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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning i'm dave clark. we have developing news to tell you about from vallejo. a huge over night fire broke out at a metal recycling plant. it was at the alco iron. first reported at 11:45 last night. the bright orange flames lighting up the sky. several small fires were ignited by all the flying ember and debris. the public stay away from that area. fire crews called for extra help as the blaze quickly went to three alarms. so far there is no word yet of any injuries or how this fire started. in the meantime alco iron and metal was the scene of another fire almost exactly one year ago. sky fox took these pictures august 22nd, 2014. piles of scrap metal like washers and driers and propane water heaters caught fire. hazmat teams rushed in out of concerns of hazardous chemicals
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and nearby residents were told to stay inside. we've been hearing from a lot of people that live near that fire. they have sent us photos of this. cell phone videos of the fire. if you have photos, send them to us here at ktvu on facebook or twitter #ktvu. the vallejo fire department just wrapped up a new conference about that fire. and christien kafton is there. he will tell us what they said in a live report coming up at 5:30. >> the good news is we are just getting there is no shelter in place. because christien mentioned they were wondering about that. no shelter in place for mayor island. great news for people out there. we were talking about the wind and how that can effect the fire though. it has seemed to be pretty windy out there. >> yeah through that stretch we can always get some good wind and travis reporting some very strong winds. it funnels through portions. >> the smoke could blow around there. >> the wind also helps to disperse some of that smoke.
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that ask a little bit of good news. waking up partly to mostly cloudy. mostly sannyasis away from the coastline -- mostly sunny skies away from the coastline. the on shore breeze is gusty through areas of the delta breezes. we have san jose with partly sunny skies. let's take a look at some of these winds. so right in through here we have that breeze. that continues to push pretty
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strong. as we get into your numbers very similar to yesterday. slightly cooler for some. 64 in livermore. 60 degrees for san jose. 59 in san francisco. 53 in oakland. last half hour we went to the peninsula this time we are go inland east way. we can go out and take a look at what we have now with the san mateo bridge. it looks pretty good heading out to the high-rise. there are no problems there. no problems on the nearby dumbarton bridge or for that matter on 237. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is still very light with no problems getting into san francisco. beginning to see some slow traffic on the altamont pass now.
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pretty heavy there with truck traffic. it has not reached livermore and dublin yet. at 5:03 let's go back to the desk. we are following a couple of stories. one an alameda sheriffs deputy was hit in a car crash. janine de la vega is joining us now from alameda county. the sheriffs office. to talk about what happened. janine. >> we just heard from law enforcement agencies about what the deputies condition is. he is still at the hospital. he has moderate injuries. they are checking to see if he has a concussion or not. at this point the accident is still under investigation. we'll tell you what we do know. it happened at around midnight. the deputy was parked on castro valley boulevard and it appears he was sideswiped by a bmw. the impact of the crash knocked a front wheel off the bmw and sent the patrol car on to the
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sidewalk. the alameda county sheriffs deputy was rushed to eden medical center. another officers at the scene told us he was conscious, he was talking to paramedics while he was being loaded into the ambulance. we are told while he was parked on the side of the road, his door was open and his left leg was out. so the injuries are to his left leg. now we are also told that it appears that the driver of the bmw was speeding. they did do a field sobriety test and that driver was arrested for driving under the influence. so that is what we know so far. the chp is handling the investigation and we are hoping to get an update later on this morning about this. back to you, pam. >> okay great we'll check in with you. 5:05 is the time right now. new technology is being added to bay bridge metering lights to improve traffic flow on the
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span. the $1.9 million project will allow metering lights to respond to changing traffic patterns almost minute by minute. now current lights were installed back in 1974. they are set on a fixed timing system that can't tell the difference between a stalled car with a flat tire or multicar crash. cal tran plans to install the upgrades by 2017. if you ride the golden gate ferry there may be delays. at the san francisco ferry terminal. this is part of a larger overhaul of the ferry terminal that includes replacing the roof as well as water and sewer lines. it expects some service delays actually through the weekend. time is 5:06. this is big. today the u.s. army will reach a major milestone as women for the first time in history will graduate from the prestigious army ranger school. alex savidge has more on the two women that made it through
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that tough 62 day course. >> they certainly did. in april the current army ranger class began with 381 men and 19 women. today captain kristin greece and lieutenant shay haver of texas will be the only women graduating alongside the 94 men. the two women have been training in the same conditions as their male counterparts. the students train with minimal food and little sleep and have to learn how to operate in the woods, the mountains, and swamplands. they also had to under go a physical test that included pushups and situps, a swim test, parachute jumps and obstacle courses. both women say this has been their goal for a very long time. >> the reasons why i chose to come were the same as these men here to get the experience of the elite leadership schools the army has to provide. >> what we have been very consistent on. there would be no change of the standards. no change of the standards. and there weren't.
