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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 20, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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yes, sir. >> you're going to get hurt. >> some brave guys hold a robbery suspect as they wait for police to arrive. now meet the target of the attack, who is grateful those good samaritans. >> thank you so much. >> they were absolutely amazing. a motorcyclist goes for it on a wide open road. >> and he's almost hitting 70, he's loving this ride. >> see what finally clips his wings. >> straight out of compton. >> first came straight outta compton, now comes straight outta gotham. >> you know i never lose.
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>> the parody video that will be a blockbuster, too. and an update on that girl friend's revenge, even if the video was staged. he still put his manhood on the line. we grill the cheating boyfriend whethert's real or there's may some padding in there. >> that's not me. >> yes, sir. >> a heartfelt and emotional interaction here caught on camera, in nashville, tennessee. the man you see behind the wheel is a suspected robber. the woman you hear is his victim. >> in the name of jesus, you don't have to do that, if you would ask me for anything i would have helped you. >> whoa. >> and she's already forgiving him. >> all of these people would have helped you. >> keviner mosley is the victim.
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she parked her car and left her purse sitting on the seat. the man grabbed her purse and grabbed a box of doughnuts out of her car, ran over to this car here. she made a lot of noise, that got bystanders' attention, where these three men stepped in, and restrained izell graham. they're holding on to him as they wait for police to arrive. >> wow, wow, they are really holding him down. >> yep. >> oh! >> calm down. >> within minutes, metro police arrive. he is arrested, and taken in. now, there's an interesting twist to this. tempera is an insurance adviser, and talks about how to reduce your risk of getting robbed. she herself here a momentary lapse of reason, joins us "right this minute" via skype. my gosh, thank goodness you're okay. >> yes, i'm good i'm okay. you're right it was a lapse on my part, but i know a different nashville than i experienced.
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>> tell us about the good samaritans that helped you out. >> we set up lunch dates and having drinks later. they were absolutely amazing. >> what about the suspect? did you get a chance to talk to him? >> i talked at him. he was not a communicator. >> your mother taught you better than this. >> ahh! >> tell us about what you were saying, because you had just been robbed and you already seemed to have forgiveness in your heart. >> i believe we shouldn't be bad as a person. we should be upset with the action. yes forgiveness was there. >> take us through the moment right after he grabbed your purse, how did you get the attention of these other people? >> it turns out some of the ladies who were at the pump themselves were also aware of their surroundings, so they had started calling police. but for me, i knew to take off running and to yell for help. >> sit. >> graham was arrested and police believe he was involved
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in four recent robberies. three counts of robbery, two counts of attempted robbery, aggravated burglary, evading arest and theft, being held in lieu of $125,000 bopped. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. this first video i'm going to show you is an example of exactly what a motorcycle ride should look like. this guy is on his kawasaki zxofr. >> wow, you really emphasized that. >> this guy is zipping through the street. >> he just burst through a stop sign and popped a wheelie. >> you can see maybe he's pushing his riding just a little bit. >> you can't blame him, a road like this and that kind of bike is intoxicating. >> almost hitting 70, loving this ride but watch what happens as he gets to this turn. oh! >> shoot! >> that's his own fault.
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>> yes. >> oh! i thought it was going to hold it together. was that road a little bit wet? >> says that when he was on that corner, it felt like it was sand, and that kind of sent him off toward the other lane, and he does admit he was going faster than he should have been. he picks up his motorcycle and you see that he's okay, with the exception of a broken collarbone. now at this intersection you see that vehicles are crossing the way here. looks like there's already an accident up here with the red and the white car, right? >> um-hum. >> at this point the light turns green for the driver that has the dash cam. we're seeing the other vehicles that are in front of us crossing the other way are now on the red light. this white mercedes to the right of us notices that that blue car and the white car in front are running a red light so he guys to signal to them. check this out. the driver of that white car didn't like that, decides to
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show the driver in the white suv a little dinger. look how quickly karma turns on you. >> that's what you get. the owner of al ma street live in new zealand wants to catch these two young folks. they've got a pile of eggs and they are throwing them at this car. not just a few eggs, it's quite a few. one of these young lads has his phone out and he's filming it. >> i'm sure we could probably find it on youtube. these guys are stupid enough to go out and do this, i bet they're stupid enough to upload it and brag about it. >> the owner of the bar wants anybody who knows the guys to see what they posted online let the police know what happened. >> eggs can damage paint a lot. that's a big mess to clean up. somebody did this to me once and it cost a lot of money to fix. little punks. more shenanigans at a different bar, this one in
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sropshire england. this stuff falling off the counters but nobody there. the owner says he came in the morning, found broken glass on the floor, so he decided to check the video out and when he saw the video he says he was a little creeped out by it. >> what if it's ghosts? >> in the uk these pubs are hundreds of years old. i can go with that. >> you were on to something when you mentioned legends that go with the pubs. the legend is that there were two children in the basement hundreds of years ago, their mom left them to go do something and they drowned because you wereth trapped and couldn't get out. ghosts, poller it gei er polter? they say that imitation is the sincerist form of flattery and with straight outta compton dominating the theaters in america, it's no surprise we get the paryidth need, parody video
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deser deserv deserve. ♪ >> straight out of gotham, the guys casternet created hilarious cover of "straight outta compton" by nwa, it goes through the batman mythology of all the bad guys. >> they're committed, too, the costumes, the makeup. >> what's up? >> tell them where you're from. ♪ straight out of gotham ♪ batman and robin ♪ and the start of the end at the end of time ♪ ♪ i'm the center of the beat and i surround every rhyme ♪ ♪ d-e-f spells def but i'm hype ♪ >> what about the joker?
