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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 25, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. we are near the los gatos fire fire. we are live and tell us about fire concerns in the area and the progress the crews are
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making. >> reporter: cutting away havingation while fire smoldered all around them. you can see the haze flames left behind. >> our biggest concern is the hot weather we are experiencing later on. right now we are putting a lot of equipment on this fire trying to get it contained as possible. >> reporter: this started at around 5:30 this morning spreading to five acres, how fire crews spent hours cutting a trench to prevent it from spreading. water isn't readily available. fire depend on the health of san jose firefighters filling up their containers and hauling it back up. no homes were threatened. -- >> we are asking people to maintain fire safety throughout
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the day. >> reporter: they say just to be safe they are going to keep a crew out here to watch it and they will come back tomorrow to make sure nothing sparks back up. fox 2 news. fire crews are also spending the day watching for hot spots after a brush fire that was fanned by strong winds. ktvu tells us the fast moving fire prompted a number of evacuations. throughout the night firefighters kept an eye on this large burned area in antioch and work today put out hot spots. this wind driven fire broke out yesterday afternoon. a number of homes had to be evacuated. jennifer newton grabbed her pets and packed the minivan with a few keepsakes. >> they are not masterpieces but they are to our family. that was one of the first
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things i grabbed. i wasn't home when the fire started. so i just said get me home as fast as i can and got the paintings and the dogs and the cats. >> reporter: newton headed to her daughter's house near by. crews fought to control this fire that was burning through dry bush. firefighters tell me a number of homes on this cul-de-sac easily could have been lost in the fire yesterday. you look at the burned area and you can see how close the flames came to some of these backyards. fire crews were standing by to protect these homes. >> those retardant drops made all of the difference. he was in the thick of this fire fight yesterday and he says the winds were really making things tough. >> it was one of the faster moving fires i have been on. we had about four different directions at one point.
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you put the wind behind it and as you can see behind us we had several homes threatened. >> reporter: investigators working to find out how this fire started as neighbors finally exhale after a nerve racking night. she is grateful her home is still standing. >> god bless the firefighters. they are amazing men, amazing people. >> they did a wonderful job. >> reporter: crews will continue to monitor this fire to make sure it doesn't flare back up. ktvu fox 2 news. several big fires are burning across california tonight. one of the biggest is a 17,000- acre fire that still out of control. it started last friday and it is only 10% contained. parts of highway 4 and 89 are still closed because of the wild fire. the buildings have been damaged to far but the fire is moving
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closer to cabins. several campgrounds have been evacuated. investigators say the fire was sparked by lightning. in southern california a wild fire is now 45% complained. it is in santa clarita. more than one thousand people were forced to evacuate their homes. all evacuation orders were lifted last night. one garage was damaged. the cause of the fire is not yet known. they will ban outdoor burning. they are suspending all permits for outdoor residential burning. the ban includes burning branches and leaves. they are also asking homeowners to clear any dead or dying shrubs and to trim tree limbs to reduce the risk. the wait continuing for same sex marriage sporters as they did not issue a decision today. they did issue a ruling on
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another controversial case, the affordable care act or as some call it obamacare. we explain what the decision means moving forward. >> reporter: after years of bipartisan bickering the white house is calling it a victory. >> as the dust has settled there is no doubt this law is working. it has changed and in some cases saved american lives. >> reporter: this morning in a 6-3 decision the court said the insurance subsidies can be used in both state and federal marketplaces. at issue was a line in the law that basically said that states could only provide those subsidies. it was the second time the supreme court saved obamacare. had they struck down the law there was a possibility the affordable care act could have collapsed. >> it was their best shot at
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challenging it. it would stand to reason we would not see another case. i didn't think it would be challenged the first or second time and it did. >> if it had succeeded millions of americans would have had thousands of dollars worth of tax credits taken from them. >> reporter: for the judges he called the result quote absurd saying it should be called care. rubia says he remains focused on repealing obamacare. the supreme court did not make a decision on same sex marriage and whether it falls under 14th amendment protection. that could come down as early as tomorrow but experts say likely on monday. prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into last week's balcony collapse that killed six students.
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we are live with what the d.a . has to say, tom. >> reporter: depending on what investigators actually find some folks may actually be looking at jail now. this his tonight launching of an investigation, not the bringing of any charges. they also verified if no criminal charges can be supported she will also investigating pressing civil charges against anyone who failed to perform their duties. she says all evidence are in the hands of law enforcement, not the buildings owners that had been previously reported. she said he has up to three years to bring criminal charges but would not say if any city officials would be include until that investigation. it is important to note we'll have much more on this at 5:00.
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ktvu channel 2 news. police say, and the video shows it, two men walk up to two women inside a parking garage and grab their purses. one woman falls to the ground. a second man is standing by and then the two men run off. this attack happened at 140 in the morning sunday, june 14th. police don't know who the two men are in this video. they are asking anyone who recognizes the attackers to call police. bart passengers needing to find relief. the transit agency decided to close the restrooms due to security concerns. right now all but ten aroundground stations have reopened restrooms. they are considering opening test run bathrooms. those we heard from were in
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favor of the plan. >> tellthe elevators constantly have a urine smell. if they maintained it it would seem like it would be a lot of work. i'm not sure. >> probably less work than the escalators right? >> yes. definitelyless work than the escalators. >> bart agreed to shut down the trancebay service this summer. service will also be stopped during labor day weekend in september. during closure crews will repair a section of track. bart will run buses between downtown oakland and downtown san francisco. the drought, how it has some rethinking using recycled water, how they are getting over the yuck factor. extreme heat today. a cool down isn't too far
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behind. we have more up next with your bay area forecast. the prison guard is due in court, what the guard is accused of doing and also an update on the search for two escapees.
