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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  August 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning everybody. we are live in oakland where an early morning water main break caused a soggy mess. how it to be related to an earthquake earlier this week. continuing to monitor that grassfire burning close to the lawrence livermore lab.
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>> it just took off rapidly. >> the obstacles firefighters are facing as they try to get the flames under control. as this as "mornings on 2" continues. 7:00 on this thursday morning. i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am dave clark. >> steve, is this is interesting? >> low cloud deck is big. it's made a huge push inland. three days ago around 104, 105. not today. it will be 25 degrees cooler than that. coast and bay settled in. they are not changing. too much fog, low clouds and warm ocean temps. 60s there. low clouds and fog as far as we can see. a westerly breeze or some component of a west-southwest or northwest. take your pick. it doesn't matter. it's just in place. i don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. so higher elevations 30 to
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37-mile-per-hour gusts. 60s or 50s. they will be slow to burn back. low clouds. cooler, breezy inland to down right windy in the hills. 80s now for many. 60s and 70s for others. sal, you have had a dance here from one part of the bay to the next. anything new to report? >> well, we have slow traffic, steve. it's calmed down a little bit, which is nice. let's take a look the east shore freeway and we are looking at interstate 80. one of the bay area's busiest commutes. it is backed up in richmond and el cerrito. a little bit slow in berkeley. 26 minutes. not too bad out to the macarthur maze. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is backed up kind of normal, even though we had an earlier crash that didn't affect last commute, which is good. chp did a good job getting it out of the way. 680 slowing down to the walnut creek interchange.
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east bay crews are trying figure out if monday's earthquake is to blame for a water main break this morning. brian, are you standing right there in front of that gas station? >> reporter: i am. i know that you are familiar with this area, sal. >> okay. good. >> reporter: it is kind of affecting traffic in one way or another. we will talk about that in a moment. as for the water main break, crews behind me have capped this leak that started just after 4:00 this morning. earlier thousands of gallons water spilled onto the street here. i want go to video now of showing how much water was gushing out of the peak of the water main break. according to officials, at least 3,000 gallons of water was lost in 15 minutes. this water main break happened near santa clara avenue and oakland avenue underneath the 580 overpass. the pipe that broke dates back to 1933. it is a 12-inch cast iron pipe. it remains unclear exactly what caused the break happen. but speaking with east bay mud
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officials and crews on the field, they acknowledge monday's earthquake may have played a role in this. these pipes are so old that any ground movement may make them vulnerable to damage. 15 to 25 customers are currently without water service. that damage, speaking of the earthquake from monday, east bay officials say there have been nine pipes that broke following the quake. back on monday several customers in the east bay were without water because of that time. seven water main breaks happened shortly after the 4.0 earthquake mere the hayward fault. that's where most of the water main breaks happened. back out here live, crews have blocked a couple of lanes of repairs. on to macarthur boulevard from 380, there is a lot of mud on the roadway. we have seen at least two or three cars kind of spin out of control just for a short time, if you will. so it hasn't really caused a major problem. chip, if we can go over there
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real quick as cars are building up there, you see more mud near that stoplight right there. all that water went towards that area and you see that muddy mess down will. we have seen a couple of cars spin out of control this morning. crews are out here with east bay mud making repairs out here and we will keep you updated on the progress here this morning on "mornings on 2". a crash on interstate 80 in berkeley happened as our camera was rolling. that was actually the third crash there on 80 near the gilman street off-ramp last night. the first crash happened just before 10:00 p.m. it involved two cars and blocked three lanes of westbound 80. then one hour later there was a four-car crash across the median on the eastbound lanes. our photographer was taking video of one of those cars on the road when two other vehicles came by, tried to avoid the car in the road, and got into an
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accident of their own. the chp says there were several injuries in these crashes, but they were all minor. time now 7:05. we just received an update on the containment of that fire. the one that threatened a part of the lawrence livermore lab. strong winds, dry grass helped that fire to just explode in size. ktvu's christian cappen, you are there at a roadblock near the fire. what are they saying about containment now? >> reporter: yeah, i just got off the phone with fall fire and they are telling me they believe containment is at 25%. they say 2500 acres burned. right now at the intersection of kroth and tesla. the fire up the road a mile or so. we saw a crew of cal fire firefighters moving into position. the area that we went into, we actually were behind the fire line earlier and the area that we were at, you could see a significant amount of burned area and high winds on the ridge. so certainly that's one of the major concerns. right now we are monitoring the
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efforts to contain the tesla fire. this fire started yesterday afternoon off tesla road. with dry and windy conditions the fire grew by leaps and bounds, doubling two hours later. several structures have been destroyed. no reports of any injuries. crews were attacking the fire from the ground and from the air. we have been talking about the windy conditions out here. that can be a serious factor when it comes to spot fires. that is new fires set by the blowing embers from the main fire. >> for both us and local government agencies and cal fire, we have unprecedented conditions that we are dealing with this year. four years of drought. we have extremely dry conditions here. >> reporter: now, again the good news, the fire appears to be around 2,500 acres. it's now at about 25% containment, which we're hearing. that could be another good
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indication. we are hoping that the weather cooperates, that there aren't the windy conditions that we saw out here yesterday. we are hearing that the morning briefing for cal fire set to take place in a couple of hours. there are still 150 or socal firefighters on scene here working to contain this fire. we will monitor the progress of the tesla fire and bring you updates through the morning. >> thank you. time is now 7:08. a big wildfire in washington state has claimed the lives of three firefighters. three u.s. forest service firefighters died yesterday battling a fire in the central part of that state. their vehicle crashed. it was consumed by flames killing those three firefighters. four other people were also hurt in that same fire, but we don't know yet if they were involved in the same accident. people who live in the area say the work, the sacrifice of firefighters, it is not unnoticed. >> we went by one of the homes. someone had just put their sprinklers on the house. they left a nice note for firefighters that said, please,
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this is just a house. save yourself. be safe. good luck, firefighters. >> this is just one of 100 fires burning right now in seven western states. help has been called in from the u.s. military as well as other countries, including australia and new zealand. 70 8:00. san francisco's d.a. is suing uber. he says the company's background checks aren't extensive enough and that the company is putting convicted criminals behind the wheel. on tuesday he filed a complaint with uber that lists more than two dozen cases investigators have found so far. most of the cases are down in los angeles. however, he says there is no question this is also happening here in the bay area. >> we have come to learn that they have drivers who are convicted sex offenders, thieves, burglers, kidnappers, and a convicted murderer. >> the d.a. says that uber uses ineffective background checks
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that don't go back far enough for missed red flags. he says they should use live scan fingerprint checks like taxi drivers. in a statement released by uber the company says it disagrees with accusations the system is inadequate. it also says their checks failed 600 taxi drivers who applied with uber and had past offenses including rape, dwi and assault. we may find out if prosecutors will seek the death penalty in the charleston church shooting massacre. 21-year-old dyllan roof wants to plead guilty to 33 federal charges against him. his lawyer added a plea of not guilty until the prosecution decides whether or not to seek the death penalty. dyllan roof is charged with killing nine people at the historic emmanuel ame church in charlotte, south carolina, back on june 17th. today is the deadline for pretrial motions in that case. also happening today a federal judge is due to hold a
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hearing related to the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. a conservative group filed a freedom of information request in 2013 to get records involving a clinton aide and her income. now, this case was nearly over last year when the state department released a few documents. but in the wake of hillary clinton's e-mail controversy the conservative group is asking for clinton e-mails involving that particular aide. the city of san rafael is launching a campaign to promote outdoor dining in the downtown area. the city council approved the proposal which involved business and community recommendations. up to eight metered parking spots on 4th street will be replaced by outdoor dining spots. restaurants are encouraged to create outdoor dining areas that enhance the surroundings. in a tweet posted tuesday, steph curry wrote psa
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noticeably following my family's car on the road for nearly 30 miles and tailing me the whole way, that's not the best way to get an autograph. that tweet was posted the same day he appeared on "jimmy kimmel live." during the show he told jimmy kimmel a lot of people recognize him. he joked he was hoping to get someone to pick up his tab tab at a restaurant. >> now you are talking about me and family. garbage trucks. in 20 minutes how they could be used inside san jose to help solve crime. also, thieves caught in the act in the san joaquin valley. what they are after that has a lot of dairy farmers really worried. san rafael bridge. if you are going to marin county, well, you are going to see a little bit of slow traffic coming over the bridge into marin. we will tell you a little bit more about this coming up.
