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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 12, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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all things mobile. all in one place. a taxi driver is under attack. >> that's not the worst of it. >> what happens when he tries to escape a stranger with no shirt? a brave little girl jumps like it was a stunt. what was behind her four-story leap of faith? a drone is about to meet its match. >> came out of nowhere. >> see what sent it into a tail spin. and he's trying to explain that something -- >> exploded. >> what it is that is everywhere. >> clean up on aisle living room. >> a cab driver in the middle of
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his shift going down a pretty dark and narrow road in bangkok, thailand. the road is pretty narrow but it gets even more bogged down up ahead when other cars and motorcycles are trying to pass him. that's not the worst of it. this is. he meets this guy. this angry, shirtless man, 29 years old. starts to pound on his car with his shirt. reports say that the man was upset that the taxi driver had taken a call, that he was on the phone. you see the driver here, he's scared. he's trying to get out of this situation. that's when the man walks off and comes back with a stick. >> oh, my. >> now the taxi driver is in fear for his life and tries to escape. he crashes into a car. into the man with the stick and eventually into that house. it goes quiet for a while but not for long because people nearby that saw this incident --
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most of what happens next happens off camera. you can clearly hear the fight and dispute going on. he tells the person he was on the phone with, i've got to go. you hear the glass smashing. they start to break out the window, pull him out of the car. he gave him a black eye. thankfully, though, this video was caught by dash cam because the man driving the taxi felt that he might become the victim. because, according to the witnesses around, it looked like he hit the guy and drove off but you clearly see the shirtless man was the one who instigate this had whole thing. this video was put online by the taxi driver's grandson showing it wasn't his fault. >> you can clearly identify the guy right there. >> they have found the guy. in fact, the shirtless man did admit to being drunk during this incident and says that he had no intention of hurting the driver to begin with.
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the taxi driver did say he's going to use this video to press charges. >> beautiful shot. this guy is obviously having fun with this drone. nothing else to worry about apart from some trees. oh, wait, and eagle. >> oh! >> we've seen that before. yes. >> came out of nowhere. >> he has his perch at the top of this tree and is not happy that something else is buzzing into his area and knocks it out of the air. don't worry, the eagle stayed, hovering over top to make sure it was staying down. the eagle completely knocks it down with his talons. in california, this guy decides to go out and capture early morning breaks with great guys out there, surface catching the waves, thought this footage would look cool. from this angle it ended terrif
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you see what he captures. look under the water. >> oh, yeah. well, that is an ocean. >> yes. >> and sharks live there. >> you see in this video, how many surfers are dropping in on these waves? in fact, later on it looks like a couple of them, you see here -- and look at him! he's not even 15 feet way and he has no idea. >> that goes to show you that the sharks don't have any real interest in human beings. if they wanted to, they could snack. but they don't. they're looking for food that doesn't consist of neoprene. >> oh! they caught her. >> they did catch her. this video from china. that little girl jumped from a fourth floor window. that bidding was on fire. there you could see -- it looks like -- >> that was perfect. >> assumed the perfect position to fall into that tarp there. >> those are not firefighters.
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we believe they are at least ten local residents that are holding up a plastic sheet to catch that girl. you can immediately see somebody is applauding them. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm with you, nick. she fell like it was a stunt. >> she was treated for minor injuries. she survived because of the quick work of all these local residents that were there. more dramatic footage from another fire this one, half a world away in emporia, virginia. take a look at this. that apartment is on fire. police say it started in the kitchen. >> back bedroom! a back bedroom. she may be in a back bedroom. >> you hear them saying she may be in a back bedroom. that's where they find a woman unconscious. the fire, however, started in the back of the apartment in the kitchen. firefighters go in and grab her. you immediately hear family members on the streets when that woman is carried out of the home. >> no!
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>> i know. >> you hear that? he's saying that's my mother. >> it moved so quick as well. from the point they said back bedroom to when they actually pulled her out was seconds. >> it absolutely was, ollie. suffering second and third degree burns. she has been released from the hospital. they say the fire was accidentalal. this video features new york city subway system like you've never seen it before. >> cool. >> colorful, beautiful. and that is because you are looking at it through the clear thermal camera. forward-looking infrared camera. >> something missing from this video that i thought i would be seeing. i was expecting to see hundreds of little like rats. you go to the underground in london, it's the same. you see rats and animals all over the place. i was expecting to go, there's the rats in new york. >> good way to spot them. we're just not focused on the right part of the subway.
