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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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involved shoots being investigated right few. a violent crash killed three people. the latest on the investigation including what officers say may have led up to that crash. good morning. thank you for joining us monday morning august 17th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. we are following developing news in the south bay. the suspect reached for what forced them to open fire. >> that is what we are being told. and this happened on center road near capitol expressway. i want to show you what it looks like right now. you can see there is patrol cars here. they have this section of the roadblocked off. the northbound lanes are closed for about two blocks until south side. from capitol expressway to
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south side. and their focus is that strip mall here across the street. they are going over that crime scene meticulously. collecting evidence. san jose police officers were doing a follow up in that strip mall. it's unclear what kind of case it was but they did locate an adult male suspect. police say he reached for a handgun and two officers fired back. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no other officers fired. there is still a lot of questions in this case. what was the man he was wanted for. mis-- but we do know there are at least eight patrol cars here on the scene at center and capitol expressway. we are not sure how long the northbound lanes will be blocked off but we will stay on top of this and bring you any updates as soon as we get them.
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dave. >> all right janine de la vega in san jose. thank you. we are also following developing news in the east bay. highway patrol says three people were killed in a firey crash. it happened at about 10:00 last night on san pablo dam road. the chp says a camaro driving the eastbound lane crossed over into the westbound lane and side wiped another car. the camaro crashed into a tree. the driver was able to get out before the car burst into flames. he was taken to the hospital. the chp says speeding and alcohol appear to be a factor in the crash. the driver of the other car suffered only minor injuries. chp reports san pablo dam road is reopened. time is 5:02. i was listening to you and brian and steve talking about the hot weather. everybody is talking about the hot weather. >> well it was record setting. >> it was a bad boy. >> yeah it was definitely hot
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for everybody on the weekend. it will be cooler for some today. and now again it's always a little dicey, a little tricky when that cooling kicks in but there are signs the fog is creeping up parts of the santa cruz coast. there is also an increase in the higher temps. still one more hot day inland although probably not as hot as yesterday unless it's so far inland that you need a howling sea breeze to get her going. 50s and 60s and 70s on your temps. system in the north will suppress the high a little bit and a lot of high clouds rotating around. i think that will help. west at 14 at travis. there is also a west at sfo so we'll see if they will hold. there is a little bit of fog trying to work its way. mostly sunny. cooler to hot. near 100 inland. it will take one more day. 90s and 100s there. 70s and 80s closer to the bay. still a possibility of record highs one more day. all right sal very quiet.
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i trusted 5:03. >> it is quiet at 5:03. but the building blocks for the morning commute are being laid down right now and hopefully this will be a good commute. let's go out and take a look at commute now. with the bay bridge toll plaza not a bad drive here. westbound. you can tell people are on the road. and as pam has been mentioning, pam and brian and everyone we've been mentioning back to school. let's take a look at 101 san francisco northbound and southbound 101 looking pretty good driving through. and in the sat bay the santa clara valley traffic is off to a good start. at 5:04 let's go back to the desk. sunny veil police will -- sunnyvale police will give more information about an officer involved shooting. it started saturday afternoon at a motel 6. police arrived to check out a suspicious car in the parking lot. when they did two men jumped
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out and ran. one of the men tossed out an open gun clip. police opened fire and killed one of the men. the other got away. police say they spent hours searching for him. >> they searched every house. they searched the backyard houses inside. they protect us a lot. >> the man that was killed had a gun on him and the other in his backpack. the man on the loose is considered to be armed and dangerous. police are asking for help to find two people who killed a mother in front of her own children. police just released surveillance video of a black truck. it's likely a dodge ram pickup that may be linked to a drive by shooting. it happened on january 7th. 32-year-old maria was hit by a stray bullet while trying to protect her children. 38-year-old donte glen was also shot and killed. a 44-year-old woman was shot but survived. police are asking anyone with
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information about that black truck to please call them. time is 5:05. fire crews all over the state had a rough weekend battling the wild fires extreme heat and the tough terrain. progress was made against the wild fires in lake county. the jerusalem fire is 85% contained. the rocky fire it was completely contained last week. all evacuations have now been lifted. people are back in their homes but cal fire is warning the fire risk will stay high for months. >> it doesn't matter if the temperatures are going up or down. the conditions are so dry that they remain the same. and our fire will remain elevated into the fall. >> we're all being reminded.
