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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 4  FOX  August 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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wildfire but they were able to save it. >> new images of a man holding a gun, san jose police later shot and killed. the connection investigators are making today. >> taking stock 10 years after hurricane katrina. the four on 2 starts now. welcome to the four on 2. two suspects shot and killed by san jose police in 24 hours. and both shootings could be connected to a homicide in north san jose last week. ktvu fox 2 news azenith smith has been working on this story. what do we know? >> reporter: we have been posted outside san jose police headquarters trying to get information about the officer involved shootings. police are going to talk to us at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon. it is all tied to the bizarre homicide that happened at a office complex last thursday.
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we want to to show you the surveillance pictures. the pictures show the suspects the police are dealing with. you see the victim raising his hands up to surrender as a man points a gun at him. another man dressed in black is also seen in the photo. police tell us they are still looking for the man dressed all in black. now we understand we are waiting confirmation officers shot that man last night in south san jose. they chased him after 6:00 p.m. last night. after they received word he was planning to kill a woman who knew too much. the suspect was not armed. the night before, two miles away, san jose police shot and killed another suspect tied to
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thursday's homicide at a strip mall in east san jose. he reached for a gun on his waist band. again, police are still looking for a third outstanding suspect. we hope to have an update on that later today. police are not revealing too much about thursday's homicide. that led up to 8 officer involved shootings this year and that is three more than last year. >> i have a question. in regards to the man who was killed. police said that that man was terrorized. do we know what it means by terrorized and why that specific location? >> reporter: we don't know the motive behind the shooting. what we know is we obtained a search warrant that police used and they had taken narcotics, marijuana, cell phones, computer equipment from the
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office building. when they say he was terrorized they understand he was tortured. there is surveillance video that shows the entire moments leading up to the death of the man. and police say it is one of the most bizarre and terrifying things they have seen in recent days. >> just to sum it up, a murder last thursday. one person is dead. there were three possible suspects. two of the suspects now dead because of police shottings. and we are still looking for the -- shootings and we are still looking for the one in all black in that image. >> reporter: right. there is still one outstanding suspect at last check. two suspects have died. one suspect, the person that was holding the gun, we believe was the man that was killed last night in south san jose. we are trying to confirm that. the other suspects that police shot and killed are not in the
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images. [ talking at the same time ] >> the one they are looking for, do they know who that person is? >> reporter: they have that surveillance video and he is dressload in black and i am -- dressed all in black. i am sure they have details on who he is. >> no name? >> reporter: no name that they reloosed to the public. >> maybe we will learn that at 4:30 p.m. >> reporter: we will let you know. >> azenith smith, thank you. evacuation orders in san luis obispo where a wildfire has grown to 2,000 acres. the as the fire closed in on homes, residents were ordered to pack up and leave. cal fire said fire fighting efforts over night were successful and they kept the flames from getting to the homes. it broke out sunday evening and
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propelled by the strong winds. >> fire was moving up. >> concerns over spot fires flaring up today, firefighters lifting the evacuation orders. a vehicle sparked that fire. which was one of three fires sparked by that car. a reporter found herself in the middle of the story. she lives in the town and was packing up, ready to evacuate. she joins uses live. what a -- us live. what close call. when was the moment you thought about taking off here? >> it was about 9:30 p.m. last night. i was at home packing some things up, waiting to see if -- [ audio difficulties ] >> the north side of town where i live would be evacuated. cal fire said the fire was a
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quarter mile from town and if they weren't able to stop it it would hit the town. at that point my husband and i started putting things in the car. >> my goodness. as a reporter i am assuming you covered the winter weather advisory before. what was it like being -- wildfires before, what was it like being a part of that. >> there is still stuff in my car because we don't know what is going to happen next. i was trying to help out with coverage but they knew i was concerned about getting my things out. i pulled together the things that you hope are in one place but are all over the house. just tried to get as much as i could gets in my car. >> video right now of the fire. one of your photographers took very impressive photos during the fire. especially of the structure protection.
