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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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wind out there in the fire zone. it is remote. there is ranches out there. not in the urban center of livermore. off tesla. 96 degrees. humidity 17%. and the winds, stress this, light. you can see this. still a lot. winds ramp up to 15, 20. look that area out here. fire, okay, you have a fire. but scattered developments. rans most likely. access roads -- ranches most likely. access roads. firefighters feel confident on this one. the temperatures are hot. 95 in livermore valley. the winds are down. they will ramp up tonight. the hottest day of the week. hottest day we will see for a couple days. no records out there. real, real hot. fire danger up. fire danger because of heat and low humidity. towards the weekend, moisture comes from the south and
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creates a red flag event east of the bay area. we will talk about that. >> anytime temperatures get this hot it is a reminder about how to never leave small children or pets inside the car. ktvu's paul chambers sat in a car tonight with all the windows up for half hour to find out just how hot it gets inside. what was it like? >> reporter: i tell you what, it was very, very difficult to be out of car. it went up to 110 degrees in 30 minutes. it is 116 degrees inside that car with the windows up. i drank two bottles of water -- when i got out, i drank this bottle right here and the firefighters were concerned about me so they took my vitals. this is what we were doing. talking about my vitals.
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why was it important that you took my vitals? >> we were trying to establish a baseline to figure out what was going on with you. we were concerned about, we talked about your blood pressure, pulse, so in order to compensate your blood pressure went up, heart rate went up. so that is what we discovered. and we continue to monitor to see you were going down so your body was properly compensating and once the hydration came on. >> reporter: my body went into dehydration? >> exactly. >> heat stroke, after 104 degrees, it was 110 in there. some things you were looking at -- it come down -- >> yes. you gave a very fine illustration of what happened. it happened quickly. you did all the right things, you drank water inted of kick -- instead of coke, coffee, you
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drank water. you drank coconut water and so those were all the right things. but still you became dehydrated. so you drank during, you know, to keep hydration but that will take its effect. yeah. you gave wonderful example of what happens when you become dehydratet. >> reporter: thank you -- dehydrated. >> reporter: thank you. people allow their pets in there. i got out for 30 minutes but people leave their animals inside their cars and the temperature of the animal can quickly elevate and there is a dangerous situation. >> there are things that hapb. cooling mechanisms kick in -- happen, cooling mechanisms kick in and tissue damage and organ failure occurs within minutes. >> reporter: and that is what happens to dogs and pets you
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leave in a car and with children their temperature goes up quicker than the average adult. >> reporter: your child and your animal they can nat do the same. -- cannot do the same. don't do it at all. we wanted to be smart when we did this, my numbers are going down. we will check it one more time, but when i got out of the car i felt woozy, i was sweating. i was wobbly. they said you know what, let's take a look at him. >> how much longer could you have staid in the car -- stayed in the car? >> reporter: i tell you what, i was like i need to get out of this car. i stayed in there on my own because i wanted to show to the viewers what it is, i kid you not, i couldn't stay in one or
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two more minutes. i was sweating. felt like it was being in a sauna. it was so hot. luckily i could get out, i had water. >> good reminder of how fast the cars heat up. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. with the 4th of july next week a man is speaking out about the dangers of illeap fireworks after a mishap forced him to have his hand amputated. last 4th of july the 43-year- old bought fireworks online and lit them for his neighborhood. as he and his friends tried to lit it the device blew up in his hand because of a faulty fuse. three surgery and a year later he is still recovering. >> 10 minutes of having fun for a life time change that is effecting me.
