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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. thank you for joining us. it is friday, last day of july. july 31st i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve paulson how does it feel? >> cooler for most. a lot of cloud cover will start to move in although it will still be hot but not as hot. there is a significant fog bank. there is a rip roaring delta breeze and all of that is translating into a cooler pattern. low clouds kind of muggy. there is a lot of moisture in the air. the humidity factor will be pretty high. pi row cumulus cloud. that intense heat and steep lapse rate is what you are getting. that creates a low cloud deck and high mid level clouds moving in. there has been a little bit of
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rain down toward the monterey peninsula. that is a sign of some things to come. 60s on the temps. almost everywhere. maybe a few 50s but a lot of 60s. the breeze has cranked up big time out of the west. cooler out to the sacramento valley. a lot of cloud cover today and tomorrow. low and high clouds, some sun. the cooling continues not only today but into next week. 70s and 80s for most. all right sal. you're on a role with your duets. thank you, steve i appreciate that. we have to give credit top the viewers. let's take a look at what we have with the morning commute. traffic is going to get busier especially driving into san francisco. i can tell you it already looks like a lighter than usual friday. there is a little delay but it's not that bad get into san
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francisco. also looking at a commute on the san mateo bridge. that looks good heading out to the high-rise. as we take a look at the south bay commute northbound 101 and 280 are doing very well. and there are no problems on highway 17 coming down to the bottom of the hill. there will be no bart service between san francisco and the east bay this weekend. transbay tube will be closed for a major maintenance. christien kafton is live to tell us how that work will be done. >> reporter: things looking good on the bay area freeways right now. right? so that might not necessarily be the case this weekend. that is what a lot of bart passengers are looking like. we are inside the west oakland bart station. right now open for business. bart passengers making their way on the trains but this station will be closed along with the transbay tube this weekend as passengers try to figure out how they will get
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around. bart is asking anyone to make their way to the east bay to start planning now. bart has been notifying passengers of this major closure for weeks now trying to get the word out. it means there will be no bart service starting at 6:00 saturday morning. bart has set up a bus pass. but part is asking passengers to restrict their trips as much as possible so not to strain the system. riders say they understand the need for the repairs but they are still worried about potential traffic this weekend. >> i hate sitting in traffic and i work nights so it comes back at midnight and i worry about the traffic being bad. >> reporter: you can see the concern even about traffic at midnight. bart will be repairing an interlocking cross system. that will allow trains to switch to a parallel track.
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now about 80,000 to 100,000 passengers take bart each weekend. many are stepping up to take care of as many passiers as possible. there will be increased ferry service and ac transit will be running transbay buses as well. coming back out to our live shot, you can see the rider alert here. this is posted at the bart station notifying passengers that bart station will be closed this weekend. keep in mind this is the first of two closures. the other one coming on labor day weekend. anyone needing to ride bart keep in mind the transbay tube and the west oakland bart station closed this weekend and it will be closed again on labor day weekend. for those drivers out there, you can anticipate possibly some heavier than usual traffic on the bridges just people trying to get back and forth. >> definitely. thank you.
