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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 6, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a driver bumps a guy off his bike before plowing through a fence. why there was no break in the chain reaction. i think i'll be late. >> a paraglider is going to be late for dinner with his wife. >> why is he going to be late? >> hear his crazy excuse for a video he hopes she won't see. >> i'm really sorry, i know, i know. armed robber's struggle with a store clerk. the weapon being wrestled around in their hands. the twist when the bullets start flying. coyote peterson versus an alligator snapping turtle. see if it he can take the
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challenge and still keep his arm. >> ooh! if you're on a scooter or motorcycle, no matter how good your skills, no matter how where you are, you are still at the whim of drivers paying attention to you, so you got a guy on a scooter, a yamaha. >> oh, geez! >> he was hit by that white honda odyssey. the honda goes through the fence into oncoming traffic, miraculously doesn't hit anything over there but hit the ka are with a dash cam, start aid chain reaction accident. the guy on the yamaha hits the grouped. the white car hits it with a dash cam forces that car to run with that van in front of it. >> how is the motorcyclist? >> he scampered to his feet as quick as possible. >> he did get to his feet quickly but suffered serious back injuries and still hospitalized. the driver of the white honda odyssey took off and police are still looking for that guy. >> are you kidding? how do you miss a giant white van with wreckage on it? >> it looks like singapore.
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singapore is not a big place and got the number plate. i can't imagine it's too hard to find the guy. >> a motorcyclist had no defense against this suspected drunk driver. this is in india. you notice here this white car comes to a stop, that is a police checkpoint. they say that this man didn't really want to check in with police so watch what he does here. he backs up, but there is a guy in a scooter behind him. see that? >> oh no! >> he keeps going and that's not the only person he hits. there are a bunch of police over there and watch what happens. they go running up to the vehicle. that guy is not done. he starts taking off again. did you so he that? that officer flips over the back. >> does the guy get away? >> no, the guy doesn't get away. here is the thing. this guy was on bail because he was charged as a suspect in a 2006 murder. however, he is back in jail, because he's been charged in this case, he's facing an attempted murder charge and other charges for this incident. >> no wonder he seemed like he could care less who he ran into.
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i think this is one of the most terrifying robberies we've seen on this show. three suspects walk into a convenience store in mesquite, texas. at least one of them has a gun and the clerk begins to struggle with that man. the weapon being wrestled around in their hands. two other guys now come in to try and help the initial suspect, imagine that life and death struggle. there's blood, whose is it? >> the clerk, they injured him? >> nope, the suspect got shot with his own gun in the right shoulder. you can see the bullet hole right there. he's bleeding, he's now got the clerk in a chokehold, all three suspects run out after they fill their bags with cigarettes and cash. the suspect that was shot was apprehended by police soon after this robbery. two other suspects still on the loose. i'm just so grateful that they didn't injure the clerk in any way. he was treated for some minor
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injuries at the scene, and released, but they could have done a lot worse. thankfully they didn't. another tense situation for people in norwich, england. six guys roll up on scooters. at least two went inside the jewelry store wielding axes and sledgehammers, started smashing away but 30 people or so are standing around watching, this because this is in broad daylight. the guys do get back out, they jump back on their bikes and start to speed away. that's when some of the bystanders finally get the courage to chase after these guys, but they don't manage to slow them down, sadly. police though do eventually catch up with all six of them about 50 minutes later. they describe these suspects as very young, ranging in ages from 25 to 14 years old. >> the giveaway being the scooter, a lot of people in the uk, the young teens you can use these scooters and don't need to get a motorbike license to use them at the same time.
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that's why they're basically children. in a marriage there is no situation more fraught with danger than when you are licked and have no good reason. this video from the philippines may be the greatest example i've ever seen. >> hello baby. i'm, i think i'll be late for dinner. >> why is he going to be late? >> too much traffic. the road is really bad. i think there was an accident. so please i'm really, really sorry. i know, i know. i love you, but i can't make it for the lasagna. sorry. please don't wait. i love you. bye. >> got away with it. >> you're telling this story to the italian kid.
