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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 14, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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raiders 18-3. we'll be in minnesota to take on the vikings next saturday at 5:00 p.m. remember, you can order great packages for exciting 2015 raider football. call- 1-800-raiders. have a great night, everybody!
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turmeric. you probably saw the game. now we will hear from the raider nation concerned that this season could be the last in oakland. football is back. good evening, i am ken wayne. >> and i am julie haner. fans are optimistic while everyone is excited about the commitment to excellence, many are apprehensive about the commitment to open. we're live at the coliseum with the fan spin of the silver and black. the windows we talked to say they are excited about the season ahead, and also worried that this season could be the last. it is only preseason, but with the fanatics and tailgaters out hours before the game, it feels like more. >> we are here to cheer on our raters.
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>>reporter: cell has been growing up three games since the raiders returned to oakland in 1995. back biggest concern is to keep them in town. >>reporter: a potential moved to la is on many a raider faithful's mind. >> we would love them to stay. yes. [cheering] >>reporter: yet, there is enthusiasm for this season for fans who could easily feel deflated after a three and 13 showing last year. why the optimism for 2015? >> we have an lot -- and a lot of new people. >>reporter: more of that hope comes from new head coach, jack. john capsids from hayward just like coach del rio. >> it's that different feeling. i've been at training camps before. this time it was different. a lot different. they want tonight's exhibition game means very little.
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only the season will tell of the raiders are on the rise and expectations are high. >> playoffs is always good. >>reporter: or at least higher than last year. >> eight and eight, i will be happy. >>reporter: with the fans we have talked to, there is a better season ahead which may prove a better feel as they had on the way out. >> they are so excited out there. sports director, joins us now. you are out there earlier. how do they look on the field? >> actually, i have to say, this -- we say the same thing. a lot of optimism. this year, i am buying into it. i believe there is true reason to have some optimism about the raiders. as they brought in some new weapons for derek to throw to, and jack del rio makes his debut tonight. he is trying to bring on a whole new vibe. i am liking the hairstyle, too. the dye job you might say, to put it bluntly. the rookie
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receiver out of alabama, 12 yards, three catches, 22 yards. how about murray, six carries, 35 yards, 17), and it led to a field goal that tied things up three -- three. starters and play long, but christian ponder a quick blip to andre holmes, 3- yard touchdown 80-yard drive completed and the defense shuts the rams down 18 -- three. ken norton junior the defensive coordinator, i am sure, is happy with our performance as well. it is preseason, but jack del rio is talking about the importance of changing the culture and even if you want to call it a meaningless preseason game, the fact is, they have to start somewhere. and victory feels good, they will have some nice game footage to look at, new morning. it's a positive step.
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a small one. but it is something to. >> it feels good, and it is a w . >> is going to be in oakland for now. >> more later on. we're learning new details of the tragic death of a a contra costa county sheriff's deputy, he frenzies and three others were kayaking about a hundred yards offshore. the winds were howling of 240 miles an hour with a high wind warning in effect. a male companion was trying to retrieve his paddleboard after falling off in the choppy water, and france sees that he was in danger of drowning out what to save him. >> his actions. he was a great deputy. he was loved by everyone. >> i think anything like this, where someone in law enforcement, or someone that is athletic in the military goes out and does something to help another human being, and tragedy strikes, and they end
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up living their life -- losing their life, it's always a shock. >> the other man survived, but frenzies was overcome, he later died. >> is one of the guys that you're going to grow old with. even though you -- you think you could be there forever. >>reporter: >> he would put every bit of effort to appoint you almost carried him out of the stadium because of whatever the answer. the one he stayed in touch with his fellow athlete such as anthony davis who went on to fresno state. >> every time he came out to fresno, he made sure he visited me to make sure i stayed on top of my grades. to make sure i was zero is those going to practice. >>reporter: friends and colleagues say frenzies was always looking out for others right to the end. >> that's what he wanted to do to help people. >> flags at the contra costa
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county are flying at half staff for now. funeral arrangements are still pending. a falling tree branch killed two children sleeping in a tent earlier today. the oak tree landed on the tenth of the upper pines campground around for 15 this money. park rangers say they responded to provide medical aid. but it was too late. other campers said they heard a loud crash, followed by screams and then heard what had happened. >> devastated. you know, i've been coming up here for 20 years. i have never seen anything, or experience a kind of event appear. up here. >> the two children are not related, but did not release their information. they tried to figure out what caused that branch to fall. also at yosemite, ranges are planning to close the meadows camera next week after two squirrels died of the plague. they expect it will be closed for a week.
