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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 5  FOX  June 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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now. >> right now that bill is on the governor's desk and he has 12 days to sign it. parents opposed have vowed to fight it in court. the bill passed on a vote of 24- 14. it included amendments that would give some parents years to comply and make it easier to obtain medical exemptions. the lawmaker who introduced the bill is a doctor himself. >> about protecting all of our children. all of our children who are attending school who are out in the community. a bill that also is ensuring children will get an education as well. >> parents who refuse vaccination could try obtain a medical e.tion -- exemption. >> reporter: it would make it more difficult oo opt out of --
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to opt out of vaccinating children. most parents said they were happy the bill is now on the governor's desk. the bill also had quite a number of opponents. thousands of parents rallied at the capital while the bill was under debate. they criticized the bill for taking away their authority to make medical decisions for their children. it will be up to the doctor to decide what qualifies as a medical exemption for not getting a vaccine. it goes into effect january 2016 and kids who have a personal belief exemption would be grandfathered in till they reach kindergarten or 7th grade. >> everyone should have a personal choice but we need
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protect each other. >> the issue is facts and knowledge over fear and ignorance and the public health concern is over riding. >> reporter: that doctor told us he believes if the bill is signed by the governor it will reduce the number of outbreaks of things like measles and whooping cough. the governor has 12 days to sign the bill. right now it is not clear what he will do. both sides opponents and supporters of the bill are awaiting to see what happens. the governor considers vaccines profoundly important and he will give this bill thoughtful consideration. back to you. >> allie rasmus, thank you. three women who are now suing university of california at berkeley, they say the school didn't do enough to investigate their claims they were sexually assaulted. ktvu's rob roth spoke to the women and today he joins us now live in the news room with the
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story. rob? >> reporter: the lawsuit claims when the three women told university of california at berkeley authorities they had been sexually assaulted university of california at berkeley showed deliberate indifference and failed to respond appropriately. >> the three women and their attorneys met with reporters today and talked about their frustrations dealing with the university of california at berkeley administration. they say the assaults occurred in 2012. it claims they had to wait months before hearing word on how they were handling the complaints. they claim no investigation was conducted. >> to be honest, i don't want to be here today. i am frustrated. i am angry. i am sad. i am disappointed that i need to be here. >> reporter: university of california at berkeley issued a statement saying working with students, faculty and staff we
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made great strides. an audit found their handle was appropriate. >> when institutions have to pay money that seems to be what captures their attention the most. >> reporter: they hope the lawsuit forces more changes in how they handle future cases. coming up at 6:00 p.m. one of the students shares her feelings about the possibility of the university allowing the person whewsulted her to return to -- who assaulted her to return to campus. the supreme court wrapped up today and it included decisions that effect california. they upheld the use of a drug used in lethal injections to carry out the death penalty -- it rejected the claimant of a controversial drug amounted to cruel and unusual punishment and did not show there is an alternative. the ruling sets in motion a
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process to review california's protocol. and they signaled they think death penalty may be unconstitutional. another 5-4 ruling involving an arizona redistricting law. allow's california commission to stand. a voter approved independent redistricting commission is constitutional. previously the california legislator had the ability of redrawing maps. the obama administration lostane ruling on toxic emissions. the environmental protection agency wrongly interpreted the clean air act. they said the epa should have considered the cost first. the ruling effected coal and oil fired power plans. the supreme court said it would take up affirmative
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action and higher education. it involved a challenge by a white woman who was denied admission to the university of texas. she claimed it was because of affirmative action. a court in morals has up-- new orleans has upheld the policies twice. following developing news. a coast guard helicopter made a hard landing this afternoon at san francisco international airport and ended up on its side. ktvu's noelle walker is at sfo. you spoke to someone at the coast guard? >> reporter: we did. the road to the station is blocked off right now. you can see behind me where the three orange helicopters are parked. the one that is off to the edge, the one close to say the water landed on its side. sky fox 2 was over head after the crash. and you can see the pictures from there. here is what we know. a two person crew was doing
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maintenance testing on the helicopter. they were in what is described as a hover move. they were off the ground but not moving. that is when the helicopter dropped to the ground and landed on its side. a hard and unexpected landing. the coast guard told me he wouldn't have considered this a landing. that helicopter was not flying very high, 10 feet off the ground. that is because the crew was staying low because they don't usually take off from this area. they move to another location to take off. two people on board had minor injuries. described as scrapes and bruises but are otherwise okay. the coast guard stressed to me this was not a helicopter that was on its way to a rescue mission or returning from a rescue mission. doing a routine maintenance testing that ended up being anything but routine. this is very windy out here
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today. we are not sure what caused the crash. whether it was wind related or maintenance issue they were testing out. >> helicopters cost $17 million, do you know the extent of the damage to the helicopter? >> reporter: no. we don't know that right now. it is still on its side right now in the position where it landed. they will take time to investigate that and then assess what the damage is to the helicopter but again the two people who were on board when it came down 10 feet from the air are okay right now. >> did it effect operations at the airport as far as planes landing or taking off? >> no. i am told they don't usually take off and land from here so this is where the helicopters are. and they were hovering very low because this isn't where they leave from right now.
