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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 13, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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crimes of opportunity. we've got one suspect. >> looking a bit shifty. >> how he boosted a baby's pricey stroller while another guy's sweet ride is gone in ten seconds. dare devils on a zip line end up going -- >> over 90 miles an hour. >> the spectacular ride, when you've got the need for speed. a sea creature spots an underwater camera. >> it thought oh, a snack. >> what it's like to be eaten by an octopus. plus let them eat birthday cake, just not this one. and a pranker ster picking up chicks. >> are you a slut?
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>> that's funny. >> completely insults her but it works. >> find out why it works so well. >> i got to get going but you want to hang out tonight? >> yeah, i guess so. >> crime! i've got some crime videos for you. the first one comes from the uk, funland amusement, this young man walks in from the left-hand side, starts wandering around, looking a bit shifty. you're kind of like what he's up to. then he comes back into shot and does this, walks out with that. that $2600 silver cross which is owned by eddie chapman with his missus, their two sons are 4 and 2 and about to use it for their daughter born in november. >> did he realize the value of that carriage? >> i don't know, because you're going to get even more confused.
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eddie and his missus uploaded it to facebook. they were asking for help, got over 100,000 views. there was an end to the story, they did get help but random. 13 miles away in cottingham they found the pram and this is what the thief did with it. >> no! he -- >> what a jerk. >> this is exactly what i mean, there is almost no knowi ivmoti for this behavior. >> they find the guy yet? >> not yet but we'll see if he gets caught up with. >> another video from asia, this car the honda civic parked in the center of the screen is from singapore, nolan owns this car and uploaded this video to facebook. watch how quickly it gets stolen. this car pulls up, the door opens, talk about gone in 60 seconds, this is gone in ten seconds. the guy walks up to the car, straight in, gets in, starts the motor and drives away. you kind of wonder how they do that.
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you go back to the beginning of the video, as the white car pulls up keep an eye on the light of the honda. ? they flash so seems like they had a clicker that worked with this car and maybe that's what they were doing, driving around a parking lot to see which car their clicker would open and then go into the car that it worked on. >> people are speculating pretty similar stuff actually, christiane. he saw one he could steal, off. if you're on a bicycle, you will always lose when it comes to a car. we start in the uk, where this cyclist had a run-in with a car and it happened at this round-about you see up ahead. the cyclist will go around this way but he doesn't make it. dude! >> knocks this guy flat on the ground. if you see it, you get a quick glimpse of where that car is coming. you see it? >> oh, yes, you do. how does that guy miss the cyclist? >> the cyclist said the driver told him the "a" pillar of his car prevented him from seeing
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the cyclist. >> it's unfortunate. that's why you have to double check. you're exiting and look and look again and suddenly there's a car there. >> you can't expect that driver to see, if you're a smaller profile than the rest of the vehicles on the road, you have to be extra vigilant. >> the man obviously survived. these two cyclists had a close call as well. watch this. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> that was a lincoln mkz and he said that side mirror on that car almost hit him. >> the whole other lane is right there. there's no car coming the other way. >> after the mkz passes look how far the red car moves over, like nobody else was coming. why don't i give these cyclists a wide berth. >> the tiny little red car. >> hey [ bleep ]! ♪ get ready for the most exhilarating zip line ever. check this out, this is in
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whistler in kanka. >> three, two, one. ♪ >> woo! >> they take off and immediately you can hear just how much speed they are picking up. and according to the poster, they're going over 90 miles an hour. >> look how long, this is the whole mountain they're going down, crazy. >> it's about 6500 feet of zip line. they are about 600 feet pof the ground. the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. >> but they're going so fast. >> who cares about the scenery. it's the speed. >> bring it on, dude. you got to get aerodynamic. >> i love zip lines and racing. i didn't know you could do that
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together, pretty cool. >> it is. they need to move the line a little more. >> do we see them get to the bottom? >> you do see them get to the end. >> those safety videos on airlines i can't wait to tune them out. do any of you listen? >> only if they get imaginative. >> air new zealand got imaginative. >> air new zealand asked us to keep their passengers safe on board. >> with a rip-off of "men in black" -- >> i think we can do that. >> using some of the duds from the "all black" from new zealand, the rugby team called the all black. >> so the men in all black. >> right. ♪ here comes men in black ♪ here we go >> covering the popular tune by will smith "men in black."
