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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. good morning, everybody. welcome pack to mornings on 2, i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. let's start with the weather and traffic. steve, a couple of more warm days before it heats up. >> we have our system out there, yes, we've had below average temperatures, but today it looks like the fog is on the move. as that low moves it's enhancing it. we have fog, and the temperature is mild. the cloud cover and the ocean temperatures have run warmer than they were 4 hours. the low is finally moving and as it moves inland this may take a couple of degrees off
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some of the afternoon highs. look how warm we are compared to yesterday we had 40s and 50s, 64 san francisco buoy and a balmy 66 in monterey. the clouds will be slow to burn off. it will be nice and mild by the coast even with the fog bank. it's mild not cold. 80s through the interior and 60s, mainly 70s and closer to the bay. all righty sal. >> good morning, sal. >> we have something new unfortunately. it's a brand-new accident. it's north -- it's what i typed here. northbound 880 at 237, a serious injury crash. i'm going to go to that first, i'll put it on the map for you. it's interstate 880 at 237. a big rig involved in an injury accident. it's so early in the morning it's not causing a huge traffic jam unless you're coming up on the scene, hopefully they'll get it out of wait.
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we have serious injuries, it sounds like, it's northbound at 237, northbound 880. bay bridge toll plaza doesn't look bad as you head down to the toll plaza and coming into the city. the golden gate bridge the same things thing goes, southbound 101 looks good as you head down to the toll plaza and into the city. 4:32, let's go back to the desk. thank you. a series of explosions shook a city in china last night. killing 44 people and injuring more than 500. it happened at aware husband that stored dangerous materials. a chinese news agency says 12 firefighters were killed. massive fire balls lit up the sky. the explosions destroyed buildings, shattered windows miles away and it's not clear what caused that blast. >> time now 4:33, a oakland
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police homicide and the attorneys office, they're investigating a deadly officer- involved shooting. police chased an armed robbery suspect across the city yesterday afternoon. police say three officers confronted the suspect who was carrying a lowed gun. at least one of the officers offered fire, this deadly shooting sparked a protest in downtown oakland, alex savage joins us, now, with a look at some of the damage that was caused. >> reporter: this deadly shooting by oakland misled to disruptive protests in the downtown area. we're in front of the starbucks store in oakland city center downtown. some of the city has been boarded up after the protests last night. vandals were here, they smashed out several of the windows at this store which is near the intersection of 14th street and clay. we're told a small group broke away from the main protest last night and came to vandalize
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some businesses including this one. there were also some demonstrators, there were reports of flags being burned during the protest last night, both american flags and confederate flags. and some demonstrators blocked off freeway off ramps of 980 and 880 in downtown oakland, they were using crime scene tape to block cars that were trying to get off the freeway. that led to a heated confrontation. >> they're at the airport waiting for us. [ shouting ] >> they're killing us, they're killing you. >> you can see a ktvu camera was there as one man hopped out of his car to move some of these items out of the roadway,ways trying get to the airport to pick up his daughter. and he was frustrated as people tried to get back up into the
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freeway. officers in riot gear arrived to clear a path for those cars to get through. again this morning there were some businesses vandalized as you can see here boarded up windows, you'll find some of those in the downtown area, that's after a night of protests in oakland. >> alex savage reporting live in oakland. a fire in san leandro is being investigated as arson. that started at 2:30 in the morning at marina drive and oakland boulevard. we covered it live, the family of the market was destroyed. four businesses were damaged. investigators say that fire burned quick lynn and it was hot. indicating it may have been deliberately set. >> in the last two days they're revealing security video evidence recovered from the scene and talking to witnesses, we've deemed this to be an
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arrest son. >> police have not made any arrests, they're asking anyone with information to call san leandro miss. >> san francisco police have made an arrest in an armed robbery that involves two news crews including one of our own. i remember this very well. terry mother quarter -- we have more on the suspect and two others. >> there's an incident out here. >> chilly moments for the ktvu reporter. she had been doing a live shot on this killing the day before. >> i heard screaming and i saw commotion out of my peripheral and then we ran to be try to get out of the way to see if we can help them. >> she heard the chris sanchez saying don't shoot him. >> our camera caught this image
