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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> reporter: there are a total of 15 people displaced. it happened around 11:00 this morning. this is the building with the fire started. if you look up to the top floor you can see that is the level where the fire began and the inside of it the unit right there is burnt out. it's a little hard to tell because it's still pretty dark out here. firefighters are still on the scene out here as they just came through and did another check inside the building to make sure there were no hot spots. if we turn the camera around you we can show you the red cross is out here hard at work. they have been helping a total of 15 people finding a place to stay. and according to the red cross out here the main building where the the fire started was a care facility. many displaced are senior citizens with special needs and they will live in that building with their care givers and a
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lot of them were forced out. >> older people, special needs. they are doing as best they can. i think some of them are a little confused. >> reporter: you can see firefighters still out here. there is just one crew out here keeping an eye on the building and making sure none of the hot spots flair back up again. they are expecting the battalion chief to be out here around 11:00. the the cause of the fire is still not known at this point. again a total of 15 people displaced by this fire. two buildings effected by it. the main one right here and the adjacent one. we are also keeping an eye on your weather and traffic as we normally do. steve is over to the right and we are expecting a little bit of a warmup. >> inland temps, yes. we do have low cloud deck. we also have an early viewer here. she writes me about once every
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four months. raquel, morning sp. i can always count on my mo2 crew. thank you. it feels about 55-60 in the mission. it might be a little cooler for the mission. low clouds are there. there is plenty going on. 50s and 60s on the temps. 57 novato. low 60s san jose. everyone is close. everyone in the same cluster there. delta breeze rather roe bust. monsoon again it looks like it will play in our weather tomorrow. for us low clouds and sunny and warmer. coast and bay kind of hanging around the 70s there. mild by the coast. upper 80s now and 90s through
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the interior. all right sal let's keep it quiet today compared to yesterday. >> i would like to keep it quiet. >> there was debris on the road there. we have the dublin interchange going. these days we don't really have a completely quiet day. almost ever it seems. let's start with the sig alert westbound 580 at the 680 interchange. the ramp is closed and that connection is going o be closed until they get some debris out of there. they are waiting for cal tran to help. we are also looking at the other commutes. highway 4 off to a good start. ant yak to concord. and 680 looks good. 880 north and southbound not a bad commute as you drive through. the traffic is looking good. 7:wanted to mention novato northbound 101 they are clearing some debris so watch for that. let's go to live pictures and you can see the traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza is
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okay. if you are driving to the san mateo bridge it's not a bad commute. westbound 92 looks good to foster city. at 4:33 let's go back to the desk. u.s. investors are hoping for a more even keel day today as wall street opens for business. the dow closed more than 3.5% lower than yesterday. that was the second trading day in a row with a drop of more than 500 points. premarket trading indicates the market could open with a small gain today. most european markets are on the upswing so far today as well. it was the fourth straight trading day in losses. the shanghai index dropped 7.6% today. that is after losing 8.5% yesterday. the total value is down $4.5 trillion since the middle of june. the man accused of killing kate steinle is due in court today. the hear willing determine if there is enough evidence to try
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juan francisco lopez sanchez with murder. her death sparked a national debate because lopez sanchez san undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. the city of sacramento is planning a parade that for the four men who helped stop an attack on the train. yesterday they received france's top honor. the legion of honor medal. >> i'm so amazed by his act. i don't know what to say. it's such an inspiration to me though. >> reporter: the mayor of sacramento says details about the parade are still in the works. security has been stepped up at train stations across europe. many people in paris say they feel safe is just by what
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happened. the gunman has been identified as a 26-year-old from morocco. authorities say he is an islamic extremist but his lawyer says he is homeless and was just trying to rob passengers on the train to feed himself. millions of dollars headed to san jose to increase security at the airport. a $4 million faa grant will pay for fencing along parts of the airport perimeter. new ten foot tall fences will bin stalled and they will be topped with an additional foot of barbed wire. they've had several people make it on to the field including that 15-year-old boy who stowed away in a rear wheel. janine de la vega will have reaction to the plan and the other thing that needs to happen in order to finish the project. we are learning more about a deadly accident until fairfield involving a world war ii tank.