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please spread the plague along the squirrels and other rodents. the campground reopened today following a similar treatment. a child from the los angeles area is recovering after contracting the plague following a visit there last month. more than 100 people attended a vigil tonight after a deadly police shooting this week. the people at the vigil told us , they are not ready to accept the police version of the event. ktvu's paul chambers was there, he says they want to see the videos from the officers body camera. >>reporter: oakland police have not released the name of the man killed on wednesday. but those who knew nate wilkes came together tonight to room -- remember him and demand justice. close to two and a people gathered at the intersection of 27th street and martin luther king jr. way friday evening. >> positive things. we do not support all the ranting and raving the one they burnt candles and took part in an african tradition for to remember those who lost their
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lives at the hands of police. >> captain mckenna. sergeant lance. >>reporter: friends a nate wilkes is from new york but lived in the bay area for four years, and would have turned 28 later this month. oakland police say he was involved in an armed robbery in july, and when officers encountered wilkes on wednesday they led him on a car chase. police say officers opened fire when he advanced towards them while holding a pistol in his hand. >> running away from the police is a logical reaction. it's a rational reaction. i would even argue with self- preservation. that does not mean you get to shoot him in the back. >>reporter: police say the corners preliminary autopsy report shows that wasn't -- wilkes was shot in the front of the body. those who know him want proof. >> we want the body camera video. we want a second autopsy. we want this to stop. we don't want another family to have to deal with this.
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they went jaclyn marshall is the aunt of wilkes' three -month-old daughter, kaylee, who they brought to the vigil. they want justice for the little girl who will never know her father. >> until the facts come out, all we know is my brother's dead, on the streets, at the hands of the oakland police department. i am not okay with that. >>reporter: police were monitoring the gathering which ended about an hour ago. they are committed to upholding the constitutional right to freeze each and peaceful assembly. organizers say there may be another vigil on monday when wilkes mother flies into town. >> paul, we have no idea when the police were -- department may release that chest camera video? >>reporter: very true. we have asked of me several times. they say it is in part for their investigation. >> paul chambers live in the newsroom. the family of a woman shot and killed by san jose police filed a wrongful death lawsuit today. it has been one year since her death.
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officers responded to a 911 call about a woman threatening her family with an uzi. when they arrived, at the home, on blossom hill road diana shaman came out of the house, holding a power drill that police mistook for a weapon. officers told her to drop it, but she moved toward them. an officer fired a single, fatal shot. family members say the 19-year- old woman had bipolar disorder. the family's lawsuit alleges police negligence and asked for unspecified monetary damages. the number one concert tour in the world is making a stop in the bay area. we will go live to levi stadium for the taylor swift show. transitioning from cool weather to temperatures reaching triple digits. i will pinpoint the hotspot the reveal how long that he will remain in the bay area. [cheers and applause] a story of perseverance. how twin brothers are hoping to get back to the community where they were raised.
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the san francisco police department graduated its lightest class of recruits. among the 32 new officers are twin brothers from san francisco. new line ten, ktvu amberly is live in the city. she talked to the brothers about serving the community where they grew up. >>reporter: we are at the scottish right methodic center where tonight's graduation was held. there were a lot of plaid -- proud family and friends here, and none prouder than the family of twins who come from a neighborhood where people are
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often at odds with the police. [♪ music playing ] the graduation ceremony celebrates tradition. as san francisco police welcomes its newest members to the law enforcement family. [inaudible] these new officers started their training seven months ago. class president rodney freeman, is one half of twin brothers who grew up in the cities visitation valley neighborhood. tonight, the twins are officially police officers. [cheers and applause] twenty-six euros rodney and ronnie are determined to escape the street violence that killed so many of their friends. >> i lost a good friend, he was from -- he was young, he was no older than 12 or 13. >>reporter: now, as police officers, they hope to save the lives of children and young people. >> my heart was like something has to change. i did not want to be a part of that.