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>> also this week high ranking naval officials say they are on track to open the all new naval as early as next year. the push to integrate special operations comes as the army and air force are all movology open all of their combat jobs to women. the pentagon describes ranger school as the premier combat leadership course. the major general of the u.s. army center of excellence says both women are physically and mentally capable and have earned the tabs that will be pinned upon them, dave. >> alex savidge, thank you. time is 5:08. back here at home a pot bust is exposing the environmental dangers of the illegal marijuana operations. sheriffs deputies used a -- this area is part open space, part private. among the landowners are movie mogul george lucas. one ton of waste was hauled out
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in a day. the deputies removed trash, plastics, toxic chemicals. today firefighters in the hills east of livermore will keep reenforcing fire lines in the wake of a 2500-acre wild fire. it started wednesday afternoon and quickly spread. at last check be it was about 45% contained. as the flames grew, crews took a stand in front of several homes. they were able to protect them from the fire. the one home that was destroyed had actually been abandoned and it was about to be demolished. firefighters say most of the fire zone is just burned land but there is still active flames they are still watching. the cause of the fire is under investigation. we're also learning more about the three firefighters killed while battling a huge wild fire in washington. they were 20, 26, and 31 years old. they were from central washington. they were all killed wednesday
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when their vehicle crashed and then over taken by flames near the town of twist. four other firefighters were hurt. that fire has merged with several other fires and has burned more than 88,000 acres. an area about the size of seattle. with 100 wild fires burning across the west, extra firefighters are coming in as far away as australia and new zealand to help. loom at these faces here. investors they will be closely watching actual street today after the stock market had its worse day in 18 months. the dow jones dropped more than 350 points. the s & p and nasdaq were also down. the stock market was down because of the concern of the chinese company. and because oil prices keep dropping. >> first of all believe the fed will raise the rates a quarter. personally i don't think that is the end of the earth.
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rates will still be pretty low. but if there is such a symbol and fear event that i think it will have an impact. >> now during the big selloff yesterday, some of the hardest hit stocks included disney, netflix, and facebook. it's now 5:10. two people were hurt after a dramatic crash in the east bay. what happened that caused a truck to land on a woman that was floating on a raft in the river. >> but first new information about the people exposed in the ashly madison data leak. what it could mean for government employees. >> good morning. we are looking at the south bay commute and so far 280 right through downtown it looks good getting up to highway 17. we're going to take a look at the other south bay commutes when we come back. >> pleasant weather in the forecast for your friday. i'll have a look at your current conditions and what you can expect for your bay area weekend forecast coming up.
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welcome back to the mornings on 2 it's 5:14. there is more fallout from the stolen information that was leaked about customers of the cheating website ashley madison. >> hackers released records of millions of the website users. it's really hitting hard in the nation's capitol where hundreds of federal employees have been implicated. >> reporter: a lot of federal employees apparently had a lot of extra time on their hands. the associated press traced some of the ip addresses back
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that had visited the website ashley madison and found that a lot of them came right back to the federal government. it's one thing to cheat on your spouse using a website like ashley madison. it's something else if you are using a taxpayer funded computer to do it. and if you are dealing with sensitive information. the associated press found that more than 20 federal agencies. >> we have just seen press reports on this. so way too premature to have a comment about this. >> reporter: a states department spokesman wouldn't touch this but the pentagon is another matter. where they have security clearances. secretary of defense ash carter was asked whether he was aware of the breach and whether the pentagon is investigating. >> i'm aware of it.
