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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 5, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a 14-year-old is busted with an older guy. >> who are you? >> ooh, looks like mom is mad. >> how things turn physical before the story takes one crazy twist. engineers in china were expected rock slides but -- >> they probably didn't anticipate this much. >> see what caused half the mountain to come down. >> it's a nice neighborhood tour for a driver in a rare model of ferrari. why the big surprise is who is behind the wheel.
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plus a star animator creates a tribute to cecil the lion. and a star golfer teams up with the bryan brothers for -- >> some spectacular trick shots. >> video that's a hole in one. >> oh! >> video out of new york has picked up millions of views. you'll quickly see why. >> about to get caught now. >> he's going to get caught? what's going on? >> angry woman starts walking up to this young couple. >> yeah, you're caught now. >> who are you? >> ooh, looks like mom is mad. >> how old are you? you're 21? and how old do you think she is? she's not 18. she's only 14. this is my daughter. >> oh, shoot. >> mom did him a favor. >> no kidding. >> she starts getting a little physical. >> it's not all right! >> at that point, take it home. you've made your point, embarrassed the kid. now take it home.
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>> yeah. see, this is almost just as bad. i get that she's really upset at her daughter. she is now beating her daughter in public. that's not okay either. >>he target as well. this is where i think a lot of the controversy stems from. she grabs the friend. looks like she's actually about to throw her into the water. this is where people nearby run up. everybody getting involved. >> this is so extreme, i almost don't want to believe that it's real. >> police have actually shown up as well. >> the friend was grinning. both teen girls seem to be laughing. >> it does raise my suspicions. >> the mother in the video has posted a video kind of explaining her situation. >> you don't understand how [ bleep ] i am right now because that little girl, she don't listen! you understand? gotcha! >> yeah. >> okay. >> from that laughing. >> you may have been tipped off also from the fact that you may
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recognize her. >> well done. >> yes, she's back again with another one of these videos. people start having opinions and we speculated what is her deal? is she a prankster, a troll? what's going on? she finally explains herself. >> i do this because i'm hungry for acting. what i'm saying is if you're hungry for doing something you want to do it. not for attention. just because i love acting. >> i almost wasn't expecting that. >> realist video she's ever put out. heavy rainfall in china led to this very serious situation. but also this really fantastic video. after all of those small crumbles and a little bit of dust, you see this massive, enormous slide. >> oh, wow! >> that was half the mountain
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that just peeled off and fell. >> yeah. it looked like they were prepared for this. was that a front loader or heavy piece of machinery waiting to clear this? >> it looked like they were anticipating this. they did stop traffic and perhaps they were waiting to see how much damage was going to be there. they probably didn't anticipate this much. although nobody got hurt it took them 20 hours to clean this thing up. >> look how close they are. i would have backed that thing up just a little more. there's too many rocks rolling close to them. >> just one little bit of tremor or weather and it's all going to come down. incredible, though. >> yep. there is nothing worse than being stuck in an elevator. how about being stuck in a glass elevator? >> we've got an audience. >> they do have an audience. everybody is standing around
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watch whag looked like engineers try i trying to get this door open. >> it's better than just being stuck in an elevator where you don't know if anyone is coming to it help you, you don't know where you are. at least this one you're like, hey, help me. >> everybody is relaxed about everything because they can see an effort is being made to get them out. >> isn't this where your brain starts messing with you? >> they're only three inches off the ground. >> you don't know how far this thing goes. >> true. >> start writing messages on my hand. send pizza. speaking of food and drink orders, that did come up. >> pass some drinks in? >> the gap is widening. they could do individual slices of pizza. we never see these people get out but i'm thinking they did. this was posted on youtube. hope they weren't stuck in there too long. there's a child in there with them and the child's toy starts
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singing ♪ quack quack here and a quack quack there ♪ guys, think back to your first driving experience. do you remember what kind of car it was? >> uh-huh. >> keep that in mind when you see this guy's first driving experience. and i can bet that you guys did not drive something with a prancing horse on it. this video older back from 2013. it's getting a lot of attention now. we believe this to be in virginia, united states. the kid is apparently 13 years old. he's not wearing a seat belt. we presume his dad is giving him directions along the way. he appears to be on open roads and that ferrari that he is driving is identified as a 355 gts, a particularly rare model of ferrari. about 2,048 of them ever made in this configuration.
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[ bleep ] let me also point out he's driving a manual, which can be finicky. >> a lot of us want to have that experience or give your kid the experience but take him to a track, an air field where he can wear a seat belt and safety is involved. >> sometimes things happen and a 13-year-old will not react the same way to an unexpect ed car coming like an adult would. >> this guy goes around the city, walking up to homeless people and -- >> tells them, dude, you're not supposed to be here. i have to give you a citation. >> see the twist to the story that will warm your heart. >> i feel like i've seen something so personal and intense.
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when cecil the lion was killed in zimbabwe by an american dentist, that sparked worldwide outrage and this. this man was an animator for disney. he decided to make an online memorial for cecil because of what happened. aaron says he's a huge animal lover. he decided to make this painting so people can check out how he works. he was really disappointed and wanted to raise awareness and encourage people to donate to world crews, the people originally monitoring cecil. >> already out there. i've already seen it.
