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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 27, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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a shooting at this year's pride festival. evening, i am can way. i am
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heather holmes. those shots were fired blocks from the main pride celebration this afternoon. one person was struck. we're live now as civic center plaza. police have uncovered the gun involved?>> reporter: that is right, heather, a semiautomatic handgun they found discarded on market street. right now, we're looking across larkin street out towards united nations plaza. you can see the whole area is full of food booths for pride weekend. it was a vendor caught by a stray bullet. this video seems to show people reacting, backing away and then shots ring out. >> we heard a bunch of shots. we had somebody put their hands up. another guy had guns in his hand. a lot of people running. >> reporter: the plaza was
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still full of people. vendors were closing up for the day. police swarmed in.>> everybody was told to leave. no one was allowed to stop. it was an emergency, and everybody was scrambling, including the police. >> this is pretty much unrelated to the priority that. >> reporter: police chased six suspects and say the violence started with arguing it's going two groups of men.>> they got into a verbal argument inside the venue. the incident escalated when one of the subjects pulled out a gun and fired several shots.>> reporter: four shots, and one hit a vendor in the arm. he is in stable condition and had nothing to do with the suspects. vendors say the crowds and to be aware of the dispute for the gunfire. >> i saw a crowd rushing through the plaza.
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then maybe about 10 minutes later, we heard three or four gunshots. everybody kind of ducked down. it was definitely unexpected. it's really sad for any that like this for something like that to happen.>> those gunshots were facing -- had those gunshots been facing people, there would be a lot of dead bodies.>> reporter: while this was happening, the same celebration less than two celebration less than 2 miles in the castro the stick -- district was packed with people. tomorrow's parade has more security and an alcohol ban because of past incidents of violence. police say tonight's shooting was unrelated to pride, although two years ago, two vendors were also shot and wounded, caught in some crossfire towards the end of the day as pride was packing
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up. that was a similar occurrence. you can that police will be on alert tomorrow.>> they certainly will be, especially with a large number of people expected. as part of pride weekend, you can see a big triangle facing the top of twin peaks. volunteers put together this triangle this morning. it is made up of 175 canvases held down by thousands of steal spikes. the display first appeared here in 19 of steal spikes. the display first appeared here in 1996. what started as a label for homosexuals in concentration camp says become a symbol of pride and reflection. there were celebrations around the nation after the supreme court announced its ruling. in houston, people turned out for a marriage equality rally him one couple turned you into a wedding party after getting married. houston's opened again mayor says she had to leave the state last year in order to marry her partner.>> the reason we exchanged 18 months ago now means something in texas.
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>> others called the decision dream come true and said they were looking forward to their own marriages at last in minneapolis, interstate 35 over the mississippi river was lit up like a rainbow for pride celebrations at twin cities this weekend. likes to go new meeting this year because of the us supreme court decision. in kansas city, people greeted the news with the spontaneous gathering near city hall. banners welcomed the decision, and one couple told reporters they felt they were off a roller coaster ride of uncertainty about their rights as gay people the pride parade tomorrow, baseball games, and nascar at sonoma raceway will make it very busy around the bay area. coming up, will tell you what you need to know to get were you need to go. there are reports that the balcony that collapsed in berkeley may have had an
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unusual slope. according to the chronicle, lawyers for the families of the victim told prosecutors about witnesses who say the balcony had a pronounced slope. him architectural plans call for a 2% slope to allow water to drain from the building. officials say the balcony gave way because of dry rot family said it is happy alameda county prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation. lawmakers are trying to keep pg&e and -- from writing off its record-breaking fine. it was find -- fined $1.6 billion for its role in a pipeline explosion. jerry hill and kevin mullin introduced bills to bar pg&e from taking a state deduction estimated to be worth up to $115 million. the company says it believes part of the penalty is tax-