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we have seen planes taking off and landing still right now. everything is as usual at the airport. >> thank you very much. support for removing the confederate flag from the state house grounds. the survey found a 2/3 majority said it intend to vote to take down the flag. it was a compromised reached 15 years ago that put it beside a montument. a grim discover -- monument. grim discovery, a body in a park. police are uncertain about where the crime happened. >> the smell of a wildfire still hangs in the air here, why firefighters are concerned about this fire this week. >> and a crack down on fake merchandise from the nba finals. see if you could tell the difference between the real and
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the bogus. >> heating up out there. numbers get up there, 105, 106 degrees inland increased fire danger and real hot weather.
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two southern states that held off on issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples are now granting them. they were told to wait for the end of a 25 day waiting period but today the decision was over turned. and in mississippi the attorney general sent a letter to clerks today indicating they could also go ahead and issue licenses. 2 million people streamed
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into san francisco over the weekend for pride festivities. [ music ] [ cheers and applause ] >> people were dancing, cheering and crying with joy during yesterday's pride parade downtown market street. community leaders took part. we talked with several people who said this year's celebration felt different. they said the supreme court decision making same-sex marriage legal across the country made the celebration extra meaningful. and despite the party like atmosphere there were a few problem. san francisco police say there were 9 felony arrests. 4 people arrested for misdemeanors. 11 people were taken in for public drunkenness and two guns were seized and emts responded to 100 medical calls. firefighters made quick work of a wildfire today. cal fire says 5 acres burned
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near gilroy. you can see pink colored fire retardant dropped on top of buildings there. there were no reports of building damage or injuries. a wildfire raging in and around wenatchee, washington forced the evacuation of two neighborhoods. the fire burned 28 homes and other buildings since yesterday afternoon. 155 people spent last nightane red cross shelter. >> we have been through plenty of forest fires. nothing like this. we evacuated to a friend's house and they got evacuated too. we got evacuated twice today. >> firefighters say the sleepy hollow fire burned 4,000 acres and efforts to control the flames are hampered by 100- degree temperatures and windy conditions. no word on what started the fire. we have had smaller fires in the bay area but no homes
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were lost. firefighters are on high alert. ktvu's john sasaki is live. the biggest concern right now, illegal fireworks. >> reporter: it is indeed. here is one example of the effects of fireworks. a small fire happened here over the weekend and it may have been sparked by fireworks. >> reporter: at the end of hannah drive there was close call saturday morning. >> any vegetation is prime to burn. that what scares us. especially with illegal fireworks. >> fire could have been much worse. witnesses heard popping, possibly from fireworks before it started. last week the high temperatures, low humidity and winds fanned multiple fires. those conditions are due to return later in the week. >> with the 4th of july weekend and the fireworks, the dry condition and the warmer weather, it put us in a heightened level of awareness.
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we are looking at staffing additional equipment. >> reporter: as we get closer to 4th of july officials are growing more concerned about fireworks. >> for their safety and for the potential of wildfires in california and the bay area. >> reporter: the sales of safe and sane fireworks are on again in dublin. believe it or not this is one of the safe and sane fireworks. how do you know? it has this seal that says safe and sane. all of them do. they are illegal in most counties but that didn't stop out of towners from shopping. >> [ inaudible question ] >> shoot nemup in the -- them up in the skies. crazy. >> reporter: the fireworks stands hands out this flier that list where fireworks are
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not allowed. most city parks, city facilities facilities facilities and city schools. >> john, thank you. the lack of rain is contributing to pour air quality and health problems for people around the state because without rain, dust, fumes and particles linger in the air. 25 california counties received failing grades for poor air quality. all of the bay area received passing grades. talking about bad air and hot temperatures and let's check win bill martin. bill, may not get much better? >> it will get worse each day with the air quality taking a hit, fire danger coming up and temperature coming up. temperatures are warmer today. been mild for the most part. but that is about to change. san jose right now, you can see the dry hills in the distance. san jose getting up in the 80s.
