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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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he is gone leaving a physical hole in the defense. a team had to watch its mate battle so many demons. >> saw a man fighting and working and trying and i think to a man in this building and you've been to practice to watch him, the energy about him, the where he's at. once again, real life.
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everybody has different struggles. they're just in different ways. >> this is the fourth arrest for smith since he was drafted seventh overall back in 2011. >> will we see him playing football this season? >> this season, i highly doubt it. ever, that's my guess. smith has to get help. he has to get well. the burden of proof will be to show any would-be suitors he is psychologically ready to not blow up again. if he can do that, he's young enough and talented enough he might get a shot but i don't
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think it's going to be this year. >> the 49erss have had a lot of players arrested over the last several years. when you think back to their dynasty time, they had players in the locker room who said this is how we do things. you don't do stuff like that. are they missing that type of player now? >> right now we don't know who they are, and i don't think the 49ers know who those guys are. smith was the guy. willis is gone. suffice it to say, the 2015, 49ers are a far cry from that. all the hype about viewer ship came true last night for the first gop debate. fox news reports that 24 million people ended up watching that debate. that makes it the highest rated primary debate ever. to put the number of viewers in
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perspective, nearly one out of every five homes with a tv watched that debate last night. the candidates have already moved on from cleveland. today they were in atlanta for the red state gathering. the organizer of the event called this key for the candidates because these are the people who will end up making phone calls and knocking on doors for those candidates during the campaign season. how'd they do last night? did any candidate pull out ahead? ross, everyone was watching last night to see how donald trump would do. >> reporter: that's right, frank. he was the one to beat going in and he was the headline coming out, that he was the one who may have been beaten. but the big med line for the bay area may have been how far the gop has moved on gay rights and how well carly fiarina did. >> do you intend to circumvent
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the progress that's been made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military? >> reporter: from jeers in 2011 to cheers in 2015. this is how far the gop has gotten. >> if one of my daughters happened to be that, of course i would love them because that's what we're taught when we have strong faith. >> reporter: the party faithful had big moments on gay rights. and big surprises like carly fiarina. >> the political class has failed you. that's what donald trump taps into. >> reporter: the biggest moment may have been on tap just seconds into the main debate. with a raise of his hand, donald trump singled himself out as the only candidate who would not pledge unconditionally to support the gop nominee prompting some supporters to throw their hands up. >> i knew that was going to be a little bit controversial, but it was exciting.
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>> reporter: plus his comments about women. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs. >> reporter: left some panning his performance and left trump himself attacking moderator meghan kelly on twitter before dawn. wow, meghan kelly really bombed tonight. people are going wild on twitter. funny to watch, he wrote. >> i absolutely thought that donald trump missed his opportunity. he was too bombastic. he did not seem presidential. >> the biggest fireworks exploded over this exchange over chris christy and rand paul. >> when you're blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that. >> i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug. if you want to give him a big hug again, go right ahead. >> reporter: mostly who avoided the fray may have made the biggest impression while pointing to the future. >> to me, that's the essence of the american dream. >> reporter: jeb bush may have
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represented an underhelming past. post-debate, most seemed to vote for the candidate who was on the other stage -- carly fiarina. >> i was just grateful to have an opportunity to talk to the american people. when i went into the debate last night, only 40% of republican voters had ever heard my name. i'm not a professional politician, and i'm not a celebrity. i still have a lot of introducing of myself to voters, so that debate gave me a great opportunity to do so. >> millions of people certainly heard her name now. she's jumped from near obscurity to prominence now. she's canceled an appearance she was supposed to make coming up on monday. her spokesperson saying she couldn't squeeze in a few moments -- [ no audio ] >> what a different a night makes. do you think -- let's be honest. her polling numbers are pretty low. will this bring her numbers up
