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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 7, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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a spectacular show of lightning lit up the sky last night. we're live in san jose to show you some pictures and the damage. the top gop candidates share a national stage facing the biggest issues. >> if it worked for me, you wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration. >> you have -- we have a highlights of the face-off and why the bay area came up. this is ktvu warnings on two. 7:00 on friday morning. welcome to mornings on two.
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live pictures of a tree split apart by lightning in san jose. a pretty spectacular lightning show overnight. if you slept through it, don't worry, janine de la vega shows us what the viewers showed its -- us. we will also talk about the damage. it is friday, august 7.>> did you hear or see anything? good morning, i am dave clark. steve knows all about it, he gave it a 10 on a scale of 10.>> 513 lightning strikes. mainly south of us. but it was close. we do have mostly clear skies for some now. the low clouds still in place. clouds associated with the lightning last night are moving towards the sierra where things are popping up. some low clouds around. the mid-level clouds, i level clouds are pushing off. the weather service said over
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500 lightning strikes detected across northern and central california. not much in the way of rainfall. there goes our systems -- system, that's where the main focus was. the system was lifting out of the area. yes it does, it takes cloud cover with it. some cloud cover over the north bay and clay county. look was happening in the sierra, things are going to be rather interesting in the high country today. that's where the red lag warning is. that's east, not for us. the cooler temperatures are left behind, 50s and also 60s. a really good breezy yesterday, it was nonexistent today. the lower clouds will burn back. mostly sunny in the morning. more sunny in the afternoon. rain and lightning is over for now. 70s for some, 80s for others. a few 60s by the coast. >> reporter: on the east shore freeway, the motorcycle
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accident is gone. interstate 80 heading out towards macarthur, the track is going to be busy. it usually is about 20, today it's been light. it's a little bit slow coming up out of richmond to the area because of that earlier crash. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic a little slow in some of those cash lanes. we are also looking at some of the other 80s communities which are normally busy. 580 is a little slow on the altima pass. livermore slows down at 238. 7:03. let's go back to the desk. we've been showing you the lightning strikes overnight. other nature provided gotla memorable -- a memorable light show. we have a look at the damage caused by a pretty unusual lightning store. -- storm. jeannine?>> reporter: i want to
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immediately show you what i my hand. this is part of the redwood tree that is splintered apart. there is yellow caution tape right here blocking the backyard of this have that's all because of this tree you see. it used to be 90 feet tall. lightning blew it up. we also want to go to what it looks like last night.>> got it. got it.>> reporter: we received a lot of video and images from viewers watching the lightning last night. that video is from san mateo county. hundreds of lightning strikes seen through the bay area. images were sent in from so many cities. this lightning started at around nine last night and lasted an hour. it was spectacular. as i mentioned, it caused damage in san jose near the
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alameda. lightning struck a tree and branches landed everywhere.>> it sounded like a big explosion. the whole sky grew -- blue. when we came out, i didn't know what it was. i thought it was a transformer blowing out. then we saw the tree was gone. >> reporter: pg&e worked to repair a blown transformer. they were able to restore power for 20 homes in the area in the last hour. another big risk of lightning strike. cal fire and other agencies responded to reports of fires that may have been started by lightning strikes. we did get a lot of rain from this lightning for that hour, but still try out here. it made for impressive images. back out here, we seat neighbors telling us that the branches that we see here, there is even more in the backyard where we can see -- can't see.
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they claim some of the tree branches went through the roof of the house. we haven't been able to speak to the homeowner, but we are hoping maybe in the next hour they will wake up and we can speak to them to see how bad it is in the back.>> and how expensive it might be. 7:05. as expected, donald trump headlined the debate between the republican presidential candidates with more tough talk. here he is defending his comments about illegal immigration.>> our leaders are stupid. our politicians are stupid. the mexican government is much smarter, and basin the bad whatever because they don't want to pay for them or take care of them.>> along with immigration, the 10 candidate took questions about healthcare, education, gay marriage, and terrorism. >> as president, would you bring back waterboarding? >> we have gotten into this
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mindset of fighting politically correct towards. there is no such thing as clinically correct more.>> coming up at seven decked 30, more of the highlights from the debates and also how donald trump is complaining this morning, saying he was treated unfairly by the moderators. san francisco came up during the debate, a commandãa question submitted by someone on facebook asked whether someone would support kates law , referring to the fatal shooting of kate steinle. >> i have authored kates law and filed that legislation. i tried to get the senate to vote to pass it on the floor of the senate one week ago, and the leader of our own party blocked a vote>> the man who shot her was an undocumented immigrant deported five times.
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the law would affect people who are deported but come back to the united states. deputies say they broke up a sophisticated grow operation and sees hundreds of plants. officials say the marijuana farm included underground him -- your gratian. deputies and they that 830 plants worth more than $1.6 million. >> seeing the fedex containers, the large amount of cash, all the vehicles out-of-state, is not for medical or personal use.>> five people are were arrested -- were arrested on marijuana charges. the san francisco attorney investigating a developer accused of law -- offering rent- controlled apartments as tourist hotel rooms. the apartment block is supposed to have 360 rent controlled units for people on a fixed
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income. instead, they were leased to one person and marketed as a hotel. the woman accused of leasing the rooms denies it, but the developer has made no comment. the historic post office in downtown napa, established -- damaged in last year's earthquake will not be torn down after all. a post office says it plans to sell the business and property with the understanding the buyer will repair it. earlier, they said they intended to tear down the building on second street. it is listed on the national registry of historic places. people can start bidding on the building later this month. outside, the music festival opens for a three-day run in the golden gate part. it includes mumford & sons, the back to the -- black keys, elton john, and sam smith.
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people in the area say they're not looking forward to the next few days, because it brings too much traffic -- too much traffic and parking concerns. they say the street is packed with taxes and lemieux said it's hard for them to leave their own home. tens of thousands will attend the musical festival. we have the story of the bay area man who has overcome the odds and will take the stage. the goal is to protect schoolkids got but coming up in 20 minutes, we will tell you why our program -- a program designed to prevent abuse may soon be eliminated. there are signs of hope in the rocky fire. the governor says the worst is yet to come. we are looking that -- at the commute. it will be slow on highlight four. no major problems on this stretch.
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welcome back to mornings on two. keep your fingers crossed. the worst of the rocky fire may be over. cal fire announced it is 45% contained. at his burned 69,000 acres, but highways 20 and 26 will -- 16 will reopen this morning. evacuation orders will also be live for several areas.>> there's a lot of work to be done, the weather has been cooperating with us tremendously.>> residents were told that a center for charity and government groups will help them get back on their feet. there is also a warning for fire victims. they have to watch out for contractors and insurance scams. officials say the scammers tend to target people when they need help the most. they are trying to rebuild.