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7:14. now developing news from the middle east. isis is claiming responsibility for a massive car bomb that exploded this morning in cairo, egypt, right near a national security building. the blast toppled part of a wall and blew out windows in surrounding buildings. the blast could be felt and heard across the city. they say it was in retaliation after six isis members were executed last year. there are new rules for people walking across the border in tijuana, mexico. people from mexico can get in one line and be waved across the border. others have to show a passport and fill out a form. if they are staying for more
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tan a week, they have to pay $20 for a six-month permit. mexican immigration authorities say the changes are, quote, about putting our house in order. time is 7:15. costco is being criticized because of the shrimp it sells. a group of bay area lawyers are suing costco. they claim they knowingly sells farm raised prawns that come from slave labor. this lawsuit claims the wholesale giant is buying prawns from southeast asian producers even though they have known that is a product of pirate fishing and slave labor. >> we know that people are being beaten and killed on thai fishing investments. we know that people are working 20 hours a day without pay and we know, as a result of their labor, products are ending up on shelves of california consumers. >> now, the burlingame lawyers want costco to remove the seafood or put warning labels it alert consumers about how those
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prawns were cultivated. costco has not comment and that lawsuit yet. a strange crime here. 7:16. thieves have been targeting dairy farmers in san joaquin county sneaking in and stealing baby cows. six were stolen from three different farms in one night alone. a dark car is seen pulling up to the pens. one man gets out, pulls two calves out, puts the calves in the back of the car and just takes off. >> my thoughts are, they have this figured out. they are watching us and they know when everybody is here. they have a plan. >> the california farm bureau says there has been a recent increase in livestock theft. calves are harder to trace because they are not branded yet. the stolen animals in this case could sell for hundreds of dollars that could be done through a prearranged deal or even, police say, through
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craigslist. >> wow. time now 7:17. let's get you moving. sal, the toll plaza, everybody behaving? >> there are a couple of people who are not, dave. funny you ask that question. westbound bay bridge at the toll plaza, lane number one, which is the far left lane, we can take a picture of it now, there is apparently an altercation going on with a big rig driver and a tolltaker. they have called the police. i am not sure what's going on. the left lane is blocked and the police are on the way. chp is on the way to see what's going on here. but traffic is very slow and, you know, hopefully these two parties will get their little disagreement sorted out so the rest of us can get to work. that's what we're hoping for, right? okay. good. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 out to the high-rise no major problems over to 101. it's going to be a little bit busy. i want to show you some maps. southbound 680 concord to walnut creek slow traffic. slow traffic bay point to
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concord on highway 4 westbound. on vasco road it's slower this morning because of an earlier crash near los vakacos. let's go to steve. >> thanks. on the 6 a.m. observation, everybody in the bay area says either cloudy or mostly cloudy and that's because we have a large fog bank out will. only the most inland areas not dealing with any of that low clouds. you probably have a west breeze or you can feel the cooler continues. it's going to continue to cool down inland. i think today probably tough to much cooler than this. plenty of clouds out in the pacific. even though the ocean temps are warm, 61 to 66, that keeps the coastal locations on the warmer side. the fog has made it out. there are low clouds out to livermore. that helps. so firefighters 27 gusts up to 37. it's out of the west-southwest. that's good. we will take a sea breeze any time. humidity 94% and 50s on the temps. so higher humidity, cooler
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temps, that's a good thing. but the wind, again, gusts to 37. a little tough. at least we have a cooler pattern. livermore airport west at eight. hayward west-southwest. it's in place. west at napa, novato, concord west-southwest. 50s and 60s on the temps. warm ocean temps mean those temps don't get below 60 or of 61 degrees. a couple lows out in the pacific. the system digs into the pacific northwest and two typhoons. this one will go near japan over the next five, seven days. then it might miss them. that's the good news. but this is a tremendous amount of energy that is moving into colder water, falls apart and heads back across the specific. ghani expected to head towards japan. both of these will impact in the
7:21 am
next ten to 14 days. low clouds. cooler, breezy for inland temps. out of the 100s. 80s for many or low-to-mid 90s. even out of the 9s for anitoch, brentwood, oakley. 70s and 80s. very cool compared to three days ago. i don't see any change here. the extended outlook shows signs of a cool pattern. we talked about it yesterday. all the signs of maybe early signs of fall. >> yeah. >> many responses, and i appreciate that. some really interesting, you know. the apple is coming in a month early. everything else along with that. japanese maples and redwood trees. so it seems like things are way ahead of schedule. >> thank you, steve. you may think you are ready for the next big earthquake. however, we put that to the test and you may find out you're wrong. watch. >> do you actually eat the stuff on a regular basis? >> no. >> no, i don't eat spam. see the lessons i learned the hard way when we invited a red cross volunteer to come through
7:22 am
my house and go through my earthquake kit at home. the kayak started moving back and forth. >> a terrifying close encounter off the coast of santa barbara. why that man says he is lucky to be alive.
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welcome back. breaking news right now. former president jimmy carter is speaking in atlanta about his recent diagnosis of cancer
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saying he will start radiation nor melanoma on his brain this afternoon. >> hundreds to come to see the curiosity of a politician teaching the bible. so i continue that. so i just have had a lot of practice. >> anything you wish that you had not done or done differently? >> i wish i had sent one more helicopter to get the hostages and we would have rescued number and i would have been re- elected and that may have interfered with the foundation. if i had to choose between four more years and the carter center, i would choose the carter center. could have been both. >> reporter: president carter, donna lowrey with 11 alive tv. have you encouraged your family to see the doctor? are you seeing that there is more interest in finding out what's going on with each one of them? >> i don't think there is any doubt that my descendants have
7:26 am
some genetic challenge from the pancreatic cancer and my melanoma. so whatever the doctors recommend for tests and things like that as a precautionary measure for the other families, i think that will be put into effect. i haven't discussed that. >> we are listening live to former president jimmy carter talking about his cancer diagnosis. he begins treatment this afternoon on cancer that has spread to his brain. here is something he said just a little while ago. >> they did an mri and found that there were four spots of melanoma on my brain. they are very small spots. about two millimeters, can you envision what a millimeter is. >> again, jimmy carter is 90 years old. he is holding this live news conference at the carter center in atlanta. he revealed last week the surgery to take out a mass from his liver, the cancer had spread
7:27 am
to other parts of his body, including his brain. >> right. amazing as we watch this news conference. he laughed a moment ago. he seems to be in good spirits. what appears to be very grave news. president carter battling brain cancer. 7:26 now. big changes are coming to the nation's largest movie theater chain. regal is going to start checking bags. this comes in the wake of a number of shootings at theaters across the company. they say those checking bags might be an inconvenience to people at the movies, but it will provide better security. they operate 570 theaters across the country, including locations in oakland, dublin, and san ramon. a complaint that has been filed against the police department. and garbage trucks here in san jose could pick up more than just trash. how they could help nab a car thief and why this idea is
7:28 am
already raising a stink. that's coming up.
