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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ktvu fox 2 news at noon, starts now. >> firefighters in lake county have 0 containment on the jerusalem fire as it doubles in size is overnight. good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. at least 50 homes are threatened, mandatory evacuations are in effect and firefighters have no control over the newest wildfire raging in lake county. overnight, the fire being called the jerusalem fire, burning on the area northwestern as jerusalem valley, nearly doubled in size, growing to 12,000 acre,
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evacuation center is being set up. >> i almost cried. you know, because it's pretty terrible. just devastation. everything was burned. there's no brush around our property no more. >> more than 110 firefighters are on front lines right now. the cause of the fire is under investigation. now, the jerusalem fire is burning only one mile from the rocky fire. which is consumed nearly 70,000 acres in just the past week and a half. you can see here by this map how close the two fires are. cal fire says the two may merge to create one big burn area. fire crews now expect to have the rocky fire fully contained by thursday, and all evacuations have been lifted. the fire has destroyed 43 homes and 53 outbuildings, as well as damaged 8 other structures. so far, the cause of the rocky fire is also under investigation. let's go now to rosemary who
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is tracking the conditions. >> yes, gasia, a warm day, not too bad, considering it is august, right, in the middle of summer here, but temperatures will warm into the upper 80s as we get into the second half of the afternoon. in the upper 70s to low 80s out there. 89 expected during the afternoon, right about 4:00 o'clock and then, cooling back to 75 as we get into 8:00 o'clock. the winds are going to be onshore, coming from the west and southwest, that is good news. relative hultd will be up -- humidity will be up, 28-38% over the course of the afternoon. we get the northerly winds is when we see the relative humidity drop to 15, even 10% at times, which is critically dry n. the forecast, notice that the winds continue to push from the west and southwest. even gusting to about 15 miles per hour at times. but what this means is the smoke will be driven to the north and toward the east. gasia. thank you. now, new information on the accused killer of 8-year-old madyson middleton, the girl killed in san tra cruz last
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month -- san tra cruz. they are looking to see whether adrian gonzalez -- the person who made that threat said he had crippling anxiety and gonzalez used that phrase, crippling anxiety on his instagram account. a public memorial for madyson is said for the 23rd in san tra cruz. >> broke into a home and assaulted a girl in her bedroom is on the loose this afternoon. ktvu reports, police believe the same person may be behind another crimes. >>reporter: alameda police are trying to track down the man in this picture. he's consider canned a person of interest, in a string of break-ins in town since june. he's described as being in his late teens or early 20s with the dark complexion and hair that is curly on top and faded short on the side. a he toll that was breaken -- hotel that was broken into in
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june. >> we have 6 burglaries with the same method of operation. >>reporter: that meth of operation, includes braking into homes while the residents are inside, without stealing anything. >> usually burglaries take place when the residents are not home, so they can take items out. and take their time. >>reporter: the concern is the break-ins seem to be escalating. police say early sunday morning, a man cut the screen on an open bedroom window, to enter a home and sexually assault a girl sleeping inside. >> so we might -- i'm going to change knowing that it's happening, but yeah, that's pretty carey. >> one thing that can help fwart these is having your home secured. >>reporter: keeping your doors and windows locked. >> it is a concern, but the alameda police department is on it. >> the department's increased patrols on the west end of town, where all 6 of the break-ins
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have happened. they have undercover officers investigating this case, and can police are working with local businesses, the housing authority, and the school district to try and identify the man in this picture. in alameda, alley rasmus, fox 2 news. >> the san mateo county sheriff's department is warning people there to be on alert after a man sexually assaulted a woman in her home. ababout 10 -- about 10:30 sunday night. she let him in, he sexually assaulted her, and escaped. the san jose police department may be a step closer to flying drones to help solve crimes. the department has purchased a drone like this one. residents are able to voice their concerns in a series of public meeting. they are worried about invasion of privacy. the drone can be used in case of an explosive device or active shooter situation. not allowed to fly at night and it can't pick up audio. the camera will be prohibited
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from recording. >> if it's not allowed to do those things, enthink guess it's -- then i guess it's fine, right. it's not invading anyone's privacy. so it seems like something that would help. but if it ever crossed those lines, invading people's privacy, flying over and recording, that's when i think it becomes a problem. >> the city council is taking up the issue this afternoon. sit expected to sign off on the use of the drone, but the city still needs to get faa approval. in santa clara supervised are set to hear about a replacing the jail. the main jail is unsanitary, out of date and doesn't offer inmates adequate exercise, rehabilitation or visiting areas. a new jail is expected to cost 24 moldz and that's why today's meeting is also tied to an application for 800 million dollars in state funding. san francisco sheriff has been driving with a sus speped license because he says he
