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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ain. >> yes, we are. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. steve it looks like it's nice and then we dial up the temperatures. >> a little bit today and more tomorrow. low clouds. fog, plenty there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. everyone is very close on current lows. i'd say it's sold out here. very foggy conditions. we do have reduced visibility. temperatures will start to warm up inland. we had it over the weekend. and we have some up in the sierra nevada and southern california. there is plenty to go and a lot of that rotates toward us. 50s and 60s here. within a few degrees from almost everybody. west, southwest 23 gusts to 29.
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west oakland. the high is rotating back toward us. you can see the cloud cover there it goes over the weekend. that is allowing the high to build back in but sending a lot of cloud cover. mix of sun and clouds. 80s and 90s through the interior. alex savidge here for sal castaneda with an update on your monday traffic. >> we are keeping tabs on a couple of trouble spots in the east bay. so we will get you right out here to the maps and take a look at what we are talking about. if you're out in the livermore valley there is a crash. this is eastbound 580 but as you can see traffic there in the livermore valley very sluggish this morning. we also want to let you know if you are driving through the east bay along 880 going southbound, right at alvarado boulevard. there are several lanes blocked by a crash in that area. and as you can see here on the maps, traffic backing up almost to about highway 92.
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let's take you out to the pittsburgh bay point area and as folks come over the hill, this is what the drive will look like this morning. traffic sort of slow but no major backups to report in that area. and of course as folks head into the city, well, it's busy. you can see the toll plaza quite crowded. your time 6:02. pam, brian. all lanes of interstate 880 in milpitas have reopened following a deadly over night crash. it happened just before midnight. the chp says a 20-year-old man rear ended another car and got out to check on the driver. that is when investigators say he was hit by at least two passing cars. the other driver stopped and were not hurt. northbound 880 was closed down
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for about three hours. today state lawmakers will vote on a controversial bill that could change which children need to be evacuated before starting school. christien kafton is live in mill valley. if approved it would make california one of three states. >> reporter: senate bill 277 eliminates the personal belief exemption which allows parents to opt out of immunization. the bill was written following a measles outbreak in disney land. it is the second time the senate will be voting on this bill. governor brown has not indicated whether or not he will be signing that bill. if the senate signs the bill and the governor signs off, children who are not vaccinated
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would have to be home schooled. if the bill passes california would join mississippi and west virginia as the only states requiring childhood immunizations to attend school. the bill is aimed at protecting all children from commune call diseases. >> all right christien kafton reporting live from mill valley. the u.s. supreme court is expected to release a decision as soon as an hour from now on whether a drug use for lethal injections is constitutional. a drug that is supposed to sedate convicted inmates doesn't always work leaving them in agonizing pain as other drugs are administered. the case was brought by three death row inmates in oklahoma. s fight erupted in the parking
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lot of church of jesus christ of latter day saints. two men in their 20s were shot. investigators say the two groups know each other. as the temperatures rise, so does the potential for fire danger. that is why cal fire says it is working to increase its staff. according to cal fire, dry lightning and strong winds are expected to cross many areas in northern california throughout the week. dry lightning of course increases the chance for new fire and high winds can spread the flames. fire protection agency is placing additional crews and equipment at emergency command centers so there will be coverage around the clock. and firefighters near lake tahoe continue to work on the washington fire in al pine county. as of last might the fire was 458% contained. fire crews say lightning porked
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that fire on june 19th and since then it has burned nearly 18,000 acres. no buildings have been damaged. no reports of any injuries. highway four has reopened but highway 89 remains closed. flames were reported about 1:30 in the afternoon in the area of mckeen road and whispering oaks drive. it has burned about 80 acres and as of last night it was 80% contained. crews fought the fire from the ground and air using tankers to drop fire retar dent. no buildings damaged. no injuries reported there but the cause is still under investigation. starting today cal fire is banning all -- cal fire says people who live in the area not served by a city of county fire department no longer allow to burn anything outside of their