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deductible. two people from california was among those killed and that sightseeing plane crash in alaska. the plane went down thursday in a rugged, remote area. the pilot and all eight people were killed. two of those passengers, rolene cheney and mary doucette, were both from load i. he was planning to propose on this trip. his son and daughter shared memories of their father today.>> my dad had such a good job making me as well as all of his family feel like we could do anything in life and we can accomplish anything we set our minds.>> cheney was a retired art teacher. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. growing
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concerns tonight about security following three deadly terrorist attacks. terrorists targeted the us own factory in factory, mosque in kuwait, and most of the victims were british tourists.>> bloodbath, massacre, horrific, these described yesterday's violent. three terror attacks -- violence. three terror attacks four hours. we are learning that the most -- most of the people in tunisia killed were british. it was the most significant attack on british people since the london bombings of july it was the most significant attack on british people since the london bombings of july 2005. today, people left tunisia in droves, packing onto buses, heading to the airport after yesterday's massacre when a gunman opened fire on a beach full of tourists and attacked a hotel before being killed by police. it happened in the resort city of sus, about 85 miles south of
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tunis, the capital of the country. islamic militants killed 22 people at a museum there and mark. -- in march. that was the worst attack in history of tunisia until yesterday.>> everybody suddenly stands up and they were running really fast. and also, security told us to run, go into your rome's, -- rooms, run away. >> reporter: tunisian officials say the gunman, and engineering student, was also an islamic radical believed to be carrying out isis messages.>> -- >> reporter: and into a dozens were killed after a suicide attempt in a shiite mosque.
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isis took responsibility for both attacks. the man accused of attacking a us gas company in france and beheading his boss was already on a terror watchlist and suspected to having ties to islamic radicals. while security does not believe these attacks were coordinated, the concern is that they were carried out by islamic radicals loyal to isis, and this is serious concern for us officials with the fourth of july right around the corner. john huddy, fox news.'s economy it risk -- at risk of collapsing. there were long lines at atms in athens. greeks are worried about their bank accounts. they sold off a half billion euros today, draining loss of cash. the government declared a referendum next day whether or not to accept strict reforms in return for a bailout deal. that call upset greases eurozone partners. presuppose 1.8 presuppose $1.8 billion, and its bailout
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expires tuesday. thousands of deadheads went to see one of the last grateful dead shows tonight. the fair the well concert -- fare the well concert and it's find -- entertained a huge crowd. it finishes next weekend in chicago. bob weir and three other original band concerts were joined by replacements for the jerry garcia role. an event that takes months to plan, more than 1000 volunteers to ordinate, and a lot of competitive spirit. 650 athletes to part in special olympics competition in davis today.'s allie rasmus shares the story of a mother and dad competing together.>> reporter: athletes take the field. they have practiced every week, and this is the moment they have been waiting for.>> i can do it.
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>> reporter: dough hargis from napa has been competing for 20 years. >> i do bocci, bowling, i do something all the time. i love to have fun. >> reporter: in the stands for number one fan, a fellow athlete and competitor who also happens to be her daughter. two generations making the games a family tradition. kelly hargis walked away with a gold medal in the hundred yard dash. from bocce ball to shotput, even if the athletes don't go home with a metal, they all walk away with a lot of confidence. >> a lot of these people if it weren't for specially fix -- special olympics wouldn't have a reason to leave the house.>> reporter: more than 50% special olympians help out.>> it is a unifying power for everyone. you can do your best, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
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>> you have to smile for the camera. >> reporter: 1200 volunteers organized the event. donors private organizations make sure they pay nothing to train and compete, giving them the help they need to focus on what's important. >> just do the best you can do.>> reporter: in davis, allie rasmus, ktvu. 18 battling cancer may not have much time left, but he is making the most of every moment. coming up, the man's mission to help his mom after he is gone. plus, a robotic technology reaches new heights. how bay area innovation misguiding people through museums, protecting pop pretty, and helping at a hospital. press the confederate flag brought down in south carolina for a moment. the punishment that woman faces after climbing the flagpole. the news continues and 90
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a protester was arrested as she climbed the flagpole and were -- remove the confederate flag in south carolina. they show three new some halfway up the poll -- pole. she and the cop -- and an accomplice were charged with defacing public property. the flag is protected by south carolina state law.