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i am deeply rooted in my community. i do empathize, but also i have to be that disciplinarian when time needs to be. i can't just let that result keep happening. >>reporter: as children and young men, the twin said they had both positive and negative contact with police. >> brought up, we didn't like the cops growing up. we were always told that cops were bad people. >>reporter: the twins a getting to know certain officers made the difference. now, they hope they can help build trust in the community. >> is officers, we should listen to understand. i think communication is very key and vital in this profession. >>reporter: this video shows the recruit class in training. these new officers are credited with breaking up a crime in progress at a store in may. they are off to a great start. so the freeman, brothers at birth, now brothers in blue. with dreams of making a difference. >> hopefully change the perspective a little bit.
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>>reporter: the twins tell me they are taking one day at a time. they are starting field training next week. >> a lot of work ahead of them. that's a great thing. thank you very much, ever. the board of education in san francisco boded -- voted in favor to awarding diplomas to students who do not finish one graduation requirement. the move affects 107 students who have completed all of their graduation requirements, except at the exit exam. it is offered several times during the year with one final opportunity in july. for graduating seniors who still need to pass. but the state canceled the july session because of pending legislation that would suspend the exam is a requirement. that left thousands of graduating seniors unable to complete their requirements. >> we have some of our students that are recent immigrants to the united states. >> tonight's unanimous vote make san francisco the first district in california to vote to defy state graduation requirements.
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state and local leaders joined a former san francisco mayor, willie brown today to celebrate the opening of his namesake school. the willie l brown, junior middle school is set to open its inaugural class on monday. the state-of-the-art facility is in the city's bayview neighborhood and is the school district's first new campus in ten years. administrators say it will offer students a hands-on approach to learning with a focus on science, technology, engineering and math. former mayor today called the school a major achievement and spectacular educational opportunity for the community. stocks closed up after a rocky start to the week, the dow rose 69 points, nasdaq went up 14, and the s&p 500 climbed 8.2 round out the week. your weekend is here, the weather is cooperating. it is going to get hot. it's going to be warm, there is no fog out there right now. it is clear out in the sunset,
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wake up tomorrow morning there will be a patchy fog, a warmer day. no fog at the close. cause. kind of light winds around here. that set you up with pretty warm day. temperatures tomorrow, saturday is going to be the warmest of the week so far. sunday will be warmer than saturday. triple digit heat in the inland bay valley. saturday warm of the coast, pretty warm to even hot around the bay, and then hot inland. we can easily see the low 100 showing up in the livermore valley and up towards the eastern edges. the heat will intensify as we head into sunday. fire danger comes up, air quality goes down. we have not had hot days like these days in a row. we are going to get triple digit heat. tomorrow, warmer on sunday. we will dial into the cooldown that is to follow that. crews are finally getting the upper hand on fires burning in lake county. nearly 100,000 acres have burned. the impact that is having on much-needed tourism in the area.