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gary -- jerry brown says californians should expect more massive wild fires in the drought continues. he went on a tour yesterday of the fire zone and said he was pleased with the cooperation among agencies and the teamwork fighting the rocky fire. he added he is not just worried about that particular fire and this season. he says the biggest concern is climate change. orr if the drought would continue for a year or several, california could literally burn up. >> gov. brown will look into the possibility of giving fire insurance to people who live in fire zones. similar to the special earthquake insurance in california. france is expanding its search for debris from the missing malaysia airlines flight. a military plane started line over the water near the french island where part of a planes wing was found last month. the search also includes
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folders looking for debris that might have washed ashore and naval searches as well. in china, anger and grief erupted into a scuffle over right 370 -- flight 370. they wanted to question malaysian officials who announced the debris had been found. the french government is denying malaysia's claim. the government is being called to crack down on fees for people that fly. the fees are often hidden from customers until it's time to pay. it's hard for customers to find information about the fees on websites. the investigation found that some airlines charge a fee for canceling or changing a ticket no matter how far in advance they are made. sal, you have
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been busy this morning. how does it look? >> it is better, day. we had that accident upstream a little bit at gilman street, westbound 80 time that has been cleared an accident on highway 24 is also gone. the early morning accident skid said people back, but now people have been arriving at the told pleasant. it's lighter than usual on this friday. it's a safe bet that just -- some people are just not going into the office today. in san francisco, interstate 880 is certainly crowded. there will be slowdowns, but a little better than passing the coliseum. to the airport, you should be in good shape. we're looking at slow traffic in livermore. we have stop and go traffic there. we are losing -- looking at the peninsula, and their slow traffic on northbound 101. and earlier accident has things messed up there. you're going to see slow
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traffic there. if you're driving on 101 up to the dumbarton bridge, give yourself extra time. seven dick's -- 7:16, let's go to see. >> i will show a tweet from a and, who you know. she was at the so we lewis concert and had to take a break because of lightning. it was very windy in some areas, from pri -- fremont today east bay hills. 30 minute break, so qe in the band wouldn't get electrocuted. i say that's a good idea. i am not surprised with 513 lightning strikes. it started downturns -- down towards the monterey peninsula and moved right on up. gusts up to 50 miles an hour last night in the east bay
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hills. we are on the dryer side now, still cloud cover over lake county. that will help the firefighters. i don't take we will get any rain out of it. what's developing an the sierra. i think it could be a pretty wild day up there. the source of that is a low beginning to move out of the picture. some good dynamics with that, that gave us the thunderstorm. there was a lot of energy there in the atmosphere. that triggered some thunderstorm activity. it trapped into the remains of guillermo. a lot of ingredients coming together in the right way to get what we had last night. at the southern end of the peninsula, also south bay in east bay. the north bay had to wait on cloud cover yesterday. it will be cooler today if you're heading outside lands, not bad. san francisco hovering around 60. 70 today, it does drop off at night, but not as in previous days. i would still take a jacket the
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san jose jazz people starting off at 60. 81 today in town san jose. lots of music. westjet 16, but augustine 30, travis west, westerly component for most locations. the lightning, the rain, really wasn't much rain. it's moving off. we have partly sunny, mostly cloudy skies, mostly in the form of low clouds. everything is moving out of the picture for now. mostly cloudy, partly sunny in the morning. cool and breezy, rain and lightning ends. temperatures be in the 60s, 70s, and east. it was 90s and 100s yesterday, but i think the cloud cover gives help firefighters today. 70s and 80s from alameda to brentwood, mid-80s around livermore. same for san jose. santa cruz and 75. cupertino at 82.
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80 in woodside. menlo park at 78. looks like a nice weekend. cool next week. dare i say, the first rain of the season from the north main make it to oregon, maybe shasta north next wednesday. a pretty decent low coming in.>> thank you, steve. a warm morning for people who plan to go to you 70 national park. the illness that landed a child in the hospital and how the park is responding. there will be a lot of big- name acts playing outside the musicland festival in san francisco this weekend. there is one talented unsigned artists from the bay area likely to turn heads. we will introduce you to fantastic degree toe. -- negrito.
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[ music ]>> my boy, kendrick lamarr. he will be performing this weekend. word. word, dave and claudine.
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if you want to hear a special song, i will play your request every friday morning. >> are you going to be all right, sal?>> i will be all right, dave.>> all right. the festival starts today in san francisco. the first performances are at noon. >> mumford & sons, elton john all performing this year. someone from the bay area is getting a second chance at music. the story of fantastic negrito.>> reporter: getting here to the outside lands music festival has been long and difficult for fantastic negrito. he has tasted success before, he tells me, but this time, he says it feels real. [ music ] >> reporter: his music is raw and honest, inspired by southern blues players.>> black roots, music for everyone.
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>> reporter: fantastic negrito and his band from oakland have created a unique sound that is resonating with more and more music fans. >> i am singing about things maybe that people want to hear about. about life. >> reporter: listen to his single, lost in the crowd, and it's hard not to sing along. [ music ] >> reporter: lately, fantastic negrito has been playing sold- out concerts across the country. earlier, he beat out 7000 unsigned artists to win npr's tiny desk concert competition. but not long ago, fantastic negrito was only playing his songs for passersby.
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>> i would play at 5 pm at the bart station.>> reporter: these performances were part of a resurgent for 47-year-old xavier. he was plucked from the streets of oakland and given $1 million deal with a record company. >> what could go wrong? everything. >> reporter: xavier says the corporate music world killed his creativity. it wasn't what he expected. a car crash changed his life.>> then i was in a near fatal ask so that -- accident that left me in a coma.>> reporter: he found out he had been dropped from the record label.>> i thought, good. the pressure was gone.>> reporter: his severe injuries from the accident capt. from playing music.>> it
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completely mangled my hands, which are renamed the claw. >> reporter: he couldn't hold a. and was sexually -- essentially unable to grip the guitar. a few years ago, he had a moment of inspiration singing to his son.>> his reaction was happy all of a sudden.>> reporter: just like that, his latest persona was born. fantastic negrito. >> gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. that keeps me focused.>> reporter: a skilled musician back in the spotlight this time, ready to handle the glare. [ music ]>> reporter: fantastic negrito will take the stage at outlined -- outside lands at 3:00 on the panhandle stage. he told me that playing here is
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in handles -- his words, a hell of an opportunity, and, i better be good.>> i am glad he found inspiration in his son. is his son going to be there? or is it not a kid friendly place? >> maybe not, but maybe they will come over and see him. it is a big deal for him. he is grateful to have this opportunity to play here. you can imagine playing alongside some of the big names at this festival, this can really propel a second career.>> what a great story. for a complete look as was coming up there, goted -- go to he is already hedging his bets because he is used to buying politicians. >> i have given them plenty of money.>> more highlights of the republican debate up next.