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♪ this right here is a seat belt and buckle up ♪ ♪ it should shine ♪ the belt sits across your hip, you know it fits man when it clicks ♪ >> if you're a rugby fan you might recognize a bunch of different cameos from players including some legendary players as well. ♪ it's found beneath your seat >> every time it goes viral and when you're on the plane you pay attention. ♪ it's all about the pleasure this precious baby -- >> she is a bit of an emotional roller coaster. >> see how her mother's change in tone changes her emotions. >> she's going to be a great actress. and a look at how professional red bull mountain bike abouters practice for a ride when they're not in the middle of a race. tage you don't want to miss. account for him. yes yes. great thanksks t to o momom m and dad their safe
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we've all heard of the five finger discount. if you're in spain you got to be careful of the eight tentical discount. this guy's gopro under the water, can you see the criminal in the middle of your screen. >> that is remarkable. >> boink! >> that was smooth. it was like one tentical, the other tentical and -- >> the sound as well is pretty entertaining. >> wow! that's a weird sound. >> yes. >> the ultimate thieves, if they were deeper in the water and it got a hold of that thing it could have swam away, cam fla d camouflaged itself around the thing and you would have never found it. >> now he has to pull it out. the octopus comes with it, unsticks, puts the octopus down and he goes along his merry way
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and incredible footage from the xwoe pro. >> i wonder if that looked like a shellfish to the octopus, enough of a sheen and right size and he thought oh, a snack. >> sea urchin without the spikes, easy pickin's. this is a great way to go fishing for octopus, no? i have a tritech ta of baby awesomeness and you are going to love every single one more than the other. 5 1/2-month-old winter sky in tennessee. she is an emotional roller coaster. >> oh. >> you can see she was happy, had a big smile and mom starts saying oh and she immediately gives in to the feels. >> no, don't cry. it's okay. >> but then mom changes the tone of her voice and she's back to smiling. >> mama don't want her to cry. >> the tone, she doesn't have a
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clue what mom is said but knows that's sad, happy and angry. cool to see. >> she gives one more awww and it's back to pouty face. >> she'll be a great actress. >> you never know how kids are going to treekt certain news. these three kids are going to learn the gender of their new sibling. >> so cut into the cake. >> if it's a boy it's blue. if it's pink it's a girl. what color do you see? >> oh, blue. >> somebody is tired of brothers. >> she's not happy that it's going to be a boy, neither are the brothers. >> okay. >> now get ready for -- in my opinion kind of the absolute best meltdown ever. >> no! don't take pictures of me now! >> this girl is having a meltdown in the back of the car. >> turn it off. >> does not want her picture taken, darn it. >> no, don't take a picture of
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me. >> oh! wow! >> if you want to see the entire thing, just head on over to, click on "tv show" or see it on our mobile app. if you ever wondered how these professional red bull mountain bikers practice or ride when they're not in the middle of a race just as hard as they do when they're in the middle of a race. >> we're ready. >> this group led by aaron chase is in peru. this is urban downhill mountain biking. there's no real courses set up here, they're just bombing this hill, dodging cows, dodging dogs, dodging cars, dodging people and seeming to have a ball with gravity, thumbing their nose at gravity. >> they're thumbing their nose at the paths because those places are clearly not pathways. that's nuts. wow, talk about a treacherous course, this is insign. it has a little bit of everything.
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>> leaping these huge gaps, downstairs, riding on the wall. >> at least they got the locals to participate because there's no traffic coming their way. >> not yet but wait, gayle. >> oh. >> i feel like all the residents are conditioned to look out for all of these bikers, right, because they're coming down the hill all the time. this is where they go practice and compete. >> if they no longer take part in the professional competitions they have a great career as a bike messenger in peru. they'll get things everywhere like that. >> they have to start at the top. a surprise dance that will leave you asking were they all in some dance class? these guys didn't just become groomsmen and suddenly do this. the wedding turns into a floor show. >> the groom and bridesmen are in the ballet. this is never going to work. >> find out if he succeeds next.
