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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 18, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a bus driver starts weaving, so a passenger starts recording. >> as the bus starts drifting across. >> why there was good reason to be worried. this guy has no idea what's about to hit him. >> that's his girlfriend. >> get the real story behind the red hot revenge. look at him. >> a miniature horse is raring to go, even though he's -- >> only 3 days old. >> how he stunned his owners with his can do attitude. plus one angry baby. and some boaters are throwing their buddy ace life raft. now their friends can get back on board. why that was never going to happen. >> yes! ha, ha!
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the sheer scale of north america boggles my mind especial womes to road trips, 17 hours, 38 hours some that i've heard of. amsterdam to paris only five hours but long enough for the driver to get sleepy. riding on a tour bus loaded with tourists and somebody on the bus, the person that we're riding with noticed the bus driver was starting to move around, decided to get a camera out to prove it. already mounting two lanes on the left-hand side as the bus starts drifting across to the right-hand side, clearly out of control. the drama completely unfolds and you see crashing. hits the sign, eventually the bus does come to a stop. of the 82 people on board only two people were injured enough to go to hospital. otherwise everybody was just fine. >> do we know if there were any medical issues with the driver or was it just sleep? >> from what i have read the driver did fall asleep. there's no indication of a
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medical condition at the moment but we don't know what will develop. >> if that's the case that is incredibly irresponsible. >> pretty sobering video when you think about it. not unlike this video which comes to us from queensland in australia, posted by queensland rail. you see cctv footage from the inside of a railway station, a mom with a toddler pushing a stroller. as we see this freight train arrive and it starts moving through the railway station, mom is distracted with a little toddler there. the stroller starts to move. hits the train and gets wiped out. that was that toddler's stroller but the reason they posted this video was because it quite easily could have had a child inside. they want to raise people's awareness of when the trains come through there's all kinds of wind movement and vortices. you have to respect these things. they had a big visitor at a
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car boot sale in theer netherlands. that's what we'd call a flea market everybody puts stuff in their trunk. booba a 40-year-old elephant from the circus decided hey i want some bargains. she shows up and starts perusing through the aisle. >> whether where did the elephant come from in the netherlands? >> clearly she heard about all the great deals with the trunks. >> ahh! >> i feel like this could be a new phrase like a trunk at a trunk shop. >> a bull in a china shop is the opposite and elephant at a car boot sale. >> see the guy running in, the striped polo shirt, that is her trainer. >> where have you been?! it was good that that elephant didn't go wild but if this miniature horse had gop wild it wouldn't do much damage. that little creature is only 3 days old. >> seems like a dog.
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>> a dog that looks like a horse. >> yes. >> as you can hear from the woman who has got the camera in this video, this is unusual for a 3 day old miniature horse. >> he is only 3 days old. >> what's interesting is how playful this little thing s it goes between his legs. chases him, does everything. >> this miniature horse 3 days old knows how to have a good time already. >> he's doing great. you've all heard the expression "revenge is a dish best served cold." in this case, though, revenge was red hot fiery. you see this guy is sleeping, knocked out. that's his girlfriend that is about to pour an accelerant on his hoo-ha and watch this, she reaches over with a lighter, and lights him on fire. >> you're not kidding. >> no, i'm not kidding.