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and maybe bring her into the top 10? she is in the bottom 7. >> she is in the low end of the bottom 7. she's about 20 points behind donald trump right now. hopefully bring in more money within a few hours of the debate she had put out requests for fundraising. she's raised less than $5 million. compare that to jeb bush. she's got a long way to go. >> the pundits will say republicans need a woman out front. she could become that woman out front. >> yeah. she is the answer to hillary clinton. she spent a lot of time last night attacking hillary clinton and today schultz went after fiarino after her. >> she better do appearances and take advantage of it right now. >> we are seeing it. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> and if you missed any of the debate last night, head to the ktvu youtube channel. we have posted highlights from both debates. the rocky fire now 45% contained. hundreds of people were able to return to their homes for the first time. some people faced damage and destruction. others feeling sheer relief. >> reporter: spring valley. a small community outside clear lake where it's now safe to finally come home. home is where we found shirley and felix. >> when you come home and you see everything still standing, it sure is a relief. >> reporter: spring valley had been under threat from the rocky fire. >> some of my family tree. >> reporter: they lifted the evacuation order and those
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living here were able to move back home. the conley's had stayed with relatives. >> we kind of were scared the whole time, but we're getting too old to rebuild again. >> you have visions that your house is destroyed. >> reporter: they are fortunate their home is in good shape. others were not so lucky. we drove through morgan valley road about a half hour from the conley's and saw how devastating the fire has been. other than bikes, there's very little recognizable. this is one of 43 structures cal fire has reported as destroyed. this area still closed to the public, much of it a moon scape. this woman lives nearby. she says the fire spared her home. >> i feel blessed. i think god put a special favor for us out there.
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in lake county for ktvu. we took video of water in the bay area apartment complex. the water just shooting on the sidewalk and streets. we went to that complex to find out an answer. what we were told, it's pretty surprising. also, following developing news involving the gunman who massacred 12 people inside a movie theater a couple of years ago. james holmes just learned his sentence and whether or not he will be executed. music fans rushed the gates to get seats for tonight's main event. >> san jose summer fest. looking out toward the crowd. we'll have a special performance with the opening act. it runs all weekend long.
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it's a weekend of music. gates upped up about five hours ago. that's the traffic heading to the park there. multiple stages are set up. dozens of bands set to perform over the next three days. we battled the crowds to get to outside lines. you're there now. >> reporter: we did make it here, yes. the main gate is quite crowded with 210,000 people expected over the course of the three days. about half of those people come from outside the bay area, which organizers say means they are pumping into the local economy. it's a sell-out crowd at outside lands. in fact, tickets went in under 45 minutes. if you weren't quick, you were
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out of luck. >> we said we were going to do whatever it took to get here. >> reporter: with 70,000 people expected each day, physically getting here took some perseverance too. >> it was hard to figure out the system. >> it took two hours. >> two hours to get here. >> reporter: festival goers say it's worth it. mumford and sons, sam smith, and kendrick lamar, and that's just a fraction of the list. >> it's really spread out. i feel like i'm going to get lost today. we have plenty of hydration. >> i think a big part of this festival is, i mean, the music is great but the atmosphere is just as good too. >> reporter: you'll find gourmet everything at cheese land, beer land, wine land, and gastro-magic. and there's mini golf too. >> there's no lines waiting for tickets or a cop or anything
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like that. it's made it a faster process. >> reporter: the event itself has raised $10.7 million for the recreation and park department. it is also expected to bring $80 million into the local economy drawing people of all ages from all over. >> one year the two girls told me all about it. i said let's all go together. this is our fifth year going. >> it's in my home city and i'm with all my friends. obviously the music is amazing too. there are so many good headliners and sub headliners that i can't wait to see. >> reporter: on tap tonight, wilco and mumford and sons among others. this is the fifth consecutive year they have had a sell-out crowd. >> i have to ask about the people who live around golden gate park. what do they think of all this? they have to deal with the traffic, the noise, and all of the people. what are their thoughts? >> reporter: there are those who say this is the perfect
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weekend to get out of town or hunker town inside. there are others who say if you can't beat them, join them. we were told 14,000 tickets were sold in the four zip codes surrounding the outside lands. >> that bracelet thing was pretty interesting. they swipe their bracelet? >> reporter: it makes things easy, right? >> sure does. thank you. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. perfect weather. >> yeah. >> couldn't ask for more. >> outstanding day. after the lightning storms last night, that was some significant stuff. heavy lightning storms around the bay area. there's a lot going on in the bay area this weekend. fog starting to move in. my good pal mark is down at the world jazz fest. it goes on all weekend down there. huh, mark?
