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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> maybe end by the weekend. still about five days off. there is a lot of energy coming across the pacific. that throws a wrench into the work. today it's starting off the usual high temps. it looks like decent news for the peterson fire here. the humidity is up 50-60%. there is a component of a little bit of a south,set west. it will warm up today. we're looking for a high around 90 degrees. over all mostly sunny and still 26 gusts to 32. it's tough to warm up inland when you are getting a delta breeze. 60s on many of these temps or a few upper 50s. not much change. low clouds sunny, breezy. a little bit warmer inland. by that i mean only a couple
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degrees at best. sal, we had an issue and now like that it's gone. correct? >> yeah things are better now. you know what happens is when we have a crash that is really early in the morning. sometimes we get lucky and we did get lucky because no one was seriously injured and two they got it it of the way rather quickly. let's go out and take a look at the commute now and talk about some of these commutes. we don't want to start with the word hassle. i'm going to take that back. we are looking at the nimitz freeway and traffic is moving along pretty well. as you drive south you can see this is the east shore freeway. now then we can go to the bay bridge toll plaza and see traffic is going to be business sigh as you drive through there are no major problems heading out to a couple of the cash lanes have a little bit of slow traffic but that is about all. and 80 westbound between hercules and richmond. again the earlier crash didn't
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really cause any lasting effects which is good news. 5:01 let's go back to the desk. we are following a developing story in the south bay. police are searching a section of east san jose for two homicide suspects. ktvu fox 2 reporter janine de la vega is in that neighborhood now. janine, stay safe out there but where exactly is the search area? >> it was a five square block area in east san jose near 680 and king road. there is still a heavy police presence here. police have been searching that perimeter looking for two suspects. we just received word that the active search part is over and it appears the two suspects have gotten away. police first received report of this of shots fired on lavonne avenue at around midnight and when they arrived they found a man shot on the ground. officers say he was laying next to his vehicle or being told that he appeared to be in his
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30s. witnesses tell officers that two suspects were seen running away and one of them was holding a handgun. >> there is a youth community center, a creek, and a middle school. that area was buttoned down immediately because we received reports from witnesses that the suspects fled into that area. so we created a perimeter for those three specific areas and then awaited our helicopter. we brought the helicopter out to search those areas. >> reporter: police did not locate those suspects but the search by air made it safer for officers to do a canvas on neighborhoods. they are going door to door. they are talking to neighbors to see if they heard or saw anything. police think there may have been a party going on but it is still early on in the investigation. neighbors that we spoke to this
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morning say this area is prone to shootings and crime in general -- there seems to be an uptake in violence. but this marx the city's 20 -- but this marks the city's 20th homicide. brian. >> all right. janine de la vega reporting live from san jose, thank you. today marks one year since the 6.0 magnitude quake hit sonoma. despite all the patrol guess the city has made, repairs are still under way. coming up at 5:30 alex savidge will be in napa. he'll have the very latest on the cleanup efforts. three americans and a british man has received france's top honor for taking down an armed man on a train traveling from amsterdam to paris. allie rasmus is in the studio. >> reporter: french president thanked the three americans and called their acts of bravery an
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inspiration for everyone. french president awarded the legion of honor civilian medal. they all took action for thwarting a possible massacre on a passenger train. they were passengers as well on that train. when they saw a man armed with an assault rifle and box cutter on board ready to shoot into the passenger car, the four men took action. stone who is a u.s. airman put the man in the choke hold while the others took the weapons away. british man chris norman stepped in to help. they were able to disarm him and tie him up before authorities arrived. >> i trust my friends very much. if it wasn't for them, would have been dead. we all had a critical role. >> in times of terror like that to please do something.