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conduct is very important and we expect good conduct on the part of our people. >> reality star josh duggar has been embroiled in the ashley madison leak. >> for people in the military if you are determined to be a philander, you could end up being imprisoned for a year, dishonorably discharged. you could also have your security clearance in jeopardy. even if you are defense contractor. >> now as part of this investigation, the associated press actually spoke to some of these federal employees but they are not being identified because at this point none of them have been accused of committing a crime. in washington doug luzader fox news. >> in addition to the federal employees, at least 50 current california state employees were on that list.
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one current employee who's e- mail was on that list says he doesn't remember using his e- mail to sign on to the site. he claims he might have done it to see what the site was about but never used the services. a spokesperson for the state operation agency says the possible misuse of state resources it will be thoroughly investigated. 5:17 is the time. back over to sal to check in on traffic this morning. sal. >> reporter: all right pam, dave good morning to you. we are looking at a decent commute for this first hour and half. we haven't had anything going on. we've had a couple minor no injury crashes. let's go outside and take a look at what we have now. this is a look at the commute as you drive up the bay bridge approach. it is nice. there are no problems here. we usually see a traffic jam start at 5:30. 5:45 or so and we'll see what happens today. moving along to the east bay highway 4 westbound is getting slow in antioch. a little bit of slowing here and there as you come up over
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the hill to bay point and concord. and highway 24 looks good as well. there are no major problems there. the traffic continues to look very nice. and the traffic is still moving along very well on the other side of the tunnel. at 5:17 today's forecast with rosemary. yes we have an enjoyable weekend. it will be nice and mild. at least relatively speaking for this time of year. giving you a live look out of your doors. we are starting with partly to mostly cloudy skies. it could be a little cool out there. temperatures are very similar to yesterday within a few degrees or so. a tad cooler in areas like san jose. checking in at 60 degrees. oakland at 63. as we shift upwards we have 59 in san francisco this morning. santa rosa 57 for you and we won't leave out concord starting out at 64 degrees. so again temperatures down slightly. san jose the most notable difference. but the rest of us coming in very close to how we started out thursday morning with
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mostly cloudy skies. by the afternoon we are mostly sunny away from the coastline. again for today. and for our weekend perhaps slightly warmer. when i say slightly, i'll have you look at that in the extended forecast. afternoon highs for today feeling quite nice for most of us. upper 70s for sonoma. kentfield you will go to 75. as we know by august stap cards that is quite nice. 84 for antioch. as you get closer to the water temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. 69 in alameda today. 72 in hayward. into the south bay we have a nice day san jose. low 80s morgan hill. if you are getting away from the weekend 75 degrees with mostly sunny skies for the second half of your day.
5:20 am
as we get to the pips la 77 palo alto. redwood city 78 for the afternoon. 72 san bruno. 65 san francisco where we are going to be a little bit cool for the afternoon. once again. partly to mostly cloudy skies. low to mid 60s expected for you. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always from view. temperatures coming up lightly as we get into saturday. notice sunday not a lot of change. i think all and all it will be tough for really tellth difference. we will start off with the morning clouds. it's 5:20 right now. and there is a health alert for people who wear contact lenses.
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up next the careless mistakes that could put your eyes at risk.
