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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. maybe tuesday will be the hottest day. tuesday or wednesday will be very warm inland. today we have a lot of cloud cover. low clouds. still am westerly breeze. there will be a 90s. it looks like if it's not tuesday it will be wednesday. there is going to be very toasty numbers for some. but again it's june, it's summer. the cloud cover continues to roll in. the monsoon moisture coming up from the four corners. we had a few little sprinkles as early subbed morning. 50s and 60s on your temps right now. the cloud cover is keeping things there. that these to fall 5:part west at napa. west at concord. so a mix of sun and clouds. low clouds. high clouds. cool to mild to warmer alex is
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now back. he is in the big chair. >> i know. running all over the place. i made a mad dash to the traffic center. filling in for sal as well. do want to let folks know we have one slow spot here. we will get to the maps. here things are a bit slow as you come through the livermore valley this morning. of course i have a loud scanner on in the background. there you go. found the volume button. there you goal traffic westbound on 580 a bit sluggish. let's get you here this is a live look. let's see. there you go. bay bridge toll plaza traffic flowing at a pretty good pace there. of course you want to get there quick you want to make your way into the city as we see every
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morning things to back up earlier and earlier. now we want to send it to janine de la vega. she is in the south bay covering a fatal crash that happened over night. janine. what was the situation? >> reporter: the scene is clear and the chp is back in the office and they are investigating what happened here. a sergeant that we spoke to earlier tells us that the risks the deceased driver took played a part in this accident. this accident happened just before midnight and it happened when one car rear ended another in the northbound lanes of 880 just north of montague expressway. the vehicle stopped and the driver who was in a toyota got out to check on the person in the other vehicle. officers say he crossed lanes of traffic to do that. >> after talking to the party
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he rear ended he went back to his as he got back into his vehicle the assumption was he was struck at that time. >> reporter: the 20-year-old man who exited his vehicle ended up dying from his injuries. the accident halted traffic on northbound 880 for nearly three hours because of debris on the road. no one else had serious injuries. it's unknown if alcohol was involved in this crash. authorities warn not to get out of your vehicle and cross lanes of traffic on a highway. if you want to play it safe, pull to the shoulder. put on your hazards. call 911 and wait for officers to arrive. and of course in this accident it doesn't appear that driver did that. back to you. >> all right thank you janine. time is 5:03. a record number of people turned out for trans' pride parade event made for special this year following friday's sue ream court ruling on same
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sex marriage. an estimated 2 million people came to san francisco over the weekend. yesterday's pride parade featured appearances by gavin newsom. kara lou will show us more from the parade. arrests could soon be coming in a shooting. the fight erupted in the parking lot of the church of jesus christ of ladder day saints. two men in their 20s was shot. another man was hit with a hammer or crowbar. none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. police say it's lucky no one else was hurt. the two groups know each other and they were fighting over something that happened a day before. happening today state senators will decide if the controversial vaccine bill heads to the governor. the bill eliminates the personal belief exemption for
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people a-- senators must vote on the the bill be if it passes it goes to governor brown. the u.s. supreme court is expected to release a decision today on whether a drug used for lethal injections is usable. the case was brought by three death row inmates in oklahoma. as the temperature rises, so does the potential for fire danger that is is why cal fire says it's working to increase its staff. dry lightning and strong winds are expected to cross many areas in northern california throughout the week. dry lightning increases the chance for new fires and high winds can spread the flames. the fire protection agency is placing additional crews and equipment at emergency command centers so there will be
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coverage around the clock. firefighters near lake tahoe continue to battle the flames of the washington fire in alpine county. as of last night that fire was 45% contained. fire crews say lightning sparked that fire on june 19th and since then it has burned nearly 18,000 acres. no buildings have been damaged. no reports of any injuries. highway 4 has reopened but highway 89 near the highway 4 junction remains closed. and fire crews in san jose have nearly contained a grass fire. the flames were reported at 1:30 in the afternoon. cal fire says that fire has burned about 80 acres. as of last night it was 80% contained. crews worked on that fire from the ground and air using tankers to drop fire retar dent. no buildings damaged there. no injuries reported but the cause is still under
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investigation. starting today cal fire is banning all outside burning. methamphetamine who live until areas not served by city or county fire departments are no longer able to burn anything outside of their homes. the goal is to help reduce the risk of wild fires during this drought and asking homeowners to trim grass and trees on their properties and to clean their roofs and gutters. according to cal fire, more than 2 million homes in california are in areas considered to be at high or extreme risk of wild fire. the toll to cross the golden gate bridge will be increasing this week. starting this wednesday, tolls will increase by another $0.25. it's part of a five-year plan to increase toes by $2 by 2018.
