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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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following since 4:00 this morning. you can see this is a live picture quite an extensive scene out there still. oakland police officer is in the hospital right now. perhaps under going surgery right now. a suspect dead we will hear from the oakland police chief that is coming up at 7:30 this morning. a lot going on for you this morning. thank you for joining us it's monday, august 3rd i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> the weather is changing for those firefighters. >> it is better. it's still windy. temperatures upper 80s. maybe near 90. nothing compared to what we had last week.
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the clouds of smoke are staggering. and i would agree with that. the wind is mainly out of the west. that is the direction the wind is coming from. west, southwest county line. look at temps though. 50s and 60s humidity. 80%. that is really good. last week it was in the teens or the 20s. that is a big, big difference. but of course the fire has its own weather habits. we do get the low clouds and there is a lot to go around here. most of the tropical clouds are clearing out. there might be some toward santa claire ram valley. 60s on most of the temps. water temps are very warm. mid 60s for some. saw gusts to 45 out of the altamont pass. with this big fog bank in the
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past. still quiet on a monday or something happened? >> we don't have a lot of crashes out there which is good. let's take a look at these commutes. you can see crashes on the east shore freeway. there is a backup once you get to the toll plaza. as we look at the east bay 580 through livermore a little bit of slowing. we are following developing news in oakland where a police officer was shot and injured. a suspect was killed early this morning. alex savidge is on the scene this morning. >> the gunman involved was
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wanted for questioning in connection with a sexual assault that happened last night. when two oakland police officers caught up with this man at 1:30 this morning here along mlk, that man according to oakland police was armed with a rifle and opened fire on those two officers. both officers immediately returned fire and that hit that man with the rifle. that man was take ton the hospital and he is later died from his gunshot wounds. the first calls about the shooting came in at 1:30 this morning. this is along mlk. not far from the mccarthur bart station. neighbors tell ktvu they heard a lot of gunfire this morning. some say they heard a couple
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dozen shots. what is unclear if there was a verbal exchange. >> i certainly can't go into exactly what took place right before the shooting. i can only share with you at the time of the shooting the suspect was armed with a rifle and struck at the officer. >> and again police also say the rifle that was involved in this shooting was recovered here at the scene. a lengthy investigation is going to take place. in fact multiple investigations will be taking place here. they will -- again one officer hit in stable condition. and the man armed with the rifle who police say opened fire on those two officers was hit by gunfire and later died at the hospital.
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we can expect this will be a crime scene. we are also expecting more information on this investigation and the man that was shot and killed by police. the chief will hold a news conference at 7:30 this morning. >> and we will check in with you out there this morning throughout the morning and listen for the chief's comments as well. thank you. we will continue our coverage of this developing story throughout mornings on 2. stay with us for more information. a lot of new information coming into our newsroom and we will post that on facebook and twitter. more than 9,000 firefighters are battling wild fires all across california. there are at least 21 major fires burning in california. look at this map on your screen. you can see there are fires from the oregon border to the cleveland national forest near san diego. now the gray colored flames indicate active fires that are now 100% contained.
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lightning strikes are also blamed for a series of wild fires. one of the biggest fires one that cal fire is really dealing with the rocky fire in lake county. so far 24 homes have been destroyed. 6300 people -- 6300 others are threatened and thousands have been ordered to evacuate. ktvu fox 23t rosemary orozco is in our newsroom now. what is the latest. >> reporter: cal fire says this rocky fire is their biggest priority right now. there are more than 2700 people firefighters and other personnel working with cal fire to get a handle on the rocky fire. the fire has burned 5400 acres or 84 square mile. it is only 5% contained. several have made this particularly challenging to fight. the fact it's burning in rugged
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terrain. the other major challenge is the extremely dry vegetation in the area thanks to drought. firefighters with decades of experience say they have never seen a fire burn quite like this one and it's because of the dry conditions. the fire has grown inside quickly. at one point it doubled in size at a five hour period. it's tough for firefighters to know where the flames will go next. this fire is large enough to create its own wind. and that is making fighting this fire very unpredictable. so far 12,000 people in the area have been able to evacuate.
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cal fire plans today to battle from the air and create more fire breaks and hope the weather conditions remain favorable. and they are hope they can get a handle on this. dave, back to you. >> allie rasmus from our newsroom, thank you. the fire crews battle these wild fires and make us think of wild fires from the past. here's a look at the top three largest wild fires in california history. the cedar fire until san diego county it burned more than 273,000 acres. killed 15 people back until 2003. the rush fire burned almost 272,000-acres in 2012. and most recently the rim fire burned more than 257,000 acres.