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there have been renewed calls for it to be removed after the nine people were killed inside a historic lack church in charleston. lawmakers have voted to debate the issue. a new flag was back up 45 minutes later ahead of a rally today by supporters of the confederate flag. funeral services were held in charleston for three more victims of last week's shooting rampage. susie jackson and swans a sanders -- to one's a sanders -- tawanza sanders were among those remembered.>> i struggled through all of these funerals because this happened on my watch. what i can tell you is we will make this right. we will make this right. they will not have died in vain. [ applause ] >> services were held earlier
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today for heard, a library and also killed in the shooting. rick leventhal is in new york with the latest on the shooting of the escaped prisoner. >> reporter: 1100 law enforcement officers have converged on the adirondack mountains, searching the woods with helicopters and k-9 teams hunting for the second prisoner who escaped from the clinton correctional facility. >> there's a whole lot of intelligence operations going on in the background. we had the availability of the being of the crimes they have committed. psychological profiles are at work on this.>> reporter: a sip from motorists led police to a cabin where they smelled gunpowder and soon found richard matt. police found him armed with a 20gauge shotgun and failed to surrender. that's when a border patrol tactical team member shot and killed. david sweat is still on the
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list. err you never want to see anyone lose their life. but i would remind people that mr. matt was an escaped murderer. mr. sweat is also dangerous. burp him -- >> reporter: him snow the work together him department worst it is today. i've been on edge every night. sleep is pretty minimal. being aware and not going outside too much and keeping the kids inside. >> reporter: police say the killers obtained weapons from one of the cabins. sweat is considered armed and extremely dangerous. rick leventhal, fox news. firefighters are making progress on wildfire southeast of lake tahoe. crews have contain one third of the washington fire and alpine county. lightning sparked the fire.
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it has burned more than 17,000 acres, but no buildings have been damage. today the fire service lifted and evacuation eiserer for towns in the area. in southern california, there has been one mandatory evacuation for the lake fire. advisories extended it to the mojave desert and the san bernardino mountains. firefighters have contain 40% of this fire, covering only 7 mi.2. crews are worried about thunderstorms. these they animal officials investigating a cruelty case say a dog thought to have been thrown into a canal probably died by accident. gino was discovered dead in a walnut creek canal, appeared to be tied up. investigators reported that the shoelace that the dog was tangled in fell off when it came out of the canal. they think gino fell after
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being hit by a car and couldn't get out. a south bay man diagnosed with cancer may not have much time left but is making the most of every moment we told you about alex matt wells cox, and tonight, keba arnold tells us about his new his position to help his mom after he is gone and how bay area companies are making it possible.>> basically watermelon, tomatoes.>> reporter: him cox has been busy. him him alex cox has been busy. him to concede make it him. him him last him alex, he was celebrate him, him was sure he would get him. alex isn't sure how him at 50, he was to him was with an aggressive bone cancer.
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him>> mentally, him it's tough him>> reporter: his mission him to make the most of every moment and him behind something fasting him like solar panels mom him him him want to help out my mom with electric him since i am not going to be around him him aside it would be him will him too.>> reporter: him he has raced 1400 him for the prius -- process before getting a call from dell saul and extra energy companies. orr a friend of mine on the internet told me about the situation and we got together as a group and decided to help the family out.>> alex is cut from the same cloth from -- has us solo professionals. >> reporter: the solar panels were installed three. alex says he will donate the
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money he raised to cancer research and environmental causes.>> it is just the beginning of what i would like to do.>> we are told more than $30,000 worth of work was done to alex and his mom's home. the company says they plan to install solar panels for free him month and alex's honor keba arnold, ktvu news. tourists are coming back to us and all barbara beach damaged by an oil spill. what residence are saying about the effort -- residents are saying about the effort. and bay area ingenuity is on the forefront, helping people do things that they never dreamed possible. how robots are the latest technology to give people access to things they couldn't see in the past lots of clouds, you a few showers on live storm
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tracker two radar. mostly cloudy skies coming up. we'll talk about the cloud expected sunday and the timing of another heatwave, more triple digits across the bay area.