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the next $0.25 increase will be in july of 2016 followed by two more in july of 2017 and july of 2018. so classic aren't they? i love them. the greatful dead have been a major part of the bay area music scene since the 1960s. but the two sold out concerts at levi stadium will be thed from -- favor old memories one more time. >> the sound i ran up to the stage. i was right there in the front row. the field trip in oregon. >> it was just a little
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different. >> fans who attended both weekend shows say they could feel the spirit of the late jerry garcia during saturday's concert because that when a rainbow appeared over the stadium midway through the concert. the band heads to chicago for the for he is being called a hometown hero. coming up at 5:30 the special send off for jeff gordan at sonoma raceway. >> but first all eyes remain on greece this morning. all banks are closed today. possibly for the next week there. we'll have the latest on the financial crisis in that country. >> cool down over the weekend. we still have some of that cloud cover but all signs point toward the warmup.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. all banks in greece are closed. protestors spray painted the greek word for no on buildings in athens. many opposed the financial reform. the international monetary funds says it will not make the next bail out for banks unless greece pays the $1.8 billion due tomorrow.
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critics worry the demand by creditors will only lead to more protests. >> they want our freedom, they want our rights, they want our properties. they want our homeland. i think greece people will fight back. >> cabinet has decided to close the banks for six days and lawmakers have called for an election next sunday for social securities to stay if the financial reform proposals are acceptable. early polls show there could be support. that is changing now. if greece leaves the euro zone it won't hurt their country. federal investigators are heading to mas. all three people on the plane died but the four people inside the home were able to escape safely. neighbors say they heard strange noses as the beach craft airplane flew over their
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homes. >> engine was sputtering, making noise but that is what caused me to turn around. >> i heard a big boom and felt the house shake a little bit. i heard people yell examining >> people in the neighborhood say the weather was good at the time of the crash. the plane had taken off from an airport in pennsylvania. the man hunt is now over for the second escaped prison from up state new york. police say david sweat was shot twice in the torso yesterday by officers when he didn't obey orders to stop. he's now being treated at a hospital in albany, new york. sweat's capture comes two days after richard matt was shot and killed by police. the massive man hunt was launched after sweat and matt staged an elaborate escape from a maximum security prison in up state new york. there has been another shark attack off the carolina coast. an 18-year-old was swimming in
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a group when a shark bit him several times. no one else was injured. this makes the sixth shark attack along the way. we're also learning more about the sharks spotted last week forcing officials to cancel the life guard competition. most of the sharks in that group were 8-12 feet long. take a look at this video. shot in southern california. it shows two paddle borders getting close to two young great white sharks. durings more than two minute video one of the paddle borders dunks his video below the surface. the video ends with the camera actually getting on his board
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with his leg dangling in the water. >> no way. >> at least ten sharks have been spotted in that area. >> i can give you that conversation right now. dude, there is a shark in the water. >> yeah let's put our legs in and dangle a bit. >> not my cup of tea. >> if you dip your toes in the water if they take a nibble. you know. that is your problem. [ laughter ] >> alex you are in for sal. how is traffic? traffic is looking pretty good. we have a few slow spots we will get to those in a moment. first let's take you to the bay bridge toll plaza. there you can see traffic flowing pretty nicely. but as we know on amender morning things will back up pretty quickly here in the next
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hour or so. if you are heading into san francisco, looks good. this is a look at highway 4 coming through the bay point area. you can see all the headlights. those are the headlights heading westbound. a heavy flow of traffic this morning. now i also wanted to take a look for those folks in the south bay. a couple slow areas but generally speaking you will be able to move free through through the san jose area. at least at this early hour. 5:17 is the time. steve, good morning to you. thank you, sir. back to you. we have a little bit of a pattern change on the weekend. the down and the warmup. today is the the day you start off with low clouds to high clouds. today is the day get upper 80s.