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no, it is not worth it. definitely not worth it. >> again, as the 4th of july approaches officials say illegal fireworks will not be tolerated. despite everything he considers himself lucky. he could have ended up blind. the blast was so powerful it melted his contacts. tonight there are volunteer evacuations in markleeville because of the wildfire that is burning south of lake tahoe but crews are making progress. the washington fire is now 10% contained. so far it burned 17,000 acres. the flames came within 3-miles of markleeville. firefighters say they are concerned about the forecast which is calling for more heat, wind and possible thunderstorms. in southern california, evacuations ordered now in the huge lake fire in the san bernardino mountains. authorities say 7,000
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structures are threatened. the fire grown 4,000 acres since yesterday and now covers 23,000 acres. firefighters say they had a set back in the last 24 hours. and containment still only stands at 21%. back here in the bay area. hiking trails in antioch are closed due to damage from yesterday's grass fire in contra loma regional park. that fire burned 500 acres and took crews 8 hours to put out the flames. at one point the fire moved close to homes and forced families to evacuate. firefighters protected the homes. no structures were damaged but residents were on edge. >> i was terrified. the hill was on fire. >> we were able to get out in time and everything was safe. it was scary. god bless the firefighters. they saved us. they are amazing. >> ktvu's cristina rendon joined cal fire and asked them about their strategy for
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fighting the fire. >> reporter: this burn scar is the new back drop for homes in the mira vista neighborhood. they happen working to fight -- they were working to fight the flames. >> engines can't keep up with it. the aircraft have to slow it down. >> reporter: with water so scarce we asked if using salt water is better. >> we had fires where we dipped into the bay, thankfully here we had a reservoir over the ridge, and the idea being get as much water. >> reporter: he is talking about the reservoir. the drought forced them to carry portable water tankers on their helicopters in case the
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fire sparks up. they say people can do their part by making sure homes are surrounded by defensible space. >> get the grasses down to 3 inches or below. depending on the size of the space, make sure the property has the dirt over turned. >> reporter: this is just a preview of things to come. they are trying to figure out how the fire started. they are asking for tips but if you saw anything or have an idea, they want you to contact them. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. there are a lot of questions and few answers in the death of a man at a gun club. it happened yesterday in the parking lot. the sheriff's department verified the victim as a 64- year-old. high was pronounced dead at the scene. they have not revealed how he was shot and the club said he
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doesn't know how it happened. mental health worker arrested for sexual assault. investigators are trying to figure out if there are more victims. he was taken into custody. he knew the victim but they believe there may be more victims and they are urging anyone with information to come forward. coming up, the confederate flag is now causing problems in a small town. why a man at the center of the debate said he chose to fly the flag and keeping the water flowing in a town that ran out, how leaders plan to meet the communities needs even if it comes at a price.
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more on developing news we
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are following in the east bay. monitoring a grass fire that we told you about at 5:00 p.m. burning in livermore. ktvu's cara liu just arrived on the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, we are near tesla and greenville road. this is the closest we have been able to get because of the road closures. you can see some of the hillside that has been burned here as well as where firefighters tried to drop retardant to help. the latest from cal fire they tell us the fire is at 53 acres. they have been able to stop the spread of the fire. that is good news. they say crews right now are mopping up and working on building containment lines around the fire. cal fire also confirming that one home has been destroyed. two outbuildings and a vehicle have also been destroyed destroyed and the firefighter has been injured. they are trying to get us
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details on that happened. they told me the firefighter was injured about 5:00 p.m. out here. this fire is southeast of poppy ridge golf course and tesla road is closed east of greenville road. we have been in contact with cal fire throughout the afternoon and we will bring you new updates as soon as we get them. >> cara liu, thank you. the debate over the confederate flag is all the talk right now because of the 9 people who were shot and killedane church in south carolina -- killed in a church in south carolina. now one man decided to display the flag. today the flag was taken down. ktvu's rob roth talked to the man and explains how the move led to a neighborhood dialogue about freedom of speech. >> reporter: on this quiet neighborhood street the stars and stripes are now flying in
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this yard but for the past two days this is what was here, the confederate flag and that made many neighbors angry. >> it is a symbol of hatred and slavery and racism. i would like us to be done with that. >> didn't have a place in our computer. he was making a statement because it is a new flag. >> the man left a note next to the pole saying almost everything is offensive to somebody. we spoke with him today. he asked us not to show his face. he is not a racist. he hoisted the confederate flag to make a point. >> people are talking about. it talking about the first amendment, freedom of speech, this is what i wanted. >> i don't believe there was a positive message. >> reporter: images emerge of confederate -- of dylann roof waving a confederate flag.
