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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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news right here. you are looking live down in southeastern california. this is called a cabin fire. just sparked up about an hour ago. >> yeah so far it's about 100 acres burning right now, 130 firefighters on scene. if you're familiar with this area we're talking about red fox road. again 100 acres burning right now. they still don't know the cause. and we were talking to our chief meteorologist. it is triple digits down there. >> and a lot of campers also down there. those sites being evacuated. highway 39 shut down. we will continue to monitor this situation. other agencieses making some air drops on that as well and that kind of takes us to our top story. they have smuggled drugs into prisonses halted the fight
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against california wild fires. and a buzz military basis and nuclear plants. drones are becoming a nuisance and it seems no one can stop them. >> faa has released new numbers now already this year there have been more than 650 reports by pilots have -- who have encountered unmanned aircraft. state assembly man has introduced legislation that could send drone prayers to jail. he joining us now. >> daniel i've got to start with you first you've had drones comes -- come within feet of your aircraft. >> yeah, we've had several near misses in just the past month alone. in fact some of those coming as you mentioned within feet of the aircraft. our fire
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fighting pilots have a risky job so to have the drones fly in the same airspace it not worth our pilot's lives. >> assembly man let's talk more about this. it would make it a serious crime to fly a drone over a wildfire. what kind of penalties are we talking about. how serious of a crime will this law make it? >> we need penalties thatter -- that are eye catching. don't park in a disabled spot, don't drive in the car pool lane because the fines have gotten so big. we're talking penalties of $5,000 minimum and up to a year in jail. >> we asked the faa to come to -- onto discuss this topic. they declined. i read in the post that the head of the faa is getting concerned about this. guidelines have been issued. i'm talking about five miles you can't get within five miles of an airport can't go above
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400 feet but they're not doing this. commercial airline pilots saying these drones are coming up to 10,000 feet no one's being detained because the faa says they don't have the staff to go out there and find these people >> and that's exactly how we feel. the last thing i want to be doing is writing a law that has to be -- deal with drones. i think the federal government should be dealing with this. you but we all know that grid lock is a real thing it takes them a long time to do anything. in the meantime we have to step in and probing our firefighters and citizens. these fires are allowed to spread because the flight crew is grounded, there's a lot of lives on the ground that will be at risk as swell. >> cell bless man is also part of other legislation which would allow first responders to bring down the drones. is that the solution? what do you see can be a reasonableable solution. >> you know it starts with
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common sense. when we're in the battle trying to fight a fire bringing another aircraft into the same airspace should be common sense but many of the prayers are not thinking about is not just the safety of the pilots it's the firefighters down blow, it's the public down below. a drone is much smaller than an aircraft it can do a lot of damage. and as was mentioned we've already had fires where we've had to ground our air resources until we can get that drone out of the area. that means that the fire is getting larger. again it comes with common sense but obviously, you know these drones prayers are not heeding the warnings. >> would you like to be able to shot them down and bring them down yourself. >> our number one priority is stopping the fire. so when we have to start take resources firefighters or aircraft, whatever it is to now have to deal with a drone operator get
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them out of the area shot them down as you mentioned that's us taking time away from putting out the fire. we're continuing to work with the legislature and even, you know, the federal government to try to find a better way to handle the situation. the bottom line is though, on many of these fires we work with the faa to put a temporary flight restriction around that fire. and in some cases that can be five miles around the fire and five miles up in the air. that's a huge part of land that no aircraft including drones are allowed to enter. hobby drones have the responsibility to check that out before they enter >> you talk about the faa they actually just put that if effect in the cabin fire burning now. according to the consumer electronicses association in 2013 the afternoon cost is $349, today one -- it's $149. and they predict drones to be purchased. i don't know if anyone's been behind jail. do you think with the threat of jail time that's going to
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prevent these folks? >> i think the long-term solution that's needed, you know, you hit the nail on the head. all predictionses these are going to be common as video game counsel sols. but i think the long-term solution for the faa to require or for states that every drone that is sold have a kill switch onboard that simply shuts it down if it gets near an airport or if it gets near a fire fighting effort where the faa has programmed those cord knits and says you can't fly in that zone >> thanks for taking the time. thanks, gentlemen. today a san francisco courtroom became center stage for the issue of legalizing doctor assisted suicide. attorney general defended state law which makes it a crime now to aid a person who wants to commit suicide >> yeah, supporters were asking the judge to place an injunction
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on what they called outdated laws. >> yeah, guys, it was a very emotional day outside the courtroom in san francisco where that state judge blocked efforts to allow physician to help their patients end their lives. now, attorneys representing terminally ill patients had asked the judge to allows those patients and doctor to make their own decisions about when to end their lives. the state attorney general's office and district attorney to allow them end their lives goes against the law. lawyers for the patients argued that their clients are in immediate need and have a very limited timetable arguing in essence that in this case justice delayed is justice denied. today the judge ruled that he could not allow doctors to assist patients in dying saying that to do so would essentially be creating a new law from the beverage. the patients at the center of the debate said they were disappointed but they were determined to keep up the fight.
