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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this front is playing into our weather not only today, but also tomorrow. the first clouds are on the way. mild inland. 50s and 620s -- 60s. sfo west at 10.
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i know that's not crazy strong, but watch the fog just flying in in. you can see the higher clouds screaming up from southern california. so, fog along the coast fair. some sun. the wind will pick up. still warmer than average, 90ings inland. 60s, 70s by the water. all right, sal, you are 2-2 on your tunes so far. >> thank you very much, steve. i knew you would like that last one in particular. we are going to the toll plaza and you can see the traffic is getting a little bit more crowded, but it's not stop and go. a couple of the lanes are moving okay, but for the most part, we have been looking good. westbound 237 as you drive the 880 junction, there's not a not going on -- lot going on. it looks like a dark picture because there's not a lot of lights and we like that.
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looking good from livermore to lob dublin. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. san francisco gearing up for gay pride weekend. we have more from the area. many people are hoping the support will make the -- supreme court will make the weekend more festive. >> reporter: oh, definitely, you can see the lights out there. that's where they usually unfurl the pink triangle. hundreds of thousands are expected along the area the. 15 truck lotteds of -- loads of sty row foam all to send a message about the lgbt community.
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>> it's more about the future. it's about making equality the status quo. >> reporter: in the castro street theater is very much alive. a long line was waiting to attend an lgbt film festival. who is going to march in the parade? the police and others. this year's grand marshall the president of the golden state warriors. there's a lot more going on than just the parade. >> we'll see you in an hour, thank you, tara. we have an update from france. the french government says a number of people have been arrested in an attack on a gas factory in france this morning. these are pictures from sky
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news, our sister network. the french president is calling it a terrorist attack. the body of a person who was beheaded was found. a suspect with ties to the is islamic extremist. there is a possible break in a cold case in oakland, an 18-year-old disappeared while visiting the bay area in 1987. her family recently hired a private investigator with a cadaver dog and yesterday, the dog picked up a scent in the home where they had been staying. the police say they searched the area when she went missing.
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people in livermore are thanking firefighters for their quick action to save their home. anisa baxter was on her way home from work when her neighbor called her and told her about the fire. >> i am feeling like i am really happy that my horses and my family are okay. i was able to get a baby kitten out and my dog. i am thankful that we are all alive. >> the fire burned about 15- acres. that fire burning in the san san bern dino mountains is continuing to burn and continues to threaten about
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7000 buildings, some of them homes. mandatory evacuations are in place. before the flair up, the fire was 30% contained. now it is only 20% con contained. 6 students died an another 7 injured with the balcony collapse in berkley. now the district attorney says all of the evidence, including the balcony itself is being examed. >> we will have to make the decision about whether or not there are criminal charges and whether or not the charges could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. well, cluda cogly was one of the people injured in the
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collapse and yesterday she posted an update on her facebook page. she said he has suffered severe injuries including a broken spinal cord. she says maybe she will find that her legs have been holder her back all of these years and she is planning on taking up wheelchair basketball. she plans to live the happiest and most fulfilling life possible. boon will be in the area today to mark the 70th and versely of the signing of the un charter. he will take place in the event at noon today. the un charter was approved on june 25th 1925 in the closing days of world war ii. well, it's the weekend
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local race fans have been looking forward to all year. nascar rolls into the area. the big race is sunday, but practice begins just a few hours from now. nothing sees nascar like chris chris yan. as you said, nascar is rolling into the area. fans are in place. yesterday, we found plenty of campers and tents in se senoma county. the main event is on sunday. the race is a major draw for nascar fans. tens of thousands of fans will fill the seats and they fill them every year. jeff gordon will be taking his
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last spin at the sonoma race way. he is retiring after the season. >> it's going to be an emotional day and weekend for me because as i get, you know, go through it, i know i'm going to be thinking more about, well, this is the last time i will be racing here and somona has meant so much to me. a huge part of my nascar career. one of my favorite tracks to go to on the circuit. >> so, the last time maybe, maybe not. race fans are wondering if gordon will be leaving nascar forever. he is saying definitely maybe. [ laughter ] competitive eating joey chestnut will be resting his stomach, but sitting on the
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site lines on sunday. we will be talking with him live. if you guys think i am going to sit down with him and try to eat 18, or 20. >> you are. [ laughter ] >> no, that guy has a stomach of steel and mine is a stomach of aluminum foil. >> what's funny is that when he eat it is food he gains like 18- pounds. >> it's amazing. it really is an athletic endeavor. >> bring your ear plugs, by the way. >> you know what, i have them packed already and my special sonoma badge. >> ck getting ready. [ laughter ] all right, 5:11 is the time right now. we have been talking about the big victory from the president from the supreme court. now the bay area waiting for news surrounding same sex marriage. coming up at 5:30, more on the
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an anticipation as thousands gather for gay pride weekend. coming up next, the pro cautions following this extremely rare event. well, the extremely rare event would be highway 4 with no traffic on it. let's check it out, there's some traffic, but it's lighter than it usually is. more coming um: and the fog is making its way back. a little bit of a change for your friday.