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>> reporter: an exciting event. the san jose jazz summerfest. during the 4:00 o'clock hour, we were visiting with our friends. we're going to take a little listen. they are the opening act at 5:30. we'll take a listen to some great tunes right now very quickly. >> kick it off. >> like a thief in the night. you got me for everything. now all i've got is a love that you're bringing. but that's all i need to get me through the day. so by the time the morning comes, i'll be headed your way, girl. >> reporter: doesn't that sound wonderful? i'm sorry to break up that beautiful sound and come back to my voice, but that's just great. they're the opening act at 5:30. you're the board of directors of san jose jazz. were you a little nervous last night with the thunderstorms
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that moved? >> i absolutely was. i'm so thankful it came last night and not tonight. >> reporter: over 100 shows over the next 50 days? >> 100 performances on 13 stages. it's the largest outdoor latin jazz festival on the west coast. you can hear people already partying here. it's a great atmosphere. >> reporter: this is the 26th edition, right? >> it is the 26th. we're very excited. every year it just gets better and better. we evolve the program based on community preference. we're excited about it. >> reporter: thank you so much. the weather is great as well. a little bit of a breeze out there, just enough to mess up my hair. looks like a great event tonight. >> those guys sounded great. you know, jazz music is so cool. it's an original american music stemming from the blues. to have it right there in san jose all weekend going on, what a great event. nothing better than the bay
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area for music, right? >> reporter: we're so lucky. it's great to be here listening to this, just so close. i wish i could be here all weekend long. but you know me, i'm the weekend weather guy. >> dig up some food. for our weather, we're talking about those thunderstorms last night. pretty interesting stuff. we had plenty of activity. it's died down. it's just up in the mountains now. there's fog off the golden gate park there. that's going to affect the outside lands. this is the satellite from last night's satellite radar. watch these storms. let me see if i can stop it there now. if i back it up -- it's not backing up right. bear with me. look right here. this was last night. watch this area as it just mows through the bay area. 9:30, 10:30 over 100 lightning strikes through the bay area.
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now it's up in the mountains. no warning boxes yet, but we have some significant thunderstorms up around donner lake near truckey, obviously. up north toward portola. these storms not necessarily dry lightning at this point because we're seeing rain. south lake tahoe, you're getting rain right now. it's gone now. the fog working its way back into the outside lands festival forecast. it's already showing up there right along the golden gate park. outside lands seeing fog moving in. jackets will be needed not just tonight but tomorrow night as well. forecast overnight lows will be in the upper 50s, low 60s. overnight lows will be down there in the park. tonight you'll be in the upper
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50s, mid-50s when you leave. 85 in pittsburgh. these are the highs for tomorrow that are going to be very similar to the day we have today. plenty of sunshine, temperatures on the mild side. 65 in dailey city. the five-day forecast has plenty of temperatures in the mild range. we'll see you back here with an update on the forecast. >> thank you. coming up, late this afternoon the man convicted in the colorado theater shooting learns his fate. the sentencing announcement and the video the jury wanted to watch beforehanding down their decision. and later new at 6, a man convicted of hi jacking a bus full of kids back in the '70s is out on parole is heading back to the bay area. best way to get apples into a wine glass is by making hard
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cider. a booming industry here. and ki re every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. en. now to a developing story out of colorado. the trial of james holmes is now over, and today we learned whether he's going to be executed or spend life in prison without the possibility of parole. we are following the story in the news room with what the jury decided. >> it's been more than three years since james holmes walked into a movie theater, opened fire, and killed a dozen
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people. today he found out the price he'll pay for those actions. he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. they couldn't unanimously vote for the death penalty. that's the same panel of nine women and three men who found him guilty of shooting 12 people to death in a movie theater. the judge is required to impose a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of patrol. death penalty deliberations started yesterday after hearing testimony from the families of those who lost loved ones in the shooting. this morning the jury asked to review a graphic crime scene video before making their decision. this is what the judge had to say this afternoon over and over and over for each count. >> we the jury do not have a unanimous final sentencing verdict on this count, and we the jury understand that as a result the court will impose a
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sentence of life imprisonment on this count. you may be seated. >> holmes insanity defense rested on the his schizophrenia. holmes surrendered outside the theaters. police found him dressed head to toe in combat gear. he will spend the next 51 years behind bars costing the taxpayers at least $1.6 million. that's just a minimum. californians have been asked to cut back and turn in water wasters. the surprising answer we got when showed them this video.