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a southern california beach close by an oil spill is open this weekend. el capitan state beach is welcoming visitors after five weeks of cleanup. not everyone wants to get in the water. some are plunging in. campgrounds will load up quickly for the weekend. vacationers who planned to come to santa barbara are glad they didn't have to cancel the trip.>> it is great that the beaches open. it's unfortunate that the oil spill came. it's great that we can get it cleaned up and get it open for everybody for the weekend.>> -- earlier this week, congress investigated the spill. some say that the pipeline owners were slow to respond.
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the spill killed at least 300 marine and mammals -- mammals and birds. more and more businesses are looking to lower tech savvy customers. claudia cowan is showing us how this makes a difference.>> reporter: robots are appearing at bay area hospitals in hotels and art museums like this one where disabled visitors are able to roam the galleries.>> i just love seeing all of the art. >> reporter: patrick regan, whose disability affects his speech and motor control, doesn't have to leave his home in alaska to explore san francisco's museum 2000 miles away. using special software, he steers this virtual tour guide called the beam probe with the size.>> the camera helps me see art i would not otherwise be able to see.>> reporter: the robot is equipped with sensors and cameras. at the hotel aloft in
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cupertino, robotic bellhops deliver items to guest, no tip required. a fleet of 25 programmable tugs do much of the groundwork here.>> it carries pharmacy medications, pathological specimens, all the trash and medical waste is hauled out of the hospital so nobody has to push big heavy carts around.>> patrick agrees robots are making lives easier and more enjoyable. >> there's more direct accessibility. >> reporter: some worry robots will take jobs away from people. but studies show there will be a shortage of caregivers in the years ahead. the federal government is spending $800,000 to build robots that can monitor the health of senior citizens and make sure they are eating right. another sophisticated robot designed to help people. claudia cowan, fox news. for
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just the sixth time in two week scottish architect a swimmer off the carolina coast. this man was trying to do the right thing when the shark attacked. coming up next, huge events scheduled in every corner of the bay area tomorrow. details about public transit options to help you not be stuck in traffic.
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him events, baseball, and asked him how they all happened in the bay area. with all the festivities come crowded freeways in public transit. cristina mendonsa -- cristina rendon has more on what you can expect tomorrow.>> reporter: one of the best parts about the bay area is not the traffic, it's the entertainment. there is always something to
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do, which means there is always somewhere to go.>> this weekend is huge for the bay area. >> reporter: this sunday will have a packed lineup. a's fans will come for a day game, just like they did today. >> part is the way to go. it drops you off right here. a bridge walk across in your at the coliseum.>> reporter: the giants have a day game following the much-anticipated san francisco pride premium raid -- parade. >> my friends are thinking about going to pride because it will be epic, but we don't know if we can cut it with the crowds are not.>> reporter: there's another big event at the sonoma raceway, buckling up for big crowds. all these festivities mean big backups on freeways. brace yourselves for carmen get in -- carmageddon.
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>> >> reporter: that's the plan for these terrorists. -- tourists. >> we were meeting friends last night in the city, and we thought we need to get out of town before the parades started. >> reporter: the local say even if tomorrow is a perfect storm guys nothing we haven't weathered before. >> the bay area has had event full weekends before. we are lucky to have everything in our favor. i think it will all work out in the end. >> reporter: cristina rendon, fox 2news. transit service will expand even more tomorrow. the bay ferry will add a run from the east bay, leaving the docket 8:45 tomorrow morning, leaving oakland at 9 am, arriving at the san francisco ferry building at 9:35. celebrations all over the city today. the pink party was especially
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festival -- festive. multiple soundstages there. crowds watched the gay rights movement sparked by the supreme court decision to condone same- sex marriages.>> it is great to be able to enjoy marriage equality.>> reporter: the party was free to all. the 45th annual prom night three kicks off at 10 prom night three kicks off at 1030 -- 10:30 tomorrow morning. there will be and all day celebration until six tomorrow night. today is the 20th anniversary of hiv aids testing day. the cdc estimates one in seven hiv-positive people do not know they are infected. a test can be done at home with
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results in just a few minutes. barbara lee and several colleagues took the test today in washington, encouraging other details charles of their health. a 17-year-old boy in north carolina is in critical condition after being bitten by a shark. a man on the outer banks was trying to help children out of the water and got bitten. this brings the total to six this year for shark attacks. some people in the area are getting nervous. >> it is a little scary him shark attacks. it seems they are occurring quite often now.>> the man was bitten on his back and a leg but is expected to survive. artists took over the streets literally today in the north bay. the annual italian street pain festival brought artist him or her style to use pavement as cannabis. theme was carnival in venice.