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i think it's safe to say that this love story comes to a full 360 pirouette. ♪ this is that ice cold michelle pfeiffer that white gold ♪ ♪ this one for them hood girls, them good girls ♪ >> this is the surprise groomsmen dance at this wedding and they start off by dancing to "uptown funk" and featuring bruno mars. >> where did they start out before 18 years ago, were they all in dance class? they didn't just become groomz miles per hour and suddenly learn this. >> or did he only pick professional dancers to be his groomsmen? >> based on their moves we can assume they're professional dancers. the groom and the bride are members of the richmond ballet,
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we know that for sure. ♪ got me crazy i just can't see ♪ ♪ i know >> i love the appropriate britney spears, you got a floor show with the wedding. how often does that happen? >> this is super cool. ♪ >> i love watching these because it's really well done and extremely entertaining, but i also like to picture me and my goofball buddies trying to pull this off and it would be a total disaster. >> it would look nothing like this, that much i know. ♪ highway to the danger zone >> he's got to be exhausted. i hope he's ready for the rest of the night. >> i'm sure he will muster up some energy. you guys, if we put together another "right this minute" soccer team i found a new goalie.
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it's not a one-trick pony. >> get it, get it. >> i was thinking it was a ball of yarn, yes, but this is an actual soccer ball and the cat is totally nailing it. >> pouncing on that ball like he's legit. >> as soon as you want to score a ball, get the laser pointer, bang, straight in. in this next video we definitely have a situation. >> oh, i got two of them, three of them. >> trying to wrangle cats, literally trying to wrangle cats. this is never going to work. >> can't carry it all. >> this is ryder, 3 years old. his mom said we have a situation and ryder extremely verbal at 3. >> oh, we got three situations. now we got two. >> oh they're so cute. >> talk about cutist situation ever. >> they live in cedar falls, iowa, and anybody nearby, three
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of the cats are up for adoption. i think it's hilarious this kid is getting joy wrangling cats. >> this is a game that will last forever. >> that will tire ryder out real quick. let meet get your number. you're hot. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> prankster andrew hails is back. this time -- >> he's going to play douchebag and pick up on chicks. >> find out the real purpose behind this video.
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we have the u.s. approach. make a toast to the guest of
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honor and cheers. >> hey guys, i'm andrew hails, we're at venice beach. we know girls love douchebags but do they really? let's put it to the test. let's go do this. >> again? >> again. >> it's a prank. >> hello. >> hi. >> hi. are you a slut? >> you're funny. >> completely insults her but it works. maybe she has a good sense of humor? >> let me get your number, you're hot. >> thank you. i love when guys say that. >> the sound quality to her is way too good. she's wearing a mike pack. >> i call b.s., too. >> he called her a slut, that doesn't work. one number down, he runs into two girls on bikes. >> what are you doing? >> riding our bikes. >> well you'd ride me better. >> okay, in what way? >> sex. >> oh, like sex? >> yeah. >> no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. >> i think what he's saying is
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she's not buying this. >> you guys are too good because yes, this was all set up and in fact, he does provide another video. >> it's perfect, thank you, you're awesome. >> why is he trying to do that, to fake people out or shine a light on something? >> this one is just a video about being a douher. >> it turns out he is a douchebag. >> this is just a reason for him to act like a d-bag. >> it's like an exaggeration of the notion that girls love douchebags so i'm -- >> whoa. >> they're wearing shirts and there's a link where you can buy the t-shirts so maybe this is a promotional video. >> they don't like douchebags but they like guys that are wearing these shirts. >> i'm still disappointed in the girls for taking part. the human race is capable of epic things we've flown into
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space, built skyscrapers, cured skis, that's why it's strange we're so capable of epic fails, too. >> one, two, three! woo! >> oh! >> okay, well, what happened? >> ouch, that hurt. >> apparently a 40-foot cliff jump into a blue hole in ocho rios, jamaica. it's hard to see if people were up top trying to dispose of a body. the person had no control over their entry into the water. >> oh! >> oh, no! it's worse! >> that sounded just -- >> oh! >> ow. now this next video much sweeter. folks swinging happy birthday gathered on the family deck. >> oh, no! >> come on. are you kidding me?
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way to go, daddy. >> this cake will have a distinctly woody flavor now. everybody gets a chuckle. that's it for "right this minute" today. thanks for watching. we'll see you next time.
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