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can you tell us the story about the firefighters down there and how they saved that town. was it an air drop attack or all combined? >> i think it was a combination of all those things. i know we have a thousand firefighters from all areas. we have a small volunteer fire department in town. their priority was the town. and i think it was the fire break that they had brought in a bunch of bulldozers to create a safe area, south of town, to keep the fire from coming in to that ends of town. >> what is it like out there today? i know the work is still happening. 10% containment. 2,000 acres burned. what is it like out there today? >> it is really smoky right now. the winds picked up and they usually will go in two different directions during the day. this morning my car was covered
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with ash and i live on the north side of town. although our town is small, only 1200 people. >> it is smoky. there is health advisories for folks who are sensitive to the air quality. and i think everyone is on edge waiting to see what happens next. they should release updated numbers later this evening. >> i know you said it is a small town but you have good shops down there, a lot of bay area residents stop there. has tourism been hit? >> i wouldn't say it is been hit too much. i think business is still doing well in town. there is a lot of support for businesses. >> glad you are safe and sound. continue the good work down there. >> thank you. the oakland raiders beat the ram during the first pre- season game. we heard it here on ktvu and
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now the team is preparing to face the minnesota vikings saturday. joe fonzi is at the practice facility. hey joe. >> reporter: the raiders going to get going in a few minutes behind me as training camp resumes here in napa. they have to be very impressed and happy with the way thicks turned out -- things turned out against the rams. they scoreload four quarters. the pre-season is about getting a loob look at -- getting a look at guys. they have trent richardson, 4 4th nfl season, was drafted number three over all by the browns in 2012. he then after spending time with the browns, been with the colts, released last year, the raiders picked him up. on friday he had 5 carries.
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rushed for 3-1/2 yards a carry. she very motivated this year. >> first of all, i know kids. i have a lot to prove -- i have kids. i have a lot to prove to myself. [ indiscernible ] >> everybody wants to put pressure on me -- [ indiscernible ] i am just drivp, man. -- driven, man. >> reporter: training camp continues through tuesday and the raiders play their second pre-season game of the year on saturday at minnesota. a game you can see right here on ktvu fox 2 news. 5:00 p.m. local time. the raidvers to be encouraged with what they -- raiders have to be encouraged with what they saw. with a new coach and a new outlook. >> you talk about trent, he has been the talk of social media for missing a big hole during
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the game against the rams. what are his odds of making the team? >> reporter: he hashe -- he is going to make the team, it is about how much playing time and he has to stay healthy. if he can stay healthy and continue to improve, i think a lot of guys when they are drafted so young out of college they might not get an idea of what the nfl is about. he has a chance to see what it is about and recognize these opportunities don't come along that often. this is his third team in four years so he will want to prove himself and i expect him to be on the roster. how. he plays is up to him in the pre-season and health of the other people on the roster as well. >> a lot of raiders fans out
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there. we will have to see. >> all right. joe fonzi live in napa. season is about to start. >> a few more games to go. first the vikings. probably vowed to find more time to exercise. coming up, an app of the week that could help you do just that with no gym membership needed and no equipment. >> and quer quality better. temperatures down -- air quality better and temperatures down. we will talk about the rest of the week. >> and on facebook, check this video out. a police officer pulled over a speeding driver in seattle only to discover the driver's wife was in labor. >> and a live look outside, interstate 680. and don't forget the a's are back in town taking on the dodgers tonight. if you are planning through cruising through oaklands may be slow. you are watching the four on 2.
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we have probably all said it, i need to work out more. but then it doesn't happen. today we will tell you about a new way to fit your exercise into your busy schedule. joining us now is greg, co founder of an app that creates work outs for you.
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i consider myself a gym rat. when i think of these apps, no way i will download the app. why should i have it? >> a couple reasons. right? there is two. one, if you are like me, there are more demands of my time than there are ours in time. my day gets away and i miss my work out. we created this app to take away your excuses. you download the free app. you choose a focus area. and we chose from a growing library and emerges them to a play list tailored to you. like spotify. you get a work out that will work with your schedule.
