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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 10, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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♪ there's bars on the windows of a building on fire. and we trapped a bear -- see the mom who's determined to get her kids out. a hot air balloon is the launch point for some tandem paragliders. >> oh! >> why they always say altitude is everything. a dog's owners moved away and left her behind. >> you can see her ribs. >> now, get the story behind sweet june's sweet recovery. and no one's on the zip line
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with -- >> a good running start. >> -- that's not the start, that's the problem. firefighters in china busting open this garage door and quickly inside, do you see that, deftly orange glow glimmering in the back of this garage, doesn't look so bad at first, right? firefighters got a small job to put out that fire but the flames quickly grow large. and there's much more intensity behind this than it even looks like. there are three people trapped upstairs. you see the firefighters begin working on the people trapped right here. of course, it's china, there's security bars over everything. if you're chopping a building that's on fire. good luck, you hope the firefighters can get to you quickly. they have to cut those bars. there's no easy way to open that thing up. they have to get in there with heavy machinery. look whatomes through the>> it'.
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>> 1-year-old child passed through the bars. they carry that baby down the ladder as well as two other people. thankfully, they go into the ambulance, taken to the hospital, minor injuries. >> they're so lucky they were able to get there and cut the bars in time. it blows my mind there isn't a safety mechanism. a one-way exit. this story could have ended a much different way. >> to be coming out to be strapped inside your apartment, you can see your escape, you just can do nothing about it. >> just that slow sleeping smoke. it what to be just terrifying. >> i cannot understand why they allow that. if the fire department can't get to you quickly, you're in trouble. >> let's just be glad these firefighters seemed to know what they were doing. going out on a hot air balloon just got a lot more exciting for these guys. they're out on a platform that's been rigged on to the back of a higher balloon.
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they're waiting to get to the flight's altitude because it is all geared up with all of their paragliding gear. and when they get to the height that they need to be at, danger. and i do say they, because this is a tandem paraglide jump. >> what's up with the flames? that's all i got to say. >> in this particular case the pilot should be in front because it makes it easier to maneuver. the tandem is just on the back. >> you kind of want to do it on your own time, when you have to follow somebody -- >> i'm not ready -- >> you've got to go anyway. >> it's nerveacacac-racking the they did it. they're standing on the platform, the canopy is basically below them they roll under it and of course it opens up and they start glides down.
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still, it's so freaking awesome. >> now, you get a bit of a free fall. you're up in the air, hopefully you don't catch a thermal. >> i'd want to be a little higher up to give you enough time to make sure that the canopy is fully inflated. we've seen the videos on the show, you know how stuff gets caught if you're close to the ground there's not a lot of room for air. >> i think the condition, beautiful for a glide down. very successful jumping, you see them land. everybody is happy. take a look at sweet june. ♪ look at -- >> oh! >> you can see her ribs. she's got mange. according to dr. kerry who you can see petting her here, she said this dog was believed to be left alone for about 45 days tied up. >> tied up. >> tied up. the poor dog didn't have a chance to fend for itself, even
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try to go find food or water. >> she really didn't. but somebody discovered the dog, brought it to vet ranch. so they're going to treat it. look at this, they put june on a scale, she only weighs about 36 pounds. as you can see here, they immediately begin treatment, they give her a bath, two months later, you can see her skin has improved. she was treated for parasites. remember she weighed 36 pounds when she went in. let's see what the girls weighs in now. >> 52. you're really close on that. >> she weighs 51.7 pounds. you're freaking me out. i should be a stand-up. >> but look what a love bug she is. she is looking for a sfofforeve home. the rescue of a raccoon. a runner discovered they couldn't get out. and the raccoon's pretty much figured out how to get out.
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look at him, are you going to catch me. >> what's the pile jup on the t? they all h same spot. nobody goes to move. four of them get down but he discovers this one's still in there. >> you there go. >> it's coming out of the trash bag. and the trash bag was closed. zipped shut. >> they don't want to leave because, okay, we're stuck. this is the mother lode. >> he puts the stick in there for it to get out. >> it's go to be love lotough l push down. >> with two bike riders at the table, i'm sure you can back me up when it comes to riding a motor bike, it's all about the thrill. the danger -- well, rather not have any danger. >> a dash camera riding in care. a couple of bike, going to
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overtake in the left-hand lane but -- >> ooh! >> ooh! >> dude that was -- did he hit something? >> looks like he lost traction. he could have hit a little patch of oil or a little bit of wetness on the road, because he was under a lot of throttle to guest past those cars. the bike was under full power, something just broke that rear tire. >> and these two guys are awesome. straight over, they run over, make sure this guy is okay. riding with a motor bike rider in the mountains in arizona and there is danger lurking. it's going to be coming out of nowhere. >> ah! >> it's already happened. >> and immediately to play it in slow motion. watch how quickly it happens. you see it on the right-hand. the timing comes out across, exactly the same color. changes its minds, at the last minute misses. >> holy smoke, i did not see this. >> gayle, you should get your
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motorcycle license. >> well done. [ bleep ]. >> whoo! >> oh, my god! >> that huge piece of waterlogged lumber is a disaster waiting to happen. let's see where it ends up instead, next. this guy is the doggy doorman. >> everyone lies on the floor and goes -- >> see what he does on "right this minute." arthritis pain. plplusus, , jo aleve can last all day. test test test test test gigiveve i it t toto m me e '. bababyby i i''m m wowom m w. gigimmmme e gigimmmme e i'i'm m. gigiveve i it t toto m me e '. bababyby i i''m m wowortrth.