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>> oh, oh, oh! >> does she then go ha, ha, kidding! >> not at all. he gets in the fetal position, falls off the bed while she is screaming at him for having cheated on her. >> you cheat on me with [ bleep ] and you think i was going to [ bleep ] find out? >> this isn't a prank video. this is her allegedly committing a felony here >> that's what i'm wondering, too, is it fake? >> man, i don't care how many clicks i'm going to get, that's not going to happen to me. >> no, that's probably real. >> the authenticity of the video is being questioned. it was posted to the facebook page of dominic lowe who calls himself an entertainer and this is not the first very extreme, dramatic video that he's posted online. he also posted this video where a husband gets hit on the head with one of those large cinder blocks. >> oh. >> that's a prop. >> no human head is that hard. >> there's another video that he posted where it looks like
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there's a street brawl going on, an angry girlfriend, she comes into view and she's holding a bottle. walks right over to him and then -- bam! >> it's all been fake so far, so now we have to assume the fiery genitals is also fake. >> he hasn't said that the original video is false. we're guessing that it is. he's getting a ton of attention because of this video, even marlin wayans ended up sharing this video. when we first saw it, it had over 2 million views already. >> a long way to go to put your stuff on your line to dictate your own destiny. [ bleep ]. >> cheat on me with my [ bleep ] and you didn't think i was going to [ bleep ] find out? of all the extreme sports, i think you'd have a hard time convincing most people that running is extreme. tack red bull all over the event and you know it's going to be
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extreme. this is the extreme mountain running race in italy. they're tackling this 11,607 foot mountain. they have to run up this thing. they climb 10,000 vertical feet over the course of this race. that's equivalent to about ten eiffel towers. they start off running but as they start getting higher and higher and higher in elevation, the pace slows down, some folks using the climbing trekking poles to help. ♪ the winner of this race 20-year-old remi bonette >> makes sense he's in top peak physical shape. >> beat the record time and ran thisace inur minute and 57 sebds. the previous record 2 hours, 6
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minutes, 30 second. >> that is insane. >> this is just under 10k. >> zero parts of me want to do this. >> running has now earned its title of extreme. a social experiment brings street harassment to light. >> dad has to watch this happen. >> see the reactions of their fathers to this uncomfortable situation. >> oh! plus the shock wave jet truck really does tear up the track. feel the adrenalin rush next. >> look at that! ugugh!h! h heaeartrtbub! no one burns on my watch! trtry y alalkaka-s-seleltztzeren reliefchews. ththeyey w worork k fafastst ae chalky.
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for a man i don't think there's any situation that causes a more fundamental shift in perspective than when they become father to a daughter. this video was posted to the youtube channel of the scene, and it is -- >> oh! >> yes, i got three women, they
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had them walk around new york and then they sit in a room with their dad, and dad has to watch this happen. [ bleep ] the first two, meghan and joe. >> that just happened and you keep on strong. >> he's now getting irritated. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> like have some respect. >> you can see in his body language how up comfortable this is making him. >> they put this video together cornell university study came out and said from the respondents, 96% of women under the age of 40 have experienced street harassment, and of those, 71% of them said they had also been followed. watch richard's face. it's the pain in his eyes. >> that bag you know is pretty full. and it does have a clasp on it, so that, you know, she wouldn't
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lose anything, and she had to smack somebody in the head with it. >> he wants her to take its wing because he can't. >> and then there's the last pair, daniella and meyer. >> she is beautiful. >> and to begin with, i think he's trying to deflect his emotions. >> there's no way in the world you're a true living witness to this that anybody is that daned beautiful. and you are. >> this guy just continues three minutes down the street talking to his daughter and just not getting the hint. >> that's upsetting me now. the way he talked, the way he, there was no shame. >> see how different it is now? it's really tough. >> the important thing to take away from videos like this is for people out there, for guys in particular, to think twice before they randomly blurt things out at women walking down the street. >> if you were present and he was doing this in front of you, what would you say to him? >> i think there would be a few fights.
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we've heard the term tearing up the track before, right, the shock wave jet truck really does tear up the track at summit motorsports park in norwalk, ohio, this is its pre-race prep and precheck. right here that is a jet engine but that's the big one that you can see. there are three jet engines that produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 36,000 horsepower. >> trucks aren't exactly known for their aerodynamics. >> or their speed but this has both. >> right. >> cool. >> yes, this is where the crowd really starts to get wowed. >> w, f those flames go! >> the show being put on by driver chris darnell. he really knows how to wow the audience. once the thrust starts to fire up keep your eyes on the track back here. watch this. >> oh! >> look at that! >> it's tearing up the track. just like i said.
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>> literally tearing it up. >> you see chris takes his foot off the pedal, no. the show must go on and it does. there he goes full thrust down the track, 198 miles per hour, which is slow. he's gone 376 miles per hour, so that little 198 pass kind of history. >> what an adrenalin rush through my body right now. that was incredible. >> he put on the big show before, otherwise it's too quick. i have a trail of videos of babies communicating. this first baby, what do you think his emotion is? >> bad hair day? >> no, just grumpy, grumpy baby. even mom or whoever is holding him tries to tickle him and he gets more irritated. the frown gets bigger. >> this is a hard face to do.