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monkeys i'm a believer. i am happy it's friday. there is pam. hi pam. >> you are going way back. >> if there is a special song you want to hear, send it to us. we'll be playing your request. there is a report that showed nearly all -- they skipped at least one safety step when wearing their contact lenses. 87% admitted to taking a nap in their contacts. and 61% went swimming with them. health officials say all of these things can actually cause inflammation in the eyes and infection. the report surveyed about 1,000
5:25 am
contact wearers nationwide. we are getting a new look at hurricane danny from outer space. take a look at this photo tweeted by scott kelly. the hurricane was already weak but by this weekend it's expected to get even weaker. right now it's headed east of the winward islands. the winds have dropped to about 80 miles an hour. right now it's not posing any threat to land. the curiosity mars rover it snapped a new selfie from mars. the vehicle snapped several low angle shots with the camera at end of its robotic arm. now it happened at a site that is called maria's pass. curiosity was at that pass for several weeks studying a geological contact zone. that is where two different rock types come together. the rover spotted some high levels of hydrogen that is suggesting lots of water molecules underneath the rocks in that area. a police lieutenant in phoenix, arizona is getting a lot of attention this morning for showing off his dance moves
5:26 am
at a block party. he's dancing like sal. that is lieutenant tom vandoran stopped at the block party at the end of his shift. came by this community zumba class. the people dancing to uptown funk they asked him to join in and he did. he didn't hesitate. this video was posted to the phoenix, arizona police facebook page. it has more than 1,000 likes. it has been shared hundreds of times and they had good time. time is 5:26. a dangerous twist to the safety of nail salons in san francisco. up next a new crashdown to make sure employees in that industry stay safe.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. these are live pictures. we're on mayor island. we have new information coming in about the over night fire about a big metal recycling company in vallejo. still i said mayor island. we are talking about vallejo. still burning at this hour.
5:30 am
it will take days to get it completely out. christien kafton has more on the strategy to fight this blaze. stay tuned. it is friday morning it is august 21st i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. almost 5:30. it's kind of nice to take a day off in the middle of the week and come back and it's friday. >> yes. >> well we all head back to school. good forecast for our kids back to school. >> you are right. feeling a little bit like fall. it will be warm but not bad at all. we have nice weather coming your way. if you have outdoor activities. if you have a look outside your doors partly to mostly cloudy skies. giving you a look into oakland. you can see we have grand lake there in view. we might have lake merit in view as well. we will have partly to mostly colludey skies for the most part of the morning. here's a snap shop from above. inland south bay, north bay we are all covered this morning. you have to go well inland to get the partly cloudy to mostly
5:31 am
sunny skies. areas around antioch. portions on the east side of fairfield. temperature wise very similar to yesterday morning. we're within a few degrees for most of us. slightly cooler for areas into the south bay where we had partly cloudy and mostly clear skies. we do have that on shore breeze reporting. with the mostly cloudy skies, the on shore breeze could feel a little cool out there. fairfield gusting to 26. earlier it was 30. in any case we have the cool marine air moving into portions of the delta region. 59 degrees right in fairfield we have 64 until river mother. upper 50s to low 60s around the bay. 61 mountain view and into portions of the north bay 69 degrees expected for napa. for the second part of the morning again watching the clouds as they begin to clear back. by noontime we are mostly sunny away from the coast. the coast will be with the
5:32 am
clouds continuing and perhaps san francisco as well. for the second half of the day 60s at the coast. upper 60s and low 70s. 70s and 80s for our warmer locations. i'll have a look at the afternoon highs and details coming up. let's check in on traffic with sal. good morning. >> . good morning rosemary. we will start off with 880 northbound and southbound. plenty of cars out there. the traffic is looking pretty good as you drive through. also the morning commute continues to look good if you are driving here at the bay bridge toll plaza but there is a little bit of slow traffic as you can see here coming up on some of the right hand lanes. and if you are driving on the freeways at 580 westbound through livermore is okay. vasco road doing welcoming over the hill to concord and hayward. i'm sorry to concord, to castro
5:33 am
valley and hayward. at 5:32, let's go back to the desk. we have developing news from mayor island and vallejo. they just announced that fire it's going to burn for the rest of the day. it may burn even longer. christien kafton is live on mayor island. you have a mass going right now. firefighters must be worried about toxic chemicals. what is going on? >> reporter: yeah dave that is is one of the major concerns for everybody out here. possible chemical this fire could be releasing. they have told me this building must have been a recycling facility facility and recycled a lot of e-waste including batteries and other toxic chemicals. that is a reason i'm wearing a mask and crews out here are wearing masks. firefighters are using respirators. it is still a very active fire fight although this fire has been going on around 11:00 last night. we're here at the alco metal and iron recycling company. the sight of that over night fire. it is still burning at this
5:34 am
time. vallejo -- no word at this point on exactly how that fire started and again part of the good news is no word of any injuries. you can see there is not much left of the 62,000 square foot facility that went up. we do have video of what the fire looked like earlier. that fire quickly grew to a third alarm and firefighters called in additional aid to help get it under control. embers and debris from the initial fire set a number of smaller fire. so ever as they bats led the main fire inside the building. from at this point only the outside walls are left standing and those may go soon which presents another potential danger.
