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tv   Ten O Clock News on KTVU  FOX  August 20, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. authorities use a helicopter to remove marijuana plants hidden in the hill, but they found more than pot, and it's off worse than weed. >> that illegal pot farm that
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was raided today is only part of the problem. sheriffs deputies found hundreds of pounds of waste and environmental hazards that could be more damaging. it was found near a public hiking trail, and near land owned by star wars creator george lucas. many people consider the chemicals found the bigger concern here. deborah? >> reporter: yes, chemicals and water divergence, both rampant. this road mark's popular hiking area, and it was a hiker that spotted the plants. by pot farm standards, this was small potato, fewer than 100 pants on land -- plants on land
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close to that of film maker george lucas. >> he's not wild about having his land members of the juried with this. >> reporter: -- mentioned with this. >> reporter: this time of year it's not unusual for hikers to stumble on illegal grows. >> we're talking pesticides, items used by the growers to try and protect the growing operation. >> reporter: a ton of waste hauled out in just a day. trash, plastic, toxic chemicals from both this side and another further west. this area known as laurel canyon will take weeks to clean up. >> >. it's snot so much the issue of the marijuana, it's the issue of the hazardous material, the pesticide, and
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poisons left behind. >> reporter: they're more distressed by the pollution than anything else. >> >. i think people are more concerned about the environmental damage. >> reporter: would you recognize it if you saw it growing out here? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: the plants are scattered across a couple of acres. >> i hike here once a week and never seen anything like that, so it's unusual. >> it's beautiful country out here, and i want to can't to utilize it for mountain biking and running, so yeah, it's upsetting. >> reporter: more raids to come. the sheriffs have been tipped to other things as well. no arrests, in fact no one was around when the police showed up. >> it's interesting hearing the woman say she wouldn't recognize a pot grow if she saw
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one. do you think how far off the trail this grow was? >> reporter: this trail head goes up a few mile, and it's a few miles off that, but someone coming up the public trail could easily access the areas, and there are cameras here, but most of them stop once you get off the road. >> good eyes from that person that spotted it. thank you. a car chase in the east bay this evening ending in piedmont with a crash and man hunt. the canine unit called in to her with the search. it happened near east 22nd street. police spotted a stolen vehicle with two people inside and gave chase testimony car then spun
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out -- chase. the car then spun out. they captured the passenger, the search for the driver is on going. a freak accident between an amtrak train and pickup truck near brentwood this evening sent two people to the hospital. it happened around 2:45. the force of the collision sent the truck into the river and landed on a woman floating on a raft. both were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. on wall street stocks were crushed today, each of the big three following more than 2 percent. the dow jumped more than 350 points, the nasdaq 141 point, and s and p is now in negative territory for 2015.
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by the closing bell it was the worst day for stocks this year, and it could be bad again top. the biggest concern -- tomorrow. the biggest concern was lackluster growth on global economy, and a federal interest rate hike hanging over the market for months. 2015 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record. the month of the july was the hottest month on earth ever. they say everything seeming out of whack. >> reporter: here at crown beach people have noticed the strange weather, and they may needed to get used to it. summer vacation is drawing to a close. this family taking advantage of what's left. they've noticed the weather this year is very different.