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kevin wright died saturday after he was run over by the tank. wright was attending a family reunion. the chp says the husband of jelly belly ceo was giving people rides in the tank. wright was sitting on it as it traveled down a dirt hill. he lost his balance, fell in front of the tank and was run over. jelly belly's chairman of the board says the family is grieving over the tragic loss. san jose police are investigating the suspicious death of a man who was found inside of a home. they called them about noon yesterday. when officers arrived they found the middle age man dead inside the home. he has not been identified. police say they are investigating the death as suspicious but would not elaborate on the circumstances. seven suspects entered not guilty pleas in the death of an oakland mother. shah kneel pierce was killed while she tried to protect her chirp from a gun battle on
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their street. oakland police say they were part of two groups shooting at each other and pierce was simply caught in the cross fire. her children were not wounded. another wild fire has broken out in lake county. a ktvu viewer sent us this picture of the grade fire. it started at 1:30 yesterday afternoon about seven miles from middletown. the fire initially threatened some homes. according to the last update 20 acres have burned. the fire is 50% contain. the peterson fire started on saturday. it has burned 215 acres. it is now 60% contained. the cause of both of these lake county fires is still under investigation. we are getting new details about a car break in involving a car belonging to uc berkeley's police chief. along with a loaded gun and
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police badge, margo bennett also lost a laptop, ipad, and diamond ring. east bay regional park police say car break ins are not uncommon at the shoreline and they are investigating. some bay area residents are hoping to win the lottery but this isn't for money. they want a chance to see pope francis when he makes a historic visit to the u.s. next month. in all 50 tickets will be given away to see the pope address congress on september 24th. winners won't be allowed inside. they will be watching on a big screen from the west lawn. winners of the tickets will have to pay their own way to washington as well. governor brown says he will sign emergency legislation to award high school diplomas to thousands of high school students. those members of the glass of 2015 had met all graduation requirements expect passing the state's high school exit exam.
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seniors who had failed the exam earlier were not given the opportunity to take the test again. that left the students without their diplomas. the exit exam has been suspended and state lawmakers are now deciding if they will eliminate it completely. it's the first day of classes for students at city know map state university. at sonoma state university. the university is also welcoming the largest freshman class ever. about 1900 freshmen are set to start school today. and sonoma state university president romanarm far are is retiring this year. right now it's 4:40. a former san francisco archbishop was arrested. coming up in 20 minutes the
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charges he faces after being pulled over in hawaii. >> but first it's a company that promises to save you big on car insurance. >> sig alert in the dublin interchange because of a truck accident. you can see that truck is there. we'll have slow traffic coming in on 580 this morning. >> still plenty of low clouds to go around but all signs pointing toward a warmup today but also a lot of cloud cover coming in later this week. i'll show you from where.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the consumer federation of california will announce a $6 million settlement with geico
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insurance company. consumer advocates say geico misrepresented its minimum automobile insurance policies. geico's smallest policy is $30,000. but that was boosted to $300,000 for potential customers who were unmarried, unemployed or did not have a four year college degree. the is settlement money will go into the state's general fund. the uncertainty of the stock market can spill over to the housing market when the ups and downs of stocks makes people uneasy some turn if to other investment like real estate. >> reporter: owning a home has been the american dream. owning a home in america has been an investors dream. >> when there is turmoil, people flee to safe havens and bay area real estate has been one of those safe heavies.
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>> reporter: christopher palmer says most are cash buyers. >> chinese buyers with cash. russian indian fires that have a are the loath of turmoil -- a lot of turmoil in their home market. >> reporter: the hot spots for offshore real estate investment are san francisco and silicon valley. >> so homes are still selling very, very quickly. >> reporter: real estate broker sam benson looked at listings in a sweet spot. >> we are look at pending homes. >> reporter: in walnut creek that is in the neighborhood of $759,000 to $950,000. >> reporter: if the housing market feels a pinch, it's the first time homeboyser looking at the lower end of the market that could feel it first. >> a buyer that is preapproved and ready to go may instead of moving as quickly as possible may slow down their decision. >> reporter: confidence in the
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market and a buys personal finances are key whether they are looking for home sweet home or a sweet investment. >> that was noel walker reporting. time is 4:45. president obama is push for more access for clean energy for consumes across the country. the president spoke at a green energy conference in las vegas last night. he says renewable energy is helping to create jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the president announced incentives for individuals to adopt solar power at home. >> we will take steps to expand the use of a tool we call pace. which helps pay for solar paneling. >> critics say removing away from energy sources like oil and coal will drive up cost for consumers and businesses. the president has set a goal to limit carbon emissions from u.s. power plants by 32% by the yore 20 -- by the year 2030. let's take a look at early
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morning commute. >> we do have that problem on the dublin commute. we have a live picture of it from our crew. you can see this dump truck flipped on its side and there is a big rig tow truck already in position which is impressive. they got that thing out of there or they got that thing here rather quickly but it is on its side. it will be a little bit for it to be righted and traffic will be a little bit slow at the dublin interchange on 580 westbound as you come through. so please give yourself plenty of time. already slow traffic building on 580 getting away from livermore and coming up to the dublin interchange. the rest of the east bay is still quiet but this area is getting a lot of use. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza. traffic here will be okay. not a bad commute at all. as a matter of fact it's a nice looking drive getting into san francisco. 280 in san jose let's go there. northbound 280 traffic is moving well out of downtown san
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jose. getting up to highway 17. steve is going to be sunny and a bit warmer today according to what i heard you say. >> you listen i appreciate that. >> i do. it will be for most. the clouds will burn off a little sooner today. temperatures around the bay 70s. paul in marty these says 56. calm and balmer today? yes. you know you're on round seven and you are like this. [ laughter ] 59 san francisco. 67 and 72 for a high. a beautiful day in downtown san francisco. low clouds plenty to go around. they are there 50s and 60s on your temps. not much of a difference here. i mean 57 santa rosa. 56 napa. half-moon bay 59.
