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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 5  FOX  August 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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roll out the project in 10 states including california. now to julie and frank. the square for some of us who felt it this morning. >> it was. a wake up call this morning for the bay area. >> a light earthquake rattled in the east bay. felt as far as the peninsula. reaction, concerns and what they say about the next big earthquake. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> everyone -- oh, my gosh. having an earthquake. oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness. this is a good one. all right. that was good one. >> it happened live on mornings on 2. a 4.0 magnitude earthquake centered not far from our studios. it rattled homes, businesses and businesses and nerves across the bay area. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> it was centered in piedmont.
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and felt in pacifica. ktvu's john sasaki is near the epicenter. talk of the town there tonight? >> reporter: it is. city hall on the other side of the bank. everyone felt it but there was no damage. >> i am going to have a -- >> will that be all? >> reporter: they were packed at lunchtime. conversation topic number one was the 4.0 magnitude earthquake. >> standing in my kitchen and welt the strongest -- felt the strongest jolt i felt. >> reporter: the staff here shared with us surveillance video. you have to look closely to see the work hit. a worker describes what
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happened. >> my body is shaking -- [no audio] >> reporter: everyone thought the quake was bigger than the 4.0 that it was. the u.s. geological survey explains. >> if the earthquake energy is from a shallow point it will be felt more strongly. more intensely. >> reporter: the fire chief says the city suffered no damage, although the bridge will be looked at again. >> one of the areas of concerns, we have been going through procedures to check our emergency operations, we remained our staff, all of our personnel and the city has gone through specific training, fema training, and then we have been upgrading our emergency operations in the event of a
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large earthquake. >> reporter: a viewer sent us video of her dogs waking up before the earthquake and their reaction. they can sense the primary wave. it is always interesting to see animals seeming they could predict an earthquake. >> did they say whether the earthquake will have an impact when it comes to the big one hitting the bay area? >> reporter: as they always do, they say there is no way of predicting whether a earthquake will cause another one. of course, as you know, we have earthquakealize the time in the -- earthquakes all the time in the bay area. there is no way to tell whether this one is indictative of what will come one day. . >> a reminder to be prepared. john sasaki in piedmont, thank
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you. b.a.r.t. stopped trains as they always do when there is a earthquake to inspect the tracks. nothing was found. that with a medical emergency at west oakland, a door problem and an abandon brief case all added up to system wide delays all morning long. twitter users shared pictures. and a long line for carpools. experts say one of the safest places during an earthquake is not a doorway but an empty wall space. >> get into the space between the two windows. and make myself as small as i can and curl my head towards my knees is cover my head and neck. >> get under a table or desk to protect yourself against falling items and it is important to always have an earthquake kit that is easy to get to with items like
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medications, food, water, cash and high gene items. we have -- high gene items. we have -- hygiene items. we have more on now to new developments in a deadly police shooting in a strip mall in san jose. the man who was kilted buofficers was a suspect in -- killed by officers was a suspect in a homicide last week. ktvu's azenith smith joins us from the strip mall. the owner narrowly missed being shot. >> reporter: he was closes around 10:00 p.m. last night when out of nowhere a bullet came through his front glass door. leaving shattered glass everywhere. >> i know the police are out there, i call 911 and tell them don't tell the police not to shoot into my store. there is four people inside the
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store. >> reporter: he says it wasn't till after he heard bangs he noticed he was bleeding from gunfire outside his laundromat. he thought he was shot but the bullet struck his door. the glass hitting his legs. >> the bullet went higher. hit me already. i guess the bullet go between my leg. >> reporter: around 10:00 p.m. last night officers from the san jose police department were closing in on a murder suspect when the officers confronted the man. he reached for a gun and that is when two officers opened fire. he died at the scene. >> they are looking at a person that is going to reach for a gun that already has a warrant for murder. so we know that this person isn't only capable, he already committed murder. he is willing to take on the police. >> reporter: police recovered the gun and are investigate figure it is the weapon used in
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the killing. he was found shot to death last thursday. the shooting marks the 7th officer involved shooting this year. that is two more than last year. four ended in deaths. >> officers are getting attacked. and we are really concerned about that. you know? our officers have a right to defend themselves. and as well as they have the right to adefend the public -- to defend the public. a surveillance camera captured a man lying on the ground. it is unclear if it is the suspect or a bystander. police are not releasing the suspect's name. two officers are on administrative leave. >> i can't remember whether san jose police have body cameras, do we know whether the officers were wearing a body camera? >> reporter: we do not believe
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any officers involved were wearing body cameras. 12 officers are utilizing the cameras and it doesn't appear as though body cameras were used last-night. >> azenith smith, thank you. new at 5:00 p.m. a review released today show stockton police used excessive force last summer that left a hostage dead. the report found some police officers only fired their weapons because other officers were shooting. and some opened fire with their colleagues in front of them. the 600 shots that were fired by police were excessive and unnecessary. two of the suspects were killed along with a mother of two. she was struck by 10 bullets fired by officers. investigators say she was used as a human shield by the gun men. the raiders move to southern california is more of a reality. for the first time we are
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getting a lack at the team's proposed new stadium in southern california. ktvu's paul chambers is live tonight with the video and the reaction. paul? >> reporter: we are live outside the current home of the oakland raiders who are undefeated after beating the rams. we will take that. things could happen. there is a possibility they could head south. >> reporter: raider fans are the most -- fans are the most dedicate in the nfl. -- dedicated in the nfl. but a new era is upon us. monday afternoon a press conference was held in southern california for the propose -- in southern california for the proposed stadium. one of the teams is the raiders. which means a move down south is possible. >> new stadium.