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over the hills you are looking at to the north and east of san jose it will get to 105, 106 degrees. the high pressure is building in from the southwest. so it will do a couple things. first of all you see the moisture drug over the top, creating the potential for thunderstorms. coming from the gulf of california. it is also building the heat in from the desert southwest. which will bring heat this way. right? not going to be a classic pattern. it will be a heat in the valley bleeding into the bay. a lot will get beat out by the sea breeze. the heat will be here. that is inland bay valleys and north and east. you want heat you go inland. you want cool, you go to the coast. today's temperatures are up. still mild compared to what we will see. 15 degrees warmer at this hour in concord than it was yesterday at this time. the winds are blowing. you have 16 miles per hour west
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winds in fairfield. that is that sea breeze. 30 miles per hour winds. noelle walker is at the airport. gusting to 30. the sea breeze takes all the cool air and bumps into the heat that is coming from the desert southwest. a classic hot pattern. especially inland. some of the heat bleeds into the bay area. san jose, and gilroy and morgan hill. but lot of the areas are going to stay cool, coast and san francisco. you have 58 degrees in san francisco. tomorrow 40 miles inland 104, 103. your 40-degree spread. the forecast highs. purples are 100s. marine air along the coast. highs tomorrow. 103 vacaville. easy to hit 100 tomorrow. days are long. warm over night. fire danger is a concern.
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not so much because of the winds. but the heat. right? we will see brush fires next couple days. heating up tomorrow. wednesday is the warmest day of the week. towards the 4th of july, everything will be dry. concerned about fires there. we are concerned about fires starting three weeks ago through the ends of october. >> we saw the fires last week. they came like that and it will be hot this week. a lot to handle. >> we be been lucky so far because the fires have been small and no structures -- >> the drought, four years of drought and now we will do 106 degrees on wednesday. something will pop. >> all right. the federal government has a partner working to make railroad crossing safer. google, how they could be keeping drivers out of harm's way. >> new at 6:00 p.m. the debate over police body
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cameras reaching the state capitol. the groups offering new perspectives. plus -- >> we may be at the tipping point of recycled water mania.
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the coast of crossing the golden gate bridge is going up. starting wednesday it goes up 25 cents. in april the cost went up $1.
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bringing fast track to $6 and the pay by plate to 7 dollars. the next 25-cent increase is july 2016 and followed by two more. republicans announced plans to fix california roads but the plans involve cutting thousands of jobs. gop members want to get rid of 3500 jobs at caltrans that they say are redundant. that will save the state a $500,000 a year. money that could fund road repairs. >> taxpayers are tired of paying the highest taxes in the nation to get the least improved roads in the country. this plan is an answer to that frustration. >> republicans also want to use a billion dollars from the general fund to fix roads. leaders hope governor jerry brown will get behind their suggestion. marking railroad crossings.
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the request comes after the number of deaths increased last year. there have been major accidents involving trains and vehicle is in los angeles, north carolina and new york this year. the railroad administration says google has agreed to that idea. after years of saying you are fired donald trump gets a tist of his own medicine. -- taste of his own medicine. nbc is ending their relationship with donald trump. he said some immigrants from mexico bring drugs and crime to the united states. he will no longer appear on the apprentice. it will continue without donald trump. police say it is not the type of thing that happens in a park like this. the murder mystery in the east bay and the help police need now from the public. >> days after anti-uber protests in paris two top uber executives were arrested.
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and would you know the real from the fake when it comes to fab clothes? -- nab clothes? the -- nba clothes?
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an eerie discovery at a east bay park and now police need your help. a man gunned down over the weekend.
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his body found along a trail in coyote hills regional park. ktvu's azenith smith with the few clues police have. >> reporter: he lived in stockton. how his body ended up 60 miles away is a mystery. >> reporter: for many visitors the park is known for its open space. where families hike, bike, relax and enjoy nature. >> beautiful. i like it here. seeing the deer. the sheep. and birds. i like it. >> reporter: the tranquility disrupted. >> very unusual. >> reporter: 40 yards into the entrance in the bushes a man shot to death around 6:30 a.m. sunday morning.