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>> i don't want my client to be misinterpreted as hopelessness because i am not hopeless. >> attorneys for the patients say they will review the judge's decision and will decide within the next week or so whether or not they'll be filing an appeal on this case, guys >> similar challenges i've seen pop up in new york, new mexico tennessee as well as, and one thing i have not seen that we saw today in san francisco where doctors who are there in support of some of these patients. you saw the doctors there as well. >> yeah, that is exactly right. there are self positions -- physicians who have joined in this case. they say they don't want to run the risk of being prosecuted criminally if they try to help a patient end their live. they say they have a invested interest in this case. >> and also where does legislation to criminalize, where does that stand at this point? >> great question because as
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you've pointed out. those who are fighting the fight say that the legislation is stalled at the state legislature but proponents are vowing to continue the fight. they argue in essence that this is a civil right. they say it's a fundamental right for patients to decide when they want to end their own live. and they considered recent supreme court rulings. they say those kinds of rulings are very encouraging and they believe that history will be on their side. they say that they believe that -- that about 70 percent are on board with them. >> very interesting debate. thank you. well, he was trying to safe a friend who he thought was close to drowning but instead he wound up dying himself. now, the off duty contra costa sheriff deputy is beg remembered as a hero. >> it's another one of the stories that we are following for you today. this one is a sad bun -- one. he was with his girlfriend, his sister and her sister's friend. it was
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yesterday afternoon. investigators say all four went into the lake just after 2:45 in the afternoon. he saw his sister fall into the lake and that's when her friend went in after her. well, police say he thought that that man and talented -- friend was drowning. he went into help. he lost consciousness, he began to sink and by the time help made it to him he had basically died. well in san jose the city and police union have struck a contract deal on pay and pension for the police force. in a closed session today the city approved a tentative agreement which includes eight percent raises. a key aspect of the deal involving implements a settlement. police officers association said that it would not ratify the pay agreement unless the city implemented a settlement of lawsuits over measure b. a police union is expected to note -- vote on the deal overt weekend then it goes to the city council next tuesday for a final vote.
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secretary of state john kerry walking into cuba's foreign embassy. the american flag is now flying. it was raised today in a ceremony marking the recently opened american embassy. secretary kerry met with his counter part today he says relations have improved but there are continuing disagreements. he is the first secretary of state to step on cuban soil since 1945. >> all right. we told you about the rising prices of homes in bay area. coming up what you need to consider before you make that kind of purchase. and weather a bit of a butch. get ready for some more heat, come up the areas that will move into triple digit territory. >> the raiders take the field tonight.