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in san francisco, a judge ruled against granting permission for doctors, and california, to assist terminally ill patients and dying. ktvu is a christian was in court to find out what the decision means. >> i do not want my crying to be misinterpreted as hopelessness. because, i am not hopeless. >>reporter: christie o'donnell, one of the patients in this case flew into the bay area for today's hearing. she is battling stage four cancer. is in constant pain and says she and other terminally ill patients deserve the right to
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choose how and when to end their own lives. >> >> the struggle is i am not the only one that is going to have to have a young child watch me die. in a very painful matter. >>reporter: in court today, hurt attorneys argued the need is urgent and some will die slow and painful death waiting for the courts to rule. >> this is not a hypothetical, or abstract issue. which is the standard. it is a concrete and direct issue. >>reporter: attorneys from the state attorneys general's office from around the state argue that more than 104 years of state law prohibiting assisted suicide should stand. >> technically there is no court court, no court decision that still stands or court in the united states that has found there is a fundamental right to physician assisted suicide. >>reporter: in the end, the judge today refused to allow physicians to allow their patients to die. saying granting a court order would be creating a law on the
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bench. >> isn't this a legislative issue? isn't this an issue with life and death that should be considered by the elected people in the legislature? >>reporter: patients today say, for now, they will continue their battle on two fronts, in hospitals and in courtrooms. >> i think it would be difficult for anyone, in the court system, to say it is not within their power if they were personally experiencing what we are. >>reporter: christian captain, ktvu fox2 news. a big break today in the uncle solved killing of a central valley man, deputies announced the arrest of nine people including a prominent attorney and three current and former highway patrol officers. cory coffman disappeared from the turlock area in 2012, his body was found more than one year later. authorities say coffman was killed inside a turlock home owned by criminal defense attorney, freight carson --
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frank carson. one of the officers is charged with first-degree murder, and no longer works for the chp. the other two are charged with obstructing the investigation, and are currently on leave. the golden gate bridge district is advising motorists of lane and ramp closures tonight. so they can paint new stripes on the pavement. one southbound lane will be open starting about 20 minutes ago, and only one northbound lane to be opened darting at midnight. the vista. on and off ramps are also being closed along with the alexander avenue on and off ramps in marin. all lanes are set to reopen by 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. a long simmering dispute in san jose may finally be resolved. the decision today that should bring more officers to city streets, and in a years long battle over pension reform. taylor swift rules the world world, at least the musical world. we are talking to fans tonight after a sold-out show at levi stadium.
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there she is, it is called 1989, it is the number one tour in the world. and tonight, it's right here in the bay area. thousands packed at levi stadium to levi stadium to see taylor swift and action. it is the first of two sold-out shows at levi stadium. >> ktvu's deborah is there live with it chart topping performer is still on stage. >>reporter: we can still hear her, and the roars from the crowd as they hear songs that they like. she has packed the stadium. the 25-year-old who made $40 million last year, is spending two hours showing santa clara how to shake it off. [♪ music playing ] taylor
10:30 pm
swift, 1989, world tour started in may in tokyo. what on this guy, bay area fans have her all to themselves. and they show how much they like her style. >> we love flowers, she also dropped a gold headbands in the past and we love that as well. >> all things taylor. >> the reason i like her is because every single song i can relate to. i have been relating to it since i was 13 years old. that is why taylor swift is the bomb. >>reporter: crews made last- minute props on the stage. white wristbands were laid out for the 52,000 fans. first, they had to make it in. that caused a little bad blood. many people still stuck in horrendous traffic as the warm- up acts began. fans hurried to not miss a minute.
10:31 pm
photographers were only allowed to record one minute of swift's first song, and one minute of her second son. madonna, new she was trouble the minute she walked in. taylor swift inspires loyalty as well as fashion, and her appeal seems to span generations and genders. >> she has a very wholesome image, our girls love to sing and perform. naturally, we bring them here. >> her songs are fun, and catchy, something we can both relate on even though we are different generations. we can all enjoy her music. >> i enjoy her music. i clean the house, workout, cruise around to it. >>reporter: reviews of this tour have been positive around the country. the fans looking for swift
10:32 pm
country roots will not find them here. she plays only a few songs from her early years. this tour is expected to make about $200 million, she is in her encore right now. we're starting to see people trickle out trying to beat the rush out of levi stadium. >> dad, are you a swifty? >> >>reporter: i do know some of those songs. traffic leading to the bay bridge toll plaza is moving again after a car fire slow traffic there. this is video of the scene taken about an hour ago of a taxi on fire. a witness says the taxi collided with another car sparking a fire. it then spread to nearby brush. the chp has not confirmed that. an officer told us the cause is under investigation and that there were minor injuries. this happened at the north side of the toll plaza. emergency crews are on the scene scene, at least one lane is blocked,
10:33 pm
but traffic is moving. fire crews are calling a fire in the terra linda area just north of san raphael suspicious. witnesses told police several juveniles were seen running from the scene shortly after that fire broke out. crews were able to contain the blaze within a half an hour no injuries were reported. investigation is underway as police search for suspect matching witness descriptions. of more than one dozen people are without a place to live tonight after a three alarm fire destroyed an apartment building in oakland. firefighters were called out around 2:30 this money to the 800 block of international boulevard. they say they found heavy smoke coming from the second floor. the fire quickly spread to a nearby duplex. a neighbor captured this picture. the flames left six apartments uninhabitable displacing 17 people. the good news is, no one was hurt. firefighters say they rescued a pair of guinea pigs from one of the burned down units. >> i'm really happy for them. thank you.