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an autopsy will be performed on the firefighter who died last week responding to a fire in the national forest. authorities say engine captain went missing thursday. his body was found friday morning. officials say it may take up to five weeks to know his cause of death. the progress fire started burning thursday afternoon. it has burned almost 4,000 acres. it's a rag fire. it started back on july 22nd. it's burned more than 8,000 acres and damaged several structures. at its height more than 1,000 firefighters were out there battling the flames. all of the roads in the area that were closed have since been reopened. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. also new this morning after
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a five week shut down the greek stock market opened today and quickly plummeted. stock markets suffered heavy losses. plunging nearly 23% at the opening before recovering slightly. it has been closed for five weeks. brought on by fears that the country would be dumped from the euro zone. one described it as herd behavior. new details about the search for that missing malaysia airlines flight 370. it's been confirmed now the wing flight it does belong to a boeing 777 plane. >> and coming up in 15 minutes some drivers can now get gas and play the lottery without leaving the pump. the concerns an antigambling group is raising about the expanded program. >> we're checking out the san francisco commute and right now northbound 101 looks okay coming up to the 80 split. we'll tell you a little bit
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more about the peninsula and highway 101 coming up. >> what a difference a week makes. big fog bank and a cooler pattern.
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when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at malaysia transport minister has just confirmed that airplane wing flap found last week it is from a boeing 777 aircraft.
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we still don't know if it came from missing malaysia airlines plane that disappeared in march of last year. the wing flap is now in france. it will be examined by experts from three different countries on wednesday including the united states. if it is confirmed, that part came from missing plane, the experts say clues on the metal could explain why that plane crashed. >> the patterns begin to emerge and more conclusion can be drawn from hard evidence. ma lay sham flight 370 -- terrifying moments in san francisco where a street lamp toppled down on to a car filled with people. this happened at taylor and
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pine streets. one of viewers took these pictures of the damage. the pole of the street lamp barely missed crashing down on the passengers inside. luckily no one was hurt. the pictures show rust damage at the base of the lamp which may have caused that pole to snap. another whale washed up on a bay area beach. what appears to be a hump back whale was found yesterday morning just south of muscle rock park in pacifica. this is the third whale to wash up on the pacifica beach this year. several other whales have washed up on other bay area beaches in the past couple of months. and no one seems to know why. >> i wonder how it got there. you know. and where is it going to go? i know the agencies come and they take care of them. but i don't know how they would get down this steep cliff to do that. >> so we still don't know if it's an adult or juvenile
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whale. a male or a female. tests will be conducted to determine how this whale died. do you remember that hitchhiking robot? it will not be able to complete its journey. someone in philadelphia reportedly destroyed it. >> what? >> yeah. the little hitch bot. early saturday after two weeks after travel the robot was created by canadian researches as a social experiment and last year the kid sized robot hitchhiked across canada for 26 days. made it to parking lots of europe -- parts of europe. they received a picture on saturday of the vandalized robot. they are unable to capture its location because the battery is dead. >> i need answers, pam. >> i was looking forward to seeing that little guy here. >> sal, you should have helped him out.
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come on. >> i did not hear a word you were saying. i was hear like caught up in is that -- blah blah baa. and then i see the anchors they are all happy talking about something. i will figure it out. good morning everybody. this is highway 24 now. steve is not paying attention to me. i know it. this is a look at highway 24 between the lafayette area and oakland. it looks pretty good. the traffic is backed up to the mccarthur maze. they were talking about a hitchhiking robot. let's talk about 880 southbound. that traffic is okay. actually surprisingly light to be honest with with you. 6:17 let's go to steve
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. it will be still be tough. the breeze swirling. there are signs of higher humidity. this is from low we up in clear lake. the smoke is absolutely staggering. thank you, for that. the humidity is up. 60s and 70s and 80 and 91% lower lake. westerly breeze. west, southwest.
