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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 19, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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dash cam videos that show why you really have to pay attention. >> the hits, near misses and one lucky survivor under that truck. >> wow! that's crazy. >> i can't believe it. >> where did that come from? >> great. >> drone pilot is confronted by a mad dash. >> i don't like people recording -- >> why are you accusing me of being a pedophile? >> the showdown behind the soccer field. >> three, two -- wait. >> season two of what could possibly go wrong? two guys try --
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>> why danger is a big draw. >> it's amazing how many people have tried doing what we're thinking about doing. >> someone walks up and offers her help. >> the story that will have you going -- >> really? >> three dash cam videos. you can see the pole itself bends but didn't topple it. it barely even moves it. >> that is a really strong pole. >> that pole did sustain a hit by a car. that's not like a little motor bike. >> i have to say i'm not worried about the pole. i'm worried about the guy in the car. >> he was dazed but okay. >> he just veered right into it. >> the second video proves you
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really have to pay attention. you never know what will pop out. this happened somewhere in eastern europe. the driver, just driving along. notice all these cars along the left side. watch what pops out. >> oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! >> oh, my god! >> luckily, mom was there to pull that child back. >> credit to that driver on that one. >> last video, amazing because of the -- he sees something. >> tiny little mouse? >> it's a kitten. >> that driver saw that kitten and stopped! driver of the dash cam stops the car, crawls under the truck and this guy quickly grabs the kitten from under that left wheel. >> where did that thing come from? there were cars coming every which way. >> those little buggers can move
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fast. plus traffic is not moving very quickly. >> it almost got hit. >> oh, yeah. >> the truck driver noticed it from way up there and he stopped. what's the proliferation of hobbyist drone? that name alone has gotten some bad connotation because people feel like their privacy is being invaded. here a bit of a confrontation between a hobbyist, flying his copter and a guy that just doesn't like it. >> this is a public place. >> the man behind the camera has been confronted by this guy. jonathan claims he was flying in a public park, clearly away from people, when this man confronted him. [ inaudible ] >> yes. >> you have a camera out here. >> i am. i am filming.
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>> are you filming the kids practicing? >> they might be inadvertently in my camera shot. >> little girls' soccer team. >> so he was upset because he was flying over a practice in a neighboring field. >> if i had think i would want someone recording even if the intentions are innocent. >> as a father, i don't like people recording kids' practice. >> i'm not recording their practice. >> that's kind of creepy. >> why are you accusing me of being a pedophile? >> i'm not accusing you of being a pedophile. >> that's what you're implying. >> a gps log and overview of where he is flying. the blue line is where he claims his copter was flying and highlights the area of the soccer practice. and jonathan posted his video.
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the cameras that he use has such a wide field of view. unless you're right in somebody's face, you would never be able to identify anyone. >> are we done? >> huh? >> are we done? >> no, i'll stay here. i'll watch you. >> okay. >> that's his driver's license he has handed over as he is being questioned. as the officer decides to leave the room to check up on some of the information, this guy realizes he doesn't want to get busted for another crime, forgery. that driver's license isn't real. watch what he does to try to fix the situation. >> he starts eating the document. chews it up and swallows it before the other officer comes back. >> maybe he was just really hungry. >> the thing is that they're going to check the information and figure it out pretty quickly
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that it is a forgery. because of this video, they were still able to know what he did. so he ended up being charged with attempted robbery. and procedural fraud trying to hide forensic evidence from police. >> and probably has a blockage, too, now. from australia, just mean. staggering a little bit into this children's media center. stealing a tricycle. he even steals their wooden bridge they like to play on, loads it into the car and drives away. >> basically stole the toys out of the sand box. >> literally. >> apparently this isn't the first time this guy has done it to this place. >> time for dudes to start ratting this man out. >> he was wearing a hoodie but
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made no attempt to conceal his face from accuracy. let's hope someone does turn him i in. >> she decided to also capture the entire trip on video. in about seven minutes someone off walks up and offers her help putting on her tanning lotion. >> of course. >> really, dude? >> at 1:16 you see a man walk right past her with a towel in his hand, sets the towel down right next to her. this is the part that is creepiest. the guy takes a picture with her in the background. she turns around to tan the back side of her body.
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watch the guy that looks around, snaps photos of her as she's laying there and then walks away. the posters of this video claim that everything that you see in the video actually happened. nothing was set up. the entire time she was there, she was talked to or approach order taken a picture of 25 times. we don't see all of those in this video. they claim it was a social experiment. but it is also a smergs. >> they just ruined the auth authenticity of this. >> i feel like the tanning salon is using something that actually happened against women to be like, don't go -- >> don't get to the beach and get harassed. come to us. >> exactly. >> it's hard to trust what we're
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firefighters have a tough job. we know that. it's still interesting and fun to see them do their work they arrived at this duplex fire. they've got a lot of work to do and begin fighting as fast as they can. there are some lives on the line in this fire. >> that's unbelievable. >> begin to work on gaining entry into these fires. there are security bars over the
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windows. firefighters, once they cool things down a bit, cut those bars away in case somebody is inside and able to get themselves out. the lives on the line are not able to get themselves out. look what they find. >> oh, god. >> two small puppies. >> no way! >> they survived. >> how? were they inside the oven? >> i don't know how they survived but they managed to find a safe place to keep themselves out of the way out of the fire. returning those cute little pups to the owner. >> those pups made it! >> more helmet cam footage from the stockton fire department. making entries to floor of the apartment. not well ventilated. lots of smoke. using their senses to continue to work this fire. there is life inside this apartment and they need to find it. >> thivenlg about how hard it is
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to knock around your bedroom at night with the light off. that's when you know where you're going. this is somebody else's house. you have the heat, sound, smoke. i don't know how they can function in this place. >> and trying to find if there's proof of life in there. >> the size of a fire can double every 60 seconds. thankfully firefighters are working on the fire in different parts of the apartment. they had started to ventilate and get the noxious air out. >> can you walk, buddy? >> according to firefighters, they say this person was altered by substances and unable to get himself out. few firefighters grabbed the victim, walked him outside. >> look, i'm ready to admit that not exactly a trailblazer.