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the fires in southern california increased this weekend. one of the biggest is just north of los angeles. 50-acres have burned but fire crews warn the bone dry conditions could push that to 2,000 acres in the next couple of days. six structures have burned but no homes. another fire has burned 2200- acre. that forced the shut down of a freeway and several major roads. a fire fighting helicopter made a hard landing. the chopper developed
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mechanical problems. it made an unen expected landing at a nearby cemetery. in san francisco where sunday streets were going on the high for the day was 90 degrees and that is 6 degrees higher than the record set in 1994. napa also set a record topping out at 104. the old record there 100 set back in 1950. records were also set in oakland, san jose, san rafael, gilroy, and mountain view. temperatures topped 100- degrees in southern california. a high school football team practiced even though the thermometer red 105. they made sure players were drinking a lot of water. veterinarians making sure they have a way to keep cool and easily get to water. >> the hot temperatures could
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put children at risk for getting a burn at the playground. the consumer product safety commission warns the heat can make metal slides and plastic playground equipment very hot. the agency says kids can actually be burned on playgrounds. one of the biggest districts back in session today is san francisco. the school district says they were able to avert that looming teacher shortage so last week it had 22 open positions but filled all of them by friday night. students have several other new things to look forward to this year. including new lunch items. sonoma county students head back to school this week with a teacher shortage there. more than 71,000 children from kindergarten to 12th grade are back in the classroom.
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passengers will have to wait a little long for a high- tech alternative to tax cease. coming up in 20 minutes the reason ride sharing companies were snubbed just a month before it was scheduled to take off. >> plus more car break ins in san francisco. why police blame a recent change to the law that votes approve.
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>> we're looking at the east bay commute and we have word of highway 24 looking good but highway 37 getting out of va hay hoe there is a problem. we'll tell you what it is.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. san francisco police say there has been a spike in car break ins. the san francisco chronicle reports that police are actually blaming prop 47 for the increase and that is a law voters passed back in november that reduced the penalties of nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors resulting in the release of thousands of inmates. now here are the recent crime stats. the total number of vehicle break ins between january and june of this year stands at 11,917. that is up 62% from the same time period of 2013 and it's a 171% jump compared to the entire year of 2010. san francisco police say this years numbers are likely higher because they think many people aren't reporting the crimes. more fuels to the rumored apple car. there are reports the tech giant has shown some interest in the concord testing ground
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for self-driving cars. officials with the contra costa transportation authorities says apple has reached out to them. it's a 20-mile closed road area which used to be a former army navy base. apple has not commented though on the report. time is 5:14. as the candidates for president nearly tripled in iowa, there is a new poll showing how much of a race for the white house has shifted in the past week and a half. doug has more on the fallout. >> reporter: good morning. we are seeing this month debate in cleveland had an impact on the gop race. donald trump meantime the republican front runner is responding to critics who says he has not been specific enough. by helicopter or golf cart, this has been quite a ride for donald trump. stopping in iowa he has