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massive fog bank. really being helped along. it looks like the tropical clouds moving north. water temps came up. 25 gusts to 32. there have been gusts to 37 at travis. 45 at the at mont pass. west at oakland. west at napa. west at livermore. west at sfo and a big fog bank means it will be cooler for most today. sunny and breezy to very windy for some. cooler inland which means upper 70s and 80s. went 86 toward the fire today. 60s and 70s for many. temperatures below average for this time of year. last week they were way above. next week they will be way below. cloudy mostly cloudy. warm up quick on wednesday and
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thursday. lots of reports of hail. >> okay. >> all sorts. >> thank you, steve. more problems with the playing field at the new levi stadium. coming up in 19 minutes what happened at the 49ers first practice session of training camp. >> another american accused of illegally killing a lion in africa. where down country has severe restrictions in place.
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the festival was canceled though after that incident. zimbabwe authorities are accusing a second american of illegally killing a lion. pennsylvania gynecologist jan
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seski killed a lion where hunting is not allowed. zimbabwe is putting restrictions on hunting. >> that is why you will find we have a band of activity so that we can investigate and establish the truth. >> while it is still unclear what will happen to walter palmer, he is the myself tentist that killed cecil the lion. witnesses say they found smoke and flames coming from take off. it looked like the plane would crash into an apartment building before it turned and landed at the airport. >> i heard boom, boom, boom.
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the plane is low and i see the flames shooting out. now this is just the latest problem for allegiant airlines. the pilots that fly accused the airline of cutting safety along with cutting costs. the pilots union said there were 38 potentially dangerous incidents on the airline during the first three months of this year including engine failures, pressurization problems, smoke in the cockpit and radar problems. and just last week allegiant airline flight from las vegas ran into a fuel emergency. it had to land at a north carolina airport. it looks like more drivers who pump gas are also playing the lottery and this is generating concerns over gambling. according to the san francisco chronicle, play at the pump
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allows you to pay for gas and buy lottery tickets all at the same time. you can buy up to $20 worth of quick pick tickets. a sacramento antigambling group says it's against the program because it quote exploits the poor. lottery officials say they have put controls in place so people are responsible. the making people look safer in san francisco's most dangerous neighborhood for pedestrians. up next the four changes being recommended for china town. >> and we are live in hayward where firefighters say more than 100 people were displaced after an apartment fire. why firefighters say this fire appears suspicious in nature. >> good morning. we are looking at the bridges in the san mateo bridge. it looks pretty good heading out to the high-rise. we'll tell you a little bit more about the peninsula
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commute coming up. >> lots of gray. a big fog bank out there. if you don't have that it's probably breezy to down right windy. we have a cooler forecast.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. we are still following developing news. oakland police officer was shot early this morning. he's in the hospital after a shootout with a gunman with a rifle. that suspect has died. ktvu alex savidge has been on the story since 4:00 this morning. alex will be back and bring you an update on everything that happened in oakland in a couple minutes. thank you for joining us on this monday morning it is august 3rd i'm dave clark. >> very busy monday morning. >> yes, it is. >> thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. it's almost 6:30. steve is keeping an eye on the
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weather for everybody here and also because of the fires. >> they are getting a break compared to last week when it was brutal. >> higher humidity right now. >> more of a westerly breeze and it's hot. we have a surging fog bank making a pretty good little push here and a westerly component of a breeze that is screaming up to 45 miles an hour at the altamont pass. temperatures instead of the upper 90s and 100s. it will be cooler. noticeably cooler. lots of low clouds in place.
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[ technical difficulties ] >> we don't have to worry about a closure until labor day weekend. let's take a look at commute on 80 westbound. it looks pretty good from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze. 20 minutes not too bad if you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see a backup of about the same. the south bay still looks pretty good. it is nice enearly but 101, 280, and 105 are doing very well. at 6:31 let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news in oakland. that is where an oakland police officer was shot and injured early this morning. a suspect was killed. alex savidge is at the scene. we're expecting to get more
6:32 am
information alex. more details. the police chief will be holding a news conference in just about an hour. >> reporter: we should learn more about the man that was shot and killed by oakland police this morning. the gunman in this case was wanted for questioning in connection with a sexual assault that happened last night. when a pairover oakland police officers -- one of the two officer was hit by gunfire and taken to the hospital. we understand that he under went surgery a short time ago and now listed in stable condition expected to survive. those two officers immediately returned fire hitting the man with the gun. that man who was shot the gunman in this case was rushed to the hospital and he later died there from his injuries. the first call about the shooting came in at 1:30 this morning. neighbors called us and told us that there were a lot of shots fired out here.