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can you see the train go by, the breaks, the hottest spot. >> faces. white hot. >> that's my favorite part of the video, actually, seeing the human body and where we appear to be hot. their body is covered with clothing and it gives it a different effect. that's really awesome. >> yeah. serious pete has yet another difficult decision to make. >> chemotherapy or radiation. >> find out his plan to beat this disease. >> he is educating a lot of people. plus this grandma has a unique sense of cleaning. >> i'm just trying to get the rocks off the gravel. or healthy. new colgate total daily repair toothpaste. it helps remineralize enamel and fight plaque germs for healthier teeth and gums. strengthen the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair. hahappppenens s atat t thehe . heherere, , ththeyey m musust tr best.
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video i ever wanted to make again. this isn't a video i wanted to make at all. >> furious pete is back with his latest video. he does a lot of eating challenges.
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he does a lot of workout videos and blogs all the time. you may remember, pete released a video about a year ago, saying that he had testicular cancer. he that testicle removed and was in good shape. he knew in the back of his mind that he wasn't 100% clear. this video tells us that his fears are true. >> i found out that cancer has grown inside my body. >> pete's viewers noticed on his blog that he just didn't seem into it. seemed to be a little bit muted. >> complaints in blogs that i'm just not excited, not myself. and you seem to be getting smaller, pete. >> he has lost about 20 pounds. pete does reveal that his cancer is not completely gone. it has spread a bit. he's at the hospital. >> i went in and it was a really difficult appointment for me. >> tough seeing pete, our buddy, like this he does have cancer.
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it has spread and he has to decide on two different treats. >> chemotherapy or radiation. and after weighing everything, i decided to go with radiation. >> radiation is a bit more of a risky choice for pete. it only targets a certain part of the body. he had a lot of questions. he went online and couldn't really find much visual information as to what it's going to be like going through this radiation. pete is an open guy. he has been very open during this whole process. he plans to blog. >> can i work out? can i live my life normally? am i not going to be able to work or run my business? >> he intends to put all that information out to his friends, his family and his videos help him power through. a great guy. i hate to see him in this position. >> i know i'm going to beat it. i know i'm going to kill it. but it just sucks. >> he's putting himself out there. he's being incredibly vulnerable. in doing so, he's educating a
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lot of people. >> right this, click on tv show. watch pete's video for information and support team serious. he's going to beat this. i, like millions of others, have patiently awaited for the future to arrive. 2015, we've seen hover boards. now we're seeing this. >> in this project we wanted to bring our creation to the consumers. >> what you can do with just your mobile phone. >> we've all got one pretty much. >> developed by the swiss institute of technology, avata rear view of yourself. >> take your phone, as long as it has a camera, take a 3d selfie of your face and video.
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>> you can upload it into games if you want to play as yourself, 3-d skype and digital meetings as your personal avatar. >> we can play back without the need for super computers or crazy graphics card. >> back in the day this technology would have taken a hollywood production studio, millions of dollars. now you can do it in five minutes with your cell phone. >> is it an app i can download? >> i think it should be able to get to the app stage. this is a proven concept and something we'll be seeing in the coming future very soon. >> caught on video, this first one a little complicated. as you can see, caused by this adorable toddler but it is pancake mix that has exploded. >> this is the part i like. if he's got the dust pan and
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brush. he knows what he's done and trying to fix it. >> yeah. clean up on aisle living room. >> what did you do? >> i think dad is recording this and is pretending to be mad at the boy. but you can't get mad at him. in the end, he kind of laughs it off. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> now this other cleanup, i don't quite get it. grandma is doing it and she has her own styles and techniques. in this case, this one is vacuuming the driveway. she has a pretty cute sense of humor about all of this. she doesn't stop. she still continues vacuuming. >> the drive way. >> maybe they put in the new driveway and she's so proud of
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it. she tonight want any of the gravel being kicked on to it. > wayne is revving up his engine, getting ready to go head to head with jonathan reynolds. see what happens when these two meet near the finish line. >> me and dad decided instead of doing chores today, we would do something fun. >> arthur eliza and andrew are about to get a big surprise. >> clues that lead them to the awesome reveal.