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cemented his lead in the gop field. it shows him 13 points above anyone else. widening his margin. at the same time trump is getting into some policy specifics finally outlining the details of his plan for immigration reform which as expected building a new border wall and putting financial pressure on mexico to pay for it. ending birthright citizenship. >> you are going to keep them out. >> they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we will work with them. we either have a country or we don't. >> reporter: but for trump the challenge may be evident in another poll that he now leads. and for all of his support 52% of registered voters believe he is not qualified to be president. neurosurgeon ben carson has emerged as a strong second. >> i think people are starting to recognize that the same old same old is going to take us to the same place. >> and for democrats there are also some interesting trends at
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play. as hillary clinton's numbers have taken a hit with her growing e-mail controversy. bernie sanders has been catching fire. his numbers surging along likely democratic voters among than ten points in less than a month. and back to donald trump. he is taking a brief break from the campaign trail today to report to jury duty in new york. back to you guys. time is 5:16. back here at home the travels of palo alto ferry ambassador has ended. a stuffed donkey is named palo alto perry. he has been touring the area for months. tonight palo alto perry will share the highlights of his journeys when he makes an appearance at city hall. 5:17 is the time. check back in with sal. sal, what are you keeping an eye on? >> we have a couple of crashes pam and dave. one of them is on highway 37
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eastbound at mayor island. it looks like we do have a crash. it looks like a big rig is involved that called for a heavy duty tow truck and that is going toward vallejo away from marin. but you will see that traffic may be slow in this area. we also have another crash and that would be southbound 880 at davis street. this involved an overturned suv and another badly damaged car. the only good news is the injuries are very minor but the traffic is going to be slowing down already as you head south out of oakland and head down toward the davis street turn off. so please give yourself extra time. you can use 580 as a decent alternate. and you get to the toll plaza it hasn't been really slow yet. usually turn the metering lights on at 5:40. no major problems there. in san jose in the south bay 280 looks good through downtown and so does 101. 5:18 steve i watched a lot of
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sports this weekend. sitting in front of a fan? >> yes. nice inside air conditioned room. >> and there is a lot of sports to watch. some of it was very good. >> yes, sir. >> yes, i agree. record setting record as you know. it wasn't favoritism to the inland areas. the coast, the bay, everyone was in on it. north bay, south by, san francisco, oakland. it didn't matter temperatures were ever report setting. oakland airport in there. zap jose. gilroy. fair skies mostly clear. fog for it's very shallow. it will not help inland areas too much. the higher clouds might help. 60s on some. 70s for others but there are a few 50s popping up. half-moon bay says 52.
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bodega bay came way down. 56. yet monterey is holding steady at 65. some of the coolest water is off to bodega bay and northward. south of that it's 60s. 70s down in southern california and santa monica. that is a bigger dip we are waiting to develop. there is a slight component of a westerly breeze. sfo out to fairfield. that was not the case yesterday. 57 monterey. way down. 60s for some. 70s for others. higher clouds in place and a few patches of fog does mean cooler, coast and bay even though some records are possible. cooler by the coast. inland temps it will take another day or two but the trend is to cool it down as we head toward midweek. mostly sunny. higher clouds. cooler for some.
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in fact a good 30-degree drop but still 90s and 100s for others. and tomorrow looks better for everybody. but 60s and 70s. santa cruz on the weekend was just saturday was 100 degrees. that is pretty hot for anybody. but really santa cruz my goodness. 90s and 100s and it looks like cooler and it really kicks in tuesday and i think everyone will feel it by wednesday and then keep it there as we head toward the end of the week. >> that is very, very hot for santa cruz. >> i know what you mean. time is 5:21. steph curry he just keeps winning and he did it again last night. >> this is obviously 100% because of you. >> next the special award that teenagers around the country gave him.