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days before school will start, thousands of families are lined up free school supplies. why this program is needed now more than ever.
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i know you gave him a big
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hug. if you want to do it again, go right ahead. >> it didn't take much to get going. coming up, highlights from last night's republican presidential debate and why donald trump says he was treated unfairly. >> i am casio mikaelian. -- gosse see a mikaelian -- -- gasia mikaelian winds at about 49's per -- 49 miles per hour. if you are in the high elevations with lots of wind, you weren't alone. no rain by half moon bay, no lightning, no nothing.
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i know lightning made it to southerly -- sunnyvale an area south. the cloud cover was late to arrive. it's there now. there really wasn't much rain. there were 513 lightning strikes, but not much rain. the high humidity, no doubt about it, that helps. system is pushing out towards the sierra nevada. lightning strikes pushing out. i expect lows to move their way up to the mountains. 50s and 60s, it will be cooler today. low clouds will burn back there. some sun breaks. a little bit better -- that are breeze than yesterday. yesterday, it was three miles per hour. low clouds will be back tonight and tomorrow. a little warmer on the weekend. more son in the afternoon. cool and breezy, but the rain and lightning over for now peak
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--. 80s, 70s and 60s. sow, how are conditions now? -- sow -- sow -- sal , how are conditions? >> conditions are better. there's a delay getting back on the bridge. if you're using 880 to get to the toll plaza, you are going to breeze right on through. we are looking at some of the other freeways here, 880 n. and southbound near this coliseum, not a bad commute. traffic left over from an earlier accident on the peninsula. northbound 101, driving out of mountain view. southbound 101 is moderate. there's a little bit of slow traffic, but if you drive every
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day, you will notice it's better than normal. 7:34, let's go back to the desk. lots of fireworks at the presidential debate last night.>> donald trump was a focus of a lot of the attention. claudine wong back in the studio this morning. the donald is lashing out at the moderators saying they didn't treat him right. >> he actually went on an early morning rant. this is how it goes. we predict the debate and how it will go and what people might or might not say. then we have the debate or in this case, two of them, or -- and we analyze who may or may not have won. obviously a lot of attention on donald trump. this was his first political debate. he was expected to stir up controversy. he started off making waves when candidates were asked whether they would pledge to support whomever the gop nominates.>> raise your hand if you won't make that pledge tonight.
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mr. trump. [ applause ]>> gotta reaction from the crowd. shop leaving -- trump leaving the door open to run as an independent. >> he is hedging his bets because he is used to buying politicians. >> i have given you plenty of money.>> christie and huckabee argued over social security reform. chrissy had a plan to take away social security from the wealthy.>> for those making over $200,000 a year in retirement income and have $4 million-$5 million in liquid assets, they don't need that social security check.>> whose fault is it that the system is screwed up? the recipients with the governments? if congress wants to mess with it, why don't they start by changing program and not have
7:37 am
one?>> it wasn't just about the candidates. there was also a dispute between trump and one of the moderators. >> you have called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.>> i think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. [ applause ] >> i have been challenged by so many people, and i don't, frankly, have time for total political correctness.>> he is a little irritated there. at three this morning, trump lashed out at the moderators on twitter, especially megan kelly, saying she, quote, really bombed. he tweeted about 30 times between 2:30 and 4:30. he repeated today that he thinks he got tougher questions
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than the other candidates. everyone is still trying to get their name out. 17 candidates. carly fiorina getting some points from early reports. the first democratic debate scheduled for october. certainly, it was pretty interesting. it just kept rolling. >> people on all sides have a lot to talk about and chew over.>> what was interesting to me is it's hard to determine who won. the way we analyze it now, you have the polls, how many people search for who on google. how many new twitter followers after the debate. >> style of the debate is one we haven't seen before. so many people on the states. there were others who are essentially fighting to get a word in edgewise.>> ben carson, the neurosurgeon, had a point.
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>> he said, i didn't know you are coming back to me. i thought is going to be a while. that was after what they were terming the happy hour debate. there were seven other candidates there. everyone at this point try to say, did you notice me in the debate last night we --? >> we will stay on top of this. we will have details for both events, the kids table and the main event. we're going to head out for cleveland for more analysis of last night's events. back here at home, a man will sue the city of roanoke park after shooting cell phone video of a police officer pulling a gun on him. don macomb us to this him posted online. he said him from his house with him got out of his police car pulled out his gun.
7:40 am
the officer can be heard telling mccomas take his hand out of his pocket. accomplice can be heard saying he didn't do anything wrong. he says the officer abused his power. city leaders say they are aware of the video and will conduct two investigations. be a run the other union school district will vote on whether to continue a child abuse prevention program. according to a bay area news group, the district implemented the program after revelations of sexual abuse by a teacher surfaced. some in the district have questioned whether that program is age-appropriate.>> -- for many families, getting school supplies is a struggle. an annual program helps out a number of families.>> we are live here at sacred heart community services in san jose, less than 30 minutes from now,
7:41 am
the gates will open. several of the families will be allowed in. i have been waiting since five in the morning. it's called the pack abaq program. an estimated 3000 families will receive not just a free backpack but also school supplies and essentials like paper, pencils, flashcards, and a scientific calculator for high school students. volunteers have been here since early this morning setting up. on july 10, families were invited to sign up so they could return today to receive the supplies. during that sign up day, first families lined up at 2:00 in the morning. it shows how much this program is needed. from ebony -- for many of these families, it is still struggle.>> when we had registration day, we asked one woman if we weren't here giving away backpacks, what would you do? she said, i would have to decide whether to buy food or
7:42 am
school supplies. these parents really want their kids to succeed in school. it's very important to them.>> sacred heart says it's the most people who have signed up since the program started years ago. these families preregistered back in july just for this event. unfortunately, families who didn't preregister beforehand will have to be turned away. as we take a look at the front door, you can see the volunteers getting ready. the gates open here at 8:00 in the morning. this event will go on until 5:00 this afternoon. a new way to charge your cell phone without plugging in. how your pants pocket could be the key to a fully charged battery. we are looking at a commute here in san jose where traffic is getting a little bit slow,
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approaching highway 17. we will tell you a little bit more straight ahead. mother nature put on a heck of a show last night for some, not for all. temperatures cooler today. the aftermath of this system. we'll see what's in store for the weekend.