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welcome back, it's 5:15, recovery crews heading to the crash scene in alaska. this is the area where the plane went down yesterday, you can't see the area, but you can see the weather conditions where it happened. that plane crashed on the excursion. well, three men are talking about their experience with a shark. take a look. they spotted a dead whale and when they went to get a closer
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look, they spotted a spark. they said the shark circled them for over two hours before biting the whale. >> it was chitting -- exciting. >> well, at one point, the shark lunged at them. and a junior life guard event was canceled yesterday after a great white was spotted. fake a look. these pictures was taken from the air from a helicopter. he is a marine buy biologist. this is a picture of the junior life guards in the water
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before being pulled out. this picture was taken right around the time the group of great white sharks were spotted. a congressional committee now asking for more information on the oil spill in santa barbara. yesterday, the committee asked the pipeline operator for more detailed information on a pipeline including inspection records. it also wants the pipeline company to explain what it did leading up to the break and how it reported the problem. the texas based company has been criticized for take too long to notify about the spill. back here at home, the area should be back on time. the problem started on the walnut creek station about 6:30 last night. apparently a tree limb fell
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onto a power line forcing bart to halt in boast directions. a ktvu viewer sent us these pictures. bart ran a bus bridge to get the passengers passed lafayette and onto their destinations. >> considering yesterday it was so hot, i'm sure a lot of frustrated people yesterday. >> we are not talking about that now. >> no, we're not. sal is here talking about the traffic jams as well as the traffic this morning. you know, it's not that bad. i'm kind of liking this friday on the roads. you can see the traffic looks pretty good coming up to the willow pass grade. there is traffic out there, it's just tot too rough bust yet -- robust when you go there. you can see the traffic is
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light. usually at 5:30 is when we see the jam. it's not there yet. san bar is looking good going out to the high-rise. it's all green here and green means speed limit traffic on 92, 84 and highway 101 on the peninsula. let's go to steve. guess what's coming back, sal? >> the fog. >> that's correct. >> i like that. >> take it full for those of you there. >> oh, we love that natural air- conditioning. >> i tell you, it's flying up the coast. yesterday, the coast wasn't that warm. i mean, it was nice. it was the inland temperatures that hit the 90s and the 100s, but there's a blanket of that fog and i am one who bows to the west wind so thank you for coming back. michelle sent me this. i had an e-mail on this. the weather channel was
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forecasting a chance of rain on the 10 10 day. this is not a take on the weather channel. take a today forecast with a -- 10 day forecast with a grain of salt. a chance of rain in july is not likely. smile and say, we'll see. the clouds flying in here. it's going to be a big drop on the temperatures. the delta breeze picking up a little bit. the wind west at 10. we'll see if that picks up a little bit. the sea temperatures have gone up. 60s and 70s on these temperatures and that's the fog. already, the impact is being made known. the fog returns fair and warm. fair means there's some higher
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clouds. 90 throughs the interior. 60s, 70s and 80s for the rest. when the fog starts to make a push this early in the morning, that's a sign that thicks will be -- things will be cooling down and we will tick that through the -- take that through the weekend. my 15-year-old is going on vacation for the first time with a friend. they are watching us from the airport. >> hi. >> have a nice time. >> have a good flight, an uneventful flight. >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> thank you so much. well, fun brought to a halt at the happiest place on earth. what one person pulled out.
