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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 4, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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it's amazing video of a grizzly fight up in alaska. see what had two bears trying to show who's boss. talk about a dedicated reporter. >> he is just beat. >> why dodging canoes is just part of the job. a surfer holds onto a drone. >> keeping it all the way as it goes through this. >> why shooting the tube isn't the end of this ride. and a viral video so ridiculous -- it makes you want to try it. you're doing it all wrong. why this gaum me is not as easy
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it looks. video of a brutal fight, many would even say grizzly fight up in alaska. bunch of grizzly bears are very interested in this whale carcass that that's washed up. one male goes after the female when a cub and another male comes in, breaks that fight up. the female runs away with the cub. that male protecting her, and it's all being captured by videographer brad joseph, part of he's leading a bunch of other photographers and you can hear the shutters flying. >> this is why you go out there with your cameras to shoot this type of stuff. >> we've seen this exact scenario play out, but just outside bars. it's exactly like we see, just bears doing it. >> obviously you show dominance, where you can see looks like they got a few small cuts to their face. grizzlies look like they retire off to the trees to take a
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break, take a breath, and maybe mend their wounds a bit as well. >> did they ever finish their meal? >> i think it took a while. did you see the size of that whale carcass, plenty to go around forrer. no real reason to fight over it to begin with. doesn't look like the bears were seriously injured. this kind of stuff happens frequently. >> everybody got to see it and for us now because we get to see the video. one thing i really like about working at "right this minute" is seeing things i haven't seen before. this one is cool, an incredible shot, this is jamie o'brien. we might be able to see there in the shadows on his leg what's going on right now, because jamie is actually helping guide a drone that he's got in his hands. he's kund ind of keeping it on t goes through and this incredible shot as he breaches the bow as the drone takes off from his hand and you get this epic look at the waves, so jamie was
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holding the drone like an action camera and as he got through, he let it off and flew. >> that's the way i think it's happening swle. you can see the shadow across his legs. the votes aren't going. i feel like he was keeping a hold of it so it didn't get swallowed up by the wave. you said he gets this incredible shot inside the bow and lets it go and it shows everything that just happened. this is shot in tahiti and they think it's the first time a drone has been in a side wave shot like this. >> that is a beautiful, perfect shot, seriously the way the wave is folding into itself. >> a super creative way to do it. >> eric was the pilot responsible for the shot on the drone so the two of them working together and it creates something incredible. both of these videos are money. this first one is in myanmar. they had severe flooding in pago. the news stations needed to send their crews out. the crew covering this street
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included this man. [ speaking in foreign language ] they needed a good shot to show just how flooded the streets were. as you can see in this video, he is chest deep in this dirty, murky water, committed to delivering a vergood report. reliant on just how tall he is. if he's like three and a half feet tall, it's not that bad but a basketball player, wow! we're in serious trouble! >> he's still in the water. >> talk about dedication to your craft. >> i know, makes me want to bury my head in my hands, too. part of what he's saying, stay out of floodwater, it's dangerous, lots of bacteria here, you never know what could be under the surface of the water so we urge everybody do not go in the water. this next awesome video was captured in tampa, florida. torrential rain left so many streets flooded the abc action
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news crew was filming some of the flooding. when the camera pans over watch what they capture, a guy hunching over with his hands in the water. what is he doing? >> looks like that guy may be trying to catch a fish. >> i see him, yes. >> trying to catch something. he's catching fish at hillsborough and foyer and look at that guy just caught a fish on the road. >> what the -- >> yes, he picked up a fish from this floodwater. runs over to the other guy in the yellow jacket because it apparently he's recording a video and then walks away. >> he drops it, oh. >> like he's never seen a fish. >> look it's a mystical being on the street. >> i can't believe i found it in the water! there's a certain saying that people use when they're having a bad day, where you're neck deep in, well, you know what. this video is the complete literal example of that. this buffalo in china has got himself stuck neck deep in well, you know what.
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>> no, is that really what he's stuck in? >> it's a slurry pit, exactly what he is stuck in and he's having the worst kind of day, just got his head above the water, and as you can see a whole bunch of people turned out to try to rescue him. okay, well where do we begin? >> hey bob, you go first. >> they get to work quickly. they've got a sort of a digger involved to help take the huge weight of this buffalo. they start pulling it out. you can actually see how it happened. there's an opening, it looks almost like an opening in the top of it, they seem to have slipped backward into it and they just man handle that buffalo out of this pit. >> oh, the poor thing, yanked out by the head. he's huge. >> i feel worse when they're pulling on his tail just to try to get his butt out of the hole. fortunately they do and you can see he's just fine but you can see the amount of effort that went in when they interviewed one of the people that was helping >> now they're all could have had in it.