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6:04 is the time. you should also know tonight san francisco muni will temporarily suspend late night subway service. trains will stop running below martin street as work crews install a new communication system. service should be back to normal at 5:00 tomorrow morning but the friday night shut down will continue for the next six months. muni will run buses aboveground on the effected route. back to developing news on that major wild fire. the rocky fire has burned more than 13,000 acres and more homes and communities may be threatened. brian flores is back here in the studio. what is the latest? >> it is simply incredible how this fire has spread. yesterday at this time it was around 5,000 acres. it has now more than doubled in size. they have charred more than 13,500 acres and it's only 5%
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contained. crews are having time putting a line around this fire. more than 600 people have been evacuated. so far three homes were destroyed and this fire is destroying more. >> the people that live within these areas enunfortunately the fire is move song -- moving so fast they can't keep up with it. >> reporter: the fire was traveling in a northerly direction. the concern is it may force more evacuations. an evacuation advisory not an order has been issued for the double eagle ranch area and homes along the highway 20 corridor and the concern is if it jumps highway 20, it could threaten the community of clear
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lake oaks. for residents again an evacuation center remains at middletown high school. for those with animals you can drop them off at the social services parking lot. dave, back to you. a grass fire tore through a mobile home facility. both homes and cars were destroyed. it starts in an area known as pirates layer marina. the fire started in brush and trees behind the mobile home park right next to the marina and the winds fanned the flames. no one was hurt as people quickly escaped. a 96-year-old man has died after being badly beaten. his caretaker 57-year-old fialomoni is accused of beating
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him. he died in the custody of police. authorities say after he beat 96-year-old solomon cohen he drove a van to san francisco where he hit a bmw. he acted aggressively toward that driver, tried to gain access to an ihop. when officers arrived they wrestled him to the ground and put him in handcuffs. that is when he had trouble breathing and died. time is 6:08. an alameda county judge issued a tentative ruling. 13-year-old oakland girl was declared brain dead after a tonsil surgery that went wrong in oakland of december of 2013. her family moved her to new jersey where she remains on organ support machines.
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if the teenager is considered to be alive she could sue her surgeon and hospital for millions of dollars. but if she is declared dead she could sue for a medical malpractice wrongful death. shuttle bus drivers will vote on a union contract tomorrow. if approved, the drivers would get a pay rise and improved benefits. right now the drivers do not get any paid holidays or overtime pay. he always says dieing is part of life and the only thing we can do is enjoy every day that we get. >> up next the very emotional
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speeches honoring sergeant scott lunger. >> vietnam veteran killed in san jose. the help police need as they search for leads in the case. >> we are looking at the east bay commute and right now it looks okay if you are driving on highway 4 coming up to concord. >> not only low clouds but tropical clouds are moving in from the south and east.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 6:12. thousands gathered at oracle's arena saying thousands of goodbyes to police sergeant scott lunger. he was described as a friend, a mentor, and warrior. sergeant lunger's father described the day his son decided to become a police officer. >> we talked about my concern for your safety a lot and you always said dad, don't worry. when it's your time to go, you can't do a thing about it. it's in god's hands. >> sergeant lunger's younger daughter said she was lucky to have him in their lives. his oldest daughter talked about the moments he won't be there to enjoy. >> i don't know who is going to walk me down the aisle or love all of my kids who will be too
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cute to put down. >> after the ceremony this took place. an honor guard folded the american flag draped across his casket and hayward police chief dianne urban presented his to his family. besides friends and family yesterday, services attended by law enforcement from across the country as ktvu noel walker found out people who had never met sergeant lunger came out to pay their respects. >> reporter: on his final ride sergeant scott lunger was not alone. many lined the streets. some for hours. departments from the bay area and beyond marched into oracle arena. a thin blue line stretched as far as the eye could see. >> this is a show of strength, a show of numbers that we're
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all with him. >> it brings back memories. they were very fresh definitely for me and members of my department. we were doing this last year. >> reporter: seen so many law enforcement gathered in one place for this somber reason is a stark reminder. the uniform comes with inherit danger. the badge sometimes a target. the job sometimes the ultimate sacrifice. >> it's a dangerous job. it's a dangerous job. >> reporter: you don't need to wear a budge and a blue uniform to know that. >> i know personally. i've had butterflies in my stomach for days and days. >> reporter: sergeant lunger's baseball team is mourning his sacrifice too. >> they are here to protect us, basically. there is just way too much violence. >> reporter: when we honor, sacrifice we are bound together
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by uniform, by family. and by community. >> it's a sense of gratitude toward them for every day they put their life on the line for our freedom, our safety. >> reporter: one last fly over, one last tribute and one last goodbye. >> i pay my respects, i salute him. he's a hero. >> reporter: in oakland noel walker ktvu fox 2 news. >> our coverage continues online as well with more video and photos and we have posted clips of the service on our ktvu youtube channel. time is 6:16. a jury says sinbad's restaurant in san francisco has to close its doors. the port of san francisco sued the restaurant after the owner refused to leave pier 2 back in
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march to make way for an expanded ferry terminal. they also approved the request that sinbad has to pay $70,000 in back rent. sinbad has been located at the pier for 40 years now. right now it is 6:17. we want to check back in with sal who is keeping an eye on the friday commute. how does it look? >> not too bad. we've had a little bit of slow traffic but things are getting a little nicer. look at highway 24 it looks good between walnut creek and oakland. it's nice and light. definitely a little bit better today than it has been. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a little bit of a delay here. it's about a 15 minute delay before you make it into san francisco. we're also looking at the south bay. you can see traffic is looking good. normally this time of morning we see a little bit of red. a little bit of.
