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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 24, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a guy uses his cell phone to livestream himself in the middle of a police chase. see what has people wondering if if it's real or fake. getting a great video is all about -- >> right clicks, right time. >> why the person who shot this -- you see the elephant but nothing's going on here. >> wait, something is going on. >> see the moment mama got her miracle. >> plus, the coolest cake cutter ever. what it's like to be stuck in -- >> the zone. >> why it's all pain and to
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gain. >> can you hook me up with your friend? >> oh, that's the worst. this someone crazy, so many people using the new live streaming apps, this one periscope. sometimes do you things to get people's attention. what we're seeing is a live stream of what's reported to be a guy in the middle of a police chase. >> uh-oh. >> now the guy that's watching this live is recording it as well so that's why we're seeing a cell phone video of a cell phone. >> that looks awe them tick. >> the guy who is broadcasting is in the passenger seat, answering questions during this live chase. the car stops and you see two people run away from the car, i believe two other passengers. >> go! run! i love you! i love you guys! bond me out, bond me out! >> you hear the pace car talking
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to the driver and eventually the driver. >> put your hands on your head. roll down all the windows in the vehicle. roll down the windows. driver of the vehicle, put your heft hand on the door of the outside. i know what your questions are. is this real? i have my doubts. so do a lot of people in the car and the comments have their doubts as well. >> i think this is a fake big time. you never see the officer -- >> what if this is just an extra on a film set? >> it could be that, too. the other wild part about this is it's entirely possible. the next video security camera footage from inside a convenience store, the guy with the hoodie is looking around, he's shopping and he approaches the counter and the clerk, and whips out a big knife. the clerk immediately steps back and no you don't, my chair is bigger than your knife. >> and it's got longer steel to make a connection with your head. >> you clearly see the man's
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face. >> wow. >> maybe not this one. >> he gets up and turns away, no money, oh, okay, see you later. one of the absolute key ingredients to any viral video is right place, right time. we start off in australia with karen garcia, watching some superboat racing. this starts slowing down the guy behind doesn't see him and then -- whoa! rides up the back, almost does a side wheelie. >> he did it, landed flat. >> this wasn't a planned water stunt. >> no, that is extremely dangerous, almost massive accident. >> was he able to continue on? was that boat damaged by the incident? >> looks like he's still going as the video ends but a lucky spot for karen garcia. we move on to cos harbor, australia, karen garcia, same person different day, she's whale watching.
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>> oh [ bleep ]. >> so cool. >> look at the size of them and that's not one. it looks like they're an entire posse of whales, they start breaching out of the water, incredible footage and it continues minutes and minutes as the animals waving at them with their tails. >> as she goes home she's probably wondering why don't people come on vacation with hee. >> i want to go on vacatio with her. she seems to be ant epic vacationer. >> the third one not from karen, this is posted by jennifer, renee and this dolphin is in barely a foot of water. he's lying on his side and seems quite calm. with a tick of the tail a full 180 around the kayak, he disappears into the water. >> that's a little bit danger s dangerous, i don't know. >> i think he did it on purpose,
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i'll give humans something to look at on the camera. >> i just got splashed like really crazy right now. roller skating and tidal boarding two sports that don't exactly go together. in this video they come together oh so gloriously. you see these seasoned athletes get their roller skates on, they grab their paddle boards, you will laugh hysterically at what comes next. they paddle out to the waves, they catch a wave and then they try to stand up on the paddle board while they're on the roller skates. they keep getting knocked off their boards over and over and over again and just when you think they got it, they got it, they got it, they roll off the board. >> it's the kind of idea that only men can come up with. >> exactly. >> you find the skates and the
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board and say guys, i got an idea! >> hey rick! i got an idea! >> you guys are on point because the description of the video on epic tv does say these grown men saying they're going on 12 did come up with this idea and it's hysterical. the guy in the black wet suit actually manages to stay on the board for quite a while not much going on in the elephant enclosure in the chester zoo, not really, just a pack of elephants hanging around. wait, something is going on. watch what happens when that big elephant moved to the right >> oh! she had a baby. >> she just gave birth. >> that looks so weird from this angle. >> just looks like she's just wiggling her bottom and steps around but notice she gives it a gentle kick to stimulate the
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elephant. >> circles around the baby almost building a nest and keeping the other elephants away. >> the mama is an asian elephant and they say her gestation was 22 months. but if you notice not too long after the baby was on its feet. >> cool thing to see. >> not the only birth at a zoo. at the columbus zoo a solly is now a second time mom. she has four babies this time. >> oh so cute. >> these lion cubs are so adorable and so small. they're not on public view right now because they're waiting for mom to bond with the babies but there will be a lot of cousin cubs in family because a solly sister is due any time now. >> i just want to get the teen etiny things while they can't eat me. >> even when a lion cub jumps on you, powerful. it is not like a little
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chihuahua at all. >> it's precious to see when they're so young and barely learning how to prove and walk, it's adorable. this couple has decided to go on a pretty epic journey. find out their plan to explore north america for the next year or two. >> yeah, buddy! plus a turtle is in need of some help. >> that poor turtle is all wrapped up. >> see how a divemaster ce to its rescue. like undersea rodeo. >> yes.