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it was a great show. fun weekend at levi stadium as thousands of people gather to see taylor swift take the stage. both days sold out for her 1989 tour. for many young girls it would be a dream come true top meet taylor swift. but for one special girl in missouri a community is hoping
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to make that wish come true. that is jordan. she is battling a brain tumor. she says singing and dancing through swift music helps her get through her treatments. >> you almost never know how much this means and she all never forget this. >> you can help jordan's dream come true by using the aylormeetjordan. she already has tickets to her show next month but really wants a chance to meet her. steph curry of the warriors picked up another award to add to his collection. last night he won the male athlete aword at the teen choice awards in los angeles. winners will were chosen --
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winners were chosen by teens all across the country. >> we had a great year this year. i'm glad to have a surf board to commemorate this year. >> that is not all. he is really living it up during on the off season. on friday he played golf with president obama. it was part of the president's summer vacation at martha's vineyard. it's official star wars is taking up residents at disney theme parks. over the weekend disney announced star wars is getting its own theme lands at disney land and disney world. here's some of the drawings. the 14-acre attraction represents the biggest single theme land expansion ever. disney is also adding a toy story land and the world avatar to two of its theme parks in florida. a popular campground forced to close this week at yosemite
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national park. we will tell you what park rangers have figured out that have them concerned. >> plus a firey crash over night in the east bay leaves three people dead. we'll tell you what chp investigators say the driver whom triggered the accident was doing.
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- hope... - hope... hope... not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back. thank you for joining us i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook.
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thank you for joining us. almost 5:30. it will be a little cooler. >> coast and bay. inland will still be hot. one more day. i heard from many people over the weekend. we do have a couple of typhoons here western pacific that continues to bubble over because the very warm water temps. the closer one to the left and asani forming. if they both reach super typhoon status it will be the first that two. it's a category four but both signs are showing they will reach super typhoon staff which is is incredible. everything in the atlantic has nothing that is a big el nino signature. some of the higher clouds for us coming around the high but a system is digging in the pacific northwest. that will open the door for cooler weather. may take another day for some. but 52 half-moon bay to 74 in
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fairfield. that is a huge difference here. so it's trying that sea breeze. it just may take a little longer but coast will cool down today. mostly sunny. some higher clouds. cooler to warm to hot to record setting hot. one more day maybe. 90s to 100s for some. 70s and maybe a few 60s closer to the water. cooler for everybody tomorrow. and sal, i see you tweeted that out. it will be a cooler for some. i appreciate that. >> yes. one of the things that people want to know when is it going to get cooler? you and i are always working together. southbound 880 in san leandro there is a crash that is blocking lanes of traffic. backing up past the coliseum so it slows down near high street to davis. this is one overturned vehicle. one badly damaged car. the traffic looks like it's going to be slowed for a bit as you drive through. there is also a crash in the
5:32 am
eastbound. that one is involving a pretty serious crash even though there is not a delay. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza it is backing up. it's backed up for a ten minute wait before you make it on to the span. and in san jose 280, 101, and 85 are okay but more people are on the road. pam has been saying and we've been reminding you schools are back. a lot of them are. not all of them but most of them. 5:32 let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news in the south bay. san jose police are investigating a deadly officer involved shooting. it happened at about 10:00 last night. police say they were conducting a follow up investigation at a strip mall on center road near capitol expressway when they encountered the suspect. officer claim the suspect reached for a gun prompting two officers to open fire and killing him. none of the officers was hurt. ktvu janine de la vega is at the scene. she will have a report coming
5:33 am
up at 6:00. three people are dead after a violent car crash on a busy east bay road over night. alex savidge is in elle sir braunite this morning. the driver of both cars survived. right alex? >> reporter: yeah the driver in this case is survived and according to the chp that man was likely drinking before the accident and also speeding when he lost control of his car. three other people were inside that car. all three of his passengers were killed in this crash. the camaro they were riding in was speeding when it veered off the road and slammed into a tree. it burst into flames. this all happened just about 10:00 last night along pablo dam road. the chp says the camaro was heading easton san pablo dam road when the driver crossed into on coming lanes and sideswiped another car before losing control. according to the chp most of
5:34 am
san pablo. >> got some twists and turns here but this portion appears pretty straight. as far as what happened with the camaro coming into the other lane, i'm not sure what happened there. >> reporter: and again according to chp they do believe the driver was under the influence and going too fast for the conditions here. the second car that was involved in last night's accident a silver honda pulled over to the side of the road. the woman who was behind the wheel of that car had only minor injuries. the man that was driving the camaro, the man that triggered this crash that killed three of his passengers was transported to the hospital. we have no word this morning on his condition but as you can well imagine he will likely be facing some very serious charges. >> yes, thank you alex for that update. time is 5:34. oakland police investigating two homicides. one shooting victim was a 15-