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we have breaking news right now. 49 there's star aldon smith has been arrested. santa clara police say he was book this morning on charges of hit and run, dui, and vandalism. aldon smith is in custody, bail set at $26,000.
7:46 am
we have reached out to the 49ers and are waiting for a comment from them. aldon smith has had several scrapes with the law during his career with the 49ers, and leading drunk driving, gun charges, and an alleged bomb threat at lax. this is his third dui arrest. again, 49ers star aldon smith has been arrested. we are following the story and will bring you more information as it becomes available. our coverage of the debate continues. who else besides donald trump came out on top? james rosen joins us from cleveland. we have an hearing an awful lot about donald trump tell us about what you saw and heard.>> good to be with you. i think donald trump had kind of an uneven performance. there were times when he hit his stride and elicited great applause. some of his criticisms of the news media and immigration got
7:47 am
applause. he got off to a rocky start. my friend asked, raise your hand if you refuse to pledge your support for the eventual nominee. only donald trump raised his hand. that elicited boos from hard- core republican party activists inside the arena. he later explained he simply wouldn't want to give up his leverage and he is not sure he would like or respect the nominee. it didn't sit well with a party. >> we saw fireworks on the sage and i rolls as well. -- hi roles as well -- eye roles -- roles -- rolls as
7:48 am
well.>> rand paul talked about putting --'s work fighting terrorism. it turned in a more or less figure pointing and shouting with rand paul ridiculing christie for having hugged obama. it was quite riveting, actually.>> technically getting the debate on the air was difficult. so many people, microphones. wasn't a successful venue and format for such a discussion?>> let me tell you, garcia -- gasia, my own twitter feed has a lot of this y'all directed -- this real -- vitriol directed at some of the participants.
7:49 am
i think the millions who are watching a home on tv enjoyed a terrific window into the policies and personalities and even very souls of the 17 candidates in these two forums. i think it was a great success, and i think it gave people a lot of information to use as they go forward in this election cycle. >> james rosen, live in cleveland. thanks for joining us.>> good commentary. let's get you to where you need to go. how does everything look? >> things have improved. in the morning, we had a rough start. let's go out to highway 24. it looks good from walnut creek to oakland. we had an earlier accident. it's a little slow in lafayette. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, there is some traffic there. it's definitely lighter than usual. i keep looking at the south bay
7:50 am
because north they were -- northbound 101 is slow. let's go to steve in the weathercenter. how are you, steve?>> hi, south -- sow -- sal, how are you? thanks to all our viewers for the videos about the lightning. the storm is moving east, out of the picture. there goes our system. last night, the low provided pretty good dynamics. that has certainly helped. it is pushing off to the valley. cloud cover is helping firefighters in lake county. i expects more activity the pop up here a little later for tahoe, truckee, and much of the sierra nevada. our system is flying around moderate. numerous lightning strikes.
7:51 am
i'm hearing cal fire saying there are fires caused by lightning strikes. as the low moves out, we're on the dryer side of it. it will be cooler today, a little bit warmer breeze compared to yesterday. sunny and hot in the north bay. today is cooler for all. we will have a mostly cloudy morning and more sunny afternoon. a little cooler, breezy at times. the rain and lightning is done for now. today in lake county, cooler with the cloud cover. 60 70s -- 60s, 70s, 80s in the east bay. temperatures slightly below average. warm ocean temperatures helped those around the coast in the very low 80s for some. looks like a nice weekend. a cooler pattern next week, may be much cooler. we are continuing to follow breaking
7:52 am
news. aldon smith, 49ers linebacker, arrested again. from a hashtag to a movement, i look like an engineer getting a lot of attention. we will hear from the software developer behind the # -- hashtag and why you could see it on a billboard near you.
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we are still following breaking news, 49ers linebacker
7:55 am
aldon smith has been arrested again. joe fonzi on the phone with us. joe, can you hear me? >> good morning, dave. >> sorry to wake you up. i know you are just picking up on this. what do you know about this and how does it hit you?>> it hits me that i'm just completely shocked. aldon smith is one of those kids that it seems like his heart is in the right place, he always says the right thing, he is very contrite when these things happen, but here we go again. if the 49ers mean anything about what they've said in the past, i can't see how he will stay in force as a result of this. >> the team is going to, quote, work very hard to make alton smith remains here. how you think that's going to happen with this news? >> he had media availability a
7:56 am
couple of days ago, talking about, if you doubt me, watch me. i am a new man, i have turned over a new leaf. they have had a history with him where he said, it would be really easy to cut someone as opposed to working with them and trying to get them to get their life in order. he is on record saying it's not just about being a football player. if you are truly family and you mess up, we try to get things straightened out so things go right.>> can i ask, do you see the niners keeping aldon smith? >> no, i can't see how they can. after the nine-game suspension last year, this is not his first brush with the law. he had that incident at the airport. he has had driving issues in the past. he has had dui issues in the past. i cannot see now given the
7:57 am
number of times this is happened and the big speeches, i can't see how he stays on the team as a result of this.>> this is sal castaneda. what is it about the 49ers? they have the most arrests since 2012. 12 arrests, leading the nfl. this is the culture problem with the team? this is not the first on the 49ers have led the league in something they don't want to lead the league in.>> they have change the culture, they have different head coach. we all remember last year's press conference talking about winning with class and it's going to be different and change the culture. again, if they are true to their word, the conflict of one coach saying we're a family,
7:58 am
this leads to a whole different ramification. if no one was hurt and he messes up again and he's in your family, he is still and your family and you try to get them to straighten out their lives. if they all did what they said with the -- about winning with class and a different culture, again, i just can't see how he stays on the team.>> joe fonzi, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. in case you're just tuning in, the 49ers star aldon smith has just been arrested, charged with hit and run dui, vandalism. santa clara police have him in custody right now. joe was just talking about how he is stunned to hear all this. we will keep following the breaking news about aldon smith. a pretty amazing light show last night. also, of the
7:59 am
mess in the south bay. a lot of cleanup happening down there. still very slow in many areas, although things are improving in san jose. 280 is looking good until you reach 17. already some sun breaks. it looks like our system is done for now. it was a heck of a show last night. not much rain, but loss of lightning. what about into next week? coming up. him it was a heck of a show last night. not much rain, but lots of lightning. , the mess in the south bay. a lot of cleanup happening down there.
