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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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being signed to the team. >> he will be supported and helped and he will not have to walk this path alone. >> the linebacker apologizes for disappointing the fans but says there was no dui. >> justice will be served and the truth will come out. >> the 4 on 2 starts right now. and welcome to the four. aldon smith has been arrested five times since signing with the 49ers and three a dui charge. >> and the 49ers released him and we are live outside levi stadium with the latest on the arrest as well as reaction from fans. >> well, mike and keybo when you think about the crime it may not see like a big deal he hit a parked car and he left. the bigger issue says he may have been drinking and if that's true he shouldn't have
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been given that he is on probation and given his prior arrest, santa clara police say at 8:45 last night the 24-year- old was trying to park his car when he crashed into a parked car. he damaged that car as he was opening the door and left. when police showed up a few hours later, they suspected he has been drinking. he returned to the scene. he was cooperative and he took a field sobriety test and they arrested him. when he was released from jail this morning, he denied the dui allegation. >> simple as this. justice will be served and the truth will come out. there is no dui. i'm sorry for any body i let down. i'm sorry for, you know, the way the whole thing happened. >> it is time like, you know, i need to speak and want everybody to understand this was not a dui, the situation
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could have been handled differently but as far as anything is concerned, it will work out how it is supposed to work out. >> hours later, the 49ers released him and his arraignment is scheduled for october 9th and that's if the da decides to press charges. we have been out here and talking to fans and they are disappointed and shocked and concerned given the 9ers high turn around this season. >> keyba and mike. >> i'm curious. is there any potential jail time he is facing right now because of the probation violation. >> he was serving a three-year probation where he was not allowed to drink alcohol and step inside a liquor star.
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he could face jail time being that he violated his probation. >> thank you and let's bring in scott. you got to wonder how much the organization will take in. >> it is nonstop drama with jim harbaugh leaving and it is bad. the 49ers reached their breaking point with aldon smith. he was released after the tumultuous four year run in san francisco. one of the most talented linebackers, 44 sacks in 53 career games. in the off field it limited mim to 18 games the last two seasons and now he has gone before week one of 2015. leaving the 49ers shorthanded and emotionally decimated. >> you are aware that the 49ers released aldon smith. it's a sad day. >> it doesn't have anything to
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do about football. although he won't be playing football for the 49ers, he will be supported and helped. and not have to walk this path alone. >> the team was so distraught after this morning's practice that they canceled the media availability. we will hear from some of the teammates. >> when you hear the coach say that, he is no longer on the team but we will still thereby for him, it says a lot about what he meant to the team and what he meant to the coach and the organization. >> they stuck with him and the organization some may say to a fault. through the five issues all told and some were critical of bringing him so bass -- fast back. a mainstay in the locker room and one of the star faces.
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it is an emotional sort of dichotomy. >> you talk about the organization, a lot different in the 80s and 90s and with the five superbowls and everyone was clean cut. apparently they have been trouble in the last few years, can they bounce back? >> and now they got a new head coach, you think things are fresh. >> the head coach was not greeted with a ticker-tape parade in the wake of the whole jim harbaugh debacle. i feel bad for jim thomaszoolo and had to do with issues nothing to do with in discretions and patrick willis retired and a lot of holes in the defense and aldon smith as well. a ton for the coach and organize to deal with. >> and it is early august. season is right around the order. >> you have a month to figure it out. >> i guess. >> and they did ask him about
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replacing this specifically and i think it will be by a al -- committee type of thing. eric armsted out of oregon a pass rusher and physical specimen in florida, he has been running with the 3rd team, i think he just got promoted. >> there you go. >> we will see if anyone else picks up aldon smith. >> the music festival, take a look right there, plenty, thousands of people are filling the city for the three-day event. and as you can see, yes, they are out there seemingly enjoying their time and let's check in with ann reuben like in the city. you made the trip across the golden gate, what was it like out there? >> well, it is actually quite busy. i want to have you take a look at this. this is the main gate here and earlier this afternoon it was actually pretty quiet but you can see there is a steady stream of people that is just growing bigger by the minute.
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now, general admission tickets sold out in 45 minutes and the 5th sellout in a row. expecting more than 70,000 people to show up each of the three days for the festival and some of the headliners are elton john and sam smith and kendrick lamar and they have incorporated local food and wine and have incorporated new things like a three hole mini golf course and, of course, with this many people showing up getting tickets and being here was a physical challenge but they say it is worth it. >> we weren't going to miss it. we would do whatever it took. >> it was kind of hard to finish out the bart system but once we got here, that's all that is important. >> two hours. >> yes, two hours to get here. >> among tonight's headliners, mumford and sons, now the festival will bring $80 million into the local economy.
