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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 24, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the 10:00 news starts now. whiplash on wall street as stocks fall and rise and fall again in one of the most volatile days in history.
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williams of dollars in market value gone in minutes. >> i am frank sommerville. we will hear from an expert who says, don't panic. but first the numbers from today. the dow was off 588 points, but that was actually an improvement after being down more than 1000 points at the beginning of the trading day. the nasdaq lost 179 points. the s&p lost as well. all of this on top of big losses last thursday and friday. the chinese market has been setting the tone. it is tuesday there and investors are once again selling off. the shanghai composite was down for percent in morning trading. australia and korea were in positive territory. >> the dow and nasdaq are off 13%. the snp 500 is off 11%. -- s&p 500 is off 11 pit --
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percent. so what is the smart strategy going forward? we have ken pritchett live. >> reporter: volatile would be a fitting word to describe the us market today. we have seen it all day long. that was the selloff rational given a relatively healthy economy? >> shortly after the opening bell, the dow dropped more than 1000 points in minutes before regaining about half the loss throughout the day. >> it scares me. >> reporter: she remembers the last stock market dropped four years ago. >> i have washed -- watched my money vanished. [ laughter ] >> many experts say it is no time to panic. >> the worst thing you can do is overreact to a situation. >> reporter: will -- senior
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economist gary schlossberg says people may be overreacting. >> they have a record of controlling their economy reasonably well. there's a sense they are losing that control to a certain extent. >> reporter: experts say like other corrections, this too shall pass. average investors should not rush into action. >> by reacting, you are simply locking in those losses. you should wait for the market to heal and wait for it to recover. >> reporter: the market selloff may have a silver lining. the federal reserve was considering raising interest -- is considering raising interest rates next month but given this volatility, some believe the fed may put off a change which would be welcome news for the housing market. right? >> we will see what happens
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tomorrow morning. think you can. as far as bay area companies, apple was down as much as 10% this morning then rallied to positive territory. apple ended the day 2.5% lower. adobe was hit harder, off nearly 6%. and solarcity was more -- off more than 7%. a new businesses opening in silicon valley and planning to hire 150 workers in the next few weeks. jana is live at the call center aiming to redefine an industry led by a ceo who was once homeless. >> reporter: often when people think of call centers they think of low-paid workers in rows of gray cubicles. this ceo has a different vision, helping people the way he once was helped.
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>> reporter: every phone call is about building a relationship. with a stranger on the other end. that's the lesson gabriel bristol tries to teach his employees. at a time when many companies are outsourcing these calls to other countries, he is bucking the trend, expanding his customer service call company from las vegas and san diego to silicon valley. with bright open workspaces and plans for plenty of extras like a gym, and television break room as well as a quiet place to rest. >> we have single mothers or people juggling another job and they need time between jobs. this is a way for them to be refreshed and ready to get on the phones. >> it's a philosophy about work and business born from humble roots and a painful past. >> i was born to a mother at -- mother who was a heroin addict and a prostitute. >> reporter: he was on the streets at age 19.
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>> i was homeless and giving blood for money. and i thought, how dare you think i would do that. >> reporter: but he gave it a try. in that first day, gabriel bristol found his calling. >> listening to the tone of their voice, the cadence of their voice, making that connection, i realized i was providing a valuable service. i fell in love with the work. >> reporter: work that he tries to integrate with his workers realize. >> this is our kids room. 1 he allows parents to bring their children to work. >> if i thought i could get in here and not to damage, i would do it. [ laughter ]>> reporter: workers desks are movable, allowing them to be more comfortable. >> you can tell how much empathy and passion is going into how they are structuring this business, especially for people like a self, who are working class. >> i view my employees as
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partners, not a resource or tool. they are not a means to an end. they are truly my partner. >> reporter: and to expand that partnership, he is holding a job fair here on september 2. they hope to hire 150 new employees. >> such a great opportunity for all of those employees. remarkable story. thank you so much jana for sharing that story. bart is back on track after experiencing major delays all afternoon. the biggest issue was in san francisco. bart closed the station after a person was struck and killed by a train just before 1:30 this afternoon. the unidentified man jumped from the platform onto the tracks right as an oncoming train was approaching. it took about four hours for them to complete their investigation and reopen the station. earlier this afternoon they also's -- arrested a robbery suspect who led them through a
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bart tunnel. the chase started an hour earlier when he took his cell phone on a train and then got off and ran into the tunnel. homicide investigators were at a san jose home this afternoon after discovering a man found dead inside. police say the family members called at about noon to the home on jackie drive, near durand avenue in east tows a. when officers arrived they found the middle-aged man dead. he has not been identified. police say they are identified the -- investigating the death as suspicious. napa hit by an earthquake one year ago, paused to remember. but this was more of a celebration than anything else. deborah? >> reporter: recovery is still very visible here. remember the numbers are daunting.
