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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 14, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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if you put your hands on me again you're going to [ bleep ] regret it. >> a comic warns a heckler to back off but he didn't want to. how this one got settled, the foot/fist way. i'm on top of the world! i'm on top of the world! >> a boater's enjoying a relaxing ride. >> you could see her foot is hanging off the front. >> why she's soon hanging on for dear life. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. when a maniac with a sword invades a store the customer didn't think twice. see the hero who deserves a deep discount. and dude's about to do a little auto crossing. >> he wanted to bring mom along for the ride. >> why mom might be having
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second thoughts. >> i tried standup comedy a couple of times, been to an open mike night. gayle has as well. i've never dealt with a heckler. this comes to us from open mike in vegas which has a comic bearing his soul to a heckler, and all kind of falls flat. >> have a seat. ray, have a seat. ray, have a seat. >> the host of the open mike night is telling ray, just sit down and this guy is notorious around vegas as being a comic who also heckles other comics. the story apparently is, he's already had his five-minute set and when he was asked to sit down, he didn't want to, but the heckling escalates, just as you can hear where he pushes the host of the show and he replies. >> if you put your hands on me again you're going to [ bleep ] regret it. >> and that is a warning i feel that he should listen to. he backs off, he walkoth audien,
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right? >> no. this is "right this minute." >> normally i really like you, bro. >> oh that's a low blow there. >> start the [ bleep ] [ bleep ] show. >> this guy goes too far. >> i'm not getting my way. >> i feel the guy with the mike is a bully. >> he approaches the comic, starts threatening him. [ bleep ]. >> boom! >> what did i tell you? >> he unleashes a full-on dragon four street fighter ii kick to the stomach. the guy goes down. >> oh, come on. >> they're saying call an ambulance i hit my head. witness to the event said he got back up and didn't appear seriously hurt but went to the hospital as a precaution. the guy felt physically threatened and they put up the definition of self-defense in this video. this guy was going to attack him. what do you want to do?
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[ bleep ] with me right now? what did i tell you? what did i tell you? it's the end of summer, the perfect time to be out on the boat in cato lake, texas. if you're thinking that looks like a swamp in louisiana, you're almost close because kato lake is on the texas/louisiana border. look at all those trees, look at that wonderful lake, and you have agot a couple inside of the boat, she's hanging off the boat and she tells us what happened earlier. >> we already crashed once again today doing the same thing, not paying attention, talking. >> so she said they already crashed earlier in the day, they were talking, not paying attention, and then it happens again. >> and ran into the bank. oh, my gosh, [ bleep ], oh [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> she is literally talking about how they crashed by not paying attention, still not paying attention, therefore crashing again? >> this is why you don't tempt fate. fate has a great sense of humor. >> here's the thing, i love this
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woman's smile when we see she's okay. >> [ bleep ]. i can't. >> are you okay? >> i'm fine. >> this is why i like texas girls. they're kind of rough and tumble. [ bleep ]. >> they get out there and don't mind if you bang things up. meh, could be worse. >> i love this woman. i love her attitude because she did take quite a tumble but she didn't fall in and i'm glad she didn't because there might be something reptilian in the water so i'm glad they're okay. be ready for your jaw to drop with shock after you see these two videos. this first one comes from mumbai, this is inside an electronics store. the man you see sitting there behind the counter sells cell phones and his customer at the moment is trying to decide which cell phone to take with him. while this is happening look who walks in the door and watch what he does. >> what the --
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>> holy cow! >> using a sword, striking the owner in the hand, the neck and the stomach. >> oh. >> the customer here is the hero. the customer didn't think twice, he went right after that guy. >> ends up getting him outside of the store. this was an act of revenge, it sounds according to reports that this area has been hit with extorti extortion, a group of addicts targeting shop owners to pay a monthly quota between $to and $30. this man decided he didn't want to comply so he printed pamphlets and distributed this emto other owners, that's what made the criminals angry and made him a target of their attack. >> fighting back against organized crime got this guy slashed. >> did end up spending time in the icu because of his injuries. some of the attackers were arrested, but were later released after paying a fine. >> they were released, oh, that's just ridiculous. >> attempted murder? oh, here's a fine. the next one is at a bank in
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russia, and you see two armed and masked men walk into the store. they immediately tell all the customers to get on the floor and they go into a vestibule where the register is, he uses a tool of some sort to try to break the window but it's a reinforced window. when they realize that they're not going to get through the window they grab a woman and immediately start threatening her life, demanding that the clerk give them money, forcing the clerk to actually open the door and start handing them some cash. they eventually ended up leaving with just under $2,000. police are still looking for these two. >> taking an innocent person as a hostage and threatening a life, a whole other level. ♪ the producers of this show know me so well. demonstrations of some of my favorite things, let's start with the new toyota tacoma trd, this is a demonstration put on
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by toyota to the media. check out this new feature, they'll purposely get this tacoma stuck in this deep sand. back wheels are dug in, front wheels are dug in. i think it's safe to say everybody agree, yes the tacoma is stuck. they're demonstrating their new crawl feature on the tacoma here. this truck will get itself unstuck. the driver has put it in reverse, taken his foot off the break, taken his foot off the gas, the computer is sensing which wheel is gaining a little bit of traction, and slowly over a few minutes here, this truck will rise itself out of the sand, watch it. that is going to change the game. >> this is another demonstration, dodge has hot cars in their line-up, the hell cat challenger, the hellcat charger and the viper. in this demonstration they have them tied together in a three-way tug-of-war.