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0. well, news -- the news came out this week four of the five price east cities to buy a home in are right near -- here in california. the we had -- median price of nearly $1 million. here is a look at
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the prices now. the national average for a single family home was $229,000 the san jose metro area $980,000. the second on the list is the city of san francisco. joining us now to talk about how to best approach the bay area housing market valerie coleman. those numbers seem ridiculous but it's reality if someone's looking to get into this market how best to approach it. >> i think the best thing anywhere and certainly here have a reality check with yourself. i always say my books says it's your money so take it personally just because these prices are like that it doesn't mean you have to hop into the market right now. what you need to do is figure out when it works best for you and do you have the basics. do you have a good credit report -- report. are you pre are approved. but the reality is before you get to that you have to have the proper
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mindset. what rights for you and your family. what is your paycheck, what can you really afford? you have that reality check. that makes you look at things a little differently. >> let me ask you this: here in the bay area at one time ace first time home buyer. prices are extremely high, but i wanted to ask you is it a bad time for a lot of those fires -- first time home buyers out there? >> i don't think it's a bad time if they have again, the right mindset. here's the thing. at some point in your life wanted something that was extremely expensive and couldn't afford it but you bought it any way. >> yes, would -- my wife wasn't happy but yes, i did buy it any way. >> unfortunately for a lot of people a house is what they really really want. and the reality is that then you can find yourself being house rich and cash poor. >> that's my queue let's bring it up. that's one of the first
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at the top. don't be house rich in cash poor. >> what that means is don't buy more house than you can afford. a lot of people will say oh, i can image -- imagine, i think -- i can do it. >> living arrangements. >> you need to make sure that you are not having two -- too much house so that you can -- you can't even aford to take care of basic items. number two maybe you always wanted to live by yourself but the reality is maybe you need a duplex because then if you buy that, you can afford to pay the mortgage someone else rents one side you live in the other side. so looking at different arrangements than you've got originally. >> and again i'm doing this before i even step out the door. number three the new version of court active buying and living what do you mean? >> a couple of things. there are two kinds.
4:18 pm
there are boom rang buyers 2010 to 2012 had short sales or foreclosures. the boom rang trend that i'm talking about is about your adult children who have lived on their own but they are not -- now coming back because they are debt living and can't afford to live on their own. it provides for an opportunity what i call family cooperative economics where everyone says this is our living environment let's pull our resources. >> the concept of the family space versus the family home. >> right because for so long people thought if i'm having a legitimate family home it has to have x number of bathrooms, the kitchen this and that. more and more people are spending time away from the home so family space needs to be reconsidered because your money can probably get you more. >> and the last one motivation don't do it because all my friends are buying homes.
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>> exactly. what's -- what's your motivation much like when you buy stock what, if your motivation if you have money on the table you said you were buying it so that you could earn and gain, then take it off the table if in fact you need a profit but people forget that -- what their motivation was. >> do you think the prices are going to go down. >> i'm sorry, i don't have the crystal ball. >> author of it's your money so take it personally thank you very much i appreciate your time. meteorologist what a nice night out, nice day night -- nice night for some football. >> yeah typically we have the greatest weather here and it will be happening tonight. get ready for that. >> you have mostly clear skies over the bay area. you can see some haze out there. for the most part lots of sunshine out there, and coming up for you right now we do have still mostly clear skies.
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notice something absent here the fog. still mostly sunny skies and still wrapping up a very nice friday afternoon and in san jose mostly clear conditions. of course we want to focus on oakland because we do have the preseason game. a bit of a breeze out there. winds around 15 to 25 miles an hour and temperatures will be right around 70 degrees. a great weather for the -- for preseason football tonight. take a look at -- at the current temperatures across the state. we are heating up. as you can see out here, basically clear skies there's a little circulation up here but that's basically to move up to the north and leaving us warmer as we heed -- head into your weekend forecast. right now some of the bay area temperatures out there. santa rosa 88 san francisco downtown a very 70 degrees, and lots
4:21 pm
of 70s for oakland and hayward. so as the head line a warmer saturday temperatures for the beaches mainly in the 70s right around the bay 80s could be flirting with 90 degrees and temperatures inland upper 90s to 100 degrees to the hottest locationses. overnight lows will be in the 50s to the 60s, partly cloudy skies some patchy fog near the coast and also around -- right around the bay. so this area of high pressure building in from the south west and the singing air that is warm air. so saturday temperatures easily a good five to ten degrees warmer than today and even on sunday the inland neighbors -- neighborhoods could be a little bit warmer. a little bit of a sea breeze kicks in by sunday. but still, a warm to hot weekend. here's our forecast some patchy fog tomorrow morning and increase in
4:22 pm
sunshine into the answer hours. you'll notice here that's the triple digits working their way closer to the bay area. so you'll notice that big change for tomorrow. take a look at your highs for the -- for saturday afternoon. a few one hundredses. upper 90 and san jose forecast high of 91 and lots of areas right around the 90 degrees -- degree mark. and if you can see san francisco aggressive with that forecast, 78, 79, 80. i decided to go 80 degrees. as you can see temperatures inland this weekend on the hot auto -- side. if it not 80 in san francisco my line i like to see at least it will feel like 80. >> all right. thank you. okay. the oakland raiders are ready to take the field for their first preseason game.