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if you are traveling, on the road traveling, i don't know this gym but i need a work out. my knee bothers me so i will skip that exercise and go on to the next one. what we tried to do is take a good work out experience and make it portal and customized and -- portable and customized and on demand. >> i like that it is free and created by former military members. i am trying to figure out how much time will i spend on my phone trying to click here, slide this. even your mom can use it. no matter how old you are, we focused on the user experience. very intuitive, easy to use and
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if you can, you know, you know, listen to music on spotify then you can get a break work out. we follow the same principals. >> i found this study that said americans spend $61 billion on weight loss items every year but they are still gaining weight. is your target audience the individual who doesn't work out? >> absolutely. our users, that is primarily the use, the people that haven't been able to find it in them. some people don't know what to do. some people -- . [ indiscernible ] we will give you simple, easy to follow work out. we show you how to use it. videos, demonstrating how to do
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the exercises. and we try to make it accessible to that person. the person who has been intimidated or got out of the habit of doing that. >> there is a study that scored it higher when compared to other fitness aches. people are using it. -- apps. people are using it. getting good feed back. >> speaking of feed back. when you look that app store, we are a 5 star rated app. when you look at our category, we are proud of that. and we didn't know about the study so we were excited to see the results. a lot of the top apps they tested we were the only one that fit the guidelines on having effective and safe physical at this timeness programs. >> i am -- fitness programs.
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>> i am sold. [ talking at the same time ] >> download it. you got me. >> thank you for taking the time. are you going to try it out? >> i will. i will download it. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> good for you. over to bill martin. bill can try it too. >> i was going to ask you guys. what is this going to do for me? how is it going to make me work out more. great idea. what is the idea? >> if you are at home and can't go to the gym but want to get in 10 minutes it could give you a good 10 minutes. [ talking at the same time ] >> find a hill, walk up and down the hill -- i am funny that way. [ talking at the same time ] >> i am with you on that -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you have the time -- [ talking at the same time ] >> make that time -- [ talking at the same time ] >> great -- [ talking at the same time ]
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>> free app. >> i am 110 years old, that is why i think go for a walk. the air quality better. temperatures down. good day to walk up the hill. temperatures down 10 degrees. 15 degrees in some places. there is the beautiful outside place we live. it is beautiful. right? bay area. come on. i was watching the weather channel, you want to see bad places to live, watch the weather channel. snowing here, raining here, not in the bay area. ownfire danger is a big deal -- fire danger is a big deal. how many generation california are you -- >> bay area, fifth generation. >> i am fifth generation. we love this place. love this place. >> great to be here. >> all right. there is the fog along the coast. you can see it there. the fog will push back inland tonight. when it does we will see temperatures continue to stay
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on the mild side. big advantage for firefighters. right? a good run for them with this weather pattern dropping off. it will continue. temperatures tomorrow on the mild side again. yesterday at this time, right, fairfield was 15 degrees hotter. 13 degrees cooler. everybody is down. around the bay, sfo plus three. warmer along the coast in those areas. much cooler inland. fog foot print in the morning hours. fog burns back. you have your numbers. 90s. i don't see 100s. highs for your bay area wednesday will be cooler than today. even inland. i like that. i am happy. my friends in the antibiotics, richmond, sunset, they love that. tomorrow in san francisco, cloudy till earn time.
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68 degrees. -- till lunchtime. 88 degrees. perfect. 82 san jose. warm. but not 92, 95. a peak at the highs for the next few days. a stabilization. right? tomorrow upper 80s. low 90s. most spots will be mid-80s. nice looking five-day forecast. not busting on the app. here is my thing. [ talking at the same time ] >> you kind of are -- >> you totally are -- [ talking at the same time ] >> walk up that hill. bang out a couple push ups. that is me. >> how many push up dos you do -- >> i -- ups do you do? >> i am not going to get into me. >> i will try it. help is coming to firefighters battling the difficult fire season. the u.s. military in training
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right now to join in on the fight. more coming up.
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headlines we are following today. stockton. a report determined the police response was excessive during a bank robbery last year. today the family of the suspect sued the police department. she was used as a human shield during the chase and shoot out between the bank robbers and
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officers. the report found some of the 32 police officers at the scene only fired their weapons because other officers were shooting. she was shot 10 times. in an effort in sacramento to pass a right to die bill the sponsors reintroduced the bill. it would allow patients to take life ending drugs if they have less than six months to live. the bill was inspired by a bay area woman with terminal brain cancer who moved to oregon to end her life. another bill did not have support earlier this year. the new bill would by-pass that committee. taking a live look outside san jose police headquarters. we are just moments away from a news conference where officers will talk about the connection between officer involved shootings and a homicide from
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last week. we will bring that to you live on the four on 2. do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus.