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the smoke you see is coming from the cars themselves because they put color to tires on the cars. that's why you see the red and the blue and the purple smoke going up in the air, just a fun demonstration of american horsepower. she is between a rock and a hard place. >> this poor little girl has her head stuck in a fence below a railway station parapet. >> a situation that raises questions. >> how did it get through in the first place? and the guys from dollar beard club are back, but -- >> they've gone north of the border to the ka yad nanoth the bushes. >> see how to keep your beard strong. fefeelelining g dedeada? i'i'veve b beeeen n onoy feet all day. drdr. . scschohollll's's g gel insoles have a unique gegel l wawaveve d desesr outrageous comfort ththatat h helelpsps y yl more energized. drdr. . scschohollll'. feel the energy!
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tweet with u us @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. we have another child rescue in china, this poor little girl has her head stuck in a fence below a railway station parapet.
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according to loose translations she was playing with somebody else when she got stuck. they ran for help. authorities are holding this girl up and take somebody's shirt, they're going to protect this girl because they have to get heavy gear out to cut that fence apart to get her out. and they do eventually just keep pulling her through the fence, and that's her mom right there, who has come to the scene. >> seeing just how much her head is stuck there, how did it get through in the first place? >> they don't know how she got in, but obviously she's a kid. they always figure out a way to get stuck in something. the good thing is that authorities were able to get her out of that situation. this child rescue happening at charlotteville, virginia. you have fire on the scene because there say little boy named rodney stuck in a car, dad took him out to the car, needed to get something, he put the keys and rodney on the back seat, closed the door and he realized all the doors were locked and he says because
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rodney is just a year old he didn't know how to unlock the doors. the father says it was around 90 that day so he knew it was extra important to get authorities there super quickly and at the very end of the video, even though you could see he was sweating, he was hot -- >> we got you. >> a big smile on his face. >> of course there's a fire truck. can i play with the fire truck now? >> the sweet little baby boy is happy to be rescued. not just for americans, okay. >> i'm chris. we heard our canadian neighbors have been jonesing for some beard gifts. we're going to put clowns like buddy over here in their place. >> the guys from beard club are back, going north to the border to the canadian brothers to help them out with their bushiness. >> you can oil your beard, wax your 'stache and brush those facial walks. now that we're shipping our
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products you can go back to tap a maple tree. >> i give him credit. his beard is on point. >> your beard isn't just for the playoffs, it's for every damned day of the year. if you see any shaving cream lying around make sure you dispose of it properly. >> he's not just a pretty bearded face he's got talent. >> monthly beard box will transform your unruly face forest into a hearty hedge. they look great, smell great, and they sure feel great. >> i knew it felt great. and for the record just because you have a beard doesn't mean you get two chicks in the shower. >> sure does. >> no. >> hey, hey, hey. >> you have a very nice beard but you're still not getting two girls in the shower -- are you? >> not recently.
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this fabulous lady that you see in this car here wearing a helmet is scott's mom. scott is the driver of this 20 volkswagen golf eti. he shares an amateur autocross video and wanted to bring mom along for the ride. >> first time autocrossing. >> moms nothing short of frickin' awesome. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> right off the bat. >> oh! ooh, ooh! this is going to need new tires! >> still being a mom. >> i love this woman. >> ooh! >> it's like different vowels for different corners, ooh, eeh! >> you're doing very well honey. ooh, ooh, eee! ooh! oh. >> "oh."