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we will start off with the low clouds. there is a fog bank out there. a lot of cloud cover is moving up. there is a line of rain over to salinas. i think it's heading to the santa clara valley and even toward lake county. there is some signs of that happening already. maybe they all get a break here. the forecast is tough because of the cloud cover. if that moves in, it may not be that hot. winds turning more westerly, south westerly but it will still be warm to hot. just not as hot as the past couple of days. north wind. i don't like that a little bit but i think it will turn a little bit. look at the cloud cover screaming in here already. look at this line forming from thunderstorm activity down
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south of holly store. so it's heading pretty close to gilroy here. we also have a hurricane. hurricane guillermo it's moving northwest at 16 miles an hour. it's still days away but the track almost all the tracks take it toward the hawaiian islands but not until next wednesday. probably will. waters are pretty warm. 50s and 60s on your temps but a lot of identifys here due to the cloud cover and the clouds coming in. the breeze is out of the west or southwest and it's roaring. you can see the moisture streaming up there. that will really play into our weather. give us a huge cooling trend. in the meantime it's spinning in a lot of cloud cover. low clouds and high clouds. you can see that line. not a big deal but for early in the morning. a lot of monsoon clouds coming in. this will mean possible showers. maybe some thundershowers.
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probably later today, tonight and into tomorrow. there is plenty going on. cooling continues. 60s and 70s and 80s. i did hold on to some 90s. it looks like that cloud cover will give us some rain. clouds mostly cloudy into saturday and pushes off toward the sierra. 6:20 is the time right now. a surfer seriously hurt as he tries to fight off a shark in australia. >> i probably jailed out there is a shark heading back in. and a second or two later he went under the water. >> coming up in 23 minutes how witnesses helped save that man's life. >> but up next the first major piece of bruce genre memorabilia to be auctioned
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who is is this? >> run dmc. >> exactly. run dmc. they are playing an aerosmith song with help from aerosmith. these guys going off. super popular duet. that is the theme for this week. traffic jam. >> you know you have people dancing in their bedrooms this morning. >> requested by john rodriguez. if there is a special song you want to hear, let us know i will play your request every friday morning. #ktvu on twitter, facebook, or instagram. >> i like starting friday's with that. >> so do i. >> a little music. it's good to start with this beautiful sight in the
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sky. since you wouldn't sing to me dave. thereblue moon. it arrived early this morning. it is expected to stick around through tonight. blue moon usually only happened every two or three years. so what is the blue moon as steve has been talking about? it's the second full moon in a calendar month. it only happens every once in awhile. it does look a little blue never that shot any way. a little more blue than a typical full moon. 6:25 is the time. the summer olympic torch that bruce jenner carried through lake tahoe sold for $24,000 at auction. it was the first piece to go to auction since the olympian became caitlyn jenner. it was purchased by an anonymous midwest collector.