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might be a little bit more in the humidity factor. tomorrow there is a debate whether it will be the hottest or wednesday. i'm leaning on wednesday. either tuesday or wednesday. tomorrow there will be 90s. everything seems to be six weeks ahead of schedule here. will produce some thundershower activity. terror still 23 gusts to -- water temps have warmed up significantically. 50s and 60s and 70s throughout the interior. in case you missed it boise,
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idaho was 110 on sunday. butch low, new york was 59. just blazing heat up at the pacific northwest. and tori campbell texted me last night. oh my gosh. they were driving into st. louis they had a tornado. not only that but strong cell went right there. >> that is what she gets for leaving town. [ laughter ] but they made it safe and sound. but she sent me a picture. torrential rain and cool temps. that is the low that cooled us down on the weekend. came from the west, southwest. look at that spin in the
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atmosphere. that is what enhanced the low clouds. that is what picked up the sea breeze. clouds and sun. cool to mild to warm. coastal fog. tomorrow all systems go for what looks like 90s to near 100s inland. >> going up the roller coaster again. >> yes, they are. i like the cool down on the weekend. that was pretty nice. >> yes, it was. 5:20 is is the time right now. you may be looking forward to a short workweek reeding up to the fourth of july holiday but for counterterrorism official there is is is growing apprehension. they are concerned about possible terror attacks that could coincide with the fourth. doug has more on the warning signs. the fourth of july may be a time of chemabrasion here at home but -- time of celebration here at home. the chairman of the house
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homeland security commission says it goes beyond just the fourth. >> you have the one year anniversary of the cal state and the -- >> reporter: last week we saw a trio ofay sis inspired attacks. and the department of homeland security issued a warning about the fourth. saying we will also adjust security measures seen and unseen as necessary to protect the american people. but the fear is that these kind of attacks are difficult to predict and disrupt because of the nature of isis. a much different threat than al qaeda presented. >> al qaeda was terrorism elitism. it was guidance from the top down. isis is terror population.
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>> one of the attacks over seas 15 british citizens were killed. david cameron, promising in his words a full spectrum response. time is 5:21. coming up the future is now. coming up at 5:45 how robots are making life easier in the bay area. >> unmanned rocket exploded just after take off in florida. it was all caught on camera. up next the important cargo that was destroyed.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a failed mission to the international space station is now raising questions about how nasa and its partners with continue to keep the space station supplied. space x rocket exploded minutes after take off yesterday. that rocket broke into pieces over the atlantic. this is the third loss of the cargo ship heading to the space station in the past eight months. >> it's a pretty important loss to us. i don't want to minimize a loss to us but again from a macro level standpoint the crew is is nondanger. we are moving forward. the teams are ready to support. >> now nasa says it does prepare for this mishap. it does not anticipate any major disruptions to the space station. >> workers will be out trying to get rid of a destructive
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fruit fly in santa clara county. the flies feed on more than 230 kinds of fruits and vegetables. this is the third time in eight years that there has been a fruit fly infestation in cooper toe know. it typically makes its way into the u.s. from contraband fruit. er rat case is is under way and will last eight weeks. interns at apple lead a very different life than internals at other companies. according to the business insider, apple interns earned $38 an hour. which works out to about $6800 a month. they also get over time pay. they don't have to worry about spending any of that on housing. apple provides free housing if interns are willing to live with other interns. otherwise they get $1,000 a month to help pay their rent. not too bad. but interns are also held to apples code of secrecy. they are not allowed to talk
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about their jobs. big crowds gatt never san francisco. we'll have more on the record that was set over the weekend. >> we're live in the south bay where an accident on a major highway has resulted in one man's death. we'll tell you about the move the driver made after the initial crash that may have led to his death. >> plus we are keeping an eye on the roadways. things are flowing pretty smoothly in most areas. but we all take you to the east bay. >> lots of cloud cover over us. low clouds and plenty in place. it does look a little warmer on the forecast and much warmer later.
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welcome back everybody it is monday certainly feels like monday. it's june 29th. i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> good morning,. thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. we've had a few kinks i guess that is it. >> keep moving forward. it will smooth itself out. we have a lot of cloud cover over us. low clouds and high clouds. almost everybody says cloudy to mostly cloudy. there is plenty of low clouds and fog out there. and temperatures pretty close. 50s and 60s orphan the temps but it does look a little warmer land. warmer inland. the high will build back toward
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us. 50s on the temps. 57 half-moon bay. 57 sfo. 57 santa rosa. also livermore. but again very uniformed temps here. 23 gusts to 29. west, northwest. sea breeze in place. look at the cloud cover. but the high looks like it wants to drift back this way. that will allow temps to start warming up. a mix of clouds low and high. sun cool to mild to warm. 80s and 90s through the interior. 60s and 70s coast and bay. here he is mr. alex savidge filling in for sal. giving us good traffic. >> it is good in most spots. thank you very much. a couple trouble spots. a few areas slowing down. you can see the cash payers things slowing down for them. fast track per.