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homes. the goal is to help reduce the risk of wild fires during our drought. cal fire also asking homeowners to trim grass and trees on their property and clean roofs and gutters. according to cal fire this year more than 2 million homes in california are considered in areas to be at high or extreme risk. the toll to cross the golden gate bridge will be increasing this week. tolls will increase by $0.25. the increase is part of a five year plan to raise tolls by $2 by 2018. golden gate bridge drivers pay another dollar to cross the span. bringing the fast track toll to $6 million the next $0.25 increase will be in july of 2016. followed by two more in july of 2017 and two more in july of
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2018. estimated 2 million people came to san francisco over the weekend for the pride festivities. kara lou will show us more from the parade coming up. possible new twist in the investigation surrounding the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. coming up in 25 minutes what some witnesses say was unusual about the balcony. >> plus an ominous warning from homeland security ahead of this holiday weekend. after the break the reason for heightened concern across the country. >> plus the freeway is getting pretty busy here in the 6:00 hour all around the bay area. we're keeping an eye on things through emeryville along the east shore freeway. we'll also tell you about a crash in the east bay. >> plenty of clouds in place. low and high level clouds. it does look a little warmer
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today and much more so tomorrow.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the financial system of greece is in crisis. all the banks are going to stay close the. they spray painted the greek word for no on many buildings.
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although the banks are closed many atm's will be opening later but people will be limited to a withdraw of $67 a day. people say the demand by creditors will only lead to more protests. >> they want our freedom. they want our rights, they want our properties. they want our homeland. i think the greek people will fight back. >> now the cabinet has decided to keep the banks closed for six business days. you can see long lines at the atm's. lawmakers have called for an election day next sunday for citizens to weigh in on whether the financial reform proposals are acceptable. early polls showed support for changes but that appears to be eroding at this point. the man hunt is now over
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for the second escaped prison from up state new york who is on the run for more than 20 days. david sweat was shot twice in the torso yesterday by officers when he did not obey orders to stop. he is being treated at a hospital in albany, new york. sweat's capture comes two days after richard matt was shot and killed by police. sweat's condition is listed as critical. >> so far the specialist involved in his care include doctors in the emergency department, trauma, intensive care, radiology, and vascular surgery. >> investigators say the massive man hunt was launched after sweat and matt staged an elaborate escape from a maximum security prison in up state new york. federal investigators are heading to massachusetts after a plane crashed into a home southwest of boston yesterday. all three people on the plane died but the four people inside the home were able to escape safely.
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neighbors say they heard strange noises as it flew over their homes. >> engine was sputtering, making noise. >> i heard a big boom and i felt the house shake a little bit and i heard people yelling. >> people in the neighborhood say the weather was good at the time of the crash. the plane had taken off from an airport in pennsylvania. there is growing amp mention leading up to our fourth of if holidays. doug is joining us with more on the warning signs. doug. >> reporter: good morning. we hear these kinds of warnings oftentimes as we approach big holidays but this time may be different and may have to deal with a number of events taking place around the world. the fourth of july may be a time of celebration here at home but for terrorists, it may represent a real opportunity. a highly symbolic date to
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launch attacks on the homeland and the chairman of the house homeland security committee says it goes beyond just the fourth. >> you have the one year anniversary. and now we have the fourth of july coming up which is obviously one of these holidays we celebrate that they like to target this sort of thing. >> reporter: last week we saw a trio of isis inspired attacks from france, tanisha. saying we will also adjust security measures seen and unseen as necessary to protect the american people. but the fear is that these kinds of attacks are difficult to predict and disrupt because of the nature of isis. a much different threat than al qaeda presented with recorruptments spread -- recruitments spreading around the world. >> isis is terror populism. it's from the bottom up. and that makes it so difficult for us to detect and stop it.