5:35 am
year-old boy. police say the teenager was killed yesterday morning about 2:00 a.m. on foothill boulevard near san antonio park. investigators say he was walking with friends when someone drove by and started shooting. 15 minutes before that a 32- year-old man was gunned down on broadway near 15th street. he died near the scene. now another shooting early yesterday morning critically wounded a woman in a parked car on international boulevard. at this point we don't know the names of any of the shooting victims and police say no arrests have been made so far. the driver of ammo tour home was killed near petaluma in a possible explosion. police received several 911 calls yesterday morning about 8:00 from people who stopped to help. the chp says it appears the motor home caught fire before it crashed. we could learn more about
5:36 am
the man arrested in connection with last months armed robbery of two television news crews including our own ktvu colleagues. a hearing is scheduled this morning in the case of 23-year- old michael anthony jones of san francisco. he was arrested last week in fremont where police found a car matching the description of the getaway car. jones has pled not guilty to charges including robbery and aggravated assault. police are now searching for two other suspects. two firefighters are recovering from injuries they suffered while battling a house fire in oakley. that happened just before 6:00 last night. one firefighter suffered a minor ankle injury. the other one had cuts on his hand. both are expected to be okay. it appears the fire started in the kitchen. the people that were living there were not home at the time.
5:37 am
the 21-year-old was battling a lightning sparked fire when he was hit by a fallen tree. fellow firefighters remember his enthusiasm for the job including a recent training exercise when he refused to stop working. >> tell him mikey we are done. it's okay. have a seat. take a break. but he just wanted to keep going. he was passionate. >> the u.s. forest service is investigating helenbeck's death and depending on what the agency finds, it could lead to a change in firefighter safety practices. san jose police have until tonight to write up a contract. the san jose police union reached a tentative peel deal with the city on friday. it gives police officers 8% raises and a one-time 50a%
5:38 am
retention bonus. 400 officers have left. officers spent this weekend. a popular high country campground at yosemite national park will be shut down. this comes after two squirrels were found to have died of the plague. it comes a little more than a week. a tree limb fell on to a tent killing two children inside.
5:39 am
campers called 911 but by the time help arrived the two young campers had already died. we don't know their ages yet. officials believe drought conditions may be to blame for that accident on friday but an investigation is under way. the 25-year-old man was with a group of friends when he got caught up in the rapids. sacramento firefighters immediately went into search mode and finally brought him to shore. >> i saw him doing chest compressions on the boat but you know they were doing it. >> this water extremely cold even this time of year and many times people under estimate its power. after an extensive search the martinez police department has a new top cop.
5:40 am
the city council has chosen law enforcement veteran manjit sappal as the new chief. they found a 10-foot crack in that water main on saturday. utility officials say the drinking water may still be a little murky or taste funny but they say it's normal and it is safe. a pilot program for hook earn and lift has hit a snag. according to the mercury news not a single company has signed up. the san jose city council approved the one year pilot program in june. now ride share drivers have to pay airport fees and go through
5:41 am
fingerprinting, background checks, and vehicle inspections. an official for lift told the paper those regulations are too strict and too expensive. the boys from compton smashed opening weekend expectations. the movie brought in $56 million. that makes it the sixth largest august debut ever. taking the second spot is mission impossible, and rounding out the top five. man from uncle, fantastic four, and the gift. a dramatic chase after a side show in oakland. coming up at 6:00 what police say a driver did on purpose. >> it was scary. everyone just stopped talking. it was a moment of silence. air show in chicago took a turn
5:42 am
for the worse. >> we are looking at a commute in the east bay that will be slow already especially on the richmond bridge. we'll tell you a little bit more coming up. >> ten degree spread on some of the lows. for a few it's on the cool side. santa rosa 57. there are signs of a cooler pattern. aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. both the faa and national transportation safety board are investigating a deadly midair collision in san diego between two private planes. both planes were headed for brown field. one with four people on board carried employees of the military contractor bae. the other was a single engine cessna with just the pilot on
5:45 am
board. that wreckage as you see here scattered across a quarter mile area. >> it appears it was a very violent crash as you can tell by both aircraft that are in multiple pieces. no one was transported to the hospital from the plane. >> the names of the victims haven't been released yet until their families are notified. that crash also started a brush fire that burned two acres. search teams have spotted the wreckage from a passenger plane. the indonesian government says four postal workers carrying almost $1.5 million in cash for poor families were on the way as well. search and rescue teams are preparing to hike to the crash site on the side of the mountain. this is indonesia's third air disaster in less than eight months. we're getting new details this morning about the death of an army sky diver. it happened during a parachute performance over the weekend.
