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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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of shark it was. june 14, a 12-year-old girl lost her arm and was injured in the leg in a shark attack and an hour later a 16-year-old boy was bitten and lost his arm. >> we know it happens here. all right. over now to frank and julie. big news in berkeley. concerning the building collapse, the balcony collapse. we have two developments tonight. a young woman who was seriously injured posted an update on how she plans to live her life even though she may never walk again and now the district attorney launched a investigation, saying the victims deserve answers. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> six people killed and seven injured when the balcony collapsed a week ago. and now there could be charges, potentially, even manslaughter. ktvu's tom vacar is outside the
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apartment building in berkeley tonight -- berkeley tonight. >> reporter: it is possible somebody may be looking at jail if investigators find things they are looking for. >> reporter: the district attorney told reporters today she launched a full criminal investigation. >> an individual who is deemed to have engaged in criminal negligence could be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. >> as with any inquiry we will have to make the determination whether there are facts that support criminal charges, whether or not the charges killed be proven beyond a reasonable doubt -- could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. >> she also said that if no charges could be supported she will consider civil chargeles against anyone who failed to -- charges against anyone who failed to maintain their
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duties. >> that is the pledge i make from my office. >> reporter: there the evidence -- >> reporter: all the evidence is in the hands of law enforcement, not in the building owners hands. she has three years from the day of the accident to bring charges. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom, who could face the charges here? the ceo of the subcontractor or the people who did the work on the balcony? >> reporter: it depends on what the evidence shows. if there was shoddy workmanship, it could be the people who skipped doing that, if that happened. if somebody ordered them to do something like that or that pause procedure then people in the organization could be involved. or maybe somebody complained
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there was a problem and the management decided to ignore that. it depends on what the evidence shows and what the evidence shows will be determined who gets prosdeuted -- prosecuted. >> any idea how throng investigation might take -- how long the investigation might take? >> reporter: all of the evidence is there. everything that broke is already in custody. everything that they need to know is readily accessible. unless somebody tries to destroy it. there are plenty of back up records. a lot of this stuff will be easy to find. that could take weeks or months. but this will not take years. that is for sure. >> tom vacar, thank you. one of the 7 people injured in the balcony collapse posted on facebook about how she is
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doing and how she may never walk again. here is what she wrote. it is something here. the fall from the balany left me with two lapsed lungs, a broken shoulder, knee, ribs, a broken spinal cord. the chances of using my legs again are bleak. i am moving to a great rehabilitation center in san francisco and intend to give it everything i have. who knows, maybe legs have been holding me back all these years. the thing i am taking is that life is short. and i intend to honor those who died by living the happiest and most fulfilling life possible. enjoy a good dance and the feeling of grass beneath your feet. that post has 50,000 likes and
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shared 13,000 times. . watching for hot spots from yesterday's fire in antioch. that fire burned 530 acres of dry grassy hills, close to homes. a number of homes were evacuated and everyone was allowed to return today. relieved they had their homes to go to. one woman grabbed a few keepsakes. >> they not masterpieces but they are to our family. that was one of the first things i grabbed. besides my pets. i wasn't home when the fire started so i said get me home. >> she added the firefighters did a wonderful job. ktvu's cristina rendon joined cal fire and crews explained their strategy for fighting the fire and they said there were challenges including traffic. >> reporter: yeah. you know, we live in a big city so traffic came into play here. some of the fire engines got stuck in traffic trying to get
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to the fire. but they made it. there is smoldering still, that is why crews have been out here monitoring the hot spots. but they said some of the techniques were very valuable and it is why all the homes and people were saved. >> reporter: 24 hours after the fire ripped through the hills we road along to get a look at how crews stopped the flames. >> this is where. >> reporter: the chief says five methods were their strategy. >> we have bulldozers up the hill with an engine company. >> those were two. they had ground crews, air tankers and helicopters dropping water. >> we had a rev war over the ridge -- reservoir over the ridge. >> next to this fire. one that proved to be challenging challenging with homes so close. >> the biggest struggle was
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high temperatures, low humidities. the wind swirling. blowing the fire in four different directions. issues with communications. the radios don't work real well. >> reporter: it got close to homes, some had defensible space. other did not. >> all pieces of the pie, all ingredients that make it come together. can't do it without all of them. >> reporter: the contra costa county fire protection district is trying figure out how the fire started. they went door to door asking for tips, they want you to call them if you have information, and one firefighter said the fire unfortunately is likely a preview of things to come. >> a busy fire season. thank you. our chief meteorologist bill martin now. bill, like you said, it is a hot one today. >> it is. numbers right now in the 100s in the valleys.