5:35 am
>> any of the walls standing could give way. the back wall is in the direction of a 500-600-gallon propane tank. we have concerns about that but we have no way of taking that wall down safely. >> so firefighters still working on a strategy for that. if alco recycling seems familiar, that is because there was another fire here almost exactly a year ago. several piles of scrap metal caught fire including washers and driesers. that was on a small one acre lot. the entire main building is an entire loft. firefighters at this time looking to see if there is any connection between the two fires but at this time it seems unlikely as we have been reporting this morning they are saying this fire could burn throughout this day. they say sense the building collapsed in on itself there
5:36 am
could be small pockets of fire. there was heavy black smoke. highway 37 is now open. you can see there is still smoke, steam, and a lot of vapors coming off of this. the main message from firefighters they're trying to keep the public away. >> i have to ask you did they tell you to wear that mask? or are you wearing it as a precaution? >> i'm wearing it as a precaution but firefighters came around and passed out masks to all of us. my photographer keith brooks wearing a mask. crews out here. if they have marks available to them. and when we're not on air we are sheltering inside of our van. the smell you get is very intense. you can certainly smell there is a lot of chemicals burning
5:37 am
inside building. out of abundance of caution we wanted to wear that mask. there is also a metallic smell. all together not a pleasant smell. >> last question what about the winds out there? that's got to be a concern the nearby people. what is the wind picking up and taking away? >> actually firefighters say that has been helping them. there were some sustained winds over night and that helped push the smoke away which helped dispurse it relatively quickly. what they don't want is to see
5:38 am
the smoke sit in one place and pool up. but it doesn't just pool up and create like a toxic pool. and we can tell you this is an trilogy. there are no homes in this immediate area. so it does cause some problems if there are some toxic fumes many this area. at least they will dispurse before they start hitting major population centers. >> all right that is good news. christien be careful out there. two people were hurt after an amtrak train collided causing the track to -- it happened just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. this is in brentwood. the woman who was in the river and the man driving the truck were taken to john muir medical center with serious injuries. the truck was trying to launch a jet ski at the time. the train was headed to oakland
5:39 am
from southern california. we just got new information on yesterday's water main break in oakland. east bay mud says water service was restored to customers at 3:00 this morning. the pipe broke near oakland avenue and santa clara at 4:00 yesterday morning. east bay mud crews were fixing the pipe when a sewer line beneath it ruptured. crews fixed that last night, finished the water pipe this morning, and they are still on the scene completing the finishing touches. the water main that broke dates back to 1933 and east bay mud says it may have been compromised by ground movement during monday's earthquake. a search goes on for a driver who led authorities on a chase across two cities in alameda county. the car ended up spinning out on to a lawn near blare and mountain avenues. canine crews came in searching for the to suspects who were inside. the chase started in oakland when sheriffs deputies spotted a stolen car. they captured the passenger who
5:40 am
alleged had an ounce of methamphetamine. sheriffs deputy died trying to save a friend. deputy carlos francis was 30 years old. he drowned last week in lake tahoe. francis had roots in sacramento. he graduated from cordova high before going on to sacramento state where he played football. a memorial law enforcement scholarship was announced in his honor. elevators at bay area bart stations are are getting a much needed odor reducing makeover. starting next week, bart will begin cleaning and replacing flooring on more than 120 of its elevators. bart says the current flooring material absorbs too many liquids. so crews will tear out the existing floors, disinfect the area and then install new
5:41 am
aluminum flooring. the work will be done in stages and continue through december of next year. it is the ugly side of nail salons. the exposure of workers to potentially harmful chemicals. bay area lawmakers are joining forces to launch a campaign to improve safety conditions. the task force is called the california healthy nail salon collaborative. the goal is to revamp what they consider is a poorly regulated industry. >> you spend any time in and around a nail salon. you are sucking down fumes and are exposing ourselves to chemicals. chemicalschemicals like formaldehyde. >> lawmakers say the chemicals have been linked to reproductive health and respiratory issues.