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>> and we can see the live picture and i got to wonder the upside, they are having fun and the weather is nice and the music. what about the neighbors that live nearby, i know they are not happy about the traffic. i read can't get in and out of the driveways. >> yes, you know there is some neighbors that make a point of being out of town for the weekend. we actually heard that i think it is 14,000 tickets were sold in just the four zip codes surrounding outside land. there are some people that live right close by that have chosen to join the mayhem and join. >> i am a mumford and sons fans. are you excited or are you the elton john crowd? where will you go with, ann? >> i would be excited to see mumford and sons and i would not turn elton john down. i would love to be here but i don't think we get to stick around.
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i wish we could. >> i do like elton john, tiny dancer. >> and great local bands. you can't go wrong. >> good to have the local vibe. ann reuben, thanks. >> they worked hard for years and potentially dangerous work and many of the chinese migrants aren't even know. we will tell you more. >> i will have a look at your current conditions coming up gloom here is the look at the approach to the toll plaza. not too bad. you are watching the 4 on 2.
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it was back breaking, deadly work but thousands of chinese migrants volunteered to con truck the transcontinental railroad and endured the lowest pay and it was grueling work conditions and harsh weather and 1200 workers died. they built the railroad and helped built a nation and until recently their sacrifice was received by little recognition. now stanford is gathering stories with a project.
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joining me now is hilton oberzinger. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> how did the work of the chinese migrants go unnoticed and unrecognized for so many years? >> we could use one word, racism and prejudice and particularly right after the railroad was built, huge anti chinese riots and what ended up being the exclusion act, excluding chinese from coming to america. so then afterwards, you know, the 50th anniversary of the golden spike, a few old veterans that showed up but basically it has been part of high school -- everyone has a paragraph in their high school textbook and that's about it. >> a paragraph? >> yes. >> to bring us how the idea for
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the project came about? >> well, stanford university has a direct connection to the railroad and when leeland stanford was the president and the enormous wealth after the tragic death of his son, the money was given to stanford university and the university owes its existence to those chinese railroad workers and we are going to, for the first time for example, officially the university, this year recognized the contribution of the chinese railroad workers. >> how important is it to tell the story and how they impacted our country and from their perspective and the u.s. because there is definitely two perspectives when you tell it? >> definitely and for the first time this project is studying all sides of it and the impact,
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the railroad, was the connect to the country for the first time, east to west. and that developed all kinds of things as well as trade in the pacific. but what we learned is that chinese rental workers worked on all kinds of railroads, in fact, they worked on cal tran. the san jose, san francisco southern pacific, northern pacific railroads and texas and many places in addition to working in mines and agricultural and all of those other places, you know, kinds of work. so the chinese had a huge impact on the development of the west and they were able to work under very tough conditions. >> 1200 died we said at least that we know of. >> we don't know exactly but there is a lot of things that
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we don't know exactly, for example, payroll records they didn't know chinese names and they would put down something like john chinaman at work or john chen or jane doe or john doe. >> exactly. >> so we are laboriously trying to trace the actual people. we have gone from the villages they came from. they came from one province and it's like saying the people from napa and sonoma and they came to china and out of all of america and one -- what we think of today as cantonese food brought over by those folks. >> as we wrap it up, do you need any help, are you asking the public for help and when it is said and done, where can we learn about this history? >> in terms of help, if anyone
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has any relative who has worked on the railroad, that has any kind of documents or memories, transmitted through the family, we are doing an oral history project with chinese americans as well as people that are descendents and their family and that is one way that people can help. of course we are always in need of donations but go to website to look for that. archaeologists have continued to go to where chinese workers did their work and have come up with all kinds of artifacts and materials so there is a book of that already out. and there will be a collection of essays and a historical book