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>> my sister was crying her eyes out. they went tonight, read crisis helping those who were displaced by the early morning fire. investigators are trying to determine what caused the break . the city of san jose in the police union announced a new deal this afternoon to help get more officers back on the streets. as ktvu's and rubin reports now, today's of element comes after a years long, and very contentious dispute, over pension reform. >>reporter: at a ceremony this afternoon, the san jose police gained 18 new offices. but in recent years, 400 have left in the aftermath of measure e, the controversial pension reform. today, a tentative labor agreement that has been a long time coming. it includes an 8% pay increase and a one-time 5% retention bonus that will also be offered as a return incentive to those who left the department that want to come back. >> today, we can tell our police officers it was worth it , and it is going to be were there.
10:35 pm
they were the most complicated part of the negotiation would be about pension reform. today both sides said measure b will be invalidated either through the courts or a ballot measure november 2016. it will be replaced by a new pension reform that will save taxpayers $1.7 billion over 30 years. >> we are ensuring that taxpayers are protected at the same time we were -- are reducing some burdens on our employees. >>reporter: the hope is that these changes will ultimately make it easier for the police department to recruit new officers and bring former ones back. >> we all believe it can happen. i think our officers believe it can happen. it gives them a little bit of faith and puts a smile on her face. they go out into the streets known to have a little bit brighter future, i think. >>reporter: union members have them from -- have from now until monday evening to vote on the deal. in san jose, ktvu fox2 news. boy scouts of america changing his ways.
10:36 pm
why the scouts as a lifting the say lifting the ban on gay leaders could mean the beginning of the end for the organization. checking on your weekend forecast, we talked about the warm-up saturday, temperatures are going to hit triple digits. i will show you where, and which areas you can head to trickle down. we will see you back here. history is made in havana, what could be next for us cuba relations as the american flag flies over our embassy for the first time in decades. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus.
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at the day for the history books in havana, the american flag is now flying over a us embassy in cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. secretary of state, john kerry, today met with his cuban counterpart, rodriguez at cuba's foreign ministry. kerry is the first secretary of state on cuban soil since 1945. he told leaders there that president obama and his administration support lifting the trade embargo, but gop lawmakers have made it clear they will not let that happen. as the boy scouts of america left a blanket ban on openly gay leaders. some churches that sponsor scout troops are considering cutting ties with the organization. church sponsorship is the main finding of the scouts. some churches believe allowing gay leaders violates the oath of the boy scouts. a handful of churches have ended their sponsorship of
10:40 pm
troops. the largest church sponsor, the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is now discussing cutting its ties to scouting. >> i think it's the death of the boy scouts of america. the latter-day saints have been the most supporters of scouting in america over the past 50 years. >> others say the scouts will be able to survive, even if the mormon church withdraws its support. the boy scout scouts said, in a statement, it deeply appreciated their long-standing relationship with the church of the jesus christ of latter-day saints, and owes its success to chartered organizations like it. officials in colorado today reopened it stretch of river to boating a week after it was polluted with 3 million gallons of contaminated mine water. epa officials say its own cleanup crew triggered a spell at an abandoned gold mine. the river ran yellow with pollution. put -- people in the area, are cautioned not to drink the water.