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today's theme for traffic jams is summer songs, the gogos. >> oh, the go-gos. >> this is michelle freeman's pick. >> nice. >> well, we don't get to pick ours. >> michelle and there was another person who requested it on facebook. if you want to request a song, you can send it to us. we will be playing your requests on friday mornings. >> "we've got the beat" i think is my favorite. >> you can't go wrong with 80's. well, this is an interesting story, a selfie stick caused big problems on the best place on earth. a passenger pulled out the
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selfie stick and that stopped the ride. disney started putting up science banning the selfie sticks. they could be dangerous. they are sticking out like an arm on a roller coaster. pretty interesting. a class action suit tricked biers into -- buyers into thinking their beer was imported. ananthe beer company is said to have tricked their customers into thinking it was imported. well, new this morning, baseball will open a replay center here in san francisco. right now, umpires watching a call are in new york city. because of the time difference,
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though, the umpires would be monitoring the games at early hour ins the morning. there's no confirmed date on when the replay center would be built. the usa women face china in the next round of the world cup. our coverage begins at noontime today. the united states women's soccer team is just three wins away from becoming the champs. coming up next we will take you live to dc where anticipation is building on same sex marriage. >> reporter: we are live and we are learning that gang crime is down. we will share the findings and some of the possible reasons behind that. good morning, traffic is
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looking good. we will tell you more coming um. the fog is back. it will be cooler for many today, also about higher clouds leading to a big cool down over the weekend. more on that coming up.
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welcome back everybody, friday. >> uh-huh. we are a little bit silly. i was just looking at your picture on twitter. >> oh, always on twitter, pam.
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>> good morning, i'm brian flores. >> thank you for joining us, i'm pam cook. brian, pam, we have a big fog bank coming back and there she be. it's really moving in pretty quick here and i think that's going to allow the temperatures to come down fast. inland, i think we will be hot. >> i love the sound of a fog horn. >> the people live inning the area, they will say they hate that sound. >> i love that sound. >> i hope that's the fog horn. [ laughter ] >> it sounds like a boat. low clouds coming back in a big way. it will take a little bit before everyone cools down, but it's coming up here comes the fog roaring right along. it looks like it's about to take the turn. higher clouds streaming as well. the two e equals a cooler
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pattern. still some areas in the 90s. all righty, sal. the fog is back, i know you are happy. yeah, i grew up in san francisco so that's what i know. i enjoyed the weather yesterday. it was nice. looking out at the bay area toll plaza, no problems. those metering lights usually gone around 5:45. the commute look good going to the peninsula. we haven't had anything major going on there. itit continues to be a good looking drive. you can see it luxe good and that's the way the other freeways are looking, nice and clear. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we are waiting for another big decision out of the supreme court that could come as early
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as this morning. the justices are about to declare whether or not the same sex marriages should be the law of the land. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning, and we are expecting pretty big crowds here today even though we don't know for sure the decision is coming down later this morning, we will see, but certainly advocates for same sex marriage are hoping that the liberal court blocks the decision as it did yesterday. a big cheer coming out of the court yesterday as the supporters got the decision they were hoping for. inside the court, a 6-3 decision ruled that the subsidies could be paid. writing for the majority, chief
5:33 am
justice john roberts said those credits are necessary to avoid the type of cay lam douse situation that congress planned to avoid. >> reporter: the decision, though, was cheered by the president. >> we finally declared that in america, health care is not a privilege for a few, but a right for all. >> reporter: republicans in congress are still planning to repeal and replace it. >> we are going to continue our efforts, do everything we can to put the american people back in charge of their own health care, not the federal government. >> reporter: back at the court, another big decision is at bay. the justice will have to
5:34 am
decision whether the clause requires nationwide acceptance. and as we come back out live, look at all of the interest that has drawn. look at all of the cameras. they may have to come back, we may have to come back on monday because no one is sure if the decision is going to come down today. it's entirely possible that the court may decide whether or not to release the decision. the term comes to an end next week, so next week, it's got to come down. >> i'm curious, is there any decision if the court makes the decision on a friday rather than a monday as we are all waiting? >> reporter: you know, it's different to say. you guys talk about the fogginess there, it's foggy out here. they hold off on the
