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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 12, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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people try to save a child who lands on an air conditioner. >> after he has fallen out of a seven story window. >> high-rise rescue with no room for error. stumbling into a nest of baby bunnies. see the elaborate plan to get them back to mom. yep. we're back for more. >> a hair raising new series. >> get ready for the physics of fun and the science of the thrill factor. >> now, carrie byron and torey talk about riding rides for a living. >> we laugh and say how is this
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our job right now? plus a fish takes a little nibble and an argument suddenly -- >> gets weird. >> the moment things start going all matrix. >> what the -- >> i was not expecting that. it's time to have your faith in humanity restored with these two videos. first one, what has happened is a 3-year-old has fallen out of a seventh story window of this apartment complex. the toddler then got caught on this air conditioner. this is where people just rushed to help, including this young man here, who using sheets tied together and towels basically was able to climb down to the place where the small child was. what he does is pretty clever. he climbs into this balcony right here and is able to gain alcohol's to the apartment. by the looks of it, whoever was there wasn't home. >> look at the person underneath. >> it looks like holding the
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baby's legs? >> that's exactly what i think is going on. >> you see a little bit -- get lifted up from behind the air conditioner right there. >> oh, my goodness. >> we get to see later on right there is the small child. th mother clearly shocked as well. minor injuries to his head and collar bone. unfortunately he was able to then get taken out and taken to hospital. our second video takes us to london. there are leaders and there are sheep-le. laura comes by. she was a bystander and noticed the driver leani into a taxi. two paramedics were there. they said we're not emergency workers. we have to wait. time to get bossy. she rounded up, as you can see, 25 or 30 people, who all get together under her instruction to lift this cab off the young lady. and that's the moment you're seeing right now. >> leaning against the car? what is this, union rules?
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you can't save somebody's life even though you're a paramedic? >> she was taken to hospital. had some soft it issue damage but was discharged later in the day. >> oh, my gosh! to tell you this, human beings don't make good fences. >> what? >> no. this is in western finland. nice monster truck. kids and everybody else around this arena are really enjoying it. you notice that basically all the people are what is making this arena. there are some small metal barricades but nothing that would really protect anybody should something go wrong. >> yeah. those barricades are shorter than the tires on these big trucks. >> yeah. here comes this big truck now. this is the grand finale. monster truck getting up a big head of steam to jump over that truck. the crowd is going to go crazy.
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>> there's the truck. nice jump. >> oh, no! >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. and it keeps going. it's still rolling. >> that huge, heavy, tall tire goes careening into the crowd. six people were injured in this incident, including two small children that just could not get out of the way. i really feel like organizers here could have seen something like that coming. the same goes for this next video. governor of new york, volunteer firefighters are standing by in case anybody gets injured. however, they're standing just to the other side of maybe an 18-inch tall wall. >> oh! >> no. >> come on. >> no reports on how injured these firefighters were. in fact, the guy who uploaded the video said it looks worse than it was. >> ironically, though, that 18" seems to be enough. it got itself caught up as it slid down. that's what ended up saving those guys.
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>> so, somebody was prospecting in colorado. a beautiful state. but this happened. there was a little nest of some little creatures who fell in the hole where he was prospecting. it's time to rescue them. >> where are we going to do with them? >> where did the nest come from? >> right there, dad. >> are those little bunnies? >> they are. mom is nowhere around. you see that little grass. i love these people. they dig out another hole away from where they've fallen so mom can eventually find them. there are five of them. they believe they are about ten days old. their eyes are not open yet. mom eventually found the hole where they redug a nest for these little creatures and was reunited with them. it was a happy ending. >> little baby bunnies fell out of the hole while he was digging. what could possibly need to be rescued ought of this dumpster? >> raccoon.
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>> nope. >> indiana jones. >> nope. >> black cat. the guy gets wood down in the dumpster this cat is a stray. it has a torn ear. it will be fine but it does need to get out of the dumpster because rain is coming. he uses his power of perfect situation to get the cat out of the dumpster. >> come on, get! get! go, go, go, go. take the wood. take the wood. >> finally the cat figures out i could climb this thing. has a little slip but makes it back up. i think this guy will have good luck now that he saved a black cat. >> i think any animal you save brings you good luck. >> black cat lives matter, too, gail. >> knew that was coming. >> hit the road. very quickly outside t plane in a freefall cannly mean one thing. you're skydiving.