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sports director is live out there. ends sun sleep train. e sale
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0. the raiders are about to take the field for the team's first preseason game. >> can't wait. support director are out there. it's fun to start a new era here in oakland. >> yeah it seems like we say that a lot. four times in the
4:26 pm
last six years the raiders have started a new year's -- year with a new coach. >> yeah you mentioned four times in six years, it's actually eight times in 12 years. it does feel a little bit different. there's a little bit more excitement around this team. >> yeah, you know talking to some of the players and jason you've been up there in nape -- napa. a lot of guys saying this is important with regard to victory even in the preseason because you want to get this thing started on a positive even if they're games that don't count in the standings. >> yeah the new faces to the bay area. but carr likeses to mess around a little bit with nose -- those rookies. >> kind of mess with the rookies
4:27 pm
like you guys nervous yet and that kind of stuff. no, no, yes, you are. my first nfl game you're so excited. you want to go out there and play in the nfl for the first time. >> the yes -- question is how much will these guys play and i think probably not much more than maybe two series, maybe three >> i think at the most you'll see these guys or a quarter. i know fans kind of licking their chops. the number one pick. but interesting story the new coach he grew up not far from him -- here. >> yeah, about ten miles away. and you know he's a three star in high school, and he's going to be the new head coach this year. as we all know he coached for nine years and played 11 nfl seasons so he's certainly qualified. any way he was asked
4:28 pm
about his emotions coaching in his first game in front of his home crowd. >> a lot of emotion. more importantly i think getting the team ready is where my focus is. i think at some point the reality of being there will set in, but right now it's all about getting the team ready to play well. >> you know, he had kind of a funny comment, he wanted to make sure guys stay healthy. that's his number one goal. in other words keep the first stringers a one. >> ask staying healthy on the field behind us. as we all know the as play here as well. one of the reasons why the raiders are talking about moving down south but with this field the way it ises it kind of leads itself to potential injuries. >> the rams they want to head back to la and the raiders kind
4:29 pm
of do too it appears. so tonight you'll see it. we'll have more for you. >> thank you. appreciate your time out there. come up after the break his family says it was completely preventable. the paper trail when dives in deep into the men locked up at the jail. >> the fire storm continues. the question -- very crowded field of republican presidential candidates next.
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0. all right two investigationses has uncovered a paper trail of delays before a man's death that perhaps could have prevented. there are also serious questions about a private company that get tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to provide health care to inmates. >> it start with a tip from a family member and found warning signs going back months before the man's death. >> he had a right to live. he had a right to medical treatment and they refused to do that. >> she is speaking about the death of her son at the county jail for the first time but she says it won't be the last. >> i know that my son's life
4:33 pm
could have saved. i know that without a doubt. >> records show a doctor diagnosed the 239-year old with -- 29-year old with nasal polyps in january. a judge had to original the jail's health care provider to treat him. in april a doctor wrote patient states he can't breath. but he wasn't taken to see a specialist at highland hospital until june. >> he was worried. he was having a hard time breathing. when is the surgery going to happen. when is it going to happen. >> he was still waiting on a preopen appointment the morning of july 15th. >> my friend started having an asthma attack in his cell. >> shortly after paramedics arrived he was dead. >> have you gotten any answers. >> no. >> from the county. >> no, no, i haven't.