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>> reporter: french authorities have identified the gunman as a 25-year-old moroccan national. the man's attorney says he is simply a homeless man who was trying to rob the train. two of the three americans who were honored were off duty military but they said once they took action, they relied on their gut instinct not their military training to respond. >> it's just an incredible story. >> reporter: definite nilly. >> many people might not have done the same. a wine country outing turned into charges of discrimination when a book club was booted off the train for being too loud. the women say race played a role. >> we are ready to get on the wine train. >> reporter: excitement as 11 friends prepare to ride the rail. >> this is the car that we were
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on. >> reporter: they booked as a group but their seats were spread out. >> noise is going to come along with that. it is laughter, it is fun, it is wine. and free flowing wine. >> reporter: but they haven't had one sip until an employee was telling them to be quieter because she could see other passengers were irritating. >> why don't they just move that party to a different car instead of making us get off the train. >> reporter: their excursion ended not even halfway through when the women were taken off the train. one with recent knee surgery struggling. >> when we got off the train, the police just standing there looking at us. >> reporter: in her 80s neil and the others were led past other passengers to disembark. >> why do we have to be paraded
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through the train six is cars to get off? >> it was very hue militateuating-- humiliating. >> reporter: strangers they met on the train they say were shocked they were getting booted. their servers even apologized to them. >> they didn't feel we were loud and obnoxious. they said we were just laughing. >> reporter: this might have ended with refunds and a ride back but for facebook where the women's experience has been widely shared. and on twitter taking off on the #is #laughingwhileblack. but management has not explained its own facebook post now taken down. in which it accuses the women of verbal and physical abuse. police never questioned any of
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them. and an outing that began with such high hopes couldn't have ended worse. >> i was not leaving my house today because i just needed to regroup and try to get rid of that feeling. it was awful. >> that was debra villalon reporting. also happening today the palo alto city council is considering raising the city's minimum wage. there is currently no wage law in palo alto but businesses must adhere to the state standard of $9 an hour. they must debate a proposal calling for a wage of $11 an hour.
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the current flooring material involves too many liquid. it is back to school today for students in the oakland unified school district. more than 48,000 students are to attend classes. and this is the first day on the job for 16 new principals hired for the school year but the district still has postings for a few more teachers. time is 5:10. thousands of people gathered to remember an eight-year-old girl killed in santa cruz. coming up in 20 minutes the special day dedicated in her honor. >> but first wall street coming -- how it could have a major impact on you.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it could be a record drop on wall street this morning. futures for the dow down 700 points. and this is after finishing its worst week in 2011.
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>> i want to make rash statements and say this is the bottom. the truth is we really don't know. we have forces all over the world colliding today. >> one of those forces effecting markets right now is china. as the financial situation continues to deteriorate. >> i just assume the government would be stepping in now that you have a lot of selling pressure. >> >> another factor is the drop in oil prices. which has been falling on
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expectations. however, the drop is benefiting drivers. >> oil goes down from the mid to low 30s which is what we can get down to in the fourth quarter than on a national level we would be paying on average of $2. >> despite the worries on wall street a number of analysts say there is no need for americans to panic. >> the market has been climbing up fairly steadily. i don't see any real reason out there in the economy that would make me be bearish about the long-term. >> u.s. investors will be watching for key economic reports due up this week. including the latest consumer confidence and home sale numbers. >> we will be watching as the opening bell range. it does not look -- it looks like a very bad day. drivers around the country spending less on gasoline. the average price is $2.61 a gallon. that is down $0.80 from this
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time last year. locally san jose is the cheapest. it is a penny more in santa rosa. time is 5:16. ten years after hurricane katrina hit new orleans, a statue from the city's most iconic church has been repaired. the statue referred to as touchdown jesus was unvailed yesterday. hundreds of people came out for the event. they lost several fingers during the hurricane but the pieces were recovered. he did not want to repair the
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statue. >> it's also a sign for hope for those that are rebuilding. >> more than 15800 people from louisiana were killed during the hurricane. and 80% of the city was flooded. monday morning traffic how does its look sal? >> it looks okay. we are not too bad. as we look at some of the commutes, you will see that it is just normal for this time of the morning. at the bay bridge we usually have a backup of about 5:30 or so. and a few more minutes before we see that. right now it looks pretty good coming through. there are no problems nearby on interstate 880 north and southbound as you drive through southbound 880 looks good all the way to hayward and beyond that fremont. 5:5:17 let's go to steve.
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all right, thank you, sir. i think we have some good news. at least up for the fire. my goodness lake county. this is enough. three fires here. peterson fire will warm up a little bit. not a lot. at least humidity is up. the lows are down. that helps a little bit here. we do see 55 degrees but there are readings that are a little cool every than that. humidity 55-70%. the wind is generally from the west, southwest. i did bump the high up to 90 today. to a little warmer today in the afternoon. but over all again the lows and high ever humidity has certainly helped a lot. low clouds in place. 60s on many of the temps or 50s. so we are not releasing any big pictures here.