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concord is close, livermore is close. san ramon says 57 so not much of a difference between anybody here. west, southwest. west at napa. west at oakland. west at sfo as well. 41 up in truckee. 57 ukiah. low 60s around sacramento and monterey. rather mild to warm upper 50s and low 60s. here comes the monsoon moisture coming up from arizona sneaking now into southern california and las vegas. some of that looks like it might clip us. more so tomorrow than today but i think it's a sign of things to come. things are calming down in hawaii although it's been really hot. people saying it's been blazing hot and humid. the water temps are very for -- might get entrained by that system. that will tap into that.
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that might add even more clouds by thursday and friday. i don't think we will get any rain out of that. today low clouds sunny and warmer. upper 80s and low 90s. 70s around the bay. temperatures near average to above now. higher clouds on the move for the next few days. we will start to cloud it up by thursday into friday. it does look like a possibility of rain to the north on saturday. sunday looks cooler and breezy. >> good recovery weather if you go to the gym. you know the kick boxing gym we go to. feeling okay? >> yeah. you? >> you guys going today? >> i am. >> i'll be there. >> i want to see a picture. >> we will. before not after. doesn't look so good after. >> i want a before and after. [ laughter ] there are new developments in the ashley madison hacking investigation. coming up in 20 minutes the new threat to members that were exposed.
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>> and an unusual student heads back to school in the south bay. why this cat has been given its own id card at leland high school. so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal?
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welcome back to mornings on 2. you are look at a typhoon.
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no deaths are reported but dozens of people are injured. the same storm hit the philippines earlier where at least 21 people were killed. 15 people are still listed as missing there. the typhoon is now heading north with maximum wind gusts of up to 112 miles an hour. well, your breakfast is now more expensive. the cost of eggs is up 150% from this time last year. the san francisco chronicle reports that last august a dozen of large eggs cost $1.45 per carton. compare that cost today to $3.61. the price hike comes from an avian flu outbreak from earlier this year. meantime california produced 18% fewer eggs between may of 2014 and may of 2015. may the force be with your soup. campbell soup just unvailed star wars theme cans. include darth vader, r2d2.
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chewbacca. and then come with star wars shaped noodles as well. got to have the noodles of course. the cans were unvailed ahead of the new star wars movie which debuts on december 18th. >> a lot of people have soups just sitting there not going to open them. a cat named bubba that has roamed the halls of the san jose high school for six years is now a part of the student body. they gave the cat its own student id card. he needs a pass. bubba also has his own facebook page where he actually has hundreds of friends. some northern california prison inmates are finding a way to give back to the
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community. the canine companions has helped raise and socialize its specially bread puppies. the dogs will spend 16 months getting used to being around people and other dogs. the prisoners say raising dogs that will help people with disabilities is the rewarding way to repay their debt to society. >> very rewarding and me personally i did a lot of taking in my life and this is just the one big step to show i can give back. >> the inmates say it will be hard to let their special dogs go though but most hope that they do a good enough job that they will be giving other puppies help. they have their national headquarters in santa rosa. >> that is a great program. we continue to follow the developing news out of san francisco this morning. up next we'll have the latest on an over night fire and a look at the damage it left
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behind. >> a san jose city leader is facing serious allegations this morning. what he is accuse of the doing with a 15-year-old girl. >> we have morning commute here that is going to be busy because of this truck accident here on westbound 580. we'll tell you a little bit more about it coming up. >> plenty of low clouds until place but there are signs of little bit warmer afternoon temps. we'll see how long that is going to last.
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good morning. it could be another bad day on wall street. what it could mean for you if the stock markets plunge again today. mornings on 2 continue. >> welcome back to mornings on 2 it's tuesday, august 25th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark this week. get your day started with weather and traffic. >> how is steve, weather. [ laughter ] >> we do have still a fog bank there but it looks like it will burn off sooner today and temperatures starting to come up a little bit. they started that yesterday. we will continue that today. still a component of a westerly breeze. no sign of an east or anything like that. but west, southwest.
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west, northwest. not that strong but the delta is still kicking up its heels. low clouds. plenty going on. does not look like it's making much of a push inland. 50s and low, low 60s. most locations are stuck here. 23 we see gusts to 30 plus last hour. generally speaking most of the breeze is down. low clouds will give way to sunshine and warmer temps. higher clouds look like they will move in tomorrow. low clouds sunny and warmer. especially away from the coast but it's rather mild by it. 70s there. upper 80s now. 90s inland. dump truck what is going on sal? >> yeah this rock hauler set a doubles really. if you're a big rig driver you know what a set of doubles is. the last part of the set of doubles flipped over and spilled rocks all over the place. they are writing -- they are righting it now. no one was seriously


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