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grabbing a couple of gears up to 170 miles an hour. pull the chute. >> oh! >> what happened? >> another car? did another car come into his lane? >> jonathan reynolds. the car in the right-hand lane. let's see it from the outside. there they go down the track. that's sweetin, closest to us. reynold in the far lane. grabs the parachute. it lifts up the rear of the car and turns it left. >> oh! >> that's when they come together. it was bad. jonathan reynold' car goes tumbling down the track. wayne sweetin is pinned up against the left wall. reynolds you see right there. thankfully, the car lands on its wheels. able to open the door on his own power. sweetin was stuck for a while. both guys get out of their vehicles with just simple minor injuries. >> you still have a winner. >> i think you do.
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because it looks like they have both pass of the finish line. it looks like jonathan reynolds just nips wayne's car. >> that's going to be quite a repair > ♪ arthur, eliza and andrew are about to get a big surprise. >> me and dad decided instead of doing chores today we would do something fun. >> mom and dad are surprising them with a trip to disneyland. inside of your backpacks is a clue of where we're going to go. >> let's see how long it takes them to figure out where they're going. >> they go into the backpacks pull out t-shirts and they're the emotions in the movie
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"inside out." >> where would an awesome place be that we could wear these shirts to? >> grandma's. >> they haven't figured it out. mom hands them a piece of paper. >> disney world! >> yep. >> let's go. let's get in the car. >> like let's go right now. >> yeah! >> that's like the greatest thing ever. they don't have to wait a week. they don't have to lose sleep anticipating this trip, getting excited. they get to go in the car. >> there's grandma denise. instead of going to grammy's house, she came with them. this guy takes his kids through the car wash for the first time. let's say they probably would have preferred a trip to disneyland. >> it's a giant machine eating your car. of course the kids are going to freak out.
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>> baby sister thinks so. [ crying ] >> it's okay. >> i feel so bad for these kids. this is not like a one minute kind of thing. this is three to four minutes long. have you got a bobby pin? >> he's back and pulling a fast one. >> kidnapping in progress and he goes through the drive-thru. >> yes. >> see the employees' reaction next. ... .....b.bececomome e esespepecic. frfromom t thehe m makakeref one a day fifty-plus. nenew w onone e a a daday ye sixty-five plus. wiwithth h higighh popotetencncy y vitamin b12... .....a.andnd m morore e vi. okokayay! ! fufun'n's s ovove. awaw.. awaw. ♪ ththirirststy?y? they said it would make me cool. ththeyey d donon't't s sououndnl to me. guguesess s no. yoyou u gogot t toto s stitickp for yourself,
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you're proud he's doing it by
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himself but you're torn because he didn't miss you. bird hitches a ride. >> oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh! it's dangerous. hand me a cheeseburger. >> just a simple drive-thru video. no big deal except tom maybin is involved. so it will be hysterical. >> a kidnapping in progress and he goes through the droiv-thru.
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>> yes. dressed as a prisoner and he also has the guard, right, with tape over his mouth knocked out on the passenger seat. >> what's one the handcuffs? >> i got one of them off. have you got a paper clip or anything, like a bobby pin? >> i do not, actually. >> oh, my lord. this is the best part. waiting for his order. >> i had a cheeseburger. >> she actually purposely, he says, screws up his order just to buy some time. they've called the cops. >> of course. >> another girl shows up to the window and strikes up a conversation with him. police do not show up fast enough and ends up driving away with his prisoner in tow. >> his friend was asleep with duct tape in his mouth. >> you didn't see nothing, baby.
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it's all good. just mind your own business, all right? >> at least she asked about the kidnap victim. >> kind of difficult to miss. this girl keeps it cool, pretends like she's not seeing what she's seeing. >> on your receipt there's a guest survey. bring it back, you get -- >> business is business. >> you have like a bobby pin or something? i got out of this one here but i can't get out of this one here. >> no, sir. >> okay, thank you. >> you're welcome. good times, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll catch you next time on "right this minute."
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