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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  June 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. >> good morning, welcome to mornings on 2 friday, jube 26 26th. >> i am am alex savage in this morning. we are going to get a check of the weather. things cooling off for some. a lot for some. a little bit more others. >> how does it do that? >> how did it get so dang hot? >> how is it so hot? >> it depends on how much time you have. the fog is flying up the coast, probably taking a turn at the golden gate. if it's not there yet, it will be soon. short answer, alex, the heat rises at the surface and it's
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replaced by the cool, ocean air. here come the clouds. 50s, 060s -- 60s to almost 70- degrees for some. we'll see if this holds. i think it will. west at sfo, the direction of the wind is on shore, very mild for some in the valley. there's the fog flying up the clouds and the higher clouds moving in the picture. they are in central and southern california. i use the word fair, one of my least favorite words. 60s, 70s coast and bay. >> all right, sal, you were out of the gate with the nice music. we have music for everyone. we have pretty decent traffic for everyone, steve as i try to make the transition because i'm
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a disk jockey. if you are drive tog the bay bridge toll plaza, you should be able to get into san francisco with little to no delay. looking at the commute here as you drive in the east bay, highway 4 looks good from ant yokeioc to concord. 58 from lover liver more to dub lynne looking good. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a new report shows a dramatic drop in violent crime. ktvu's jana is in san jose. tell us more about the report. >> reporter: yeah, this is good news from san jose considering they are short on police
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officers. the mayor tells me he is con phi department in saying san jose has the lowest number of homicides in the country per capita when compared to other cities. now, let's go into that report. homicides are down 39% compare today this time last year. so far, there have been eight this year and if it continueds at that pace, we who would have the lowest in a year and a half. this morning, the report will be discussed. they are showing that the violent crime as far as homicide and rape. as far as threat with minors are also increasing with just one in bril and zero in may. they are saying they think this is because the police department hired lower level officers to clear up the lower
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threat crimes and clearing up the police officers on the street. we are hoping to talk with the mayor later this morning and we will bring that to you layer. >> thank you. 4:33 is the time. an nova investigation is underway after a man died while in police custody. we are getting a report that it happened yesterday afternoon at 2301 sick -- sycamore drive. the police say they responded to a call of a man forcing his way into an apartment. they found a 31-year-old suspect. they said as they attempted to detain him, he suffered a medical distress and died at the hospital. we are learning more about a bizarre attack in san francisco's pacific heights
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neighborhood that left a police plover police officer unconscious. this picture has been released. they are saying that this man was trying to put together a shotgun. when the police showed up, the suspect become belligerent. it took 5-7 officers to get him under control. >> i am truly greatful that the injuries to one of our officers is not as bad as we feared because he was unconscious. >> and we got a look at the shotgun that the police con confiscated from the suspect. it's unclear how the suspect got his hands on the gun. police also do say they are grateful this did not turn into an open shooting situation.
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on 39th street and martin luther king boulevard, a shooting happened and the police believe it is linked to another ins department that blocked both of the lanes near 580 near grant avenue where the police stopped a car and found a person inside the car suffering from a gunshot wound. the victim has been taken to high land hospital. no arrests have been made. well, as the temperatures rise, it's important tomorrow not to -- to remember not to leave children and pets inside of a car. look at this. within minutes, the temperature inside this car topped 110 degrees. paul was drenched in sweat, de hydrated and his blood pressure spiked. experts say the symptoms could be much worse for children.
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>> children's body temperatures spike much faster than adults. they will go into organ failure and die. >> remember, you can down load the weather temperatures from our app. the union and open ended strike claiming unfair labor track -- practices. santa claire county officials plan to negotiate through the weekend. they say they are close to reaching a deal. if a strike is called, the county will seek an injunction to keep the worker osen the job. the city of san francisco hiring 11 new workers. the paper says the tickets have
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gone up six fold in the past four years. the park director says the new park rangers will allow the staff to be in three new districts rather than across the city. lululemon has issued a recall. when released, the draw cords can snap back and cause injuries in the face and the eye. there have been seven reported injuries. customers should contact the store for replacement draw strings. a lot of pride events just some of thee.s going on around the bay area this weekend. mike mibach has a look at the weekend. the first full weekend of summer is here. i hope you are doing well, i am mike mibach and this is the weekend watch. pride weekend in the city by
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the bay is here. the pink triangle situation in the morning, the dike march in the afternoon. nascar roars into the north bay as some of the best drivers in the business take on the toyota 350 out at the race ways. expect huge traffic delays. the grateful dead, i saw my fair share of the shows back in the day. it will be 20 years since jerry die ned the bay county. this weekend, the spotlight back on the remaining member os f the dead. -- members of the dead. two shows saturday and sunday night. tickets still available. sand an sill boat has the annual wine festival. the admission is free. and why not go to the surf city
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classic. the classic station wagons on display. the earthquakes home saturday night against the galaxy. i'm mike mibach and that's the weekend watch. >> okay, and if you want to find out anything more about the events that mike mentioned, go to well, he is the newest member of the nba champions. >> with the 30th pick in the 2015 nba draft, the golden state warriors select kavan looney from ucla. [ applause ] >> the power forward went at the end of the first round last night. he is 6 feet tall. he has to be more than 6 feet. >> i think we are missing something there. >> he is almost 7 feet, rights?