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>> for that to happen here, it is concerning. >> it was a young hispanic male with a gun shot wound to the chest. didn't look like his body was there for very long. >> police are investigating whether he was killed elsewhere. his body possibly dumped. police have yet to recover the murder weapon. >> it is not the type of area where people are generally out committing crimes. >> reporter: unusual and rare. at least for this woman who walks the paths every day. >> it is scary. i mean to think that somebody was dead over here. >> reporter: as police piece together what happened what was he doing here, what led up to his death, this beautiful great outdoors tainted. >> a horrible tragedy when something like that happens. >> really very sad.
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for the family. and i think a sign of desperate times and desperate measures that people will take, which is unfortunate. >> reporter: a somber mood out here today. police are hoping now that the victim has been identified that will generate leads and lead them to his killer. anyone with information is encouraged to contact police. >> azenith smith, thank you. jury heard closing arguments in the murder trial of a man charged with killing a police officer. investigators say the 41-year- old shot the officer in the back three times while thors was chasing a bank robbery suspect. if convicted he could face the death penalty. . >> 7 people arrested in friday's massacre at a beach resort. officials paid homage to the 38
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victims. police killed the gunman and isis claimed responsibility for inspiring the shooting. the prime minister said it is time for the country to be intolerance of intolerance and crack down on the idea of estimate terrorism. -- islamic state terrorism. crash claimed the life of a 31-year-old man before midnight on 880. when one car rear ended another. the driver of the toyota was hit when he got out to check on the person in the other car. officials have not released the name of the man who was killed. the accident closed northbound traffic for three hours. while the golden state warriors made their way to the nba finals and won the championship, special agents out of san francisco were cracking down on the sale of
5:33 pm
countermerchandise. ktvu's -- cutter fit merchandise -- countermumpen dice counterfeit merchandise. ktvu's keba arnold with more. >> reporter: 14,000 items were seized during the crack down. t-shirts, caps, flags, decals were some of the items. the gear can look like the real deal. other fakes are easier to spot. legit businesses lose out in this. businesses world wide lose 600- 700 billion due counterfeiting. when fans buy fake gear they may save money -- >> product is not going to last. if you want a t-shirt that is
5:34 pm
going to last i wouldn't buy these. >> reporter: a lot of the products were made in california, not over seas. they had to be made quickly to take advantage of the timing of the nba championship. selling fake sports gear is nothing new. in 2014, i.c.e. investigators seized $80,000 worth of counterfeit merchandise. >> thank you. tomorrow the city counsel is scheduled to discuss a proposal to build a stadium for the oakland raiders. it was submitted last week by a san diego businessman. the stadium would befianced by the team, the nfl and future rev news. but he would gate share of the ownership of the raiders. one expert says it is a bad
5:35 pm
deal for the raiders because they would have to give up naming rights without public subsidies. the largest union could go on strike. the plan if thousands of workers walk off the job tomorrow. >> the new york prison escaped. the cut throat reason they split up. >> how california businesses are training dogs to dig for something expensive, desirable and hidden in the dirt. grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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stocks had their worse day of the year today amid growing concerns about greece's debt crisis. the dow is down 350 to 17,596., the nasdaq is down 122 to 4,958. the s&p is down 43 to 2,057. other factors were puerto rico's announcement it couldn't make its debt payments. uber executives in france taken into cussied for what police call illicit activities. after taxi drivers rioted hast week. -- last week. cab drivers are angry uber drivers don't have to pay the same fees. courts ordered uber to stop
5:39 pm
operator but they won't do that till the highest court makes a ruling. wednesday many public transit riders will have to pay more. muni is increasing prices for all monthly fast prices. cable car fairs are -- fares are also going up. the adult single ride fare will remain the same. the adult pass for muni is increasing $2 a month to $70. access to b.a.r.t. stations, $83 and the pass for use seniors and disabled increases $1 to $25 a month. all price increases begin on wednesday. california chefs are turning to their backyard to find and grow truffles and dogs are being trained to sniff out the truffles. >> reporter: sniffing for
5:40 pm
hidden treasures. he is on the hunt for truffles. >> he will stay out here all day long. i had to have a couple people help me catch him because he doesn't want to leave. >> reporter: dogs are in demand as more people plant. takes several years to ripen. >> yes. good job. >> she is training dogs to do a job traditionally done by pigs. >> it is fun for the dogs. they get rewarded for using their noses. which is how they see the world. >> come here. >> reporter: he planted his five years ago and hopes to be among the first to harvest. >> i hope my dogs will be able to earn their keep and it will be nice to see them work. they are supposed to be working dogs but they have been
5:41 pm
lounging dogs. >> reporter: they sell for a thousand dollars a pound. >> why are they so expensive? because there is a demand and little supply. >> reporter: he loves the idea of serving fresh locally grown truffles. most american restaurants import truffles. >> to get a truffle that was dug this morning for me to put on the menu tonight, that is a game changer. that is a big deal. we are excited about it. >> it is a dream till you dig up the first truffle and have it in your hand. dream within reach thanks to the truffle dogs. associated press. a strike in santa clara county, the efforts to reach a deal and what the county plans to do if workers go on strike. >> green homes made in a matter of weeks and assembled in a
5:42 pm
day. the bay area company making a new kind of home. >> just in time for the week ahead, temperatures heating up. numbers get in the low 100s. 106 in some valleys. i will have the details and the timing back here.
