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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 12, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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says in all likelihood she survived the fall. >> reporter: it's back to school for thousands of kids in san jose. we're live and we'll tell you some of the new things the kids will experience this school year. it's 7:00. good morning to you. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. time to talk about our weather. steve paulson has been busy. you think we will like today's weather? >> i think so. cooler. that's good for the firefighters especially in lake county, santa cruz mountains, skyline. there are some upper 40s. if you think it's running cool, it is. a blanket of fog kind of late to the party for san francisco. it was there for the marin, sonoma coast and parts of the north bay now starting fill in. george mccray el cerrito, he says good morning. you can see the low clouds up to the city. join up in cobb, a cool 47.
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that's good and clear on cobb today. ill hope when this inversion -- i hope when this inversion clears up -- i think they will get good news. temperatures will be in the 80s. temperatures, 40s, that's good. the low will be with us today and tomorrow and then it will eject out. today it's keeping temperatures, 40s and 50s. napa airport 49. now they are 51. down in the santa cruz mountains, boonny dunes santa cruz and -- bonnie dunes, 60s, 70s and 80s. sal, what do you want to start with? i want to start with the bay bridge. if you are driving to the bay bridge, there is a big backup. it was called by earlier police activity on the span. an intense search. we'll talk about that in a moment. but the traffic angle is this -- look at the macarthur maze. you can see traffic is slow coming around the corner here to a very crowded bay bridge toll plaza.
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give yourself extra time. there was a police search after a crash and some unusual circumstances. we're just about to talk to alex who has been following the story. before we do that, way tonight talk about the san mateo bridge as an alternate. it's not bad heading out to the high rise. the dumbarton bridge is okay. we had an earlier grass fire on the east palo alto side of the bridge. that's been taken care of. livermore valley, 580 traffic on the freeway is moderate. it's a little bit slow on the altamont pass. there's also a rollover collision west of discovery drive. it's closed between isabel and the outlet mall and some of the locals say that road, people get going really fast there. it may or may not have contributed to that very serious crash there. we're still following that developing story i talked about of the search for a woman who fell into the bay after a crash on the bay bridge this morning. ktvu fox 2's alex savidge is near the toll plaza with why
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search teams say they need to find her soon. alex? >> reporter: yeah, they certainly want to find her fast. you know, sal, a chp sergeant told me this morning that in all likelihood or there is a very strong possibility that this woman did survive this fall. it was not that high of a fall. there's an intense search. it's underway here along the shoreline close to the bay bridge toll plaza and also out in the waters as wellle as we push in here -- as well. as we push in, you might be able to see. that's a chp officer walking through the bushes trying to find any sign of this woman who has been missing since she fell from the bay bridge very early this morning. now, take a look at the scene in the last couple of hours. officers got calls from drivers about a woman seen walking near the shoreline in this area and that's who they are looking for now. this woman fell from the bay bridge just after 2:00 this morning. the chp says she climbed the rail along the bike path and then either slipped or let go falling about 70 to 80 feet
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into the water. now, the fall came after a single car crash in the eastbound lanes of the bridge. the missing woman was the driver of that car that crashed. there were two other women also in the car with her. all three of them are in the early 20s. right after the accident. all of the women got out. two of them climbed over onto the bike path. that's adjacent to the eastbound lanes and as the chp officer was coming up, he saw the driver of the car climb over the rail and then go into the water. now, she could have survived this fall but the waters to the bay are between about 50 and 60 degrees and searchers want to find her soon. >> the longest stay in the water, you -- the longer you stay in the water, you can suffer from hypothermia and the longer to locate the per, the survivability is lessened. >> reporter: the two other women inside the car with the driver were detained by chp officers and they are being
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questioned right now. the chp says right now, it's unclear what prompted this woman to climb up onto the rail. it's also unclear whether she intentionally let go and fell into the water or if she lost her grip. in either case, the coast guard put out -- put a helicopter in the air in morning and put a boat in the water trying to find her. as we bring you back out here live, you can see this is the scene ahong the shoreline north of the -- along the shoreline, north of the bay bridge toll plaza. a number of chp officers walking the shoreline trying to find this woman. they did get reports from drivers in the area who say they saw a woman walking along the shoreline, several reports. that's what they are checking on, trying to find her missing after falling from the bridge overnight. >> okay. i know it's early but i'm assuming if the police are questioning the women who were with her, they know her name. i'm assuming they know where she lives and they are checking that area as well. >> reporter: yeah, we can make
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the assumption that they do know who she is. they are not releasing her name. they are saying she's in her early 20s. in all likelihood her friends in the car have provided some information to the chp and they may be getting a sense of what prompted her to do what she did. their first priority at this point, they say is to find her and make sure she's okay after a fall like that. >> all right. we'll talk to you later, get more information. thank you. well, oakland police now confirming a national gas line in west oakland was deliberately disconnected at a home that exploded yesterday morning injuring two sheriff deputies. they were serving and evection order at a triplex in west oakland at the time. the deputies and a locksmith were drilling outlook the locks when there was an explosion. the building burst into flames. now, once the fire was out, a badly burned body was found inside that building. one man who escaped the flames said the whole thing seemed
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suspicious. >> the way the key was in the lock and the gas having to be on and then you find a body inside. >> the two sheriff deputies are expected to be okay. the owner of the property told ktvu the tenant in the rear unit had been living there since 2010 but in may they stopped paying rent. police say the tenant knew he was being evicted but haven't confirmed if the woman was the victim found inside. the actions of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi came under intense scrutiny during the debate for sheriff. he faced off with the challengers. much of the debate focused on mirkarimi. specifically his handling of the sanctuary city policy, the killing of kate steinle and the
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gladdater-style fight at the san francisco jail. in his opening statement, he said the jail has been praised by the state. >> i don't think they are making this up. i couldn't pay for this kind of press, especially lately. >> he also addressed the revolution this week that he was driving with a suspended low-pressure system because he failed to report a crash he was involved in last year. he said he thought that matter had been resolved months ago. >> unable to find out why because communication is curtailed, created an environment that's disconnected from its own public. >> during his time in office has been detrimental to the san francisco sheriff's department. i suggest it become about the sheriff and not -- when it becomes about the sheriff and not the department, it's a problem. >> hennessey questioned his handling of the policy. the election is november 3rd. 7:08. a rally is set for 10:00 it
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morning in san francisco. at the immigration and customs enforcement office. it's for a 41-year-old undocumented immigrant who first came to the u.s. from china when he was only 2 years old. now, last month, daniel meyer was taken by federal agents to a detention facility. he served as program director for the berkeley nonprofit group ecology center. but he faces being deported to china where he was involved in an armed robbery when he 20 years -- when he was 20 years old. his supporters say he's a reformed man and deserves a second chance. uc students will have more options when it comes to how they want to be identified. in addition to male and female students can select transmale, transfemale and different identity. as for sexual orientation, the choices are heterosexual or straight, gay or lesbian, bisexual or not listed above.