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>> just eye balling that. >> we are going to look that. he is towering over that guy there. >> let's go with over 6 feet for now. >> for sure. >> we will get more details. the time now, 7:40 right now, and paying -- 4:40 right now. coming up, the final good-byes and special jest gesture that president obama is planning for the family. and we are looking at highway 101 in san francisco. this commute looks good and pam, by the way, h e is 6'9". >> thank you. >> a great player. the traffic looks good both ways approaching the split. steve? all right, the fog is flying near the beach.
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that's a sign that we are going to cool down. it's pretty warm for some, livermore almost 70 degrees at this hour.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it's 4:44. president obama will be participating in the service for one of those killed in the south carolina church shooting. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. people have been here as you mentioned for hours trying to get their spot inside the arena. we are outside emanual amc church where there was a viewing for reverend pinckney.
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the reason the people are lining up is because there is so much interest. they are lining up because of rev pinckney and because president obama is delivering are eulogy. there's room inside, but the pinckney family is going to get priority seating then followed by member os f the emanuel ame church and then others. people have been lining up all morning long. we talked with people who said they planned on getting here around 6:30. obviously people were here much earlier than that to try to secure their seat inside the funeral. >> are they going to get up a large screen for people who can't get inside? >> reporter: yeah, the city has set up a few locations for overflow seating for those who
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can't get inside the arena and the city of charleston has broadcast that. there have been people coming from all over the country hoping to be a part of this service and at least pay their respects to reverend pinckney, the largest of all of the funerals we are expecting. >> have you talked with anybody, as you said people coming from all over the country, people affected by this. have you talked with anyone asking why they made the trip to be there this morning for that? >> reporter: yeah, of course, we poke to one pastor yesterday who came from texas yesterday. he came from texas and he feels like these are his family members who were lost in the attack and we talk wed a woman who was here on vacation at hilton head, south carolina. she felt like she wanted to
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come. she said she was so close that she felt she needed to come. she came to the viewing last night, but had to wallet hours in line to -- wait hour ins line to get inside. many people made the trip to be here. >> amazing, affecting people around the world. we will check back in with you in a little bit for the memorial today. all right, here in the bay area, one man has created a bit of an uproar when he flew a confederate flag. he was he is not a -- he said he is not a racist, but wanted to make a point. he has replaced the confederate flag with an american flag. we spoke with him and he asked that we not show his face. >> free democrat of speech is a
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right in our country, but to do it when this tragedy has happened is to exploit the moment and to try to get attention. >> now, the man says he has no plans to display the confederate flag again, he said he has already made his point. well, apple has pulled games that display confederate flags. they are saying they pulled the flag that is used in "mean spirited ways." they are allowing it for those who display it in educational con content. they are following stores like wal-mart that displays them. >> i think people are surprised about how many places show it. 4:48. let's check in with sal.
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sal, i have to say at 3:00 this morning there was traffic for me to come in. >> it's interesting. i got on the freeway myself and there was traffic out there. back years ago, allie alex savage, there was no traffic. [ laughter ] let's go outside and take a welcome at the commute. the traffic is actually doing okay. we are going to start at the bay bridge toll plaza. in a lot more seriousness, i think the commute is more spread out. that's because people don't want to be caught in the middle of the commute so they get on the roads a little bit earlier and those people get on the road a little bit earlier and
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the curve starts to thin out. i sound like i'm in my statistic class. you can see the traffic is moving along well. we are looking at the livermore to dublin commute. 580 is doing well and on fridays sometimes we get lighter than normal traffic. we are hoping that happens on 580. let's go to steve. i did walk through snow to go to school. >> we know you did. >> it seemed like 10 miles at the time, but i was probably one mile. [ laughter ] the fog is flying up the coast. it does not look like it's turned past the ray yet, but it's close. it was down in moterey yesterday. on sam san san mateo.
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cooler by the coast, they didn't cool up that much. inland sunny to warm and hot, but not the 100s. in the 80s and 90s. the clouds are streaming into the area. big cool down 70s and 80s. it's a very mild pattern, but this is a much stronger delta breeze than we had yesterday. water levels are dropping off. they moved up pretty fast in one day. 40s in the mountains. 70s and 80s for the valley, very hot. the higher clouds right there beginning to make sure move. so, it's going to be a changeable day. high cloud w's all of that humidity in the mix. here's saturday. we might get a little bit of a break on sunday, but it looks like they are posed to move in
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next week. fog along the coast. it will make a little bit of a push later today along with the breeze as it picks up. cooler for most. in the extended forecast, it calls for a cool down, especially as we go into the weekend. >> the weekend was a little bit cooler. it was hot yesterday. >> it was toasty at antioch. >> we had to crank the air conditioner out there. >> i saw your twitter picture. >> that was uses sweat it out. all right, 4:52 is the time right now. making history at the ballpark. >> he is just another one of the guys. that's how we see him. >> we are going to introduce you to the first openly gay player in baseball.
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