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no. no. no. no. no. >> the heckler started yelling no more deportation. he was making remarks in honor of national pride month. president obama stopped him and tried to calm the person down. they say the heckler is an undocumented immigrant that wanted to bring attention to the fight of lgtb immigrants and was removed from the room when they kept screaming. reverend pinkcney was brought to the church in charleston where he was a
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pastor. the funeral is set for tomorrow. president obama will deliver theeulogy. a man started flying the confederate flag this week. they published this photo of travis with the flag. he put up the flag tuesday as a response for calls for removing the flag. a number of mains say they are -- neighbors say they are upset. he is an actor that plays a union worker. he is charged with helping the two dangerous inmates escape from jail earlier this month. this come as they are focusing on the 75 square mile area around the prison. a second employee at a new
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york prison the facing criminal charges. the 57-year-old accused of helping richard matt break out of the correctional facility on june 6th. >> he is embarrassed. he is sorry for the attention he is getting right now. >> he is accuse odd hoping the fugitive's escape. she gave the tools they needed. >> he had brought it into the facility and some of the toos in it and put it inside the taylor shop and he would pick it up and bring it into the block and give it to richard matt. >> they asked her to do things that she did and she conned people into doing it for her. in my mind she is just as manipulative as the escapees
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are. >> more than one thousand federal state and law enforcement members are involved in this search area. >> officials warning the killers may be armed saying they could have stolen weapons and ammunition from cabins in the area. >> that is one of the things that they will become more desperate. we are very concerned ability that, concerned for the people that live in that area. >> drivers blocked the streets today. the protesting expansion, it's a division of uber. protesters threw rocks at police officers and set tires on fire. taxi drivers say the ban isn't being enforced. they say their own jobs are in
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danger. taxi drivers in france were joined by cabis from london and bell gem. listen -- recycled water is used for landscape or industrial uses. a new poll shows 58 of people say they would reconsider drinking recycled water. >> if you think about it it makes sense. if they could take e. coli out i don't know why they wouldn't be able to take me other bacteria out. >> it is perfectly safe after purification of the would go into underground aquafors
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first. a new pipeline project. the water district is installing 3.5-miles of purple pile. it will run near dublin and danville and carry water to 40 large landscaping customers that includes the golf course and san ramon and danville parks. >> it is meant to preserve drinking it water during the drought. >> the state grant is covering half the cost. the utility says the people who don't golf will benefit because it will save drinking water. it is enough to keep 1600 homes with drinking water. this is a quick one that's not for the entire bay area.
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we are keeping it cool. the readings mainly in the 60s. this is looking across the bay. we have been tracking this but clearing skies right now. another camera for you. another perspective for temperatures in this area will be approaching 100 degrees this afternoon. we get the idea with the micro climate starting to pop up. it is out towards sacramento. temperatures easily approaching 105 to 110 degrees. that will be the extreme heat for today. we still have some patchy fog. sit a few patches showing up near parts of the shoreline as well. increasing sunshine out there. take a look at numbers updated for the 12:00 number. right now it's a cool 58 degrees in half-moon bay. the other extreme, look at
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these temperatures soaring inland. at the 12:00 in. so for the coast clearing nice to warm and then inland sunny and hot today. it will be by far the hottest day of the week. we will warm up the numbers 5 to 10 degrees from yesterday's readings. today is the hotst day. we will bring in more high clouds from the south. here is our forecast model. at 4:00 the marine layer returns. we'll cool things off friday. cooling will continue as moisture moves in from the south. we could have pop-up thunderstorms. lightning strikes will boost the fire dangers. that will be a concern. look at the clouds moving in on sunday. it will feel muggy out there but humid especially for the second half but beginning as early as saturday. temperatures for this afternoon beat the heat. look at fairfield 100 degrees.
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it is up to 100 near antioch and brentwood. sunnyvale 89 degrees. it is mid, 70s, 75. if you want the temperatures head to the coast. it is mainly in the 60s. here is the look ahead. we'll cool things off beginning friday. more high clouds by the weekend for sunday. it could feel muggy out there and possibly another warm up monday into tuesday. we always get nervous about 3:00 or 4:00 with the peak of the heat we start seeing possible fires pop up. >> yeah, and we think ant what happened yesterday, imagine if it happened today. >> yeah, still a bit of a breeze. >> okay. thank you. still ahead, the effect the economy and gas prices are having for the holiday. that's coming up next.
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take ago live look at the new york stock exchange. you can see the dow is down almost 40 point. s&p and nasdaq also each down by one tenth of one%. according to the u.s. department bay area workers earned nearly 50% more than the national average. workers in marin played $33.34 an hour. a national average is almost $11 an hour less than that. they are usually high paying positions. we have fewer job that is tend to pay less including
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production and transportation. it is offset by a higher coast of living. many americans are expect today travel for the upcoming 4th of july holiday thanks to lower gas prices. 41.9million people are expected to trial. it is the most we have seen since the start of the rescission. have you ever want today climb el capitan? you can see what it's like to climb on the nose and portion of the wall. they scaled the mountain to capture the imagery and bring it out to those who would otherwise never see such a spectacular site in person. they are hoping a criminal investigation into the balcony collapse in berkeley. we are talking about the next steps for the city and what
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needs to be done to close the legal gap on balcony code inspections. that's coming up tonight. thanks for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice for news. we hope you follow us on twitter, like us on facebook and check out our mobile app. we'll see you today.
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