4:34 pm
no, i haven't. but i'm going to get them. i'm going to get them. >> the county has a crook -- contract with them since 2008. earlier this year the county agreed to pay more than $8 million to the family of an inmate to to -- who died in 2010. two investigates found they have settled other similar lawsuits across the country worth tenses of millions of dollars. >> we called an administrator. she promise today call us back but instead the company emailed us a statement saying they are deeply sad denned by any negative medical outcome and that its nurseses and doctors work in an extremely difficult setting to provide the best possible medical care for hundreds of thousands of patients. family and friends
4:35 pm
aren't satisfied their demanding the county investigate his death and cancel its contract. oakland still rights attorney took the case and has his own theory about why her son surgery was delayed. >> when you get down to it it looks like an economic decision that was made. we do not want to spend the money unless we have to spend the money. >> you think this is about money. >> money could have solved the problem. all they had to do was take him to the medical facility and have the surgery performed. >> should the county still be doing business with them. >> that's a question not best suited for me to answer. >> they pointed us to county leadership but said the sheriff was out of town. two calls haven't been returned >> generally speaking for as many people that come through our jail we do a good job. we do try to make sure they don't happen again >> our goal now shared by this woman while her son was awaiting trial on an attempted murder
4:36 pm
charge she says the punishment didn't fit the crime. >> you go to jail, it -- that should not mean you're going to die there. and that's what happened to my son. >> they have email us again saying the company determined the care he received was quote medically appropriate. the family says his cause of death is listed as i -- acute asthma respiratory failure. we have put together a detailed time line of the contract, problems and inmate deaths connected to them complete with documents detailing the incident. you can find it on our two investigates page just click on the news tab at the top of our home page. the crowded field for republican candidates for president. the fire storm and even the headlines continue to focus on donald trump the front runner in the race. with us now is the chair of the republican party. thank you for being with
4:37 pm
us. let's jump in. let's talk about the donald trump effect. as of this last debate where he wouldn't pledge the republican party saying he may run independent if i have to. he says what some believe is offense sieve comments. he is still leading in the polls. do we need to take him seriously as a nominee. >> we have to put him in perspective. we also have to understand that, you know, he has spent the majority of his career as a branding again i couldn't say and we live in a media culture. so he doesn't have to establish himself. if his name was donald smith and he was being outrage gus believe if he -- me he wouldn't be following the way he is. i think people are just reacting. they feel like they know him. they've watched him on tv. they've heard him -- his name. i think we just treat it as a
4:38 pm
phenomena and let it play out. >> he's down and still leading the polls. does he, i mean, yes he has been in the media for years now, but does he represent the republican party well and is he someone that you would like to see as the republican nominee? >> well, clearly if you look at his answers in the first debate, he didn't really answer anything in any specificity at all. i would do this in these broad strokes and if you look at the depth of the other candidates that were on that stage, this is a strong beverage. you know, any one of these individuals could be a great president leading the country. >> he says he has his policy ready to go. he has different policy on different topics but he's not ready to release it yet. >> and when he does let see if he can articulate them in the
4:39 pm
way that the public wants to hear about it. i think what we should do is look at the next debate and i'm hoping that cnn asks some questions that are really relevant to people. you know, what is he going to do? he didn't give any specifics on immigration. >> so you would want more specifics before you're ready to see donald trump your my nominee, you need more specifying -- >> i think for the general public. >> that next debate that you mentioned is wednesday september 16th. >> yes. >> it is a cnn debate. who would you like to see the republican nominee face, hillary clinton, maybe a joe bide den. >> none of the aabove. none of the aabove. . you know, we're in a different space in the country now. we're experiencing -- there's a lot in the country. we are seeing
4:40 pm
disruptive technologies challenge the status quo. in my opinion i would like to see somebody that has a vision for the 21st century. how are we going to provide opportunities for everyone in this country? because not everyone goes to college, not everyone wants to go to college. and with all this technology and the changes that we're seeing, there's great opportunity but we need somebody that's a leader that can really work and -- with what's happening in the world and provide -- the people will believe in and feel good about this country. >> okay. i'm sorry. we're out of time. but so interesting, and it so early but so very interesting race so far. the republican party chair, thank you so much. >> thank you. straight ahead, his trial is officially wrapped up but now a bay area man jailed in iran is
4:41 pm
awaiting his face -- fate. and in weather the fog is gone for right now. get ready for much warmer temperatures in your weekend forecast. we'll breakdown the timing of our next cooling trend. give you another live look outside this is traffic. 280, 880 interchange. the stadium is going to be packed because taylor swift is playing a sold -- sold out concert down there.