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here's a look at highway 4. another spot that is slowing down is the livermore. quite a bit of traffic as you head over the hill from tracy into the livermore valley. there was a crash that led to a young man's death. all northbound lanes had to be shut down for several hours. they are back open this morning. we have janine de la vega she is live in milpitas to tell us what happened and what other drivers have to be aware of. we are also talking about some of the enforcement that will be happening here throughout the week in the bay area. >> reporter: yeah it will be a very busy week with the upcoming fourth of july
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holiday. chp says take your time. be safe. pull on to the shoulder if you get in an accident. in the accident this morning it was minor but it turned serious this a matter of seconds. this happened all around midnight in the northbound lanes of 880. one vehicle rear ended another just north of the montague expressway. and before the chp arrived, the driver of one of the cars involved got out to check on the other driver. it was very dark and it appears on coming vehicles couldn't see him. >> reporter: the 20-year-old man ended up dying from his
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injuries. the accident halted traffic on northbound 880 for three hours officers had to divert traffic off the interstate so they could investigate. the driver that hit and killed the man did end up stopping and is cooperating with the investigation. the freeway is open for the morning commute. a lot of people are expected to pack up and head to the roads for a quick getaway vacation for that. pam. >> yeah it will be interesting to see what traffic is like this whole week. 5:34 is the time. the landmark supreme court ruling on same sex marriage turned san francisco's pride parade into a record breaking celebration. kara lou is joining us in the studio with how many people came to the bay area. >> reporter: an estimated 2 million people in san francisco this weekend for this years pride festivities. san francisco police chief greg suhr said it was without a doubt the largest pride
5:35 am
celebration ever. and there was a lot of celebrating along market street for the parade as well as throughout the weekend. this years theme equality without exception. some of the big names who made appearances in yesterday's parade included lieutenant governor gavin newsom. attorney general kamala harris and many local leaders. so many there were celebrating friday's historic supreme court ruling making same sex marriage a right. >> this group is the best i have ever seen. everyone is having a great time. >> the bay area tech community did have a strong presence in the parade. this contingent of apple employees numbered in the thousands. but like any big event there were a few bumps. during the weekend celebration, there were also tense moments.
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this video captured the sound of gunfire. a gang task force is now looking into an argument and shooting that broke out saturday at civic center plaza. a 64-year-old vendor got hit by a bullet in the arm. he is in stable condition. now according to the san francisco police department, several guns were seized and about 30 people were arrested during the weekend's pride celebration. on saturday officers arrested ten people on suspicion of public drunkenness. police say they made three felony arrests and nine misdemeanor arrests. outside the event 16 people were arrested on suspicion of public drunkenness. three minors arrested for potion of m80 weapon -- for
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possession of m80 weapons. according to the san francisco chronicle, lawyers for the families of one of the victims tell prosecutors about witnesses who says the balcony had a pronounced slope. architectural plans call for a 2% slope for water to drain away from the building. a solano county jury is expecting to hear arguments. 41-year-old henry albert smith junior will face the death penalty if he is convicted of the deadly 2011 shooting. investigators say officer gimmicky pew was shot in the back when he was chasing a suspect after a bank of america was robbed. even though he was wearing body armor under his uniform, one of the bullets was still able to cause a deadly wound.
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services were held for more victims of the charleston shooting. cynthia herd was one of four victims buried over the weekend. in her honor all of the charleston county libraries were closed on saturday. the charleston county city council voted to rename the st. andrews branch in her honor. congressman jim clyburn also attended the service. >> nobody here thought they would ever see a day like this in charleston but we have come to grips with is that these things happen and every now and then it happens in your own homeland. and when they do. >> hearts family has set up a fund in her honor. proceeds will help promote educational programs at two of the libraries she managed. emotions still running high over the debate of the confederate flag following the
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recent church shooting. south carolina's governor is called on lawmakers to take down the flag. people on both sides of the issue are not backing down. at a rally yesterday people who fly the flag at their homes and wear it on their clothing so they see it as a symbol of the south's history and culture. >> this is everybody's heritage. not just white people's heritage. this is black people's heritage. mexican heritage. >> the rally was held a few hours after a woman was arrested for climbing up the pole to remove the flag herself. similar pro confederate rallies were held this weekend. people in tanisha gathered following a deadly terror attack. they held flags and it will candles outside the hotel with a gunman opened fire killing add least 38 people most of them british tourists.