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the sacramento kings have hired a female assistant coach. the great nancy lieberman. now back in 2009 with the texas legends of the nba's d-league nancy became the first woman to coach a men's team under the nba's umbrella. nancy lieberman herself is a former olympian, college star, and a member of the basketball hall of fame. most recently she had been working at fox sports oklahoma as a pregame and post game analysis covering the oklahoma city thunder. a badger that spent two months at a san rafael animal hospital will be released back into the wild. the badger was brought in june 6th after being found in bolinas. it was semi conscious. they had to hand feed it back to life. it will be released on sunday on to a 300-acre ranch. >> that is probably at wild
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care then in san rafael. we go there all the time to visit. yeah they do a lot of good work. it's a fun place. 6:26 is the time. authorities in zimbabwe plan to seek extradition for the american hunter who killed a protective lion. the petition here in the u.s. that could receive a response from the obama administration. >> we are live at levi stadium where training camp is about to start for the 49ers. a lot of popular players gone. a lot of new faces including a new head coach. we'll have a preview coming up. >> all right. right now traffic is actually doing very well if you are driving on 280 northbound. getting up to highway 17. so please go this way. steve. >> well if you want cooler weather you can walk this way because that is what we have. cooler weather and also some
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good morning to you. thank you for joining us here for mornings on 2 friday, july 31st i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's 6:30. i caught dave doing a little dancing. i heard steve doing a little singing. it's friday. >> i don't know if that is considered dancing. >> yes, it is. >> control room is always lucky. >> i know. you've got to be careful but it's friday. >> we have a picture of one of our viewers. it's not weather related. it's interesting. we'll get to it in a second. we do have conditions that will be better today for the fire. also much, much cooler here. there is a lot going on even a line of rain along holster.
6:31 am
mountain lion weather. there he is right there. ran into this guy leaving the ranch watched him for 15 minutes. 30 feet from my car. that is in the santa cruz mountains. i would watch from the car too. upper 70s and mid 70s. they have more of a westerly breeze. look at the cloud cover. it's really moving fast here. there is even rain down around south of gilroy. moving in santa clara valley. look at that line. i think that is heading north or toward us. santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley.
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>> he is going to do very well here. >> i know. good morning everybody. let's take a look at the commute now. and starting off with the mccarthur maze in the east shore freeway 80 looks good from the carr sees in bridge to -- carquinez bridge to the maze. and then you get to the bay bridge toll plaza and you will see a backup of 10-15 minutes before you make it on to the span. as we look at the east bay 580 is a dream for those that drive livermore to castro valley every day. there is a little bit of slow traffic on to the pass. let's go back to the desk. we are going back to developing news that major wild fire up in lake county. the rocky fire it has now burned more than 13,000 acres. more homes, more communities may be threatened. brian flores is in our newsroom now. so what is the latest and we're hearing it's only 5% contained.
6:33 am
>> reporter: yeah. i just got off the phone with cal fire. the amount of acreage burned is about the same. the fire is moving in a northwest direction toward the cash creek wildlife preserve. at this point the so-called rocky fire has burned about 13,500 acres and what is making this fire difficult is the amount of dry over grown vegetation. this is a an area that hasn't seen fire for years. >> i looked up and said i think there is smoke. she said it is a fire. she went in there and called 911. >> reporter: the fire may force more evacuations.