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>> u.s. officials are not talking about any specific kind of threats. this is a concern just about the generalized idea of a threat especially when you have so many public gatherings about to take place for the fourth of july. >> all right pretty scary. thank you, doug. time is 6:16. had to double check there. alex in for sal this morning. hair looking pretty good alex. >> no wind in the studio. >> that is right. no major gusts here in the traffic center. well traffic generally speaking looking pretty good for most folks around the bay area. we do want to let you know if we are driving in the east bay there is one trouble spot to bare in mind here and we will get straight to the maps. the backup is only getting worse along 880 southbound. this was all the result of a
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crash that happened at alvarado boulevard. initially there were a couple lanes that were blocked. now we are told one lane is blocked but of course the chp trying to clear this scene and until they do, you can tell you've got a lot of folks coming through there and things slowing down in a big way. so be aware of that if you are heading down 880. let me take you to the south bay. i believe we will go down south to san jose. we'll show you what things look like on 280. that is good news for those south bay commuters. and of course flowing not so is smoothly as we take you here to the bay bridge toll plaza. there he goes. making his first appearance of the morning boris the spider. he seems very unhappy just how crowded things are at the toll plaza as you can see. very, very heavy backup already early this morning. and boris is gone. but we will see him again. he will reappear i promise you
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that. we will keep tabs on traffic boris and i. we will send it over to steve. >> i'm sure boris will tweet you there. >> we have over cast conditions. cloudy to mostly cloudy. a lot of high clouds coming up from rotating around the high to coastal clouds. combination of the two giving temperatures that are pretty close. about 57 to 60. covers the spread. doesn't matter coast bay and inland. and then the higher clouds will be in the mix. but mark will miss steve. 90 here at 6:00 a.m. with a lot of clouds hanging around. but also here and that is the source of the clouds coming up. rotating around the high. holding on to some of that monsoon moisture. usually comes in august combination of the low clouds and higher clouds for us. we will keep some cloud cover in the mix. 50s and 60s.
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55-60. napa airport 55. 60 livermore. fairfield is 56. half-moon bay is 56. west, southwest is 23. west at concord. west at oakland. there is a west at sfo. there is a west at livermore. 40s up in the mountains due to the cloud cover. 50s and 60s and 70s to 80s. salt lake city boise if you didn't hear on sunday was 110 degrees yet it's very, very cool for others. especially in new york and the northeast. severe weather yesterday in st. louis. now it's into cincinnati. very cool temperatures. boston's maximum temperature was 59 degrees. for some they are baking right there. that is where the dome of high pressure will continue to rotate in a lot of cloud cover. we get the low clouds in place and monday will be partly sunny to mostly sunny later. there is a lot of cloud cover and tuesday we almost start to warm things up inland.
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not so much by the coast but inland does look pretty warm. today a mix of sun and clouds. cool for some 80s and 90s. get a jump up from that cool down we had over the weekend. 60s and 70s elsewhere. it does look hot inland on tuesday and wednesday. one of the two days we will top it out. it looks gradually cooler. >> so i guess we won't be playing tennis any time soon. >> it will be way too hot. >> i'm not playing in 100- degree weather. >> that is a bit toasty. jurassic world once again stomped the competition at the weekend box office. >> there. you see i told you. you're welcome. up close and personal with four dinosaurs. >> the dinosaur movie grossed $54.2 million. it's the fifth highest grossing
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release. pixar inside out i love it. took second spot with $52 million. ted opened in third. max and spy rounded out the top five. >> a lot of conversation on my facebook page about pixar. 6:21 is the time. a long awaited plan for new raiders stadium. it's actually being called a lousy is deal. the financial break down and the reason one expert believes it gives the team a reason to move to los angeles.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 6:24. the pilot of a solar powered plane circling the globe without fuel just kicked off the lodgest leg of his journey. it took off this morning following a nearly month long unscheduled stop in japan. began its 120 hour flight to hawaii. bad weather caused a long delay. the officials say the flight over the pacific is risky because there is no place to land in case of an emergency. a failed mission to the international space station is now raising questions about how
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nasa and its partners will continue to keep the space station supplied. a space x-rocket carrying supplies to the space station exploded minutes after take off yesterday. the rocket broke into pieces over the atlantic ocean. this is the third loss of a cargo ship heading to the spacation within the past eight months. >> it's a pretty important loss to us. i don't want to minimize the loss to us but again from a macro level standpoint the crew is in no danger. the we are moving forward. the teams are ready to support. >> nasa says it prepared for this mishap and does not anticipate any major disruptions to the operations of the space station. time is 6:25. and interns at apple lead a very different life than internals at other companies. according to the business insider, apple interns earn $38 an hour. which works out to $6700 a month. they also get over time pay and they don't have to worry about spends any of that on housing.