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>> man, the bull is sitting there thinking i created this mess. >> what a crappy day. it's a never ending battle. >> it's america but great britain, the automotive edition. >> see why this turned into a drive of shame. >> oh, shoot. plus a situation we can all relate to. where the heck did i park? a genius solution you don't want to miss. >> this is so good. >> redneck ingenuity.i love it. brbreaeaththtatakikingng p pepe. ririchch d darark k chchoc. yoyorkrk p pepeppepermrmini. geget t ththe e sesensnsata. ugugh!h! h heaeartrtbub! no one burns on my watch! trtry y alalkaka-s-seleltztzeren reliefchews. ththeyey w worork k fafastst ae chalky. mmmmm.m.....amamazazin. i i hahaveve h heaeartrtbub. alalkaka-s-seleltztzerer h reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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today we continue a rivalry that's been around for many a year. it's america versus great britain, the automotive edition. i'll give you exhibit "a." from the state they say is the home of the motorcar, a beautiful one peeling out. gathering everyone brought their vehicles together, everyone goes wow, yours looks great.
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next up it's one of the greats when it comes to american muscle, the shelby >> oh! shoot. [ bleep ]. >> he shows everybody a little bit too close there as he comes around the corner, rides up into the crowd. nobody gets hurt except for the beautiful gt 500. >> wow. was that even his car? >> i have no idea. >> it does not look like that person knew how to drive that car. [ bleep ]. so we head over to the uk where some people say earn drives cars the size of lawnmowers which break if you sneeze in them. i give you exhibit "b." typical situation a teenie tiny little hatchback which has got itself stuck on this traffic cone. so they decide to back up, so begins the battle between cone and car. that mighty engine roars to
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life. >> i wouldn't do that if i were you. >> tear off the whole bumper because of a cone. >> because watch. >> oh, no, the whole thing came off! >> well i think the results of this face-off is a tie. we both suck equally. a problem that's plagued the human race ever since the days a car was invented. where the heck did i park? other apps available to help you find your car but this from the how to redneck youtube channel say simpler, easier and quite elegant solution. jimbo will guide us through. >> i just walked into a walmart and remembered which door i went into, let alone where i parked my car. you know the walk. you walk out of the store with a sense of purpose like you got your head on straight, you walk confident, you can walk in the
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direction you think your car might be, you casually are skimming around looking. take your car keys, and this will go about 100 yards. i can walk out of any walmart and pop my trunk. you get in the general 100 yard range it will work for you. redneck car finder. this is how you can forever solve that problem. you'll never lose your car again. you look like the king of the walmart store. there you go, folks. never lose your car again, be the king of the walmart store or wherever you're at. >> this is so good. >> redneck ingenuity, i love it. >> or you could just look at the sign where you park. >> no, you could do that but it's much more fun the redneck way, fun and creative. >> and festive, yes. >> never lose your car again.
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you've got kids. lots of people trying to find little projects to keep them entertained this summer. i've got this one that is actually pretty simple and awesome and super fun thanks to the website moms youtube channel this clever way to make chalk. two ingredients. one of them is plaster of paris, the other is paint. >> that takes me back to summer school, making things and putting it in your mouth and getting in trouble. >> you are going to love this then, because you could do it. >> mix half a cup of warm water and our paint. >> you make the colors by mixing the paint colors and got it diluted in the warm water you add the plaster of paris which gives it that thick, grainy consistency. >> once your mixture is smooth we'll pour it into the mold. >> these are lego molds. >> kind of cool. >> you'll leave them to dry
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overnight or put them in the fridge for a couple of hours. >> you let them dry, its solid and you've got chalk. >> boom! play time. >> i love this! >> the kids love chalk, kids love lego. send them outside they can draw on your driveway. >> i'm going to make this blue. awkward! >> public displays of affection. they make people uncomfortable. >> how this guy turns a romantic moment into an awkward situation. >> i think he's just jealous. and a cat with superpowers. >> oh, my god, it caught it! >> see what it caught that will leave you amamazed. nonobobodydy's's h hururt,t,bl still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay ththreree-e-ququarartetersrs o s to replace it. whwhatat a arere y youou s su, drive three-quarters of a car? nonow w ifif y youou h hadad ll new car replacement, yoyou'u'd d geget t yoyourur w. i i guguesess s ththeyey d donou driving around on three wheels.