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terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. 7:30. good morning to you. garbage trucks of course used to pick up trash, but in san jose they may soon be doubling up to be essentially an extra set of eyes for police. in two minutes, ktvu's will
7:31 am
tell you about this plan. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic as you head out the door. it should feel pretty good. >> it's pretty cool. cloudy. that will help the firefighters. higher humidity. i know the breeze sometimes gusting to 25 to 30 miles per hour doesn't help. it's a west wind. low clouds burning back. it's a cooler pattern. the inland temps have taken a plunge since monday's 104. today upper 70s and low 80s. good news for the firefighters statewide as a cooler pattern settles in. starting off with 90% humidity or 80%. the breeze will be there. the highs in the low 80s around livermore. low-to-mid 80s at best. low cloud deck as far as the eye can see out in the pacific and a west wind at eight. most locations have a westerly component. low clouds for almost everybody here. 60s on the temps. everyone is really close here. a little bit of a southeast
7:32 am
breeze towards san jose. 65. but low clouds from crescent city to san diego. plenty of low clouds in place. cooler, breezy inland. i think today we level it off here. 80s on the temps. 60s and 70s for others. a confrontation, sal? is that what you said earlier? yeah, there is some shenanigans going on at the bay bridge. they called chp at the toll plaza in either the far left or far right lane. tolltaker and a big rig driver into some sort of argument. chp is trying to sort it out. the problem with this, of course, whatever lane they are arguing is taking away from the commute and it's going to make it just a little bit slower. it doesn't sound like something super serious. bay bridge backed up for 20 to 25-minute delay. the san mateo bridge. i am sorry. highway 101 commute to the san mateo bridge looks good. the traffic is just moderately heavy. now, i spoke about the san mateo bridge. let's talk about that. san mateo and dumbarton bridge
7:33 am
crossings a little bit of slow traffic over to foster city. dumbarton bridge, we can zoom in, a normal commute. it is slow when you get over to east palo alto and 101 is going to be slow when you get there. 7:37. let's go back to the desk. the city of san jose considering a very unusual new crime fighting vehicle. garbage trucks. the city wants to scan more streets looking for stolen cars, and that's getting a mixed reaction. >> reporter: yeah, it really is somewhat of an unprecedented idea given no other city in the bay area is doing this. we have talked to some folks this morning and it really is a mixed reaction. you either like it or you don't. and we reported several times the police department here is dealing with low staffing levels and the city thinks this is another way to work smarter. the mayor, city council members, several city council members back this up. private garbage trucks roam the streets every week. so this is just an extra set of
7:34 am
eyes to have these readers installed on the front of the trucks. the info would be sent to the portland and help the police with reports of stolen cars and check to see if any of the cars were involved in any other serious crimes. about a handful of san jose police cars use these readers. people we spoke with this morning see the good and the bad. one man is concerned about the cost. >> given everything that's going on lately here, i think it's a great idea. i really do. criminals, stuff like that, they are roaming around out there. the cops can't do a good job, you know what i mean, on their own and need extra help. >> we are going to spend money on outfitting all the garbage trucks. why do it? i just thought of it. it's a private company. why are we giving them that power? >> reporter: civil rights groups, including the aclu, are against the idea saying this plan raises concerns given there are still questions surrounding how this information is collected, stored, and analyzed. once again this is still in the
7:35 am
initial stages. this has just been proposed. the city plans to work with the aclu, talk to them about their concerns, about the legality issues. we know as of right now at least one private garbage truck company here in san jose is on board. dave. >> all right, as knit smith. thank you. also in san jose, new fallout from monday's deadly officer-involved shooting. the city's recently retired independent auditor filed a complaint against the police saying that raises several red flags. the homicide suspect was reaching for his waistband when the officer shot and killed him. now the department says that was not the case. the suspect was unarmed and shot in the back as he ran from officers. now, police say they believe the suspect was armed and prepared to shoot at them. in an unusual move oakland police invited reporters to see the body police camera video from the officers who were involved in last week's deadly
7:36 am
shooting of an armed robbery suspect. at this point police haven't released the video to the public. it happened last wednesday at 27th and mlk. christina rendon watched the video but wasn't allowed to record it. she saw three police officers running and yelling at a man identified as nate wilkes to drop his gun. she says wilkes turned around and came back towards the officers watching the gun in their direction. that's when all three officers fired several shots. >> the short answer is, if somebody is pointing firearm at you, using a less lethal option is not the first thing that comes to mind. >> the decision to play the video to reporters was misinformation on social media and by protesters. the family of nate wilkes saw the video. the chief says the body camera videos will be released to the public when the investigation is complete. and the police group says there is a recent for
7:37 am
officer-involved shootings. they say officers don't receive enough training in de- escalating conflict. the group says some of the recent shootings have been justified, but that officers are missing opportunities to slow things down. maybe call in additional resources. the group says some officers with the best of intentions go into a situation and resolve it as quickly as they can. our time now 7:36. president obama will fly to new orleans next week. he will meet with residents as he marks the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. that powerful storm hit louisiana august 29th, 2005. it caused major damage to the gulf coast, including a storm surge that flooded large parts of new orleans. almost 2,000 people died because of that storm. the white house says the president will meet with the mayor of new orleans and also with residents who spent the past decade rebuilding their lives. some parts of california are sinking at an alarming rate due to our historic drought. new research by nasa finds some places are sinking nearly two
7:38 am
inches a month. the worst is happening in four areas, arbuckle in colusa county, near -- officials blame increased groundwater pumping by farmers and others. it costs millions of dollars of damage. >> it's a long-term problem that's really kind of insidious. i think what's happening now is some people are going to implement it faster. so where you see problems, they are going to implement it more quickly. >> last year governor brown and other lawmakers passed a law to regulate groundwater pumping, but it won't be fully implemented until the year 2040. happening right now a two-day strike underway at two bay area nursing homes. now, the workers are at the san francisco nursing center and the san rafael healthcare and wellness center. nursing assistants, housekeepers and food service workers have walked off the job. these centers are and by different companies, but workers
7:39 am
are upset about changes it to -- to their healthcare plans. community leaders are expected to join the picket lines. they will be speaking at rallies at noontime today. a fisherman is talking about his very close encounter with a large shark. connor lyon was sitting in a kayak fishing off the shore when he felt something slam into the kayak. >> it didn't just stop after that initial slam. the kayak then started kind of moving back and forth at which point i was seeing a lot of whitewater and splashing. >> that's when lyon saw the shark's heady merge from the water with the front of the kayak in its mouth. his friends in a nearby boat came to help. he was pulled on board. we he was back on shore he called what happened one of the best experiences of his life. >> so awesome, you know? just like completely in vain. i couldn't believe that i had just come face to face with the
7:40 am
apex predator and now i am sitting on a boat 100% safe. >> i can't imagine the adrenaline. lyon measured the bite marks on the kayak and learned the shark's jaw was about 18 inches wide. he says he is pretty is sure the shark that attacked him was a great white. 7:39. earlier we told you about the legal trouble surrounding uber and the city of san francisco. it doesn't seem to deter them from boast being its progress. and a statement from uber on how it's doing in our area and which agency it's working with to make it happen. monday's earthquake reminder to be ready for the best one. let's see how prepared i really am if a big earthquake were to hit today. we are looking at a commute here, i would say it's okay. it gets a b-plus here in walnut creek, lafayette up to the tunnel. we will tell you a little bit more about this commute coming
7:41 am
up. a very hot weekend and on monday we've gone to a big fog bank and significantly cooler temperatures inland today. 0, 25 degrees from where they were. we will show you those coming up. mmm yoplait! it's snack time! oh, look! yoplait original now has 25% less sugar. time to taste it. how is it? it tastes good! congratulations yoplait! you did it! yoplait!