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more state of the art than levi stadium. >> there are two teams playing in the oldest stadiums in the league. the chargers and the raiders. >> reporter: he says the raiders deserve more and carson is the place to be. >> their football presence pre- dates candlestick park. >> reporter: fans don't want to hear that. they think a move should be avoided. >> i think they should stay here. >> i think they could do more. come on, we need a stadium. let's build one. >> reporter: we reached out to the raiders, they did not respond and i contacted the mayor, the mayor met with the nfl and the raiders last month. since then administrators have been working on a lot of things that the nfl requested to make sure the deal stays still. this is still not a done deal. the nfl owners have to approve
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a potential move. >> a good looking stadium. paul chambers, thank you. we are monitor wildfires now burning across the state. the warm fire in los angeles county started yesterday and is burning in heavy brush. the fire charred 300 acres and six structures. officials say right now it is 30% contained. also in los angeles county a homeless man has been arrested for starting a fire. that fire was sparked around 1:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon and is now 60% contained. four firefighters suffered minor injuries battling the flames. and the jerusalem fire burning in napa and lake counties is now 90% contained. it blackened 25,000 acres and destroyed 9 homes. the cause of the fire which broke out august 9 is still under investigation. our chief meteorologist bill martin now with the conditions that we are looking
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at. >> smoky conditions. all the fires, if you were around saturday, winds shifted. it got hot and the smoke blew in to the bay area. the fires on the west slope of the sierra nevada, northern california, all that smoke into our neighborhood. high pressure building in. air sinking down. should have -- well, we did have a spare the air day. saturday and sunday could have been spare the air days and so could have today. the air is sinking right now. the heat generated from that has been massive. especially inland. right now temperatures 102 fairfield. 100 livermore. when i come back we will talk about the cool down at the coast and how it impacts us. you can down load the ktvu weather app for the latest on the conditions and the fire danger across california.
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building a wall. >> more controversial comments from donald trump, his plan to combat. >> illegal -- combat illegal immigration. >> things are getting better and that is good news for your holiday shopping.
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you're a parent. we're both busy people. so pick up my new hand prepared $20 family fill up meal. eight pieces of original recipe chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw, and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking) it's finger lickin' good. a driver lost control today, hit a gas line and came to rest against the garage of a home on fair hills drive around 8:30 a.m. this morning. the fire department tweeted this photo. the driver suffered minor injuries. pg&e was called to fix the broken line. no other damage or injuries
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were reported. investigators say it appears alcohol and speed may be to blame for a crash that killed three people about 10:00 p.m. last night. the chp says the 28 driver was speeding when he side swiped a car and crashed into a tree. the driver was thrown from the car. he survived and faces dui charges. three other people were trapped inside the car when the car burst into flames. investigators say the victims were two women and a man in their 20s and all from the east bay. new at 5:00 p.m. progress at the port of oakland. the labor dispute has been resolved and finally operations are returning to normal. 70,000 jobs are directly linked to the port of oakland. ktvu's tom vacar has been following the story for months and he found real and welcome
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improvements. >> reporter: though many ships anchor in the bay, fewer and fewer are container ships. that problem dragged on for months as shaping they engaged in a slow down. that devastated the reputation of west coast sports and lost business and jobs to east coast ports. today only one ship was waiting. >> the best sign yet that we are closing the gap on a labor shortage. >> the highering of 400 workers, plus a task force lowered bad feelings and heightened operations designed to wind back cargo lost to other ports. they handle most of the ports arriving cargo.