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of the gunman. the photographer alan had blood dripping down the side of his head. he had been pistol whipped. a masked man pointed the gun at him and made off with expensive camera equipment. >> we were able to identify a black suv that we believe was the suspect vehicle. >> it was a known person named jones of san francisco. >> a surveillance was set up of mr. jones and we were able to get enough probably cause to effect an arrest. that took place in freemont at a motel 6. >> they thanked oakland and freemont police who were crucial to the investigation. two other suspects remain at large. >> they say the number 1 deterrent to crime is fear of being caught and this guy was
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caught and we're going to get his partners and in the future with this tracking technology this is not a crime worth committing. >> we're trying to report on news, what's going on in the community and for the community and it's offensive that we come under attack. >> jones has pleaded not guilty to a host of charges including robbery aggravated assault, conspiracy and grand theft. he is due back in court september 28th for his preliminary hearing. in san francisco tara moriarty, fox 2 news. tom brady, the nfl patriots quarterback and roger goodell are back in court next week. they went before a federal judge yesterday. nfl is asking to declare the four game suspension in the wake of the nfl championship game was properly carried out. the players union is counter suing, the judge has signalled he wants the parties to reach a
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quick settlement. >> people made fun of this rendering, this courtroom sketch of tom brady will haunt your jeeps. jean rosenberg says she doesn't use social media so she didn't understand the backlash against her drawing. >> i may not have made him look as handsome as he really is and i apologize to the fans himself. >> practice yourself and sketch and see how well you do. >> she stands by her sketch. she said it was challenging to draw brady because he seemed to be looking down at his cellphone most of the time. collin kaepernick is refuting rumors that he was involved in a scuffle last week. they fought during practice possibly over a woman. he may have smashed the new mercedes, he calls the reports
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embarrassing and illogical, he doesn't have a mercedes because he has a sponsorship deal with jaguar. >> anyone who believes that, and goes about that reporting that is just, it doesn't have the best integrity in my mind. >> he says he wishes the best for smith and knows that the team will miss him. the raiders return to the field tomorrow night and they'll face the st. louis rams and they'll have the silver and black, and we'll get a chance to look at them. and carr we'll have a look at the former 49er michael crabtree. you can watch the game with us and that game begins at 7:00 tomorrow night. >> i love it, football season is here. love it. more than a dozen iphones literally ripped off. the bold and quick theft, now, under investigation at apple's palo alto flagship store.
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>> and b for babies turning up dead, the die off among the most beloved residents. and right now, it looks good getting into san francisco. >> yesterday morning we had cool lows, 40s and 50s, that's not the case this morning. we're mainly in the 60s, we'll explain why. it's a good looking car. ? this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus.
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. it was a frightening experience for 1,000 concert goers after a ceiling collapsed in minneapolis at a nightclub. one person caught it on a cellphone video. a 30-foot section of the
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ceiling gave way in a concert last night. three people were rushed to the hospital. the injuries don't appear to be life-threatening. they're inspecting the building and trying to figure out how the collapse happened. first avenue is one of the well- known clubs in the us that included performers such as tina turner and prince. now, the man, the transgender private bradley manning is in forth leavenworth county. manning's attorney says he possessed private property including vanity fair with caught lynn fair on the cover. the maximum penalty manning could face is indefinite solitaire confinement. a local transgender inmate is a free woman today.
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and her release comes before they were supposed to hear a funded sex reassignment surgery. she was released east of sacramento. they say this ends the attempt to have the state pay for the surgery. she was incarcerated for fatally shooting a man behind a bar and served 30 years behind bar. baby beavers living in martinez are dying. three of four baby beavers have unexpectedly died and to one knows why. a fourth older dead beaver is spotted in the water next week. they're trying to figure out what is killing them. veterinarians have ruled out the drought and related toxins. five beavers live in the creek.
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a meeting in sonoma, this is a rule they're trying to pass giving unlimited water to wineries. this bill would create a irrigation district in the russian river district. he wants both sides to come up with a solution. the sonoma county hall starts tonight at 6:30. overnight road crews started installing express lane signs across contra costa county. it will go up along walnut creek and san ramon. cars can pay a toll and can drive in the carpool lane. that depends on how heavy the traffic is at that time. they say the project is expected to be done before the end of next year. time now is 4:47, why not check in with sal this morning talking about that crash and what's going on up there.