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today and tomorrow night and morning fog. humidity factor may go up a little bit. 80s for many. a few low 90s. 60s and 70s. the change would be near the end of the week. or hints of some rain to the north. does your iphone look a little blurry? >> i thought it was my eyes. >> you're not imagining things. coming up in 30 minutes the problem that now prompted apple to issue a recall. but first. >> pretty big impact there.
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>> very, very serious and scary crash during the indy race in pennsylvania. the crash that put a driver in the hospital with critical injuries. aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month.
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in england a crane will be brought in to remove the wreckage of a fighter jet that crashed on to a busy freeway on saturday. 11 people are confirmed dead but authorities say that number
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could be higher once they remove the wreckage of the jet. it crashed while doing stunts explode into a fire ball once it hit the ground. at least four cars including a wedding limousine burned into that crash. the pilot survived. he is fighting for his life from what we understand. english authorities are now considering new safety requirements for air shows. prayers for justin. that is the message the racing community is sending out. justin wilson sustained a critical head injury when he was hit by a large piece of debris. his teammate ryan hunter ray won the race but his teammate's safety was the first thing on his mind. >> i thought he was okay the whole time 37 i thought he was in an ambulance and heading off to get a routine check. yeah my thoughts are with him. >> several drivers have taken
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their condolences to social media. praying for wilson and his family. a preliminary hearing could be set today for former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald. last month he pled not guilty to charges that he assaulted his -- he is charged with one fellowly and several misdemeanors. the charges carry a maximum of three years behind bars. mcdonald was cut by the niners last december. signed by the bears this spring anden cut again in may. the return of navaro bowman. he saw action after injuring his knee. he played just three snaps. former australian rugby star jared hayne is fighting to make his first nfl roster.
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now the beer will be introduced at the opening party scheduled on saturday. budweiser has long used the slogan the king of beers and now the company is upset about a new royal title. anheusser bush says a small
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southern california brewery is infringing on the trademark by claiming to be the queen of beer. bush claims that could confuse customers. she beverages says bush never trademarked the queen of beer phrase. says it targets women with their products. tragic crash until san francisco. the hobby that cost a man his life. >> plus marking the anniversary of the napa earthquake. we'll tell you how the recovery is progressing here in this region and tell you how businesses are bouncing back. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here that doesn't look too bad. it looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. >> only day-to-day changes by the weekend. something will develop. and then it's back to school for oakland unified. not much change. 60s to start, 70s on the high
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's monday, august 24th i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. we are following developing news out of san jose where police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened late last night
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just before midnight. they responded to shots fired. investigators say police found a man lying on the street with at least one gunshot wound and he died at the scene. no suspects have been identified at this point. the circumstances surrounding the shooting are unknown. you can see huge police presence out there this morning. and janine de la vega is also out there. we'll debt get more details as soon as they come into our newsroom. time is 5:30 on the dot. steve is over my right. i like this when it was 80 degrees and cooler. >> you don't hear me complaining either. >> but don't get any cooler. >> it's still summer. >> i know. you want to hang on to the little last bit of it. >> maybe this weekend the rain will move into the north. today there is a little bit going on. not too much. just like we had on the weekend. fog is in place. making its push inland. most locations say cloudy to
5:31 am
mostly cloudy. a few high clouds visited for about an hour and like that they are gone. 50s and 60s. 59 brentwood. 61 half-moon bay. 60 santa rosa to 62 santa rosita. inland locations are running a few degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago. it will be sunny, breezy, to windy for some. not much change here. mild near the coast. 70s and 80s for most. all right sal things are quiet. we had a little hiccup. >> people who are waking up don't even need to know about it. you know why? >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> it's gone. that was so 15 minutes ago. [ laughter ] poor steve. poor steve. good morning everybody. steve is right though we did have an earlier problem at the bay bridge and that is gone.