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the governor wants the confederate flag removed from the state house grounds. >> freedom of speech is important but to do it at this moment is to exploit the moment and to get attention. >> reporter: he told us he has no plans to display the confederate flag again. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the community of mountain house is fighting to keep its water supply even at a steep price. it is causing a fight over water rights. >> reporter: the board of directors in mountain house say they will make sure water stays on in this community. the board signed an agreement promising to pay fines, a thousand dollars a day if the district is fined by the state. they are one of 200 districts that received this notice from the state ordering them to
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start taking water because of the drought. >> we have had $8 million in investment for landscaping and all the parks and residential -- [ indiscernible ] >> so we don't want to lose that. >> reporter: by agreeing to pay any fines issued mountain house gets to keep its water for now. the community is locked into a deal for an emergency back up. that district took the state to court yesterday saying the state does not have the authority. the water district says the attorney for the state says the notices were advisory and no finals will be issued yet. [ indiscernible ] >> we don't know till the court makes a decision. >> reporter: the community is already known for conserving water. >> taking the efforts to reduce
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the water usage. we are in the neighborhood of 40% reduction. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: people say they will continue to do their part to conserve and the board says it will do whatever it takes to protect this community. >> all right. a hot day around the bay area. especially inland. 100 degrees in some places. >> got up there. we talked about it yesterday, we knew it would get warmer. 10, 12 degrees warmer. fire out there in the livermore valley. high temperatures, low 100s, around the bay not so bad. 86 hayward. 79 oakland. 69 -- not bad. east, that is where the heat is. valley too. there is no fog long it coast right now but the fog is slated to come back with more of an
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onshore flow tomorrow. there is the heat right now. current numbers. the purples are low 100s. existing in the eastern edge of the sacramento valley. the temperatures tonight will be hot in the valley. concord, antioch, evening temperatures, evening temperatures will be in the 70s, 80s. tonight at tin p.m. numbers -- 10:00 p.m. numbers in the low 80s. tomorrow cooler. the heat is still going to exist. lives on the western edge. this system, low-pressure system comes from the south. it will grab these high clouds, and bring it north. that is prompting the national weather service out of sacramento to issue a red flag warning for the lake tahoe
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area, through saturday. for us humid. right? partly cloudy. partly sunny. warm. the humidy makes it feel warmer. 80s for most of us. but the humidity makes it seem hotter. towards the weekend. fog towards the coast. cooler day tomorrow. right? still see 100s but most will be in the 90s tomorrow. vacaville 96. clear lake 100 degrees. antioch, brentwood, upper 90s. still hot. just not as hot. air quality not so great. bearable. no spare the air day. along it coast mid-60s. patchy fog. there will be fog but not that substantial. the five-day forecast. towards the bay area weekend, you can see here are the
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clouds. that is the humidity. temperatures fall off. the humidity really with 85, 84 degrees will seem yucky. today was the hottest day of the week. >> and a warm night. >> driving down international boulevard and saw the work crews out there -- [ talking at the same time ] >> tough day. >> thank you. the a's and giants involved in high scoring games this afternoon and the nba holdingilities 2015 -- holding its 2015 draft. >> now to the news room, keba arnold is here with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. >> coming up at 7:00 p.m. more on the man who from personal experience knows about the danger of illeap fireworks -- illegal fireworks. also new troubles for a former oakland raider. i talk to tmz about warren warren sapp's latest charges. keepa amaliekeep -- keepa
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amalie arena a -- we are working on these stories and more coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36.
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baseball history was made tonight as a 23-year-old took to the mount to become the first openly gay active player. this is his first start for the stompers. a professional independent baseball team. he shared his sexual orientation before agreeing to come out ahead of tonight's gay pride night. in major league baseball they both came out after they retired. all right. scott reiss here now. mark is off. great day to be at the giants
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park this afternoon, beautiful. >> if you like runs it would have been better. triples. the giants, all 8 starting position players had at least two hits. hesten terrific on the mound. yet they still had to sweat it out. against the padres. belt in the first inning, 1-0 lead. a 3 bagger. two on the day. the giants had four triples for the first time since 1960 in one game. they went up 9-2 but the padres come back in the 8sth. matt kemp -- 8th. matt kemp two run shot. 9-8. then the giants get four more to ice it in the bottom of the 8 8th. buster posey 3 rbis. 3-5 and the giants win a
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slugfest 13-8. >> the a's are as hot as the east bay sunshine. winners of 8-10 and today trying to finish off a sweep of the rangers. another impressive effort in arlington. lewis in trouble here. 2-0 rangers. with the bases loaded, there is a knock. we have got a 3-3 game. redick in the 7th. singles. scores a run. three rbis on the day. a's won 5 straight. gray is now 9-3, 6-3 your score. seems like yesterday the nba season ended. warriors pick 30th. minnesota picked first and went with towns out of kentucky. tons of upside. the wolves, the first team in nba history to have three
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straight number one picks on their roster simultaneously. weird and yet they still only won 16 games and warriors pick 30th. probably 8:00 p.m -- [ talking at the same time ] >> we will know at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. thank you for joining us tonight. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. good night. >> see you later.
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