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it's really cool. >>s it cool to think an animator who worked on "the lion king" and other disney movies did this. of course he would because he's a huge animal lover. he used a line where musafa said the great kings of the past look down on us from these stars and he draws cecil like he is a giant star in the sky. >> so incredibly beautiful and powerful. >> did he say how long it took him? >> incredibly done. >> probably shorter than it would take you or more. if you're familiar with photo shop you can see how many layers and layers this guy is using to make this image. hey, what's up? from the bronx again. hey, let's do this. once again, our buddy, chuck from the bronx, thinking up stupid things to put in his
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mouth and has his buddy ken here from kbb productions, who normally reviews food on his channel. instead, today they're going to use a food ingredient. this ingredient -- >> beef bile. >> beef bile is inside that container. >> here we go. >> it's gross. >> acid taste in my mouth squust thi -- just thinking about it. >> i got to meet chuck, getting texts from chuck saying come on over to our hotel room. we're shooting challenge videos. you should join us. >> this is it? >> i don't know. but i never went. glad i was too busy to go. thanks for the invite, chuck, but glad i missed it in person. >> look at this color. it's green. >> a bit too much for me. >> cheers and down the hatch. >> oh! >> that is so freaking
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disgusting. >> oh, my god. >> animal puke. >> they're drinking animal puke. >> i actually feel sick. >> he held it in his mouth like -- >> oh, boy. there. it's always fun being on your channel. >> thanks, chuck. i love ya. keep sending me them videos, eh? >> that's what i say. what's up, guys? hollywood boulevard issuing fake citations to people. >> cody rotor decided he would take to the streets, find people violating harmless city laws. sounds sbeevl awful, doesn't it? it has a nice, positive twist. >> they don't realize on the citation it's a positive note with money taped to the back of it. we'll look around for people who need the money.
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>> serious? i don't know if you've gotten this at all but you can't be here. this is a location you're not supposed to be sitting at. go ahead and stay there. i'll let it slide. it's a $10 citation. >> that man, dorian, is going to take it, right? probably thinking i'll deal with it later, figure out what this is all about. the second he takes it, he realizes this is money. there's cash in this citation. watch his reaction. if you look closely, you realize man. hey, have a great day, man. >> you, too. you didn't have to do that. >> hey, man, i've been there. man, look, i've been there. >> i'm going through -- >> i've been there. that's the reason i'm doing this. i've been homeless. it sucks. i guarantee you, if i can get out of it, so can you.
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it takes one type of moment and anything can happen. hey, man. i'm cody. >> i'm dorian. >> i didn't think this video would give me the reaction that i just got, which is pretty special. >> yeah. i wonder what it was about that moment that just made him lose it. >> dorian saw on this day that he's not invisible. and then he got human touch. not only did he get $10 but cody hug this had man zblan indy go-go campaign and trying to raise $500 for dorian to get back on his feet. >> take care, man. god bless. these two put together a travel video. >> high fiving each other while they were there. >> video that will make you want to experience their experience. >> makes you want to go there and check it out for yourself. >> and the guys at dlr can do -- >> full sized experiment. >> oh, yes, in space.
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>> see the launch of the research rocket next.
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probably halfway through my workout in 15 minutes. you miss it three, four times. if you're at dlr, you can do full-sized experiments. >> oh, yes, in space. >> this video has a ton of views. from sweden. the rocket is 40-foot long. you'll see in three, two, one seconds it's disappearing pretty quick. >> ooh. >> cool thing about this video is they also had another camera. hd camera pointing straight down and we're about to go on a journey. a 74-second journey within 170
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miles in the air. ascension rate is 4.7 mps. second stage disconnects as well. what's this rocket's purpose? four times experiments on board that they're going to be doing. whole thing in itself from the launch, experiment and recovery is 54 seconds long. we get to enjoy this incredible footage. cool part here, second stage separation. you can actually get an idea of the microgravities they are in. it comes loose and starts floating away, something like out of that sandra bullock movie. >> that spin stopped pretty quickly. >> that's the payload stabilization. >> somebody didn't put the brakes on earth? >> that's not quite how it works. the reentry starts up, you see high-speed things flying past. the rocket starts its disseesce.
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it comes back down. it's not rocket science, ladies and gentlemen. oh,s it. sasha discovers the sprinkler. [ laughter ] ♪ >> these people went all over singapore, high fiving each other when they were there. they didn't jt stakuala lumpur their trip. >> shows what a great place to travel asia is. to malaysia, philippines and
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singapore. there's so much to see. very watchable travel video. people want to sit you down. look at my pictures of the video from my most recent vacation and you're like -- >> i saw it on facebook. >> this is 1:50 of fun, watchable stuff. >> you know what the beautiful thing about these videos? you get to see places that you may have never heard of before. they show you amazing scenery. it expands your world view. you're seeing something beyond what you kind of expect. >> they have perfected the no-look high five. let's try it, gail. >> i couldn't help it! every shot goes by way too fast, though. >> makes you want to watch it again. >> makes you want to go there and check it out for yourself. >> that waterfall was pretty pretty. the bryan brothers and rory
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mcilroy team up for -- >> some truly impressive trick >> that you'll want to take a shot at.
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it to him. >> chances are good. >> yeah. cat versus dog. [ bell rings ]
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if you're rory mcilroy and have been the number one golfer in the world for 92 straight weeks, you're pretty sure no one can show you anything new in the world of golf unless you're hanging out with the bryan brothers. >> those guys are amazing and have some amazing trick shot. >> they do, indeed. who better to team up with than the world's greatest golfer to pull off extremely awesome trick shots. >> this bank here. >> oh! >> how incredible is that? three different concrete blocks. it sails over to him and in slow mo, bam! chipping over one of the brothers. the other one, smash! >> they have to be so precise, movements, everything has to be
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flawless. >> what can you do with a driver. ready? >> yeah. i'm going to give it a go. >> world's greatest golfer. no pressure. >> it just goes to show the difference in their training, right? these guys are used to trick shots. they train for a moving golf ball. he needs his golf ball to be still. >> he just wasn't ready, guys. >> ready? >> there we go. >> oh, there it is! thanks for watching. more great videos on the next "right this minute."
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