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and traffic is moving well. and we got very lucky all kidding aside. as we look at a picture of 880 north and southbound the traffic is looking good. when you two to the san mateo bridge, that looks good heading out to foster city and no problems on the peninsula. i also want to mention the bay bridge because we mentioned it and there is a little bit of a backup here. that is normal in some of the cash lanes. 5:32 let's go back to the desk. all right, thank you, sal. it's been one year since the city of napa was rattled by that 6.0 earthquake. repair efforts continue after the quake caused more than $300 million in damage. ktvu alex savidge is up there this morning and alex you will show us some of the damage for things that still need to be repaired. >> reporter: yeah there is a lot of buildings everywhere you go. there are still a lot of construction zones, places that are being either demolished or repaired in some form or
5:33 am
fashion. this is one of those places. i remember stopping here, this is one of the first places we stopped when we arrived here. this is the center building. this is 150 years old. this building it will be gone soon. they will tear this whole place down. it cannot be repaired but they are taking it apart brick by brick and rebuild this place. this project is still years from being finished but over all napa is doing as well as can be expected. this is the sound of prom guess in napa. construction crews repairing a historic home that crumbled during the quake. the place was built in the 1880s and this is what it looked like last august. and today from the kitchen to the bedroom, every room of the place looks like it has been untouched. a disaster frozen in time. the people who were renting here found another place to live and the owner decided to rebuild. >> went to great lengths to fix
5:34 am
it. >> reporter: contractor brian jones said he spent the past three months lifting this home out of the dirt and building a more sturdy foundation for future tenants. >> this will easily ride a 6.5. 6.5 no problem. [ laughter ] maybe minor damage. >> reporter: this is is what parts of downtown napa look like after the 6.0 quake. brick facades crumble, historic buildings left in ruin. and today many of those same buildings are being repaired or demolished. but city manager mike says all of this construction work isn't keeping away tourists. >> napa is doing great. we made up all of the losses. this year we will be ahead of where we were the year before. >> reporter: we have definitely bounced back. we are alive and thriving. >> reporter: the bounty hunter restaurant was forced to close for a couple days to repair damage but manager joe says
5:35 am
business now is as good as ever. after losing a wall full of wine during the intense shaking he is better prepared. >> we made sure it's much better. that thing will not go anywhere. >> all told the napa quake caused more than $300 million in damage and it will likely take several more years for the region to fully recover. >> reporter: and to give you an idea how far napa has to go there were 200 buildings red tagged and off of those 200 buildings 135 remain red tagged still today. lots of those buildings that cannot be lived in are historic buildings. that makes rebuilding them or even demolishing them more complicated and more costly and more time consuming pam. >> yeah that is incredible the number of buildings that nee do
5:36 am
be repaired. but it makes sense. thank you, alex. and just to let people know the city and county of napa are hosting an earthquake event. it will be this afternoon at 3:20. it will be at veteran's memorial park. it will feature guest speakers and live music as well as booths with information about emergency preparedness. time is 5:36. a thousand people filled the kaiser -- to celebrate the life of mady middleton. the eight-year-old was killed last month. teenage neighbor has been charged in her death. this was not your typical memorial service. there was music, videos, and pictures and also face painting and a bounce house. >> to put together i think a very joyful program and a fun
5:37 am
program. something that would interest mady. >> we wanted to come and show our support. the whole event was uplifting, sad, and encouraging that a community can pull everything together and be there for each other. >> mady would have turned nine years old on september 5th. a three-year-old girl continues to recover after being hilt in a drive by shooting. the girl was in a parked car with two adults when someone opened fire on saturday night. they also say the three-year- old suffered a superficial wound to her chest. a 35-year-old man wasshot in the chest and arm. both victims are expected to survive. police have not identified or arrested any suspects. police in vallejo are investigating a deadly shooting there. it was reported just after 12:00 yesterday afternoon in an
5:38 am
alley on monterey street. officer found a 21-year-old man who had been shot. they say he died at a nearby hospital. police are asking for any witnesses to come forward. a 69-year-old man died after a hang gliding accident. that happened yesterday afternoon immediately after take off. park police say they found the man 30 feet down the side of the cliff below the hang gliding launch. the national park service says the accident may have involved a mechanical failure. police have not released the man's identity. firefighters are making progress on the latest wild fire burning in lake county. the peterson fire has burned more than 200 acres since it started on saturday. the fire is now 30% contained. no evacuation orders have been placed be. no word of any injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation. firefighters up in washington continue to battle more than a dozen wild fire there is. more than 200 homes have been