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didn't know it was suspended. still, the dmv says it did notify him in january, after he failed to properly report a car accident for last october in which the other car involved was damaged. under state law, drivers have to file a report if someone is hurt, or if the damage is $750 or more. now, he is restricted to driving only two to and from work, until he files a damage report, and provides other information. he is in the middle of a re-election campaign against vickie hen see. some shuttle bus operators in san francisco are demanding equal labor rights and they hit the streets this morning, but not in their buses. >> no justice, no peace. [ chanting ] . >> drivers of the shuttle buses held this protest on valencia street before 8:00 a.m., the shuttle company is not living up to the basic standards as the employer, and preventing the
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drivers from union niceing. part of the permitting process. a representative from bowers wasn't available for comment. starting today, some new rules are in place along san francisco's market street. these new signs here warn drivers it's now illegal for private cars to turn on to market, anywhere between third and 8th street. this morning, parking enforcement officers were stationed at intersections to make sure that the drivers followed the rules, preventing that car from turning. transportation officials say the goal here is to reduce traffic volume on market, and reduce the number of crashes. many of which involve pedestrians and bicyclists. >> i think it will push traffic around, everywhere, delivery, people coming down, crossing the cross. it's a small town. take away a little bit of access, it makes it difficult. >> there are exceptions to the new rules. buses, taxis and bicycles are allowed to turn on to market. the restrictions are bart of the
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vision 0 plan. popular bike routes through satisfaction set to be clogged with protesters. made a point of coming to full and complete stops along the route through the district known as the wiggle. police crack down on biebs that roll through stop signs, they wanted to show how stopping at every sign can tie up traffic, the action is set to start at 5:00 o'clock. the 4th night of protests in ferguson, missouri after the break, the latest on the clashes between demonstrators and police there. plus, nfl owners meeting for a new stadium for the raiders and the chargers. what they say about the meeting so far.
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they found possible missile parts where a malaysia airlines jet was brought down last year. 298 people on board were killed when that plane was shot down in eastern ukraine on route to amsterdam. the parts now in their possession could belong to a surface to air missile. in the past, prosecutors believe a missile strike was the most likely cause of the plane crash. overnight protests once again, clashed with police, in
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ferguson, missouri. following weekend demonstrations, marking one year since the death of michael brown. but as will car reports, last night's protests were much different than what happened on sunday. >>reporter: people taking to the streets for a 4th night of renewed protests here in ferguson. protesters and police facing off with some demonstrators refusing to leave a roadway. trying to get people off the avenue, as protesters threw rocks and frozen water bottles as the police officers. >> they need to give us a little leeway if they want us to troo try to help control this protest in a peaceful way, we don't want st. louis to have a black eye. we don't want ferguson to have a black eye. and we don't think that we are anti-police. we do want good cops. >>reporter: the protest was violent and sunday night's events, gunfire breaking out at one point between two group, which were not part of the demonstration. officers shooting at a teenager after he fired at them.
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the county executive declaresing a -- declaring a state of emergency. >> to have the resources in place and able to act quickly. >>reporter: police say there were no reports of t shooting, property damage, or looting overnight. no doubt, welcomed news for this local resident and her daughter who helped clean up after sunday night's protests. >> if we have continued positivity, but a negative after positive, knocks us down on our knees. >>reporter: no police officers or protesters were hurt. in ferguson, missouri, will carr, fox news. >> investigations continue into two deadly shootings involving san jose police officers. the first one hachd sunday night. -- happened sunday night for a reported stabbing. the suspect confronted them with a knife, forcing them to open fire. the suspect police say was on parole for a second-degree murder conviction, died at the
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scene. then about six hours plateer, a man with a shotgun outside of a relatives home threatened officers. that's when they fired at him, but mismized and he barricaded himself inside. the assistant chief is defending the officer's actions. >> what has really increased and what is alarming is the amount of individuals that are willing to take on the police, not just in this city, but nationally, and that is something that we're very concerned about. >> there's now been six officer-involved shooting in san jose this year, compared to five in all of last year. all of the officers involved in the most recent shootings are on leave today, pending the results of the investigation. new details about a gruesome homicide earlier this year in san francisco. a suitcase was found containing body parts outside of a good will store south of market. the remains belonged to omar sha
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wan, an autopsy released is homicide l violence. the roommate, mark an dress was arrested in the killing, but released due to a lack of evidence. he was found dead later of a drug overdose. two gunmen who robbed -- ski masks forced another man into a car, in front of a store, at 96th avenue and international boulevard. the man was not hurt. the san jose city council is set to discuss a 6 month ban on mobile home closures. more mobile home park owner look to sell to developers, the increasing value of the land. san jose as 59 mobile home parks and it would give the city time to review an existing ordnance that outlied lines the closing of a mobile home park. it comes one week after the