5:42 am
the task force hopes to require better ventilation. the city of berkeley wants radiation warning labels on cell phones but that is being challenged in court. coming up at 6:00 what a federal judge is saying about it and what he may remove. >> we're live in the east bay where a sheriffs deputy is in the hospital after getting involved in a car crash in a patrol car. we'll tell you how he is doing and what authorities discovered about the driver who hit him.
5:43 am
5:44 am
suspected drunk driver crashes into a patrol car.
5:45 am
janine de la vega -- how is that deputy doing? >> i'm told the deputy is still at the hospital. he is being treated for injuries to his left leg. he was already on a traffic stop. he was writing a report in his patrol car and he was sitting in the driver seat and his door was open his left leg was hanging out and that is when a vehicle hit him. the accident happened at around midnight on castro valley boulevard near the 580 marketplace. authorities say a bmw suv sideswiped the parked patrol car and crash into a telephone pole. the deputy was take tons hop where he is -- to the hospital where he is being evaluated.
5:46 am
the month of july was the hottest month on earth ever at crown beach in alameda people say they have noticed the strange weather this year. dan campman says this mean we are not just seeing a hotter than normal year but over all we are seeing a shift. he says 19 of the 20 hottest years on record came in the last 25 years. >> that means we don't have as much water stored. it means the amount of run off into the ocean is low which means the nutrients are low. >> he says everyone can do their part by being energy efficient and water efficient. he also says california can set an example for other states and
5:47 am
other countries. time is 5:46. let's get sal back in. you are take casework of folks. you are watching highway 24 and everything else. >> yeah we are watching the east bay dave and pam. good morning to you. things are getting busier for sure. let's start off and take a look at some of these commutes where you can see traffic is going to be busy as you drive up to the caldecott tunnel. you will see some slow traffic here and there but it's not stop and go. also the morning commute looks okay at the toll plaza but there is already slow traffic and the metering lights are on. that mean there is will be a 10 minute delay as you drive through. sunol grade looks good and so does 580 livermore. dublin we can put up the maps and show you the traffic here is not bad. you can see a little red on the altamont pass. red means stop and green means good. san mateo and dumbarton bridge looking good over to the green peninsula. now at 5:47 let's go to rosemary.
