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tv   KTVU News at Noon  FOX  June 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. an investigation is now underway into a three-alarm fire that gutted a home and damaged two others. this happened on plymouth avenue near holloway avenue in the engelside neighborhood. noelle walker is live at the scene. >> reporter: the fire was reported just before 9:00. the roads are still blocked off. you can see why. those fire hoses are still snaking across the street. firefighters are still down there mopping you, checking for hot spots and trying to figure out just how this fire started.
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everyone made it out of the home and the neighboring homes okay. that's the good news. the bad news, this was a challenge for firefighters. they had a difficult time getting access to the flames. there were four or five pit bulls we were told in the backyard. they had move the dogs first and then they encountered a garage that was full of materials, full of stuff. so they had to go in another way to attack the flames. this went to three alarms because when the fire was first reported, those initial reports were one or two people might be trapped inside. >> ultimately, it was determined that those people had already exited the building. crews worked really hard and the conditions were really terrible inside. a lot of black, thick smoke for most of the time they were in there. >> reporter: so the injuries that were reported in this fire we're told are minor.
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one of them was a passerby who tripped on one of the hoses out here. the other is a firefighter who was treated for exhaustion and we're told that he is now back on the job. >> thank you. we're gearing up for a pretty big jump in temperatures. rosemary orozco is here with more. >> hello. we're going to really see the heat turn on tuesday and wednesday nearing the century mark even exceeding it in some cases. giving you a live look at the brown hills. as we know with the heat and very dry conditions that will increase fire weather as well. the here and now still looking good. upper 70s to low 80s. areas like livermore as well as fairfield. as we get into the afternoon today, notice temperatures, not too bad. we will eventually see a few upper 80s and low 90s for some of the hotter areas, antioch
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going to 9 a. 88 for morgan hill and upper 80s around fairfield. these numbers, warmer than yesterday. stu it's bearable. as we get into tuesday, look at the color coding on the map. we have pink in the central valley. that indicates hundreds and not only in the valley. but livermore, concord, oakley, brentwood, antioch, here into gilroy as well as morgan hill. that shade of pink indicating that we're going to about 100 degrees tomorrow. the shades of red indicating widespread 90s. the heat is on for tuesday. i will have a detailed look into that as we get into the extended forecast coming back in a little bit. starting today calfire is banning out out door banning. calfire says people who live in areas not served by city or county departments are no longer allowed to burn anything outside of their homes. the goal to help reap dues the
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risk of wildfires. according toial fire this year more than 2 million homes in california are in areas considered to be at high or extreme risk of wildfires. wet weather down in southern california is helping fire crews get a handle on a massive fire that's burning near big bear lake. it is now 60% contained. light rain over the weekend was enough to help slow the growth of the fire. families who live in the area have been allowed to return home. senate senators are set to vote for a second time on a bill which would require all school-aged chirp to get vaccinated -- children to get vaccinated. senators approved the bill. it's had a few moments. the senate will be voting again today. if passed, it would all but eliminate personal exemptions. children not receiving their shots would have to be home schooled. opponents say that vaccines pose a health risk to some
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children. but supporters say it protects all children. >> while i understand personal irt will, i actually really believe in immunization. i think the law should pass. i think it's so important for these children. >> the anti-vaccine community is saying even if the governor signs the bill, they will continue their fight. this morning some healthcare workers voiced their concerns the proposed arenas for the golden gate warriors across from mission bay. a few members held a pretest at 16th and -- protest at 16th and third street. they are worried that gridlock could help people from getting life-saving dare. >> if they are trying to get to the hospitals to get the patients the critical care they need, they might not be able to get through. we're big supporters of the warriors but our pain --
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patients come first. >> the chancellor said he supports the arena as long as traffic can be managed. the city will invest $40 million in transit. the team hopes to pay the 2018 season in the new arena. the oakland city council is scheduled to discuss a man for a new stadium for the raiders tomorrow. san diego businessman floyd kehhart submitted a $900 miami proposal to oakland city leaders last week. the stadium would be financed by the team and kephart would get a share of the team. is that warriors' t-shirt in your drawer authentic or a knockoff? a crack down on the sale of counterfeits is being called a success. agents with i.c.e. and homeland security seized more than 14,000 knockoff
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items. t-shirts, caps, team flags and decals has an estimated value of nearly $500,000 t was seized from vendors -- $ 500,000. it was seized from vendors. >> all throughout oakland and the bay area. a lot of them were popups on the side of the road. a lot of people were encountering over and over again. >> according to investigators businesses worldwide lose and estimated $700 billion a year due to fake goods. the uc board of regents is getting hit with a title 9 campus sexual assault civil lawsuit. the attorneys representing three women were set to announce the lawsuit just within the past hour. it alleges that uc berkeley failed to adequately protect victims and investigate complaints of the sexual assault. according to the attorneys, the three plaintiffs in the case