6:33 am
potentially two dozen to three dozen shots fired. what is unclear is what exactly led up to the shooting if it was any sort of verbal exchange before the shoots were fired. >> this is still very new and very active. it will be difficult to share with you what exactly transpired right up to the point where gunfire took place. we can share with you there was gunfire that was exchanged between the suspect and the officers. and as this investigation continues, we may have more information later for you this morning. >> reporter: oakland police homicide detectives will be investigating this shooting along with members of the internal affairs division and also members of the alameda district attorneys office. we do understand investigators have recovered the rifle used in this shooting. it was found here at the scene. police continuing to gather a lot of the physical evidence on the street here.
6:34 am
police were trying to talk with a gunman in part of an investigation into a sexual assault that happened on sunday. the spokesperson didn't release many details about that crime that happened last night. we do expect to learn more about the crime that was taking place. the sexual assault that was being investigated. we will have continuing coverage of this developing story. make sure you stay right here with us as we get more information we'll bring it to you. we'll also be posting it on facebook and twitter. about 75 people were forced out of their homes this morning after a fire started on the third floor of an apartment building in hayward. ktvu brian flores system joining us with a reason firefighters say this appears to be suspicious. brian. >> reporter: it does, pam, good morning to you. you're on the 24,000 block of silva avenue. where to the left you can see
6:35 am
hayward police officers there investigating this fire. it does appear suspicious in nature. over to my right you can see several of the residents here of this apartment complex receiving aid from the red cross. many of them receiving blank 99s as well as food as well. until firefighters give the go ahead for these residents to go back inside. as we go to video, firefighters say this was three separate fires that broke out just after 3:30 this morning. the new information we're learning is that the fire started between the second and third floor stairwell. as soon as firefighters arrived the laundry room was also on fire. that was on the third floor of the courtyard apartment complex on the 24,000 block of silva avenue. this was a two alarm fire. firefighters say they had to escort five people out their apartments because of the heavy smoke. they are expected to be okay. officially it remains unclear how this fire started but the investigation into the hands of fire investigators and the hayward police department. a source however tells me that a mattress caught on fire
6:36 am
between the second and third floor stairwell. >> upon arrival we had smoke showing. crews were able to make their way to the third floor. we were there to make progress. quickly and identify three separate fires starting on the third floor. >> reporter: some of the residents will be allowed inside sometime later today. a few of the residents were allowed to return but firefighters say there is various damage to about 70 of the apartments. the courtyard apartment complex here in hayward. as we take you back out here live several dozen residents out here again receiving blankets and food and other needs that they need from the american red cross this morning. about at the height of this fire about 125 people were actually displaced. firefighters say they will have to inspect the complex before all of the residents are allowed back in. but certainly scary moment for
6:37 am
several of these residents in hayward. guys back to you. >> definitely. thank you. the special olympics athlete from albania who disappeared on saturday has been found right here in the bay area. ktvu just confirmed this in the last hour. police say 44-year-old andy walked into the police department around 2:00 this morning. he managed to explain who he was and is now waiting for special olympic officials to pick him up. he was last seen saturday night in los angeles after taking part in the special olympic games. hayward police say it's unclear how he made his way up here from the -- up here. bart service between oakland and san francisco is back. it's up and running after the transbay tube was shut down over the weekend for repairs. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is live in fremont to tell us how
6:38 am
things are running now and how so many riders were effected by that closure janine. >> reporter: trains are running normally now. you can see one right here on the tracks in fremont leaving as we speak. you know we spoke to many riders traveling to the city who told us that they stayed home over the weekend. bart officials say they needed to shut down service on the transbay tube so crews could replace tracks. bart released video on its youtube page showing the work they did it will allow bart to speed up improvements. they knew there wouldn't be enough time to finish the work so there is another planned shut down that will happen in september for the three-day labor day weekend. riders say they planned ahead. >> probably to stay out of the city that weekend. >> just don't want to deal with the hassle. >> no. >> i have to drive. because they say they will be closing again during the
6:39 am
weekend. they >> reporter: the bart closure had a direct impact on ridership on the san francisco bay ferry. it doubled on saturday between oakland, alameda, and san francisco on a typical saturday about 4,000 passengers ride the ferry but this weekend nearly 9,000 people boarded. ridership was also up on the vallejo san francisco side. others who normally depend on bart tell us they canceled their plans while some used uber to get across the bay. they did prop side shuttle buses for people who had no other option. now that service is also going to be offered next month when the shut down will happen on the labor day weekend. but again bart is still saying plan ahead and that is why they are letting people know way in advance. >> all right thanks for the update and plan ahead.