5:48 am
we have great weather coming your way for your friday, saturday, sunday. a view outside our doors partly mostly cloudy skies. still a little tough to tell. the official sunrise at 6:29 so it's on the way. we'll have cloudy conditions throughout the morning hours. more sunshine. the coast will be cloudy today. and temperatures will be on the cool side for you. i'll have those numbers in a moment. let's check in on the on shore winds. oakland reporting 13 miles an hour. concord reporting 8. in and around vallejo where you have the fire burning the wind is on shore so the winds are drifting toward the east. as we take a look at fairfield this wind gusting to 26 miles an hour this morning. again an indication of that cool to mild weather relatively speaking. continuing for your friday. 59-degrees in fairfield. right now 64 in livermore. 61 walnut creek. low 60sin hayward. 59 in novato. along the peninsula upper 50s
5:49 am
to low 60s. 61 in san jose. giving you look at a few more numbers. half-moon bay starting off at 60. low 60s for menlo park and palo alto. shift into the south bay 60 degrees outside your door. and as we get into the second part of your morning, again we will see is these low clouds begin to part. the on shore breeze will stay with us so for the entire afternoon it will be with us for the weekend. could scale back just a little bit and as a result we will see a minor warmup for saturday as well as sunday. but for today and into the weekend a lot of 60s out there. mid 60s expected for the coastline. [ technical difficulties ]
5:50 am
10:s around the bay. low to mid 80s expected inland. and a little warmer as we get back to work on monday. but who wants to talk about monday? let's enjoy the weekend. >> yeah i'm liking that forecast. >> just enjoy friday. time is 5:50. you know who john stewart is. he doesn't host the daily show anymore but his fans want him back on tv.
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thank you. >> michael frante. requested by someone named pam. >> i love him. >> and these are songs that make you feel happy on a friday. so if there is a special song you want to hear, send it to us. >> sounds good, sal. time is 5:54. martin o'malley was campaigning here in the bay area. he is in town trying to get support from the tech industry and also raise money for his campaign. one of the things he talked about was immigration reform. >> our best shot at getting the greater number of visas is through comprehensive immigration reform. i don't think a peace meal will form a new consensus.
5:55 am
>> he says he's also interested in figure out how technology can solve some of the toughest problems facing the nation today. jimmy cart sir under going radiation treatment for cancer that is spread from his liver to his brain. carter had liver surgery for melanoma and he thought he was cancer free and then he learned it spread to four spots in his brain. he is at ease with that diagnosis. >> i've had a wonderful life. i've had thousands of friends and i've had exciting and adventurous and gratifying existence. but now i feel this isn't the hands of god andly be prepared for anything thatment cost. >> mr. carter says he will step back from his humanitarian work and surround himself with his family as he under goes three
5:56 am
months of treatment. caitlyn jenner my face demeanor charge. now jenner's suv rear ended a lexus. the lexus was then pushed into on coming traffic. they found he was not speeding but driving unsafely for that road condition. a misdemeanor charge could carry a sentence up to a year in jail. that crash happened while caitlyn jenner was in the process of transitioning from bruce jenner. coming up in our 6:00 hour. flames could be seen for miles. and up next we'll have a live report from mayor island at a fire in a building with potentially toxic materials could burn for days. >> and making history in the u.s. army. the two soldiers set to become
5:57 am
the first women to graduate from the grueling ranger school. >> and at the mccarthur maze hey say hey traffic is moving along pretty well as you are getting up to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> happy friday to you. we have a fabulous forecast for you. i'll have an update on your current conditions and show you the afternoon highs.
5:58 am
5:59 am
ongoing fire in vallejo. we'll have the very latest details and tell you why we are wearing these masks. >> marin county sheriffs deputies raid a pot farm. the other fine exposing the environmental dangers of the illegal operations. mornings on 2 continues. >> thank you for waking up with us. i want to take you live to vallejo. this is a big story we are following. what is left of a fire. it started about six hours ago. it is still burning. this is at a metal recycling company on mayor island. potentially toxic chemicals in there. christien kafton has been out there this morning.
6:00 am
we saw him with a mask over his face. the firefighters handed those out to all of the news crews and people out there this morning. the good news is we understand there is not a shelter in place for people living up there but we will get an update from christien in just a moment. thank you for joining us friday morning, august 21st i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve is off today but we have rosemary. >> and talking about that fire we do have the on shore breeze and it started a spot fire so that is not good. but on the plus side the wind helps to disperse that air. we will talk more about that when i show you the winds here in a moment. partly to mostly cloudy skies. a live look from up above. a birds eye view. we can't tell but we have sun on the way. we have 29 minutes until the official sunrise. i think we will be partly to most


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