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$360 million in damage. 1500 homes devastated. scores of businesses shuttered. but many regarded as a test that napa has passed. if napa had nothing to cheer about a year ago, it does now as this community event was billed as napa 6.0. six, the strength of the quake that knocked people out of bed a year it -- at 3:00 in the morning. >> we heard our son screaming in the other room. i yelled at him to stay in bed. >> i saw neighbors helping neighbors. >> reporter: people gathered and remembered how everyone pitched in. citizens and first responders. it was a moment to remember and say thanks. >> this is about napa's strengths and let me tell you, napa is strong. >> reporter: strong enough to make repairs when they are not
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cheap or easy. much of downtown is still able -- still a work in progress. >> it's still not done. it's not over. >> reporter: she coped by bringing in a trailer to do hair and reopened within a month. >> don't let people wonder, are they coming back? do i need to make a hair appointment somewhere else? we let people know we were coming back and we did not do the woe is me. >> reporter: fundraising is just starting for a church with more than $1 million in damage. >> we hope to reopen within 6 to 8 months. >> reporter: maybe the two-year anniversary. >> [ laughter ] yes. >> reporter: quake awareness is
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something they can't shake going forward. >> she had a bookcase right in front of her front door with books in it and i said, move that now. >> reporter: there was a map where people could mark on the map where they were when the quake hit. it was what she called the scariest moment of her life. >> that could be any city here in the bay area. deborah, thank you.>> and one of the people most seriously integrated when they wreck fireplace chimney collapsed on top of him. nick dylan has since recovered. he is a sophomore at napa new technology high school. he suffered multiple pelvic fractures when that earthquake sent a wall of bricks crashing on top of them. -- on top of him. >> i sat in my bed and
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reflected on what happened and who i am today. going back to that, i can't believe something that powerful could happen here in my community. >> our coverage continues at with more photos from the napa celebration. incoming freshmen got a big work -- welcome from the university this morning. the chancellor spoke during the annual convocation. it serves as the university welcome for all new undergraduates. he and other administrators spoke to the students to help get them charged up for their first semester at cal. >> thank you for coming along with us for what will be a great right ahead. this may well be an emotional moment for most of you. we know it was when we were in your shoes. >> the cal basketball program
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tweeted out this picture, with the caption so many future leaders, movers and shakers in one place. classes at cal begin on wednesday. >> at 10:30, the new transit plan and the train on the chopping block. i am tracking your forecast for the bay area. how quickly the fog will burn off and how much warmer temperatures will get in the valley. bam bam bam. police searched this home and put him in handcuffs. up next, 2 investigates.
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new questions tonight about police procedures and whether officers went overboard again. >> you may have seen the video with the -- of the officer with the gun and holstered in front of a restaurant. -- a citizen.
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>> this man also says his rights were violated when police showed up at his home early one morning, handcuffed him and searched his house over an allegation that he had -- he says could easily have been cleared up without any of that. and now we have found out he has a connection to the case that made worldwide news. >> put your hands up.>> this has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. >> people should not have to live in fear that they should date -- that they would be hurt by law enforcement. >> your station is corrupt. >> why are you doing this? >> dodging questions of improper action. but the allegations didn't actually stop there.