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the report says apple provides free housing if interns are willing to live with other interns. otherwise they get $1,000 a month to help pay their rent. interns are also held to a's code of secrecy. they are not allowed to talk about their jobs. the long strange strip of one of america's most enduring rock bands is almost over. the greatful dead has been a part of the bay area music scene for the past century but the sold out concerts will be the last time they play together. they have the most devoted fans and dead head of all ages to come out and make memories. >> the sound i ran up to the stage i was right there in the front row. the field trip in oregon in 1982 august 28th and it profoundly changed my life.
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>> my friend bought a greatest hit album when they were 138 and it really sucked. it was just a little different. >> fan who attended both of the shows they feel the spirit -- and guess what look at that. that is when a rainbow appeared over the stadium. mid way through the concert the band heads to chicago for the final three concerts that will be during the fourth of july weekend. >> i hear it was quite a concert. >> how amazing. time is 6:27. coming up placing veterans in high quality jobs. the multimillion dollar mission under way and how a video game is linked to the cause >> good morning everybody. we are in the midsts of the monday morning commute right in the heart of things and things are looking good for most folks. a gorgeous drive across the golden gate bridge.
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mmmm yoplait hello, everybody. milk cow here with an important announcement about how yoplait original now has 25% less of the sugar. less sugar?? yes. but don't worry it still tastes good. oh that is great news, milk cow. enjoy! i will. mmmmmmmm! it tastes good! i know. yoplait!
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good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us. [ laughter ] thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 i'm brian flores in for partly cloudy -- in for dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. a lot to catch up on. >> it's a little quiet in the twitter verse. >> twitter is quiet but you still have to get back to people. >> yes. i had people send me sunset photos of this weekend. so i appreciate that. i'm trying to answer everybody i can. i'm a little busy right now but that is okay. low clouds in place. high clouds. cloudy to mostly cloudy
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morning. and it's in the 50s to near 60. i mean it's about as close as i can see because of cloud cover here. doesn't matter if it's inland, coast, bay. everyone is in a couple degrees. a lot of cloud cover continues to stream up from southern california and also from arizona and nevada. rain down around san diego, l.a., and also up in the sierra nevada. possible today. we get the cloud cover. combination of the low and the high. high clouds just skirting us so it's a partly sunny, partly cloudy forecast. 50s and 60s. napa is 55. 56 fairfield. 59 san jose. not much of a difference there. still a decent delta breeze. unless that falls apart it's really tough to warm up that much. that is the circulation of the high. ha will give us a lot of cloud cover here for a day. a lot of low clouds. high mid level clouds. 80s and 90s through the interiors. 60s and 70s coast and bay. all right you mentioned 880.