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announced closure of the winchester mobile home mark community, which could force 100 people to move, unless the city intervenes. >> it's a plan is to have it closed in two years. and that caused more fear, more panic, because of course, we're not ready to move and it had never planned to move. city leaders are also slated to discuss ideas about how to help the displaced residents. requiring council approval for park conversion. santa clara is offering a $5,000 reward for catch thieves who have been stealing water meters around the city. 16 meter and bath flow regulators were stolen in week, possibly to be sold as scrap metal. they have been turning off the water valves and using a pipe cutter to steal the meters, cost the city $40,000. the california highway patrol is looking to hire. the chp started accepting online applications with the goal of
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hiring 600 cadets across the state. including air operations, dignitary protection, and computer crimes investigations. more on how to apply, go to the website,, click on the web link section of our home page. go back to rose mary, we are preparing faye warmup in the -- for a warmup in the week. >> it will continue one more day. temperatures are going to hold steady as we get into your wednesday. and then as gasia mentioned a big pattern change coming our way. a live look along the oaklandest ware, we have san francisco in the backdrop, a mix of sun and clouds out there this morning. and beyond san francisco, you can see the low clouds, holding tough along the coastline. there they are, right in here. we also have partly to mostly cloudy skies. over hears of the north bay this afternoon. and it has to do with the system, that continues to bring us this mild, mild weather. this low is going to remain
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pretty much stationary over the next 24 hours or so, eventually, it's going to move on, but in the meanwhile, we have the onshore breeze, we have the low clouds, and we have temperatures very seasonal, even a little bit below afshlg for this time of year. fairfield, the onshore breeze at 20 miles per hour, that will continue for the afternoon, as we look to the north bay, could even pick up a little bit as we get into the afternoon, usually around 3:00, 4:00 o'clock, it turns brisk in some areas. the temperatures are down in many spots, concord down -- warmer, but fairfield down the by a degree or so. here's a look at the numbers around the bay area, we have 68 in oakland right now as well as heyward. upper 60s to 70s. 74 in the south bay at san jose, we shift into the east bay, temperatures in the upper 70s, low 80s, for you here as well. we have 78 in livermore, 79 in concord and a mild one outside of your door, santa rosa,
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holding on to 70 degrees. 72 for san mateo, palo alto, 75. 77 in wood side. into the south bay, nice weather for today. we have 69 at -- 65 in morgan hill and into the east bay, your lunchtime numbers, antioch, 76, 76 for danville, and for lafayette, the second part of the day, temperatures a lot like yesterday, upper 70s, low 8 340s the forecast. 83 for santa rosa this afternoon, checking in right about 70, a beautiful day by the water. east bayshore line, 70 degrees for alameda, 72 in oakland, low to mid 80s expected for our inner east bay. 83 morgan hill. for the month of august, nice, nice weather. 77 santa clara. 76 in san mateo. all of the clouds will remain along the coastline, it will be cool. thursday, fep temperatures do
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begin to rebound. and into the bay area weekend, here comes the summertime heat with temperatures ranging in the low to mid 90s, upper 90s saturday, sunday, around the bay, a lot of 80s and 70s at the coast. >> feeling like summer. it's been one year since robin williams died and today he's being remembered by family and friends here in the bay area and all over the country, the world, no doubt. sarah michele geller paid tribute, she posted this video f of a bench that he sat on in good will hunting. to laugh often and much, and continues with leaving the world a bit better. she ended her post by say issing you succeeded, r. w.. >> the talk over the proposed stadium in chicago. the plans for a raiders said yum in southern california -- stadium in southern california, next.
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sending our crews to reports of an explosion where two al me did sheriff's deputies have been injured after serving a notice. west oakland at a duplex at 14th and paralta, an explosion in the back of a home and the home itself caught on fire. two deputies suffered minor injurys and taken to highland hospital. the this point, the investigates are working to determine how the
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explosion happened and whether the home was booby trapped. some people were inside of the home at the time, but doesn't know if they've been located. we'll have more for you on the 4:00. investors appear to be reacting to the changing at google. that means alphabet will be the umbrella company for google as well as other holdings, google's driverless car program and the drone delivery arm. google's ce says that alphabet will allow the company to attack l more ambitious projects that can independent of google. adobe is the latest company to offer more paternity time off. offering the workers 16 weeks of paid leave after birth or adoption, in addition to 10 weeks paid medical leave, they could get a total of 26 weeks off. happy year. if the person is not the primary
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caregiver, they'll receive 4 weeks off with full pay, november 1st it takes effect. committed to moving to orange county, this comes from former 49ers executive carmen policy, he presented plans at an nfl owners meeting in chicago for a proposed shared stadium for the raiders and the san diego chargers, to be built in carson. according to the orange county register, policy says he expects the nfl to vote on the plan before the super bowl. the owners are set to hear a second l.a. arena stadium proposal and relocation later today. he's inspiring his teammates and his parents, junior giant -- playing baseball, he's excelling, even with intreb ral vebl ral pals. thanks so much for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you on and follow us on facebook and
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twitter. have a great afternoon, see you back here for the 4:00.
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