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they have changed the culture, they have a different head coach. we all remember last year's --
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we're live in san jose where a spectacular show of lightning lit up the sky last night and caused damage. you will hear from neighbors who watched it all happen. is a first since the rocky fire started last week. it did not get bigger last week. coming up, when the firefighters hope to fully contain it. this is ktvu mornings on two. we begin this morning with breaking news consider -- concerning star linebacker aldon smith, arrested again. we have been pointing -- reporting online as well is on the air he was arrested last night. >> charges, hit and run, dui, and vandalism. aldon smith is in custody. bail reportedly set at $26,000. this is his third arrest on drunk driving charges. aldon smith has had several scrapes with the law, including dui, gun charges, and a bomb threat at lax.>> the general
8:03 am
manager announced several days ago that they wanted to signed him to a long term deal. our own joe fonzi says he doesn't see how the team is able to keep smith after this news of his latest arrest. we have reached out to the 49ers and are waiting for their comments. we will update you on the story as we continue with the newscast. we have continuing coverage on we are all over it.>> what a way for 49er fans to start the day. let's check your weather and traffic.>> let's head over to steve. tell us about the lightning last night. >> the end result, a few fires down towards carmel valley. about five i think it started. for us, mainly just lightning. not much rain. a little bit in the santa cruz mountains. over 500 lightning strikes observed. a lot of cloud cover, which is
8:04 am
really good. it was a hot one yesterday. the system has moved off up toward sacramento valley, taking with it severe weather mac. we are done with that. low clouds in place. -- severe weather. we are done with that. low clouds in place. there goes our low right there, on its way past fresno. 50s and 60s on the temperatures here. it will be cooler today. the breezes picked up, west, south, west, and onshore breeze. low clouds will be closer to the coast hugging the coast. it will be sunny to mostly sunny inland through the afternoon. it would be -- will be cooler. 80s in the interior, 70s around the bay. anything new to report, south -- south -- sal?
8:05 am
turn your mike on? maybe the battery died. >> my regular mike died. we're using the backup mike. this is a look at the toll plaza. traffic is doing well. it is nice and light into san francisco. things have cleared up nicely. the meeting -- morning commute looks okay on i 80. i tell you was not doing well, it's kind of ashamed. northbound 101 because of an earlier accident near 85, the traffic is slow from almost all the way back in downtown san jose and continuing up into palo alto. avoid 101 this morning. a decent alternate is highway 85. 101 is a mass, especially from sunnyvale up to mountain view. in case you missed it, there was quite a lightning show last night across the bay
8:06 am
area. a lot of people went outside to watch it. janine de la vega joining us live to show us some of the pictures of the lightning and the damage it caused. >> reporter: we are here in the college park neighborhood near alameda. people who lived your say it sounded like a bomb went off when a lightning bolt hit a transformer and a redwood tree. it is completely splintered. where did this come from? behind me is a redwood tree, it used to be 90 feet tall. the lightning just blew apart the top of it. >> got it. got it. >> reporter: we received a lot of video and images from viewers watching the lightning last night. that video is from san mateo county. hundreds of lightning strikes throughout the bay area. the lightning started at around nine last night and lasted
8:07 am
around an hour. it was spectacular the watch, but it did cause damage to the san jose neighborhood. on taylor street, night -- lightning struck that 90 foot redwood tree and branches landed everywhere.>> we saw a blue flash. >> it was like an explosion. loud, really loud. >> there was an enormous flash and an incredible blum -- boom. we weren't sure what happened. i saw sparks and realized that a tree in the backyard next- door had been hit. >> the lightning good strike a transformer and knocked out power to the neighborhood overnight. crews work to make repairs throughout the morning and power was restored to 20 homes that were affected. to give you an example of how powerful a lightning bolt is, pg&e told us a lightning bolt
8:08 am
-- goal is 1,000,000,000 v and one flash could power a lightbulb for three months. out here live, here's the duplex that was hit. neighbors tell us branches are in the rafters but no one was at home when it happened. they are really glad there were no injuries. we were told by some neighbors that a hot was nesting in the redwood tree. they worry about what happened to the bird. herdie incredible as we are about to go line, some neighbors stopped to say that some splinters of wood made it to their backyards a block behind us. him -- new this morning, the rocky fire did not grow overnight. containment remains the same. this is the first time there was no growth from one the next since the fire started last
8:09 am
wednesday afternoon. fire is still 69,900 acres. it is 45% contained. good news to report. highway 20 and 16 will reopen two hours from now. evacuation orders will be lifted later today. firefighters should have full containment by monday. residents were told that assistance centers will open up this morning to help them get back on their feet. gov. jerry brown says californians expect more massive wildfires as the drought continues. the governor went on a tour of the fire zone yesterday and said he is happy with cooperation among government agencies and the teamwork fighting the rocky him, he is not just worried about this fire and this season. his biggest concern, climate change.>> we have had droughts in the past historically. we haven't had droughts with this elevated temperature. that means we have more
8:10 am
dryness, less moisture, and more devastating fires. or to come. -- more to come. >> he is looking at the possibility of higher insurance for people who live in fire zones similar to special california earthquake insurance programs. a lot of talk this morning about the winner of the gop debate last night. >> you have seven candidates going head-to-head in one debate and the top 10 candidates facing off at the primetime debate. claudine wong is here talking about the highlights. there are a lot to talk about.>> there were a lot of candidates. you just mentioned, 17 of them trying to get their name out. donald trump was leading the polls. he was frustrated after last night's debate, tweeting this
8:11 am
morning that he got tougher questions than the other candidates. as expected, he didn't mince words. >> our leaders are stupid. our politicians are stupid. the mexican government is much smarter, and they send the bad ones over because they don't want to pay for them or take care of them. >> a lot of issues were touched upon. many came from facebook users. they addressed kates log. -- law, about a woman killed by an undocumented immigrant. >> i tried to get the senate to vote to pass kates law in the floor of the senate a week ago, and the leader of our own party blocked a vote on it. >> as we said, look at that picture. you can see it was a packed house. some people complained there wasn't enough time to tart.