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[ music ] the u.s. military is joining the fire fight in washington, oregon and california, training is happening now and the first group will join firefighters this weekend. talking about dozens of active
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duty personnel get -- personnel, soldiers from the joint base lewis-mcchord out of washington. and soldiers have been used to fight point of wildfires 35 -- fight wildfires 35 times. >> firefighters can expect help from the united states military. 200 active duty military troops will be sent to battle the fire sunday. fires are burning in a number of western states. the worse area is in chelan, washington. destroyed an estimated 75 homes and businesses. >> we had a really big, big living room. >> reporter: 3,000 people are under evacuation orders and 900 firefighters are trying to stop the fires from burning through grass, brush and timber. >> under threat. it will be that way till we can get -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: cooler weather
4:32 pm
helped firefighters right here in california yesterday. however winds pushed wildfires across containment lines near san luis obispo. several hundred people had to evacuate there. >> really common with the wildfires near a roadway. particularly here where we have so much traffic that is a main artery for the county. travel slower and pay attention to driving. >> reporter: cooler and calmer weather helped firefighters in idaho. hundreds of firefighters are battling that one. struck winds and humidity -- strong winds and humidity is making it very dangerous. >> a lot of firefighters ready to respond. the helicopters. >> the weathers is helping firefighters in oregon, an 85 square mile fire there is 25% contained. >> let's take a look right now.
4:33 pm
this is the map of active wildfires. there are 18 fires in the state. closer to us, the rocky wildfire is contained. that is good news. firefighters are working to surround the jerusalem fire. it is 90% contained after burning 25,000 acres. joining us now to talk about the wildfires is cal fire chief brandon. chief, what is your reaction of the military putting boots on the ground in with the wildfire? >> very positive. as we know we are -- we are very, very resourced with the current number of fires we have in california. to have the national guard and troops come in and help us out, it is appreciated. >> we have 12,000 firefighters just working in california. what type of training -- chief, we have to cut in.
4:34 pm
we need to go to san jose for a press conference. we apologize. if you could stand by. now to the news conference in san jose outside police headquarters where the department is expected to address right now -- here we are. the officer involved shootings. >> i am a sergeant at the police department. we will talk about an update on the officer involved shooting that occurred yesterday. does anybody have questions besides what i gave out last night. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> one thing we are working on right now is putting together a video or a snippet that we could embed into a press release that we could send it out to you guys and they will have images you can put on tv. what i saw was -- i didn't see
4:35 pm
the entire video. i saw three suspects going inside this business. where the homicide occurred august 13. and they were terrorizing the victim in that particular case. weapons were aimed at the suspect. i didn't see the shooting take place. but you see how they were -- the suspects were running after and intimidating and terrorizing the victim. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> sure, so, the homicide that occurred on the 13th. friday.
4:36 pm
right? thursday. on thursday the 13th we had homicide. and our -- at first we had nothing. through their diligent work and follow up investigation they were able to obtain information on potential suspects. they have been following up on the leads and they obtained arrest warrants for murder on two suspects. the first suspect that was identified was involved in the first shooting. and that suspect was one of the individuals that we will release today, a photo of the suspect, as well as a video that will show that suspect inside the business with a hand gun. the suspect in last night's officer involved shooting was armed with an assault rifle. assault weapon. we have sense recovered that
4:37 pm
weapon through a search warrant. the third suspect, and you will see an image, we have not identified him. he is wearing a mask and dark clothing. so we need additional information. our investigators are still doing follow up. we could use leads from the public regarding identifying the thirty individual, which is considered armed and dangerous. that person had a weapon. and you will be able to see things in the video. i want to talk too much about the outstanding suspect because i don't want to jeopardize the investigation. we are hoping this person rellizes it is in his -- realizes it is in his best interest to surrender. and let's just try to resolve this peacefully. and also we are trying to look
4:38 pm
for answers to a lot of questions that we have regarding the incident. the motive and so forth. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> listening to the san jose police department giving us a recap of what we knew, this started last week. august 13. a mystery, a homicide in north san jose of a man killed there. you have three suspects initially, two dead now, involved in the officer involved shootings there. the third suspect in the picture there, that is who they are looking for. they are searching for a third homicide suspect. talkingtalking to the chief from cal fire. we will get back to him and we are looking ahead to the future, finding a new way to keep all your mobile devices charged up. >> imagine being able to
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recharge without one of these. we will introduce you to a company that is making to make that a reality. >> cooling off out there. how much cooler will it get and will the fog get into your backyard tonight? >> one look at traffic in san jose. 101 not too bad. evening commute hasn't started. back to the chief after the break on the four on 2.