10:41 pm
the plume has dissipated but there are still concerns about toxic heavy metals that may have collected in the riverbed. today marks the ninth year since 17-year-old aubrey junior was shot and killed in san francisco near grove at baker street. his mother was at the scene today, handing out flyers trying to keep the search for her son's killer alive. there is a large reward the offered in this case. his mother would like that money to be put to good use. >> take that to $50,000 -- $250,000 reward money and use it too do an investigation. use that money for something. instead of waiting for a witness to come by. >> paulette brown says she is convinced someone in the neighborhood has information that can help solve this case and it's time for them to come forward. just in time for the weekend, the weather is heating up. chief meteorologist bill martin will have the complete bay area forecast.
10:42 pm
fire crews make headway on the fires burning in lake county. how the two fires in two weeks have affected tourism in the area. feget up to 48 months thrinterest-free financingain, on tempur-pedic. save hundreds on beautyrest. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
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an update tonight on the jerusalem fire burning near clear lake and it is good news. crews have made significant progress. the fire is now 71% contained. it started sunday and has burned 25,000 acres. it is the second big fire in lake county in just a matter of weeks. as ktvu's tom baker reports businesses that depend on tourists are feeling the effects. >>reporter: it is usually a lot busier here in old lake park on a friday but a lot of people think lake county has burned to the ground. >> it definitely impacts tourism the one but the lake county chambers of commerce say the peer is simply an justified -- unjustified, and the fires can no longer be seen to back those fires are not impacting our
10:45 pm
transportation in and out of the county. our businesses are open, and ready for visitors. >> our tasting rooms are still open. our resorts are still open. as far as i know, nothing is really close down. >> great scenery. great wineries. a very peaceful place to come, and experience getting away from the madhouse of the city. the one event who is vacationing from pismo beach almost canceled his family's trip here. >> without the fires were basically all over clearlake. we are staying at lower lake, that was on the news down there. the central coast. we contacted the people we are staying with, and they told us know, they are quite a ways away. so we came up,. >>reporter: the counties biggest yearly event, the county fair, a genuine old-time world county fair comes up in three weeks.
10:46 pm
>> our fair takes place over labor day weekend, and that brings in about 40,000 people during a four-day run. >>reporter: vance says he is very glad he came. >> the lake is clear. there is no fires at the lake. anywhere near the water. there's plenty of things to do still. >>reporter: and so, whether it is kayaking, cocktails, or even casinos. lake county is surely open for business. ktvu fox2 news. while there is no word on what caused the jerusalem fire or larger rocky fire near clear lake officials have determined that vehicle exhaust contacted dry grass causing the 8,000-acre rack fire near lake mary essay, it destroyed seven structures including one home. the fire broke out in late july and was 100% contained leslie.
10:47 pm
ofthe fire weather is ramping up as we go into the bay area we can. we have had mild days the last couple of weeks. here we go with some heat that is going to show up. he showed up a little bit today. in the bay valleys you have 87, 86 of livermore, these hotspots tomorrow are going to be in the triple digits. temperatures came up today and will come up more tomorrow. there is no fog at the coast tomorrow, as you look at the bay bridge, the traffic moving on their smoothly and there is no fog in san francisco. folks out at ocean beach with the bonfires going off of fulton street, it is a good night for it. it is a nice mild night with 60s downtown san francisco right now. the fog will try to come back in a patchy form, but as we head into your evening hours, temperatures will cool down into the upper 50s, a couple of 60s will linger. in san francisco tomorrow, downtown ends up at 80 degrees for a daytime high. that is san francisco downtown. that is warm. san jose downtown they are going to go about 90 degrees.
10:48 pm
as you look at the fog product of theirs just a few high clouds, maybe some patchy fog shows up. he will see the temperatures coming you see the purples comment, those purples represent the 100th. there is a lot of heat and it is all coming this way. triple digit heat in the inland bay valleys, concord and those areas mid-nineties, upper '90s low one hundreds. eastern livermore valley down towards morgan hill, air quality is going to take a hit. this high is coming from the desert southwest. when that happens it usually leaves you a little bit of patchy fog, should not see any 80s co- site should moses the temperatures in the 60s and maybe some low 70s. just a forecast high. look at all of those one hundreds. hydrated vacaville, hundred and clearlake. i keep looking at san jose, you see that life camera? that is a cool shot. they must've had a big fireworks display. i kept looking over their
10:49 pm
thinking there was a fire. >> it is glowing. >> we always have live cameras up in the studio. sorry about that for that must be the finale for the taylor swift thing. >> varies distracting. >> in our business you see smoke, and you go oh my gosh. that is good news, good eye for constant. good weekend ahead. fire danger is coming up and then it drops off next week a little bit. >> we will double check and make sure levi stadium is not on fire. we think it's virus. birds are known for having a great sense of direction but maybe not these penguins. take a look. see where they were headed and where they ended up coming up.