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there's also a new box asking students what sex they were assigned at birth. now, a spokesperson for the uc system says this is all just demographic information. it won't have an effect on admissions. thousands of south bay students heading back to school today. the first day of classes for san jose's largest school district. janine de la vega live now with some of the new things students and parents will be seeing this year. janine? >> reporter: gasia, we're starting to see kids arrive here at burnett middle school. school starts in the next 40 minutes. a lot of butterflies in the stomach. the kids are just dpitted to see their -- excited to see this friends and start the new year. teachers have been preparing for weeks getting their classrooms and curriculum ready. there are a few new things the district is introducing. new items can be found in the cafeteria. a dietitian was hired last year 0 who partnered with farmers to find healthier options and fresher foods. if you have kids in middle school and high school, you can
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see expect to see new math textbooks with the common core curriculum that's supposed to be more challenging and there is a new learning program at burnett and that may become a model for the district. it gives students more control on how they learn and complete a project. it's all tracked online. >> all of the students are working on the same project. but one work independently and another may work with a group and the teacher. it gave students more autonomy in deciding how they are gonna learn some of their content best. >> reporter: the district had many teaching pogs to fulfill for the school year, it was challenging. but officials say they aggressively recruited 200 new teachers have been hired. they are a combination of first year and veteran teachers. there's 12 more positions to fill but administrators are optimistic that they are going to find teachers and back out here live again, we're already starting to see students.
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we plan to talk to them to ask them what they are excited about. it should be fun to hear from them. >> i love the first day of school. did your parents -- did your parents take a picture of you standing in the door before you left for the first day of your first day? >> reporter: i have a memory of, yes, with a mickey mouse lunchbox. i was scared. kindergarten, they are seeing holework. students in the lower grades of elementary school school, they are getting more homework than it recommended by education leaders. a study shows that first graders are spending 28 minutes on homework every night. of the national education association, they recommend ten minutes. kindergarteners are spending 25 minutes every night doing homework. the nea said they shouldn't be getting any homework at all.
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researchers say parents fighting kids doing homework can add stress. and we have incredible photos. this is dave clark, a young man wearing glasses. >> growing up in philadelphia, i had been a geek all of my life. i wanted to do two things. i wanted to be a pro football player but i also wanted to be a broadcaster. i was that kid that red, dictionaries for fun. >> you are wearing a little jacket and shirt -- >> i had a jacket and a shirt and a tie. very formal. it was bad. >> let's talk -- >> who is that? >> let's talk about awkward. in this photo, i see a sweater that i bought from mervyn's. everyone remembers mervyn's. i had the braces on. the hair was uncontrollable. this may be 4th grade in
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livermore. >> you were beautiful back then. >> we would love to see your photos. if you are taking a picture of your little one, snap the picture, share it with us on our facebook page. we would above to share it here on -- we would love to share it on "mornings on 2." we did just talk to calfire. we got an update on the jerusalem fire. coming up at 7:30, the progress they made overnight and we have the latest on the evacuations. also -- >> more unrest in ferguson, missouri overnight. next, the video released of a man who police say engaged officers in the shootout at sunday night's protest. good morning. we're looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy all over the east bay. that includes on highway 24. we'll explain -- coming up. well, some patchy low clouds around kind of filling in here. a little late compared to earlier. it's also cool. good news for the firefighters.
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well, good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." 7:16. in ferguson, missouri, more trouble on the streets overnight. that's part of what happened. but the demonstrations were a lot smaller and less confrontational than the past four nights. all surrounding the anniversary of the shooting death of michael brown. now, police are hoping to lift a state of emergency later today. however, at one point last night, police in riot gear came face to face with the protesters who were blocking the roads. >> you guys have to stay off the street. you can stay on the sidewalk and march. just please do not come on the street. if you do, we have have tic arrests -- we have to make
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arrests. >> this foot acof tyrone hair -- footage of tyrone harris, the 18-year-old critically wounded, officials say that video shows harris with a gun in his hand during a demonstration. that video was taken minutes before he allegedly fired shots at plain clothes police with gunfire that hit a police car. 7:1. the closure of livermore 's only medical marijuana dispensary is not keeping them from getting marijuana. according to the contra costa times at least 14 delivery services are operating in the city with many more in the trivalley area. marijuana delivery is not allowed in the city. but they say that's difficult. lieutenant-governor gavin newsom is repeating the prediction that our state will legalize the reck rereeksal use next year. the measure is expected to appear on the november 2016 ballot. newsom made the ruts on realtime with bill maher last
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friday with recommendations on taxation and how to protect children. klay thompson posted this video to instagram. it shows him riding a bicycle on the court. >> no, he didn't. >> he will do it again. let's loop that video. captioned this video, working on being more versa till -- versatile. >> that's sweet. >> a couple different levels. >> 7:19. hey, sal, you've been busy all morning. what are you focused on? >> i was gonna say that's what happens when you win a championship. there you go. you got a lot of attention in the offseason. i know you were gonna ask and the answer is yes. very slow at the bay bridge. we had the earlier police activity. let's take a look at the toll plaza. we'll start there.
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it's 35, 40-minute delay. even though that the activity on the bridge is not blocking lanes, there are police officers, chp officers on the right-hand side. it's obvious a search is going on. there are tv crews, the whole thick. it's something to see. you might want to think about the san mateo bridge as an alternate which is not all that bad. it looks like it's okay to the high rise. let's talk about the east bay briefly. westbound 580 slow. 880 is not bad from hayward to fremont. we have an increase in the cloud. it seems to be favoring more the north bay. a little bit around the bay. bit made more of a push. it was very, very minimal. but now it's starting to pick up ale will bit. it's the cool lows, i think that are the bigger story here this morning. it will be mostly sunny today. scotts valley, santa cruz mountains, 46. bonnie dune, it 48.
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la honda, 48. middletown, 49 in lake county. the coolest low since june 5th and then the napa airport also dipped to 49. maybe where you are as well. tom smith at blossom hill, 56. i know that doesn't sound cool but a lot of reports coming in it's chilly. well, it is. thank you for that. cheers to you as well. decent little low for this time of year. couldn't buy one in january. here it is now. a little bit too far to the west. if we can take it over there. i would say increasing clouds with the possibility of rains. it will stick around today and then tomorrow start to work its way toward northern california coast also toward the oregon border. that will ramp up the fog bank even more so. but today seems to be more to the north and south. some areas are cool on the coast. 49 knoxville creek. good news for the firefighters. temperatures will be slow to rebound. they will be in the upper 80s. the cool lows more of a westerly breeze and the higher
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humidity helps taubd and tomorrow. friday and saturday, the temperatures will get hot. our low will keep us on the cooler side except for the fog and lee cloud. it will be sunny. 50s on the temps and a few 40s. temperatures are running about 1 to 7 degrees than they were 24 hours ago. if it feels cooler, it is. there's not much of a breeze. fairfield only 18 miles an hour. heard from patty at cordelia. she said we don't have any breeze at all. that tell us there is not much of one. it will be nice to mild, warm. a little chilly. breeze cranking up later. 70s and 80s inland. temperatures running a little bit below average here. and i don't see much change tomorrow but once that low decides to pack its bags and head out, then we'll have fog and temperatures warm up. it looks like a toasty weekend for some, especially inland. >> looking at the 99.
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>> it won't last -- it won't last long. >> oh, good. the potential setback to keep the raiders in oakland. and. and the nfl's criticism of the city of oakland. he's not even scheduled to visit the u.s. until next month but some are already getting to meet the pope. up next, an unusual display in parts of philly ahead of his visit.
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it was a close call for a southwest airlines flight in orlando after it skidded off the runway. the plane was being pulled to a maintenance hangar when the accident happened. the knows gear of the plane collapsed and got stuck in the dirt. no passengers were on board. federal prosecutors say as many as 100 commercial truck drivers paid up to $5,000 each to bribe state dmv employees for illegal california licenses. according to court records, three dmv employees were bribed to falsify computer records showing drivers had passed written and behind the wheel tests. the bribes allegedly came from the owners of three truck driving schools in the central valley. investigators are trying to track down the fraudulent licenses. >> we came up with approximately 600 -- several hundred that betook a look at that we felt met those factors.