8:12 am
-- top. then carson said he wasn't sure anyone would come back to him to ask him a question. they asked him this question about waterboarding. >> would you bring back waterboarding?>> we have gotten into this mindset of fighting politically correct wars. there is no such thing as a politically correct war.>> in the so-called kids table deveydt -- debate, carly fiorina getting high marks. >> i know personally how extraordinary and unique this nation's. i think to be -- nation is. i think to be commander-in- chief require someone who understands how the economy works.>> she took some jabs at hillary clinton. hillary clinton responded on social media tweeting out, wash the gop debate, that you feel like donating to a democrat right about now. so we are just getting started. election day still 460 days
8:13 am
away. i think we have a lot of debates ahead, a lot of political wrangling still to come. >> we will have some more analysis and reporting coming up. >> lots to talk about. still ahead, a bay area police officer caught on camera pulling a gun on a man who recorded everything that happened. the fallout continues. the second half of mornings at two, what that man plans to do. a movement from the man behind # i look like an engineer.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
the time is 8:15. san francisco hwy. 101, you're watching them, right? >> we are watching all the commutes, dave. a little slow, but we have a break on this friday in august. you can see traffic moving along a little bit slowly on 101 in san jose although it is improving. give yourself extra time because of earlier problems. we haven't on the map where you can see all the road sensors getting up to about 85, 101. mountain view, not a good place to be. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. of five or 10 minute delay before we make it onto the
8:17 am
bridge. from the traffic to the weather, let's go to see.>> well, some breaks in our system. not before a heck of a lightning show for many of us. the sun has been into the peninsula also the south bay, santa cruz mountains. a great show at morgan hill. thanks to all of you for the photos. northbay just really didn't get in on it. kind of missed out. had the sunshine in hot temperatures yesterday. the clouds favored the south bay. good news for the firefighters. i don't think we will get any rain out of it, but we will still get the clouds. pretty big thunderstorm activity already this morning. you can see some of that lifting out now. there will be more, i think, a little bit later as our low begins to move towards stockton
8:18 am
in fresno. as it does, you can see there's already some pretty good lightning strikes, over 500 some pretty good lightning strikes, over 513. that's the low for this time of the year. very impressive. we had two this week. that doesn't happen often. the low will spin out of the area. 50s and 60s right now, cooler today, a westerly breeze, a usually cooler direction this time of your. mostly cloudy -- year. mostly cloudy, sunshine in the morning. cooler and breezy. we are looking for 60s, 70s, and 80s. i did cool things down in lake county, i went 89. 70s and 80s from alameda to brentwood. san jose at 81 today. nice weather for the start of the jazz festival. 86 in gilroy, not bad. 60s, 70s, and low 80s from san
8:19 am
francisco to the peninsula. it will be warmer next week. it's looking cooler. we have been telling you about the movement created by this young woman after she appeared in a recruitment ad. it's # i look like an engineer. it is likely to turn into its own advertising campaign. she created that hashtag after people told her she didn't look like an engineer. in response to many female and minority engineers posted inches of themselves with that hashtag michelle glatzer started asking people to give money so i look like an engineer can get a billboard. she now has more than $9000 in donations. she told me she is not comfortable being in the spotlight, but she is grateful the movement has taken off. >> what do you think about the fact that it has started in social media trend?
8:20 am
>> i mean, i am absolutely taken that something that i was able to write cathartic lee resonated with so many people. it's not even a gender thing. it's a diversity issue. people have taken it pass gender. it is meaningful to them.>> what you say to the women who are working and having the same uncomfortable feelings? >> share your stories. i mean, all of the started from essentially me writing down experiences that i have been through pick up unfortunately -- unfortunately, i don't think those experience him -- experiences are easy to talk about. sparking conversation can lead to people changing their thought patterns, which can lead to people being treated fairly.
8:21 am
>> she will be joining many others for the # i look like an engineer community gathering right here in san francisco. we are still following this morning's big breaking news, 49ers star aldon smith arrested again. what he is charged with this time and what he said less than a week ago about being ready for the season.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
[ music ] >> that's right, saturday's all right for fighting, elton john, headlining this weekend. requested by jay millikan. if you want to hit us up on a request, hit him tv you and i will see i can do for playing a traffic jam for you. that leads us to the fact that this weekend, outside lands music festival features performers including mumford & sons, and elton john. also taking the stage is an oakland man getting a second chance at making music. ktvu's alex savidge has more as the man has fantastic negrito. [ music ] >> his music is raw and honest. inspired by southern blues players.>> black roots, music for everyone.
8:25 am
>> reporter: fantastic negrito and his band from oakland have created a unique sound that is resonating with more and more music fans >> i think i am singing about things maybe that people want to hear about. about life. >> reporter: listen to his single, lost in the crowd, and it's hard not to sing along. [ music ] him him>> reporter: lately, fantastic negrito has been playing sold-out concerts across the country. earlier this year, they beat out 7000 unsigned artists to win npr's tiny desk concert competition. but not long ago, fantastic negrito was only playing his songs for passersby.>> water to go play at 5 pm at the bart station?>> reporter: these performances this -- were part
8:26 am
of a musical resurgent -- resurgence for xavier. he was plucked from the streets of oakland and given $1 million deal with interscope records.>> somebody wanted to sign me for 1 million bucks. what could go wrong? everything.>> reporter: xavier says the corporate music world killed his creativity. it wasn't what he expected. suddenly, a car crash changed his life. >> then i was in a near fatal accident that left me in a coma for about three weeks. >> reporter: when he woke up, xavier found out he had been dropped from the record label. >> i felt like, good. i was like, the pressure was gone. you know?>> reporter: his injuries kept him from playing music.>> completely mangled my hands, which i renamed the clock.>> reporter: he couldn't even hold a pick and was forced
8:27 am
to essentially hack the guitar. he had all but given up on music until a few years ago while singing to his young son. he had a moment of inspiration. err the reaction that he gave me, he was happy all of a sudden.>> reporter: just like that, his latest persona was born. fantastic negrito.>> gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. that's what keeps me focused, being thankful about everything. >> reporter: a skilled musician back in the spotlight. this time, ready to handle the glare. fantastic negrito will take the stage here at outside lands tomorrow afternoon just before 3:00 on the panhandle stage. he knows this is a huge opportunity for him and he told me, i better be good. i am betting he will be. we will send it back to you. for a complete look at what's happening this weekend at outside lands, go to our channel 2 website,
8:28 am
it's right there on the homepage. last night's gop debates were full of highs, lows, and low blows.>> our leaders are stupid. our politicians are stupid.>> garcia -- garcia will review
8:29 am
8:30 am
what happened.