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an update on the officer in this video who pulled a gun on an unarmed man in the park.
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female announcer: right now at sleep train get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save hundreds on beautyrest. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. many californians are doing a good job of saving water. possible cases of water waste
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are happening in pleasant hill. what did you discover? >> reporter: this housing complex is where i saw the most egregious example of water wasting. just a few blocks down is city hall, which also has a problem. the rolling greenhousing development is so named because of all of its grass. >> i like this complex because it's open. >> reporter: keeping the grass green in a draught is challenging. >> i know we are 5% below the compliance level indicated by the water district. >> reporter: but it's likely rolling green would be even more water efficient if it didn't waste so much while watering the lawn. i shot this video around midnight for about 20 minutes. you can see the sidewalk and street getting soaked. i shared the video with residents. >> that doesn't surprise me
5:35 pm
that is occurring. it is a concern to all of us. >> reporter: they were disappointed by the waste and said they'd be contacting their homeowners association. >> that's one of the things we can't turn around all at once. it's not like every sidewalk is being watered. it's in isolated placesment. >> reporter: city hall uses well water, but there was so much of it going down the drain. >> water is a good thing to use in its right place. we don't want to waste any. we can't waste any. >> reporter: watering within the required water district parameters. it requires people to water after dark. many are set to water overnight when most residents are not around to see any problems. >> the person who's in charge of the watering probably is not here at midnight. maybe they should come at midnight and look, but when you find out then you do something about it. >> reporter: everyone from the city to the homeowners
5:36 pm
association say they need help spotting these water wasting problems. pleasant hill is enhissing police officers to patrol at night to report such issues. back to you guys. >> you would hope they address it sooner than later. every day that's more water being wasted. >> reporter: yeah. but it is one of those things that, you know, it does take time to fix the issues. the folks here said they were eager to solve the problem as well. >> thank you. more on our top story involving the 49ers release of smith from the team. police took smith into custody last night on charges of hit and runs, driving under the influence, and vandalism. this is the 25-year-old's third arrest on suspicion of drunken
5:37 pm
driving. he was accused of making a false bomb threat at lax last year. he violated the nfls personal conduct and substance abuse policies. >> it's a sad day. this is a day that doesn't have anything to do with football. although he won't be playing football for the san francisco 49ers, i will will be supported and helped. he will not have to walk this path alone. >> when smith left jail this morning, he told us that there was no dui and that the truth will come out. he apologized if he let anyone down. >> a lot of people in the nfl have been tweeting about his arrest and his release from the 49ers. former cincinnati receiver chad johnson tweeted out my prayers are with you. a former new england patriot
5:38 pm
tweeted easy to pile on regarding smith, but i think the man is sick. the man needs to get well. hope he gets the help he sorely needs. jarrod peyton sent out this tweet. playing in the nfl is a privilege, not a right. smith had many chances. sometimes it takes being out of football to see just how precious it is. you can hear more from the coach and what alden smith told our reporter this morning as he was leaving jail. we've put all of that on our website. it's the top story on our home page. a police officer is now on paid administrative leave after cell phone video showed him pulling a gun on a man during a verbal confrontation. this video taken is from last month. he says he was in his front yard hooking his boat to a trailer when he saw the officer. the officer got out of his
5:39 pm
vehicle and told him to take his hand out of his pocket. when he refused, the officer pulled out his gun. an outside investigators will be hired to conduct a full investigation. we've heard from republicans opposed to the iran nuclear deal. now some key democrats are saying they won't support the president's deal either. burned, dehydrated, and tired. how firefighters taking a break ended up rescuing a lost dog.