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>> very encouraging to us. we are very excited to see the improvement. >> reporter: that is because santa claus in the form of 30% more cargo ships is coming to town. >> peak season for the holiday season when all the large retailers bring in merchandise which is starting right now and it will really start in 30 days. >> reporter: what is important about this is simple, because of the problems they had with the slow down, a lot of cargo left and if they want it back, this holiday shipping season has to go almost perfectly. heart hit companies we highlighted -- hard hit companies we highlighted tell me their containers come on time every time but the
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nation's leading cork importer says things are improved but not perfect. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. now more on our weather. sweltering inland, a little cooler along the coast. bill now for the latest on when we can see relief. >> couple days now, triple digits inland, still 101, 102 concord, walnut creek, livermore, danville. the fog is coming back to the coast. as you see it right here -- well, that is good. you see the tower there. here, the inversion is still relatively shallow. on a good fog day, you get the fog over that thing and it is cooking over the east bay hills. you look at this map, you see the greens and the yellows, that represents where the cooling has begun. because it is shallow your not seeing it getting all the way
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out here. tonight it will deepen. tomorrow, same time, come back, greens and yellows will be all in this area. it will cool off in the bay. and then inland, at this time will be 94, 95. something like that. temperatures will cool down. inland it is a slow cool. fog along the coast. you see that there. going to stick around. winds ushering the fog in. winds -- that is not strong. winds aren't quite getting the moisture in. sfo has 23 miles per hour sustained winds. that is more consistent. tomorrow night, the numbers will be more significant. all the arrows will be pointing east. that will indicate further cooling. temperatures tomorrow, cool. few degrees. maybe 5, 6 degrees inland. till 100s towards vacaville and
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davis. into your bay area wednesday, further cooling. you will notice it most on wednesday. 71 degrees wednesday at san francisco. the five-day forecast with the temperatures through the next few days, trending down but slowly. tomorrow is a hot one inland. wednesday warm. and temperatures trend down. there you go. 90% on the jerusalem fire. that thing looked like it would never stop. weather will cooperate this week. >> i couldn't believe how hot it was this weekend. [ talking at the same time ] >> the smoke on saturday -- seen one day like -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it was from all the fires -- >> thousands of acres burning, all that came our way. >> nice to see the fog. thank you. for the first time in 20 years the federal government gave the go ahead for oil
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drilling in the arctic ocean off alaska. they got permit to drill below the ocean floor. shell received equipment to stop a possible well blow out. they say industrial work like that will harm wildlife that are already vulnerable because of climate change. coming up, a dozen dead and dozens injured in a bombing over seize. a look at the after math and who might be possible. >> and first responders are preparing for a massive wildfire. at 6:00 p.m. the challenges their training is aimed at addressing and the 49ers said they made changes to help ease traffic on game day and the team is also dropping prices a at refreshment stands. those stories and more next at 6:00 p.m.
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talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus. a bomb exploded in back [bleep] killing 18 people and injuring 117. it went off in the heart of the capital. bangkok has been free of that kind of violence in recent years. no word on who is responsible.
5:26 pm
>> reporter: the relative peace of bangkok shattered by a bomb blast. there has been no claim of responsibility and police say it is too earl tee tell if it is political violence or a terror attack. >> we will investigate any possibility. >> reporter: the prime minister vowing revenge saying we don't know who did this and why. we are not sure if it is politically motivated, we will hunt them down. it is near a protest site but officials believe the real target was the tourism industry, a key source of revenue and the obama administration says it is monitoring the situation closely and u.s. embassy personnel are working with authorities to gather information. there are no american calcties
5:27 pm
-- casualties. . >> we are monitoring the situation. [ indiscernible ] >> gathering information to determine whether u.s. citizens were effected by the explosion. >> the last bombings happened new year's eve of 2006. with several bombings around town that killed three people and injured dozens. fox news. there is new information tonightoon mid-air collision of two planes in san diego county that killed 5 people. a jet was on a training mission for the military at the time of yesterday's crash. the four victims were employeesf a military contractor -- employers of a military contractor. the 4th has not been identified and the pilot of another plane was a cross country trip and hasn't been identified. investigators say both aircraft
5:28 pm
were in contact with air traffic controls before the collision. a deadly shooting over the weekend, what we are learning about the young man killed and why police are looking for this man they considered agents. >> and students heading back to -- armed and dangerous and students heading back to cool, and air quality, what officials told us about the smoke coming from the fires up north.