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0. saving for re tighter is during this time cal but experts say you could be losing money and not even know it. >> this week the department of labor heard from investment advicers and consumer advocates. supporters say billions of dollars of your money is at stake. >> i am the senior regulatory -- >> supporters the new regulation ton tend that investors lose $17 billion he have year because of financial advisers who are more interested of their own gain than that of their own clients. they're pushing for a fee based structure rather than commissions >> here's how much i'm going to
4:45 pm
charge -- -- charge. that's completely uncomforted it's completely transparent. >> as it stands now visors are regulated under two different standards of conduct, investment visors registered by the fcc and are required by law to act in the best interest of their client. they can be sued if they don't. however stock brokers, insurance agents and others who provide investment advice are regulated by a private sector organization or by state insurance regulators and their recommendationses have to be suitable for their investors based on their financial profiles but they are not required by law to act in their client's best interest >> i feel the more the client actually understands what they're paying for the more they can evaluate the quality of their advice. >> changes will hurt the middle
4:46 pm
class investors. roughly 50 percent have balanceses of $25,000 or less and the concern is that under a fee based model brokers be would be less likely to want to deal with these smaller investors who they will not get individual investment advice. president obama supportses the re forms and said that americans are too often the victims of hidden fees. now that hearing is wrapped up there will be a public comment period and then the department of labor will review all of the testimonies before making any changes. all right. thank you. about ten minutes away from the official start the weekend. friday at 5:00. a lot of outside activity. tailor 2015, and the raiders tonight. >> if we would played it right. >> maybe -- i am, maybe i'm not. >> we will tell you we do have
4:47 pm
warmer temperatures in the forecast. the raiders kick off tonight 7:00 we are expecting temperatures right around 70 degrees so fairly nice for the first quarter the beginning of this preseason games as the raiders play the rams. key headline we are warming up those temperatures. take a look at the readings we had sod. san francisco the unofficial high so far but everybody warming up as we do head into your saturday. santa rosa will take 89. san jose from 78 to 91. so here's what's happening on satellite in fact a little frontal system up here but most of california in the clear in fact the entire state will be heating up including the bay area as we do head into your weekend. right now current temperatures we started to warm up today showing you some 80s right now. some 85, santa rosa 85, and san francisco downtown has cooled off to 69.
4:48 pm
now, the wind speeds we still have that onshore breeze around eight to 14 gusting at 22 miles an hour. san francisco winds out of the west at 22. what will happen tomorrow knees winds should be weaker and as a result that sea breeze kind of cut in half and even the beaches back up into the 70s for tomorrow afternoon. so a breakdown at the shore line lower 70s there. san francisco in the upper 70s to 80 degrees ask as we work our way inland trending back up. lots of 90s inland and the warmest locations, yep, 100 degrees about -- boo-boo -- about three or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. with that tomorrow temperatures easily a good five to ten degrees warmer a few areas even maybe about 12 to 13 degrees warmer than today. sunday could be a little bit warmer inland so the warmer spots could be right around 102, 103 degrees.