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east bay man said he is saddened by the violence. he shared some pictures of one of his favorite beaches not far from the terrorist attack. he says he was worried about his family and friends there. he tells ktvu that fellow tunisians condemn the attack. >> we have some bad people. they don't have indication that is is all they think about. >> the lack of education breeds ignorance and many disinfranchised are heavily influenced by information they get from the internet. nascar rolled through sonoma county causing big backup for drivers. this is the final race for jeff gordan. but he was not able to pull out a win.
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instead he finished 16th. kyle bush who would win the race five laps ago. he was he was attendance is 30% more. there was a special tribute to him at the track. >> i know it wasn't the finish we wanted but it was a memorable weekend. >> gordan's merchandise also a hot item at the track. lines stretch for hours and by the end of the race the caller pretty much bare to the bone. >> time is 5:41.
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california's vaccine bill heading to lawmakers for a final vote. at 6:00 a.m. the reason it's considered one of the nation's toughest laws requiring immunizations. >> but first placing veterans in high quality jobs. the multimillion dollar mission under way and how a video game is ricked to the cause. >> traffic for the most part looking pretty good on a monday morning but a few slow spots to tell you about. >> and the weather looks cloudy this morning. high clouds, low clouds. combination of the two giving us a cloudy, mostly cloudy morning. 50s and 60s on your temps.
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welcome back everybody. time is 5:44. robotic technology is reaching new heights every day.
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robots are being used in several fields to perform many different tasks. claudia has more on the technology being used right here in the bay area. >> glimpses of our robotic future are appearing at bay area hospitals and hotels even at art museums like the dejong museum here in golden gate park. patrick regain doesn't have to leave his home until alaska to explore dejong museum. using special software he steers this virtual tour guide with his eyes.
5:46 am
and at san francisco's new mission bay medical center, a fleet of 25 programmable tugs do much of the grunt work. >> it carries pharmacy medications, it carries pathological specimens. >> reporter: back at the museum patrick agrees robots are making life easier and more enjoyable. >> there is more to accessibility than just being able to get into the building. >> reporter: some worry robots will take jobs away from people. but studies show there will be a shortage of care givers in the years ahead. that is is why the federal government is spending $800,000 to help build robots that can monitor the health of senior citizens and make sure they are eating right. another sophisticated user friendly robot designed to help people in claudia cow wan fax
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news. call of duty video games working to help military veterans find civilian jobs. the unemployment rate is 17% and there is thousands of nonprofit organizations trying to help them find jobs when they return home. one of those is hiring heros usa. it's ceo says the key for veterans getting a job starts long before the first interview. >> the biggest weakness service members have is the inability to communicate their value proposition. we don't know how to say in civilian terms what it is we did in the military and how that can actually help you at that current company. >> other obstacles that are in space include employers thinking the workers might be deployed again and concerns that the new worker may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. ongoing drought could effect the way millions of people across the state.