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>> one dmv worker and one school owner have pled guilty. they face sentences up to five years in prison to other employees and to truck driving two be -- and two truck drivers schools face indictments. the pope is scheduled to arrive in the u.s. next month. people are already taking selfies. these are all over philly. the pope will be there september 26th and 27th for the world meeting of families. the world meeting of families staff, they are putting up the cutouts to build excitement ahead of the visit. they are encouraging people to take a selfie and post the photos on social media using the hashtag's pope in philly or wmf 2015. by the way, the pope will be in new york city and washington, d.c. during his visit in september. well, some new developments in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal story this morning. coming up in 15 minutes, what investigators uncovered now
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that she's handed over her e- mail server. good morning. we're looking at a commute that's still very busy especially if you are trying to get to some of the bridges. this bridge, the golden gate, that traffic looks good getting into san francisco. into well, rather cool lows this morning -- well, rather cool lows this morning. we'll see about the temperatures today and what's in store for the weekend.
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7:30. the jerusalem fire bushing in lake and napa counties grew overnight. rally rasmus just talked -- allie rasmus just talked to calfire and will have an update coming up. it's wednesday, august 12th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic and steve the weather that might affect the firefighters. >> the lows are cooler. that's a big help. for two deys they will get that. there are positive signs. the breeze, we don't want a breeze. but at least it's out of the west, southwest. mostly sunny, it will be a nice day here. a little bit of fog continuing to enhance from about san francisco oakland northward for a change. the san mateo and santa cruz coast mainly fog free compared to the marin and sonoma which has had some all morning here. the system is very impolice ev-
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- impressive. look at that. it looks so good. however, it keeps a cool air mass in place. once it begins to move tomorrow night, it will start to eb habs the fog bank again. it will keep temperatures slightly below average. a bunch of 40s. now 50s and some 60s but i think we're slow to warm up. san francisco actually dipped to 58. that's rare in august. usually we're hard pressed to get below 60. a high of 68. that will be 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. fog favor erg the coast toward the north bay but sunny everywhere else. 60s, 70s and 80s. you want to stick with the bay bridge. we're starting with the ach broaches -- with the approach to the bay bridge because of the police activity on the span and also off the span. we have a big backup. let's start with the eastshore freeway. this is related to all of the activity that can be seen approaching the toll plaza. this morning we have a lot of slow traffic. 47-minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze and much of it is between richmond and the oakland
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macarthur maze. when you get to the bay bridge, you can see that traffic is very slow and that's because people can see what's going on in the water poof the bridge as they are searching for -- off the brim as they are searching for -- off the bridge as they are searching for someone. marin county from 37 to central san rafael slow. we also have slow traffic approaching the richmond bridge. there was a minor incident there. so a lot of slow traffic throughout the bay. 7:33. back to the deck. new information about the jerusalem fire out of control in lake county overnight it got bigger. firefighters are struggling to put it out. ktvu's allie rasmus in the studio now. the rapid growth of this, how much bigger did it get. >> well, the jerusalem fire grew by 4,000 acres overnight. that was expected. it's grown to 16,500 acres. and to put that in perspective, that's 25 square miles. about half of the size of the entire city of san francisco. this is the jerusalem fire
7:34 am
we're talking about near clearlake and you can see it is a separate fire from the rocky fire. that's the -- the rocky fire was the big priority about a week and a half ago. now firefighters have this one under control. their focus and resources are switching to the jerusalem fire because 16,500 acres and it is only 6% contained. now, the jerusalem fire has already forced 150 people from their homes because of a mandatory evacuations in parts of lake and napa county up to the yolo county line. calfire says other people who haven't been ordered to evacuate should be prepared to do so just in case because this fire is still growing. now, calfire says some of the challenges they are facing with the jerusalem fire include dry brush rough terrain, limited road access. calfire's spokesperson said this is one of dozens happening across the the state. calfire says we are on track to have a record-breaking year when it comes to wildfires. more than 4,000 have broken out
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since january 1st. that's about 1500 more than in a normal year. >> in a normal year we would be getting into the peak of fire season. but this year, we've been responding to fires all winter lock. fire resons -- all winter lock. fire season never really ended. we do make sure our firefighters are getting rest. >> reporter: they are getting help from firefighter in other parts of the country, nevada, arizona. they are also getting help from the u.s. forest service. that's helping them get a handle on things. they are also keeping a close eye to make sure that their firefighters that are out in the field are not getting fatigue and shifting some of the crews out. we'll be following the jerusalem fire throughout "mornings on 2." we'll have another update in about an hour. new numbers are in. jerusalem fire did grow overnight as is expected. 16,500 acres. the good news is that it is moving in an eastward direction. it's moving away from the communities in hidden valley lake. that's the one good thing they
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pointed out. >> a week and a half ago, the governor declared a state of emergency due to all of these fires. so i'm sure the resource, the money that comes from that very much appreciated. >> that freed up a lot of resources and i remember him saying they took some of the resources from that declaration and moved them to the rocky fire. that was about a week, week and a half ago. now they are shifting the resources. >> see you in a few. >> all right. 7:35. well, dozens of people were forced to evacuate an airport in ontario in southern california this morning. police there are questioning a person right now. look at these pictures. this happened at terminal 4 at the ontario international airport. police and fire officials warm swarm -- swarmed the area. eventually, they allowed the passengers to go back inside the airport. no official word on why that airport terminal was evacuated. it but there is a station in los angeles reporting a grenade was found during the tsa screening process. we'll keep an eye on it. also new this morning, a
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u.s. army helicopter crashed on the deck of a navy ship during a training mission off okinawa in japan. you can see in the video, the helicopter, the tail is broken off. there were 17 crew members on that helicopter. seven of them were hurt. they were taken to a u.s. naval hospital. the cause of this crash is under investigation. 7:37. the islamic state terror group says it's killed a croatian hostage held by the group's egyptian affiliate. the group camed the 30-year-old -- killed the 30-year-old for the company's participation in the war in the state. the man was kidnapped in cairo last month. there's been a rash of arrests of americans intending to join islamic state terrorists. over the weekend, a 19-year-old girl and her fiance were arrested attempting to board an international flight. according to investigators, the american citizen, reportedly the daughter of a police officer, told an fbi inform at
7:38 am
she wanted to travel to syria to supporti isis. she said she was hoping they could be medics helping injured isis fighters. >> isis is offering them a perfect place to fit into that puzzle. they are saying, look, we are the place where you belong. that's attractive to -- really attractive to many people. >> yesterday in new jersey federal investigators arrested three men charged with conspiring to provide material support for isis. there's new fallout about those two inmates that broke out of the clinton correctional facility. dozens of prisoners now are accusing the guards are beating them up to find out where those inmates were going. more than 60 prisoners claim they were handcuffed, choked and thrown against jail cells hoping they would give up information on where the inmates were. governor jerry brown has signed two bills relating to
7:39 am
police misconduct and police accountability. one bill makes it clear. it's legal to record or photograph police in public areas. the other bill ends the use of criminal grand juries when police officers accused of causing the death of a suspect. those hearings have been criticized as being too secretive. in san francisco, cyclists say they've been fairly untargetted by police officers. police officers are just trying to improve safety. both side came together. cyclists say the protest known as the wiggle right before the meeting, and at the beginning of the month, officers cited 204 cyclists during a two-day crackdown that was triggered by complaints. >> cyclists ignoring red lights, ignoring stop signs, running into people on the roadway, hurting and injuring people. >> totally being singled out
7:40 am
here. i don't see any cars bees haggled for not using their turn signals. they should be focusing crackdowns on drivers. the captain is ready and willing to meet with cyclists and pedestrians to improve safety for everyone. 7:39. gas prices continue to fall in the bay area and there's one gas station that's selling gas for anincredely low price. we'll tell you where to get gas for less than a dollar. millions of plastic balls dumped into a reservoir. how this could be the answer to california's drought problem. we're looking at the south bay commute. and a live look at 280 in san jose, it doesn't look too bad heading up to the west valley. and the forecast doesn't look too bad. a little capitol hill in the morning air. what about the afternoon high temperatures? warmer or on the cool side.