6:34 am
the flames jump over highway 20, it could threaten the community of clear lake oaks. an evacuation advisory has been issued for the double eagle ranch and homes along the highway 20 corridor between new long valley road and east to the county line. now obviously a heavy bay area presence helping to fight this fire. this is the san francisco fire department posting this photo of firefighters at the scene. san francisco deployed a strike team of five engines to lake county. there are close to 1,000 firefighters on the front lines. when i spoke to cal fire, they say crews are relying heavily on aircraft to battle this fire obviously because of the steep terrain there eight air tankers and eight helicopters are helping battles this fire and aircraft is expected to go back up at 9:00 this morning. dave, back to you. >> thanks. we'll check back. the 15-year-old santa cruz teenager accused of sexually assaulting and killing eight-
6:35 am
year-old mady middleton was in court yesterday. he lured her into his apartment, tied her up, sexually assaulted her and killed her. gonzalez is being charged as an adult. >> the penalties that he's facing are life sentences. life without the possibility of parole is not something that you can seek for a juvenile. >> gonzalez is due to go back to court on september 21st where he may possibly enter a plea. san jose police need your help to track down the person who shot and killed a vietnam veteran last friday night. don wynn was killed. as he walked. he was a soft spoken religious man and police are trying to figure out why he was killed. >> somebody just come in and decide to shoot somebody that was walking? or is there a real reason for shooting this man?
6:36 am
>> we don't know if the suspect or suspects were in a car. we don't know if they were on foot or an bike. we have nothing. >> wynn was planning to move to iowa to be near his son. anyone with information on his death is asked to call police. the city of vallejo has a new medical marijuana ordnance. it would allow dispensaries to keep operating if they can prove they received a marijuana tax certificate before a moratorium was passed. that ordnance also requires distenselies to prove they are -- dispensaries to prove they are away from schools. this weekend the 49ers look to rebound from last year's disappointing season and training camp begins tomorrow in santa clara.
6:37 am
ktvu janine de la vega is live outside the levi stadium where the 49ers hope to return to their winning ways. janine. >> reporter: pam, the 49ers had their first preseason game in just two weeks against the houston texans and tomorrow is going to be the first time the full team is going to get together at the camp at their training facility under new leadership. [ inaudible ] >> all right so we're having a little trouble with janine. we will check back in with her on the 49ers camp. the raiders officially opened their training camp today and it is at the team's napa valley training complex. the veteran's reported yesterday. joining the group of 36 rookies, quarterbacks, and other select players. fans and coaches are excited about the team arrest first round draft pick omarly cooper. >> i'm going to take it day by day trying to get better and
6:38 am
take advantage of every moment. >> pretty exciting. raiders begin their preseason schedule on august 14th against the st. louis rams. with will show three raiders preseason games. time is 6:38 and new this morning thousands of teachers will meet at 33 locations around california. it's for a one-day summit called better together, california teachers summit. it all starts at can this morning at several california state university locations. the prek through 12th grade teachers will listen to keynote teachers and break into small groups for discussions. they will talk about strategies for imemploymenting the common core teaching standards. all of this comes after a new survey that suggests california
6:39 am
school systems could use some improvement. an analysis shows the state ranks number nine worst in the nation. this is all thanks to low reading and math test results. high drop out rates and a high number of students per teachers in the class. massachusetts has the best school system in the nation. democratic presidential candidate says she supports a proposal to increase the minium wage to $12 an hour. clinton says she backs the legislation sponsored by patty murray to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour because she wants to get behind a proposal that has a chance of succeeding. however republicans who control both chambers of conscious are mostly opposed to boosting the minimum wage. a restaurant in salt has
6:40 am
had great success. sister along wit menu prices. the restaurant now tells diners they don't have to tip. both workers and customers are reacting positively. businesses in seattle will have to pay a $15 an hour minimum wage by 2018. time is 6:39. some signs of change at one of san francisco's oldest neighborhoods. coming up at 7:00, red flags some people say they are seeing in a community that is rich with tradition. >> but first new signs that the search for malaysia flight 370 is coming to a close. the questions that still remains surrounding the planes disappearance.