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lasagna? i'm there. doesn't matter what i'm doing. this would never work for me. towards the end of the video he puts p.s., don't show this to my wife. sorry, if anyone is interested in hanging out with uber, he does paragliding in the philippines as well so if you want to do t you can. just make a good excuse first. >> bye. this is a different kind of rescue for simon cowell at wildlife aid in the uk because this office here reports that a fox has gotten into the building and they need simon to if etch it. >> how'd that happen? >> the fox fell through the fixture in the roof and is hiding in the cabinet. >> foxpoo a that's nice, first the morning. >> he pooped on the boss' desk. >> simon has to get it out. >> they're so sweet. >> all he wanted was a job, you know? simon's got it by the neck, not
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going easily. he says you're not taking me from here! he finally gets it in by turning that crate on its side and dropping it in there but then it's released out into the parking lot a short time later because they want to keep it roughly in the same area where it was found. >> little cutie pie. super cute, turtle hatchlings. >> they're disoriented so we brought them back to the aquarium and kept them there and released them at sunset. >> there they are in the cool per. >> as far as animal rescues i don't know why everybody wants to do this. there's something special about saving baby turtles. one it's so helpless and two, if they live and get out to the ocean they can live for hundreds of years. >> they're so vulnerable when they're this small. >> that water is rough but it hasn't been in the water yet. >> good on the clear water marina square yum for taking care of them. creating a hol gram just got easier. you can build one using your
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i feel like we've been hearing about the hol gram for years. we're going to have holographic tv as well. you can build one using your smartphone. no lie, you ain't going to need much and you don't have to be that crafty. basically get yourself an old cd case, some graph paper and draw out this little template right here. trapezoid. you'll need four of them. trace it onto your old cd case, grab yourself a razor blade and cut the trapezoids out. you have four of them. you can either glue them together or tape them together. now take that little thing and place it over top of your phone, go on to youtube, you can find videos that are built for this kind of thing, little holographic video, place that
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device over your phone. >> the 3-d effect is mind blowing. >> think of your old cell phones, put it around it. halloween will be legit this year with that. >> this guy made his plastic device rather small. >> i was about to ask if i make it bigger. >> he says you can scale it up and should work just the same. pets are an endless source of entertainment. if you want cute, we've got cute. this is bronte, an aussie puppy, still very young, gorgeous but every day when he gets up in the morning the routine includes being cuddly and fuzzy with the 5-year-old tabby link. >> cuddling or tasting? >> they're friends, look at that. come on! >> the cat is being incredibly adorable the way he puts his mouth around his head. >> and he is the puppy of one of our producers. >> a very tolerant cat.
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>> yes. this 6-month-old labrador decided she wanted a swim in the kiddie pool. she needed to put water in it so she grabbed the hose and filled it up herself. >> hey do the flowers while you're there. makes you wonder if they taught her that or the dog figured it out. >> all you have to do is have the dog turn the tap on and off and don't have to do anytng. >> and roll it back out, it im. >> hard without thumbs. now this one all i can say is not enjoying the booty. >> dogs aren't meant to wear boots. >> the equivalent when we wear slippers. we look like complete muppets. ♪ >> i don't think the dog cares. i don't think that dog gives one snap about the boots. >> just looks awesome. >> yes.
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rhonda rousey is the ufc fighter who everybody is hearing about because in her last three fights alone they've only lasted like 53 seconds combined but this guy, donnie baker, he wants to train her because donnie, not me, but donnie thinks she could improve. >> is he crazy? >> rhonda, i hope you see this, because i want to make you famous. and i see some weakness in your techniques and it shouldn't be taking you 34 seconds to beat up a girl. you need a trainer, okay? i don't know who has trained you but they ain't good. >> oh my gosh. >> so donnie says he's the perfect person to train her. >> i can train you. i seen a flaw in your technique. you came at her with a closed fist and full metal jacket. that's going to slow you down as you get old. i spread out my pinky and thumbs just like this, just the same way they invented the stealth
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fighter, so it cuts through the air faster and then when you get to the face, bam! you land, put down the landing gear. >> and now comes something we've seen on the show, a proposal video of sorts. >> i know you're a model. you are fire [ bleep ] hot. "sports illustrated" put blush on your face, we could make babies. i want to make this a happy home. >> i would pay money to see rhonda fight this guy. it would be fun. it would last about three seconds. >> they don't see this coming, it's the same reason god gave catfish dorsal fins so they could fight through the crust of a peleg. when nature calls, devin's supertramp is there to enjoy -- >> natural water slide. >> see nature's form of slip n slide. and these two -- >> have a youtube channel. >> but their followers are king a question they're now ready to answer. happy anniversary to me