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that is 10, 12 degrees warmer than last night or yesterday at this time. the warmest day of the week happening now. temperatures speaking right now. these are the numbers. vacaville 122. walnut creek 100. brentwood 100. morgan hill 97. 98 degrees. what is going on out there? check it out. ocean beach, san francisco, we talked about it last night, where is the fog? right? temperatures at the beach, no fog, we are in the 60s. 40-degree jump into the walnut creek area. which is what you expect into june and july here. we are setting up for a very hot summer. the increased fire danger. drought in the state of california. with these temperatures in the future we have that on our minds. when i come back, the heat and where it will go.
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things will flip around and fire danger, fire danger goes up in some places. we will talk about that. on a hot day like this it is important to remember how hot cars can get quickly. why you should never leave a pet or a child in a car when it is this hot outside. we will show you what it is like. paul chambers has been sitting inside a car with the windows up. how long you been inside? 25 minutes? >> reporter: 25 minutes. i tell you what, i am burning up. i drank two bottles of water. i want to show this to prove a point. swepting. let me show you. inside this car itsies 110 degrees -- it says 110 degrees. when i got tin it was -- tin it was 97 degrees. children's skin, 3-5% quicker
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than a normal adult. there have been 600 deaths of children who died in the car. 37 kids a year. i will tell you this, they think cracking the window helps, that doesn't work. in the shade, doesn't work. when it is seventy five degrees, the car could be 40 degrees hotter than outside and it goes quickly. the important thing is to remember to not leave your children inside the car. we talked to an expert who had this to say. >> children's body heats 3-5 times faster than an adult. their system will be overwhelmed and they will go into organ failure and die. >> reporter: you can go into heat stroke after over 104 degrees. i am at 110 degrees. i have water and towels, and i can get out of the car, we did this, we were responsible. we are at a fire house.
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we have firefighters on stand by. they will talk to you, the effects it had on my body. do not leave your children or animals in the car. at 6:00 p.m. the importance of the animals. you think you have 5 minutes, you know, people say i will grab this, that, you get inside, you see sales and you forget you left your loved ones in the car. >> scary how fast that car heats up. we will see you at 6:00 p.m. one of the nation's strictest bills on vaccines is closer to law. the hurdles it still has to pass before it goes to the governor. >> a man who lost part of his hand because of illegal fireworks. what his life is like now and how losing his fingers cost him his job. >> and b.a.r.t. board of directors is considering doing something it
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hasn't done since 9/11
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sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ 9/11. the wait continues for supports of same-sex marriage. the supreme court did not issue a ruling today but did decide another case. the affordable care act or obama care. the justices handed a big visibility tree the law. ktvu's brian flores -- victory for the law. ktvu's brian flores. . >> reporter: after bickering over the affordable care act the white house is calling today's ruling a victory. >> as the dust settled there could be no doubt this law is working. it has changed and saved
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american lives. >> this morning the court said subsidies could be used in state and federal market places. at issue was a line in the law that said that states could only provide subsidies. the problem was 30 states didn't sign up to create market places. this was the second time the supreme court saved obama care. if they struck down the law there was a possibility the affordable care act could have collapsed. >> this was their best shot at challenging it. i didn't think it would be challenged the first time or the second time and it did. >> if the challenge to the law succeeded millions would have had thousands of dollars worth of tax credits taken from them. >> reporter: he called the result ubsord. saying -- absurd.