6:32 am
>> we are keeping tabs on real trouble spot. 880 is an accident in fremont and it's now been clear. let me get you straight away to the maps here. the crash has been cleared it was 880 southbound at alvarado boulevard. the cars are out of the way but the trouble remains for a lot of folks who try to make their way south down to the fremont area. you can see traffic backed up almost up to 238 this morning again this is southbound 880 through hayward, fremont, union city in that area. let's take you down to the south bay. speaking of the south bay. here's the highway 280 and 880 interchange right there. shots a little dark this morning. there is more sunlight out there i promise you than that. but i think the shot is just a bit park. traffic a bit sluggish. and of course we want to get you a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and you can see that is what
6:33 am
things look like. it's backing up big time here at 6:30 this morning. and for everyone. cash payers, fast trackers it will be slow going as you head into the city. but again that crash in the east bay all cleared but a major backup 880 southbound so be aware of that as you head out the door. time is 6:32. brian and pam. it's all yours. >> all right, thank you alex. the landmark supreme court ruling on same sex marriage turned san francisco's pride raid into a record breaking celebration. cara liu is joining us to talk about how many people came into that city for the big party. >> reporter: there was a lot of people celebrating especially here in the castro. one man says it seems like this years celebration was more energetic. police chief says it was the largest pride celebration ever. an estimated 2 million people
6:34 am
in san francisco this weekend for pride festivities. some of the big names who made appearances in yesterday's pride parade included lieutenant governor gavin newsom, attorney general kamala harris and many local leaders. so many who were there were celebrating friday's historic supreme court ruling making same sex marriage a right nationwide. >> i can't believe it. i didn't think it would ever come about and i'm absoluteliest tattic. >> reporter: the bay area tech community had a strong presence in the parade. this contingent of apple mes numbered in the thousands but like most big events there were a few bumps. also some tense moments during the weekend celebration. this video captured the sound of gunfire. again task forces are looking
6:35 am
into the argument and shooting that broke out saturday at civic center plaza. police tell us the 64-year-old festival vendor got hit by a bullet reportedly in the arm and taken to the hospital and at last word was in stable condition. police detained six young men and found a semi automatic handgun on the street. according to the san francisco police department, several handguns were seized and about 30 people were arrested during this weekend's pride celebration. on saturday officers arrested ten people on suspicion of public drunkenness. police say three people were arrested on suspicion of committing felonies and officers made nine misdemeanor arrests. now outside the event 16 arrests were made in the mission district for public drunkenness and three minors were arrested for possession of m-80 fire works. so a few bumps but a largely successful celebration. coming up we will talk to more people here in the castro
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neighborhood about whew they say this event is a little different than some years past and some of their take aways from it. that is coming back. back to you. >> thank you. time is 6:35. we have r learning the balcony that collapsed in berkeley killing six students may have had an unusual slope. lawyers for the families of one of the victims tells prosecutors about witnesses who says the balcony had a pronounced slope. called for a 2% slope for water to drain away from the building. berkeley officials say the balcony gave way earlier this month because of dry rod. a solano county jury will hear closing arguments of a trial of a man accused of killing a police officer. henry albert smith junior will face the death penalty if he is convicted of the deadly 2011 shooting. officer jim capoot was shot in the back six times. even though he was wearing body
6:37 am
armor under his uniform, one of the bullets was still able to cause a deadly wound. the oakland city council is set to discuss a plan for a new stadium for the raiders tomorrow. san diego businessman floyd kephearted submitted the plan to oakland city officials last week. the stadium would be financed by the team, the nfl, and future revenues with no public funding. one finance expert told the oakland tribune it's a bad deal for the raiders because they would have to give up sponsorship revenue and naming rights without any public subsidies. nascar rolled through sonoma causing big backup for drivers. it was the final race for jeff gordon as a full-time driver but he was not able to pull out a win instead he finished 16th in the race. it was kyle busch who would win the race. five laps to go-able to -- to go he was able to pass up jimmy
6:38 am
johnson. and attendance at this years race was 30% more than last year. one of the big factors was the fact that it was jeff gordon's last race. several signs read hometown hero. >> nothing is going to take away from this weekend for me. i know it wasn't the finish we all wanted but it was a very memorable weekend and still a little bit more fun to go and hang out with my friends and family that are here. >> gordon merchandise was a hot item at the track. the area the merchandise sold pretty much out of stock. madison baumgartner hit a career milestone this weekend. baumgartner recorded his 1,000th strike out yesterday. right there. he went into yesterday's game who only needed one strike out and did that in the second inning. that makes him the youngest
6:39 am
pitch never franchise history to hit the mark at 25 years old. the crowd was also cheering for him as well. matt cane was the previous pitcher to reach the title. a's were swept by the royals. that is the third road sweep for the royals this month. they won by a final of 5-3 yesterday. popular east bay park now open. the gruesome discovery under investigation. >> but first an up close and personal encounter with a great white shark in so cal. >> and this morning we are keeping our eye on a couple trouble spots in the east bay. this is all because of a crash that has been cleared. we'll tell you how things are looking this morning. >> nice cool down with very
6:40 am
cool clouds. but it looks like the cool down will give way to a warmup.