6:40 am
an investigation is under way in contra costa county of a fire at the conocophillips refinery that caused a health alert. you can see the cloud of smoke billowing yesterday afternoon from the refinery. conoco spokesman wasn't able to confirm that started it no one was hurt. the team from the county was called in to check the air quality out there. no threats were found. president obama is unvailing the final version of his plan to cut carbon pollution from the country's power plants. >> our climate is changing. >> the white house released this video. its goal is to cut emissions from power plants over the next 15 years. the president says it's the biggest and most important step that the u.s. has ever taken.
6:41 am
>> plans are being made to make sure pedestrians are safe. the transportation authority just released a blueprint of what changes would take place. now it's called the china town neighborhood transportation plan. it recommends restricting terms, timing the traffic lights to give pedestrians a head start. retiming the signals to reduce speeding drivers and also creating crosswalk scrambles that have pedestrians being able to cross diagonally. this plan will be presented before the board of supervisors in september. the sod issues at levi stadium resurfaced as the 49ers held their first practices of training camp. i want to show you video. it shows divots being pushed down on to the sidelines yesterday. the 49ers held yesterday's practice at levi stadium. there have been a high school all star game played on the field prior to saturday's practice. the field was resodded three
6:42 am
times during last years inaugural season because of continued problems. >> i hope they get that fixed. time is 6:41. how about gourmet dining at a soup kitchen. coming up at 7:00 a very unique program hoping to serve up meals to the homeless in san francisco. >> and a special tribute to a fallen hayward police sergeant scott lunger. the flag that was raised in his honor.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a man who is under way. there is a man hunt under way for a gunman who killed a memphis police officer. officer shawn bolton was checking out a car that was illegally parked on saturday night. it appeared a drug deal was going on inside. the driver surrendered to police. they say the passenger scuffled with the officer and then opened fire. >> we lost not only an officer but a great man. a dedicated servant to our community and a family member. >> 33-year-old shawn bolton was a u.s. marine and served a tour of duty in iraq. the suspect was on supervised release after serving time for robbery. time is 6:45. last night a special flag was raised right outside the hayward police department honoring the life of sergeant scott lunger. it's called the honor flag. this flag has traveled more
6:46 am
than 7 million miles since the 9/11 attacks. >> something like this keeps it fresh for me. i want to keep scott very close to my heart. he meant a lot to me. >> the honor flag will fly outside the hayward police department until 1:00 this afternoon. aaron doe land the girlfriend of a's pitcher teamed up with the a's to organize a place where they can drop off condolence letters and messages of support. sergeant lunger played in a senior baseball league and he was a big oakland a's fan. time is 6:46.
6:47 am
i want to check in with gasia for a look at what is coming up in our next hour of mornings on 2. >> coming up in our next hour as the 49ers held their first practices of training camp, all eyes on collin kaepernick. he is coming off a down year but his teammates say there is something different about him. who he has team the up with who some say could give him a boost this season. and scott kelly is instagraming these amazing pictures of the earth and moon. he uses the #yearinspace. i will see you in just a few more mornings on 2. greatful dead fans pay tribute to jerry garcia. jerry day was celebrated
6:48 am
yesterday. take a look at the crowds. the first was held in 2002. a lot of dancing. >> it's jerry day. time is just about 6:48. hey sal. >> interesting sights there. interesting smells i dare say. >> very colorful. >> very colorful. exactly. good morning, everybody. let's go outside and take a look at the commute now. starting off with we are state 880 in both directions. it looks pretty good and light here so far past the oakland coliseum. when you get to the san mateo bridge it's getting a little bit more crowded. highway 101 when you get there has not been too bad. that whole stretch is getting busier now. at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is backed up. it looks like a couple of spiders taking a nap there.
6:49 am
decided to take a nap in the middle of our shot. that is cool. no major problems getting into san francisco. >> my mic is not on? i think boris is is having breakfast. >> okay. i see. [ laughter ] we do have a big fog bank out there. plenty of clouds to come along. you get gusts to 45 at the altamont pass that is a roaring breeze. same out to the delta as well. we have better conditions for the firefighters. humidity is up. temperatures are down. wind is favoring areas to the west. the rocky fire now 60,000 acres. 12% containment. but that is huge and you can see look at the humidity. 60, 85, 91%.