5:39 am
destroyed. 12,000 others are still threatened. the eastern areas of washington and oregon are under air quality alerts. >> if you can, stay indoors. if you can, wear particulate masks and recommendations from public health is if you can put a charcoal filter in your house that would be highly recommended. >> although at this point air quality in washington is expected to improve, firefighters are still worried that the fires could become more erratic and more intense. ocean researchers docked in for san francisco over the week. the ocean star one of the vessels in the very it just returned from a voyagage f -- one member of the crew was a 21-
5:40 am
year-old dothiepin say tour. who has advised a system to gather the trash more efficiently. >> using a technology we have developed. which is a system attached to the seabed. which uses very long floating barriers. >> he says using that system will allow them to clean up half of the pacific burgage patch in ten year -- garbage patch in ten years. some african american community leaders are now speaking out saying not everyone is sharing in that prosperity. community leaders say high profile companies need to stop relying on immigrant workers who come to this country for their education and end up working here. instead they want them to encourage and support minority students who are from here. >> we have the schools, we have
5:41 am
the technology. >> reporter: they is also also say african americans and other ere forever. san francisco plans to remove if t hundred trees. coming up at 6:00 the concern. >> honored for their abouts of bravery. how three americans took down an armed man on a european passenger train and the me le son they say they learned from that experience. >> good morning. we are looking at the east bay commute and 680 looks pretty good as you head south but things are beginning to pick up a little bit. we'll tell you where. >> if you like the weekend weather, you will probably enjoy it today. there is not much change. also back to school for oakland unified. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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three americans and a prettyish man has received france's top honor for taking down an armed man on a train. ktvu alex savidge is joining us now from the newsroom with details about these heros and the actions that they took to save lives. ali. >> reporter: the three americans came to europe as tourists and they will leave as decorated heros. in a ceremony monday morning france's -- and personally thanked them for stopping a possible shooting massacre on a train. spencer stone, alex, and anthony were passengers on board a train enroute from paris to amsterdam when the men noticed a commotion and heard some glass breaking. they then came face to face
5:45 am
with man with an assault rifle. he told his friends at that moment let's go. he put the gunman into a choke hold. while his friends took the man's weapons away. a british businessman chris norman helped sad already tie the gunman up. >> if it wasn't for them, i would have been dead. >> reporter: french authorities have identified the gunman as at 25-year-old moroccan man. they believe the guy is an islamic extremist who recently traveled to syria. but the man's attorney says he is homeless and was just trying to rob the train. one of the three americans who
5:46 am
helped was born here and grew up in sacramento. and is attending sacramento state. pam. >> that is an incredible story. time is 5:45. no one hurt after a massive explosion and fire at a u.s. army depot in japan. windows and doors were damaged. the depot is about 25 miles southwest of tokyo. there were canisters of compressed gases. the cause is still under investigation. a louisiana state police trooper who was shot in the head during a traffic stop yesterday is in critical condition this morning. authorities say 43-year-old steven vincent stopped to talk to a suspected drunk driver. the driver got out of the truck with a shotgun and opened fire. the shooting was captured on
5:47 am
dash cam video. >> i watched him. i saw it happen. >> they used the troopers radio to call authorities. the head of the state police say charges will include attempted murder. 5:47 is the time. let's check back in with sal. hopefully no big problems. >> nothing really. we are seeing people getting on the road which is not unusual. we are seeing people on the commute. some of the commutes will be busy. let's take a look at what we have now. you can see traffic is going to be busy on the city fold grade heading south. no major problems coming through. if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, there are more people out there. it's not that bad of a commute. the traffic continues to look
5:48 am
good over to highway 101. this morning at the toll plaza it looks like the metering lights have been turned on and there is a little bit of a backup which ising to too bad. now today's weather let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, thank you. we have the low clouds here. not much change in that department. nights a longer now. dare i say. i had to use a blanket saturday morning. it was chilly out there. low clouds there. they will be slow to burn back but once they do, when you get 26 gusts to 32 at travis that is a rip roaring delta breeze. water temps still between 60- 65. haven't seen much change in that department. 50s and 60s on your current temps. coast, bay, inland everyone is within a couple degrees.