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>> them bam bam. rotor park police. >> you could feel the walls shake. >> they rushed up to this man's door early one morning. >> to do have any idea why they were showing up? >> no. to make it easy on them i decided to step out on the porch and i had my hands out. i put it out so they could see my hand and no i wasn't opening it with a weapon or anything like that. and as i sat -- stepped out, they grab that hand, twisted it behind my back, cuffed me and started taking me off the porch. >> reporter: neighbors started taking photos as police started searching his home. >> they went through the house, guns up. >> do think they had the right to go through your house? >> no. absolutely not. >> and after finding absolutely nothing, it was over.
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>> they violated my civil rights. >> reporter: do you feel your officers used too much force in this case? >> absolutely not. >> police say there was a 911 call that they refused to release. >> they were 200 feet from that residents and clearly heard a woman screaming. >> officers immediately put him in handcuffs using quick cuffed technique. >> reporter: why does that lead to him immediately being handcuffed and removed from the doorway? >> well, i would say that someone said -- that says, i am coming out, and then immediately places their hands in a position overhead -- it is a little unusual. to me it is an indication possibly that he has some involvement in something that has gone on inside that house.
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>> reporter: do you buy that? >> i don't by the fact that his hands were -- being up should have made a reasonable office more concerned. >> reporter: it appears the homeowner acted reasonably before those officers handcuffed him. >> it is the one lesson we give everybody. make sure your hands can be seen by the officer. this should not have been perceived as an -- as a threat of any kind. >> reporter: he calls it aggressive force. coming just a few days after claims of improper actions here from another man who saw this officer was out of line drawing his gun. it's a separate case and a separate man. who just happens to work alongside this man at this auto shop. do you know him? >> i do. he is my coworker. we sit side-by-side all day long. >> reporter: is it a quilted
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and send? >> i don't know. i don't know what made them show up. >> the connection maybe this negative page -- post he wrote on the coworkers page about the video. saying that police are gun happy and would be looking for revenge. he posted it back on august 4, seven days before police showed up at his door. the comment was somehow removed. >> reporter: do you think that is why you got this visit? >> i think it is a potential. it potentially as. you know. i don't know. >> i don't know what he does in terms of communication on social media. >> reporter: are they related? do think that might have had something to do with this? >> i think it is and ought coincidence.>> reporter: two cases in less than two weeks. two allegations. >> no more threatening of the private citizens -- >> 2 victims. and one police department.
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>> the question sir, do you believe these two incidents say something about a problem with force in this department? >> i would say no. i would say absolutely not. >> will again tonight, police say there is no connection. only quentin's. and they say that facebook post was deleted just because of bad language. they also say they don't have to let anyone here that 911 tape that started all of this, but our attorneys disagree. we are trying to get hold of that tape because we believe the public should hear this, here why they went to this man's home, handcuffed him and searched his -- his home. >> let's talk about that search warrant. we all know police can go into just anyone's home. >> they actually said the young daughter gave them permission. the father disputes that. if they believe someone is in
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danger they have the right to go in anywhere at any time. >> does the chief explain at all why they don't want to release it. they say they don't have to, but did he say why they don't want to release it? >> because they didn't want to give out the identity of the caller, but that would usually be redacted anyway and unavailable to us. we gave him assurances we would not identify the caller but still they would not give it to us. >> you would think they could give us a transcript at the very least. interesting story. thank you. emailed the address on your screen or call 510-874-0222. it was slightly warmer out there today, fog along the coast at the bay bridge. the fog is that the coast, but that will push and tonight.
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your tuesday temperatures slightly warmer than today. we start to go a little warmer than that on wednesday and then things change around as we head toward the weekends -- weekend with clouds and possibly sprinkles. so fog in the morning, temperatures right now in the upper 50s, so made 60s in the warm spots and then fog forecast in the morning hours. 7:00 tuesday morning. temperatures starting to warm. pushing into september, seeing some triple digit areas south towards stockton and modesto, but mostly temperatures will be in the mid and upper 80s with some low 90s. that's the forecast for the bay area tomorrow. but as we head into wednesday, change is coming and then toward the end of the week, into the weekend, a chance for showers around here. we will talk about that. when you see me next. you after a couple of breaks. federal funds for san jose airport.