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welcome back everybody. time is 6:42. people in tanisha gathered in a show of solidarity.
6:43 am
the islamic state terror group claims responsibility for the attack. east bay man from tunisia says he is sanded by the violence in his homeland. he shared some pictures of one of his favorite beaches not far from the terrorist attack. >> we have some bad people you know. they don't have education. that is all they think about is just myths of the country and then blaming -- oh doing this for god. >> the lack of education breeds ignorance and many disinfranchised dew noetians are influenced by internet.
6:44 am
cynthia herd was buried over the weekend. all libraries were closed on saturday in her honor. many of her coworkers were at the funeral to show support for her family. congressman jim clyburn also attended the service. >> nobody here thought they would ever see a day like this in charleston but we have come to grips with this is that these things happen. and every now and then it happens in your own homeland. and when they do, we have to find a way to cope. >> herd's family has set up a fund in her honor. emotions are still running high with the debate over the confederate flag flying on state house grounds in south carolina following the recent church shooting. south carolina's governor has called on lawmakers to take down the flag and people on both sides of the issue are not
6:45 am
backing down. at a rally yesterday, people who fly the flag at their homes and wear it on clothing say they see it as a symbol of the south's history and culture. >> this is everybody's heritage. not just white people's heritage. this is black people's heritage, mexican heritage 37 anyone who lives in america it is their history too. >> similar proposal confederate flag rallies were held this weekend in several other southern states. there has been another shark attack off north carolina's coast. an 18-year-old was swimming in a group on saturday off the outer banks when a shark bit him several times. no one else was injure but it does make the sixth shark attack along the states coast in the past two weeks. sharks are not targeting humans they are just difficult for them to differentiate between people and prey. we're also learning more about
6:46 am
the sharks spotted. officials had to force the -- canceled nor cal junior life guard competition. now most of the sharks in the group were 8-12 feet long. there was one that was 18 feet long. weighed about 5,000 pounds. and warning signs are now posted a i long the beach there -- along the beach there. take a look at this video shot in southern california. people usually get out of the water when they see white sharks. two paddle borders got close to the shark. one of the paddle border dunks his camera below the surface and then there. sticks his feet right in. why hot? the video ends with the camera man sitting there with his feet dangling in the water. at least ten sharks have been spotted in that area. i think maybe stay out of that area. >> yeah. there is a shot of the shore there and that is probably
6:47 am
where i would be at. >> i was saying to alex earlier, i'm not that steady on a paddle board all the time. >> so you might be in the water with the sharks. >> right. let's check in with gasia mikaelian. how are you doing? >> doing good. coming up this our next hour. as the west coast fire season intensifies about 1,000 people in washington state are forced to leave their homes because of flames. and three now a new title for the for giants. right now we want to check in with alex savidge who is in for sal. any big traffic problems? it seems pretty smooth. >> pretty smooth for most folks but if you are traveling along 880 you will have some issues this morning and the crash that
6:48 am
cleared all of this has -- the crash that caused all of this has been cleared. let me show you on the maps what we are talking about here. 880 southbound there was a crash earlier this morning at alvarado boulevard. you can see the traffic backed up all the way to 238 still so the damage done after that crash earlier this morning as we take you out here i want to take you out to the livermore valley as well. you can see very sluggish there as you head from livermore to dublin and also down in the south bay. this is what the commute looks like. not too many issues if you're down in that part of the bay area this morning but things are beginning to slow down more and more. let me take you out here and show you what the commute looks like. all of our friends in that part of the bay area. this is what the ride looks
6:49 am
like here. no major backups. let's give you am look at bay bridge and what else would you expect there? major backup at the toll plaza this morning for folks trying to get into the city. cue the music. there is boris. he is back and he's not happy about that backup. he's just hanging out this morning. we'll send it ore to steve. steve are you there? >> just like the rest of us. just hanging out over here. appreciate it. we do have a lot of cloud cover. there is a few breaks between the low clouds and higher clouds. tropical clouds make for great sunset pictures. i'm trying to get to as many as i can. there were beauties. we do have the temperatures that are in the 50s to near 60 degrees and there is not much of a difference coast bay and inland.