5:46 am
authorities say 32-year-old sergeant corey hood collided in midair with a navy sky diver during a stunt called the bomb burst on saturday. it happened after chicago air and water show. both men were rushed to the hospital. hood dies sunday afternoon. the other man you see here he suffered a broken leg. he served five tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. and he had logged more than 200 free fall jumps. julian bond has died at the age of 75. his wife says he became ill while on vacation in florida and died on saturday of complications from vascular disease. the one-time student of martin luther king junior was the first president of the southern poverty law center. served two decades in the law center. he also championed gay rights and two years ago he talked to his grandchildren about the
5:47 am
responsibility everyone has in the fight for justice. >> you have to ask yourself what can i do? what can i do to push the needle forward? what can i do to improve freedom in our country? i think you have to say i'm going to do something. i don't know what it is right now 3:i'm going to do something to make freedom expand. >> president obama hailed bond as a hero and a friend to the first family. he released a statement saying julian bond helped change his country for the better and what better way to be remembered than that? actor morgan freeman is mourning the death of his stepdaughter. 33-year-old dina highness was an aspiring actress. she was stabbed multiple times. her boyfriend is surround arrest in her death. a witness told the new york post that the man screamed get out devil during the attack. in a statement freeman said the world will never know her
5:48 am
artistry and talent and how much she had to offer. >> what a horrible story. our time is 5:47. let's get you moving this morning. sal is back with our commute. you're watching thest shore -- the east shore. >> that is right. it looks like it's slowing down. let's take a look at what we have here on 80 westbound. it looks like it's pretty crowded in the berkeley area. and traffic continues to be slow here. also looking at a commute on the nimitz freeway southbound 880 backed up around oakland. it's slow way past the coliseum. it looks like it's slow into oakland because of that crash. bay bridge toll plaza getting very busy. it's backed up to the maze. it's a 20 minute delay before you make it on to the span. now today's weather. >> it will be cooler for some but still hot for others. it will take another day before
5:49 am
inland areas will cool down. there are signs of fog that are starting to stack up but not really expect for santa all quiet for the hawaiian islands. we'll have a couple systems guillermo and hill da but everything looks good right now. the pacific continues to be extremely active and not much at all in the atlantic. you can see the higher clouds rotating around. that will probably give us some partly cloudies but enough high clouds. it's the system to the north that is digging that will bump that high out of here. it's a slow process but there will be cooler weather today for coast and bay. fair skies. mostly clear. some fog though. mainly santa cruz coast. sometimes it comes sneaking up to the san mateo coast. it will still be hot inland for one more day. anywhere from 50s to 70s but most locations are cooling off. for some hot the lows have come down a lot. 56 bodega bay that came way
5:50 am
down. some of the coolest ocean temps are bodega bay northward. south of that 60 and 71 to 73. west at 14 at fairfield. we'll see if that holds. also for sfo west at 13 at 10. there is also a component of a westerly breeze. hard to see but right there. a little bit of fog. santa cruz will probably be 30 degrees cooler today than over the weekend. so cooler by the coast. even with sunshine there is a component of a westerly breeze. fog will not make it up. everybody gets on a cooler pattern by midweek.