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the artist sketched out maps and miracles. what mama artist came all the way from italy and was clearly enjoying himself.>> the weather, the people in the festival. it's good. it's good for me. >> the evening continues tomorrow. tickets are $10. children under 12 are free. proceeds benefit the foundation for rare diseases. the giants needed a come back to win today. coming up, some nice work in a field and they late bases clearing double helps to pull that off. mark tamayo is tracking your pride forecast. another big warm-up on the way.
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most of the bay area cooled off today. it felt muggy out there. this is our san jose camera, some beautiful colors. these clouds moving in from the south. with the clouds and even a few passing rain showers, a nice rainbow. this was at the grateful dead concert earlier this evening. a few passing showers helped produce that rainbow. as far as temperatures, they range from the 60s near pacifica. most areas cooled off from yesterday. the shot fairly active on the radar. we will coming closer. look at all this activity, reports of 1500 lightning
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strikes. a big chunk of those towards lake tahoe. you can see those thunderbolts whipping across lake tahoe. in the bay area, we have been tracking a few passing showers as well. right now, the main focus has been the north bay. santa rosa, windsor, crandell, a few spotty showers showing up on the radar. outside right now, we have some lingering clouds. this is our oakland camera. for tonight, we will go this, more cloud cover in short-term. skies becoming partly cloudy tomorrow. this will be the key headline of the next few days, a heat up in store, triple digits for the inland neighborhoods. tomorrow, the pride parade starting a 10:30. temperatures will be in the upper 50s. crowds -- clouds will scale back. by 3:00, skies partly cloudy, 66 at civic center plaza. in the north they, sonoma for
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nascar, 9 am will be in the 60s, on track to meet mid-70s. temperatures you can see here, the overnight lows in the 50s to lower 60s. right now, we have the circulation of the pacific drawing up some moisture. we're going to have clouds start out the day. the higher clouds and skies going to be partly cloudy. we will begin to work back up on monday. by tuesday, the hottest locations inland will easily top 100 degrees and into wednesday as well. here is our forecast. showing you the clouds in the morning, scaling back some of the overcast afternoon hours. still muggy and humid with that air mass moving in from the south. oakland, 74. not much in the way of major heat inland, but that will be changing beginning tuesday. forecast high in san francisco,
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66 degrees. here is your five day forecast. or clouds sunday. look at him him him him him him him 60s. the weather will cooperate for the most part. a local driver takes the pole it -- and tomorrow's nascar race. a giants player me be on the -- may be on the disabled list for the first time in his career.
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good evening, welcome to
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sports. is banged up as the giants are, they need run production from people they weren't counting on when the season began. they got that today against the rockies. on the hill after a short start. the rockies got to the pitcher for three runs in the first.: error not a rips a double. the rockies got three in the inning. they looked like they were again often running at at&t park. dj lemay who drove a shot up the middle, and the tag is put on the colorado pitcher. a hit above the right elbow could be -- put him on the disabled list. the giants needed to counter with some offense. they got it in the third inning. the giants counter with three, and it is a tied game.
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an amazing behind the back play . it's 5 to 3 in the fourth. the giants chipped away. duffy makes a the one run game. duffy batting in the number three spot, three for four today with three runs scored. the giants had a big inning in the seventh. bases-loaded, one out. it rattles around the corner, and three players come around to score. the giants win 7-5, beating colorado at home for the first time this year, giving them a chance to take the series with a win tomorrow. if you're a dodger fan, you might ask yourself what is up with clayton these days? against the marlins, the marlins were


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