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we would like to bring back the chief, we are talking about 200 active duty military members being brought in to help with the fire fight. thank you for sticking around for us. >> no problem. >> i like to ask you about the training. when the military members come in to help, what kind of training will they have and what kind of help will they provide? >> for the training they get the basics, learning how to deploy the fire shelters, hand tool techniques. dangers to look for. mostly those types of training. and then they fill a variety of rolls. they help us with the mop up in the lesser intense areas of the
4:43 pm
fires. help constructing hand line and containment areas as well as filling several roles within the base for support functions. >> i know the men and women are trained to begin with and then you add additional training, my concern would be if a fire game in over the next couple hunts as the wildfire season is start -- months as the wildfire season is starting, would they be prepare for that. you don't foresee them going on to the front lines in a fire like that? >> not typically. we use them to free our guys up. personnel up. to fill that active role. fire is a dynamic event. we proceed them the safety
4:44 pm
training they need. typically we try to assign them to where the intensity is less or non-existent for support functions. >> extra boots on the ground will help. you have 12,000 firefighters right now in california battling 18 wildfires. how are they holding up, especially in situations like the rocky fire. how are they holding up as a hole? >> fairly well. it is not unusual for us to have an active fire season like this. it does take a toll physically and mentally. we have measures in place to try to get them a little r and r to get them refreshed. it is a thought in our minds to make sure our people are being
4:45 pm
taken care of. >> cal fire chief, sorry for the interpretation earlier. thank you for all you do. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. our chief meteorologist bill martin. tracking the weather conditions out there. >> cooler today. numbers down 15 degrees in some places and that is making everybody happy. made me happy. no air conditioning on today. fog at the coast. there you see it. fog is going to be pushing inland into the evening hours and it will be in your neighborhood tonight and tomorrow morning. here is the fog foot print. there are breaks at the beach. the fog moved back in. you can see right in here. the golden gate park. the fog worked its way back in. it is coming back. right? right now temperatures, there they are. you can see you have upper 80s
4:46 pm
still inland. and temperatures are going to continue to stay on the very warm side as we head into tomorrow. not as bad. look how much cooler it was today. 15 degrees cooler. 17 miles per hour winds at napa. 15 novato. north and northwest. sfo 18. next couple hours it will kick up pretty good. it will fire up. bay area microclimates. looks rights. right? 30, 35-degree spread from coast to inland. what you expect. hot spots tomorrow, low 90s. mostly upper 80s. we dropped off. 87 vacaville. 87 fairfield. nice looking day. air quality better.
4:47 pm
saturday literally the -- i can remember one day like that when the smoke was so ropressive. not just in one -- oppressive, not just in one area. one time i can remember that happening. air quality was that bad. and i am old so i can remember that. wednesday right there. morning clouds back in. upper 80s. temperatures trend down there into the week. not bad. a long walk across the studio right now. you change -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you said you were old -- [ talking at the same time ] >> that is that is your work out -- [ talking at the same time ] >> anyway, yeah. cooler. firefighters getting a break. >> thank you. let's check in with frank for ktvu fox 2 news at five
4:48 pm
p.m. you will have more on the top story out of san jose. >> what a story that is. we saw new surveillance pictures showing a man raising his hands moments before he was killed last week. two of the suspects were then shot and killed by police in san jose and the third suspect, the guy in all black he is still on the loose. we will sort this out for you. the police are holding a press conference in san jose talking about what they saw on that surveillance video. frightening stuff here. azenith smith is at the press conference. >> thank you. we will be right back.