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>> you can't have this out the crowned prince. ♪ ♪ you're the one who is going to die next ♪ ♪ when it comes to rap you all better listen ♪ ♪ i be busting rimes like i'm busting out of prison ♪ an amish farm is on fire and lots of people are trying to cool things off. see what happens next. >> whoa! plus what better way to celebrate your 36th birthday than -- >> to go out and do 36 tricks. >> the story behind his nearly skateboarding traditio
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thick black smoke rises into the air in a rural part of maryland in charlotte hall on an amish farm and lots of people working around trying to get this fire under control but before they even have a chance
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to really cool things off, watch what happens. >> whoa! what were they storing there? >> a massive fireball erupts into the air, apparently that fire had gotten into a fuel tank stored in that barn. look at the people run and scatter. despite the size of that explosion, no reported injuries to any of the firefighters or the amish volunteers that showed up to put this out. >> once it goes you think this it's this small explosion and it builds and builds. >> sending a mushroom cloud into the air of thick black smoke. the barn gone. down in tao paolo, brazil, a puff of smoke burst out the building to the right side as the car went by, doesn't look to be too terrible. what was that? take a look at the aftermath of that incident. >> what the -- >> the building collapsed?
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>> the building collapsed after an explosion inside that building. they also believe that was a gas tank fueled explosion, two people trapped inside, firefighters working to extricate two women. they were able to get them out. the injuries were not serious. however they were sent to the hospital. imagine that, surviving that blast and that collapse. >> i'm surprised they weren't crushed to death by the debris. the thing crumbles into itself. >> the whole thing just came down. tim mckinley on his 36th birthday decides to do 36 tricks. you can teach an old skateboarder new tricks it turns out. the beginning it looks like tim's ailles heel is rdls left, right and center. quickly he starts getting into it. i wondered this say fun thing to do on your birthday. i started snooping around the youtube channel it was posted on, which apparently his girlfriend, there was another video from a year ago he did 35 tricks on his birthday, but then i found this video as well,
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which is tim skating through cancer. he's a survivor of testicular cancer. shows you moments from his surgery and recovery and all the time he continues skating so i think these videos he puts out every year are a little bit thumbing his nose at cancer. >> he should. that's exactly the way it should be. this baby has the giggles because dad is spraying the dog with water. >> oh. >> and that dog is thinking -- we have to do it for the baby. >> as cute as the dog is, when the little baby is laughing it's cuter. >> bronte needs a bath. he went to the dog park recently in phoenix, arizona. eventually realizes wait a minute there is a mud puddle in the dog park.
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>> oh, no. >> bronte. bronte. bronte. >> gosh, that is the worst thing ever. >> and hug the other dog and share the pain. >> oh my gosh, she's covered in mud. you guys look at that, she just rolls in it. >> bronte. get your dog. >> several times. >> that's one of the moments because like they say, this is arizona, not exactly the wettest place, not like you're going to have all the towels with you in your car. now it's like what do you do? walk the dog home outside the car while you're driving down the road? >> notice how she goes back to the hole. >> she's just like all in. >> bronte's owner did not expect she'd have to spend three hours at the dog park bathing this dog. the cheating situation that caused some serious heat. >> was this real or was it set up? >> it's the real deal. >> into, really? >> he says it's the real deal, but do you think he's blowing
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smoke? >> get out of here! plus a new way to hit the water ways. the new invention that will leave you thinking -- it >> why didn't we think of this?