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protests in st. louis, missouri, are flaring up after a deadly officer-involved shooting involving an 18-year-old african-american man. it happened yesterday when police say they tried to serve a search warrant. he was one of two suspects running from a home where crack cocaine and four guns were found. police say he pointed a gun at officers and officers opened fire. shortly after the shooting the protests began. officers say they had to make
7:44 am
almost a dozen arrests when things turned violent. >> the officers approached them to ask them to leave the intersection. glass bottles started to be thrown at officers, bricks. officers had to use shields to protect themselves from the objects being thrown at them. >> these protests follow some that erupted earlier this month following the anniversary of the death of michael brown. people who live in the area say they are ready for things to settle down so they can put the negativity behind them. time is now 7:44. former subway spokesman jared fogle is going to have to wear a tracking device and stay under house arrest until he is sentenced. the u.s. district attorney's office says fogle traveled to new york in engage in sexual acts with teenage girls and that he traded child pornography with his partner in the jared foundation. a childhood obesity charity. he faces up to 12 years in prison. under a plea deal announced
7:45 am
yesterday he has agreed to pay $1.4 million in restitution to 14 victims. well, we are finding out more now about the information that hackers stole from the affair arranging website ashley and it has some tech experts intrigued. the hackers stole personal information of about 30 million website users and at least 15,000 of those included e-mail addresses used by government workers or members of the military. we know that because their e-mail addresses ended in gov or mil. one cyber expert says it's not likely all those people are using the site to set up affairs, but some of them felt their work e-mail addresses are less lyingly to -- likely to be accessed by their husbands or wives. right now a hearing with live pictures. you see david sweat in court for an arraignment. he is facing a new indictment
7:46 am
which hasn't yet been unsealed. back on june 6 he and richard matt escaped from the clinton correctional facility in upstate new york. matt was killed in a shootout with police. sweat spent 22 days on the run before being recaptured. 7:45. this monday marks one year since the napa earthquake. with the earthquake we had on monday, a lot of people are thinking are we prepared for the next big one? >> we think we are. but are we really? we invited a volunteer from the red cross to come to my house to see if i am as prepared as i think i am. we started in the garage. as you are about to see, that was mistake number one. >> so our stop is in the crawl space -- our stuff is in the crawl space underneath the house. >> one of the things that i noticed was this set-up is hard to get to these supplies at the time of the earthquake. >> reporter: re hauled out the supplies to the driveway to get
7:47 am
a good look. >> this is our earthquake stash. it is a very impressive stash of food. there are a couple of questions. do you actually eat this stuff on a regular basis? >> reporter: no. >> so that's the biggest mistake that people often make. they pack their emergency kits with food that they don't ordinarily eat. and when the disaster happens and they see what is available to them to eat and they don't want to eat it. does your family eat this had stuff on a regular basis? if they don't, you are not going to be able to get your -- in the time of stress. if they don't like spam now, they are the not going to try it then. >> reporter: the water wise, for the four of us we have these. >> we recommend one gallon of drinkable water per person per day. and that's not counting any sort of water you need to wash something out, wash your hands or wash your pots. from the first glance thinking there are four people in here and at least three days and you
7:48 am
have to did multiple things with batter, i would -- water, this is not enough. >> reporter: she gave me major points for my stockpile of paper towels and toilet paper. >> in an earthquake, this stuff is like gold. >> you need, in addition to your bat water you need toilet paper and paper towels because they have multiple uses. >> reporter: is this stuff people don't it typically pack in their emergency kit? >> that's absolutely correct. in all my experiences, the very first item that people don't have are diapers or items of personal hygiene. >> she said while those paper towels that i love to stockpile are like gold, it's a good idea to keep real cash in large and small dedominations on hand, medication, food for pets. in the next hour we will go inside the house to see if preparations we made are on target. i was floored by how much i wasn't doing and didn't know. i know you went through
7:49 am
northridge? >> i went through the northridge. we had 80,000 earthquakes in that -- i have to say i am failing. i am not prepared. like most people, you think you can handle it. i'll get to it. i am way behind. >> and you get no warning. >> no. but i learned something from your report. i have got to start doing it, but i am way behind. i am failing. so she would be mad at me. >> do it. we will have her come to your house next. we have put a detailed list of what needs to be in your earthquake kit as well as more information from the red cross. it's at web links at >> i have a feeling sal is like me. you are not quite ready yet? >> i don't have enough water. here is another thing. are you supposed to eat that stuff every once in a while and replace it with newer stuff so you don't have five-year-old canned goods? >> right. you are supposed to cycle it out and she drove from that point of pick stuff you and your family will eat because in an emergency
7:50 am
you are going to be stressed. your kids aren't going to be happy. don't give them something they don't know. go for the confident food. >> you know, dave has a point. he says you're in an emergency situation, you will eat anything. so i don't know. >> yeah. we'll see. thank you. we will see more of that next hour. let's take a look at the commute now. a new accident to report. san mateo first. southbound 101 at hillsdale a new injury accident and traffic is backing up quicking into burlingame. the alternate route is 280. 280 northbound looks pretty good driving through downtown san jose. bay bridge toll plaza. it's a little bit busier than normal. we had a couple of incidents this morning that messed things up. traffic is backed up beyond the maze. 25 to 30-minute delay. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> i have earthquake kits. i agree with you. not enough water. >> right. got to get more water. >> thank you, sir. we will go quick here. we have a big fog bank.
7:51 am
cooler, cooler for inland areas. the water temps, if they were like 49, 51 you wouldn't get above 56 or 57. but they are low 60s. so you get the mid-to-upper 60s. a good question here for patriot news on twitter. what's the difference between low clouds and high fog? generally nothing on this. i know what he means though. this is a summertime pattern. we are getting the coastal low clouds that are coming in. now, they can go from high to low, depending on high pressure and all that. but fog is different. fog is what we get in the winner time -- wintertime on the deck. right now there is not much of a difference. just the the basics. they aring flying over the coastal hills. god news for -- good news for the firefighters. humidity is up. temperatures are down. in fact, they are going into the upper 70s, 80s. westerly breeze just about everywhere. 50s and 60s. they are stuck. temperatures haven't moved because the fog bank is just
7:52 am
huge out there. so low clouds. cooler. breezy inland. this is where we are going to bottom out on the inland temps. 60s, 70s coast and bay. a lot of 70s. then 80s. but areas that were a good 15, 20 degrees warmer a couple of days ago are below average. should be closer to about 88 or 89 for some of these inland temps and they will be a far cry from that. and it looks like we are here for a while on this pattern going out maybe even seven days. >> that's going to make somebody smile this morning. you know, it's going to be nice and more comfortable. >> no sign of any heat. i can tell you. >> all right. thank you. work aalcoholics, beware. it could many trouble for your heart. we will break down the new study that suggests working too hard with actually hurt you. find out if you could be affected. the police need your help. they are trying to find who stole some iconic stones from the city of san francisco.
7:53 am
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welcome back. time now 7:55 on "mornings on 2". the legal fighting continues between the widow of robin williams and his three children. they accused susan williams of holding onto property that is theirs. now, they are also arguing over how much the estate should pay for expenses for susan to keeping living in the actor's home. they are seeking to increase her share of the trust assets at
7:56 am
the expense of the children. the two sides are due to be back in court friday. a high school jazz band is getting ready to take center stage at the monterey jazz festival. we were there as the band at northgate high school was busy practicing last night for the big gig in september. the northgate jazz band was selected to play at the festival after winning top honors at a youth jazz competition earlier this year. treasure hunters in florida, they have found millions of dollars in rare spanish coins. they date back 300 years. they are worth $4.5 million. they include nine rare pieces which were transported to the king of spain. this was all found in the trove after a fleet of ships sank in a hurricane while on their way to -- from havana to spain. only 20 such coins were known to exist before this discovery.