6:50 am
cloud cover continues to shoot up. the higher clouds just mainly a little east and southeast of us. 50s and 60s on your temps. upper 50s cloud cover keeping everyone close. center of the high around salt lake city. blazing heat over the weekend. 80s and 90s for some. 60s and 70s for others. water temps did come way up. inland areas getting partly sunny today. tomorrow looks like a rapid warmup. 90s to 100s. tuesday and wednesday will be the hottest day. thursday nice but cooler as we head toward the holiday weekend. >> yeah your viewers are sweeting reality great pictures. >> that one she sent that was
6:51 am
from colfax. beautiful last night. >> yeah nice. all right it is 6:50 right now. particle pollution has increased 25 california counties since liassic. the counties include sacramento and san joaquin. the american lung association stated the reports give the counties failing for -- all of the bay area counties received passing grades. clean air political redistricting and a rule on how it is put to death. we are watching the three big delations. the future is now. after the break how robots are make life easier here in the
6:52 am
bay area.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. robotics technology reaching new heights every day. robots are being used in several fields to perform many disk tasks. claudia has more on the technology being used. >> reporter: glimpses of our robotics are appearing at bay
6:55 am
area hospitals and hotels and even at museums. >> i just love seeing all of the art. >> patrick reagan who's disability effects his speech and motor control doesn't have to leave his home in alaska to explore the dejong museum. using special software he steers this virtual tour guide with his eyes. robot cops with sensors patrol parking lots. smartly dressed bellhops deliver items to guests no tip needed. >> it carries pharmacy medication, it carries
6:56 am
pathological specimens, all the trash is hauled out. >> reporter: back at the museum patrick agrees robots are making life easier and more enjoyable. there >> there is more to accessibility than just being able to get into the building. >> reporter: studies show there will be a shortage of care givers in the years ahead that is why the federal government is spending almost $800,000 to help build robots that can monitor the health of senior citizens and make sure they are eating right. another sophisticated user friendly robot designed to help people. act vision blizzard incorporated. they are working to help military veterans find civilian jobs. the unemployment rate for veterans is 17% and there are thousands of nonprofit organizations trying to help those men and women find work when they return home.
6:57 am
one of those is hiring heros usa. the key for veterans getting a job starts long before the first interview. >> the biggest weakness they have the inability to communicate their value proposition. we don't know how to say what we did in the military and how that can help you at this current company. two people were shot. another one beaten outside of a church in oakley. a man hit and killed on a busy south bay freeway over night. up next the mistake he made that may have cost him his life.
6:58 am
for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need.
6:59 am
new school new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. >> reporter: a portion of 880 in the south bay is back open after being shut down for hours earlier this morning. how a minor crash turned deadly in a matter of seconds.
7:00 am
fourth of july is supposed to be a time for relaxation and celebration. but for counterterrorism officials it's time a for work. the concern about possible terror attacks that could coincide with independence day holidays. it's all ahead on "mornings on 2." good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> happy monday. i'm brian foreres in for dave clark -- flores in for dave clark. steve, we've eight expecting a warmup? that's right. you look lovely, gasia. >> thank you. [laughter] >> higher clouds inland. most of these are to the east and south. the low clouds, there's plenty to go around. the humidity factor should be higher today. most of the cloud cover favors areas in southern california and then the central and out to the valley with you we're seeing a little bit here as well. house of yen one of my favorites,


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