4:49 pm
and then we'll gradually cool things off into next week. still get ready for the heat for saturday and sticks around into sunday as well. here's our forecast model. some patchy fog and less than -- then lots of sunshine for the afternoon hours maybe a few high clouds. here we go, triple digits, working its way closer to the bay area. the breakdown for san jose for thomas we come in height -- tighter you can see 63 degrees easily on track to reach lower 90s by about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. saturday afternoon highs heating back up. upper 90s to 100 degrees. even oakland will feel warm 87 degrees. san jose there's that 91 and some more warm to hot temperatures. san francisco though 80. those temperatures in the 70s. a look ahead your five-day forecast still hot inland into sunday with some minor cooling of the coast for the second half of the weekend we'll continue to trend back on
4:50 pm
those numbers into next week. so if you're going to be outside tomorrow look for a pool or a tree to get some shade. >> if you go to the beach get there by 9 a.m.. >> yeah. all right coming up after this target is getting a lot of flack for changing its policy on gender based shopping section.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
. all right let's talk about what's making the rounds on social media yesterday was the grade school picture. today we're going to be talking about target the story announced it
4:53 pm
was doing away with gender specific labelling at its stores and that has prompted a pretty big discussion online. >> a user -- who posed a a company official and gave some responseses to people upset with their decision. the target trolley as he is being called used handles like ask for help. >> here's an example, just -- just want you to know that i and my family are both sexeses by the way boys and girls will shop elsewhere. i can't believe that you have decided to pan der to the politically correct nonsense that have overtaken common sense. well mike re plied -- plied with the target logo profile picture and said we have -- we aplowed you for the bravery. it's customers like you who give us a sense of purpose. >> so yesterday target the real target weighed in with this post
4:54 pm
showing two figures, it says remember when trolleys were kings of the world, they're back and only at target stores. >> interesting to see personality coming out of a store. >> they can't win, right? always going to be someone upset with you. the giants announced an upcoming tribute. . >> all right it's video just sit -- hit the internet. some of the biggest names re creating the opening to the family sitcom full house. the video even features dave who played joey. >> they're planning a tribe out to the show. tickets to the special event include a full
4:55 pm
clubhouse snow globe. the team says it will make you feel like you're right there on the set. >> all right straight ahead fate of an american journalist from the bay area is now in the hands of an iran court.
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a trial of a bay area man
4:58 pm
in prison in iran for a year now is over the verdict, it is expected in a few days. he was born and raised in marin county. the court hearing was held monday behind closed doors. the verdict will be announced by tuesday. his brother spoke to ktvu's gasia mikaelian on mornings on 2 about the timing of the trial. >> reporter: when we talked you said many feared your brother would be used as a pawn in the talks with iran. now that the negotiations are over, law makers are saying why didn't the u.s. do more to help free him. >> we were always concerned if there was an issue and he was tied to that, that could cause issues. at this point we want people to look at the evidence, no basis for the charges.
4:59 pm
and let him go. >> his family says he has been held in isolation and denied medical treatment for months at a time. he has been held three times longer than any journalist has ever been held there. now to ken and julie. julie, big news of the deal struck in the bay area's biggest city. >> that's right. a sigh of relief for police and city officials in san jose. a labor agreement has been reached that will help get more officers back on the streets. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening. i am ken wayne. frank somerville is off. >> i am julie haener. the deal between san jose and police officer have pay increased designed to track more recruits and ktvu's ann rubin explains there is a plan to fix the pension reform issue. >> reporter: this is a one year deal. city and union officials say this is what they need if they
5:00 pm
are going to start rebuilding the department. >> reporter: at a ceremony this afternoon 18 new officers joined the san jose police. with the announcement of a labor agreement today the department hopes to attract. >> we have a fair package and competitive package and also helps the officers that left the department come back home. >> reporter: on the table an 8% pay increase with a 5% one time retention bonus and return incentive. negotiators signed the paper work today. >> it is a good day. this is a great start. the other element of the negotiations have been complicated. how to invalid date measure b that caused so many officers to leave. trying to repeal it through the court and sending a new measure to the voters. officials say the


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