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we are learning more about a deadly officer involved shooting in sunnyvale over the weekend. developments now from ktvu's maureen naylor in sunnyvale where police just released new details. >> reporter: we have new information that was just released. police released a new photo we want to show you that identifies a man shot and killed as allen baker from san diego. he was wanted for robbery in san diego county and the search is on for this man, shawn lamont brown, police consider armed and dangerous. >> gloves and a destroyed fence are all that is left following the deadly officer involved shooting. police say it started at this motel 6. a citizen saw a
5:32 pm
prostitute going between a car and the hotel. when police arrived two of the three men ran across the street into a commercial complex. >> two officers on their knees. >> reporter: he works in the complex and was here saturday afternoon. >> the two policemen were here and here. facing here. i was going what are they doing. i knew the wall was there. >> reporter: this morning the department of public safety revealed the suspect killed was in the bushes. holding a loaded gun with another gun in his backpack and was 10 feet away from police when the officer confronted him. >> ordered him to drop the weapon. the suspect made a motion and moved the firearm towards pointing to the officer. and the officer opened fire. >> the officer fired 9 rounds. the suspect died at the scene. the second suspect, shawn
5:33 pm
lamont brown, a 19-year-old from fresno wanted in connection with a homicide. he was last seen running down the street where police searched this home. >> yeah. they came through my house. i couldn't get into my house. >> reporter: police think brown left the area. the third suspect, raymond deshawn hackett was arrested for a previous domestic violence charge in san diego county. >> reporter: this is the 4th officer involved shooting in the past three years and the officer who is an 18 year veteran has been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation. >> do officers wear body cameras? >> reporter: at this point they do not but plans are in the works to get them. they are budgeted to get them this year. >> maureen naylor, thank you. san francisco police are hoping that surveillance video will help them find the person who shot and killed two people
5:34 pm
earlier this year. one of the victims was a mother killed in front of her children. the video shows a black truck that might be linked to a drive- by shooting january 27. police say a 32-year-old was trying to protect her children when she was hit and killed by a stray bullet. a man was also shot and killed and a 44-year-old women was shot but -- woman was shot but were sived. anyone with information -- but survived. anyone with information contact police. a measure would allow community colleges to suspend students for sexual assaults off campus. it is now heading to governor jerry brown. [ indiscernible ] it is back to school time for thousands of children
5:35 pm
throughout the bay area. in san francisco today the city's newest school opened its doors. ktvu's brian flores was there. . >> reporter: you remember the first day of school. catching up with friends and taking pictures with friends. some of the class of 200 sixth graders couldn't hold it in. >> i can't even explain how excited i am. >> yeah. excited to see new people. >> willie brown, jr. middle school is the first school built in 10 years. houses everything, science labs, media labs, health clintic, dental facility and a basketball court sponsored by the golden state warriors. >> it will be a school people will say wow! that is incredible. >> what also has parents and
5:36 pm
students exciteicide the curriculum. . >> i am super excited to see the new technology that they have available for the kids. >> reporter: another first is the first lgbt study's course. the district says to expect more computer science glasses at the middle school level, coding and computer security. they will be the blue print for that. >> everyone is curious about the success that we will have. >> in san francisco, brian flores, ktvu fox 2 news. new developments tonight in a armed robbery involving a ktvu news crew. the testimony made today in a san francisco courtroom. >> first, the hack attack putting hundreds of thousands of taxpayers at risk. and why some say it is bigger than originally reported. >> and the man hunt is over. how authorities say a suspect in a deadly shooting evaded them for weeks.
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you're a parent. we're both busy people. so pick up my new hand prepared $20 family fill up meal. eight pieces of original recipe chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw, and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking) it's finger lickin' good.