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deadline is approaching and at this point the largest unirepresenting thousands of -- union representing thousands of workers is poised to go on strike tomorrow morning.
5:45 pm
in the past 20 minutes the union unveiled the signs they plan to use if negotiation fail. this is a tweet from ktvu's maureen naylor. she has the latest on which services could be effected. >> reporter: at the medical center in san jose today nursing assistants helped transfer babies to waiting cars. the members not knowing if they will be back at work tomorrow or on strike. >> i wish they have an agreement because i am here 20 years and we never had to strike before. so it is hard. stressful. >> reporter: she is one of 9,000 union members preparing to strike tomorrow. a third of them work at valley med. the hospital says the county run facility is prepared if they need to bring in contricated workers to keep service -- contracted workers to keep services open. >> if there is a strike we will
5:46 pm
close some of the primary care sites that we have. some of our outpatient clinics and cancel non-essential surgeries. >> the union authorized a strike siting unfair practices by the county saying it is trying to raise awareness about a staffing shortage. >> i wouldn't give -- [ indiscernible ] >> i think the reality is this is an economic negotiation. >> reporter: he says negotiations have been around the clock. >> it will come down to an eye lash. that close. come down to whether or not we can tie up that last loose end in time. >> reporter: preparations are already in place to keep the 911 dispatch center and jails running. 475 workers consider essential
5:47 pm
can't walk off the job. negotiations continue till tomorrow morning and the union says if no agreement is reached it plans to strike at 6:00 a.m. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. the teen who pleaded no contest to setting a teen's skirt on fire in 2013 had his sentence reduced today. he was ceptanced to -- sentenced to 7 years. he was clipping on a -- sleeping on a bus when it happened. attorneys said what happened was a prank gone terribly wrong. today adjudges resentenced him to 5 years -- a judge resentenced him to 5 years. in greece, the deepening debt crisis. negotiations over the weekend collapsed. the prime minister announced he would call for a national vote on july 5 on whether or not to
5:48 pm
accept the tough terms offered in a bail out. seniors lined up hoping to collect their pensions. last monday of the month is when most pensionsigate cashed. people -- pensions get cashed. people are outraged. it stems from the probability greece will be unable to meet a loan repayment. the deadline is tomorrow. if it is not repaid it could call into question the greece's future. warm day and getting warmer towards the holiday weekend. back to bill now in the weather center where the sheet on. >> it -- heat is on. >> it is. not as much as tomorrow. highs tomorrow came up a few degrees. 92 fairfield. 93 antioch. that is hot. hot day in oakland. antioch and fairfield very warm
5:49 pm
for this time of year. tomorrow the heat is going to turn into -- 90s turn into 100s. it will push this way. it will be fighting against a sea breeze going this way. everything to the side of the line will get hot. everything to the left side of the line, bay side not as hot. look at the hills, it is up there, wild oat, this stuff burns real easy as you know. that is where we are. as gets hotter, fire danger goes up. there will be fire dangers. we could see red flag warnings going up here. a lot of this moisture a product of the high pressure bringing us the heat, thunderstorms into the next couple days in the mountains. that brings us a scary fire
5:50 pm
time. especially in the mountains. east of sacramento. 92 fairfield now. 91 concord. tomorrow, 98, 99. warmer tomorrow. the onshore winds stay with us. the bay and the coast will stay bearable. san jose 90 degrees downtown. that is hot. shouldn't be triple digits heat in the bay. fremont, redwood city. mid-90s. inland on wednesday, we will see temperatures at their hottest, clear lake 106. livermore 105. the highlights forecast for wednesday. tomorrow nothing to sneeze at. tomorrow hot as well, around the bay. you get the idea. the idea being coast will be in
5:51 pm
the 70s. next couple days. inland spots, fairfield, vacaville, clear lake, 100 in pittsburg. brentwood and oakland, right, a change in temperatures. the sea breeze stays in tact around the bay. pleasant. we don't have to worry so much about the red flag warnings or the heat advisories because the big cities will have moisture flow. it will be hot. lead story. fire danger is up. 4th of july around the corner. >> computer is over heating. >> weird. yeah. dropped to 72 -- [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. imagine a high end home that is sustainable and made within weeks. we show you how one company is making green pre-fab homes that could go up on a lot in one day. >> and coming up at 6:00 p.m.