5:51 am
i think that southerly direction does help many into the north bay. still 90s and 100 for many but 60s and 70s on the coast and in san francisco. fog will be on the increase the next few days and then we will level it off. new study say there is is something that can be the key to reducing your craving. coming up in 25 minutes the video game researchers say you should play. >> also a big step for baseball. what led a 20-year-old to become the first openingly gay active player on a team that is affiliated with a major leagues.
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it was just an ordinary night. until he showed up-with a hungry look in his eyes. and then, he made the shot. and when jaws dropped ... he had something for that, too.
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the new spicy nacho chicken sandwich. with two tacos, halfsies, and a drink for 6 bucks. all in a munchie meal. new report says we can see more great white sharks off the bay area coastline. according to the san francisco chronicle, el nino is bringing warmer average -- warmer than average ocean temperatures to the bay area. and that means there is more krill, anchovies and mackerel for them to eat. a recent study that increased the population for great white sharks off the bay area coast from a few hundred to at least 2400. some people at a beach in ocean city new jersey got an up close look at a small shark over the weekend. take a look at this.
5:55 am
the shark ended up on the shore. there have been a number of shark sighting this summer along the overcity -- jersey shore. the giants are in st. louis to play the best of the majors. yesterday was all about madison baumgartner. he threw his second complete game and then he hit a home run. the giants won 5-0. that homer in the seventh was the tenth of his career. baumgartner also hit an rbi double. now on the mound he allowed just three hits and struck out 14. baumgartner joins juan as the only san francisco giants pitcher to throw a shut out, strike out at least ten and hit a home run in the game. meantime the oakland a's have lost six straight in yesterday's loss was a blow out in baltimore. the orioles were already leading 6-2 but they broke it out with a nine run fifth inning. to save the bull pen the a's
5:56 am
had to bring position player ike davis in to pitch the eighth inning. he pitched a scoreless inning but he did walk orioles pitcher jason garcia after the team lost the designated hitter position. the orioles won that game 18-2. now the a's will send sunny gray to the mound in today's series finale. a minor leaguer is now the first openingly gay active player on a team affiliated with a major league baseball team. he is 20-year-old david denson. he plays for the halina brewers. he said his teammates gave him the confidence to come out publicly. back in june sean conroy from the stompers announced he is guy. the stompers are in the pacific association which is not affiliated with major league baseball. three people were killed in the east bay. what the chp says was the factor in a firey crash that
5:57 am
involves three cars and a tree. >> plus the high temperatures made it a rough weekend for firefighters across the state. the progress being made on 18 wild fires burning throughout california. >> we're still looking at quite a commute get into the silicon valley this morning as you are driving on 237. everyone is up and out. we'll give you another live report straight ahead. >> after a record setting weekend. temperatures not too bad here. 57 santa rosa. there will be cooler conditions.
5:58 am
so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month
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after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. three people are dead after a firey crash in the east bay late last night. we'll tell you what the chp believes the driver was doing that triggered the accident. >> we are live in san jose where police are investigates the third officer involved shooting to happen here in a week. we just received some new information on who the man who was shot who he was good morning. thank you for joining us monday morning august 17th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve has been saying he knows
6:00 am
you don't like the hot weather. >> most don't. >> most people. >> there are a few that do. >> most people in the bay area like it a little milder. >> smoky and hazy. >> we both tweeted out pictures. it was bad. >> we had a northeast breeze on saturday. that ushered in the smoke from the fires. today there is areas of fog. what? yes, there are. down around santa cruz. it will be cooler for most. some fog impacting those near the coast. i think the bay inland. it will take one more day. 60s and 70s. the low is considering how hot it was the lows are not that bad. 50s and 60s on the temps here. fairfield breeze is collapsing a little bit. if it goes below 10 that is is


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