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. investigators say the target of a week's long man hunt used a famous hiking trail to allude capture before he was killed. the 34-year-old was wanted for killing a retired dentist and wounding two deputies last months. he was finally tracked down saturday and shot and killed by sheriff's deputies. investigators think he used the pacific coast trail to hide
5:40 pm
from law enforcement. police say he was found with 100 rounds of ammunition and three guns. now turning to the race for the white house. two outsiders are moving up. and hillary clinton is losing momentum. the report now from washington, d.c. >> reporter: donald trump decame an average joe, report -- became an average joe reporting reporting for jury duty. trump with a double digit lead. >> donald trump has dawn remarkable job turning around. he was a laughingstock a few months ago and now he is not. >> reporter: his in plan he qualities for tripling the number of officers and ending birth right citizenship for the
5:41 pm
children of undocumented immigrants born in the united states to secure the boarder. >> we are building a wall. >> reporter: ben carson and carly fiorina are also gaining momentum in the latest poll. wisconsin governor scott walker taking his crew from their success try tag capital -- trying trying to capitalize on voter discontent. on the democratic side, bernie sanders continues his climb as hillary clinton slips. her campaign pelted by bad news with a new report that 60 e- mails may have been discovered in the federal probe into her private server. bernie sanders raised $15 million between april and june. in washington, fox news. the irs says a hacker attack in may is much more
5:42 pm
extensive that initially reported. the irs says it was three times larger and involves accounts for 334,000 taxpayers. identity thieves managed to access personal information through their get transcript online applications. where taxpayers can get information on their returns. that has been shut down. in the next few days the irs plans to send out letters to those effected. hazy skies causing concerns about air quality. what a health official tells us about how the fires are effecting the air we breathe. >> and a major milestone for tracy morgan after a accident that almost killed him. >> it cooled down for the bay area. what areas will see further cooling tomorrow. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. ktvu reporter was in court today to testify about an armed robbery. cara liu was on the air july 2 when she and her photographer and the nbc crew next to them was robbed of cameras and equipment at gun point. michael jones was arrested in connection with the robbery and pleaded not guilty. cara liu managed to catch a glimpse of the suspect's face. she says it happened quickly
5:46 pm
and was traumatic. a traffic pole knocked down in san francisco this morning. a garbage truck hit the pole about 4:45 a.m. this morning. the driver can be seen checking out the pole, getting back into his truck and leaving. they didn't get an accident report. no one was hurt and within a few hours the pole was replaced. they issued a statement saying we absolutely want to know the details to do the proper follow up and they said thank you for bringing this to their attention. weather alert to tell you about tonight. we look now at the hazy conditions from outside our studios in oakland and across the bay area. a spare the air day is now in effect. hazy skied returned to the bay area for the third straight day. winds pushing smoke into the bay area. ktvu's claudine wong is here now with more on all of this
5:47 pm
and specifically the health concerns. >> reporter: anytime you have a day like this it is tough to breathe. i want to give you a look at this day three. you saw that picture. you can see it is still hazy. that is the sky line. people started noticing the smoke on saturday. in fact we started getting a lot of calls and tweets in during mornings on 2 from people wondering if there was a fire. we see the smoke, we don't see the fire, my throat is so sore, that kind of thing is what we are talking about when we are talking about the air quality and the health concerns. this is video from antioch. about 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon. the haze still there. this weekend it was contra costa county that got the brunt of this. add to that the triple digits, and the air quality was not great. this is exactly the type of
5:48 pm
whether where doctors expect to see lot of people with problems. we are surprised to hear there wasn't a big influx of patients. although the medical director says he does have a theory about that. >> with the high heat people were staying indoors and the indoor air quality is better. and then number two, i think that public awareness of the whole thing was brought out with the television and the newspapers. those people who are at risk did the smart thing and stayed indoors. >> seems like that is the best advice. stay inside. take it easy. the particulate matter makes things difficult. as we wait for it to clear out, take it easy. spend time indoors. kick on the air conditioning.
5:49 pm
>> the air quality wasn't only bad where you would expect it, it was also bod long the coast. >> reporter: it -- bad along the coast. >> reporter: it was tough in central contra costa county and the peninsula. alerts saying you know what, there is no fire. don't flood 911 with concerns about a fire. just stay inside, take it easy. unless you see the fire, it is just smoke. >> lot of people feeling it. thank you. thousands of acres of fires burning in california. when the wind shifted it dumped all the smoke, brought it out here. all the way to the coast. pacifica, half moon bay, bad air quality. winds, there is the indication. right? some westerly flow.