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stepping up security after a series of breaches there. and that 10:30, -- >> the city is becoming more cement and more ugly and there is not an investment towards nature.
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or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus.
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any breaches unacceptable, but what you want to work for is perfection. >> something needed to be done after the first breach last year when a 15-year-old hop the fence and stowed away in the wheel well of the plane on a flight to wife. most recently in march, a 20- year-old woman was seen running around the south end of the airfield after she jumped the fence. >> you can deter a lot of people who want to scale the fence. it is 6 feet, large link, climbing over. >> they will take it to 10 feet
10:28 pm
at the north and south ends of the airport starting next year. right now the corridor is the only area with the improved fencing. >> we are facing this. based upon funding and studying what needs to be upgraded. >> reporter: improvements can't come soon enough given all the breaches that have already happened. >> i am hoping that the government and investment in the security can keep up with what is happening, because i am afraid that the people who are trying to do bad things can do things faster than we can keep up with it. >> reporter: the money can't cover the entire fence, but that is the goal over the next few years as well as incorporating security and technology upgrades like surveillance, infrared and motion detectors. in san jose, ktvu with fox2. flowers where you might not
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expect them. the urban garden is enriching the lives of its workers as well. officials want to remove trees in order to improve bus service. neighbors call it taking out nature. ymething different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe.
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my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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new at 10:, the plan to add more bus service. but hundreds of trees stand in the way. the buses -- officials say they want to improve safety, but the number -- neighbors say the plan to cut trees took them by surprise. amber is there addressing those concerns tonight. >> reporter: this project is
10:32 pm
scheduled to start early next year, but neighbors tell me they want the trees to stay. >> trees up to 50 years old line the median and sidewalks along this busy quarter. there are you -- eucalyptus and various types of oak trees. >> they give a -- aesthetic beauty to the city and getting rid of them is not a good idea. >> reporter: this is what the new bus lanes will look like. the tree removal is necessary to construct two bus lanes, one in each direction down the center of the street where the median currently exist, leaving two instead of three lanes for vehicle traffic in each direction. they say the change -- change will speed up travel time and increase ridership by more than 30%. >> it is something that will improve transportation for thousands of people. >> at what cost? do you just make the city uglier and dirtier and take out
10:33 pm
nature? i don't agree with that. >> reporter: notices of the intention to remove the trees are wrapped in plastic on the tree trunks. about one doesn't treat -- trees will be spared because they are deemed not to be in the way of construction. >> we will have enough room on either side for some of the trees to be retained. >> reporter: there was a hearing to let the public know about the entire project. >> you can't physically construct the new median and keep all the trees. >> reporter: a plan to plant a total of 400 trees to replace and add to what is there now, but they acknowledge it will take 10 years to record -- restore the current tree can them a -- canopy. >> keep the trees! i'm a big fan of the trees. >> reporter: they have two
10:34 pm
weeks to decide whether to remove the trees. the other side has 15 days to appeal. heather? >> all right something we will continue to follow. thank you amber. now to lake county where another wildfire broke out today. a viewer sent us this picture of the great fire. it started on jerusalem grade road 7 miles from middletown. the fire initially threatened some homes but at last report from cal fire, they say it has only burned about 28 acres and is 50% contained. they are also gaining ground on the peterson fire. it has burned 250 acres over the weekend is now 60% contained. the cause of these lake county fires is under investigation. now to the south bay where mosquitoes have tested positive for the west nile virus. they are planning to fog some areas, including along alameda.
10:35 pm
cruiser scheduled to be out thursday night beginning at 11:00 and finish up early friday morning. it will take three hours to get the job done. door hangers are notifying residents of the fogging. they will be distributed in those effective -- affected neighborhoods. now to and it urban farming project with some unique farmers. everyone in this farm has spent time in prison. the farm is right in the middle of a west oakland lot. >> reporter: growing here is a second chance. >> i can't even say how much this means to me. >> reporter: a second chance at seventh and campbell. >> this was empty and vacant. >> reporter: and a second chance for the people who grow the vegetables here. it is said that everyone has a story. the workers here have all spent time behind bars. >> i spent seven years there. buck for what? >> attempted merger -- murder, home invasion, robbery.