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it's a problem all around the world. fishing line getting tangled up with animals that live in the sea or sometimes in the air. we start in florida where a divemaster sees a hawks bill sea turtle all wrapped up. the dive master is going in for the rescue.
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divemaster is able to catch up with it but once he catches up with it he's got to hold onto that thing so he has to get on that turtle's back and then he starts cuting. >> like an undersea rodeo. >> exactly. like a little wrestling match. >> once they get the turtle free the turtle is like, outta here. now in moonta bay, australia, fishing line tangling up with a bird. jeff and emma are working to untangle this little creature. notice how they are carefully getting that fishing line from around that bird. i don't think this is a bird that dives into the water to get its food. looks like a pigeon or something. >> maybe one of the opportunistic pigeons that went for the lure and got himself tangled up. >> once they get the fishing line off the bird they show the bird off. >> that's cute.
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>> they let the bird go but the adventure is not exactly over. once they let the bird go it hit the pole but it was okay. it said the bird kept flying after it hit. we just moved out of our apartment and the go rid of an absolute mountain of stuff and we've managed to fit our lives if only just into a 21 foot long van. >> simon and shelby are about to go on an epic journey. >> the van trip planned for us is a loose idea what we're going to do for the next two years. we're doing the west coast first for six months, and then we're going to do, come back here to ontario and work another season, while still traveling. >> we'll work our wedding season. >> we work as photographers during the wedding season. >> yeah, buddy. >> they've taken everything, they're loading it into a van, just going to explore north america for the next year or two.
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as you heard them say there, they work as wedding photographers. we'll come back up in six months, working a season and continuing on the next stage, just to go out there and explore. they were actually inspired by another viral star. >> i heard of inspiration doing the van life was i bought simon a book called "batty on things" a guy traveling across the u.s. with his dog. we just broken up with his girlfriend and gotten rid of everything. got a dog and traveled with her and then she would just stand on things and take pictures of her across the u.s. the most adorable book ever and he saw that and thought -- >> we should totally do that. >> i'm impressed with the first shot from the interior. i thought it was a full-on rv. >> the shower and toilet situation not great. >> it's amazing what they've done to it. the amount of retrofitting and
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everything else is spectacular. when it comes down to it, he says it best. >> the misadventures are turning into amazing adventures, a loft the best memories you make are ones you never intended to in the first place. >> i have the best videos of the internet because cats are involved in both of them. er this a waiting and chasing that rubber band. >> brings the rubber band back. my catch would fetch nerf dart, get it and brick it back. >> i didn't know you could do that with cats. >> look at that face, a cute cat. >> it is adorable. if you're impressed by this trained cat you'll love this one. this little girl is cleaning her cat nitro. she has little treats for it. tells it to give her a high five, and when she gets it, the
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cat gets a treat. >> i want to do that. >> these cats think they're dogs. >> it's hard to, when they see there's a double amount of cuteness. that little girl is adorable. the cat is cute. whoever recorded this thought this is gold. >> and the cat is like let me humor the child because she might grab me and squeeze me. super cute. time for a real or fake, a dance battle with a not so happy ending. >> oh! >> i heard the head. >> this dude pulls off an insane slam dunk. >> whoa! >> and a shooting trick guaranteed to have you fooled. >> well done. >> watch anddecide, ebob's world is next. be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay ththreree-e-ququarartetersrs o s to replace it. whwhatat a arere y youou s su, drive three-quarters of a car? nonow w ifif y youou h hadad ll new car replacement,
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closed captioning provided by --- isis t thahat t evevenen p? gogoldld b bonond d popowd. cocoolol, , drdry,y, f fre. ststayay c cooool!l! you may need a little help afafalling asleep.streresy try new unisom sleepminis™ toto g getet a a g gooood d p anand d wawakeke r recec. ununisisomom s sleleepep. a ststreressssfuful l y deserves a restful night. it's monday and that only means one thing, we have max
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dreidel the purveyor of the fakest most realest videos out there. >> what is up, guys. i'm bringing you the real or fake this week. get real or get to steppin'. >> this first video looks like there's a little bit of a dance battle going on. this guy turns around, flips the birdie, feeling real good. >> a little disrespect there. >> and then -- >> oh, you can't do this. >> oh [ bleep ]! >> oh! >> i've heard the head thump. >> he just dropped the bass. >> he fell right on the back of his head and it knocked him out. >> he was trying to pull off the move you do the jump, land flat on your back with your arms and legs flat, but this guy took it all on the cranium. i'm going real, real stupid. >> it's sick kara. real? max? >> he hits his cranium pretty hard but it's the reaction from the friend behind when your friend does something like that, you just get up and run, that's when you know it's real.