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hillary clinton wants the job -- wants the job of president. but it's her job as sos dominating the conversation. claudine wong has more about -- about what swears are saying. >> we're talking about her server and e-mails. there's a lot of talk. she said she directed her aides to hand it over to the justice department and that did after the inspector general said two of four retro actively classified e-mails found on her server contained sensitive information. now, this issue has been swirling for months and for months she refuted to hand over the personal e-mail serve she
7:44 am
used in her hole. she said she did not use it for classified information. there are four e-mails being looked at. this is what clinton said about the e-mails in march and then in july. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> i'm confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. >> she said she only used the this as convenience. there are aren't apparently 60,000 e-mails on the server. she deleted half that she said are personal. yesterday the associated press said she gave three thumb drives that contained other e- mails that were work-related. these were sent to and from her personal e-mail addresses. she also signed a statement
7:45 am
saying she's turned over all official e-mails and the justice has to figure out if the e-mails contained classified information. >> this is a subset of a subset of a subset. >> two e-mails apparently designated as top secret sand sensitive compartmented information which is one of the highest classifycations of ratings. this is up for debate when you talk about the e-mails, the biggest question was were they classified. the state department says they weren't classified when she sent them. afterward she said this doesn't count that she actually sent that information. >> so much to sort through. >> it's confusing. what was delete deleted by her and her staff as well. it won't go away. >> they have to figure out and
7:46 am
take their time, how much was was compromise. she said she's into the encrypting anything -- not encrypting anything but when the information is stored, is this a national security issue. now the silver and black may be moving south again. nfl owners met yesterday to discuss proposals to relocate the raiders, the san diego chargers and/or the st. louis rales down to the los angeles area. 49ers executive was hired by a joint raiders and chargers group to talk to the owners about a plan to build a stadium in carson that would house both teams. >> one stadium, all of the bells and whistles. when you have two teams going in, you can afford to expand what it is that you are billing -- building. >> the facts on the ground there's been no viable proposal that's been made for the
7:47 am
raiders. >> expected the nfl will make the decision before the super bowl. the league says of the three cities oakland was the only one that didn't present a proposal to build a new stadium to keep the raiders. the raiders moved to los angeles back in 1982 but then returned to oakland in 1995 after promises of coliseum renovations. >> we know the raidered are gonna play at the coliseum and the first preseason game is friday against the rams. you can watch the game at 7:00 right here on ktvu fox 2. >> what a drama. it is. >> a huge loss for oakland. >> we'll see. it's not over yet. the commute is not over yet either, sal. what are you looking at now? >> we've had a lot of slow traffic approaching the bay bridge because of that incident. it looks like some of the police are leeching the area. we've been looking at other commutes as you drive through the area. we'll start off and take a look at weekend 24 because that's
7:48 am
getting slow as you drive into the caldecott tunnel. most of it is slow. there are spots where it breaks up. 24 from walnut creek to oakland is going to be slow. 68 olis slow from pleasant hill to walnut creek. also looking at the toll plaza, it's still very slow as some of the flis vehicles are leaving. that might alleviate things. there may not be as much to see. count on a 30, 40-minute delay before you make it on span. westbound bridge past the toll plaza, there is reports of a didn't there. we already told you about the eastshore freeway. southbound 101 in marin is slow from 237 to central san rafael. let's go to sleeve in the weather sent -- to sleeve in the weather center. a stick and stay on the marin, sonoma coast. the fog will clear up. south of that mostly clear.
7:49 am
a little wednesday whiler from doug air rebs. i said fog-free. he said, i thought you said frog-free. need more coffee. i responded with the frog days of summer. [laughter] >> i will get going here. it was cool this morning. how cool? i should amend this. la honda. 44. 44. we need to take ma and move that up -- we need to take that and move that up there. middletown, 4 -- middletown, 49. the napa airport did dip to a cool 49. our system is impressive. it's too far west. it's retrograding a little bit. but if we can take that and move it, dare i say, we would have rain in the forecast. but that's not the case. we have fog. mainly to the north and it's gonna be sunny. good news for the firefighters. there were a lot of 40s and 50s. the low is cooled down. that's good. i know we had 47 on cobb. humidity is up, 70, 74%.
7:50 am
61% kelseyville was 49 and the breeze is out of the west- southwest. temperatures will be in the 80s. i went about 89. they are getting some of that smoke. we are getting a west-southwest breeze. humidity will go down temperatures-- in temperatures. 50s on most of the temperatures. any are running from 24 hours ago, cooler. one to about seven degrees. if it felt cooler this morning, it was. 36 in truckee. 56 dune in monterey. except for the fog toward the north bay, it will be a sunny day. a lot of sunshine. nice to warm but temperatures running a little bit below average. a slight breeze will pick up later. it's 80s through the interior. 60s, 70s, coast and bay. the most inland locations will be in the upper 80s. those are slightly below average to near average for some. for others, coast and bay, running near afghanistan to slightly below as well. about the same on thursday and then the low moves out.
7:51 am
it will enhance the fog bank. it looks like a quick warmup on the weekend. >> but it won't last. >> no. it looks cooler next week. 7:50. down in l.a. millions of plastic balls were poured into a resser voir hoping to -- reservoir hoping to protect the water. look at this video. that's 96 million of those balls being dumped into the l.a. reservoir. the pauls are designed to keep dust, rain, chemicals and wildlife out of the water. they are supposed to prevent 300 million gallons of water from evaporating during the drought. he rides a goose, slays a dragon, even destroys a robot. not talking about a sci-fi movie. this is a campaign ad. we'll show you more of this bizarre ad and tell you where this guy is running for office. a warning about technology and hackers.
7:52 am
how your device, it may have already been targeted and you didn't even know. and it's a back to school day for so many students. in sharp contrast to my awkwardness, this is noelle walker. gorgeous on the outside and inside. this is the school picture she shared with us. i think i see maybe somes scissors working across the forehead. thank you, noelle walker for sharing your photo. >> and this is tom vacar. we want to see your pictures, too. you can share them on our facebook page.