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10:52 pm
a group of penguins found in western coastal areas of argentina, chile and the islands barely road -- apparently wrote the wrong ways but they ended up in brazil. the penguins were rescued and undergoing rehabilitation at the institute of aquatic mammals and salvador. they look at. >> they got a little off course there. markets are now, the giants were on track tonight looking good. it is a wind that comes with a fair share of worry. nobody got hurt, but matt cain, he keeps getting hit hard, but
10:53 pm
things too great a bullpen work, giants will not overthink the problem for now. their starter had problems on friday, but this is becoming more popular in the park. the bachelorette parties out there on a friday night, they enjoyed it. giants were down one -- zero, matt duffy ties the bottom of the first against matt assures her, one of what are the best in the business. by the way, duffie was three for three, shares her get shelled, to wrens are going to score, and a blanco, by the way 345. hunter pence a solo shot, his eighth of the year, six -- one lead coasting to victory, right? no, not exactly. matt cain struggled again, and the problem has been the big innings for him. into the fifth inning, this time bryce harper, mammoth shot,
10:54 pm
three run blast and all of a sudden it's a six -- five game at the giant, well despite cain's frustration come through here, brandon belt router to first, zimmerman should've had a double play there instead goes to the plate, lago is safe, giants at another one after that, eight -- five final, dodgers one they are still two and a half back in the west. just what every last-place team with nothing to play for once, a long extra inning game that ends in very deflating fashion. we keep hearing about the a's future, but the present is rough. thirteen innings in baltimore, four straight losses, four -- four game in the seventh, chris davis of the orioles deep and a grand slam against the a's in oakland last week. six -- four, the a's do come back to top of the ninth, down six -- five, two outs, danny is only -- his only hit of the game, it's an rbi single that places billy birds, we have six -- six until the 13th that is an aaron brooks serves it up,
10:55 pm
manny, two runs walkoff. his 25th of the year. the a's go down to defeat again. just a weird day at the pga. very unusual things happening. one of the things you did not see however, rounded to ending infidelity. the weather issues in sheboygan, wisconsin. there was a slippery slope for plenty of golfers, phil mickelson with an unusual way of getting to the hole, but it worked for him. he was won over, he did finish his round, he is one overthrew two, tiger, the frustrations continue out of trouble at number eight, will likely not make the cut. he is for overthrew 13. john daly was horrible. i'm not talking about the pants. he hit the ball in the water, on this whole three times, he shot a ten on the par 37th and yes, the club is going into the drink as well. he shot an 81 on the day, the kids did not mind though.
10:56 pm
a souvenir just like baseball. if it goes into the stands, or the water you get to keep it. meantime, jordan spieth, this has to be the shot of the day. on the 18th to finish the round, bertie from the bunker. he is six under after two, the round of 67 thundershowers force suspension of play, many a golfer did not finish. and so began the jack del rio era, and nicely. first drive of the game, derek carr to cooper, the rookie out of alabama, 12 years, matter fact he had three catches, 22 yards on the drive. and murray, he is the number one back, looked good, six carries, 35 yards, 17 of them there. helps leadhopefully the ravens to a field goal that tied it three -- three, the second step -- quarter the second stringers got to come through. the backup quarterback, 3-yard toss to andre holmes, 18 -- three is the final. the raiders when their opener
10:57 pm
and that is a start. >> it is a good start. [laughter] >> thank you for joining us. there is a shot of levi stadium and taylor swift concert.
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