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>> it's been funny the last couple of days. two days ago it was hot. >> reporter: this year is on pace to be the hottest year on record according to scientists. you can see the planet lit up in orange and red, showing vast areas covered by above normal temperatures. >> i with never needed -- we need never needed -- never needed ac in the bay area, but we thought about it this year. >> reporter: it was almost one and a half degrees higher than normal in july, and it's a pattern playing out world wide. >> the hottest years on record have come in the last 25 years. >> reporter: this professor of energy says it's not just a hotter than normal year. we're seeing a shift. it's cause for concern. >> that means we don't have as
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much water stored, the amount of run off into the ocean is low, nutrient for fish are low. it changes the california ecosystem in a great deal of different ways. >> reporter: but everyone can do their part. >> be energy and water official, and if we can keep on that path we can set a remarkable standard. >> reporter: this woman says she's concerned about how climate change will effect the future for her one-year-old child. >> is it going to get worse as he grows up? >> reporter: people say they see a relation between climate change and california's drought. >> thank you, now to bill with the evidence the oceans are warmer as well. >> that's right, hints here, and that's a global deal. warmest july ever other president planet. now close tore home. the month of july was the coldest or warmest on record for overnight low, so 58.8 the
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average low, it was warmer in san francisco. how about the monterey buoy, warmest on record. el nino could be as strong as it was in 1998 and 1992, and one more thing in the pacific, we don't get a lot of atlantic hurricanes, but in the warm events we get a pacific hurricane, this is a tropical storm forecast to become a category 2 hurricane, and hit hawaii by tuesday, so there are hints things are change, and these are a couple of examples, something is going on. when i come back we'll talk about what's going on with the weekend. state wild life officials
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are talking ability a come back. -- about a come back. these wolfs have come back, these are the first wolfs to be seen in the mild california since back in -- until california since back in the 60s. rangers won't say exactly where the wolves are. former president jimmy carter began radiation treatment today for cancer, but first spoke openly about the condition saying the cancer has spread to his brain. carter says he is at peace and ready for whatever comes next. >> people here if the bay area say they remember carter's warmth and smile when he visited in 2013, and we certainly saw it today, even though he talked about the diagnosis of stage four cancer. he wore blue jeans and a
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blazer, a familiar blend of a humble georgia farmer turned us president, and now a man facing cancer. >> i thought i had just a few weeks left, but i was surprisingly at ease. >> reporter: jimmy carter talked about the liver tumors doctors removed august 3rd. relief followed by word the cancer had already spread. >> they did an mri, and found four spots of melanoma on my brain. >> reporter: it's sending him on a different journey, and he reflected on his presidency, leaving after a single term marked by the failed attempt to rescue us hostages in iran. >> i wish i sent one more helicopter to rescue them. >> reporter: for more than 30 years he traveled the world as a peacemaker, a lifetime of helping others. in 2013 he and his wife came to
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the bay area with habitat for humanity, a cause he's championed for decades. >> >. he came with his own bag of tool, it's endearing. very kind hearted and generous. he really wanted to spend time getting to know people. >> reporter: now he's become the embodiment of the carter center's creed. >> i've had a wonderful life, thousands of friends, and i've had an exciting and very gratifying existence, but now i feel, you know, it's in the hands of god, and i'll be prepared for anything that comes. >> reporter: as president carter left to begin his treatment, he received a standing ovation at the news comps, and after the treatment he plans to return home and
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teach sunday school like he's been doing for 25 years. likely won't taking a scheduled trip to nepal, but habitat staff will go in his honor. >> so what's the treatment plan for president carter? >> it's really a combination of radiation therapy and injections of a new judge that's aimed to help his immune system fight the disease. it's not a cure, but hopefully a better quality of life. thank you. a lot of people on twitter are you ever offering support for former president cart evaluation. habitat for -- carter. habitat for humanity says hearts and prayers are with them, and president obama tweeted out president carter is as good a man as they come, we're all pulling for you jimmy, and former president george h. w. bush said i spoke
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to him, we're wishing him the very best as he fights the good fight. just some of the examples of some of the tweets coming in for the former president. he got a minor traffic ticket decades ago, but now it's haunting him. why the dmv is now tracking down drivers years after an infraction. a big difference between this friday and last friday. i'll let you know what to expect into the beginning of the weekend. how warm will it get? and if you're headed to the movies this weekend and don't want to be hassled, you might want to leave your bags at home y. just ahead.