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not just free falling. the guy that just jumped was challenged to complete a rubix cube on his descent. he has already pulled the parachute. now as he is gliding down to the ground he brings out the rubix cube you see there. >> it's funny he's checking his pockets you're like, what are you checking your pockets for? you've got the parachute. what could you have possibly forgotten? >> i wonder what this guy's commander thinks about this vehicle. it looks like he is in a military jump with a bunch of other guys. soldier, look for threats on the ground! never mind the rubix cube. >> multitasking. well, he has it all under control. he is working diligently on the rubix cube. a couple of minutes later you see that he does actually solve
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the thing, puts it away and, as you can see here, he lands safely and gets to prove that he did it. >> an ambulance needs to move through. >> but nobody is paying attention. >> our motorcyclist takes matters into his own hands and sends the emergency vehicle on its way. >> and this lizard -- >> thinks she's a dog. >> seeer trick that proves it. for healthy plants. just like gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair toothpaste. it helps remineralize enamel and fight plaque germs for healthier teeth and gums. strengthen the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair. hahappppenens s atat t thehe . heherere, , ththeyey m musust tr best. smsmoooothth, , bebeauautitifn advantage. ththe e otothehersrs c canan n shame. inintrtrododucucining g tht. scholl's drdreaeamwmwalalk k exexprp.
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there's good and bad in this world. and i have an example of each in these two videos. this first is an example of a really, really smaamaritan on ts scooter. as he notices there's an ambulance with his sirens on but nobody is paying attention nor moving out of the way of the ambulance. he takes it upon himself to actually go to those drivers of
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each vehicle and wave at them to get out of the way. and, fortunately, it actually works. you see that the drivers do start moving out of the way of the ambulance. >> it's crazy that it requires some guy to come up to tell them. but part of you is like come on. an ambulance. there's someone in need. >> in this part of the video he is in front of these two cars and you can tell that he's stopped and forcing them to get out of the way. >> good for him actually. >> the ambulance is able to get through. now this next video, this motorcyclist -- we're going to put him in the bad category. this is in aberdeen in scotland. police officer is in the lane right in front of us. watch what this dufus decides to do. >> whoa! dude! >> look at this. >> like he blew right past the police like he didn't see him. >> a very illegal move. they're saying there were
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actually two people on that motorcycle. the officer decided not to give chase because they believe if they did, they would actually create a much more dangerous situation. but they are calling on the public for help to identify these people. >> love the water hose. ♪ i think the animals are evolving because they're animting to act like humans and lake powell in arizona. works at motors outlet. decided to relax with the fishes. but i think one wants a date. >> what? >> that fish just attacked why at's nipple.
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>> i missed it. >> how did you miss it? >> that was in slow motion. >> serious. what were you looking at? >> never would have guessed that would happen. not even took him to dinner first. straight for the nipple. >> out of the water. >> pretty impressive. >> i'm not done. check out this one. this is jeffrey. jeffrey the tortoise decides he doesn't want to be outside anymore. >> yeah. >> look at that. >> doesn't seem so weird. >> i love what this woman says to jeffrey wants he gets in the house. >> close the door, jeffrey, so the cats don't get out. >> worried about the cat getting out but the tortoise can come and go as it pleases. >> i think animals are changing because this lizard named bruce, she thinks she's a dog. >> come here, bruce. come here. come here.
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good girl. good girl. i knew you could do that. climbing in the buff. >> talk about no gear whatsoever. >> next "right this minute." >> and still to come, it's a performance during brain surgery. >> see, he is a professional opera singer. ♪ >> oh, no way, no way, no way. >> how he can still carry a tune in the operating room. plus, fast and fun is all the rage in this new travel channel show. >> this is awesome. >> the show's main riders tell us about all the twists and turns. my body. s against everything in >> i'd do it again.