5:50 pm
there is fog. fog is making its way back to the coast. you can see sutro tower. fog is not over that. tomorrow night you will see the wall coming over this area. right now it is below it which tells you high pressure is still there. hot inland again tomorrow. despite the cooling today. cooling around the bay. oakland, san francisco, half moon bay. everybody cooled there. inland still hot. i was adding up -- doing chicago on social media -- doing something on social media yesterday, this is an area people love, you can live here without air conditioning. you can get away without it. so i was -- numbers -- it was amazing how few people have air conditioning. when you have a run of weather like this where it is hot and you don't have air
5:51 pm
conditioning, it is tough. this heat spell with the poorless of air quality has been a drug on people. temperatures cool more tomorrow and by wednesday -- or wednesday and thursday more significant cooling. not cold. but numbers back -- not in the mid-90s. numbers in the mid-80s. better. the best thing is the air quality will clear up. i am not bothered by the air quality. talking about it on the 5:00 p.m -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i can't remember a time where there was that much smoke saturday morning in the bay area. it was bad. i didn't go for my bike ride. i walked around. i can -- i am a young guy, i notice this. >> we looked outside, we thought for sure there was a fire where we lived. we were going to say where is
5:52 pm
the fire, there is no fire. [ talking at the same time ] >> amazing. the aerial coverage of the smoke. one ends of the bay area -- [ talking at the same time ] >> haze. >> still out there -- [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. coming up next, credit for watching a popular tv show. >> an opportunity watch a tv series that is so popular. >> a new classic attracting fans of the game of thrones and coming up at 6:00 p.m. good news for 49er fans. the price of beer and water is going down at levi stadium. you don't hear that very often. other changes coming up. >> and firefighters undergoing training in the vent of a fire. what they -- in the event of a fire. what they hope to accomplish.
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and i am a certified arborist for pg&e.ughes i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
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new york police arrested the boyfriend of step- granddaughter of award-winning actor morgan freeman for her stabbing death over the weekend. excessive heat warning seen here was found fatally stabbed yesterday in manhattan. lamar davenport was arrested today on murder charges. morgan freeman said yesterday excessive heat -- that edena
5:56 pm
hines will continue to shine. tracy margen will host -- morgan hill host saturday night live in october. this will be the first time since he was almost killed in a accident a year ago on the new jersey turnpike. his friend died in the crash. morgan will appear on saturday night live august 17. -- august 17. getting college credit for studying the "game of thrones." it is reality at university of california at berkeley. it is the focus of a new class at university of california at berkeley. the class is examining the aspects of "game of thrones." >> winter is coming to university of california at berkeley and it has nothing to do with the changing seasons. a new class is delving into the fantasy drama game of thrones
5:57 pm
as part of its film studies program. >> having the opportunity to watch a tv series, i thought it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of it. >> reporter: although the class does delve into the 7 kingdoms it is not just about knowing the difference between whether john snow is still alive. the students discuss the social and political implications, including religious, poverty and the protrail of women and it -- portrayal of women. the instructor says one of the reasons the show has been so popular is its unpredictability. >> you become invested in a way you can't where shows you know these people live, these people
5:58 pm
die. these people succeed. it has been good. >> reporter: elsewhere on campus students can study the remains of real dire wolves. depicted on game of thrones. many fans assume they are mythical creatures but the animals were at one time very real. living in the ice age along with the willy mammoth. >> . >> they are depicted as bigs a a poneo or a -- pony or a horse. >> as for the dragthens university is sure -- dragons, the university is sure those are not real. . ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m.
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starts now. >> bang, bang. two times. and then 5 seconds later another bang. >> a man injured during a deadly police shooting in san jose describes what he saw as we learn it is linked to a homicide investigation. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> there have been three police shottings in the past 8 days and -- shootings in the past 8 days days and the man shot and killed last night was wanted for murder. ktvu's azenith smith is live where the shooting occurred. the family of the victim in the homicide investigation say they are relieved here. >> reporter: yeah. somewhat relieved. they want to make sure all the suspects in the case are apprehended. mean time the owner here was caught up in the gunfire and he narrowly missed a bullet. >> reporter: 10:00 p.m. sunday night san jose police are closing in on a murder
6:00 pm
suspect. at the same time he was closing his business. >> when i opened the door i heard -- i don't know where it comes from, that is what i heard. i see the guy. i got scared. >> reporter: he heard bangs and noticed he was bleeding. the bullet struck his glass door, the glass hitting his legs. >> the bullet went higher. hit me already. the bullet go under -- between my legs. >> reporter: he was one of four people inside. san jose police say officers had no choice but to shoot at the suspect outside. he died at the scene. >> they are looking at a person that is going to reach for a gun that has a warrant for murder. so we know this person already committed murder. so he is willing to take on the police. >> reporter: police recovered the suspect's gun


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