water. how far people are willing to go when it comes to the drought. . >> still looks good. we'll tell you more about these commutes coming up. >> except for a little fog on the santa cruz coast, it would be sunny, warm to hot for everybody.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
georgia mean d, la v,ga in san jose. a hard topic to have during breakfast, but what are some people saying? >> reporter: when we asked people if they would be willing to drink recycled toilet water, most people laughed, said, "eww." not a single person we asked said they would not try it. a new report out by the bay area council asked people if they would consider drinking recycled water. it's often referred to as toilet to tap. 48% of people support that.
6:46 am
something the mayor and others are pushing, even drank recycled water a couple months ago to illustrate it's safe to drink. they want to develop a local source of water, let it drip into underground aquifers to make it clean for drinking. >> it sounds gross, but when you think about it, it makes sense. if they can take ecoli out of water, i don't think sigh they would not this able to take any other bacteria out. >> reporter: another interesting finding, 63% of the people say the state should build more dams and reservoirs. we posed the same question to people this morning. >> that sounds better to me just because at least it's not toilet water. but i know that'd be expensive probably. take a lot of money. $5 isn't too much if it would make a big difference.
6:47 am
>> reporter: -- so far, it schools like everybody has an opinion when it comes to the drought. pam. >> certainly an interesting conversation today. time now 6:47. tonight the golden state warriors hope to take that first step in repeating as champs. the 2015 draft will be held. since the warriors have the best record in the league, they get to pick last. that's the 30th pick overall. but there are reports going around the warriors are looking to move up. they may trade the pick. they may also trade david lee.
6:48 am
. here's somebody they should get. this is st,ph curry's wife. she made it, and she's pregnant. >> a 3-pointer. nothing to it. s, the,ph thought he was the one. she is the one. that's aisha curry. she wrote, "nine months pregnant, and i can still knock it down." yes, she can. some of the warrior fans got an up-close look at the championship trophy yesterday. it was on display at the musconi center in san francisco, where the san francisco travel association held its 105th annual lunch. now, we still don't know when the warriors will take the trophy out on the road so that everybody, the public, can see up close. >> we all do that.
6:49 am
you take your selfie, like we did with the giants. we got to take sel fictiones with all 3. >> yeah. 6:48 is the time. let's check in with -- >> good morning, dave and pam. coming up in our next hour, san francisco supervisors took the muni challenge, choosing to ride the system many of their cob stitch went have to rely on every day. it was a real wake-up call to the supervisor who lost the most. his takeaway, and why will says most san franciscans may not agree. >> and we've all had a difficult coworker. for most of us, we just learn to live wit without resorting to criminal acts. what one man admitted to putting in his coworker's water bottle that landed hip behind bars, and why he said he did it. these are stories we're working on. see you in a few. >> we have wonderful cowor ers.
6:50 am
>> i would hope you're not putting anything in your water. good morning, everybody. go out and take a look at what we have. traffic is moving along pretty well. this is highway 24. a little slow here at the lafayette exit. we don't have anything going on that is going to be an obstruction for you. as you drive from walnut creek to oakland, actually been a decent commute. and we haven't had anything major. this is now a look at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza, and you can see it's still a little slow as you come into san francisco. the traffic is going to be -- you have to wait for about 15 minutes or so. eastbound 580 at eden canyon road, we have a report of a car on fire. the fire department has arrived on the scene. you might see slow traffic on 580 to new caster
6:51 am
valley in the eastbound direction as you drive over to dublin because of that activity. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> i stepped out for a second, and my water tasted funny. >> you see, be careful. >> probably pam. she's been -- just kidding. just kidding. we do have mostly clear skies. i say that because of a little bit of fog on the santa cruz coast. it doesn't have much of a chance. but if you just can't stand the heat, take a day trip over the there, because it'll be a lot better. in fact 60 there 70s. 80s, 90s to 100s. not going to take long. already 60s for some, low mid- 60s. 55 half-moon bay. fog has moved in. some of the 24-hour temperature change shows some areas already 6 degrees warmer than they were this time yesterday. napa airport, 2 degrees cooler. not everybody. this time of year, it's going to be pretty warm. a slight offshore at hay
6:52 am
injured. emphasis on "little." going to be very hot temperatures in the valley. the entire west coast from phoenix all the way up to seattle looks really warm today. some of that fog, though, will be on the increase tonight, maybe tomorrow morning, more likely. a lot of high clouds look like they're taking aim for us probably over the week. so we'll cool it down, but get the humidity factor up. today it's just mainly sun, except a little fog on the coast. santa cruz, san mateo. north of that there's nothing. going to be very hot for some. won't take long. some of the lows look like they've already bottomed out. temperatures will start to zoom up pretty quick. 90s to 100s for many, at least away from the coast. but by the coast, a little different, 60s, 7 0s, and then on the peninsula, 80s and 90s. tomorrow looks slightly cooler. 20-degree drop by saturday. >>. okay. >> . it is now 6:52. the fire storm over the race to
6:53 am
fly the confederate flag hitting close to home. how a petaluma man is defending his decision of putting up the controversial display.
6:54 am
6:55 am
leon is noel this would backwards. today is the halfway point of
6:56 am
the calendar year to christmas day. we are halfway there. start shopping. not sure how the holiday got started. for crafters, this is the day they start thinking about what they're going to create for those homemade gifts. >> a look in the background. santa way by. >> santa's busy. american greetings actually created a leon day card. many nonprofit organizations use the organization to remind people there are a lot of communities who need help all year round. so wait for the holidays to help them. a los angeles man, probably wont be calling his female coworkers anymore, not after he literally spent the day in their shoes. recently tried wearing high heels for a day. women were always complaining about their aching feet. he had barely started wearing the shoes when he said he was in agony. by afternoon he said he could barely walk.
6:57 am
his conclusion,, quote,. a lamb boar ginney convoy, even the giants lucille came out arriving at the kabuki theater. they were there to see "batkid begins." hey, lucille. the document tarry is about cancer survivor miles scott. his wish was to become bat man for a day. people from all over were cheering him on. now, we didn't see the little man there, but the head of the make a wish foundation says he did enjoy the film about his special day. >> he has. he saw it on a friday night, and he woke up saturday morning it's the first thing he said: "i want to see it again." . >> we're told the film maker is donating her percentage of the movie to the bat kid foundation, which supports several charities in the city. >> what a phenomenal day that was. >> yeah.
6:58 am
well we have been -- outside the circuit court all morning long. anticipation building ahead of today's decisions from the u.s. circuit court, which could come down any minute. up next, we're going to break down the two big rulings we are watching: same- sex marriage and obamacare. >> also a security measure your put in place after 9/11, it may be reversed. up next, the relief that could be on the way for you bart riders who need to answer the call of nature.
6:59 am
7:00 am
any minute now the supreme court could issue a ruling on some landmark cases. we will break down the two big decisions we are watching on day marriage and obamacare. and firefighters in eastern contra costa county, they are making sure a wildfire doesn't flare up again. the concerns that prompted evacuations in one neighborhood all ahead on "mornings on 2". good morning and welcome to mornings on two. we are live at san francisco's powellle street station. that's why bart is considering something it hasn't done since the september 11 terror attacks. in a few


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