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>> video number two. oh! wow! >> whoa! >> yes! >> oh! that is the greatest dunk i've ever seen in my life. that's real. >> i want to jump in to saying real here. >> i think this is real. i this i this guy has done this before and probably a gymnast. >> is he on the track or football team? >> he's on the beer pong team. >> i'll go real. >> gayle? >> i say it's real. >> all reals again, max. >> this is real. he dunks the ball and using the same hand to support him so he doesn't hit his cranium on the ground like the previous guy, it's just incredible. >> individual know number thrvi with a handgun. his eyes are closed. >> the window is closed would be another indication. >> is this a real gone or
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airsoft? ? something doesn't seem quite right. the window is closed. >> his eyes are closed. you can't shoot a gun and not see. let's see what's going on. >> well done. >> yes. he's got a career as a sound engineer. that's exactly how they do it. we got faked out for real. >> it's a fake video, he's not really shooting that. it's not really a pellet gun at all. >> well done. so rachel said -- >> now we need to cut the quake into squares and triaclees. >> mattias said -- >> why not cut into circles or hexagons. >> why don't you just eat the cake? >> it gets more complicated. he has to fashion his own knife. the way he does it, gets this piece of metal, basically a wooden vise for this and bends
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it. moves it along, bends the metal and keeps going down as it slowly creates this hexagon shape. once it is lined up he needs a way to use it as a knife. you can't saw it forward and backyard. he needs a piece of wood to create force to push it through the cake. he works his way down but does look cool at the end, everyone can reach in and get a piece. >> if you want to make a cake out of this, put the frosting over this and it's cut under there so you don't have to deal with the cutting after. >> oh my gosh, this one, oh! the most dreaded place to be, when you've got the hots for someone. >> is the friend zone. >> a spot-on video everyone can relate to. >> eventually she might get drunk enough -- alall l ththe e gogoododnenesss. alall l ththe e dedelilicis of hershey's syrup.
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sqsqueueezeze.e. s stitir..
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moving something like that must be terrifying. the absolute most dreaded place one can be when you have a crush on someone else is the friend zone. >> oh. >> like a black hole you can never get out of that. >> what does it sound like when you're getting put in the friend zone? >> you're like my bff. >> i like you, i am not looking to date. >> i just got out of a relationship. >> i would totally date someone with your personality. >> i think we should be more than friends. >> i wouldn't want to hurt our
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relationship. >> you remind me of my little sister, so weird. >> it's pretty spot on. >> i don't see why that's a problem though, if the girl or the person you have a crush on doesn't reciprocate, the person is not obligated. >> i'll tell you, that girl is dating a guy she hates and complaining to him about everything, why can't they be nice like you? but then she won't date him. >> when you meet, you know. i know i'm not you. >> can you hook me up with your friend. >> the one that looks like you but hot. >> you're the best friend anyone can ask for. >> i'm not into black guys. >> your ex-boyfriend was black. >> maybe we could go out sometimes? >> oh, no, no. >> being someone's friend is not the worst thing that can happen to you. oftentimes that is the start of a pretty phenomenal relationship. >> you're right. good friends make great lovers. >> you have to give it some time
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and if if things are meant to be, they will develop into a romantic relationship. >> eventually you might just wear her down. >> are you just waiting for all her dating foibles to just come to the point she's like well he's around, he's nice. >> eventually she might get drunk enough -- >> you can come over? >> i can't hang out tonight. >> why haven't you ever taken me on a date? thanks so much for spending time with us. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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. the spiciest hot top iitopi. and ej johnson stops by. we're talking weight loss and breaking down the highlights from the ball. plus here in the kitchen with ingrid hoffmann making cinco de mayo recipes perfect for your party. now, here's wendy.


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