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your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back. we want to get you back to the 49ers training camp. the team is under going big changes this season and janine de la vega is following them from levi stadium. janine. >> reporter: pam, the 4ers first preseason game is in two weeks against the houston texans and tomorrow at the camp it will be the first time the team will get together and practice that training facility. the spotlight is going to be on new head coach jim tomsula. it's the first time running training camp in that position. no doubt he will be compared to jim harbaugh. harbaugh was known for grueling
6:44 am
practices. tomsula's were known to be shorter. the team lost a lot of big name players. ten of its starters are gone. line backers patrick willis and justin smith retired and the team lost wide receiver michael crabtree. they are planning to improve upon last years season which was 8-8. >> coming out of the mini camp, you could just feel that energy. we're in a really good place now. we have a long way to go but i'm really excited where we are at the starting point. >> those new to the team to watch closely wide receiver tori smith running back reggie bush and for the defensive side darnell docket and rookie ann today. if you want to watch them practice you must buy a ticket to the game. if you miss it there will be another open practice to the
6:45 am
public that is by random drawing on august 9th. we did speak to some fans. coming up at 7:15 you will get some perspective from them. pam. >> all right it will be fun to watch. hopefully they do well. 6:44 is the time right now. the search continues for more debris that could have came from the missing malaysia air flight 370. a french helicopter is scouring the area. that is where a beach comer found part of a plane. investigate tours say it comes from a boeing 777. that is the same kind of plane as flight 370. the plane disappeared last year in march. time is 6:45. zimbabwe planning to seek extradition of the american dentist who killed a protective lion while on a guided hunt. organizers of a white house petition want john kerry and loretta lynch to fully
6:46 am
cooperate and extradite the dentist. palmer confessed in killing cecil the lion but he thought it was a legal hunt. he's been in hiding since the news came out. another surfer has been seriously hurt trying to fight off a shark. the attack happened this morning on the east coast of australia at a beach called evans' head. people on shore saved the victim's life by using surf board leg ropes as turn kit to slow the bleeding before paramedics arrived. a friend out surfing with his friend said he fought off the shark as best he could. >> it was like watching the mick fanning episode in replay. >> the victim is hospitalized after under going some surgery.
6:47 am
now you'll remember mick fanning was the surfer caught on this dramatic video fighting off a shark during a surfing competition in south africa. that was nearly two weeks ago. we are hearing fanning was chased out of the water by a shark while surf everring near his home in australia. it was his first time back in the water since the attack. >> maybe his last. time is 6:46. new this morning beijing china just selected as the host of the 2024 olympics. here is video. people celebrating that announcement today. the chinese capitol becomes the first city awarded both the winter and the summer games. now beijing beat out amatzi
6:48 am
kazakhstan. right now it's 6:47. it's time to check in with gasia for a look at what is coming up in our next hour on mornings on 2. >> good morning, pam and dave. a man wearing a mask carrying a sword caught here on surveillance camera robbing a pharmacy in southern california but why it's what he didn't take that has a lot of people confused. also actor james wood suing an anonymous twitter user over derogatory remarks on that site. but how can he sue someone without knowing who they are? the twists this case may take. >> a 70,000 reward being offered by southern california officials far drone operator who they say could have caused a devastating situation. those stories and more when i see you in a few. >> thank you. time is 6:48. let's get right over to sal. you taking care of our folks in the south bay? >> yes, we are. we are look at a nice looking drive in downtown san jose
6:49 am
along northbound 280. we will go to that first. you can see northbound 280 traffic looks good driving out of downtown heading up to the west valley. if you are driving in the livermore valley, slow traffic on the altamont pass. by the time you reach dublin it looks good. and if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, that is backing up a little bit but some of the middle lanes are clearing out. it looks like we are having a nice looking drive getting into san francisco. 6:49 let's go to steve. thank you very much. we have a lot of cloud cover moving in. even cloud cover up to lake county. i think they will go cloudy today with rain. there is a line of rain moving up. it's head into the santa clara valley. i think also santa cruz mountains. we do have some sun here but the higher clouds are on the move. they are coming in from the south. low clouds and fog but tony sent me this.