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republican presidential candidate moral monday remains -- marco rubio remains committed to appealing obama care. the supreme court did not make a decision on same-sex marriage and whether it falls under 14 14th amendment protections. that could come down tomorrow but likely monday. brian flores,. >> reporter: hundreds of people came out today for the funeral of two charleston church massacre victims. ed lee and reverend sharonda singleton -- ethel lance and reverend sharonda singleton. ethel lance was a faithful friend with a smile who lived her life for her family and to serve the lord. >> unity of people coming together from all races in
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charleston. grieving together. praying together. and talking together. so those 9 lives i don't think were in vein. >> both women were among the 9 people killed last week when 21- year-old dylann roof opened fire on a bible study group at historic black church in charleston, south carolina. california students are closer to being retired to getting vaccinations before they could go to school. ktvu's keba arnold is live with the details and reaction. >> reporter: julie, lawmakers say mandating vaccines will protect children and the populations against outbreaks. debate to end the exampletion started last year after a measles outbreak at disneyland. there were 136 measles cases in the state. outbreaks like that would be
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prevented if more were immunized. only children with serious health issues would be allowed to opt out. thousands of parents lined up out there in opposition to the bill. they vowed to make their voices heard to the governor. >> the majority of people that use the personal belief exemption do so to selectively vaccinate. now any parents will have to home school children. >> this is what we have to do to protect children. it is good public policy. >> reporter: the senate approved the bill once but it still must approve amendments before it is sent to the governor. the governor hasn't said if he
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would sign the bill. the bill received support from held education organizations. and today -- elteducation organizations. and today's vote -- education organizations. today's vote found -- children should not be allowed to attend public school unless they are vaccinated. >> thank you. in southern california officials say the air attack resumed against the lake fire in the san bernardino mountains. they were stopped yesterday after two drones entered the air space so the right flights were ground -- so flights were grounded for safety. it burned 23,000 acres. mostly old growth timber. communities near some lakes have been warned they may have to evacuate. the wildfire south of lake tahoe near markleeville is now
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10% contained. it burned 17,000 acres. the flames came within 3 miles of the small town of markleeville but are now moving away. residents remain on alert. firefighters say they are concerned about the forecast that is calling for more heat, winds and possible thunderstorms. >> right now we have developing news. a grass fire near livermore and burned one structure. the fire is in a rural area off of tesla road. 7 miles from downtown livermore. we haven't heard of homes burning but one large structure was destroyed. so far about 40 acres burned. ktvu fox 2 news has a crew heading to the scene. right now on the phone is cal fire. can you tell me what the situation is right now? >> yes, we are working a
5:21 pm
vegetation fire off of tell luroad. 40 -- tesla road. 40 acres burned. one structure involved. i don't know the type of structure. and wires down in the area. we requested that police close tesla road at greenville road and reported after 5:00 p.m. that we have one firefighter that has been injured. though i don't know the nature of the injury. >> looks like it is off the road there. access is it easy or are there challenges getting to the flames? >> no. crews are able to get in there. but they are closing the roads down, wanting to keep the traffic out of there. >> are you worried about this moving closer to homes? potential evacuations? >> there is no evacuations that i heard of at this time. of course, the fire getting near structures is always a concern. >> pam, we saw the fire
5:22 pm
yesterday in antioch, and the winds really moved the fire, it spread quickly, what is the situation with this one, are you concerned? doesn't look like the winds are very strong. are you concerned about the fire burning or do you have it contained? >> no. the information i have, they have a good hand on it right now. hopefully we will be able to get it out and contained soon. >> this is bill martin. looking at the winds, 15, 17 miles per hour, tesla looks like a rural road. these pictures we are seeing, we see ranches. it looks like it is out of the main city, is this the case? >> yes, that is the case. this is a rural area. it is outside of the city. >> the terrain, lots of access to the fire, getting the feeling you think they have a handle on this, is this because
5:23 pm
you have a lot of access? >> yeah. access, and also the number of units that have been sent to it. >> just one final question, any idea what started the fire? >> no. we don't have a cause right now. >> again, 40 acres burning off of tesla road. one structure has been burned. this is 6-8 miles from downtown livermore. it appears they have a good handle on the fire. >> pam from cal fire, thank you. bill, more in the weather center. hot out there. this is looking like what it will be like. >> what we said yesterday, remember, there will be a fire -- no way around it. there will be a fire when we have this heat -- >> we are catching a break in terms of it is not windy. >> yes, you are right. winds are out there. three nights ago it was 40 miles per hour.