7:53 am
we invented low fares. then eelse pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again! book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at ♪
7:54 am
7:55 am
there are more and more hackers out there these days. adabble says there's a chance your computer, tablet or phone has already been hacked and you don't know it. he says sometimes it happens when you click on a free link for a sock or movie -- sock or movie -- song or movie. >> they click on the link and they get nothing. they ivl knits not working but they have downloaded something. >> he said the odds are something that you -- are good that you downloaded malware. the hacker goes through all of
7:56 am
your files and photos and in some cases, that information is used in ads that offer to teach other people how to hijack phones and computers. so really not only is your personal information now public, it's also being used by someone else to make a profit. 7:55. if you always wanted to wish on a shooting star, go outside late tonight. the peak of the perseid shower is tonight and tomorrow morning. they are not really stars. they j university specks of -- they are just specks of dust. if you are away from city lights and you kind of pay attention, you can see as many as 100 meteors an hour. this year is good for it because the moon looks like a sliver in the sky. the sky is darker making it easier to see the meteors. well, nasa's kepler mission
7:57 am
discovered. this is only the 10th planet discovered. until this mission, scientists were not sure it was possible. this is not the first time professor canes that been involved in finding a planet outside our solar system. he says he thinks he's been part of teams that have fund more than 150 planets total total. the explosion that rocked part of oakland and wounded two deputies. we'll tell you what's next in the investigation. it's back to school today for thousands of kids. good morning. we're looking at the commute now. northbound 280 in san jose. a little slow getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you a little bit more straight ahead. mostly sunny. some fog mainly toward the north bay but it looks like a nice day. we'll have the temperatures and
7:58 am
see what's in store for the weekend. with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
an intense search for a woman who fell from the bay bridge overnight. we'll tell you how a car crash led to this woman going into the water. plus, the fires in lake county get bigger. right now, we know that overnight, the jerusalem fire burned at least 2,000 additional acres. it's inching toward the rocky fire. we have the details on the containment and how calfire will fight it still ahead.
8:01 am
well, good morning to you. happening right now, the search for a woman she fell off the bay bridge into the water below and that search continues at this hour. >> this started after a car cash at 2:00. >> alex savidge, you are near the toll plaza, you've been out there since this morning. drivers reported they saw that woman, alex. >> reporter: yeah, those are the reports the chp got. a couple of 911 calls from drivers in this area and they reported seeing a woman walking along the shoreline in this area where we have been throughout the morning. this is just north of the bay bridge toll plaza, and we have seen many chp officers out here scouring the bushes and the shoreline area here trying to find this missing woman who fell from the eastern span of the bay bridge early this morning. now, let me show you some video. this is the scene a short time ago as we saw the coast guard helicopter by fly our location along the shoreline. the chopper was flying very low
8:02 am
looking along the shore line for this young woman who is still missing. on the ground, there were also chp officers, again, early this morning, they were out with flashlights searching for this woman who was believed to have fallen from the bridge and possibly had made her way to the shoreline. that fall happened after 2:00 this morning and the chp says this woman for some reason climbed the rail along the bike path and then either slipped or let go and fell about 70 to 80 feet down into the water below. that fall came after a single car crash in the eastbound lanes of the bridge. the missing woman was the driver involved in that accident. there were two passengers. two other young women, all three of them are in the early 20s according to the chp. after they got in that single car crash, all of the women got out. two of them climbed over onto the adjacent bike path and as the chp officer who was responding began to work toward the two women often the bike
8:03 am
path, he saw one of those women climb up and over the rail. >> as the officer was about 50 yards away, she began to slip and fall. the officer requested a notification of the coast guard. we got the coast guard to deploy a boat and air for rescue. >> reporter: two other passengers in the car, the two other women who were here with the driver involved in the crash have been detained for questioning. the chp is talking to them trying to figure out what was going on. what this woman's state of mind was, why she decided to climb up on the mail and either jump or potentially fall into the water this morning. again, the chp did get reports that she had made her way to shore a number of drivers in this area spotted a woman walking along the shoreline. we bring you back out here to a live picture. this is the coast guard hadn't ter still up in the air -- had ther still up in the air doing their first search of the morning here and they are right
8:04 am
above the eastern span of the bay bridge still looking along the shoreline trying to see if they can find this missing woman. they've not identified the woman only saying she's in her early 20s. the chp says they have no idea why she decided to climb up over the rail. >> reporter: all right. right now, i'm just looking at -- trying to figure out something here alex to see if any of it traffic is gonna improve. let's take a look at the eastshore freeway. because look at the time here. 65 minutes. that is an incredible time of all of this was easily visible from the cars at the tacoma. people are curious. they want to see what is going on. there was a helicopter, boats, the lanes were mostly open. it's really damaged the commute. it's -- as we speak, it's 70
8:05 am
minutes between the carquinez bridge ald the macarthur maze. that's just horrible. i would not use the bay bridge. in is a look at the traffic. it's almost at a standstill. this has messed up the morning commute. you can think about using the san mateo bridge as an alternate if you have to get into san francisco. that would be a better way to go. if you are looking at the east bay commute, most of it has been slow. look at one last thing about this bridge. 580 itself through the oakland lakeshore area is backed up solid from highway 13 to the bay bridge. so you need to think about going down to the san mateo bridge instead. 8:05. back to steve in the forecast. hello, steve. >> hello, sal. thank you. a little chill this morning. a lot of 40s. thanks for the nfg coming in. cool air mass in place. only really the north bay dealing with fog. there's patchy low clouds around the city. also a little bit over oakland. after that, there's not much. most of the san mateo and santa cruz coast were fog free and on the cool side and even on skyline along skyline, matt,
8:06 am
hi, steve. hi, matt. he had to turn the furnace on. 44 in la lon da. that's -- la honda. it was cool this morning. 44. cobb mountain, 4. ann marin said -- 47. ann marie said 47 up here as well. napa airport made it to 49. bonnie dune, 48 degrees. fog a little bit. there's not a lot. but it is on the marin sonoma coast parts of marin county. this hoe keeping us from warm up too much. but it will move out by late thursday. 60s on the temps. 50s but we did have a lot of 40s. it will be sunny, it will be nice. a lot of sunshine. it may take a while. with so much of the low clouds in place. the breeze will pick up it laker -- pick up later. back to you. >> thank you. first day of school is underway for students in san jose.
8:07 am
janine de la vega has more on the new lunches, the supplies, even the new teachers. they are all part of this new school year. >> reporter: hi, gasia. the bells just rang here at burnett middle school. the hallways are pretty empty. that's because the classes just started here. that's the case for many of the schools in the san jose unified school district. we saw so many parents stand in front of the school sign and take pictures of their kids. a lot of smiling faces. everyone ready to take on the new school year. the day started with a flag raising and students learning their new schedules. san jose unified is welcoming back 33,000 students. enrollment has stayed steady but there are a few good things the district is introducing. there's new items that can be found in the cafeteria. a dietitian was hired who partnered with local farmers. if you have students in middle school and high school, you can expect to see new textbooks.
8:08 am
here's what some students said they are looking forward to. >> meeting new people. >> reporter: you rule the school in 8th grade. >> yeah. >> i like to study about space and other stuff. >> reporter: the district had many teaching positions to fill for this school year. it was challenging. but officials tell us they aggressively recruited 200 new teachers that have been hired. the district still has 12 more positions to fill in math, bilingual and special education. but administrators are optimistic. they will find the teachers they say because they have a large pool of substitute teachers until permanent ones are found. a lot of excitement starting this new school year. if you are about to take off this morning, expect to see some more cars on the road.
8:09 am
a lot of parents did drop off this morning. now they are heading to work. it will be the same case in the afternoon commute. >> the crazy early-morning rush. so thankful to be missing it. >> thank you, janine. >> all right. we've actually been having a little fun now. we're in the back to school season. >> last hour we showed you our awkward foe tote, braces, glasses. now we would like to share more of our "mornings on 2" friends with you. take a look at these pictures. a good look and see if you can guess who they are. >> the one on the left, the hair doesn't look like that at all now. >> that's alex savidge on the left? >> it sure is. >> take a look at the right. this girl was pretty the moment she was boesch -- she was born. >> i'm gonna say that is allie rasmus. >> it is allie rasmus. i love it. these two are adorable.