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wow. >> so they get to the end, i love her wrap-up. >> that was something else. >> 40.2. >> wow! you did a little bit of it. >> can you get me a pour snsh. >> so close. this is another awesome mom, david alvarez is with mama and she's mostly awesome because she puts up with him. he's in the car driving with mom and he is just running his mouth. >> [ bleep ] there's a papa! mom, kim's pregnant. >> can im? >> with emotion. >> the mom is following along. >> is that fungus? fungus?! want to hear a secret, mom? that's my secret. [ bleep ]. >> this video is full of stuff, poor mom has to put up with but my favorite part is this one right here.
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>> okay. >> i'm glad she did because i was about to. >> are you laughing at me? >> anyways, see the entire video head over to and click on "tv shows" or see the whole thing on our mobile app. good is from motor circuits give us a lesson on how to handle these big beasts. see the techniques that will teach you how to ride these big bikes like a pro. plus a sweet homecoming. >> this dog is riley, and she is very happy to see drew. >> find out the story behind this return.
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these bikes are designed for on road and offroad use. they're just tossing them around like they're 500 pound feathers. >> think this is great. especially because it's so difficult to maneuver especially with all that gravel. it's such an unstable ground that they're trying to ride on. what they're doing is important. >> you learn the right techniques you can handle the bikes in anything. they're unloaded here but imagine that big bike with all your gear, it's heavy. >> kind of like the pike equivalent of a land rover. it can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. you want to see them pull some backflips on that as well? >> i've seen some guys ride huge wheelies with them loaded down, too jumps. it's impressive. >> they're expensive, however, like low 20 grand range. >> what?! >> 23 grandish. >> i'm not getting one of those yet. kangaroo just wants to help. ♪
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there is nothing like a military homecoming especially when it involves a dog. this dog is riley and very happy to see drew. tianna said her husband drew was deployed for three months but her dog was especially missing drewecse her shamus died shortly before drew was deployed so she's been sticking to tianna while he's been gone. now that drew is home, even though the video is 31 seconds long, this went on for ten minutes. >> my gosh, about 31 licks in there as well. >> we go to another military home jmg, this one is completely different. i love thely-by-ly before they get to mom's house. this woman right here, deborah
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rosatto posted this video. she says that -- >> my parents are rarely excited. last time we were here five years ago to surprise them and that worked, but then from five years ago to now, every time we try to surprise them it doesn't work out for reasons we shall not mention -- >> throw debbie under the bus but there's her brother. so they get to mom's house. >> ahhhh! >> all that centrifuge finally worked for them after five years they were finally able to surprise mom again. i think she's happy. >> i think she got surprised. >> yes. >> i'm right in front. >> a genius prank that requires no elaborate setups no, costumes, nothing. yet it's guaranteed to crack you up and make you say -- >> this is the top five prank videos ever. ththatat a arere r ababouout t a great way to live
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9:56 am and click on "tv show" and see it on our mobile app. cell phones have made it a lot easier for to us communicate and find directions when we're lost. but it doesn't always work that way. >> is this laurel canyon boulevard? okay, thanks. trying to get my buddy to meet me here. >> oh my god! are you kidding me? >> i just got to the frozen yogurt place. >> cool when you park i'm right in front. >> i've already parked i'm standing right by the entrance. the mall is on the lower level?
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>> hold on. is this laurel canyon in ventura? >> yes, greg benson tackles that issue that many of us have found ourselves in, we quickly call our friends, i'm right here, where are you, only to see that they're really right there. benson does it perfectly, pranking different people walking down the street asking for directions and his buddy responding within feet of each other. >> hello? >> miles. >> greg, where are you? >> on ventura crossing the street i'm right at laurel canyon. where are you? >> laurel. >> is this laurel canyon here? >> i think the other people think if you cannot figure that out, something's going on. >> you don't help this one, you enjoy it's too good. >> such a beautiful prank, done so well and at their expense not somebody else's. >> i'm walking right over there. >> you see east, going east? excuse me?
9:58 am
>> miles! hey, what are you doing here in. >> that's crazy. >> what a surprise, you're right here. >> no doubt this is top five prank videos. >> and it didn't cost a dime, nothing, no elaborate setups, no costumes, nothing. >> oh, greg, you're awesome. >> he's right here. >> there's a lady crying next to me or something. you want to meet somewhere else in i'm a little uncomfortable now. >> all right, take care. thanks for joining us, everybody. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today wendy gives her take on all of the latest sizzling "hot topics." and the outrageous actress and comedian sandra bernhard is here. plus, can you guess the famous face? we're playing our new game, "who's that?" [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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