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>> so she tries to help by pushing his little lip, by pushing his cheeks to make him smile. nope. his frown goes right back to where it was. grumpy or not, this kid is cute. like this next boy, who even though there's no more food left, is trying to communicate he's not done eating. he wants more. >> he's communicating it well. where you going with my table? unh-uh. >> he is not letting go. everybody is cracking up. finally he does let go and he's left with just a little sippy cup with water. >> left with the crumbs that he dropped in his lap. this video was shared by casey bennett. notice little baby is adamant about continuing her meal, except the bottle is empty, but mom is distracted. why? just watch what's on her television. >> the worst part about it is
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the child is not paying attention. guys we're being funny on tv right now, what are you doing? >> i'm just going to continue eating my air. a new product for dog lovers. >> buddy is a fully integrated dog collar. >> the perfect method to wash your dog the high-tech way. and this guy put together a special toy for his daughter. the diy project that will blow your mind. >> no way! u tototatalllleded y . nonobobodydy's's h hururt,t,bl still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay ththreree-e-ququarartetersrs o s to replace it. whwhatat a arere y youou s su, drive three-quarters of a car? nonow w ifif y youou h hadad ll new car replacement, yoyou'u'd d geget t yoyourur w. i i guguesess s ththeyey d donou driving around on three wheels. smsmarart.t. nenew w cacar r rereplplacacemee of the features that come standard with a base liberty mutual policy. anand d fofor r drdrivivererst forgiveness,rates won't go up
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collar and they need money for more development, and for parts, because buddy is a perfect way to watch your dog the high-tech way, especially at night. check this out. does it also have a gps feature, so if fido runs away, absolutely, christiane. >> you set up an area in the app called a gfs. if they escape or get stolen you get notification on your phone so you can track them in real time by gps. >> as my dog did two days ago. >> a light sensor turns the collar on and off and adjusts the brightness to keep them visible. >> the collar looks like a dog with a ring. >> the question how much? >> for the lower end model $180 u.s. for the buddy fit you're talking about $240, but i say you can't beat that kind of peace of mind with your d especially if your the wandering i love this is a friend zone we can get behind because in the friend zone, it lets you know if
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other dogs are nearby that have the buddy device on. >> it's like tinder as well. >> we are ready to push to the next level and we can't wait for you to be a part of it. >> i think it is a good idea. child's life they receive tons of gifts and toys. the most special ones are the ones that are hand made, the ones that have thought put into them. hez gellmer put together this thing for his daughter and youtube "star wars" nerds will freak out. look at this project i know you guys will start to see what's coming together here. >> oh, i want one. >> this is cool. >> a rocking -- >> no way! you could be a little creature and ride on that thing. oh! >> he built this for his baby girl. he built a bunch of things for his 5-year-old son but it was
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his daughter's turn. >> oh, come on! >> when it's all done he built it and he says in about three different stages. >> here's the thing, he can put that sucker on wheels and roll her out for halloween. >> love how they have her dressed up, too, as princess leia. wait there's more. she's got a little blaster beneath that works, buttons on the handle. >> oh. >> look at that. >> oh. >> crazy. now they need to dress the dog up like on ewok and they're done. >> the whole step by step list how you can try this at home, go to and click on "tv show" for the details. try our mobile app as well. a couple is in hawaii. they're swimming with the dolphins. watch this dolphin put on a show. >> it's amazing! nonow w atat c chihili, new smoked chicken burritos arare e jujustst $ $8.8.9999 ad with fresh mex flavors.
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dog goes crazy for cats. ♪ ♪ swimming with the fishes,
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has a different meaning depending how you say it and where you are. they are in hawaii, swimming with the dolphins. you can pay to do this. that's what these folks have done. watch one dolphin just put on a bit more of a show, giving these folks more than what they paid for. ryan pipe posted this video and said most swam arogside, this guy found a gopro, he was like battle. >> amazing. the thing just launches, spinning around and round and round he goes. they had a great view. >> you think he'd have to be going pretty fast but he starts that from practically being still. >> they're like pure muscle. this is why everybody loves dolphins. >> as much fun as that video was to watch, put a big smile on our face, this put a bigger smile on my face, a couple of blokes on a canal boat. they may have had a few cocktails with them. they're trying to encourage this guy up at the front here to throw that inflatable boat close to their buddies on the shoreline. >> come on. >> there goes the small raft. now their friends can get back
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on board. >> oh! ha, ha! trust your male friends with anything ever! >> that's a perfectly executed prank. i love it. >> i don't know why i'm surprised the guys do this to each other. >> the best part about it as he jumped he will have figured it out. wait a minute, i've made a huge mistake. >> they pull their friend aboard, of course, everybody is hysterical. hope you had fun. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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