6:50 am
my sister in new mexico said it's been the wettest six months in history there. i should be telling her about the rain. well, i can't confirm the wettest six months but i can confirm they had 3.97. they are saying this is all el nino. they did have almost four inches of rain in july. that is the wettest month for them in five years. and you can see the moisture streaming in there. there has been a lot of rain that has really eased back on their drought conditions in the four corners and we also have a low spinning in cloud cover. the combination of these two funneling in a lot of cloud cover. look at the line forming right there. south of hollister. heading toward watsonville. so be advised there is some line of activity there. they are moving quick. a lot of this cloud cover some higher clouds being reported even into lake county. i don't think it will be as hot today. there is 104-105 again.
6:51 am
humidity should be higher with the tropical clouds that is good. we want to see more of a west, southwest breeze. temperatures will still be warm to hot. it's a tough call on the forecast. it always gets hotter out there but i went upper 90s unless the cloud cover comes in. we also have a hurricane guillermo that is moving northwest at 16 miles an hour. wind is 80 miles an hour and it's heading all forecast tracks take it toward the hawaiian islands but not until wednesday. we will deal with this on early next week. 60s on the temps. almost everybody is close to the low clouds and the tropical clouds but the wind is really cranked up for some here. it is a sea breeze brees. look at the cloud cover moving in. that will give us the monsoon moisture. maybe a muggy day but a possibility of showers. low clouds, high clouds by the way there is my halo. that is the halo. [ applause ]
6:52 am
[ laughter ] 60s and 70s and 80s and maybe a few 90s. a lot of these are cloud cover driven and some of these might be a little cooler if those tropical clouds move in here. >> did i say thank you for the moon this morning? >> yes. it was spectacular. 3:42 in the morning. >> perfect time for us. 6:52 is the time right now. facebook is trying something new. up next the unique way the social media giant plans to deliver the internet around the world.
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[ music ] that is mr. jay z. >> with alicia keys. empire state of mind. if there is a special song you want us to play, our theme today is duets. just use #ktvu on twitter, facebook, or instagram. >> a little more up to date
6:56 am
here. >> yes. there has been a flurry of activity over the past couple of days. baseball's trade deadline approaches this afternoon. now the a's made several trades. now the giants finally made a move. it's a big one. the giants acquired starting pitcher mike leak from the cincinnati reds late last night. the giants gave up their top prospect a pitcher and their infielder adam dew value. mike leek tweeted quote i will always have great memories in cincinnati but looking forward to joining my new teammates in helping the giants try to win another title. by the way he's already changed his twitter avatar. that photo of him in a giants uniform. jose canseco is showing his support for caitlyn jenner. he will spend a week dressing
6:57 am
up and living as a woman. he did not say when it will happen but it will be part of his internet show called spend a day with jose. jenner came out as a transgender earlier this year. a man that lost his iphone after falling out of a plane has been reunited with his phone. the pressure changed during that flight on monday and opened the passenger door just slightly. he didn't realize the phone fell out until he got home. he tracked it down the next day. that phone actually fell almost 10,000 feet but as you can see right here it's still works. new this morning facebook is dipping its wings into the drone field. the social networking giant says it will begin test flights later this year of a solar powered drone. it's part of an effort to
6:58 am
deliver internet service to remote parts of the world. the drones will have a wingspan of 140 feet. which is about the same size of a boeing 737. the drone will use lasers to send internet signals to the ground. i did not know that. still ahead something to think about this weekend. a major closure on part this weekend. what you immediate to know if you will be traveling in and out of san francisco this weekend. >> another transit headache for san francisco muni riders. the closure that will be happening every friday night for the next six months.
6:59 am
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well, little brother, the tables have turned. it is your big brother who now looks up to you. >> thousands of people pack oracle aria to remember a hayward police sergeant killed in the line of duty. we just heard from his big brother. more of the service honoring scott lunger. >> reporter: we'll tell you how b.a.r.t. riders are planning on coping with an unprecedented closure of


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