5:24 pm
there is a picture there. we are looking towards -- that is towards pittsburg area. i believe. yeah. that is in the area of the fire from yesterday. you might see smoke -- [ talking at the same time ] >> in the middle there. >> yeah. yeah. i don't know if that is something that is just developing or that is from yesterday's fire. a map here on tesla road. livermore. i haven't seen the fire directly. tesla road. you can see it is pretty rural out here. from the pictures we showed you, we will come in closer. i look at terrain. where are we at? what do we have? access roads. and scattered ranch lands. not densely populated. so what we are talking about here is a situation, like yesterday. the hills are rolling and manageable to get to. we will see how it works out. we are tracking that right now. we have reporters heading to
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the scene. frank and julie will keep an eye on this. as well as myself. as we have been talking about, you will have fires. just the way it is. it is hot. today's highs, warmer than yesterday. upper 90s. a big difference. there is the sea breeze. you can see it clearly. right? the greens. that is the sea breeze. shoots across the golden gate bridge. cooling. you can see where the sea breeze isn't getting. inland valleys. a live shot outside. dry. hot. summer. and it is fire season. it is not going to go away. it will be this way through september and october. morning fog tomorrow, temperatures cool off. fire danger will subside a little bit. into the weekend, more high clouds. with the high clouds, there is a chance for a thunderstorm. red flag warning up in the hills to the east of us. lake tahoe. we will track that. cooler into your bay area
5:26 pm
tomorrow. that gives us a break. as you heard us talking with the fire spokesperson, it sounds like they feel confident with what they have going on. frank points out, i agree with this, you look at the terrain, and the winds. probably look at the winds first. the terrain looks manageable. the winds are manageable. the five-day forecast, developing story, but it is just -- immediately -- if it is blowing 38 miles per hour we couldn't be doing weather right now -- >> like yesterday. if the fire changed direction it could have blown into the homes and could have been a disaster. we are catching a break here. >> they are on them quickly. all right. still ahead tonight, president obama had enough of a heckler and let her know it and b.a.r.t.'s board of directors consider opening the rest rooms but would it be worth the cost.
5:27 pm
and at 6:00 p.m. an uproarane quit community over the confederate flag, how the man behind the controversy is defending his actions. plus history tonight, what one 23-year-old pitcher is doing that has never been done before in the sport.
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5:29 pm
b.a.r.t. passengers may now be able to find relief since the september
5:30 pm
11 attacks. rest rooms at all 10 of b.a.r.t.'s underground stations have been closed. now they are considering opening two test run bath rooms at powell street and 19th street station. most passengers said they like the idea. >> elevators, elevators have a urine smell. so i can imagine what the bath rooms would be like. i don't know, if they maintained it. it seems like it would be a lot of work. i am not sure. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> definitely. >> if b.a.r.t. does decide open the rest rooms officials say they need to be remodeled. they will have an open design with sinks separate from toilets. the plan will be discussed at the board meeting tonight. b.a.r.t. says the estimated cost to maintain them would be a
5:31 pm
million dollars a year. president obama has had his share of hecktures but he -- hecklers but he drew the line when it happened in the white house. >> no, no, no, no. hey -- listen, you are in my house -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> the heckler started yelling no more deportation while he was talking at the white house in honor of national pride month. president obama tried to calm the person down. an lgbt activist group says the heckler is an undocumented immigrant who is transgender. because she wouldn't stop yelling she was kicked out. another republican is expected to enter the race for president. new jersey governor governor chris christie is expected -- new jersey governor chris christie is expected to nounce
5:32 pm
tuesday. he joins the field -- announce tuesday. he joined the field. still ahead here, a man who says illegal fireworks cost him part of his hand and his job. he also talks about the little things that he misses the most. >> the house that used to sit on this house burned down last 4 4th of july and now the family is planning a big celebration this independence day. >> plus meet the dogs vying for the title of the world's ugliest dog. if you think it is a competition you don't want your pet to win, wait till you hear about the prize.
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a warning on the dangers of illegal fireworks. it comes from a man who had part of his hand amputated. ktvu's azenith smith is live with his story. >> reporter: take a look around. you could see the dry conditions here. the message is loud and clear, they will not tolerate illegal fireworks, besides the increased fire danger, they can cause severe injuries and for one man his life is not the
5:36 pm
same. >> explosion. >> reporter: the little things he misses. writing his name, play the piano and work. his livelihood gone. >> been painful. >> reporter: last 4th of july he bought fireworks online, lighting them up for the neighborhood. as he lit the last one the device blew up in his hand. >> this portion of my thumb is missing. as you can see the fingers. >> reporter: his friend lost part of his hand. three certainlies he is still -- surgeries he is still recovering. >> every one is illegal. whether they are safe and sane that we used as kids or illegal ones. >> reporter: authorities are cracking down. planning to send out bomb teams on 4th of july. they have a new ordinance,
5:37 pm
holding homeowners accountable when fireworks go off on their property. >> it seems like chaos out there. fireworks displays happening. back yards. and cul-de-sacs and streets. causing problems. we now have drought and fire problems. >> i don't think i will ever play with fireworks again. >> he says he could have ended up blind. it melted his contacts. he says watch the professionals to do it. they are illegal for a reason. >> my hand is why. been a life changer. 10 minutes of fun for a life time change that is effecting me. it is not worth it. >> reporter: he will have his 4 4th surgery this september and there are 8 professional fireworks shows in santa clara county for 4th of july. in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. now to the nba draft.