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and exhibition, photographic historical exhibition and people are working on documentaries. >> have to look ahead and keep looking for it? >> yes. >> the associate director of the project, hilton, thank you. >> thank you. >> mark and rosemary and ike over to you. >> well the lightning was spectacular last night. ktvu viewers were sharing their video and photos on social media. every time i see this it is like the grateful dead song if the thunder don't get you the lightning will. there is other good ones, this video in san mateo and we received video from almeda. everyone saw it. we tried to catch the videos and photos and folks in gil roy. the lines did cause damage. p g&e crews were called out in san jose where the lightning struck a transformer and
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killing the power. no one was hurt and neighbors say it was pretty scary. >> i was sitting out having -- watching the lightning with a friend of mine and pretty soon there was enormous flash and incredible boom and we were disoriented. i saw some sparks and realized that a tree in the backyard next door had been hit. >> i guess rosemary, better the tree than an actual person. >> absolutely. >> we don't see this too often. >> your right, on occasion and typically during the summer months and sometimes during the winter but quite a show. fascinating. all right. so we are tracking still a little bit of lightning not in the bay area but over portions of the sierra. i will show you that in a moment. giving you live look from san francisco, across the bay towards the east where we have blue skies this afternoon and into the east bay where we have
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mostly sunny skies. so we saw some nice weather come our way once the clouds cleared earlier. here is a look at the system pushing off to the east and as it does it leaves us with dry quiet weather. there is a red-flag warning in place for the next 40 minutes or so and if you take a look, you might be able to pick up on some of the lightning that is viking over areas of tahoe and perhaps a few scattered showers there as well. this is going to wind down as we get into tonight and the weekend looks pretty good for the sierra. we got mostly clear skies over portions of the coast and outside land, mostly sunny skies and mostly sunny skies for the rest of us as well. we are going to have a nice evening in store for outside lands, 66 degrees and low 60s for the 7:00 hour and sun will set at 8:09 and 60s at 10:00 where things began to wrap up. the low clouds getting in the late night hours and to
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tomorrow morning. tomorrow, dry and mild, perhaps slightly warmer for some and sunday a tad warmer. all in all it will be a minor, minor warmup. 80s right now in walnut creek and 74 for napa and 77 in nevada and along the peninsula 75 and 79 redwood city and 79 in san jose where we have the jazz festival and we will go later on that to mark. he is there live this afternoon. temperatures in the overnight, upper 50s and low 60s and 59 in san francisco tomorrow morning and low 60s expected in oakland and 57 for napa and 60s in conford and 61 for livermore and the low clouds as we start the day and mostly clear skies away from thecross line and temperatures, for this time of year maybe a tad cool but not bad. 66 for pacifica and 77 in france and mid-70s for oakland. low 80s concord and livermore, mid-80s and antioch one of the warmer locations for tomorrow
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and in the south bay 86 and 84 for santa rosa and the extended forecast with your weekend in view, temperatures looking good for tomorrow and then notice a slight warmup as we get to the second part of your weekend. mid to upper 80s in the forecast for the inland communities and upper 70s around the bay and upper 60s for the coastline. we get another cool down for the business week with temperatures cooling off in the 70s. consumer report launching a petition for changing car insurance and why most of us
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are being overcharged. >> do you ever feel like you are paying too much for car insurance. >> consumer reports says you are probably right. >> in today's money business pam cook explains what consumer reports found and what you can do to make sure you are not overcharged. >> are you paying too much for your car insurance analysts say you should shop around and compare rates. a recent study finds only 20% of drivers shop around for car insurance. and that average policy holder is paying close to $400 more per year than they should. things that affect your premium, your marital status, your zip code and believe it or not, your credit score. consumer reports just wrapped
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up two years of research. they analyzed two billion price quotes and they say your credit card score may have an impact on how much you pay than your driving record and other things completely related may come into play, your shopping habits and how you respond to previous rate hikes in your policy and probably the most shocking finding in the analysis. in one example in florida, adult single drivers with poor credit scores paid $1500 more per year than the exact same driver had excellent credit scores and a drunk driving conviction. as a result of the findings, consumer reports is encouraging people to sign a petition to the 50 state insurance commissioners. that petition asked them to make sure that car insurance is priced on how we drive and not how we shop or pay our bills.
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>> thanks, pam. you can read more about the special investigation and sign the petition if you want. at look at it right there on the home page. sparks and accusation on the main stage of the gop. we will break down the most widely viewed debate in television history. coming up after the break.