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>> we have a crash northbound 880 right at 237. let's go right to it. traffic is going to be busy. and you can see that even though it is superlight and early, we have a backup already heading up according to the road sensors. an injury accident northbound on 237. people are sneaking by at the center divider, it's slow, it's an unexpected slow down this. it's not affecting 880 yet and 237 is light. everybody is getting by. 237 westbound if you happen to get on the freeway from southbound 80 you can get through. westbound 90 to traffic looks good getting out there. >> if you're headed to the bay bridge toll plaza there's only a light for some of the cash lanes. it's time for the forecast, steve? >> yes, sal. >> when is going to get cooler, sometime next week? >> yes, sometime next week. it will be to the week. yes, we'll expect cooler
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conditions but not until probably tuesday or wednesday of in ex week. we have a lot of low clouds and much warmer lows this morning compared to yesterday by far. we had 40s and 50s yesterday and now we're seeing 60s, why is that? we have a lot of low clouds and the sea surface temperatures went through the roof in the last 24 hours. now, it would be easy to put your finger you on that and say el nino. it's a low off the coast. you get a southerly breeze and that's sloshing up warm water. that's true, i expect that to change so because at least we hope so. the bye hit 69 degrees, it's 70 degrees in monterey, that's amazing. mid-60s, upper 60, napa was 49. they're 59 this morning, that he is a 9 degrees warmup compared to 24 hours ago, that's significant, most locations running 2, to 5 degrees, hayward, sfo 6 degrees
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warmer. monterey has cooled off a little bit. back to mild, almost tropical nights across the city and the coast. monterey bay went from 56 to 62. that warm water has made it up to the british columbia. that's a surge in the elements. there's a few 50s holding on to the california coast. the blob of warm water that's been in the gulf of mexico is -- gulf of alaska is a caveat to all of that. there's a movement, it's 39 in truckee, 89 in las vegas, this is warming 6 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. once the low kicks out and that will be by tomorrow morning, we'll start to see high pressure build back in. today it will be 60s, 70s and 80s but the weekend looks hot for some. near 100 for a few on saturday and maybe even sunday.
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the fog is on the coast. at that he is on the mild side. 80s on the temperatures, few pushing up on the 80s, temperatures running mild on the coasts, it looks like a quick warmup. it will be cooler next week. >> that is almost san diego temperature. >> that's the point. marine life in monterey bay is off the chart this year. >> because of the temperature? >> because of the temperatures. the whales showing off is the greatest seen in recent memory. >> that's very cool. >> yes. >> you can almost go into that water, 70. >> you can put your big toe in that. >> i think it's more than that i think. >> thank you. >> thank you, steve. it's 4:51 and the coast guard strait ton is back home
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in alamater and a seizure of cocaine. they begin their title defense, the big games on the newly released nba schedule that players say they're looking forward to.
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. get dancing everyone. she's looking at the king of rock and roll. he was honored by the postal service. this is the anniversary of the death of he will advice stamp and the he will advice presley forever stamp was unveiled. and his widow and the postmaster were there to unveil it. johnny depp is playing a rock star in real life. the hollywood vampires is what they're called. the first album comes out on september 11th. depp will be on guitar and he'll play rock in rio.
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they'll provide music hairs that will provide assistance to musicians. under new restrictions passed yesterday, shower heads will be limited to 1.8 gallons per minute starting in the year 2018. most of them release 2.5 gallons per minute. the new standards could save 38 billion gallons of water in the next ten years. the state department of resources have announced a toilet and lawn rebate program. they'll have rebates for those who will replace the toilet with a high efficiency one. the lawn rebate will offer $2,000 for people who replace their lawns with drought tolerant landscaping. the golden state warriors will play in nationally televised games, they're vying
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for a spot on the us olympic team. lebron james are among those at the mini camp. the warriors will play the cavaliers on christmas day. they'll open the season against the new orleans pelicans, they're getting used to that. the coach, the head coach. >> it will be fun, there will be a young hungry pelicans team. and obviously, that's final rematch. hopefully they'll get the healthy cavaliers team and it will be a show that everyone wants to see. >> the opening night game october 27th at the oracle arena. they won 67 regular games and on their way to the nba title for 40 years. >> that was fun. i would like to see more of that. >> do that again. >> coming up in the 5:00 hour, we know that california has had
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many more wildfires than usual. we know what firefighting coordinators are saying about the national risk. >> it was a bizarre story we brought you yesterday mourn, now, they continue to search for a woman who fell from the bay bridge. the new details about what exactly happened. >> we're locking at the east bay commute. right now highway 4 looks pretty good so far coming up and we have a problem in the northeast bay.
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new stores set to open at the outlet mall in livermore. could be a shopper's dream and a commuter's nightmare depending on traffic. good morning. these are live pictures from downtown oakland. you can see businesses are now boarded up. that's after the protests and reaction to a deadly officer-involved shooting. coming up, the events that led up to police opening fire and the reaction from the witnesses and the protests last night where it definitely got heated and affected a lot of people. thank you for joining us thursday morning, august 13th. i'm pam cook.


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