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controversial decisions at the end of the term which will mean it would come down on monday. >> we are glad you are out there and you will bring us the decision as soon as it comes down. >> thank you, pam. well, this morning, san jose's task force is releasing a report saying that the gang related crime is down at this point. ktvu is live in san jose to tell us how this is being done. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian, well, the mayor and the police chief are meeting here at city hall and they are going to share these new statistics with the gang task force. now, considering they have been working to suppress the gang activity, it looks like all of this hard work has been paying off. when it comes to gang related violent crimes, the number has
5:36 am
de creased to only nine situations in the month of may. one in april and zero in may. when it comes to homicides, the mayor says he is confident in saying san jose has the lowest number in the country compared per capita to other cities. they are down 39% compared to this number last year. if the city continueds at that pace, it could be the lowest homicide rate the city has had in a year and a half. the force was going into enableds and working in the evenings more than the afternoons. the city leaders think that's making a difference as well as the use of the service officers that the city has hired. they are handing minor ins digitses. now, the staffing levels are not where they should be and this only reflects gang related
5:37 am
crime, not crime in the city, but overall, it is positive news for the city of san jose. brian? >> and hopefully that positive news continues. >> well, a man died while in ant antioch police custody. it happened at sycamore drive. the police responded to a call of a man inside an apartment. they found a 41-year-old suspect. they say as they attempted to detain him, he suffered a medical distress and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. president obama will deliver the eulogy at one of the victim ins the south carolina church shooting. clementa pinckney was one of
5:38 am
the nine shot in the shooting. president obama, vice president biden, hillary clinton and others will be there. that calm spirit that always welcomed you, he was always smiling. >> he was always there to help those that were in need. >> reporter: now, president obama will also meet privately today with the relatives of the shooting victims. well, dylan roof, the suspected gun nan in the south carolina shooting took ficktures -- pictures of himself with a confederate flag and a local man put up a confederate flag. he says he is not a racist, but he wanted to make a point about free expression. he left a note saying that everyone is offended by
5:39 am
something. he spoke with us briefly and asked that we not show his face. >> people are talking about it. people are talking about the freedom of speech. that's what i wanted. >> freedom of speak is important, but to do it now is to exploit the moment and to try to get attention. >> killborn tells us he has no plans to display the confederate flag again, but he has made his point. apple is pulling apps that use the confederate flag in "offensive or mean spirited ways" apple is allowing other apps that depict the flag in a his historical or educational content. we are learning more about a bizarre attack in san jose's pacific heights neighborhood that left a police officer
5:40 am
unconscious. now, the police released this mug shot of 23-year-old joshua bowling of colorado. they say he was trying to put together a shotgun outside of a restaurant filled with people on octavius street. when the police showed up, they say he became belligerent. it took 5-7 officers to get him under control. >> you can just again a man putting together a shotgun outside of a restaurant with about 20 patrons there. it could have turned out different. >> now, we also go a look at the shotgun. the police say this weapon would be worth as much as $95,000. the police say they are grateful this did not turn into some sort of active shooter situation. the oakland police are investigating a situation that left a man in serious condition. the police believe the shooting is linked to another incident that blocked both lanes of
5:41 am
interstate 580 near grands avenue. that's where the chp stopped a vehicle and found a victim suffering from a gunshot wound. the vic victim was rush today the hospital. it's now time 5:41 and san francisco, it's now time to show your pride. but first, lululemen having trouble with their clothes once again. the injuries which have the company issuing a massive recall. i-80 looking good. we will tell you more about the commute coming up: and the fog returns. it's shallow, but it's pouring into the city. that's a sign we will cool down. we'll she you how much coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it's 5:44. the new york police continue the search for the escaped suspects. the police officers have followed up on many tips, however, not a sighting. meanwhile, a second prison
5:44 am
employee has been charged in assisting with the escape. pallor admitted to passing frozen meat to the prisoners, but he said he did not know there were hacksaws inside. >> did he make a mistake? yes, but he did not plan or aid in planning the escape. >> well, prosecutors say they believe palmer may have been duped in helping the inmates. the flight 93 moe memorial is planning to open before the anniversary of the attacks. the flight was headed from newark, new jersey.
5:45 am
passengers fought back, as we all know and the plane crashed in the field. all of the passengers and crew members were killed along with the hijackers. new revelations about swimming pools could keep you out of the water. the cdc says the red eyes you get from the pool is not caused from the chlorine, but it's from the urine mixing with the chlorine. >> that's something to think about. >> jump in the ponder when you go in the swimming pool. >> sal? kind of wish i hadn't heard that story, brian. >> i know. >> i was just in the pool yesterday. [ laughter ] >> boy, oh, boy. >> it is what it is. >> oh, well, we've all survived, right?