7:57 am
the san francisco land and lab will be rebuilt after vandals destroyed it. we will show you what that outdoor art piece should look like. rocks are organized into 11 concentric circles to represent peace, love and englightenment. last week someone stole the live leaving the outline of the labyrinth. it has been vandalized since it was originally built 11 years ago, but they say this is the worst vandalism they have seen. 7:57. we brought it to you live on "mornings on 2". we are following the grim news from one of the nation's presidents after he announced he has cancer. >> they did an mri and found that there were four spots of melanoma on my brain. >> former president jimmy carter revealing grim news. the cancer has spread to his brain. coming up next we will hear more about that announcement this morning and what doctors say about his condition. we are looking at the bridge commute and right now traffic
7:58 am
is going to be looking -- we are seeing westbound 92, it looks okay. there is an accident on the other side of the bridge that is causing slow traffic on 101. lots of grey over the bay as we like to say here, and it's going to mean a cooler pattern for inland temps. will this extend into the weekend? sure looks like it. maybe beyond. we will talk about that.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
that's an accident on highway 80 in berkeley last night. it marks the third one in a short time period. this happened right in front of our photographer as he was
8:01 am
filming a different accident. rush to fix a water break in oakland. the possible connection to the earthquake we had on monday. this is ktvu "mornings on 2". we are following developments the out of livermore this morning. a fast moving grassfire there doubled in size just hours after it was discovered. in less than five minutes we will bring back christian captain. we have lots of news this morning. your forecast and your commute. >> right. weather-wise, it's not as hot as it was a few days ago. let's go to steve. >> i hope christian says the firefighters have a better handle on it. the cooler temps, i'm hoping some fog -- that's what's happened. the wind is there, but there have been gusts to 37 at the altamont pass. the humidity is higher. low clouds far inland from locations that couldn't find fog a couple days ago. it's there now and it's going
8:02 am
to be slow to burn off. cool pattern. but for the fire, instead of the 100s and 90s, 83 maybe at best today. that forecast high. the wind is kind of crazy. it's been out of the west-southwest. low clouds, fog, and the fog machine is rolling right along west at nine at livermore airport. there is a west breeze just about everywhere you go or close to it. 50s, 60s on the temps. the fog bank is giving us cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. it's going to be on the cooler side today. 80s, 70s, and 60s. sal, you have all sorts of activity this morning? anything new? >> we have slow traffic and we have, steve, an early morning water main break that created quite a mess near 580. this is ktvu's brian florrers who is near the scene. i know that street. it could cause some traffic problems, right? >> reporter: yeah. you know, it is starting to see
8:03 am
some backup traffic over to my right from the off-ramp. east bay mud crew person is putting up a sign closing the right lane from that off-ramp. there are more crews making their way to this earlier water main break from 4 a.m. but as we spoke about earlier this morning, thousands of gallons of water spilled onto the street here. i want to go to video showing how much water was gushing out of the peak of this water main break. according to officials with east bay mud, 3,000 gallons of water was lost in 15 minutes. it happened near santa clara avenue and oakland avenue underneath the overpass here. the pipe that broke dates back to 1933. it was a 12-inch cast iron pipe. now it remains unclear what caused the break to happen. speaking with east bay mud officials this morning and crews in the field they acknowledge that monday's earthquake may have played a role in this. they say that these pipes are so old that really any ground movement could make them vulnerable to damage.
8:04 am
an estimated 15 to 25 customers are without water service right now. and speaking of the earthquake damage, we saw that from the earthquake on monday. east bay mud officials say nine pipes broke following the quake on monday. several customers, especially in the east bay, were without water because at the time seven water main breaks happened after that 4.0 earthquake on the hayward fault and that's where most of the breaks happened. now, as we take it back out here live, crews have blocked off at least a couple of lanes. this is oakland avenue as you are seeing right here. they say repairs could last well into the afternoon. what they are doing right now is they have to mark into the roadway where the other utilities could be affected. this is not just an east bay mud issue. there are several utilities they need to mark. so that's the first step before they go in there and repair the pipeline that broke. so this repair work could last well into the afternoon, sal. back to you. >> that's right. and you know the people who are coming from downtown oakland on
8:05 am
oakland avenue will also be in slow traffic. thanks, brian, for that report. let's go out and take a look at some other issues in the commute this morning. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had an earlier motorcycle accident. a couple other incidents that have made the traffic slower than usual. a 25 to 30-minute delay. nothing major going on right now. you will be waiting a little while before you make it onto the bridge. southbound 101 at hillsdale clearing a crash there. and also on 92 approaching 101. 280 is a good alternate route. on the east bay 580 is busy on the altamonte pass and live more. vasco as well. 880 is slow after 92. the heaviest part into fremont. 8:05. this is a look at 101 in san jose. stop-and-go traffic from the capitol expressway to mountain view in pockets. back to the desk. >> sal, new this morning we
8:06 am
brought it to you live right here on "mornings on 2". former president jimmy carter announced this afternoon he will start radiation treatment for cancer on his brain. >> i understand that they -- that radiation treatments and also the injections will be every three weeks or four times and they will stop and take a look at what's -- what the results might have been. >> mr. carter, who is now 90 years old, said doctors who performed surge are you to remove a mass from his liver found the cancer had spread to four spots of melanoma in his brain. now, he says he feels well. he is not in despair and not angry about his diagnosis. >> i have had a wonderful life. i have had thousands of friends. i have had an exciting and adventurous gratifying existence. so i was surprisingly at ease. >> jimmy carter says he will be cutting back on his work with
8:07 am
the carter center at emory university in atlanta because of his treatment. he has kept busy, as you know, working on global worldwide issues involving health and democratic elections. he has been extremely busy. but now he has to cut back as his treatment begins. back at home we are following developing news in our area in eastern alameda county where firefighters trying get a hold of a grassfire. >> you remember christian captain told us an hour ago the containment went from 5% to 25% this morning. let's bring christian back in. christian, we are talking about good progress by crews? >> reporter: absolutely. things seem to be progressing in the right direction. i got off the with cal fire. confirmed for me, like you said, the containment to 25% this morning. still at 2,500 acres. that point not a lot of growth in that fire overnight. that's clearly the direction they want to see things go.
8:08 am
just a couple of minutes ago we were able to drive behind the fire lines. we drove up two miles to see the latest firing efforts. we did not see any active fire. good news that they might be getting the upper hand here. consistency were windy on the ridge line. we didn't see any blowing embers. those both definitely good signs. that fire started yesterday afternoon off tesla road in eastern alameda county. with the dry, windy conditions out here that fire grew by leaps and bounds doubling in size within two hours of crews responding, and doubling again two hours later. several structures have been destroyed. in reports of injuries. last night fire crews attacked the fire from the ground and air. we could see signs of airdrops on the fire line this morning. we have been talking about the windy conditions out here. that can be a serious factor when it comes to spot fires. that is, new fires set by the blowing embers from the main fire. >> we had the fire over on tesla road and then it spotted on the
8:09 am
other side of the road. so we had the main body of fire that we had to deal with and additional spot fires going on the other side of the road. so it has been quite challenging. >> reporter: as we understand the fire briefing may be getting started right about now. that is a strategy session for cal fire to plan out their attack for today. we will try to get some updates from that and figure out what's going to happen out here with the tesla fire. at this point the tesla road appears to be 25% contained and 2,500 acres. >> christian, we will keep checking with you. thank you. 8:09. take a look at something and also listen. a crash last night interstate 80 in berkeley. ktvu's cameras caught it as it happened. now, that's wild. that was the third crash on 80 near the gilman street off-ramp last night. the first happened just before
8:10 am
10:00 p.m. it involved two cars. it blocked three lanes of westbound 80. an hour later there was a four-car crash in the eastbound lanes. our photographer was shooting video of one of the cars on the road when two other vehicles came by, tried to avoid the car, and they crashed. the chp says there were several injuries, but all of them were minor. san francisco's d.a. george clooney gascon is suing uber. he says the company's background checks aren't extensive enough. he filed a complaint with uber that lists more than two dozen cases investigators have found so far. most of them are in los angeles. gascon says there is no question it's also happening here in the bay area. >> we have come to learn that they have drivers who are convicted sex offenders, identity thieves, burglers, kidnappers, and a convicted murderer. >> gascon says that uber uses
8:11 am
ineffective background checks that don't go back far enough and miss red flags. in a statement released by uber the company says it's just a an accusation. they say their checks failed 600 taxi drivers who applied with uber including past offenses including rape, dui and assault. uber says they are improving experiences for caltrain drivers. in july they say 80,000 uber trips started or ended within 100-meters of the caltrain station. they say they used to be a -- it used to be hassle to find parking and to leave your car there, but now thanks to uber there are less cars on the caltrain parking lots, which make a smoother experience. a help wanted sign up at the san francisco police department. at 8:30 the group that is underrepresented within san
8:12 am
francisco police and the new campaign to add more recruits. next, would you want to land a technology job? you may want to think twice. a new survey shows tech workers and happiness? you will get the information. good morning. the bridge commute. right now most bridges are just okay. the san mateo bridge is slow. we will tell you what might be slowing traffic on the other side of this span. from one extreme to the other. over the weekend and on monday record heat. now fog and cool. below normal temps. but for how long?