8:31 am
welcome back. we have an update to the breaking news about 49ers star linebacker aldon smith we've been telling you about it for an hour. he was arrested by santa clara police overnight. the charges, hit-and-run, dui, and vandalism. the 49ers are scheduled to practice this afternoon. we don't know if aldon smith will be there for today's practice. santa clara police booked smith into jail this morning. he has had several scrapes with the law during his pro bowl career with the 49ers, but 49ers general manager announce this week he wanted to sign him to a long-term deal. this is aldon smith's third dui arrest. the first one came in january 2012 in miami. charge was reduced to reckless driver -- stream -- driving. in june in june 2012, aldon smith was stabbed trying to break up a party fight at his
8:32 am
home. two people were shot during that incident. the next year, aldon smith was charged with weapons violations. in september 2013, he was arrested on dui charges after a car crash in san jose. he was suspended in five games and checked himself into a treatment facility. in april 2014, smith was accused of making a bomb threat to a tsa agent at the lax in los angeles. the charges were never filed. those smith was suspended for nine games last season for violating the nfl's personal conduct and sepsis abuse policy. the 49ers opened training camp last week. this sunday, aldon smith talk to joe fonzi and the others about forward to the upcoming season.>> i feel real good. my body feels well. i am ready to go. i am just excited about the season, about where we are going to go and focused on
8:33 am
starting off on a good note.>> the 49ers have a regularly scheduled media availability where they come out and talk to the media. there will be attractiveness -- a practice later this afternoon. there have been 1249 are players who have charged -- been charged or faced charges since 2012. joe fonzi told us earlier this morning he doesn't see how the 49ers can keep aldon smith after the slater's -- latest arrest. we are waiting to hear back from the 49ers with comment. we will keep following the developments and bring you coverage on the air and online through our ktvu mobile app and of course we are breaking down the republican debate. we also need to get you out to -- the door.
8:34 am
>> last night, the lightning show, over 500 lightning strikes. not much rain, but money of shots of cloud to cloud and cloud to ground lightning. that left behind sunny skies and low clouds. i would not disagree that fall is nearly here. everything seems to be running six weeks ahead of schedule. this summer has been crazy since june. i think things are ahead of schedule, to be honest with you. we had two systems this week, amazing for early august to get something of this ill -- built -- built -- ilk, if you will. the low moves and toward sacramento. some moisture will wrap back around. cloud cover over the north bay this morning, that's good. cooler for the firefighters.
8:35 am
there goes our low, moving rapidly out of the picture. there is a pretty good low fog bank that's not going anywhere. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. the higher humidity will help the firefighters and also the cooler temperatures. here is an update on traffic. >> good morning. the traffic is up-and-down. it has been in general lighter than usual today. i want to show you the macarthur maze. it looks all right coming around the corner with no major problems getting into san francisco. let's take a look at the toll plaza here. you can see traffic is going to be busy. i want to show you one of the big trouble spots. i don't know why it has been this way, but 101 from sunnyvale to mountain view has been atrocious. if you can go another way and not use 101, 280 or the expressways, stay off of 101. let's go back to the desk. new this morning from san jose families getting help with much-
8:36 am
needed school supplies.>> brian flores is live to tell us about the program.>> reporter: good morning, we're live at sacred heart community services, where just about 30 minutes ago, the doors and gates open. several families lined up since 5:00 have been allowed into get the much-needed supplies for school. here's a video. the first families entering sacred heart community services this morning. it's called the pack it back program. -- packet back -- pack a back program. they receive school supplies, paper, pencils, flashcards, even a scientific calculator for high school kids. volunteers have been setting up since the morning hours. in july, the families were invited to sign up to return today to receive the supplies.
8:37 am
that day, the first family was here at two in the morning to show you how much this program is needed. many of these families, especially in the silicon valley and despite a growing economy, it's still a struggle.>> it's really rough out there to get the finances that you need. orr when we had registration day, we asked one woman if we weren't here, giving way backpacks, what would you do? she said, i would have to decide to buy food or school supplies. these parents really want their kids to succeed in school. it's very important to them.>> reporter: sacred heart also says this is the most people who have signed up to receive the backpack and school supplies since the program started 10 years ago. these families preregistered back in july for this event, so that sacred heart really gather the right amount of civil -- school supplies today. if you are seeing this for the first time and you didn't preregister, unfortunately, you will be turned away.
8:38 am
there's another event that happens next year and there are some other organizations doing the same thing as well. this event will go on until 5:00 this afternoon.>> love that story. brian flores, thank you. st. anthony's of san francisco's holding a back-to- school giveaway. 200 school kids will get school supplies and new shoes, clothing and a $50 gift card to old navy. st. anthony says more than 2300 schools were homeless during the last school year. this travel help some of those families get ready for news we are. are a lot of people talking about the gop debate this morning. it could be the most watched debate every -- ever, and that could be because of the donald.>> if it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration.>>
8:39 am
was the only candidate to raise his hands -- hand when asked whether the candidates would not support whoever turned out to be the candidate? deborah, you are calling donald shop a snake after that comment. >> reporter: he is just in it for himself. a lot of people have supported a number of republicans have supported donald trump because he can tell it like it is an challenge what is happening in the republican party. what they found out is he is a guy who given enough time will basically betray anybody. he is willing to run as a third- party candidate. it sure looks like it would help hillary clinton wind, because, let's face it, if he runs as a third party candidate, he will take votes away from the right. bill clinton talked to trump for the debate, and i think the
8:40 am
crowd turned on him him see him start to drop in the polls as some of the other big names did in 2012. >> we are hearing a lot about durability. it sounds like you don't think help will be around even perhaps for the next debate california. >> let's face it a lot of people never thought really wanted to be president, that he really wanted to do the kind of work required in the white house. he basically committed simpro could -- suicide by running as the independent candidate.>> did you expect more from jeb bush less likely>> i did. i saw him in january in san francisco, and he was just sort like human park allowed to fight in him. after that i think this game
8:41 am
him -- he changed his game and went on a paleo diet, he became really aggressive. i saw them in san francisco, showing that him outside the base, good on the account. last night him him sort of him -- him it was sort of, i will keep head down. >> you think he missed an opportunity. two people who did not keep their head down, chris christie and ramp all. >> that was amazing moment. you heard kristi talking about 9/11. rand paul looked like he could do well with young republican voters as he questions the nsa data mining policies, but in the exchange with chris christie, christie came out better, in part because rand paul was rolling his eyes and
8:42 am
smirking while chris christie was talking about hugging 9/11 victims. it was not rand paul's finest moment. he is the person most likely not to be on the stage in a month. orr let's talk about -- >> let's talk about the earlier debate. you say carly fiorina came out on top. >> she shined. watching that earlier debate, i wondered why a number of the candidates were even there. former gov. pataki, gilmore, you cannot imagine why they are there. it turned out they were there to become props for fiorina. people said you cannot take on trump, she showed that you can. in a clever way, she showed she was willing to take on trump
8:43 am
and hillary clinton. that has been her strong point all along. i think she will be a factor here after. >> if you can condense it down to your dream team of gop candidates, who would you have on the stage?>> i will say this. i think john kasich did a good job. marco rubio did a good job. some of the younger candidates will come out ahead. that's as follows i will go. i will say this, donald trump will not be the gop nominee. >> i hope we hear more from you coming up throughout this debate. last night, the republican presidential candidates took a lot of jabs at hillary clinton, but she took a few jabs at the gop. one came in the form of a tweet. she tweeted, watching the gop debate? that you feel like joining a democrat's campaign right now. that wasn't her only appearance
8:44 am
yesterday. kardashian tweeted this photo with her husband, kanye west. last night, they attended a fundraiser for hilliard clinton -- hillary clinton at the home of justin bieber's manager. tickets for $2700. the job report is out. we will talk about how many were added in how the unemployment rate actually didn't change.>> my goodness. that was awful. i had to sneeze.>> if you're watching, you may have howard -- heard south unusual sneeze -- sal's unusual sneeze. how that could help someone take the trip of a lifetime.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
breaking news this morning, the recent arrest of aldon smith just last night. in the past few minutes, he talked with reporters after getting released from jail.>> what can you tell all the faithful 49ers fans? >> people who are faithful remain faithful. it's as simple as this. justice will be served. the truth will come out. there is no dui.