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some really nice pictures here. crews with the fire department say more than homes while battling the rocky fire. the firefighters were taking a break when the injured dog walked up to them. he was burned, dehydrated, and tired. the crew gave the dog some food and called animal services and took the dog to a nearby animal hospital where he'll be treated and hopefully reunited with his owner. the sheriff's department confirmed that a body found earlier this week is that of missing san francisco teacher. searchers found the remains of ed cavanaugh on tuesday near a dirt bike trail. he went missing in july. investigators say the identification was made from dental records. the sheriff's office says the cause of cavanaugh's death is
5:43 pm
still under investigation. a san francisco law firm to conduct an investigation into corruption allegations involving the governing body of world soccer. today we contacted the law office. they declined to comment. fifa is conducting an internal investigation. they say there are also separate probes by authorities in the united states and in switzerland. seven officials were arrested on international money laundering. swiss police launched their own investigation involving the tournaments in 2018 and 2022. a key member is saying he won't support the iran deal, and he's not the only one objecting. he signed for a million dollars. he thought he had it made.
5:44 pm
see what's happened now to give this bay area musician's career a real resurgence. checking on your forecast. the weekend is here. here's the fog moving into the outside lands in san francisco. i'll let you know what you can expect for your saturday and sunday.
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attention america. get yourself a free half gallon of dole classic lemonade with any 10 piece meal or larger purchase. because when you buy this chicken there's free lemonade for the pickin'. it's finger lickin' good. two key democrats have broken ranks with president obama and say they can't support that deal.
5:47 pm
connor powell has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: congressman elliot engle and senator chuck schumer announcing they will not support the agreement. schumer releasing a statement saying i believe iran will not change, and under this agreement it will be able to achieve its dual goals of eliminating sanctions while ultimately retaining its nuclear and non-nuclear power. secretary of state john kerry integral in striking a deal with iran last month. speaking in vietnam, he profoundly disagrees with the decision warning there will be consequences if congress rejects the agreement. >> it's eliminating options in a realistic way. i would respectfully suggest that rejection is not a policy
5:48 pm
for the future. it does not offer any alternative. >> reporter: republican presidential hopefuls taking aim at the deal last night. several candidates blasting it and the administration with mike huckabee making these statements. >> he acted in the best interest of the world. >> reporter: another senator from new york and new hampshire coming out in support of the agreement before schumer's announcement. did you happen to see any of this last night? a thunder and lightning storm lit up the night sky over the bay area and left some damage behind. 1000 lightning strikes recorded in san jose. a bolt struck a 90-foot redwood tree. my goodness in the weather
5:49 pm
center now, what a light show. >> we got away with no fires, which was fortunate. we had a lot of lightning strikes but nothing really took off. that's where that red flag warning had come from. >> we got away good on that. but man, the images are beautiful. >> it was stunning. we don't get a lot of lightning in the bay area. here's the shot. you can see the fog coming in over the headlands out here and over through san francisco. that fog right in this area is going to be pushing into golden gate park. they're going to be chilly out there. this system, see it spinning right here, rotating out of the area, that brought us the thunderstorms last night. that continue toss bring the heaviest activity into the lake tahoe area. we'll come in closer. we have thunder and lightning
5:50 pm
occurring there. earlier they were getting hammered. you see these orange areas representing some heavy downpours. no lightning strikes showing up right now. that system moves off. the high pressure kind of moves in. we get fog back at the coast. tomorrow morning's forecast you see the fog footprint for the morning hours. there it is. that's what you expect right through the gaps into the livermore valley. patchy fog. saturday morning it burns off quick. today was good. air quality not so bad with this pattern. it's all good. fire zones getting a bit of a break. still hot in the central valley, low 90s, but just not as humid and muggy as it was earlier this week. 85 in pittsburgh. that's tomorrow. brentwood, 86. 87 in gilrey and morgan.