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:14. checking wall street and the markets are down this morning. look at what's happening with the dow. it's down by more than 200 points. in fact, all three major indexes are each down more than 1%. gasia, the number of people applying for first time unemployment benefits edged up. the labor department says 277,000 people filed for initial benefits. that's up 4,000 from the week before. but the experts say the number of first-time claims stayed below 300,000 for 24 weeks. that's almost half a year. new had this morning, the national association of realtors announced sales of existing homes hit the highest level in eight years. july sales rose 2% to an annual
8:16 am
rate of almost 5.6 million. the median existing home price for the country was $234,000. that's up more than 5.5% in just the past year. of course, a bargain you will not see anywhere in the bay area. a new watch. >> you may say it looks real familiar. here it is. the samsung gear 2. that's different. the difference between the first generation of samsung gear and this one is that it's now round like the apple watch. >> we knew of course the gear 2 was coming. the company just released this teaser video yesterday to give us a glimpse. not much is known about what makes it better than better. they said they will release those details in september. no word just yet when you will be able to buy it. one of downtown palo alto's largest employers is moving headquarters to san mateo. >> it's survey monkey. they plan to move to bay meadows. that's a mixed-use development. they are moving in 2017.
8:17 am
they have 400 employees in palo alto, 650 around the world. >> a spokeswoman says the company would love to stay in palo alto but can't find the necessary space. the san mateo office will be four times bigger than survey monkey's current location on litten avenue. facebook is still the king of social media sites, but their growth may have topped out. the pew research center says 72% of adults online are facebook users. 70% of those say they log in every day. >> probably many times a day. it also says the social media site hasn't seen any significant growth in the number of users since 2012. meanwhile, they say the percentage of adults who use pinterest and instagram has doubled since they started tracking social media in 2012. >> here is something else. 59% of instagram users and 27% of pinterest users visit those sites every day. working long hours may be good for your career, but maybe not so good forever your heart.
8:18 am
>> a new study finds people who work 5 hours or more a week had a -- 55 hours or more a week had 33% higher chance of stroke. >> i guess we don't work hard. researchers looked the studyies of hundreds of thousands of people from the u.s., europe and australia. scientists say that people who work long hours tend to sit more, gasia, get less exercise, and drink loot more alcohol. >> two out of three. >> yeah, right. >> tech workers may not be as happy as other people. a survey by the app makertinemy pulse found tech workers were less likely to be happy at work. >> the poll of 5,000 engineers and developers also found they were less likely to be recognized for their work. researchers say the results show a disconnect between individual workers and the tech companies they work for. time is now 8:18. let's see if we need to get you out to the door to that work
8:19 am
hopefully that you love. don't work too hard at, right, sal? exactly. starting off with a look at some of the east bay commutes. it's been a little bit slow. this is highway 24. driving up to the tunnel has been okay. there haven't been any major problems. if you are driving towards the culleddy cot, a little bit of slow traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza is 15 to 20 minutes delay. it's better now to the bay bridge. all those incidents are going. going to the livermore valley. slow as you drive over to dublin. not bad in the castro valley. 880 slow into oakland and slow south down to fremont. i also want to mention that in the south bay 101 is backed up from before the capitol expressway to mountain view and 85 is bad and so is 280. this is a rough thursday in the santa clara valley, even though we haven't had any major
8:20 am
crashes. 8:19. let's go to steve. thanks. a low cloud deck that looks to be here for a while. it has extended pretty far inland. it looks like they will have some here. the fog bank may max itself out as some of the inland temps continue their plunge here. oakland alameda estuary. that's the transformsers there. on their way. just kidding. a jay sent me this on facebook. i've seen larger acorns. he is in scotts valley. this year they are very small. has to be the drought. i would agree. they are stressed trees. normal size this year. again, almost similar with the wine grapes coming in. the yield is low, but the concentration is high. you are just not getting a lot. again it's drought related. a lot of this is. a couple people told me some of their trees, they have given it
8:21 am
more water than they should and it's still green. on its own, its losing leaves or turning color fast. the ground is too dry right now. west at livermore, west-northwest at hayward, sfo west. also the aspens are turning from yellow to gone. there is no gradual color change. they are going really fast. had reports from bridgeport to kirkwood as well. things are moving quick here. it looks like six weeks ahead of schedule. west at concord, napa. everybody in on the sea breeze. 50s, 60s. temperatures slow to rebound. i mean, they are still about where they were a couple hours ago and the fog is one of the main reasons why. cooler patterns for a while. 60s, 70s for many. and then upper 80s or 90s. out of the 100s. good news for the firefighters. even the tesla fire. humidity is up. temperatures down.
8:22 am
the wind picks up. at least it's a west wind and not a north or east as we had on sunday, monday. 70s, 80s for many. way below average. near average for coast and bay even with all that fog because the water temps are so warm. so quiet going into the week. >> i thought the water temperature was cooling a little bit. >> 61 to 66. that's very warm. >> still too cold for me, i remember 49, 51, 52. you are not seeing that right now. >> thank you. time is 8:28. the earthquake got a lot of us thinking about being prepared for the big one. coming up in our second half hour we will have a red cross volunteer go through my house, greed my preparations and look for hazards in case a strong earthquake strikes in the further. isis claiming responsibility for another explosion. had time in egypt. the motive behind the bombing next.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:25. today two americans accused of supporting is isis are expected in court. they are expected to enter pleas after being accused of plotting attacks in the new york city area. now, they were arrested back in june after officials say salah researching bomb making devices i don't know and tweeted out support of isis. new york officials say the
8:26 am
other man stabbed a fbi agent. isis is claiming responsibility for a car bombing in egypt. you see it blew out windows. 29 people were hurt. the blast could be heard and felt all across the city. isis says it was in retaliation after six isis members were executed for a terror attack in egypt last year. a science museum in paris caught fire this morning. it broke out in a section of the museum under construction. now, it raged on for hours prompting concerns the flames could spread to nearby exhibit halls. even the imax theater there. the firefighters stopped the blaze before it caused any more damage. two firefighters were hurt trying to put out that fire. an investigation into a bombing in thailand is leading to more questions this morning. monday's bombing at a shrine killed at least 20 people and injured more than 120 others. the government says the attack probably did not involve international terrorists.
8:27 am
however, officials are not explaining why they issued an arrest warrant for a prime suspect when they identify it as a unidentified foreign man. two men seen standing in front of the building were cleared a while ago. a woman seen in a security video may be a possible suspect. now, that leads us back to developments in the case against a man accused of killing nine people inside of a church. the prosecutors involved in the charles, south carolina massacre. it's an unusual approach to fighting crime in san jose using garbage trucks. we will tell you how they will be used to help catch criminals. that's coming up. good morning. looking at the east bay commute and northbound 880. you can see some slow traffic getting up to oakland. we will tell you about the 880 commute coming up. and some overcast, cooler and breezy for inland temps,
8:28 am
coast and bay staying about the same. what about towards the weekend? any changes? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that.