5:49 am
most inland locations are running a little cooler than 24 hours ago. maybe the low clouds haven't reached the low clouds. 56 ukiah and sacramento. monterey both at 61 degrees. higher clouds cleared out pretty fast. they are in northeast california. they have a lot of low clouds until place. i don't think they are going anywhere right now. might be some more around wednesday. today and tomorrow morning low clouds. we'll get some clouds in here wednesday and thursday. you can see the forecast models it is clear as mud as you like to say. so stay tuned. i think somewhere to wait a little bit more toward september. but at least a sign of things to come here. a few 90s and low 80s.
5:50 am
70s and 80s. walnut creek 83. 80s for santa clara valley. it's friday and into the weekend. too soon to say for sure. i think there will be some rain to the north. >> but the extended outlook is looking very interesting for rain here. >> two men are facing charges after threats are made at the world pokemon championship in boston. how police stopped the suspects and what they found in their car. >> and they are among the best
5:51 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:53. things are back to normal at sfo but that is after a toy grenade forced the shut down of a security check point. the toy was discovered in a piece of luggage yesterday afternoon. passengers who were flying out
5:54 am
of terminal 2 were forced to go through security at terminal one. they were transported back to terminal 2 through another entrance. it took officers two hours to bring that situation under control. can college athletes be paid like the pros? that is what will be considered in a legal battle that could bring major changes to the ncaa. athletes are suing the organization to over turn allyl that bans players from receiving any compensation outside scholarships. the ncaa says it sets a level playing field among schools and its teams but critics argue it blocks a competition in a free market. uc berkeley and stanford are on a list of colleges that promotes public service. they ranked 30 schools based on three cat boys. recruiting and graduating low income students producing cutting edge research and encouraging students to give back. uc san diego ranked number one for the sixth year in a row. followed by uc river side, texas a & m. , uc berkeley and
5:55 am
stanford university. 16 schools in california made the top 30 including mills college in oakland. there are big changes for students at san jose state this fall. all tobacco products and e- cigarettes have been banned from practice. a college wants to get out the word to remind students not to light up. they have been said to be having the greatest impact on students. e-cigarette use skyrocketed. although smoking was banned on all campuses, a small fraction of california state university. doctors say nearly 1-5 new dancer cases in the u.s. involve someone who has had it before. the study also found that about 19% of cancers in the u.s. are
5:56 am
second or more cases in the 9170s was only 9%. researches say that is partly because more people are surviving cancer and living long enough to get it again. apple is recalling a batch of iphones over a defect that causes them to take blurry pictures. the problem is with the eyesight come a on certain iphone 6 plus smart phones. the recall effects phones phones sold between 2014 and 2015. they can have the cameras replaced for free. halloween costumes have caused controversy before but a plan to release a caitlyn jenner costume thistle is stirring up debate. the costume was thought up by spirit halloween. the company has not revealed what it looks like but proud to carry a costume that celebrates her. jenner is quote the most important real life super hero of the year.
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the costume will be available until spirit halloween pop up stores in just a few weeks. we arement cog um on our 6:00 hour now. and there is a heavy police presence in one east san jose neighborhood this morning. up next who officers are look for after a man was shot to death over night. >> and a much needed odor reducing makeover for bart ill say -- bart elevators. >> good morning. we are looking at commute this morning where traffic is doing okay on 24 between walnut creek and the tunnel. walnut creek and oakland. >> pretty quiet for the early part of the week if you like the weekend the weather today looks pretty similar. by the end of the week there could be rain.
5:58 am
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we are live in zap jose where a search has ended. they are still at large this morning for killing a man. we'll tell you what police are doing now. it has been exactly one year since the 6.0 earthquake devastated the napa area.
6:00 am
>> are we out of business? yeah. it was pretty shocking. >> this morning we will take a look at changes wineries have made and how they have rebounded in the past year. mornings on 2 continues. thank you for joining us monday morning august 24th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark this week. let's get a quick look at your weather and traffic. steve is here. it will be quiet for this week but you're saying rain. >> maybe northern california but by the weekend. pam, is there anything going on in the stock market today? >> it could be a huge sell off. >> down 700? 600? >> it's been fluctuating. i will get you a current reading in just a moment. you do the weather. >> brian was selling his portfolio. we do have very quiet


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