5:46 am
>> yes, we did. let's go and look at what you have now as you drive through the bay area. we have some slow traffic to be sure, we are starting off at the bay bridge area. the metering lights are on. there's a 20-25 minute delay getting onto the bridge. no problems once on that span. we are also looking at the span itself. you can see the traffic is moving along very nicely and it's a little bit foggy just as steve as mentioned so it might be a little bit cooler for you. the altamont pass is stop and go. once you get going, it's good. traffic recovered quickly at the 101 at san antonio road. we have the fog coming back fast. i mean, it came roaring up to coast.
5:47 am
that's a sign of a little bit more of a breeze and some higher clouds as well. they are moving in our direction as well. foggy, shallow, the high pressure is squashing a little bit. karen, though, steve, nothing better than going to sleep to the found of the fog horns. there you go. >> i love that sound. >> i didn't say that was me. >> i am with her. that sounds more like a big ship. >> that's very calming. >> that city council like a very big -- sounds like a very big ship. 60s and 70s very warm inland. much, much cooler coast and bay. my feeling is that it's going to pick up a little bit later. the water temperatures zoomed up and now they are back off a little bit. 56, 58 san francisco buoy half- moon bay. 50s on the coast and that's the
5:48 am
fog. it looks like it's about to head past point ray and it's going to make a move along with the higher clouds. look at that. a come bin combination of low and high clouds are goings to -- going to give us a mostly sunny day. 60s, 70s coast and bay and the cooling trend will really show itself on saturday into sunday and then a rebound early next week. >> as you mentioned earlier, you dialed it back. >> alex savage asked if we could dial it back. >> he is a smart fella. lululemon is recalling items that have the draw string. the tops were sold between
5:49 am
january of 2008 and december of last year. there have been seven reports of injuries. customers could contact the store for a replacement draw string. coming up, an unexpected twist in the deadly collapse of the balcony and the reason it has now turned into a criminal investigation. he is just another one of the guys, that's how we see it. >> making history at the ballpark, we are doing to into's
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technicaldifficultys with the deejay. [ laughter ] >> it is the jam. >> trivia, who is the fresh for instance? -- fresh prince? >> well, will smith. >> of course, of course. >> this is requested by down. >> as my kids say, jayden smith's dad. [ laughter ] >> yes. if there's a song you want to hear, send us a request.
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use had #ktvu. >> love it. one of the toughest and most controversial vaccination bills in the nation has been approved. lawmakers say it will help make kids and the entire population safer. it started last year after a measles out break at disney land may have been linked to more than 130 cases of measles across the state. republican presidential candidate donald trump facing backlash over comments he made about mexicans. the miss america pageant is billion pulled from broadcast.
5:54 am
>> when mexico send their people, they are not sending their best, they are sending people that have lots of problems and they are bringing their problems to us. they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime. they are bringing their rapists. >> well, trump is not backing down from those remarks saying they have to make changes. the first openly gay professional baseball player to come out publicly while still active took the mound last night. con roy took the mound. he struck out 11 batters and allowed just three hits from the batters. conway said he received an overwhelm support from the players and the fans. >> i am not active in the
5:55 am
community yet. i hope others can follow my lead. >> the team was observing pride night. his teammates want to know he is a good pitcher and an even better person. well, some of the back bay players are spending time with steph curry. curry held an overnight basketball camp. more than 100 kids ages 9-15 are getting a chance to touch the trophy and play some basketball with the mvp. he has hosted some 30,000 kids over the last 15 years. >> i think that's getting probably more popular, too. >> oh, yeah, that's awesome. >> oh, look at that kid, over curry, too. that's awesome. coming up in our 6:00 hour,
5:56 am
looking to beat the heat at the beach? beware, shark s were spotted off of the coast. we are going to tell you where the warnings are being issued. but first, a body found outside of a factory. where the terrorism level has been raised. this is a look at highway 92. so far, so good on the way to the peninsula. the fog is making a pretty good push and it's bringing a cooler pattern. we'll have the forecast for friday.
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snchts good morning, it's friday morning, june 26th, i'm pam cook. effort. let's get things started with weather and traffic. the fog is rolling in. the fog is rolling in. it's warm to hot, but not as bad as yesterday. a big drop for the coast and bay. higher clouds are beginning to move in. now, the fog is still rather shallow and there's warm air aloft. the higher clouds coming up from the south are really starting to move in fast. this is from clough -- cloe. i would think 100 for clear lake. that's some of the high cloud deck there. the low clouds are starting to circle the wagon and move in. 50s along
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