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your next night out to the movies may come with a bag check. regal entertainment is beefing you have security measures after a series of shootings. >> reporter: after incidents at theaters across the country this summer some say the experience is forever changed, but one chain homes to make people feel a lot safer with a policy change. the next time you head out to a movie don't be surprised to see this sign saying your bag or backpack is going to be inspected. the change is for customer safety. >> it's not that big of a deal, i think it's a good idea.
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>> >. i understand why, i understand that given events that have happened in the past why the need for increased security would be a concern. >> reporter: it comes after the sentencing of james holmes to life in prison after the colorado theater shooting, and then a man attacked a movie goer near nashville tennessee, and last month a gunman killed two people and himself at a theater in louisiana. regal released this statement, we acknowledge it can cause inconvenience and isn't without flaws, but hope it's worth it for the safety. >> i wasn't surprised by it. >> reporter: she had her bag checked. >> they just kind of glanced. they didn't really you know take anything out of it. >> reporter: they're joining the rank of other entertainment videos like concerts and
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sporting events, but people say if someone wants to cause harm there's no stopping them. >> i think people are seriously stick, they're not stupid, they're real devious. >> reporter: now some people also think this is a crack down by the theater on people bringing food from the outside, in big bold red letters it says no outside food or drinks. >> it's a sad sign of the times. thank you. friends, family and law enforcement officer today honored a sheriffs deputy who died while trying to help a friend. the deputy was 30 years old. he drawned last week -- drowned last week in lake tahoe. he played football at sacramento state.
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as today's service his sister talked about how happy her brother was to have a career in law enforcement, and the sheriff said he showed the highest standards. >> and he died honorably, doing what he score to do, to care for the safety of others. >> reporter: a scholarship was announced at that time in his honor to keep his memory and name alive. the city of oakland lost a round in federal court today, and it's a set back for the a marijuana dispensary, the nation's largest dispensary, serving for man 100,000 people, but the federal government tried to shut it down, saying it may be illegally selling pot to people without a medical need. the city collects taxes from harbor side, and told the court it wants to keep the dispensary
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open. they court of appeals agreed, saying the federal government can confiscate property if there's a reason. renovation plans for a golf course cleared a legal hurdle. environmental list say it threatens an endangered frog, but a court judge rejected the motion. santa rosa officials want to find who was behind the prank that made a mess in a fountain downtown. a bright green liquid was found throwing through the fountain. at first they were concerned it might be antifreeze, but it was actually harmless.
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it took about 200 gallons of water to flush out the green dye. and we're tracking the conditions around here. little bit of fog along coast pushing inland tonight, and temperatures tomorrow morning will be on the cool side again. a lot of temperatures in the 50s, and as you look at what we have now, come in a little closer, see what happens here. there it is. temperatures mostly in the 60s in the inland bay valleys, but around the bay in the upper 50s. tomorrow a lot like today, right, a lot like yesterday, a lot like saturday, a lot like sunday. this pattern is really persistent. winds gusting to 36. about right for this time of night. it will be dying down. overnight lows upper 50s and a few low 60, and then tomorrow for your friday, mostly cloudy.