5:48 am
those counties include sacramento and san joaquin county. the american lung association 2015 state of the air report gives those counties failing grades for air quality. according to the report, no rain means dust, exhaust fumes, and other particles linger longer in the air. all of the bay area counties received passing grades. time is 5:48. sal is off today but look who is filling in in the hot seat. alex savidge. >> yeah the seat was kind of warm when we sat down. >> are you getting the hang of all of sal's gadgets and gizzmos? >> i think so. yeah. i think i got all the stuff down. we'll see. it's a working progress though. we are keeping an eye on things for folks that are making their way from the east bay through the caldecott tunnel that area. let me take you out first here. here's a live look at highway 24 and you can see fairly crowded this morning. but no major slow downs to let
5:49 am
anybody know about. we do want to take you to the bay bridge toll plaza of course and things getting quite crowded here as we head toward the 6:00 hour this morning. things slowing down even in the fast track lanes already. so make your way into the city as soon as you possibly can. here's a look at what things look like on the peninsula. and as you can see here, if you are heading up highway 101 from the peninsula or from the south bay and trying to get into san francisco, things look pretty good right now. so now is a good time to make that drive. time now is 5:49. steve. >> alex. complete will be a nice day today but then boy it will be yucky. >> you've been listening my friend. >> i always pay attention. >> thank you for that. today is the day when we have a lot of low clouds. high clouds. temperatures there is still a decent breeze. all signs point toward a warmup. too much fog by it. it feels like 60s and 70s for
5:50 am
the bay. but tomorrow there will be 90s to 100s. if it's not tuesday the warmest day then wednesday some of the projected highs 102-106. inland temps will warm up. higher clouds continue to stream northward. the monsoon cloud cover. many people up there this weekend and it looks like partly to mostly cloudy for off and on scattered showers. 50s and 60s on the temps. very, very close. but also west, west, northwest. 23 gusts to 29. west at river mother. west at sfo. yet the water temp had come way up from 51-55 to 56 to 60. 50s and 60s and 70s through the interior. already 90s down on the desert and it was amazingly blazing
5:51 am
hot. 61 boston. 90 in las vegas. and tornadoic activity went through st. louis last night. that system is move into the ohio valley and heavy rain finally leaving the northeast. that is also responsible for the very cool temperatures that they've had. look at the moisture rotating around the big high which is pretty much visiting salt lake city. that is the low that will cool us down on the weekend. but as that moves north that is allowing high pressure to build back in. clouds and sun. cool to mild to warm. coastal fog. a lot of these are cloud cover driven. and it's going to get hot. tuesday and wednesday does look rather warm thursday and a cool more northern pattern into the
5:52 am
week. >> we'll be looking for hopefully no fog. because that does get in the way of fire works. >> or you get pretty clouds. >> pretty clouds. okay. [ laughter ] banks closed. what has to happen today or tomorrow before international creditors pay more bailout money. >> and records made on the mound at at & t park.
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welcome back the investigation continues today after a small plane over shot the runway in novato. this happened yesterday afternoon. officials say the piper cherokee was carrying a family of four when it ran off the runway. two people were hurt but the injuries were minor. the ntsb and the federal aviation administration are investigating what went wrong. two more republicans are about to get into the very crowded field for the white house. ohio governor john kasich is expected to make his announcement three weeks from tomorrow. kasich two-term governor and previously served in congress
5:56 am
for 18 years. and chris christie is said to enter the 2016 race tomorrow. christie is expected to announce his bid for the white house from his hometown of livingston, new jersey. the out spoken governor would be the 14th candidate to enter the republican primary. madison baumgartner hit a career milestone against the colorado rockies. baumgartner recorded his 1,000th strike out yesterday. boom. yesterday's game only needing one strike out and he did that in the second inning. go ahead and keep that ball there. that makes him the youngest pitcher to hit the market at 25 years old. matt cane was the previous youngest pitcher to hold the title. the giants won with a final of 6-3. not so great news for the oakland a's. three game series against the royal but they were swept by the royals. they won by a final of 5-3
5:57 am
yesterday. golden golden gate bridge commuters expect to 53 more. >> after the break the decision being handed down today involving executions. >> and traffic early this morning on a monday morning looking pretty good for i most folks around the bay area but we are keeping an eye on on a couple of crashes that could cause some problems for you in the east bay. >> started off cloudy to mostly cloudy. it's a mix of low clouds and high clouds but there are many signs that say warmup. we'll show you how much and where.
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a crash in san jose shuts down the freeway. the mistake that cost one driver his life. an important reminder ahead of this holiday weekend. >> we'll tell you about an important vote in sacramento set to take place today which could impact your children's health. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's monday, june 29th i'm pam cook. >> back at it again. >> yes, we are.
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>> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. steve it looks like it's nice and then we dial up the temperatures. >> a little bit today and more tomorrow. low clouds. fog, plenty there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. everyone is very close on current lows. i'd say it's sold out here. very foggy conditions. we do have reduced visibility. temperatures will start to warm up inland. we had it over the weekend. and we have some up in the sierra nevada and southern california. there is plenty to go and a lot of that rotates toward us. 50s and 60s here. within a few degrees from almost everybody. west, southwest 23 gusts to 29.


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