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sure, we've got scones and spotted dick. now we have the kamoto dragon chile. now they're doing the challenge. with that he goes and puts the whole thing in his mouth, takes a bite. >> this guy is pretty legit. >> they are hot but i -- [ bleep ]. >> he is able to actually take it pretty well. >> he did it because he was calling out someone else. this is the one. >> and so it begins. >> i think it's hot now. >> the face is incredible, the
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pain. he realizes the tap. >> what do you do? >> spilling milk all over the camera. running through his house, trying to find some sort of reli relie relief. >> he starts speaking in tongues. anyone has any idea what he just said. he follows it up with -- to find out where this beast was spotted. epic way of racing. >> with power tools. >> host grant reynolds tells us all about the new season. >> what uld possibly go wrong
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we started in bangkok, thailand where a big snake has been found. 23 to 26 feet long. >> did you say found? >> you can't exactly miss it. >> i hope they rerelease it and not turn it into that night's special. >> they did rerelease it. i'm thinking it must be tasty if he was found behind it. >> definitely no rats left in bangkok. this is my favorite. clearly this tree only has room for one of these lizards so they're going to duke it out. they're climbing up what looks like a palm tree here. then the fight is on. they've been fighting for 15 minutes before he started rolling video. they're bloodied already. >> like a geico commercial.
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>> flipped him over his head. nice move. >> it becomes acrobatic, legs, flipping, everything else. >> this is weird. >> i know. who is going to win? we shall never know. the video ends in a standoff, y'all. >> many classic "right this minute" videos started with "what could possibly go wrong"? they are back. former marine with a sense of adventure they ask that question, too testing epic fails to see how they can make them work. >> at the rock crawler park, bad boy monster truck golf cart out here. we're going to test this thing out. >> it's a golf cart. it's not meant to do that. >> come on, baby! oh, no.
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oh! oh, no! >> watch out! >> another fun thing they did as well is racing. >> best out of three. >> all right. here we go. >> three, two -- >> we have "right this minute" grant reynolds. what's going to be coming up in season two? >> we come up with the ideas we're trying to do them bigger better with serious, thoughtful engineering. what could possibly go wrong is usually the last question we ask each other before we press the start button on the gadget we're testing. >> how on earth do you decide to race power tools? >> sometimes some of the stupidest things come up.
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if you just google it, it's amazing how many people have try ed doing what we're thinking about doing. put some thoughtful scientific engineering principles behind it. bottom line, try to have fun with it. >> when you draw your inspiration from the youtube videos we see so many failures come from, what's the common thread? >> to be honest a lot of times alcohol is almost at the top of the list. hold my beer. watch this. that kind of mentality. we're not doing it like that at all. i would say 96% of the time, we succeed. that's all we're trying to do, believe it or not. >> make sure you tune in wednesday night 10:00 pm
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eastern. >> big dog tv is back with a mind-blowing trick. >> the old switcheroo on the drive-thru person. >> see how swapping seats make these employees flip. just like e foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair toothpaste. it helps remineralize enamel and fight plaque germs for healthier teeth and gums. strengthen the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair. strong and healthyen h helg kidsfor generations. and today's flintstones are specially formulated wiwithth k keyey a antntioioxp support kids immune health. ♪ t tenen m milillilionog and growing ♪
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>> one thing i've learned working at "right this minute" is if you work at the drive-thru window, you're probably going to get pranked. it's big dog tv pulling a funny prank, the old switcheroo on the
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drive-thru person. >> whoa, that was like magic. i came back and you changed. wasn't there a guy right here? >> uh-uh. >> this guy is like she's really pretty but i'm sure it was a man who ordered from me. >> she's like i don't know what you're talking about. that's what actually sold it. >> can i actually get one more donut? >> yeah. don't worry about it. >> gosh, they have to move so quic quick. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh, you guys -- >> is there a glazed donut. >> >> there was a guy here. >> no, there wasn't. >> you're freak meeg out. >> this guy, he is not believing what he's seeing, like he has to do the inquisition, trying to figure out what exactly just happened here. >> what did you order?
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>> the chips and the cheese. >> where are my chips? >> a lot of these guys went home at the end of the day and sat in a dark room for a while thinking about it again. >> i have to get out of this business. i'm going krauzy. >> i hope they let them know it was a prank. >> he did post some extras. sometimes it didn't work [ bleep ] have a good day. >> have a good day. >> they did get busted. working at a drive-thru, you have to contain your composure. what you see might not this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams" show. wendy is back and all new with a dose of super juicy hot topics. and she fires back over her shocking weight loss. julie alexandria has the inside scoop. >> the doctors of the reality show "botched" are here. ♪ ♪


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