5:38 pm
the warriors are still basking in the glow of their title but tonight they are looking to the future. scott reiss with an update. the warriors won't be on the clock for a while. >> you win a title you pick 30 30th. good trade off. there are superstars in the draft, the trick is to find them. the minnesota minnesota timberwolves had the number one pick. he is a two way player, great shot blocker. good offensive player. as for the guys off the top of the board, they continue to trickle through. through pick number 9 right now. coming off a championship this selection is a very big deal. >> you know, you look around the league, you sit there and -- that team might get better, the west is so tough. i know the records -- the
5:39 pm
records say how good of a season we had but we can't rest and think it will go the same way next year. we hope the players will do the same thing again but we have to look to get better as an organization. staffing, players, things i can do. everything that we did this year we have to improve. >> may not find an incident impact guy at 30. green was the number 35 pick, keep that in mind. you never know. diamond in the rough. >> any ideas on what kind a player they are looking for? >> probably a wing player i would guess. when you get to that point sometimes it is just the best available talent. maybe a guy falls into your lap. >> round one tonight and two
5:40 pm
tomorrow? >> yep. yep. all 30 tonight. and we will have sound from bob after the pick at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. dogs so ugly they are cute. and they are set to face-off for the title of world's ugliest dog. i love this competition. here is a look at the contestants. some of the dogs came from kid and florida to com-- idaho and florida to compete. three from petaluma. one from santa rosa and wincer. as you can see, there is tough competition. the winner takes home $1,500 and will appear on national television programs. it starts at 6:00 p.m. the fair at the fairgrounds runs through sunday. to see more of the dogs log on to our website and
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click on web links. if you thought the problems at the port of oakland were solved, think again, the situation is the worse he has seen and the response from the port and a protest against uber in ferrous, why people are -- paris, why people there are fed up with the car service.
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a list of people who say the same woman talked her way into their businesses and refuses to leave when she can't pay the rent. ktvu's eric rasmussen with the latest case involving a lock time family owned restaurant. >> reporter: she agreed to lease the space last year but her tenet hasn't paid the rent. she can't get the tenet to leave. we found had tenet -- the tenet was sill selling -- still selling food last month. they issued a southeast and desist notice. the owner told us she filed an unlawful detainer to try evict her but she responded with a lawsuit accusing her of breach of contract.
5:45 pm
>> i have never in my life you could squat, operate a business unlawfully for six months. and nothing is being done. >> we will have to decide -- a jury will decide that. >> reporter: you see right there, we had a chance to speak with her. tried to get her side of this but we also found out this isn't the first time she has been in trouble with a landlord. two other owners took her to court to try to evict her but she said there is an explanation for that too. >> thank you. tonight we follow up with a family who lost everything in a fire. they are so determined to turn a tragedy into something positive. what they are doing on the day they lost their homes. >> tracking a warm up. triple digits inland. it is changing towards the
5:46 pm
weekend. temperatures trending the other way. the specifics after the break.
5:47 pm
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taxi drives in france staged a violent revolt against uber today. take a look. they fought with riot police, set cars on fire, beat vehicles with bats and blocked traffic across paris. taxi drivers say uber pop is
5:49 pm
ruining their livelihood. france passed a law that outlaws uber pop but drivers ignore it and officials say uber continues to recruit drivers. uber pop must be shut down and the vehicles seized. fire season is here and it is keeping firefighters busy. a fire burning in livermore. and this fire in antioch yesterday. the grass fire came very close to homes there in antioch. thankfully no homes were damaged. but that is not always the case. ktvu's john sasaki talks to a family who lost everything after a devastating fire last 4th of july. >> the sound of life in the country. a life that they had before and now have once again. >> we have a very large garden. >> reporter: pumpkins. >> pumpkins. >> reporter: they moved to
5:50 pm
birds landing two months after they lost everything. >> we had, like, i think half acre and this is an acre and a half. >> reporter: last 4th of july while they were watching fireworks disaster truck. a fire destroyed 8 homes and though no one was hurt pets were lost. >> took a whole year that they are not even healed. we have had to treat him for pneumonia. >> reporter: their home was uninsured but friends, family and the community stepped up to help. >> we lost everything. 15 minutes. all gone. and in a matter of months it was like it was all given back to us. >> reporter: this home fell in their lap. >> it is worth everything to us. it is amazing. >> it would be easy to look at
5:51 pm