10:36 pm
>> in many ways, these folks are still paying for their crimes. he doesn't have custody of his son. >> it was like losing my life. he was my everything. he was literally my shadow. >> reporter: with records, they have all struggled to find jobs. >> there was an interview, they say there's the door. don't spill nothing on your way out. >> reporter: but here, things are different.>> they would do anything to not go back but there is just no opportunity. >> reporter: she's determined to create opportunity at this farm is just the beginning. >> we will have a tech design center. >> reporter: housing is in the works, but still a ways off. when kelly carlisle heard about this, she wanted to get involved. >> reporter: we have three
10:37 pm
varieties of kale. this is about transformation for them and their children. >> when i talked -- when i said i was a farmer, he started laughing, like yeah right mom. >> people come from negative circumstances but we can turn it around and make the best of it. >> reporter: and hope that starts with a hard days work. in oakland, ktvu fox to news. >> i want to go by there and meet them. nothing better than a second chance. a city employees alleged relationship with a 15-year-old girl. and how you can enter the lottery to meet the pope next month. and in the forecast a chance for showers. legitimate weather heading into california. i will let you know when it gets here and if we could see rain.
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a san jose city recreational leader is facing serious charges after authorities say he solicited lewd pictures from a teenage girl. police arrested 25-year-old mark joseph west on july 16 at a home in san jose. the da's office said he exchanged inappropriate images with a 15-year-old girl he met online. police say it is possible there are more victims and they are asking anyone with information to call police. he is due in court on thursday where he is expected to enter a plea. seven suspects entered pleas of not guilty in the -- not guilty in the death of a mother. she was trying to protect her children from a gun battle on her street. the defendants are charged with murder in the seventh is
10:41 pm
charged with being an accessory after the fact. police say they were part of two groups shooting at each other and unfortunately she was caught in a crossfire. the children were not wounded. north and south korea pulled back from the brink of hostility today and agreed to stop threatening each other. there has been artillery and rocket fire exchanged. they reached an agreement that allows each to save space while climbing some measure of victory. south korea stopped blasting propaganda over loudspeakers on the border, which was a demand of the north. president of france awarded three americans with ties to northern california with his country's highest honor today. for preventing what could have been a massacre. >> reporter: the whole world has admired your courage, composure, your sense of responsibility, the solidarity which led you to empty-handed tackle a man armed to the teeth and ready for anything.
10:42 pm
spencer stone, --, anthony sadler, and alek skarlatos received the legion of honor. they raced to stop a man -- heavily armed man on a high- speed train. stone was badly injured. the city of sacramento is planning a parade for the soldiers. there will be a chance to see pope francis when he makes his visit here next month. there has been a ticket lottery set up on a website. in all, 50 tickets will be given away to see him on september 24. winners will not be allowed inde, but they will be watching on a big screen. they will have to pay their own way to washington. members of congress were given to the event, but not all chose to give them away by lottery. sports coming up next.
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and chief meteorologist has details on the system we are tracking. the new legal tactic to hold vandals accountable.
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10:45 pm
indycar driver justin wilson did today after sustaining a major head injury during a race in pennsylvania yesterday. the british driver was hit by a large piece of debris. wilson was taken to the hospital with critical injuries and succumbed to his injuries this evening. the driver is exposed. he was 37 and leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. san francisco is trying a different approach to stopping
10:46 pm
vandals. dennis herrera is filing in court. she is accused of scrawling her tag all over city property for the last treat -- three years. herrera says millions of dollars is used of taxpayer money each year, and he decided to take tara to court. >> it appears she takes a great deal of pride. and that brazenness maybe because she doesn't think anybody is going to hold her accountable. >> herrera says the tagger is responsible for $90,000 worth of damage to city property. she is due in court at the end of september. and tracking a bit of a warm-up around here. tracking what is left of hurricane danny in the atlantic. that was the first named hurricane of the season for the atlantic and now it has basically turned into tropical depression. it moves into an area where there is too much wind for it to stay together.