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>> it was a record 24 million people watched the republican debate on fox news last night. the highest rating ever for a primary debate and the biggest viewership of fox's channel. we are looking at the take aways from last night. we are here with brian soller and donnie faller. let's start with donald trump. >> the crowd was kind of booing him and rand paul was attacking him. do you think trump got off the wrong foot. >> he did what he needed to do, challenge the establishment and push back the mainstream media and the candidates that had been around politic too long and he did that. >> brian. >> i think he turned in the performance he wanted to. he comes off as the every day person with anger and at
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government and that sort of thing but at the end of the day he is a shooting star. >> he is being more honest. what about his temperament. >> angry and defensive. all of those things. >> and tapping into a segment of the republican electorate that is frustrated at washington d.c. and the republican party national leadership and that's why he is in first place. there are real voters that support him. >> and talk about his temperament, talking about pursuing the and containing the borders. he went out at it and with that tone, is it going to resonate with the americans. >> right now it will. you have to go back and look at other people that have been in
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his place. ross perot comes to mind. >> he jumped out of the race before jumping back in. my belief is over time, donald trump will end up leaving the race or just fading. >> let's move on from trump. last night we asked you to keep an year open for something that caught your ear when terrorism came up and protecting america, brian you said that caught your ear specifically the collection of phone data. let's let the viewers listen in on the conversation. >> i'm the only person on the stage whose actually file application on the patriot act and gone through the foreign intelligence court and prosecuted and investigated and jailed terrorists after september 11th. >> i want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from innocent
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americans. >> the 4th amend was what we fought the revolution over. john adams says it was a spark that lead to our war of independence and i understand proud of standing for the bill of rights and i will continue to stand for that. >> when you are sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air you can say things like that. when you are responsible for protecting the lives of the american people, then what you need to do is to make sure that -- >> here is the problem. >> that it is supposed to work. >> i don't trust president obama with our records, i know you gave him a big hug and if you want to give him a big hug again go right ahead. >> moment of the night. >> i thought it was interesting because at that point it sounded like a debate. these are qs and as and forums but this is where you saw two people getting into a dust off and it is where chris christie is at his best and i thought he did a great job. >> what did you think of that moment, who do you think you won. >> there was a lot of hugging,
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they both won. >> scott walker hit hillary clinton a couple of times. he was asked when he ran for governor in 2010 that he prompted 250 jobs and where are the jobs listen here on this piece of tape. >> before i came in the unemployment was high and it has come down. we have made up for the jobs and the rate that people are working is five points higher than it is nationally people like hillary clinton think you grow the economy by growing washington. six of the top ten counties was in or around washington d.c. most of us understand that people, not the government creates jobs and one of best things we can do is get the government out of the way and repeal obama care and reign in the out of control regulations and put in the energy policy and give people the education they need and lower the tax rate and reform the tack code and that's what i will do as president. >> how do you like that response? >> i do like it but what it
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reflects more largely is a debate within the debates and that is governors in some of the senators running on their record. the governor in particular, the new ones like walker from wisconsin, want to say and christie from new jersey want to say the economy has gotten better when i was governor. but at the same time they want to attack and bring down obama's economic record and they are going to have a difficult time because athey haven't made the expectations and b, they can't take all of the credit and say obama is destroying the u.s. economy. >> another debate within this debate was the battle for florida. you had senator rubio and former governor there, bush, who do you think won that battle, it is a big one, the two guys don't like each other, when they talked about the common core standards, we saw it heat up. >> at the end of the night, if you judged them head-to-head, i thought rubio did a better job on substance and content than
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bush, i think he looked rusty and i don't think he answered well and hit by the bell over and over because he couldn't complete his thoughts. >> bush looked presidential. >> you thought he looked presidential. >> yes. he looked comfortable and in command. he may have stuttered but he has a record that goes back many, many years and more comfortable than the young are candidates so bush is leading in florida and against his fellow states. >> leading in money. >> so maybe it was a draw between the two floridians but bush has the advantage and he looked more presidential. >> immigration, everyone wants to build the fence. climate change, i didn't hear a peep. >> are you surprised. >> no. >> who do you think won the debate? >> rick perry and george bush and ted cruz. >> i thought mark rubio had the best content. i don't think anybody won.
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there wasn't enough time to see who could emerge. >> and the 24 million people that watched it, that shows that americans want change. >> and this is the first inning of a very long period and it was great to see. >> absolutely and it is great to see that many people interested in the process. >> very cool. i agree. >> donnie faller and brian thanks for taking the time and we will see you soon. coming up, going home, some residents are finally allowed back in as crews continue to battle the rocky fire. i'm tracking a minor warmup of your bay week end with a cool down and i will have more coming up. sky fox is up top over san francisco and looking down on the outside lands festival or i guess more about the street and roadways around it. this is goth near golden gate park and the bands starting to play. it should be a long weekend out there in san francisco's
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outside land festival. the 4 and 2 back in just a bit.