8:10 am
no denying this one. we know that, if we can bring ulin, our mystery student -- bring you in, our mystery student, are you with us? >> i'm sure. i think that was hawaiian day. i was at skyline school in daly city t and -- my goodness. look at that lei. >> are you like 7 years old probably here? >> i think i was in 4th grade. >> oh, okay. >> whatever that is. >> we're going back -- >> we would love to see your back-to-school photos. san jose students going back today. we've been seeing the pictures come in. we've seen them on facebook and twitter.
8:11 am
we'll share them on the air. use the hashtag by the way and thanks for all of your pictures. >> we love it. the first day of traffic flow changes on san francisco's busy market street and all was a success. so says the city's transportation agency. that new law took effect it bans private cars from turning onto market street between third and 8th. part of a project called safer market street. the goal is to eliminate pedestrian deaths and traffic collisions by the year 2024. transportation leaders say that market street has four of the city's top 20 intersections for pedestrian injuries. 8:11. interesting story. honeymooning with isis? newlywed couple arrested in the deep south. charges of terrorism. coming up in a half-hour, allegations against a 22-year- old man and his teenaged bride. when we return, news that might spoil your breakfast. why the price for bacon has
8:12 am
dumped 174% in the past four months. >> no. >> i know. let's go back not bay -- back to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound 92. this is the san mateo bridge. this is your alternate. in all seriousness. i will tell you what happened that messed up the commute. there's nothing messed up about the weather. it's rather cool. we'll see if temperatures will continue on this trend or warm up by the weekend.
8:13 am
8:14 am
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8:15 am
watching a drop on the dow. wall street is at 8:14. the dow is already down more than 200 points. dropping 1.25%. >> china's currency keeping dropping. it was down 2% yesterday. it's down 1.50% today. and germany says the yuan is still overvalued by 10%. if the value goes down, it makes chinese products cheap kerr around the world. it also makes american-made products more expensive to buy. the number of available jobs for mesh workers fell during the month of june.
8:16 am
there were 525 million job openings. us that down 100,000 from may. for every job opening, there are 1.6 unemployed workers. the reason for bacon's price skyrocketing is apparent. it's up 174% since this past april. >> you and i both love bacon. people love bacon. it's not because of the shortage. they put it on everything from doughnuts to ice cream sundaes. since demand is high, the price is up. gasoline prices continue to drop, believe it or not. in fact, it's about 9 cents cheaper than what we were paying a week ago. according to aaa and their gauge report. we have current afghanistans to share with you -- averages to
8:17 am
share with you. in san francisco, 3.49. oakland, 3.38. san jose is 3.34. up in santa rosa, it's 3.35. speaking of gas, happening today, some drivers in fairfield they will get a good deal. how does 85 cents a gallon sound. it's being offered at pierce and fuel gas stations. most of them are in sacramento the there's one in fairfield at oolly ver gas -- oliver gas. >> your vehicle has a take e-85 flex fuel. the 8 a cent per gallon gas price is good between now and 5:00 this evening. >> another good deal if you want to head to the beach, this could be for you. jetblue is holding the beach is within reach. >> if you fry out of sfo, you can get to fort lauderdale for $160 bucks one way. you have to book now for travel dates from september 1 to
8:18 am
november 30th. and those who stream on spotify could soon see changes. >> they may be caving to pressure over premium prices. >> anybody can listen to any album offered by spotfy tie. those who don't subscribe will hear commercials when you stream. >> nonpaying listeners may be limited to hearing a couple of songs on an album versions hearing the whole thing. new albums won't be -- >> spot fi costs $10 -- spotty fi costs $10 a month. let's check our traffic. sal is right over there. >> traffic is still unfortunately not very good here at the bay bridge. the approach -- you can see the macarthur maze. it's been very, very slow.
8:19 am
we had an earlier search for the person out near the bridge. there is a lot of police activity even though the lanes weren't blocked for very clock. you can still see everything that's going on as you drove up to the bridge. that added the delay. in fact, the delay is still there. it's very slow on the east shore, very slow approaching the bridge. also looking at another commute here other angle of the bridge. you can see how slow it is getting on the span. westbound 580, we have slow traffic this morning as you drive through. as a matter of fact, there's also a crash westbound 580 near north livermore avenue. there is a crash. the fire department is on the way there. traffic has been slow. that earlier crash on livermore city streets has been cleared up. 8:19. let's go to steve. sal, back to school, as you know. >> i know. >> some of our viewers are saying what about us? we have back-to-school pictures. from left to right. antioch first diego fifth grade anderric second grade.
8:20 am
in the middle south san francisco, that's dora, fourth grade. and finally oakland, samantha's 7th grader and 12th grader. [ applause ] >> there you go. looking very stylish and nice. >> let's get to the weather now. except for parts of the north bay, we're mainly fog free. that's fog free. not frog free. >> i knew what you meant. >> thank you, dave. [laughter] >> looks beautiful out. a little chill in the morning air. 44 la honda. one of the coolest locations. there were plenty of 40s from the north bay down to the santa cruz mountains. my gosh this system is so close. just takes it then we have cloudy skies and maybe some rain. that's too far away. it will hang around today and tomorrow and probably eject out here. it is only patchy today. the areas were quite cool. 50s and 60s. did have upper 40s. napa airport was 49. middletown and lake county, 49.
8:21 am
santa cruz, if it feels cooler, it is. most locations running 1 to 7 degrees cooler. about 1 to 3. it's starting to level off. had some 30s up in truckee. now 46. u kyleia made it to 50. 56. a lot of 50s and 60s up and down the coast. except for the fog, parts of the north bay, we have a lot of sunshine on the old weather menu. it's nice to warm. morning fog. north bay, breezy little later here. but temperatures slightly running below average. santa rosa mid-80s. low 80s, 70s. 60s close to the coast. once the fog burns off, sunshine. i think fog thursday into friday and then that low gets out of here. i'm reluctant to do this. but i can't ignore it. it looks like it will be hot on the weekend but this it cool off. what's better than the first day of school? new outfit -- >> yeah. >> i love it.
8:22 am
hillary clinton has agreed to turn over her private e-mail server. in 20 minutes, the issues that have been swirling around her campaign for months. the tens of thousands of e- mails that are under scrutiny. more problems on the streets of ferguson, missouri. the fifth straight night of protests and demonstrations. video of an armed teen moments before he was wounded by police.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
welcome back. from southern california, police are questioning a person after dozens were forced to evacuate an airport terminal at the ontario international airport. police and firefighters swarmed the area eventually letting all of those people back into their airport. we still don't know why the terminal was evacuated. one l.a. station says a grenade was found by tsa screeners. well, in arizona, take a look at what happened yesterday. can you imagine this coming toward you? >> a wave of dust, rain and strong winds sweeping across most of the phoenix area. it left thousands with no power, delayed several flights a severe weather warning was lifted yesterday afternoon. a southwest flight in orlando, florida skidded off the runway. the plane was being pulled to a hangar when the accident happened. the nose gear of the plane
8:26 am
collapsed. luckily no passengers were on board here. oakland police have confirmed that a natural gas line was deliberately disconnected at a home that exploded injuring two sheriff deputies. er is schiff deputy -- sheriff deputies were villing out the lock and there was an explosion and the building went up in flames. once the fire was out, deputies found a badly burned body inside the building. the two sheriff deputies were injured in the explosions with you they are expected to be -- but any -- but they are expected to be okay. the tenant knew they were being victed but they would not confirm whether the man was the victim found inside. more unrest in ferguson, missouri overnight. these demonstrations were a lot smaller and less confrontational surrounding the anniversary of the michael
8:27 am
brown shooting. police hope to lift the state of emergency ordered today but at one point, last night, police in riot gear. >> stay off the street. if you come on the street, we'll have to make arrests. >> police have released the security camera footage of it tyrone harris, the 18-year-old critically wounded after being shot by police sunday night. officials say the video shows him with a gun. the video was taped before he allegedly fired at plain clothes officers. all right. 8:27. we're still tracking the new developments of two wildfires in lake county. allie rasmus is coming back to the studio to tell us how they are growing and how calfire flans tocontain them.