8:48 am
i am sorry for anybody i let down, i am sorry for, you know, the way this whole thing has come out. i want everybody to understand it wasn't a dui situation. i think it could have been handled differently. i apologize for everyone i did let down and how it played out. as far as everything is concerned, it will work out the way it's supposed to work out. >> what happened the last night?>> that's all.>> aldon smith sounding contrite but saying the whole story is not out there, promising we will learn more. this is moments after he was led out of the county jail. he was arrested last night by santa clara police, charged with hit-and-run, dui, as well as vandalism. we know the niners are scheduled to practice this afternoon. we've been reaching out to the team all morning and are waiting to hear from the niners. we posted this interview on an interview with smith on our
8:49 am
website. a lot of people speaking out saying, we cannot imagine how the niners would keep him. we will keep you posted. economic news could have a major impact for months to come. the labor department announced american companies added 215,000 jobs last night. the unemployment rate stayed unchanged. economists say the number of jobs added is a signal the job market is rising steadily. the government is weighing mac an interest rate hike. a man is planning to sue the city of roanoke park after a police officer pulled a gun on him. don mccomas posted this videos online. he was hitching his boat to a trailer in front of his home when the police officer got out of his car and pulled out his gun. the officer can be heard telling mccomas, take your hands out of your pockets.
8:50 am
mccomas can be heard saying he didn't do anything wrong. the lawyer says the officer abuses power. the city is aware of the video and will conduct too invests -- two investigations. let's move over to traffic. >> we are looking at the freeways. not much to talk about. things have settled down. a live picture of 880, lighter than usual. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic has picked up a little bit. this is the biggest backup we have had, only amounting to 10 minutes. in san jose, 101, very slow. i would recommend using 280 or something else other than 101 northbound from sunnyvale to mountain view. let's go to steve in the weathercenter. we have some clouds and a good-sized fog bank. the low that gave a lightning show to the bay area last night
8:51 am
is now moving fast. you can see the line has pushed off. we had a little lightning show earlier this morning, but some of the cloud cover is back in the north bay. that's good for the firefighters. the leading edge is pushing off into nevada. earlier this morning, some pretty good lightning strikes, over 500 from the system. the cause was that low right there. it is been there about a week, backtracked, retrograde and it tapped into that. that's what gave us that lightning. really good gusts last night about 11 the clock from fremont -- 11 a, -- 11:00 from fremont down. if you're heading outside, grab a jacket. it's not cold cold, but it will
8:52 am
be cool. it doesn't get below 60. we will go 70 for a high today. clouds pushing back in pretty fast. san jose started off at 60. we will go 81 for the san jose jazz festival. west southwest 15, and onshore breeze. mostly cloudy this morning. the higher clouds are clearing out pretty fast. 60s, 70s, 80s, that cool things down in the lake county. 70s and 80s as well for much of the east bay. santa clara county is in that same general area. 60s on the coast, 70s or low 80s on the peninsula, mainly 70s. a nice weekend, but a big cooling trend starts on monday. maybe rain in northern california. how about that?>> next week will be interesting. 8:52. if you're just joining us, here
8:53 am
is south -- sal's really weird season how that can help you win a trip of a lifetime. here is sal last night about 11:00 abused his power.
8:54 am
8:55 am
traffic is, excuse me. i had to sneeze. >> let's hear what that sneeze was all about.>> it is a huge international contest where people try to help people -- other people. i'm about to explain what happened here. let's listen. it's called the greatest international scavenger hunt that the world has ever seen it has celebrities and ordinary
8:56 am
folks competing. >> i have not slept yet since yesterday. you just kind of get a project and you have to finish it. >> the scavenger hunt makes people complete tasks my list online. most are meant to inspire people to make a difference and perform random and -- acts of kindness. others are crazy and challenge people to be creative and think outside the box. things like building spaceships bicycles, dressing have -- as a human robot and more. the list to several pages long. 15 person teams are trying to complete the task. teams must prove they finished the past by taking photos or video. the group with the most points at the end wins and all- expenses-paid trip to an exotic location with misha collins,
8:57 am
the man who founded the competition.>> how are you doing? >> pretty good. i think the moment -- at the moment we have 1400 points. each item is worth anywhere between eight points to 250 something.>> william shatner is an on the competition and is part of a task. he asked justin bieber to retweet something, which he did. >> it's like a cult. rebecca kind of is.>> this is over tomorrow. -- >> it kind of is.>> this is over tomorrow, and someone will win a trip to coast arica. the goal is to get people to do nice things for other people and have fun doing it. -- coast arica -- costa rica. the goal is to get people to do nice things for other people
8:58 am
and have fun doing it. >> thanks for joining us the news.>> we will stay on top of the 49ers story. when they talk about it with us, we will bring it to you on the air as well is online. we will join you later in the day. balloon and
8:59 am
9:00 am
the boat ready. jack has a brilliant idea.


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