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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 3, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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rally drivers go flying. >> i think they're just warming up. >> who can cut it really close and who can't? >> i have a little babe yu kitten. >> the vet ranch takes in a homeless kitten who is badly injured. what they think happened and how they made it all better. will be's been a very bad dog. what did you do? why stid know's sins are making him so guilty. what happened here? she thinks he's just getting
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pictures on a mountaintop. story to make you think about what's really important. >> i can't believe she selected those shoes for the snow. >> there is no "i" in team. as will become clear in the two videos from the nest oil rally in finland, of course you know something is going to happen when this comes down the road. everybody is going to be watching this rally. superfast cars coming down this road. this is not even the race guy, this is them warming up this is foreplay but unfortunately somebody has a premature ejection from the roof because when they come to the same corner oh ends up in the trees. lot of damage. they have to get people to slow down as they go by. you need a team behind you in rally who is that team? the spectators they start pushing and pulling back and
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when you get that car out you know that car is going nowhere fast. everybody was fine. next video the team unfortunate was the chord of the problem. some cyclist going behind their port vehicles. watch the cyclist in front. he'll get into the issue with -- >> absolutely massive. i'll back it up a little bit. he had nowhere to go. as the green van turns left forces that car to brake hardly, veer to the right without seeing the cyclist behind him and sends him into the wall. he runs to look for him just to look how far he went he's going down into this for east finds him 20 or 30 feet down checks him out, move your quickers and legs it's fine. only thing is he's a a little bit intremtally.
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this kitten brought to vet ranch and this is drmt kerry once again going to help put this kitten back together. it may have been injured but a fan pelt. it's called a splad of athis incident. it's got an aurmt arm, they had to give it wey medration because it may have happened the date before. because of the injury and fact he couldn't have feelings in one of his paws they have to amputate amputate. here she is performing surgery on. >> so cute. he heemz like he's more comfortable and thankful for us moving his arm but a totally different cat today. >> vet ranch will take animals in and help them out. this isn't the only animal they helped. this dog is playful, beautiful
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coat happy. look at the dog when they brought it in. they called her crusty chis yy christy. >> now it's just christy. >> the dog was on meth row at awe she tell. viewers on ju ss on view tube. >> she's probably not in pain anymore. >> people will go humane thing is to put an animal down. awe luf effort and love. >> there she is are 8 are8 or 9 weeks. this video of a tragic death in china involving a mother on annet skater touched everyone's heart, the moment when she pushes her child to safety while she falls to her ket.
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everybody seems to be afraid of going on's escalateorescalators. you see a man with two kirn as they come to the top he's helding one of the kids in his arms and tries to hold the other while he wests the plate to make sure that it's secure. in another trip the woman gets off the's escalateor and tries to avoid that plate. >> i could see why that video would spark national fear but has there been any news out what caused the accident. >> the crew fore got to bolt down the plate so when the woman stepped on it it became loose. >> same it's like you see a car crash outside, it doesn't mean you're par toyed that your car is going to crash. >> there's this one where you have multiple people completely on the handrails. >> which makes the escalator ten
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times more dangerous to ride. it's not meant to be ridden like that with as to people. >> you're thinking that maybe people are making light of what happens, a user posted on wwele to this guy to exit theet skater which moves the long jump once your step gets to the top. >> hopefully none of that happening again. the phrase it's like riding a bike kind of implies that it's easy and anybody can do it. couple of guys on mountain bikes discovering it's not so easy. >> oh! >> oh he made it. oh! >> he didn't. >> it's like eating the trail. that's bad. >> you know that's how you wreak your collarbone clear in half. >> first guy did it soracks in there
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for you. >> bummer. the next guy will have some better luck on the mountain bike trails. >> that way, that way. oh! >> oh my gosh. >> so helpful, thank you. >> i figured that out all by myself. >> the poster says we can laugh at this because he was not hurt badly. >> it was almost like mother nature says i got you. >> and he wasn't hurt. >> badly. >> that's not good. kevin wants to film a movie based on -- [ inaudible ] the flick you don't want to miss. and it's time for a slefrl prarng. they go around pinning for sale signs of random people. >> why someone not pleased. toto y youou, , ththeyey'r're e momorere than just a pet. soso p prorotetectct t thehem.m..... .....w.witith h k9k9 a advdvanantitixx® i ii.
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this cute little fellow is kevin and he likes to come over to the guys that live next door the two pixel brothers on youtube and likes to hang out when he's bored. they came around and said let's make a movie. why not? tell me a story. >> what is this movie going to be about? >> oh that's really cool. >> i can see where it came from. >> what happens first? >> he trains. >> doing training in a movie.
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how do we do training? montage. ♪ like his very own rocky montage flighting against the oil drum and practices and doing the rum as well. >> when he went to sleep one day, if thakt at the vet someone called him. >> this is my favorite part. >> so his grandma said what? they said what happened? >> as he's tell the story everyone is mouthing along to the story as he said. >> he dauld for what for you, who wants to be in the army, okay. >> he wakes up in a strange place and comes back ten days later so of course he's older so they need an older actor. >> you've got a call and he answered it and he says once he
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gets there. and that's the end. >> the end. that is exactly by the way how they do it in hollywood? >> no they would have made it a half a year. this kid went dark indy movie style. >> he kept it real. >> when the last time you honestly sat down and marched the video. this could bring things, we've seen these 360 sxwer active videos and really they've been released look that. this is one of the first 360 music videos being released by a director named nable for the music video "mountain at my gates" by foals, shot on a gopro. six cameras in this little rig ♪ it's neat that you can drag around and in the background you can see that mountain looming larger and larger and larger as
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the have you had yo progresses. it's kind of neat. "what went down" is out august 28th and you can listen to nable the dirto describe what sgwas able to meet this technology. >> we are at the beginning of what we can really do it's a different need in march. has the power to trans port. . >> the last time we talk about music video it was ok grrr because the group does something incredible like thisser time so they basically said okay go mike drop what do you do next? >> i think you run on that. the music video people are paying attention to are the ones shared socially. >> if you want to get some attention what's what these guys have done they have listeninged to cap up with technology to show people their art.