10:47 pm
and the same thing for the next one which will go down even further over the next couple of days. you see the winds dying to 60 miles per hour. less of a threat now than it was a couple days ago to the long island chain. going to fall apart to some degree. as far as temperatures around here today, they were about 45 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. -- for height -- 4-5 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. the bay bridge, the fog is in and that will be around when you get up tomorrow morning. and it is out into the berkeley area. current temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. this high-pressure center will bump temperatures up in the central valley over the next couple days.
10:48 pm
but the other thing that will happen, the tropical moisture will wrap up around this, so increasing lat -- clouds in the middle of the week filter the sunshine and by saturday, this is going to drop down and bring us a slight chance for some showers. check it out. so here is this computer model. for 7:00 thursday morning. so a lot of clouds on thursday, more humid from the south, warm and muggy. and friday evening, you see this line moving through. sort of a week funnel system sliding through the north that could easily slide to the bay area friday night into saturday morning, and arrive here on monday evening. another week system wants to slide through. so really the take away is, an outside chance for showers, maybe a sprinkler to friday and saturday, that also the seasons are changing. the days are getting shorter. i showed you to winds that are
10:49 pm
going to knit the bay area. maybe some rain around here. tomorrow slightly warmer than today as we go into wednesday, about the same. and as we go into thursday and friday, more clouds and there is that chance of a shower on saturday. so again we are just grabbing at stuff to give you the rest of the forecast really the same. hoping something happens on saturday. that would be great. >> it would be. tens of thousands of people are headed to lack locked desert journeying to earning man now getting underway. look at this. a very interesting creation.
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10:51 pm
10:52 pm
burning man is set to start sunday in the black rock red -- desert and folks are making their final preparations, including 62-year-old richard fellman. he plans to drive his car around the festival and offer people a ride. he says he has been doing this for years and it always brings a smile to people's faces. the car has been through several incarnations through the years. he and his friends plan to pull it on a trailer and tow it to the festival. >> i love those cars. pretty cool contraption there. couple wins in a row for the
10:53 pm
a's. firing the third-base coaches a little like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic, but sometimes the little moves pay off. third-base coach, key play here down five. he singles to center, they will send the runner. you hang on right there, we've got a shot to continue this inning. good move as it turns out because on the very next pitch, joey burns, fair ball down the right, he's got himself a two run double, and what looks to be a very quiet night at third- base for ron washington is about to get very busy. follows that up with a shot there down the left-field line, two more runs.
10:54 pm
remember all this with two out some suddenly they are trailing only 5-4. routine chopper to first. he beaten to the plate and washington sends him all the way from second to score it to tie things up. remember, he is still up with two out. everything happens and the in the the -- inning continues. 11 unanswered young -- runs for the a's. 11-5, oakland a's the winner tonight. seems like the 49ers have just the guy they need. a breath of fresh air to take the focus off of a disastrous off-season and bring hope to the team. they hope he will turn the franchise around. he should be fun to watch. he returned three punts, 84 yards and that's the scenario where they have been woefully weak for years. more than a novelty act from australia, he believes in
10:55 pm
himself even if others haven't. >> i'm surprised by the doubts. i have always had confidence in my ability. i have confidence that if i keep learning the game and keep growing every week, that i can be an nfl player. >> preseason football but always a little tidbit worth watching. check out jamie winston, first pick in the draft, scores. 25-11 winner, the bucs over the bengals. some comforting news for warrior fans although it isn't anything to worry about, when steph curry becomes a free agent , curry says free agency is not
10:56 pm
appealing to him. he loves it here in the bay area and guess what? they liked him a lot at the fox theater in oakland last thursday when he took the stage with rapper mcrae. >> we're going to do a remix here. you know what i am saying? >> [ music ] could change the lyric to honor steph curry. if you scour the internet for trick shots and videos you will find examples of people with too much time on their hands, but this is a unique one. arianna, not a basketball trick, but a softball bat juggling act which results in her kicking it before she smacks it. the circus does come to town of renown then. [ laughter ]thanks, mark bring -- thanks mark.
10:57 pm
we will see you in the morning and 4:00. watching the markets, another crucial day. see you later. the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book.
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it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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