5:51 pm
sunday numbers move up but not much. 66 in pacifica. 66 in half-moon bay. the five-day forecast, you see the sunday bump in temperatures there. just a nice flat line through this deal with upper temperatures, these all represent the inland hot spots. you're mid-80s and low 80s. that's not bad. looks good. and i don't know -- how many people did we say was going to be in the park? it has to be hundreds of thousands, right? >> why do i want to say 45,000 tickets were sold? >> it's gotta be more than that. >> it's gotta be like 200,000. >> needless to say if you live in the golden gate area, where do you park? bay area musician having a career resurgence at 47 years old. >> what could go wrong? everything could go wrong. and it did. >> how he's gone from afternoon
5:52 pm
concerts to the stage at outside lands. and in minutes after nearly 40 years in prison, convicted school bus kidnapper out on parole and maybe heading back to the bay area. where he's expected to live. why a trans-gender inmate who won a lawsuit for a state- paid sex change might not get it after all.
5:53 pm
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night one of outside lands in san francisco. this is a live stream from the concert's website. strand of oaks is playing there on stage two. dozens of bands will take the stage over the next three days. this includes tonight's headliners mumfords and sons. we spoke with the bay area musician performing out there this weekend. >> he almost gave up performing for good. >> reporter: his music is raw and honest, inspired by legendary southern blues players. >> black roots music for everyone. >> reporter: they have created a unique sound resonating with more and more music fans. >> i'm singing about things that people want to hear about, about life. >> reporter: listen to his single lost in a crowd.
5:56 pm
it's hard not to hum along. >> you're leaving me behind. mmm... mmm... mmm... >> reporter: lately they've been playing sold-out concerts a across the country and beat out 700 unsigned artists to win the tiny desk concert competition. >> no way to live. >> reporter: but not long ago he was only playing his songs for passers by. >> if you want to test out your songs, go watch me play at 5:00 p.m. at the station. >> reporter: back in the '90s the talented performer was plucked from the streets of oakland and given a million
5:57 pm
dollar deal with interscope records. >> what could go wrong? everything could go wrong and it did. >> reporter: he says the corporate music world killed his creativity. it wasn't what he expected, and then suddenly a car crash changed his life. >> i was in a near-fatal accident that left me in a coma for about three weeks. >> reporter: when he woke up, he found out he'd been dropped from the record label. >> i remember i felt good. i was like, ooh, the pressure was gone. >> reporter: his severe injuries from the accident kept him from playing music. >> it completely mangled my hands, which i renamed the claw. >> reporter: he couldn't even hold a pick and was forced to hack the guitar. xavier had all but given up when a few years ago while singing to his young son, he had a moment of inspiration. >> the reaction he gave me was
5:58 pm
just, he was happy all of a sudden. he was like, what's this? >> reporter: and just like that, his latest persona was born. >> gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. that's what keep me focused is by being thankful. >> reporter: a skilled musician back in the spotlight but this time ready to handle the glare. he will be taking the stage here tomorrow afternoon just before 3:00 on the panhandle stage. he knows this is a huge opportunity for him, and he told me during our interview i better be good. betting he will be. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. >> aldon smith arrested again and now no longer playing for the 49ers as he faces new charges including dui. the star linebacker is speaking out to ktvu. >> justice will be served. the truth will come out.
5:59 pm
there's no dui. i'm sorry for anybody i let down. >> this is his fifth run in with the law in three years and his third dui charge. >> despite his apology, the 49ers released smith this morning. the team said this organization has tried very hard to help aldon smith fight his issues. although he is no longer a member of this team, our support and concern for him will continue. we are live now outside levi stadium with what police say happened and how fans are reacting tonight. >> reporter: frank, fans tell me they are disappointed. they're shocked, and they are concerned given he is the latest player to leave the 49ers in what's been a rough off season. the 49ers wasted no time in releasing smith. outside jail, the nfl star
6:00 pm
apologized to fans denying the dui allegation. >> justice will be served. the truth will come out. there's no dui. and i'm sorry for anybody i let down. i'm sorry for, you know, it's time. i need to speak. i want everybody to understand this wasn't a dui. the situation that happened could have been handled differently. i apologize to everybody i let down and i apologize for how it all played out. it will work out how it's supposed to work out. >> reporter: police say the # 25-year-old was trying to park his suv in a gated parking garage at the santa clara apartment complex web he crashed be a parked car. he damaged the car as he was opening his door. he exchanged words with the owner of the car and left. police suspected he had been drinking. >> he fought with the


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