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if you get the channel prarng nation you can come up with awesome prarngz. this one is clever. >> i think i figured it out already. >> go around put in sore sale size on the vehicle. the brand new people don't want the owner to come out. >> i'll pay cash for it right now. how many miles? >> it's done a few. >> i like how people are still engageing in the mid time. >> lady wasn't having it. >> i can pay cash whatever you want. this is my dream time. >> somebody must have put this on as a joke. >> you can't pull out now, january. >> is that $1,000? >> yes.
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>> way too cheap for that car. >> i want to buy this. >> you're not buying it mate. >> are you the owner of this consider? i'm just interested in buying it. you was trig trying to get your number. >> you want to put that in here this is not for sale. >> this lady in the mercedes comes out, not happy awe the watt. >> i wouldn't be able to tell you. >> can i have that piece of pauper we're just doing a prarng have you had yo for youtube. >> you [ bleep ] serious? that's not even funny. >> she grabs the paper starts to walk back inside store, he asked for it back and revealed what he was doing. this is my girlfriend. we do a prank show. >> come here i want to [ bleep ]. >> that's extreme you killjoy. >> she manages to get the police to come. >> she's wasted so. she could have said not fun yu and along on your day.
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we'll probably side with the camera cruise. after the police come they talk with and and figure out somebody broke in last year. this dude is showing off his skills. >> there's the right way and a wrong way to do the back flip. >> see his mastery next. plus the first fashion, the new design that will give the industry a run for their money.
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we're in the infancy of this. >> this design student wanted her final project to be very innovate tough and really push the boundaries of fashion. why not 3-d print the entire collection and she was inspired by eugene de la cross liberty leading the people to put together this jacket which she's called liberte. >> if you have a 3-d print everytng you make will fit perfectlthat the designs look nice like something you would want to wear out on the street. i would totally wear this black and white skirt. it took her a month to get over the trial and error part of the process. she eventually landed on something called the fuel-a-flex material which is very flexible. she used a printer called the whitbox to actually make it happen. >> i'm clearly not that interested in fashion but this has me interested. this is fascinating. i want to prunt my own clothes. >> did she print shoes? >> she wanted the entire thing
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including shoes to be 3-d printed. >> could you imagine the sues of somebody's shoe closet. >> fashion industry should be scared by this video. there is a right way and wrong way to do the back flip. this is the right way. >> that's awesome. >> that is awesome and you guys he did it that way, he can do it another way. if you've got a linebacker you can use that. >> put together a submission dvd and stuff like that, the best of tapes that people do to try to get in their college team. >> this is the wrong way to do a backflip. >> pretty sure nick and i could do this the wrong way very well. >> totally. this one is for you all. look at this guy, you wonder why is he taking off his pants in a public place, it's because there is a body of water nearby but they have their underies on and he wants to do a back flip too. you're supposed to prep
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of time. >> true but if this is your hobby working with your wood then it works. that dog knows it did something wrong because it's giving that look and holding its head in shame. >> did you eat this? >> it was something in brown pauper that was too delectable for sidney to sit there. he was thinking i was taste testing. >> what is this? >> there's more? >> of course there's more. durings are thorough. >> what happened here? what happened? >> that's what i love about dogs they're so good with the guilt. i'm sorry but we know you're going to forgive me to in ten minutes. >> christy rivera is a fan, posted this on our facebook page wants us to see her dog
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diesel. big fellow 170 pound english mastiff and look had the him coming down the stairs. >> i will die laughing to the last step. >> prepare to die. >> no don't back up. don't back up. >> no! are you kidding? he made it all the way to the last step and then back. >> going to stay upstairs for. no upstairs is tune, umdone. this couple has been waiting years t goocn iceland, at the very top of an ice cap that's covering a volcano caldera, whose name i will not attempt to say. she thinks they're there for the photo opp. he reaches in his pocket brings out a box with the ring in it gets down on one knee she
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realizes what's going on and joy, that she is clearly exuding, is overwhelming. it's just a really sweet moment and it's genuine and real and it's magnificent but it's very intimate as well. >> it's a stunning vista as well almost alien. sxwlu may recognize the future groom eugene a big time poker player. >> i can't believe she selected those shoes for the snow. >> representing the fire and ice of their relationship the volcano, the snow. >> hot and cold, yes. >> look at these two, so romantic. >> oh there's a helicopter. they got up there in trainers? >> obviously they got up there in a helicopter and the pilot helped them record all of this and put it together. >> beautiful. >> you know and see why i asked
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about her choice of shoes? >> she did not hike all the way up there. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you next time. let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target and upgrade to a shiny new everything. all things mobile. all in one place.
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wendy's breaking down all of the hottest topics. and summertime means big summer movies. ben lyons is here with a preview of all the must-see hits of the season. plus, celebrity chef george duran brings smoking hot barbecue ideas good for any party. now, here's wendy! ♪ [ wild cheers and


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