6:50 am
84 yesterday. low clouds and there is a big fog bank to go around. a couple systems one to the north enhancing that fog bank. another system that will play into our weather later in the week. expect for a few isolated showers temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. 25 gusts to 32. low clouds might be slow to clear today compared to yesterday. the low will give us a cool down today and tomorrow and it looks a little warmer but not that much as we head into wednesday and thursday. windy at times. cooler inland. upper 70s for some or very low 80s. temperatures running below average. last week they were way above. certainly not inland. temperatures will continue to stay on the cool side today and tomorrow. and then we will get a slight warmup as we head toward wednesday and thursday. that will be the warmest day of the week as we get a cool down.
6:51 am
mostly cloudy on saturday. >> okay. >> okay, steve. thank you. 6:50. there were terrifying moments in san francisco after a street lamp toppled down right on to a car. incriminal photos. come -- incredible photos. what may have caused that lamp to fall in the first place. >> two explosives planted outside two churches in sacramento.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a richmond woman is suspected of stealing more than $35,000 worth of valuables from a home she rented through air b & b. 27-year-old janet dominguez rented the home in san francisco. she had access to most of the apartment expect for a closet and office that were locked and off limit to renters. dominguez is accused of breaking into that locked closet and office. surveillance video from inside the apartment shows a woman walking through part of the home that was supposed to be off limits. dominguez has a felony warrant for second degree burglary and falsely impersonating another person. police are asking anyone with information on where she might be to please call them. police until new mexico searching for whoever planted bombs outside of two churches. there were two small explosives 20 minutes apart yesterday morning in new mexico.
6:55 am
no one was hurt. new mexico's governor says whoever did it was a coward. he promises that person will be caught. today a legal battle between planned parenthood and antiabortion group is back in the courtroom. on friday the judge issued a temporary restraining order against the group that released several under cover videos of planned parenthood leaders allegedly discussing the use of -- the judge will consider a request for an injunction from the antiabortion group releasing anymore videos that were secretly recorded. the senate will vote on a bill aimed at cutting all government funding of planned parenthood. cutting federal aid would not effect the abortions that it provides because federal money could not be used for abortions
6:56 am
expect for case of rape and incest. planned parenthood says the vast majority of the work it does is providing birth control and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. z now we are getting a look at the first tv ads of hillary clinton's presidential campaign. >> i believe when families are strong, america is strong. >> these ads are running in the early voting states of iowa and new hampshire. they are focusing on her work on behalf of families and what she learned from her mother's very difficult childhood. also today 14 of the 17 republican presidential candidates are appearing together in what is being called a presidential forum in new hampshire. and then on thursday the first primary debate will be held in ohio but the main prime time debate that will be limited to the top ten candidates as measured by the recent polls. the orr candidates will be able to take part in a separate
6:57 am
afternoon debate. a nine-year-old bat boy has died after being hit in the head during a baseball game in kansas. it happened on saturday afternoon during a congress worlds series game for the liberal bj's team. this is the picture of kaiser carlisle sitting in the dugout. a specks person for the team says he was hit in the head by a bat as a baseball player took practice swings. the boy was wearing a helmet at the time which is mandatory. the team went on to play and they won on sunday and dedicated the game to kaiser. the world health organization calling on the international olympic committee to test the polluted waters in rio de janeiro for diseases in the water before the summer olympic games next year. officials in brazil, they down played the risk of pollution. however several athletes that
6:58 am
were training in rio they have already fallen ill. we are cover number of big stories today. coming up at 7:00 a suspect is dead and oakland police officer is in the hospital after an over night shootout. up next the crime police say the man was wanted for and what neighbors heard early this morning.
6:59 am
7:00 am
a shootout in this oakland neighborhood early this morning leaves one police officer shot and wounded and the gunman shot and killed. we'll tell you about the crime that led officers to this neighborhood -- coming up. calfire says the rocky fire up in lake county is its top priority in the state. we just got new containment numbers in the newsroom. "mornings on 2" continues. we're live in oakland, that's where a police officer was shot early this morning. the officer is in the hospital. the man police were shooting at in the altercation is dead. alex savidge has been following the story. we'll be checking in with him for an update in a couple of minutes. expecting to hear from sean whent.


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