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are all students at the school when the alleged sexual assault happened. snoov it was record-setting turnout at the pride celebration in san francisco with an estimated 2 million people participating in the pride festival [ cheers ] >> best group i've ever seen. everyone is having a great time. >> the parade wrasse energetic and festive -- was energetic and festive. there was dancing, even tears of joy. gavin newsom and kamala harris and other leaders took part. some say this year's celebration felt different because of the supreme court's decision making same-sex marriage a right across the country. >> it was noticeable how many straight people in combination with, of course you, the lgbt came out to celebrate were here to celebrate us and accepting the gays finally into
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mainstream america. >> i've been going to this for 35, 36 years now. it just felt more festive because of the marriage decision. it feels like a real -- we've been pushing for so long. it feels like we finally accomplished it. it's a great feeling. >> the bay area tech community was also well represented including employees from apple. this year's theme was equality without exception. updated information now on the number of arrests made during pride weekend. san francisco police say there were nine felony arrests for people arrested for misdemeanors. 11 people were taken into custody for public drunkenness and two handguns were seized. we're told they responded to 90 to 100 medical calls. a jury is hearing closing arguments in the trial of a fairfield man charged with killing a investigator police officer more than three years ago. henry albert smith junior will face the death penalty if he is convicted of the deadly 2011
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shooting. investigators say the officer was shot in the back three times when he was chasing a suspect after a bank of america was robbed november 17th. even though he was wearing body armor, one of the bullets was still able to cause the deadly wound. a deadly crash in milpitas claimed the life of a 35-year- old man from san francisco. it happened before midnight on northbound 880 north of the montague expressway when one car rear ended another. the driver of a toyota prius got out to check hon the person in the other -- on the person in the other car. >> after talking to the party he rear end ed, he moved back to his -- rear ended, he moved back to his vehicle. and then he was struck when he was trying to get back in his vehicle or standing besides his vehicle. >> so far, officials have not released the name of the man killed. the accident closed northbound traffic for nearly three hours. the chp warns people to never get out of their cars. instead officers say stay in in
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your car until help arrives. santa clara county is asking to keep workers from going out on strike tomorrow. an open-ended trick has been approved claiming unfair work practices. the judge should decide whether some 2100 out of 9,000 union workers should be required to go to work if a strike is called. the county says negotiations continue and it remains hopeful the contract ai greet -- contract agreement will be reached. the new york prisoner who escaped is back in custody. how he is doing and what the governor of new york says about his capture. a fast-moving wildfire now forcing more than 1,000 people to evacuate in central washington.
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day -- david sweat has been upgraded from critical to serious after he was shot yesterday. now that he's in custody and the other escaped murderer, richard matt, is dead, new york governor andrew cuomo said the nightmare is finally over.
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here's more. >> reporter: state police say there is a sense of relief in upstate new york. >> there is a feeling of elation among all law enforcement investigators, certainly members of the community as well. >> reporter: a state trooper shooting david sweat sunday in constable, just about two miles away from the canadian border. he remains in the hospital but has spoken with authorities. >> we've tried to glean whatever information we can from mr. sweat that would be useful to our investigation to close a few gaps. once you wrap up the medical care which is a priority, we have to take a back seat. >> reporter: serving a life sentence when he broke out of the clinton correctional facility with fellow inmate richard matt. border patrol agents shooting and killing matt last friday. sweat could face more jail time related to the escape if he survives. >> there's never any finality, you know, david sweat escaped from the facility over three
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weeks ago. we have to pursue the criminal charges against him. >> reporter: two prison employees facing charges following the escape, joyce mitchell and gene palmer, both accused of promoting prison contraband and officials say more charges are possible. >> at this point, in time -- at this point in time, the investigation is continuing about who may have assisted them in their escape. >> reporter: david sweat receiving care here at this medical center because this is a level 1 trauma center. we're beginning to learn that the balcony that collapsed in berkeley killing six students may have had an unusual slope. lawyers for the families of one of the victims told prosecutors about witnesses who say the bal coleny had a -- balcony had a pronounced slope. plans call for a 2% slope to allow water to drain away from
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the building. the balcony gave way because of dry rot, workers say. many people can't wait to celebrate the fourth of july. it may also serve as a high- profile target for those wanting to do americans harm. during lieu harm -- doug luzader has more. >> reporter: new concerns have been prompted about terror plots that may be inspired by see sis but carried out by lone wolf attackers other small sleeper cells here in the united states. the fourth of july may be a time of celebration here at home but for terrorists, it may represent a real opportunity. a highly symbolic date to launch attacks on the homeland and the chairman of the house homeland security committee says it goes beyond just the 4th. >> you have the one-year anniversary of the caliphate or islamic state and then we have the fourth of july coming up which is a -- one of these holidays we celebrate that they like to target this sort of thing. >> reporter: last week, we saw a trio of what appeared to be