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it doze away early, pretty quickly, and then warms up. this is the temperature footprint pushed into tomorrow, it's really pretty much as we go down, this pattern persists, which is good, the air quality is up but it will be keel. that's your friday. we'll talk about saturday and sunday, which day of the week will be the warmest, and when we can expect the first rain dr dropyoyou back here. traffic tickets from years ago return to haunt drivers. >> >. i couldn't even remember the occasion where the ticket had occurred. >> >. we investigate why old tickets are suddenly surfacing decades later, and how you can find out before the dmv. >> >. and the giants make a move to get help for the depleted outfield. >> but first fire progress,
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what's left and what's lost near livermore. i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
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new developments now, in alameda county. firefighters are gaining ground on the tesla fire. it quickly burned 2500 acres yesterday afternoon and last night near livermore, but tonight crews have it 45 percent contained. john sews us the progress -- shows us the progress they've made. >> reporter: the hills are still smoldering one day later. >> we have pockets of unburned fuel close to the line, so we'll be reinforcing them through the night and tomorrow. >> reporter: it started wednesday amp and within hours spread across 2500 acres. >> the sky was turning color, and it was getting pretty scary actually. the whole sky changed. >> reporter: you can see how close the fire burned to her
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home. the crews stood their ground saving hers and other numerous homes. >> it looks like we were just like godden in the middle of all this flame, so we're really happy. >> reporter: when you see that what goes through your head? >> oh my god, i could have lost everything. everything. >> reporter: we all know how dry the fuels are out here, and it only takes spark and wind to wreak havoc. >> last night the winds gusted to 35 miles an hour, and that didn't help the containment picture. >> reporter: this is the only house lost in the fire, and no one lived there. >> a former residence department that was abandon -- residence that was set to be
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demolished was lost. >> reporter: one area in the middle is seeing active flames, and the danger there is still high. >> because they have the potential to throw embers across the line, we're worried about that with some of the area, particularly as the afternoon and evening winds pick up. >> i'm just so thankful to all the firefighters and i just really feel blessed. >> reporter: investigators tell me they're still trying to determine what caused the tesla fire. east of livermore, kutv, fox news. we are learning more tonight about the three firefighters killed battling the huge wildfire in washington state. here are pictures of the three men. they were 20, 26, and 31, and all member of an engine company from central washington. they were battling a fire when their vehicle crashed last night. before they could escape flames rolled over them and killed
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them, injuring four others nearby. hundreds of people are evacuated from homes because of this fear. license plate cameras on garbage trucks. the concerns on how they'll be used. and a change in federal rules could mean an old traffic ticket comes back to haunt you.
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tonight we investigate how one mistake behind the wheel 2,000 miles away came back to haunt a bay area man 30 years later. >> i didn't know that at the age of 24 i would do something to mess me up when i was 56. >> it's an issue popping up unexpectedly for more and more colorado driver that is once -- california drivers that once got a traffic ticket out of state. >> how a change in federal rules is really catching some
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folks off guard. >> >. it sure is. it used to be something only commercial drivers had to worry about, now anyone with an unresolved issue with their driving record in another state can lose their license here in california no matter how small the problem or how long ago it happened. >> reporter: for this 56-year- old handy man, these tools and a working set of wheels are his lifeline. >> if you're not driving, you're not working. >> i can't do anything, i can't carry tools on the bus. >> reporter: that's why he was so worried when he got this notice warning his license was about to be canceled because his license was revoked in another state. specifically illinois. >> i kept believe it. couldn't even remember the -- couldn't believe it. i couldn't even remember the event. >> reporter: he eventually remembered it was an illegal u-
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turn in chicago in 1984. >> i was driving a pinto with a floorboard eaten out. >> reporter: with no money to pay the ticket he made a fateful decision. at least until he moved to oakland in the early 90s. he got a california license and drove with no problem until the note from the dmv last year, but clearing up the old debt in the windy city was hardly a breeze. >> they said we have no record of that ticket, there's no record, the records are just gone. it's too long ago for this to happen. >> reporter: then how did they find you? >> >. well, i think they have a data base. >> reporter: the dmv tells us the federal government changed the rules in 2007 requiring a check of the national driver
10:33 pm
register for anyone applying for a license renewal. >> we want to know did you have a lot of tickets or dui in another state? we want to make sure roads are after. >> reporter: he says he doesn't get the profile of a problem driver, but by the time he could clear up the ticket his damage was gone. his california license was briefly suspended. >> my insurance company dropped me from the good driver program, and that's difficult. it's a matter, really it's like wrecking somebody's present. >> reporter: a sacramento lawyer has been handling these cases for more than 20 years. even he was surprised when we told him about this experience. >> they're not wrong in honoring the other state's action, they're not wrong in
10:34 pm
doing that, but what doesn't seem right is, you know, pulling something from 20 years ago. >> reporter: experts say a solution so mail a written with for a check of your name to the data base. the website explains how to do it, but hindsight is little help to eric. >> i really believe that i should have paid that ticket, i wish i had the first time around. i didn't know that at the age of 24 aisled do something to mess me up when i was 56. >> and after all that he says the whole thing cost him about a hundred dollars to clear it up. he lost a job in the process, insurance rates nearly doubled. to check your name on the national driver rejected the city, you have to mail a notarized -- registry, you have to pail a notarized letter, not over the phone.