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some residents are being allowed back home as firefighters get a better handle on the rocky fire, that fire is 45% contained and has burned 69,000 acres and the fire line extends, 43 homes have burned and some residents
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headed back and many others still remain evacuated. the wildfires having a big impact on the marijuana industry and joining us is tim anderson from harbor side and working with some of the growers in northern california to sell cannabis. thanks for taking the time tim. i guess inventory is the biggest issue if the fires are burning some of the marijuana farms. >> the inventory problem will make itself known for the minutes going forward and some of the material is being grown or in the ground right now. >> how do you prepare for that? >> well, to a certain extent you have to wait and see how the season pans out and the material will have to be judged once it is harvested and brought to market and if it is compromised by ash or smoke, it is something we won't be able to sell. >> expand on that, the fire tears through a marijuana farm
4:42 pm
you think it is gone but if the smoke goes to other farms you can buy that because of the smoke. >> that's correct. obviously the farms that get burned will have no material whatsoever but there is plenty of material on the periphery that can be affected by the soot and the ash as well as picking up some of those unfortunate aromas. >> have you spoken to the growers in the clear lake area and how are they dealing with it? >> a few of the cultivators have been affected and one of them lost his farm and he was able to harvest most of his material but lost his outbuilding and his house and, of course, has the staff that are laid off for the season and one of my other cultivators has expressed problems with his plant and not doing as well and mostly due to the coverage from the smoke and from the amount of environmental pollution. >> and what about your patients, how does it affect
4:43 pm
them? the story reminds me of gasoline. something goes wrong with the refinery the price goes up at the tank, is that like the marijuana industry because of the wildfires? do you expect the price of your product to increase? >> the price at our retail counter will not increase but the price coming to us will certainly increase and the amount of material available may decrease. >> tim anderson with harbor side health have in okay land. thank for coming in and talking about this. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> let's go to keyba and rosemary. >> we are in the weather center now and you know if you are not a fan of that hot summer weather you are not complaining. >> a perfect summer day and particularly in san jose. >> we have the summer fest kicking off and we find mark checking it out. how is it going? >> we are at the san jose jazz
4:44 pm
fest and people showing up, rj showed up at 11:00 this morning. you have the best seat in the house. >> yes, it will be a wonderful time. i came down from okay land and arrived here at 11:00 a.m. this season and great to watch tower of power. >> thank you and enjoy your time this evening and this is the main stage. we are at the plaza at caesar chavez and warming up as we are walking up, this is zeek mccarer and just heard you warming up a few seconds ago, you sound great. >> thank you. thank you. >> you are the opening act. >> it is an honor to be here. >> and you came down from san francisco, right? >> yes. >> and you have great weather just looking out already. a lot of people. you must be excited. >> super excited. we dropped our debut record and what better opportunity to play it in weather like this. >> and there is over one
4:45 pm
hundred bands here all weekend long and it will be a great event. you start at what time? i don't know. >> you will be ready. >> and and your band is warming up. >> benjamin andrews and john killerner and andrew leadbacker and we have britney lou and mark stef on sack and mike dabor on the keyboard and yours truly singer. >> the jazz fest and you can see caesar chavez and lots of clear skies already and as we showed you people showing up and the crowds will filter in. today, tomorrow and it is sunday. the 26th version of this event. come out and enjoy it and lots of great weather at san jose, a great time. >> i bet a lot of people will
4:46 pm
come out. thanks a lot. sunny skies and warm weather. >> what a great week end. this is the week to be in town. >> yes and that kicked off earlier and they have great weather giving you live look into san francisco where the low clouds are making their way back and mostly sunny skies, 67- degree and maybe a little bit cooler now that clouds are beginning to move in. 79 in san jose and the rest of us, a nice mild to warm day and 73 in santa rosa and concord and 86 right now and oakland at 75. the thunderstorms came in the overnight and pulling out and showed it to you in the last half hour. moving east right there and sort of on the border between nevada and california and moving east. earlier we had a red-flag warning and it is still in
4:47 pm
place for the sierra for 15 more minutes and you can see we have lightning continuing to strike and light rain. this will move out and if you headed to tahoe mostly sunny skies and light winds and low 70s in the forecast. saturday, slightly warmer on sunday. so you won't have to worry about the thunderstorms if you are going to tahoe for saturday and sunday. here is a look at future cast as we get in the evening. there are the clouds rolling back in and as we get in the overnight they creep across the bay in the east bay and we wake up tomorrow morning and we have partly to mostly cloudy skies and east bay mainly stretching to walnut creek and approaching the livermore area and along the peninsula and the coast. for the afternoon, they will pull back and a mild day and look at the coast they do remain hugging close. partly to mostly cloudy and 60s