8:29 am
only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
8:30 am
time is 8:30. welcome back. the city of san jose could be taking an unprecedented move in helping to find stolen cars. >> this is interesting. azenith smith says the city may put license plate readers or garbage trucks to help catch car thieves. there is mixed reaction to this, right? >> reporter: yeah, there is mixed reaction. some people like it. some people don't. a handful of san jose police cars use these readers. in an effort to cover more ground, the mayor and city council members are backing up this idea to help with the
8:31 am
city's shrinking police department. you see, private garbage and recycling trucks roam every street in the cities. why not put license readers on these trucks? the scanners report the plates of cars on their routes. the information is then sent to the police department to help retrieve stolen cars and see if any cars were involved in serious crimes. while some people think it's a great idea. others are a bit hesitant about how this information will be used, stored and analyzed. >> i think they are fine. i think that they can track us no matter where we go. this helps them get it to them better. >> if you are not doing nothing wrong, you got nothing to hide. that's how i feel about it. they need to get the guys often the streets. >> if it's showing addresses, if it's showing schools or unnecessary information that garbage trucks don't need to know, it's not that serious. >> reporter: at least one garbage truck company is on board with this idea. not on board the civil rights
8:32 am
group aclu who says it's an invasion of privacy and they question the legality of this all. interestingly enough, the city and the county of san francisco actually have license plate readers on their muni buses, but those are used to tow and cite cars blocking bus stops. no other city in the bay area is using license plate readers to retrieve stolen cars. again this is still in its very early stages and the city says it will talk to the aclu before it moves forward. back to you guys. >> one of the men in area story, azenith, said if you aren't doing anything wrong, there is nothing to worry about. what is the main concern from the aclu? >> reporter: privacy is the biggest concern. we reported already the city has moved forward with this pilot program with the drones. and now they want to make sure that the public can weigh in they implement license plate
8:33 am
readers on private garbage trucks. we heard before this morning people are concerned about using a private company to do police work. so there is still a lot of questions and issues to be ironed out before this moves forward. >> azenith smith, thank you so much. time got out the door by check weather and traffic. >> steve foster is over here. he knows our weather. >> just posting something. >> really? >> you know, stay up on that. >> busy. >> yes. a cooler partnership for independance temps. they are going to stay for a while. maybe all the way past the weekend and into early next week. things could change. right now there is plenty of low clouds around and a cooler pattern. coast and bay dealing with warm ocean temps. so tough to cool off that much. they are staying in the 60s, 70s, and a lot of 80s. we were 103, 104 a couple days ago. 35 gusts in the higher
8:34 am
elevations. slow to rebound on the temps. that's a sign that temperatures will be cooler today. a little clearing from the the north. it looks like a little bit taking place. overall, pretty extensive fog bank. low clouds, cooler and breezy. cooler inland. we may settle in today and keep there. coast and bay 60s, 70s and 80s for some. all right. sal, what do you have for us now at 8:34. things are finally getting a little bit better out there. good morning it you, steve. good morning to everyone. let's go outside and take a look at the morning commute. you will see that traffic is going to be busy on 880 northbound. it's pretty slow north of 238. it stays that way all the way up to about 23rd and oakland. and the southbound 880 slows from hayward in pockets. so the nimitz freeway is one of the slowest. let's take a look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a couple of earlier problems. it is still jam packed at the bay bridge. about a 25 to 30 marysville-pilchuck wait before you make it onto the bridge. san jose in the south bay look
8:35 am
at all the red. all of the freeways into the valley are slow. there is no such thing this morning as, oh, i am just going to sneak into the valley. you are not sneaking into any valley. even the side roads are jammed. highway 101 slow from an earlier accident. san mateo bridge is slow. 8:34. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a somber scene. new this morning friends and family gathering in sacramento right now to pay their final respects to a contra costa county sheriff's deputy who died trying to save a friend last week. >> yeah, in the last couple of minutes we were watching a number of chp officers arrive, as you see here, escorting some of the other guests of the memorial. service for 30-year-old karlis francies, better known to his friends as diamond, is set to begin at 10:00 a.m. he served on the force for four years. he was a football player before that at sacramento state. he drowned last week trying to
8:36 am
rescue a friend on lake tahoe. his friend, by the way, survived. happening now a two-day strike underway at two bay area nursing homes. they are at the san francisco nursing center and the san rafael healthcare and wellness center. nursing assistants, housekeepers walked off the job. they are owned by different companies, but workers at both places say they are upset about changes to their healthcare plans. san francisco supervisor john avalos and other community leaders are expected to join the picket lined speak today. the san francisco police department is stepping up efforts to recruit asian women. right now asian women make up 1.5% of officers on the police force. the department leaders say they are constantly working to make the department a better reflection of the community it serves. >> i speak a little bit of cantonese. i am you will able to bridge that -- i am able to bridge that gap, communication barrier when i get on scene and help out on
8:37 am
officer that has a japanese speaking victim. >> and she is speaking out the need for female asian officers. more women will come forward wanting to join. we could learn today whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty in the charlotte church massacre. 21-year-old dyllan roof wanted to plead guilty to the 33 federal charges he is facing. his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty until the prosecution decides on whether or not to seek the death penalty. roof is charged with killing nine people at the historic emmanuel ame charge in charleston, south carolina, june 17. today is the deadline for pretrial motions. two men in poland think they found a legendary nazi train that vanished during the final weeks of world war ii and was rumored to be filled with gold, gems and precious metals. the men have not physically seen the train, but they think it's buried in southwestern poland.
8:38 am
they want to file a finder's claim with the local government. under polish law treasure hunters can keep 10% of the value of what they find. it's believed germans sent that train away. president obama will visit with new orleans residents next week to mark the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. it wiped out parts of the gulf coast. the storm surge flooded large sections of new orleans. nearly 2,000 people died due to the storm. the white house says the president will meet with the mayor of new orleans as well as residents who spent the past decade rebuilding their lives. gasia, back to politics. hillary clinton's campaign spent another day trying to control damage from her continuing e-mail controversy. >> meantime, jeb bush and donald trump tangled with each other in new hampshire. doug luzader has the latest from washington. >> reporter: at this stage of the game it's all about energy enthusiasm and donald trump is
8:39 am
drawing some pretty big crowds in the critical states. literally embracing the flag, donald trump walked onstage for a town hall event in new hampshire and almost immediately went after the republican who was seen as the establishment favorite heading into this race. >> right down the road we have jeb. very small crowd. we have 2500. you have the best real estate, by the way. >> reporter: jeb bush was holding a town hall event in new hampshire and offered a dig of his own on trump. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. he was a democratic longer in the last decade than a republican. has given more money to democrats. >> reporter: there was also some concentrated fire on the democratic tropical frontrunner hillary clinton whose e-mail issues will not go away. her campaign quickly arranged a conference call with reporters after more specifics came to
8:40 am
light about two e-mails that passed through clinton's private computer server that may have contained classified information. >> the question becomes where do we go from here? does it get worse? the hope for the clinton campaign is this just turns into a bump of gobly gook about e-mails. >> reporter: and hillary clinton's personal lawyer meantime has confirmed that her e-mail server was, in fact, wiped clean before the clinton team turned it over to the fbi. in washington, doug luzader, "fox news." >> all right. 8:40. you are out at a restaurant. you take a picture of your plate. want to share it with your friends on social media. everybody does it. you think it's interesting? but coming up we will tell you where a judge ruled that instagraming your food could put you in legal trouble. getting ready for the big one. we go to my house to give you much needed and known advice
8:41 am
before the next strong earthquake strikes here in the bay area. we are looking at the east bay chute. you can see slow traffic this morning. but also the marin commute. we are going to check that out for you and show you what novato is up to coming up. i am looking around seeing a big fog bank and cooler, breezy temps for inland areas. not so much the coast. they have already cooled down. we will see how long this pattern is going to last.