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. in the world of youtube people can post a video and have it lock into hundreds of thousands of views every single time. devin supertramp is back, they got invited up to british columbia to enjoy some of the awesome nature. it's gorgeous. you see this guy swimming. but then nature has fun to enjoy as well. >> oh. >> fantastic. the natural water slide fall. >> exactly. >> wow that's a good plummet, too, right after that. no long lines, some stinky water park. >> they were invited up to british columbia by a company called torch paddle which is founded by one of devin supertramp's team. you can see behind the scenes video torch paddles officers stand up paddle boarding and kayaking but with a twist. inside the bad paddles are
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l.e.d. lights. you can actually stay out once the sun goes down, gives you a new way to explore and have fun as well. >> and something shiny and attractive for the sea life below to look up and i wonder if that's a tasty meal. >> not many sharks in british columbia's lakes. >> i wasn't talking about a shark, i was talking like catfish. >> true. the catfish danger cannot be -- >> underestimated. >> of course. slow motion shot in 4k, big rope o ngs as well, woo o! we'll see another incredible video from the team. hey guys, these two are michael and jess. they both have youtube channels, he likes to inspire people, she can you see beauty diy and fashion video. this video is a little bit different. michael wanted to do a video so their followers could learn a
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little bit more about their relationship and they answered random questions from their followers. >> what's my favorite color? >> blue. >> what else? >> green and yellow. >> apparently there is one question that keeps popping up over and over again. >> people ask us all the time if we're going to get married. >> people ask over and over and over again when they're going to get married. so then when do you think it's going to happen? it's going to happen now, because watch this. he pulls out a little black bag and inside that black bag is a ring. >> honey? >> what? >> i love you. don't cry. >> she realizes what's going on. >> will you spend the rest of your life with me? >> yes. >> yes! so now the question all of their followers have been asking has been answered. they're now engaged and soon
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will be married. congratulations to both of them. >> i hope it fits. i'm kyle peterson and today i'm going to be bitten by an enormous alligator snapping t p turtle. >> stick around to see if he goes through with it. >> ready, one, two, three -- ahh! [ [ hohornrn h hononksks ] well, well. if i it t isisn'n'tt the belle of the ball. gegentntlelememen.n. yoyou u lolook well. whwhatat's's n ne? well, a name youour r prpricicl went missing last week. nanameme y youour r? it g giviveses y youou c covos based on your budget.
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there are brilliant inventions and then there are these inventions. ♪
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>> take the impromptu selfie stick. >> that is a selfie stick, environmentally friendly, recyclable. >> and clearly also very secure and effective, because that person was able to secure a cell phone onto one of the branches and is able to keep it up high enough to record the concert that is happening. >> all the trees nearby, their leaves are shaking. hoping this doesn't catch on. >> you have to tell me what you think about this other invention, it's called the toothbrush machine. this toothbrush machine is a helmet with a contraption that holds a toothbrush and once you trigger it, it comes down and brushes your teeth. >> all right, if the girl created this for her science fair project, a-plus. if you created this to try and sell it, enh. >> this is a creation of simone
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guerst, the chief technologies at a company called punch through design. she shares the items of things she used to put this together and shares it here as you see and really created this to show that just because you are able to and can create something doesn't necessarily mean you should. greetings. >> the lion, a regal animal, majestic, look at it, crossing this riverbed in the krueger national park in africa. look at it stroll. >> look out, mate. >> hang on. >> easy tiger, i mean lion. >> watch what happens when this lion makes his way through. >> like you're going too slow. come on, hurry up. >> let's be enything to him, are you? oh, you look fine. don't worry about anything. >> you say please don't eat me because it's the kind of animal
9:57 am
you don't want to bite you like -- >> enormous alligator snapping turt. >> that is exactly what coyote peterson is going to let happen to his body. >> why? >>'s adoing the show called "dragon tale." he let viewers pick if they wanted to let a snapping turtle bite him. 95% of the people who participated said yes. this has a bite force of 1200 pounds per inch. first they're going to try it with a turkey leg which i'm glad they did. that helped them put the brakes on a little bit. >> oh my goodness. oh my gosh. holy cow. did you see how deep the beak went into the meat? i don't know about that. let's rethink this. cut the camera. >> just think. >> i don't think he was ever going to do it to begin with. >> they decide to give him protection so they wrap him with an ace bandage, put bamboo on his arm. >> ahh! ahh! oh!
9:58 am
>> i can hear him cracking the bamboo. >> ahh! let's just see the after. >> my arm is throbbing right now. >> ooh! >> i'm sure. >> do not try to catch these animals. do not antagonize them. >> this is a seven-minute video teaching us you might not want to get bit be by these things. i'll have to be honest i'm pretty sure i knew that before the video. >> i did, too. see you next time on "right this minute."
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"the wendy williams show." today from the sexy takes to new music, we're catching up with nick jonas, and who is the sexiest man alive? find out. people bring the inside scoop on their issues. plus celebrity chef nadia g. shows us ways to put the bite in your thanksgiving menu. plus all of today's juiciest hot topics. ♪ ♪ >> now here's wendy! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: thank you.


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