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. when you realize you have a low battery you have to find a charger. ktvu fox 2 news paul chambers introduces you ta-- introduces you to a company who hopes to end your dependacy on all the wire -- dependency on all the wires. >> you can prioritize what charges. >> reporter: introducing what up. a wire free charging technology. >> the idea is that when you walk into a room that we charge your device ament le. >> reporter: -- automatically. >> reporter: they started creating them two years ago. the devices can be placed in speakers, tvs and cell phones. >> we took this design and embed it in the back of the
4:52 pm
cover. and that enables you to use the covers for different phones. >> reporter: we come home with a drained product, so we are looking for one of these. that is a thing of the past. all you have to do is put your product in close proximity and it takes care of the rest. >> we are not creating energy. we are just transferring it. >> reporter: it is similar to how wifi connects to your device. it doesn't matter if it is in your pocket or a table, as long as it is within 15 feet of the transmitter it will start charging. transmitters send energy around the receiver. >> gets its own power. once you get beyond 12 devices they will choose which devices get powered. >> you can control how that works from your finger tips.
4:53 pm
it uses bluetooth technology to manage the devices. >> as it finds the devices it will start charging one at a time. takes time. takes a second or two to go to the clouds. >> reporter: one thing people may not like is the time it takes to get a full charge. it could take twice as long as because it charges as a trickle. something that should address the concerns about those receiving power over the air ways. >> focused individually. >> although the future is now it will not be available till end of 2016 or 2017. >> one thing i don't like, i think it is a great idea, but the fact that it takes twice as long to charge. [ talking at the same time ] >> new technology.
4:54 pm
over time -- [ talking at the same time ] >> right now, come on -- [ talking at the same time ] >> the key is, we are not going to be able to buy that device. it will be in our phones already. apple and samsung need to buy into it. >> exactly. the company sells it -- that is where they make money. that is when it is out there for everyone. another thing they want to get it in coffee shops so later on in life, starts charging -- >> 15 feet -- [ talking at the same time ] >> they will have wider -- [ talking at the same time ] >> why is mike standing in the corner all day. [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> that is where the charger is. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> creeper. >> stop. all right. >> good technology. >> thank you. 10 years after hurricane katrina, why the federal
4:55 pm
government says the recovery effort in new orleans is not done yet.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
hurricane katrina brings back terrible mempleaches 10 years since -- memories. 10 years since it hit august 29, 10 years ago, a category 3 storm. one of the costliest, deadliest disasters in america history.
4:58 pm
new orleans took a nearly direct hit. 80% of the city was flooded and many african americans got the worse of it. of the 1800 people killed, 1,000 came from the lower 9th. across 5 states that felt the impact hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed and a million people displaced. some returned, and others did not. .s. department of housing and urban devel opment committed to helping the gulf recovered. >> as long as there is people that want to come home and communities that need to be rebuilt, our job is not done. that is the true meaning of memeration. >> -- commemoration. >> the gulf suffered $150 billion in damages. >> 2005 was the most active atlantic hurricane season in recorded history. 15 hurricanes and 4,000 people
4:59 pm
lost their lives. we just heard from police about the new surveillance pictures from a homicide and how they may be connected to the police shooting. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening. i am -- hell o. i am frank somerville. >> and i am gasia mikaelian. >> ktvu's azenith smith is standing by at police headquarters with late information here. >> reporter: they are still looking for a third suspect in this homicide that happened last thursday. all these officer involved officer involved shootings are tied to this shooting. the third suspect dressed in all black, wearing a mask, we want to show you surveillance pictures that we got from the
5:00 pm
homicide inside the office complex. the victim is a 38-year-olds, a virginia native. you see him holding up his hands, a man points a gun in the photo and another man is dressed in black. we learned that police shot and killed that man holding up that gun last sunday in east san jose. he was armed with that gun, they are trying to figure out if it is the same gun used to kill the victim. let's listen right now to what police had to say about this video and the images tied to the officer involved shootings. >> i saw three suspects going inside this business. where the homicide occurred august 13.


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