4:48 pm
on the coast and 70s around the bay and some 80s out there and areas right around san jose south and the inner east bay, 80s in the forecast and for the north bay as well. but the 90s will stay in the central valley. so we don't have any 90s in the forecast for our area tomorrow. temperatures as we get out the door tomorrow. upper 50s to low 60s and 50s concord and 59 in mountain view and we are all sort of in the same boat with those numbers and to the afternoon, 84 expected santa rosa and 79 for san rafael and you have low 70s in berkeley and 70s for san francisco and 85 for antioch. in the south bay where we have the jazz fest. 80s and 86 expected in morgan and 79 in santa cruz. a beautiful day there and the extended forecast, a slight warmup for the back half of the weekend and a cool down as we get into the week ahead and i
4:49 pm
don't know who's worried about monday at this point but temperatures will cool off for monday and tuesday and wednesday. thanks, rosemary. >> let's check in with frank in the newsroom, you are working on coming up for ktvu at five. another blow for the 9ers. >> yes, incredible as it may seem. extensive coverage on the 49ers and linebacker aldon smith. the 49ers didn't waste anytime today. they released him hours after his latest arrest. this afternoon the team's new head coach spoke about smith. you will hear what he said and you will hear what aldon smith told one of our reporters this morning right after he was released from jail. and we are going to look at what all of this means for aldon smith's career. is he donesome or will he play again at some point for another team? >> a blatant case of water wasting or maybe not? >> maybe not. we took some of these pictures of watering at a bay area apartment complex, all you see is water shooting straight into the street. so today we went there to find out the deal and the answer we
4:50 pm
got was actually pretty surprising. frank i will be there with you at five. north korea is taking a stand against japanese impairism by changing its clocks. that story coming up when the 4
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returns. a jury has sentenced colorado theater shooter to life in prison without the possibility of parole. jurors deliberated for about six-and-a-half hours over two days before reaching this decision. the same jurors reached rejected holmes insanity offense. they convicted him of murdering 12 people and trying to injure
4:53 pm
others in a suburban theater three years ago. not death but life in prison. let's take a look at the stories making the rounds. north korea is changing its time zone. the agency announced that the clocks will roll back a half hour on august 15th. it will be called yang time the move is being made because the wicked japanese had deprived korea of its standard time. >> the state news agency said the new time zone will reflect the quote unshakeable face and will honor the service people on the korean liberation. this is trending on facebook. you see that dad, he has a c oc hlear implant. >> and it was featured in an
4:54 pm
magazine. he lives in new zealand and his 6-year-old daughter has significant hearing loss in her left year due to a medical condition. as children grow they have to get fitted. >> and before she went to the doctor her dad got this tattoo that i am there with you, i love you and that implant is helping her hear and dad is like i'm with you. >> i love it. father, daughter bon. >> cool. >> maybe you will do that one day. >> whatever she wants. >> within reason. >> it is the place to stay in new york for only $20 a night. the unique complications that you can find on air b and b.
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given new meaning to cramped complications in new york city. converted vehicles are providing budget mined travelers an economic way to visit the big apple where hotels could cost $200 for one night and higher. sleeping in a vehicle is legal in new york. so jonathan pally has converted his taxi into a hotel renting it out. the taxi hotel is meeting their
4:58 pm
needs from $20 to $70 and pally rents his out and with six other vehicles in the neighborhood of queens and each one with a mattress and sheets and flowers and a fan and a night-light. >> i get good reviews. one guy said he was disappointed that the van was small and i reminded him that he rented a van. yes, nice reminder. guests are not allowed to drive the vehicles. and there are best options with the skyline view and awaiting them outside the doors but it should be noted that there are limitations to these not so traditional complications and no electricity and your on your own when you need a bathroom. or a place to shower. let's go to the spotlight shining down heavily on the 49er camp today.
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>> it sure is. a huge development involving a star play other san francisco 49ers. >> today the team released aldon smith following his arrest and today smith spoke to us as he was walking out of jail. >> glad you are with us. want to show you pictures of aldon smith walking out of the santa clara jail. the 5th time he has been arrested in the last two-and-a- half years and the 3rd u arrest. he had one in 2012 and he was stabbed while trying to break up a fight during a party at his home and two people were shot. the next year smith was charged with weapons violations. and in september of 2013 arrested on charges and in 2014 he was accused of making
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