the anniversary of the fire as a somber day but they are turning that idea on its head holding a special party here. >> as soon as we happen here i thought this is the -- we were here i thought this is a perfect spot to get married. >> reporter: they have been together for 17 years. >> what better way to have a better anniversary than a sad day. we are getting married on the 4 4th of july here. >> reporter: independence day they will outshine the events of last year. john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. hot day around the area. especially inland. some places reached 100. more than 100 degrees. vacaville 103. >> 103 in vacaville. up there temperature wise. fire danger is off the charts. the big reason, four years of the record drought. vacaville 103. brentwood 103s. walnut creek 100. lots of areas around the bay,
5:52 pm
fresno -- not fresno. wasn't that nasty. san jose 89. hot. the real heat, inland, it was going off. especially towards the far eastern edges of the valley. what is happening is what we talked about, the no fog along the coast. there is an onshore flow. you can see it. see the green area? that is as far as it can get. that is the extent of the sea breeze. everywhere else you have high numbers. big numbers here. here is how it breaks down tomorrow. cooler. nowhere to go. it will get cooler. sea breeze ramps up. this high-pressure system weakens and temperatures cool down. the weekend we will see high clouds come from the south. that will increase the humidity. temperatures will drop. it will be muggy and we have the red flag warning in the
5:53 pm
lake tawo area for -- ha [bleep] area for lightning -- lake tahoe area for lightning strikes. the highs for tomorrow. hundreds. you have to go east of antioch to find them. vacaville, 96 tomorrow. the five-day forecast, cooling. still hot but cooler. and towards monday and tuesday it warms up. we are in it now. this is summer. this is how it will be. the 5 day lays out that way with mild to warm along the coast. >> thank you. still ahead, container ships sitting at anchor instead of unloading. the problems we found that port of oakland and the insider who says some workers have not showed up to work in more than a year. >> and coming up at 6:00 p.m. a solution now for a small town that was in danger of losing its only source of water and a man defending his decision to fly a confederate flag over his
5:54 pm
home. those stories and more coming up next on the news at 6:00 p.m.
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5:56 pm
new at 5:00 p.m. several cargo ships sitting in the bay. ktvu's tom vacar went to the port of oakland to see what is going on. there are still lingering problems, months after they settled a contract dispute.
5:57 pm
one insider told us he has never seen the port moving so slowly. more on what is happening and why. >> reporter: cargo ships sitting in the bay instead of sitting dock side where they should be loading and unloading. inside all the boxes, goods, products, parts, foods and material. he runs the biggest receiving and distribution company at the port. many of his clients are a who's who of the projects you buy. >> normally we -- when the ship arrives we pick up the containers within 24 hours or so. now it is delayed at least 2, 3, 4 days. >> they always claim there is not enough -- [ indiscernible ] >> changing game plans. we are not getting containers. >> reporter: he says the port is once again in a mess, long lines and long waits. >> our customers are paying
5:58 pm
more money and getting the worse service ever. >> reporter: west coast ports took a battering as well as losses during the slow down that sent a lot of the cargo to other ports. this delay down could do further damage. >> if it doesn't get to the stores timely our customers will look for alternatives. >> reporter: a letter from the employers to the union raised eyebrows. >> an announcement that 17% of the longshoreman that are vegterred do not report to work for the last 18 months. >> the union says it is settling the issues. the employers have been unreachable. the landlord says it is handling record amounts of cargo and busy trying to stream line its systems. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:59 pm
ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening. i am. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> we are following developing news involving a grass fire burning near livermore. the fire is off of tesla road, 7 miles from downtown livermore. it is burning in a remote area without a lot of homes. so far it burned 53 acres. and one structure that appears to be garage or a barn. crews have got a good handle on the flames. one firefighter was injured but there is no word on the extent of the injuries. cal fire called in four air tankers and two helicopters. cal fire asked police to close tesla road because power lines are down. let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin now. in the weather center with the conditions the firefighters are facing and how hot it got today. >> about the heat and low humidities. not a ton of wind out there in
6:00 pm
the fire zone. it is remote. there is ranches out there. not in the urban center of livermore. off tesla. 96 degrees. humidity 17%. and the winds, stress this, light. you can see this. still a lot. winds ramp up to 15, 20. look that area out here. fire, okay, you have a fire. but scattered developments. rans most likely. access roads -- ranches most likely. access roads. firefighters feel confident on this one. the temperatures are hot. 95 in livermore valley. the winds are down. they will ramp up tonight. the hottest day of the week. hottest day we will see for a couple days. no records out there. real, real hot. fire danger up. fire danger because of heat and low humidity. towards the weekend, moisture comes from the south


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