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♪ well, we're kind of used to seeing rob and sarah from the youtube channel. and this time, rob is rescuing humans. down in florida, down on the bridge, he's got a bit of a beef with the new proposed all aboard high-speed rail line that they expect to be running back and forth across the draw bridge. >> you want to talk about a major liability.
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the bridge just goes down, goes up, we come through. and there's this giant. if you can't maintain your bridge now, what's going to happen once we have high-speed rails running through
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>> these videos are your kind of videos. >> ah. >> yes! >> yes! >> and they were going to make it to the tree, no problem -- >> oh!
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i thought he was -- i knew he was like three feet off the ground. noah, i'm sorry, brother, i'm sorry, i hope you're okay. >> it looks like he's okay but as a boy, he's going to get back up and do it again. >> oh! oh, man, he could not have avoided that. hat are you doing?ld he have >> hey, would it be funny if he decides to crash into that hedge. let's let's see what happens. no >> yeah, that was pretty impressive. >> it's monday, fun day, we all get to play, join us! >> time to play real or fake. >> oh! >> oh, no. those are medieval.
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it's sunday fun day and it's monday fun day. question get to get real! joining us -- >> whoo! >> the energy, let's not wait at all. >> oh! >> oh! >> no! >> that's amazing. >> she's laughing. she was -- >> i thought it was real. i was a little suspicious but it looks like you can see his dingles dangle here. and she's just -- >> oh! >> that's real, man. i got the opinions here and see what they had to say about it.
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i say real. >> oh! >> half of you test test test test test >> oh, my god that is so fake. it's so wrongly acted. the audio is perfect. >> the camera working, just shaky enough but still capturing all of the action. [ screaming ] >> i don't even think those girls look 16. >> exactly. >> i want to see that also. >> you guys are really good. when i saw the clip the first time, the graphics look good. they looked almost too good. you can say they're almost professionally good, when you watch the rest of the clip here -- [ screaming ] >> it's actually an act for
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benefit cosmetics try to keep it real, is their slogan. i wonder who they got that from. [ laughter ] >> okay. one real, one fake. >> this is so weird. this is really a really bad fake. >> have you ever been to the triangle, i have, your lights go out really quick and come back on. >> it's like you would have been strangled. >> yeah. >> also, who is behind the camera? why is the camera there? i also voted fake. hopefully, our viewers voted fake, too. overwhelmingly fake on that. >> the only people who thought that was real were their grandparents. >> i was wondering that, too. who thought it was real? those are the people who obviously aren't watching.
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> . ♪ ♪ we have yet again right here on planet earth, this about 4,000 feetce surface off the coast of angola. >> oh, my god. >> and underwater rover piloted by a the bp oil company spotted this thing. they weren't quite sure, they dubbed spaghetti monster. they brought the footage back,
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and scientists -- >> it's alive. >> it's alive. >> some part of the world, someone is thinking, that looks delicious. >> you are. that poor thing, a rare find and you want to eat it. >> maybe. ♪ ♪ num num num do you recognize yourself in this uber driver's car? >> i could never be a driver of any kind. >> you have no patience for anything. >> steve righting in the backseat on "right this minute." nonow w atat c chihili, new smoked chicken burritos arare e jujustst $ $8.8.9999 ad with fresh mex flavors. ♪ alallelergrgieies s didiststrar? when your symptoms start... .....d.dococtotorsrs r rececog claritin every day of your allelergrgy y sesea. clclararititinin p prorovivid, non-drowsy, 2424-h-houour r rerelilief.
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[ screaming ] . pt will get you in. >> go get it. ♪ ♪ >> good boy. good girl. yeah. good girl. >> i've got a funny video for you guys to enjoy. this should warm you. it's called you duck. there are four characters we're dealing with here today. >> can you not take them in there. >> no! >> it always makes you feel sorry for the driver.
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>> i could never be a driver. [ screaming ] >> you have no patience for anything. >> we're riding downtown. >> would you ride with -- >> no. >> you and sandy. >> starburst, are you kidding me? >> i do like that guy that has treats for the riders. >> i'm like this guy, i'd like him in a limousine. >> is there a reason why you want to go here and not that person? >> what about the guy that goes, shut up and holds on. >> like you guys. >> drivers are fake. >> i can maneuver driver on the set. [ bleep ] oh, no, you didn't. be careful.
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let's check how small -- then there's the things that always has been at 2:00 in the morning in uber. >> yeah. >> come on. >> well, of course. >> then this happened -- tell us about -- >> i'm so sorry about that. >> by the end of the evening, i'm surprised anybody works as ayyuber driver. if you guys want to check out the whole thing it's funny. click on tv show. hey, everybody, thanks so much for watching today. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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