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8:44 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". we are thinking about earthquakes after the one we had this week. it's on a lot of people's mind. that quake on monday. this coming monday is one year since the quake on napa. >> you saw the red cross evaluate my earthquake stash at home. food, water, supplies like that. now lets go inside the house for some lessons in safety during an earthquake and again here going to see my first instinct turned out to be wrong. >> growing up in the bay area we were taught to get under a doorway. but you are saying that's not the case any more? >> i don't know if that has ever been the case. the doorways are not the safest place to be. >> reporter: she says doors are cut out. can't hold any weight. >> get into the space between these two windows as close to the wall as i can and make
8:45 am
myself as small as i can and curl my head towards my knees and cover my head and neck. >> reporter: crow says the dining table can be the perfect place to take cover. >> of course, you always want to teach your family to drop, cover, and hold on. so anything is happening, you definitely want to get away from the fireplace, hide from the chandelier, and you go under the table. >> reporter: i got points for the museum puppy holding down decorative vases. all the other stuff has to go. >> anything that's not bolted or secured to the wall or to the surface will become flying objects. >> reporter: like that painting? >> exactly. like your phone right now, if you forgot that it was here, it would become a flying object. the crayons right there will become flying objects. and then they become hazards on two levels. they ask injure you while they are flying. the other thing is that they will break on the floor or be
8:46 am
scattered on the floor. if you have a habit of walking in flip-flops or barefoot, you have actually a large chance of getting injured just simply by walking through your house. >> reporter: brick fireplaces can be dangerous. what should we do when it hits? >> i would get away, as far away from the brick, from the fireplace as possible. again the table is your good defense. one of the things that you are concerned with is that the brick will crumble and it also may become that flying object and brick is very heavy. >> reporter: in the end i asked crow to grade me. >> i would give your overall household preparedness a grade of b. it's a great effort. it's a really great effort. b. and i would say you need to do a little bit of studying. the most common mistake is people don't take preece seriously.
8:47 am
one person makes a plan, makes the kit, the rest of the family doesn't know what's going on. so as luck of the draw always happens, the person who built everything is not there when something happens and the family is completely stranded. >> she also says that every family needs two meeting places. one close to the home, maybe your mailbox and another one farther away if your entire neighborhood is unsafe. if a major earthquake hits and your family is individual out at the time, work, school, you want to have a place to go to reconnect. dave, you have a family as well. i cringed at the thought of being separated from my family and not knowing if they need my help, if they survived. that's why every family needs the meeting spot as well as a out of town contact. call your aunt in florida and say when my husband calls tell him okay. it's the first thing we did when the quake hit on monday morning. we called our families. called home. that's peace of mind that you can find in an emergency. >> you got to be.
8:48 am
so you are -- you got a b. you are doing pretty good. i think it was like c-minus. we can get better. >> and we have a detailed list of what should be in your earthquake kit and more information from the red cross at time is 8:47. sal casteneda grew up in the bay area. sal, did you learn something? we have been hearing this message all our lives. it's a good reminder. >> it makes me think that i need to have things that are like the vases that you had. i am going to get with you about that museum putty. there you go. other stuff, too. good morning, everyone. let's if out and take a look. one of the reasons why we have seismically safe bridges like the san mateo bridge, even though it's moving along he slowly, it's safe as you head out to foster city. you can see it's slow. there was a problem over there on highway 101. it's clear. but traffic is slow on southbounds 101 through san mateo. let's go to the map. southbound 101 through novato a minor accident.
8:49 am
traffic slow from 37 to central san rafael. also looking still at 580 slow through livermore and dublin. at the bay bridge toll plaza let's watch that. traffic is backed up for 20 minutes before you make it onto the span. today's weather seems cloudy to start. let's go to steve. >> for most it is. for some inland areas there is some sun. the breaks are few and far between closer to the coast and bay. there is just too much fog and low clouds and our cooler pattern, boy, did it kick in in a big way. started early monday on the coast. the inland temps were in the 100s. not now. 80s on the high side. low-to-mid 80s. west at livermore higher humidity. cooler temps. there is a breeze. it's more of a sea breeze. that will help many statewide firefighters, but also the tesla fire. wind gusts 30 out of travis. 37 altamont pass towards the delta 25 to 30. a westerly or at least some
8:50 am
hint of that. 60s or 50s on the temps. warm ocean temps holding a few up. a little clearing to the for the later, sonoma, marin coast. a roaring breeze for some. mild near the coast even though it's cool now. 60s and 70s and then inland temps now coming down, continuing to drop. 80s. this pattern looks like it's here for a while with only subtle day to day changes. the extended outlook is what is interesting towards early september. >> what a change. >> yeah. there is a lot going on. >> yeah. all right. >> all right. >> okay. we will get back to you, steve. all right. well, researchers have now figured out how one gene is tied to make people fat. scientists from mit and harvard say the problem is when people have a faulty version of that gene it causes energy to be stored as fat instead of burning it. now studies show the gene could be manipulated to reverse the problem. they say that could lead to new
8:51 am
drugs that affect metabolism. drugs now focus on short-term weight loss aimed at appetite and brain function. be careful what you post online even if they are what you consider harmless images of food at a restaurant. under german law, a photo of a carefully arranged meal could violate copyright laws. they say you are taking a photo of work done by a chef. they wonder if this law will spread to other countries which would spark a crocdown on people's posts. a high school jazz band getting ready to take center stage at the monterey jazz festival. this band of northgate high school was busy practicing last night for their gig in cement. the northgate jazz band was
8:52 am
selected to play at the festival after they won top honors at a youth jazz competition earlier this year. they are scheduled to play at the festival september 20th. 8:51 kelly clarkston back in the headlines this morning. [music]. >> what she revealed to fans in l.a. yesterday that totally came out of the blue coming up next.
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8:54 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". you know, it's been 30 years since that 1980s classic movie "the goonies." hundreds of hundreds of advance are gathering in astoria, oregon. "goonies" lovers are going to the house and the museum where the jail scenes were shot. a lot of fans are dressing like their favorite characters and they are doing the truffle shuffle. >> how about th une knees
8:55 am
about "goonies." not everyone is happy. a house used in the movie has been closed to visitors after the woman who owns it says she is tired of thousands of people who visit every day. you see the blue tarp is up as well as signs saying access closed. officials say the home attracts about 1500 visitors every day. another house can be yours for the right price. >> i will help you catch them, clarice. >> from the 1991 movie "silence of the lambs" is on the market. its going to cost you $300,000. the three-story victorian was used as the home of the psychotic killer buffalo bill. as gorgeous as it is, don't expect to find a dungeon like in the movie. the dungeon doesn't exist. big changes coming to the
8:56 am
nation's biggest movie theater chain. regal will start checking bags before you can enter the movie theater. this is in the wake at several movie theaters nationwide. regal knows checking bags will be an inconvenience, but it will be better for security there. the company operates 570 theaters around the country, including locations in oakland, dublin, and san ramon. kelly clarkston shared big knows with her fans. >> >> totally pregnant. >> not just a little pregnant. totally pregnant. that happened as she as performing at the staples center in los angeles yesterday. she made the surprise announcement. she and her husband brandon black met in 2013. they have a daughter, river rose. she sky rock connected to fame
8:57 am
after winning -- sky rocketed to fame after winning the 2002 season. let's look at the commute here at the toll plaza. it is backed up for a 25-minute delay. a couple of incidents made things slow. 880 is slow into oakland and hayward and fremont. finally this morning lacking at looking at 580. it's slow. ending with a fog bank. cooler and breezy even for independance areas and don't see much change for a while. >> it's helping firefighters? >> much help. higher humidity. cooler temps. >> we are on top of that fire that's burning east of livermore. fire crews happy to see the news that you brought us. the cool-down is here to stay for a bit? >> into the weekend easy. why he. >> that's our report. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> you can always catch up with us on, our mobile app. thanks for joining us.
8:58 am
have a great morning today.
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