5:52 pm
filling up on free water. a bay area water district helping people deal with the drought. >> a look at the program making it possible.
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ñzuuap uhá
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new information is coming out about the two escaped convicts in new york. david sweat is still hospitalized. but is able to talk to
5:55 pm
investigators. david sweat was shot yesterday about 2 miles from the canadian boarder. the second inmate, richard matt was shot and killed friday by boarder patrol agents. the governor said they planned to drive to mexico but their driver didn't show up. the community is relieved it is all over. >> there is a feeling of elation among all law enforcement officers. members of the community as well. >> there are also reports the pair split up because richard matt was moving too slow and david sweat thought he had a better chance alone. shark attack on the east coast. a 18-year-old man was bitten. the man arrived saturday in critical condition. he was bitten on both hands, his calf and bottom. there have been six shark attacks in north carolina and
5:56 pm
south carolina in three weeks. two teens lost their left arms. made in the bay, premium green homes are being made in a matter of weeks and then shipped all over the country where they are assembled in a day. ktvu's claudine wong shows us more. >> reporter: h luxury prefab -- luxerary pretab. >> they are build by architects. >> reporter: this is not what people picture when you say pre- fab home. >> it is really well known for being a indoor, outdoor home that has court yards on both sides. >> reporter: you are seeing blue homes new approach to housing. >> 2300 square feet. blue homes is bigger than that.
5:57 pm
3,000 square feet. >> all of this fits on a truck? >> that's right. yes. what is amazing there are hinges here. >> reporter: maybe it is easier to understand it all by going into the factor. >> nobody else does this. >> reporter: it stretches the length of three football fields. >> this is the beginning. we cut it. putting it into the floors. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> the construction process takes 40 days for a big, 3,000 square foot house. [ indiscernible ] >> right now 40 days. as we grow it will take three days. >> reporter: they follow codes and as we moved along it
5:58 pm
production line it started taking shape. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> you can see you are getting closer. you saw the installation is going in, electrical is in. appliances is in. >> reporter: you get this, a container that fits on the back of a semi truck. >> going to sonoma. to upstate new york. another california house. >> we actually unfold the houses and set them in one day. >> reporter: they are considered green because of how they are made and how they run. >> the most important thing is how much energy does your house use and these houses perform more than 50% better than any new homes that are built today. >> reporter: the combination of tech and housing may redefine how we all think of pre-fab. claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:59 pm
>> they start at 145,000 and you have to account for the land cost and site do you say connect to the house. there are design centers and models in vallejo, redwood city and los angeles. if you would like to nominate someone for made in the bay, there is a form on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> vaccines closer to becoming law in california. tonight had debate escalates as a bill now awaits the governor's signature. i am ken wayne. >> i am julie haener. lawmakers passed the bill sending it to the governor's desk. if he signs it california's would have the strictest vaccination law in the country. the bill would eliminate the personal belief exemption and require children to be vaccinated before going to cool. it allow -- school.
6:00 pm
it allows allows for medical exemption. the lawmaker who wrote the bill says it is necessary to keep kids safe. >> i am hopeful as it goes to the governor's desk, he will look at the science and the importance of protecting all of our children. >> we get more now on the developments from ktvu's allie rasmus live with how parents are reacting. >> reporter: the reaction from most parents here in berkeley was positive. they said recent outbreaks like measles and whooping cough got them sinking about the vaccine issue and they are glad the bill is on the governor's desk. >> reporter: if governor jerry brown signs the bill it will become more difficult for parents to opt out by claiming a personal belief exemption. >> i think it is a great idea as a teacher. i want my students to


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