10:35 pm
we have instructions on >> okay thank you. if you have a tip for 2 investigates we'd like to hear from you, e-mail us at or call us. caitlyn jenner could be charged with involuntary manslaughter for a wreck. the district attorney is expected to review the report next week. the accident happened while jonathan pollard was -- jenner was transitioning from bruce. and today kids who couldn't afford a hair cut got to go to
10:36 pm
the urban barber college and get a free hair cut for school. the number was way up. 128 free hair cuts were given to students. tracking the forecast, into the weekend and beyond. we'll be talking about the long range forecast, and when things heat up again. a claim of responsibility for a car bomb camming up.
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an explosion in cairo wounded 29 people, most of them police officers.
10:39 pm
it happened around 2:00 not morning, so not a lot of people on the streets. the egyptian branch of isis took responsibility. so far it's avoided attack that is kill civilians. >> reporter: and emergency legislation was passed to fix a glitch with california's high school exit exam. thousands of students are in limbo because they have to pass it before graduation, but the state stopped offering it. the new legislation allows students to graduate as long as they meet all state requirements. the unified district decided to by pass state law last week and award did i employee pas, even -- diplomas, even without the example. and there are a number of big races this weekend. >> but that's just part of outdoor fun around the bay. >> we start in the city of
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oakland, the 2015 breast cancer challenge is saturday. registration starts at 8:30 a.m. and then the sixth annual giant race, and how about some accordions? it's one of the largest festivals of them in the world. and then the 2015aloha out rigger competition, and then the napa blues and brews. this family friendly event ones from 3:00 to 6:00.
10:41 pm
stanford is opening its doors to families, watch a free live practice from 2:00 o'clock in the morning until the afternoon, and the state band festival is saturday, the 49ers host the cowboys, that's your weekend watch. the forecast for your weekend is also right around the corner. >> up next a garbage truck that does more than pick up trash. the plan for license plate readers that's raising privacy concerns.
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new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus. state leaders are
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considering putting a new tool on garbage trucks, license plate readers, but privacy groups are already raising a stink. >> reporter: never in a million years did garden city sanitation think their trucks would be used for anything more than to pick up trash, let alone a crime fighting tool. >> it would be a good day if we happened to drove by a car that was used to abduct a child, and that child was found safe. >> reporter: the city of san jose is exploring putting readers on garbage trucks. >> we have to think outside the box. >> reporter: they call the idea suggested by a police captain a no brainer since the trucks travel every street once a week, covering way more ground than a place car, but privacy
10:45 pm
advocates question how the data will be stored. >> people expect liberty, but if that's recorded and tracked that information could be used to harm them. >> reporter: in response they say there shouldn't be an expectation of privacy given the cars are out in the public. >> i think it's a great idea. >> it's a private company, why do they get the power? >> reporter: but there's a lot of question. where will the readers will installed in are they compatible, and how much will it cost? each reader is about $13,000, so it wouldn't be until the next year until the plan is
10:46 pm
implemented. a addition not to e tend paid maternity leave -- a decision not to extend paid maternity leave has been made by netflix. the decision is criticized by women's rights groups. and we have a better than average chances of seeing rain fall in an el nino year. hurricane danny could drive up the eastern seaboard. we'll track that. and we get more tropical disturbance, we have a lunch
10:47 pm