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closed captioning provided by -- w ericica.a. gogoldld b bonond d popowd. cocoolol, , drdry,y, a anynyt. ststayay c cooool!l!
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helplp m me.e. [[ m malale e ana] relief starts now. gogoldld b bonond d ra. two i itctch-h-fig medicines ininsstatantntlyle summer itches. gogoldld b bonond.d. it's hard to believe that new sports are still being invented in 2015. i'm sorry, i didn't see this one coming. maybe i should have. brand new way to traverse the waterways. oh, yeah, it's kind of part surfboard, part paddleboard, part jet ski, all eco-friendly. >> oh. why didn't we ever think of this? that's so obvious. >> right? >> in retrospect, of course. >> it looks like a blast. this is put out by a company called odian an electric jet board and looks like it's a blast. >> this is great, the rivers are so calm and flat, you're curving
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your way up the canyons. i want in, i want to do this. how can we do this? >> you don't have to do any of the work. all you have to do is get your balance right and go. >> you don't have to paddle out, no giant waves rolling you, in sharks, nothing, no saltwater in your face with the sand. i'm down for this. >> preorder yours right now, two models available, the carver and the manta. one is more nimble than the other. not exactly cheap, around 3800 bucks in that neighborhood depending which model you get. >> 3800? >> yes. >> i'm out. lions ice cream party. ♪
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>> remember this video with this guy sleeping, deep in his dreams. >> yes. >> when the girlfriend comes on up, pours some what looks like nail polish remover on his hoo-hoo, and then proceeds to light it on fire. >> she basically turned him into a candle. >> he immediately wakes up, when she starts screaming at him. >> [ bleep ] cheat on me with my [ bleep ] co-worker and you didn't think i'd find out? >> kicks him out of the house. we were a bit skeptical about the authenticity of this video because dominic lowe, the guy in the video, also has other videos that he shared with other very similar dramatic instances. >> oh. >> we definitely have it down but he still put his manhood on the line, even if it is a prank. >> well, to tell us exactly what the heck happened, we have dominic lowe via skype "right this minute." welcome to the show.
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>> hey! >> so we have to know, was this real or was it set up? >> it's the real deal. >> no. really? >> yeah, she caught me while i was sleeping. i guess she set the camera up to whatever and did what she did because she was upset. >> wait, so is your -- you know, junk injured? >> i put a little bit of neosporin on it and wrapped it up with some tissue, put a rubber band to hold it in place. >> get out of here! >> what about the other ones that you put out, they came across as a bit more staged. >> those ones i made, and this one she took my phone and set it up. and she did everything herself, like she put my name on the video, let all the girls know it's me, don't mess with me, i'm a cheater. >> so if this is true, why did you cheat on her? >> i didn't know something like that was going to happen. i didn't know i'd get caught. she went through my phone while i was sleeping and saw pictures
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and videos. >> you are an entertainer, known online and what your facebook page says. that leads us to believe this is still set up and maybe you're in character now. >> i don't recommend anybody setting their junk on fire. it hurts. it hurts. it stings. it burns so i wouldn't recommend it, even as a joke. >> dominic, i don't care whether it's set up or not, you took the heat for this one, you created a great video, so i give it to you, man. >> i feel like i deserve it, but not to that extent. she didn't have to do that. other people can learn from my experience, don't cheat on a good woman, everyone. >> i hope you fully recover. >> i'll be all right. just keep on putting some neosporin on it and hold it in place with a rubber band. if you've ever had trouble texting while holding your umbrella -- >> somebody's come up with a solution. >> see if this foambrella is for you. wewe s snanap p itit.. wewe s statackck i it.
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we have all been there, trying to hold an umbrella, make a phone call, hold two bags at the same time, do multiple things while you have an umbrella in your hand. that makes things more difficult for you. well, a korean company k.t. design has come up with a solution. she handed him her umbrella. >> she walked up to a perfect stranger and forced an umbrella into his hand. >> what you're looking at is the phonebrella. you can have a hands free umbrella so you can text or call someone without having to juggle
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your umbrella in your hand, along with your phone. >> dumb idea. >> i'm with you. >> a lot of umbrellas already have that loop. that's what i do already. >> does this do anythi,tooth, a? >> it doesn't do anything else. it has a counter weight at the bottom so it's comfortable and doesn't slip off your arm. it worn the red dot design award in germany, best of the best out of 7400 entries from 53 countries, they picked this. >> what? what else was the competition?! hope you had fun. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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