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some people take it a little too far and they start like eating each other's face off and that gets a little gross. >> right. it gets awkward for people t gets uncomfortable for people and everyone just feels a bit -- this video was posted to the facebook page of josh nassau. you might recognize him from "sons of anarchy" taking revenge from the couple behind him on the new york subway and ends up being funny. >> awkward! awkward! very awkward! that's awkward! we're all watching you! we're all watching you! everybody's watching you! >> the piece de resistance toward the end where he turns around. >> it's cool because everybody has a good sense of humor, even the people that are being called out. >> you're right. that's a good point. everybody is having a bit of fun, he has the entire train involved, turned it around on them, embarrassed them, made
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them stop, it's a win for everybody. a kitten confused where to get milk. that's not where you get it, as you can see here. >> that is so cute. >> it is cute but i'd be concerned, how they like to knead their claws. >> it doesn't knead her face. i think it's got her hair, that's their new kitten. really likes the eyelids. >> that is so weird. maybe it's the texture, the way it feels because it's not going after her nose, which would mimic like a bottle or you know, a teat. >> this one is as sweet as can be. ruth says she's used to t you have to let a kitten play. >> i love the cat in this video it's the only pet in the house earning its keep. notice there is a dog on the couch and a black cat on the couch. that is a bat flying around and the video is very short, if you
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blink you miss it. in comes another cat, look. it's like i'll take it out. >> oh my god t caught it! >> it did catch it. >> somebody was right there, right on top of the cat, looks like they were able to get the bat out. >> that's an easy way to catch a bat in the house if you have a cat. >> did you see how quickly that cat got the bat though? like wow. >> it walked into the room and didn't chase him, just thought i'll take care of this. thanks, fluffy. the other cats and dogs were like what? we were watching the movie with you. this guy says don't mess with her because the cat will take you out. confused cat. ♪ [ bleep ] so managed to purchase yourself a mclaren p1, $1.1
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million of hypercar sex appeal carbon fiber, shiny participants tons of horsepower. >> you have to put a full body wrap on that. >> good thing, gail. i'm talking about wrapping it up before you go out. this is what the mclarep p1 looks like after a flog on the streets, the pain full of stone chips. what if you could peel off the plastic coating and throw it out. >> pretty cool. you have a brand new car after a day of fun speed riding. >> just think about it for everyday cars the resale values. this is cool. >> i wish i had this stuff on my car because it is effective, the plastic absorbing all the little knicks but this is the true
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test. take a metal wire brush and scratch it, warm water run over that plastic even just warm air blown over that spot teams to seems to erase the scratches. called paint protection film applied by topaz detailing in london. >> aren't those bumps and scrapes character for your car? >> in n my pickup, yes. mclaren, no. scratches on a million-dollar car, no. fun in the sun calls for some pool time. you never quite know where the fail is going to come from but you know it's coming. >> see an epic way of ruining a game of volleyball. >> i think he gets ten points.
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>> right here. epic sneeze. >> in the world of internet videos the pool volleyball video is the gift that just keeps on giving. you never quite know where the fail is going to come from but you know it's coming. the question is trying to figure out what it's going to be, someone getting beaned in the face, someone slip off the side of the ball. where is it going to come from?
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didn't this see this one coming >> that wasn't so bad. >> you this beruined the game. what was this guy thinking? i think he was trying to spike the child, i don't know if that's an extra point. >> i think he gets ten points because the kid is having a great time and everybody else is cracking up. next up is the school reunion. this one is a 30-year high school reunion and what better way to bond with people you haven't seen in decades than -- >> whoa! >> this video goes crazy viral for the ridiculous game they are playing, they attach balloons to the back and pop said balloon using nothing but that. it's a hilarious video, time after time, so many giggles, so many ridiculous moves. it looks like in this case they maybe went to an all girl school which makes this slightly less
9:58 am
weird. >> not so much weird, more like the videos they watch on a saturday night. >> i played this game before. it's fun. it's a ton of fun. >> i love this game but i've never played it with a balloon. >> oh! >> no way am i doing this. >> no, i'm good. thanks for joining us today on "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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♪ live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show" today, she's serving opfull plate of delicious hot toppings. and performing his new single, miguel. and we're in the kitchen getting recipes for the perfect summer meal. now, here's wendy. >> wendy: thank you.


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