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isis inspired attacks in france, tunisia and kuwait. and the department of homeland security issued a warning about the fourth saying we will also adjust security measures seep and unseen as necessary to protect the american people. but the fear is that these kinds of attacks are difficult to protect and disrunt because of the nature of -- disrupt because of the nature of isis, a different threat from al qaeda with recruitment spreading around the world through the internet. >> al qaeda has guidance from the top down. isis is terror populism. it's from the bottom up. and that makes it so difficult for us to detect and stop it. >> reporter: in one of the attacks in tee knew shaw -- tunisia, 15 britain citizens were killed. david cameron promising a full spectrum response. a fast-moving wildfire has mored more than 1,000 people from their homes in central
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washington state. flames broke out in wenatchee yesterday afternoon. at least ten buildings were burned. no injuries reported. some people moved to safety but watches the flames rage. >> it was back up there and has been coming down here very quickly. it's unbliffer an. never -- unbelievable. never seen anything like this. >> . >> people have been taking their lav stock to county fairgrounds. the flames have been moving so quickly, they can't even estimate how much land has burned and they don't know how the fire started. the lack of rain effecting the meth of millions of people -- the health of millions of people around our state. pollution has increased. the counties include sacramento and san joaquin. the american luck association's 2015 state of the air report gives those counties failing grades for air quality. according to the report, no
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rain means dust, exhaust sphums and other particles linger longer in the air. all of the bay area counties did receive passing grades. and we're preparing for a warmup, aren't we, rosemary? >> yes, drier, hotter air moving in. numbers are similar for some than 24 hours ago. let's take a look at san francisco there. you can see the bay bridge, the low clouds continuing to burn off. we have just a few patches of fog right along the coastline if we switch to the graphicses, we can see exactly where it remain, pacifica, half moon bay, the rest of us, mostly sunny skies at this hour. as we squeeze in a little closer. the onshore breeze remains. look how weak it is. fairfield reporting 13 miles an hour. concord, 14. napa has a 6-mile-an-hour breeze, but again, in and around the bay, temperatures slightly cooler than where we were yesterday at this time. you get into fairfield, concord sand livermore -- and
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livermore, slightly warmer. 79 at this hour. 84 in walnut creek. upper 70s concord, low 80s in fairfield. napa, you have 70. 60s around the bay. 67 in oakland. 63 half moon bay. 68 degrees outside in mountain view and 69 in san jose. ridge of high pressure strengthening over the area. that will hult a big heatup coming our way. tuesday it looks like we peak on wednesday. hotter spots will hit 100 degrees even go above. afternoon highs for today. not bad at all. 85 degrees expected for sonoma. 85 in novato. low 80s for san rafael. so these numbers are a few degrees warmer than what we had yesterday. yesterday we had no 90s in the forecast or that we had and today we do have them. 92 in antioch. 83 in castro valley. mid-70s for alameda. 76 for hayward. san jose, 84 for today. low 90s around morgan hill as well as gilroy along the
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peninsula, for the afternoon, it will be mild to warm, 84 in redwood city. palo alto, 80 degrees for the afternoon. 73 san bruno. upper 60s in san francisco and low 60s with partly cloudy skies for half moon bay, pacifica absd well as daly city as we get into the extended forecast notice today is the coolest day until we get to the second half of the week. tuesday as we roll through the afternoon temperatures creeping into right about 100 degrees for our hotter spots. mid-80s around the bay. upper 60s to near 70 along the coast. wednesday temperatures will peak right about 102 for some of those hotter spots. yes. that looks unbearable. upper 80s in the forecast for our bay area communities. that is hot as well. a lot of our bayside communities don't really have the indoor ac. we rely on the sea breeze. it will be very warm. thursday into friday. temperatures begin to fall back with your bay area weekend always in view. upper 80s to low 90s in the forecast for fourth of july and
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the holiday weekend there. not as bad. >> 20, 25-degree spread between inland and at the coast, definitely the coast. thank you. >> you are welcome. crossing one of san francisco's most iconic landmarks will cost you more. coming up we'll tell you how much the toll is about to increase on the golden gate bridge.
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investors worry about fallout from greece's deepening debt troubles and within the past half-hour, greece's credit was dropped more. the dow is down almost 300 points. we'll keep an eye on this. the federal government is asking digital math makers to cross railroad crossings. this comes as the number of deaths have increased last year. there have been major accidents involving trains, cars in los angeles and new york and nearl. the railroad administration said google has already agreed to the idea. staffer wednesday, tolls will increase by 25 cents at the golden gate bridge. it's part of a plan to raise them by $2 by 2018.
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the next 25-cent increase happens in july of 2016 followed bide two more in july 2017 and july 2018. americans are living farther away from their jobs and spending more times in their cars. coming up at 4:00 am, the new ways cities and states are dealing with the gridlock on the road. why we might not have it so bad in the bay area. that's today at 4:00 with mike and keba. thank you for joining us at noon. remember, has news headlines throughout the day. now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics.
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