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now back to the show. on vacation a few weeks ago with my family we went to a theme park. they pointed out this enormous roller coaster. dad, i want to see that. i was like, yes! my wife was like, no way. our minds were blown. it was the most fun day ever. imagine if that was your job. >> putting the world's wildest rides under the microscope. >> of course you recognize them. this is their new show for the travel channel. >> physics of fun and science of the thrill factor. >> is my jealousy oozing out of me right now? this is awesome. >> in the premiere coming wednesday, august 12th to travel channel, they'll be investigating what i was talking about. >> use it to find out whether there's a drchs on how men and women respond to wild ride. >> women win. i already know this. >> why have you got to make it like that? >> it's too easy. >> because they made it like that. >> the perfect proving ground to find out if there's any
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difference in how men and women react to extreme thrills. >> this could go on forever. why not go to them live on "right this minute"? i've been following this shoot on your twitter the last few months. i'm insanely jealous. has it been as much fun as it looked to me? >> yes, it has. >> sitting on a roller coaster about to go for a ride and we look at each other and laugh like how is this our job right now? >> the best job in the world. >> you must have awesome access, too, front of the line, front seats of the roller coaster. that must be killer, too. >> they actually shut the park down for us. >> no! now i'm really jealous. >> no fair. >> no waiting in line. >> travel channel called and we were like, sweet, are we going to go to paris and drink line? they're like, no, but we might make you puke. >> what do youo for rest and>> hospital and, you know, make sure -- get a cat scan to make sure --
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>> oh, stop. >> i'm pretty sure i was screaming in that one ear that you don't have the ear phones in. >> wear earphones like a plug right wherever her mouth is. she screams her head off. >> was it really a thing, men versus women and who does better throughout the entire show? >> no, just one episode. we didn't just do roller coasters. we did all sorts of thrill rides. we jumped off a building. there's a waterslide, race cars. >> i got to drive a race car, which didn't suck. >> if you need any help on season two, call me. >> yes! >> we would totally love to have you on the show. >> do you scream really loud? >> like a girl. >> you will be deaf. >> if you want to check out "thrill factor" it's premiering wednesday august 12th on the travel channel. check it out. ♪
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>> that is ambrose, undergoing brain surgery because they found a brain tumor they call a gbm or glioblastoma. they suggested he sing during surgery because they said that would help him avoid deficits in his ability post surgery. you see, he is a professional opera singer. >> he didn't just suddenly get this ability. i was like, wow! ♪ >> that's really amazing that they're able to do this. obviously there's a purpose to this. but it also, in this particular case, has to be pretty soothing. >> i think it has to be terrifying for him to be awake during this traumatic surgery and also i would think it would be scary for the doctors, too. if you hear that voice stop it's like skipping the record. like uh-oh, did we just do something wrong? >> he does stop several times. here is the first time. ♪ >> oh, no.
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no way, no way, no way. >> that happened several times. the doctors are aware. when you have brain surgery they touch parts of the brain that affects things. >> well done. well done. >> i love how sweet this doctor is being as well. she's just soothing him. it's all going to be okay. what great bedside manner. >> during the surgery he doesn't just sing. he talks to the doctors. you can tell they're doing something to his brain because he starts telling them what he's feelin feeling. >> how about here? >> try it again. >> oh, sorry. sorry. i couldn't breathe for a moment. >> now this surgery happened last june. he says he is doing fine and he is continuing his professional career. >> good for him. that's incredible.
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like the surface of the sun. >> very stinky art studio that day. >> patience is a virtue. you're waiting in a queue behind somebody. drives you crazy. rich ferguson decided to have
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some fun with that. you never know who you'll be shouting at. th icht guyn line and he's like, dude, come on. >> i waited ten minutes. can i get in and get a move sni. >> dude, go somewhere else. >> getting closer to each other. >> home boy is taking his sweet time. [ bleep ]. >> see, crossing the line. starts pushing, making contact. but it's when it escalates that it gets weird. >> hey, bro. you're taking forever i want to get a movie. i want to get a movie. >> okay. i was not expecting that. >> the guy reacts like he's from the matrix, freaks people out and then -- >> whoa! >> what the hell? >> oh, my gosh! at that point you just run. >> the guy in green's reaction is perfect. >> take that, man.
9:28 am
>> i'm good. yeah. no need to be -- you're good. i'm fine. yeah. leave him. he's good. >> the guy in the backpack just walks out of the scene. >> the dad with his son, priceles priceless. >> let's go. >> probably one of my favorite rich ferguson pranks ever. >> i'm surprised nobody turns to the other people coming out of the market like, did you see that? so glad you joined us today. thanks for watching "right this minute." see you next time.
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and now when you buy a phone, get 20% off your target run. all things mobile. all in one place. a taxi driver is under attack. >> that's not the worst of it. >> what happens when he tries to escape a stranger with no shirt? a brave little girl jumps like it was a stunt. what was behind her four-story leap of faith? a drone is about to meet its match. >> came out of nowhere. >> see what sent it into a tail spin. and he's trying to explain that something -- >> exploded. >> what it is that is everywhere. >> clean up on aisle living room.


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