8:28 am
good morning. we're looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy. if you are driving on 101. a lot of sunshine today. just scotch patchy low clouds -- just some patchy low clouds. what about the temps as we go to the weekend? warmer or staying cooler? feduring sleep train's sundaytriple choice sale. to save big for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save hundreds on simmons beautyrest mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses.
8:29 am
the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
8:30 am
welcome back. let's check weather and traffic. >> it will be sunny but temperatures are staying slightly below average here. a little bit of fog toward the north bay. more so than anywhere else.
8:31 am
mostly sunny, though already. department take lock. the fog is going to pick up again tonight as the low inches closer. today it's peeled back a little bit but left behind cool air mass and is allowing temperatures to dip in the 40s. la honda, napa airport all between 44 and 49. it sure looks like good news for the firefighters. the temperatures are cool. i did see 40s as well. humidity is up. the wind is out of the west- southwest for some. most of that smoke is blowing east. we'll focus on this today and tomorrow. because it looks like friday and saturday the temperatures will warm up. our system is too far away to do much except give fog to the marin and coast, it will headache around -- hang around. by tomorrow, more fog on the increase. 80s through the interior, 6s to and 70s coast and bay. >> sal, are you still starting with the bay bridge. unfortunately we have a big
8:32 am
backup. once you make it on the span, it looks okay. but we have a lot of slow traffic trying to get to the bay bridge. part of it is because. earlier backups here. you can see it's taking almost an hour to drive through the carquinez bridge. someone just tweeted saying it was awful driving through el cerrito heading out to the macarthur maze and to the bay bridge, once you get to the toll plaza, you will see a big backup at the toll plaza trying to get on the bridge. we can look at the toll plaza for you right now from our camera there. it's a little better but still backed up. if you are trying to get into san francisco, i would advise perhaps using b.a.r.t. or doing something else. we're looking at the south bay now. we'll had a lot of minor accidents. nothing major. but there's a lot of minor crashes on 880 and 101, 85, 17, these have been pushed off to the side. we had some slow traffic as you can see all over the south bay. 8:32. back to the desk. >> thank you. a crew with east bay mud
8:33 am
are trying to fix a water main break in the alamo area. first reported just before 7:00 this morning. the chp said someone reported that water main break caused the road to buckle. chp is out there right now helping to direct traffic around that area. it's gonna take several days for firefighters to get a handle on that jerusalem fire despite adding new resources. the fire got pigger overnight -- bigger overnight. the screws are struggling -- crews are struggling to handle it and put the flames out. allie rasmus has more. >> >> it grew overnight, now 16,500 acres. to give you perspective, that's about 25 square miles or roughly half of the size of the city of san francisco. now, take a look at the big picture. calfire's spokesperson who talked to us this morning says we are on track to have a
8:34 am
record-breaking year when it comes to wildfires in the state. calfire responded to 44 fires. last year, it was about 3,000. that was already an above average year. the jerusalem fire has forced 150 people from their homes because of mandatory evacuations in parts of lake and napas. they say some of the challenges include dry brush, tough terrain and limited road access. >> this fire continues to move away from the populated area. so that's the good news at this point for those homeowners. up ahead of the fire, as it continues to grow is a lot of unburned vegetation. >> and to sort of echo what he was talking about, the jerusalem fire is burning in an eastward direction away from the less populated areas. but the new jewels are in as --
8:35 am
but the new numbers are in. it grew to 16,500 acres. >> thank you for the update. in san francisco, a group of bike riders says it's being fairly untaurkted by police officers. both sounds came together at a community meeting. cyclists staged a protest along the route known as the wiggle. at the beginning of the month, officers cited 204 cyclists during a two-day crackdown t was triggered by complaints with bicyclists in the city. >> bicyclists ignoring red lights, ignoring stop signs. running into people on the roadway. hurting and injuring people. >> totally being singled out here. >> i don't see any cars being hassled for not using turn signals. >> cyclists say officers should be focusing 0 their crackdown on cars, not bicycle itists --
8:36 am
bicyclists. police in the south bay they are warning metal thieves have a new target. in santa clara, 36 water meters have been stolen. it happened twice at the american legion hall near walsh avenue. the meters contain brass and copper. thieves sell that for scrap and replacing those meters cost about $1500 apiece. >> this is cost the utility over $50,000 at this point. it diverts our resources as far as os our crews away from other tasks that they should be doing. >> these thefts are happening in the middle of the night. a flier has been sent out to scrap metal dealers all over the south bay, asking them to be on the lookout. they are offering a reward. 8:36. the city of san jose is offering homeowners a kit to convert their existing lawns
8:37 am
into drought-friendly ones. homeowners will get a kit that includes landscaping materials, drought reskiffant plants but there are some conditions here -- resistant plans. but there are conditions. it has to be a customer of the san jose municipal water system. there must be a working sprivller and controller system. san francisco has created a new showerhead that can reduce the water use by 70%. it works by breaking up water to tinily drooplets and increasing the surface area of the spray. the average person uses up to 20 gallons of water per shower. but they claim they can get the job done with just 6 gallons.
8:38 am
8:37. new this morning, the islamic state terror group says it's killed a croatian hostage in egypt. it killed the 30-year-old oil company worker for his country's participation in the war against the islamic state. the croatian man was kidnapped last month in cairo. there's been a rash of arrests in recent days of americans trying to join islamic state terrorists. over the weekend, 19-year-old jaylen young and her 22-year- old fiance, they were arrested in mississippi trying to board an international flight. according to investigators, miss young is reportedly the daughter of a police officer, told and fbi informant online that she wanted to go to syria to support isis. she was hoping they would be medics helping injured isis fighters. >> isis is offering them a
8:39 am
place to fit into that puzzle. that's attract attorney many people. >> federal investigators arrested three men in new jersey for trying to support isis. hillary clinton's campaign is being dominated by her time when she was secretary of state. >> claudine wong is back in the studio to help us sort it out. >> well, there are three different things happening right now. first, arrefuseing to do it for months -- after refusing it to it for months, she's handed over her server. the inspector general is looking at e-mails and there are thumb drives that contain 30,000 e-mails from her server that are in the hand of the justice department. so let's break all of this down for you. let's talk about that server.
8:40 am
this is the personal e-mail server from her new york home. she has resisted turning it over but yesterday, told her aides to give it to the justice department. she has repeatedly said she did not use it to send or receive any classified information. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. i'm confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. >> all right. so that brings us to this inspector general. he's been looking at specific e- mails. he said two of the e-mails contained classified information. fox news has reported that the information was related to the cia and an agency that produces satellite images. but this is where it gets confusing when it comes to if clinton did anything procedurally wrong. the state department says the e- mails were not classified when
8:41 am
clinton sent them. they were only classified retroactively. >> this is a subset of a subset. you are talking about a mass of e-mails with potential classified e-mails in them. >> and you are talking about the four years as secretary of state, that's a lot of e-mails. 60,000, in fact. clipton deleted half of those -- clinton deleted half of those because she said they were half of them. and then her attorney was keeping a copy of 30,000 of the work related miles on thumb drives at the his office. well, the fbi was not as comfortable with that. so the a.p. said the thumb drives were given to the justice department. at the end of the day, there's still a lot to figure out. >> all right. thank you. well, from coaching the world series champs to helping needy fells, up next, we'll tell you what bruce bruce bochy and his wife are doing and why
8:42 am
they want more people to know about it.