going towards hawaii. here's the latest, tropical depression, but soon a named storm. we'll be watching that. talking about the global pattern, and a lot of things are not doing what you expect them to do this year, and we're right in the middle of it with temperatures tomorrow that are going to be slightly cooler than you might expect, and certainly along the coast, a lot of low clouds and fog, and that'll be around tomorrow morning, so san francisco as you get going you start off at 59, cloudy downtown and all day, the sun will peak through allyl -- peek through a little, but if you're out there you'll have fog all day. starts off foggy, partly sunny at lunchtime, and sunny all day. when you might expect. low clouds overnight, does a number of the fire danger,
10:48 pm
that's been good, but is indicative of the low sitting here all winter, or summer, pardon me. giving us mild patterns as we see more fog and cooler pat weres. now the ocean is warm ethan usual thanks what's interesting. that came from the global report today. the planet is warmer as a whole, but also the ocean is warmer than normal, and now the oceans go, if they're warm, the atmosphere warm, the atmosphere reacts to the oceans, so as we take a look at the five-day forecast, you can sigh we're into a nice mild pattern that'll stick around, and a nice weekend ahead, and the fire danger is always high, but not as high as it could be. >> and that's good. thanks. >> thank you, bill.
10:49 pm
sports is ahead, plus the problem delaying repairs on a broken water main.
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10:51 pm
some folks in oakland don't have running water tonight. crews were trying to fix a broken water pipe and
10:52 pm
discovered a broken sewer line that has to be fixed first, and that won't be done until at least tomorrow. the water line broke 4:00 this morning, and left about a dozen properties without water service. east bay mud say it is water main dates back to 1933, and they say it may have been compromised in the ground movement from the earthquake monday. >> and we thought it was going to be a rough road trip to the giant, and it turned out to be that. >> yes, a rough go of it in st. louis, and then pittsburgh. in the it's about time category, they make a move to bring in some help, and if you watched the game this evening you saw how badly they need someone who can swing a brat. first inning peavy, ground rule
10:53 pm
double, 1-0. and then neil walker a smash to right. ninth inning only six hits for the giants, two outs, grounder to second, that ends it. temperature base runners stranded for the giants tonight. 4-0 the final. tonight's performance on the offense underscoring the need for a deal. byrd acquired, he's 37, but has 19 home runs. his presence will be much appreciated. he's going to be in the line up tomorrow night in pittsburgh, can't get here soon enough. maybe the most mysterious 49er team in at least a decade after the disastrous off and, no one
10:54 pm
really has a clue as to how these guys will do, so they have a stabilized force in the back field, more than solid in his first year, and he knows who to look for and what he likes. >> i like the young guy, big safeties that can run, keep is of those guys -- some of those guys, continues to put good film out there, and we'll continue to progress through the seen, and day in and day out, you know, constantly get better. >> the hits just keep oncoming, that's not a sentence anyone in the league wants to here.
10:55 pm
robert griffin iii was trampled after fumble the ball. he's not going to get up any time soon. that wasn't the only incident. he was hit six time, sacked three in a meaningless pre- season game. it's believed he suffered a concussion. no estimate as to how much time he'll miss. and once there was a time tiger would be at his absolute best, but at this stage his best comes from the pressure eased a bit. ize best round since 2013, nice chip for birdie. nice touch for the putt, two back of the leaders after one round. when you have a roster loaded with talent, you can afford to draft what you'd call a project or two, and that's what wares
10:56 pm
is. he just had surgery, but it was deemed a complete success, but he'll be off the floor four to six months. and last night we showed you steph curry on the jimmy kimmel show, tonight his comrade is in asian promoting his brand and taste testing. >> his reaction as we're looking at it again, but that's priceless. apparently that's a spicy dumpling, and man that was hot. >> many not reorder that one. >> he's thinking i'll be a be sport, and then oh!
10:57 pm
that's so funny. >> thank you for joining us tonight, modern family is up next. >> good night.
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