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." time is 8:44. pack to talking about donald trump. the republican front-runner in the race held his first campaign after that debate last
8:45 am
week. he talked before a crowd of more than 2,000 in michigan yesterday. trump says he would support women's health issues if the u.s. would take strong action toward china. trump told fox news he's prepared to spend $345 million of his own money to pay for his campaign. 8:45. the nfl deflategate scandal is now unfolding in federal court. tom brady and roger goodell arrived in a courthouse in manhattan earlier this morning. brady was suspended four games in the deflated football controversy. he's denied any wrongdoing. the nfl players association says goodell didn't fairly handle his appeal. the punishment is out of line with anything that's been given out in civil lar violations -- similar violations. this is interesting. apparently, google didn't do a complete google search to see if the name of the corporate
8:46 am
company is already trademarked. google announced the new parent company called alphabet and it was approved by most people. but the german carmaker bmw was surprised that's because bmw already has a company called alphabet. it supplies more than 500,000 cars to corporate customers. bmw is looking at trademark implications here. but likely no legal action will be taken because google doesn't intend to build products or brands under the alphabet name. sal, busy day. >> yes. before we go to the traffic, i want to show you something that might put a smile on your face. i want to show you a picture back to school. nick core hernandez's son is getting ready for school. but she says him getting ready for school is a challenge every morning because he likes to watch us thon the -- to watch us on the news. that's him watching us.
8:47 am
young men, ten years from now, i'm gonna say go away. a grown man coming up to you saying i used to watch you as a kid. let's take a look the eastshore freeway. very slow because of earlier problems. we had a police search going on adjacent to the bridge. it slowed a lot of people down. it really made the eastshore freeway a mess. bay bridge toll plaza is still backed up. we're seeing some improvement, it looks like -- like the -- the chp is no longer out there. things are looking more another arm. if you are driving in san jose, 280, there's the train. no major problems on caltrain. let's go to you, steve. when i was a kid, i used to love watching that train. i would watch you all of the time. [laughter] >> i would watch me, too.
8:48 am
thank you. we have low clouds around. not a lot. mainly north bay. kind of interesting, though, some of that fog kind of had a couple reports it came in from the west. that's because there's more up to the north bay. still some kind of holding on. it was the cool lows. la honda, bonnie dunes in the 40s. i think i saw cobb mountain, napa, 49. that middletown 49. coolest since june 5th. cooler temperatures. more of a westerly breeze component. f the two fires have created their own weather conditions. i use these conditions loosely because they could change at the fire. at least the humidity is higher and at least the temperatures were cooler this morning. the source of the cool is this low the we couldn't find one in
8:49 am
january. but here's one in august. there's clouds and rain as it stands not too far away. this system will sit out here and say, i think i will hang out for two days and then thursday, friday move out of the high pressure. that will allow high pressure to build in for the weekend. 60s for most. a lot of 40s and 50s this morning. fog on the marin coast. >> sonoma coast. that's about it. it looks like it's beginning to burn back. a lot of sunshine. nice to mild to warm. 60s, 70s. coast and bay. some of that low cloud deck, keeping temperatures even if you don't have it more of a breeze. coolness in the air which allows 80s. temperatures running below average. they will stay there on thursday. start to warm up a little bit on friday. i may be a little ahead of myself on saturday. inland on saturday, i don't think it will last more than a day or two and then it's
8:50 am
looking cooler. you know who also is cool? bruce bochy. he and his wife are teaming up with a pizza restaurant changing the life of young expectant mothers. they are putting together a fund-raiser tonight in san francisco trying to raise money for the homeless prenatal program that helps provide housing and resources for pregnant women, young mothers and their kids. now, they told us this morning, this is one of their favorite charities and bruce bochy said he's happy to support it. >> pretty cool to see all of the people who have responded. they come out after -- they come in here and they want to talk baseball but they want to help out all of the prenatal young homeless women that are needy. >> now, the fund-raiser is tonight from 3:00 to 10:00 tonight at amechi's on lombard street. all proceeds go to the homeless
8:51 am
prenatal program. 8:a. the silver and black may be moving south again. nfl owners met just yesterday to discuss proposals to relocate the raiders, the san diego chargers and the/or the rams down to the los angeles area. the 49ers executive was hired by a joint raiders and chargers group to talk to the openers about a plan to build a stadium in carson that would cause both teams. >> one grand stadium, all of the bests and -- bells and whistles. and when you have teams, you can afford. >> it's expected the nfl will make its decision before the super bowl. oakland was the only one that didn't present the proposal to keep the raiders. the raiders moved to los
8:52 am
angeles in 1982 but they returned to oakland in '95. we know the raiders will play this season at the coliseum. the first game this friday against the rams. you can watch the game at 7:00 p.m. right here on ktvu fox 2. >> all right. we have all seen some pretty over the top political campaign ads but this is an actual campaign app. we'll tell you where this guy is looking for votes and now he plans to win -- and how he plans to win over voters.
8:53 am
8:54 am
a third greater from new york -- grader from new york -- a third grader, dexter, was upset by racial stereotypes in the jungle cruise ride at disneyland. he says the park also makes assumptions about gender that
8:55 am
might exclude transgender people. he and a classmate wrote to disney with ideas how to make the park more inclusive. disney has not responded so far. a man that said he would get a neck tattoo if his video of jeb bush got 1 million hits, lived up to his word. views start to skyrocket after the jeb campaign tweeted support reaching more than 4 million. on monday, vick burger posted photos of himself with the words jeb for prez on his neck. one questioned whether he got inked saying there were no photos that the work got done. he said it's real. he even lost his job at a supermarket because of it. you have to watch this. let's roll this. >> are you ready? i am. neet ♪
8:56 am
>> it only gets better. it really does. watch this video. this is wyatt scott, an independent candidate. this was posted to his youtube page in june. it's getting a lot of buzz on the internet maybe because he instantly grows a beard. everything going on is a little bit distracting, let's all gather together by the television and watch a clip again. ♪ >> healthcare, social programs, people aren't even protected by their own government. >> amazing. a few weeks after this was released, he posted a much more serious campaign ad. no word on where scott stands in the polls. wow. >> that's a wow. >> i mean, very clever. >> yeah. >> he did a good job.
8:57 am
if you are trying to get to your job in san francisco, the bay bridge is now recovering after earlier police activity. really made it a mess even though lakes were not blocked. 880 is not too bad heading north. if you are driving in the south bay, you will see slow traffic around the bay. let's go to steve. >> except for a little fog in the north bay, sunny and nice, mostly sunny, a little bit more fog thursday and friday. it locks like a warmup. but that will be it. it will be cooler. >> i agree. >> sal, rested up? >> i'm rested. a lot going on. >> all right. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> we leave you now with some pictures of back-to-school photos. thank you for helping us get off on a great start to the day. have a great one, you guys. see you back here at noon. ♪
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people try to save a child who lands on an air conditioner. >> after he has fallen out of a seven story window. >> high-rise rescue with no room for error. stumbling into a nest of baby bunnies. see the elaborate plan to get them back to mom. yep. we're back for more. >> a hair raising new series. >> get ready for the physics of fun and the science of the thrill factor. >> now, carrie byron and


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